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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 28, 2000 on PC
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Monday, August 28, 2000

As their dinner date gets off to an awkward start, Karen and Ian agree that Eve's matchmaking efforts were getting a bit over the top. Chris brought Livvie back to Mario's and assures the girl that this time there'll be no surprise guests popping in to ruin the evening. Jamal manages to slip off into the woods as Garcia places a sputtering Frank under arrest for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Chris continues to pry for background information on Livvie, who hesitantly confides that she's never learned the story behind her father's death. Frank snipes at Courtney for trying to cash in on Jamal's misfortune. As the drugs kick in once again, a shivering Alison told Kevin how Cedric has been attacking her. Bouncing around the padded room in her panic, Alison screams for Jamal to come and save her. As they finally begin to relax and enjoy one another's company, Ian thanks Karen for all the help she's given him in the clinic. Frank angrily rejects Courtney's offer to bail him out. Livvie calls Kevin for help when she feels a panic attack coming on.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Kevin told Gail that Rachel administered the memory drug that caused the change in Alison's condition. Gail informed Rachel that Alison is off limits and that her job is on the line. Rachel claimed that she had Alison's permission. Then, she said that the original effects of the drug should have wore off by this time and that Alison's condition was due to improper treatment by Kevin. Although Rachel stood behind her decision, Gail wasn't impressed.

Joe attacked Frank about getting involved with Jamal and the cops, but Frank defended his actions. Frank told Joe how strongly he believed in the good behind Jamal's tough guy image and stood by his decision to protect him. Joe left the police station thinking Frank was getting what he deserved.

Kevin complained about getting no sleep after being up all night talking with Charlie. He and Eve discussed the possibility that Alison's condition could be permanent. This led to an argument about whether or not it would be a good thing for Jamal to visit Alison. Once again, the loving couple decided to agree to disagree and return to work.

After he realized that Alison's room was locked, Jamal ran into Kevin in the stairwell at the hospital. Kevin quickly saw through Jamal's disguise and insisted on knowing what he was doing there.

Joe came through with the bail for Frank after all. He said that the way Frank talked about Jamal reminded him of how he stood up for Joe when they were younger. Then, Joe offered to let him stay at the Scanlon house again.

Kevin told Jamal how serious Alison's condition was and that he did not want Jamal to visit her. Jamal stressed that seeing her couldn't possibly make her condition any worse and Kevin changed his mind. When Jamal went in to see her, Alison was completely unresponsive. Kevin agreed to let Jamal spend a minute alone with her. During this time, Jamal told Alison that he felt responsible for her condition. He also told her that he didn't really know what happened the night of Cedric's death. Eve and Frank found Kevin waiting outside the room.

Chris offered to give Rachel information that could ruin Kevin's career. Reluctant at first, Rachel was willing to hear what he had to say. Chris told Rachel that he questioned the ethics of Kevin's sessions with Charlie that were being held in her hotel room late at night. At first, Chris said that he was volunteering the information because he wanted to get revenge on Kevin. When Rachel didn't buy his story, Chris said that he was doing it out of concern for Charlie. Chris promised to deliver the necessary proof for Rachel to ruin Kevin.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Chris made a phone call regarding Livvie's birth certificate. He was curious about why it had been printed three years after her birth and what someone named Josh Locke had to do with her.

An old colleague of Ian's showed up and tried to convince him to leave Port Charles and resume his responsibilities in the Doctors Without Limits program. She said that she had made it possible for him to rejoin the program. Ian was tempted when he learned that the group was headed to India. Evidently, she and Ian had promised to make this trip together. Ian resisted, claiming that he needed to get the clinic up and running before he could leave town.

Alison finally acknowledged Jamal's presence. Frank stood guard while Kevin began asking her some questions to verify that was regaining awareness. Alison said that she was ready to try remembering the night of Cedric's death, but that her memories didn't match the story that Jamal had told her. Meanwhile, Courtney showed up and started pressuring Frank about who was in the room with Alison. Frank responded by picking her up and throwing her in a room where Ian was enlisted as a watchdog.

