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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on PC
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Monday, August 21, 2000

A jack-knifed truck gave Eve and Ian some time to talk and get to know each other when they were stuck in traffic on the way to help Alison. Eve confided in Ian the past about her baby. She admitted that every time she looked at the girl in the hospital she saw herself when she was pregnant. Ian then confided in her about his baby sister. He told the tearful story of how at 17 his sister got pregnant and decided to have an abortion. The guy performing the abortion botched the process and his sister bleed to death. Eve and Ian seemed to really connect during this heartfelt exchange. The road was cleared and it was back to business.

Alison continued to have flashbacks of Cedric and the warehouse. She asked Jamal to tell her what happened again. He recited the same story, but nothing seemed familiar to her. Jamal then held her to comfort her until she fell asleep. When he heard Eve pull up, Jamal slipped out the back door and left. Alison woke up and started crying because Jamal promised he would not leave her. Eve held her tight to comfort her.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

After receiving messages about an emergency, Kevin frantically searched the hospital for Eve. Sensing Kevin's concern for his wife, Chris offered his understanding about not knowing where the woman he loves is. Chris showed interest in sharing his grief with Kevin and used this opportunity to press Kevin for details about Grace. Kevin got upset and stopped Chris before he got too far.

Livvie had more vivid dreams about the water. This time, Kevin and Rachel were kissing on the beach. Kevin told Livvie that he was just trying to learn more about Rachel. Then, Livvie saw her mom whispering with Grace. Kevin told Livvie that she shouldn't let them keep secrets. Grace disappeared and Livvie was upset when Rachel also began to disappear. Shortly after Livvie woke, Chris knocked on the door. Upon seeing her so upset, he offered to listen.

Eve and Ian managed to convince Alison to return to Port Charles. Eve was impressed by the way Ian handled Alison in her fragile state. Eve and Kevin had a sweet reunion when they finally saw each other at the hospital.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Eve gave Alison a clean bill of health before she started her first session with Kevin. Kevin began the session by stressing the importance of recovering Alison's memories in the right way. Shortly after, Rachel interrupted to announce that she had spoken with Amanda Barrington and that she was going to be Alison's doctor. Rachel claimed that Kevin's form of treatment for Alison had clearly not worked since Alison ran away from the hospital while under his care. Kevin got upset when Rachel suggested that Alison take a mind-altering drug in order to speed up her memory. He claimed that the only reason Rachel was showing interest was to get in good with the Barringtons. Then, he pointed out that, at 18, Alison was free to choose her own doctor.

Gabriela found Joe at the Recovery Room and challenged him to a game of foosball. Joe thanked her for the way she handled Neil at the hospital. Then, Gabriela started asking questions about the tension between Joe and Frank. Joe admitted that, while they might not get along all the time, Frank had always been there for him. Gabriela and Joe ate lunch and played another game before she had to leave. Joe made a point of letting her know he had had fun.

While waiting for Kevin, Alison started to complain to Eve about how Jamal hadn't contacted her yet. Then, a reporter showed up and started to ask questions about the "killer" and the "kidnapper". Alison denied the accusations about Jamal before Frank was able to come to her rescue. Next, Garcia started to ask questions and made it clear to Alison that he intends to find Jamal. Kevin emerged from his talk with Rachel and told Alison she needed to choose a doctor. She chose Kevin.

Chris asked "Charlie" what he could do to help her with her dreams and she said that she thinks she needs to leave Port Charles. When asked why, she told him about how the frequency and intensity of her dreams have been driving her crazy. Chris told her that maybe her problem was being alone in Port Charles and offered to stay with her. After he realized that wasn't such a good idea, Chris suggested that Livvie talk to someone about her dreams. Then, Livvie told him about her time with Kevin. She told Chris that her talks with Kevin have made her feel better, but they haven't done much to get rid of the dreams. Chris encouraged Livvie about seeing Kevin, telling her what a great doctor he is. Chris acted surprised when Charlie told him that she hasn't been meeting with Kevin at the hospital.

After their session had resumed, Alison told Kevin about the specifics of her flashbacks. During this process, Alison began to get very upset and Kevin had to calm her and reassure her of her safety. Kevin decided that Alison should be readmitted to the hospital. While making herself comfortable in her hospital room, Alison expressed her frustration at not being able to help Jamal. Frank tried to convince her that she's better off in Port Charles. Still upset, Alison asked Frank to find Jamal and make sure that he's ok.

Livvie told Chris that she would be fine by herself, but thanked him for his concern. As he prepared to leave, Chris asked her if she was still interested in seeing Dr. Locke about her mother. Livvie said no and that she didn't think that seeing her would be a good idea.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

Gabriela encourages Joe to mend fences with his brother. Frank asks Karen for the chance to speak with Alison but is told that the girl needs her rest. Meanwhile, Kevin catches Rachel heading towards Alison's room and coldly reminds her that she has no business going anywhere near his patient. As they once again argue about the best way to help Amanda's granddaughter, Kevin berates Rachel for relying on fast and dirty techniques which can only do more harm than good. Courtney taunts Joe in front of Jill and Gabriela. Afterwards, an outraged Frank hears Courtney threatening to spill the beans to Gabriela about Joe's exposure to HIV. After witnessing the heated dispute between Kevin and his fellow shrink, Chris eggs Rachel on and eagerly adds fuel to the fire. Later, Chris plays both sides against the middle and gives Kevin a "friendly" warning about Rachel's backstabbing ways. Frank confides to Karen how worried he is about Jamal. Rachel plays on Alison's misery and naivete to convince the girl to accept an injection of potent drugs.

Friday, August 25, 2000

Frank headed out to the Barrington's cabin to find Jamal. Close behind Garcia followed, thanks to Courtney (who tipped Garcia that Frank was going for Jamal). Frank made it to the cabin, and warned Jamal that the police had been tailing him, but that he had lost them. Frank told Jamal that Alison is in bad shape, and was starting to remember the night Cedric was killed, but that it didn't match up with what Jamal had said happened. Jamal said he was going to help Alison. As they left, Garcia pulls up and Jamal ran away. Garcia fired his gun at Jamal.

Back at General Hospital, Kevin walked in on Rachel, right after she had given Alison an injection. They argued about her being in the room, and Kevin told her to leave. As Rachel was leaving, she dropped the syringe. Kevin went ballistic, but before he could do much about it, Alison started flipping out, screaming, and trying to fight them both. She was out of control. Rachel tried to talk to Alison, but Kevin kicked her out. He called Eve to come help him, and together they decided to put Alison in a padded room for her protection.

Karen and Ian examined a teenager complaining of severe back pain. Karen realized that the girl was addicted to drugs, and was just trying to get more. She told the girl that she knew what she was going through, and that they weren't going to give her anything except counseling and non-narcotic pain relievers. The girl told them both to "take a hike" and left. Ian comforted Karen, telling her that she shouldn't feel bad about the incident, because she did the right thing.

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