Chris showed up with a rose to apologize to Livvie. She told him that she had called Kevin after dinner and he had made her feel better. Chris stumbled upon a pile of newspaper articles about Julie and accused Livvie of trying to check up on him. She claimed that she had found the articles while doing research on Dr. Locke. Chris calmed down and said that he was overreacting. Then, he began to open up about how much he loved Julie and misses her.

Kevin started to go through the events of the attack with Alison. She went step by step through what took place, but stopped just short of the final encounter. Suddenly, she said that she couldn't remember anything else and requested that she be left alone with Jamal. Alison told Jamal that she had figured out that she was the one who killed Cedric. She explained how she was sure that he was going to kill her if she didn't fight back and that she had pushed him down the stairs when he approached her for the last time. She realized that Jamal had known the truth and taken the blame. When Jamal told Alison that she needed to keep quiet about her involvement she said that she would not let him spend his life running or in prison for something he didn't do. Jamal explained that the police would probably think she was lying to protect him anyway. Before she could argue, Frank showed up and took Jamal away to prevent him from being found since he knew Courtney wouldn't be quiet for ! long.

Eve told Kevin how impressed she was that he had decided to let Jamal in to see Alison. Kevin told her that he could tell that Alison had remembered what happened, but that she just wasn't ready to talk about it.

In response to Chris's openness, Livvie told him that she had never been interested in having Dr. Locke treat her mother. She said that she was hoping that Dr. Locke could help reveal the secrets that her mother had been keeping. Chris convinced her that maybe these secrets would be answered if she could find out more about her father.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Chris convinced Rachel to blow the whistle on Kevin, and call the authorities.

A woman comes to see Lucy and Scott in their hotel and says she can help find Christina. She claims that all she wants is $1,000 in return for her help. The woman gave them the address of where to meet her, only she didn't show. When Scott and Lucy returned to their hotel, it had been ransacked. The ransackers left a note for them saying, "consider the money we took a down payment" along with a picture of Christina.

Joe asked Gabrielle out for dinner. He said he wanted to start over with her, give them a fresh start.

Ian and Karen caught Lisa trying to steel painkillers, Lisa convinced her to get help. After Karen got things straight with Lisa, Ian told her that he was leaving, he said nothing was keeping him in Port Charles.

Gail told Rachel that she was suspended, while that was going on Livvie was in the closet listening. Soon as Gail left Rachel started having a fit, and Charlie witnessed the whole thing. Rachel was about to discover that Livvie was in the closet but her phone rang, she left the office, and that's when Livvie tried to make her escape, as she was leaving the office she ran into Chris. Chris helped Livvie get out of the hospital, and convinced her that she could trust him, then she admitted that Rachel was her mother.

Friday, September 1, 2000

Chris continued to question Rachel about her past, hoping she would reveal something he
could use to find out about Livvie's father. After some prodding, Rachel told him she was
married when she was in college. Chris continued to plot with Rachel to ruin Kevin.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Livvie, in a therapy session at the hotel, talked about her family.
Livvie told Kevin that she wanted to know the truth about her mother and father. She
almost revealed that her mother was living in Port Charles, when she told Kevin that she
saw her mother lose her temper the day before, and that it scared her. Kevin questioned
her about it, and she told him that she went to see her mother in another town.

Ian told Eve that he was leaving Port Charles. Eve tried to talk him into staying. They
examined a woman in the clinic, who had the same mark on the back of her neck as the
other patients they had seen in the clinic. Eve told Ian that he should stay in Port Charles
so that they could investigate the mystery.

Rachel looked at Kevin's schedule, and saw that he was in therapy with "Charlie", so she rushed to the hotel (with Chris in close pursuit), and knocked on her door, yelling out "Charlie, It's Dr. Locke". Livvie freaked out and ran to the bathroom, and Kevin went to
the door to see what Rachel wanted.

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