All My Children Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on AMC

Alex spotted someone at the airport who resembled Dimitri. David fantasized about Dixie. Stuart decided to head to Pine Valley. Hayley said that she had never loved Arlene. Ryan and Adrian prepared to go to Chechnya. Leo and Becca shared a romantic evening together. Wade loaned Greenlee some money.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, August 21, 2000

Mr. Midori told Greenlee that Ryan's dipping into the Incredible Dreams bank account was a serious offense -- one punishable by a lengthy jail term. Greenlee accused Midori of being too tight with the money and stated that Ryan probably needed a little money to buy a new suit. Midori's face remained serious. Ryan hadn't just borrowed a hundred dollars or so -- he'd taken three million dollars. Obviously caught off-guard by the large sum, Greenlee swallowed hard but continued to insist that Ryan must have had good reasons for needing the money. Midori agreed to back off if the money was replaced in its entirety. The businessman, however, gave her only 24 hours before he went to the authorities.

"Please don't treat me like I'm some lost soul who's looking for an explanation for the weather," Brooke snapped when Eliot repeated, yet again, that he had to leave town. Brooke urged Eliot to confront Reverend Taylor and ask that he be allowed to remain in Pine Valley. Something about the situation didn't add up, and Brooke wanted answers. "We kissed, and then all of a sudden you're being exiled from your parish," Brooke stated. Eliot swore that there was no one else in his life and that Brooke was the only woman he was interested in. Eliot continued to tiptoe around the issue, begging Brooke not to probe any deeper into his transfer.

Reverend Taylor unwittingly happened upon the discussion. He immediately apologized for intruding and turned to walk away. An angry Brooke questioned the senior clergyman about transferring Eliot. Reverend Taylor told Brooke that it was up to Eliot to tell her the truth about his transfer.

Wearing a baseball cap and dark sunglasses, Dimitri approached the ticketing counter at Pine Valley International Airport and purchased a ticket to Zurich, Switzerland. Greenlee greeted her grandfather, Woodruff, at the airport with a box of chocolate truffles. Woodruff knew that something was amiss and asked his granddaughter what she needed. Greenlee gritted her teeth, took a deep breath and asked for three million dollars. Woodruff didn't appear fazed by the request, but he did turn her down. Woodruff knew that Greenlee wanted the money to finance her "obsession" with Ryan and argued that he'd already given more than enough money to Ryan's cause.

In the sunroom at Pine Valley Hospital, Alex asked Edmund to meet up with her at WRCW. Edmund nodded blindly, unaware of why he had to go to the station. After Edmund left, Alex proudly broke the news of her engagement to Gillian and Joe. Both were quite happy for her, but the celebration didn't last long; Joe was paged back to work, and Gillian started to reflect on her estranged husband. Alex tried to cheer Gillian up by asking Gillian to join her for a little surprise at the television station.

Gillian nodded and said that she'd catch up just as soon as she finished one or two things. Alex rushed out of the room, bound for WRCW. Dixie strolled in with some papers for Alex to sign. Gillian told Dixie to tag along to the station to see Alex. Gillian smiled broadly and told Dixie about Alex and Edmund's engagement. Dixie was forced to hide a frown when Gillian mentioned how Dimitri would want his brother and wife to find happiness.

While Tina and a young woman at the shelter communicated via sign language, Adrian sneaked up behind Tina with a large bouquet of flowers. The young woman "warned" Tina that a tall, dark, and handsome man was behind her, but Tina joked that she knew no men matching that description. Upon seeing the large floral arrangement, Tina immediately knew that Adrian was headed out of the country. Adrian was surprised that Tina was able to read him so well.

Ryan wandered in and asked to speak to Adrian about a business project. The two men stepped aside, and Ryan told Adrian that he'd secured a large sum of money to finance their rescue mission. Adrian warned Ryan that he was toeing the line of legality by dipping into company funds. Ryan explained that the money he'd taken would help grant the Martin family's dream of getting Jake home. Adrian nodded his head slightly and offered no more objections.

Brooke arrived at the shelter and asked to see Ricky, the young boy who'd sought refuge after being beaten by his father. Ricky told Brooke that he felt like a traitor for "ratting" on his old man. Brooke, though, assured him that he'd done the right thing. Ricky claimed that the only reason he'd gone to the authorities was because he knew that Reverend Taylor would be there to back him up. Eliot walked into the room and greeted Ricky. Ricky wanted to play some one-on-one basketball, but the cleric urged the boy to rest. Brooke shyly bowed her head and bid them both farewell.

At WRCW, Alex surprised Edmund with a post-proposal song and dance routine. Hayley, Becca, and Tiffany donned nurses' outfits and serenaded Edmund. Dixie and Gillian arrived on the scene, but Dixie remained less than thrilled by what was going on before her. Dixie was forced to step away when Dimitri phoned and told her that he was leaving the country. Dixie panicked and demanded that Dimitri stay, but Dimitri said that he'd be fine. After the song and dance number finished, Alex asked Edmund if he'd like to join her for a getaway at a nearby retreat. Edmund sadly declined, saying that he had to go back to Washington to finish his interview. Alex nodded and said that she'd accompany Edmund to the airport.

Dixie arrived at the airport and began searching for Dimitri. When she found him, Dimitri couldn't help but flash a wry smile at the woman's tenacity. Dixie warned Dimitri that leaving the country would compromise his recovery. Dimitri explained that Dr. Silbert had given him a treatment and that it would last until he returned from Switzerland. Dimitri smiled and showed Dixie his round-trip ticket.

Dixie sighed and agreed to let Dimitri leave Pine Valley, musing that he would go to great lengths to get Swiss chocolate. Dimitri calmly replied that he wasn't going to Zurich for the chocolate --- he was going there to do some banking. Later, Edmund and Alex arrived at the airport and waited for Edmund's plane to board. Edmund was at the ticket counter when an announcement sounded over the loudspeaker, advising passengers that the flight to Zurich was going to board at a new gate. As Dimitri walked up to the gate to board his plane, Alex happened to look over in his direction. Her mouth gaped as she spotted Dimitri and started to chase after him.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Heartbroken and panicked from her discussion with Tina, Gillian returned to the turret at Wildwind. On her way, Gillian had called Ryan and asked that he meet her there, in their special meeting place. When Ryan arrived, Gillian threw a pillow in his face and accused him of having lied to her. Gillian told Ryan of her conversation with Tina. Ryan countered by saying that he'd never gone back on his word; he'd never told Gillian that he wasn't going to go to Chechnya. Gillian demanded to know when Ryan had been planning to tell her that he was headed for a war zone.

"Am I going to be your widow before I can be your wife again?" she asked, her voice cracking. Ryan softly told Gillian that he had to go to Chechnya. It was, he explained, the only way that they could ever be together. Ryan said that he did not want to have Gillian haunted by Jake's memory if something unfortunate happened to him.

Gillian turned her back to her lover and tearfully proclaimed her biggest fear. "If you go to Chechnya, I will never see you again," she sobbed. Ryan took the princess in his arms and hugged her tightly. Gillian asked Ryan to swear to her that he would return home safely. Ryan didn't appease her by telling her what she wanted to hear. Instead, Ryan said that he'd "be careful." The two kissed passionately before heading to the bed.

Wade greeted Greenlee with a smile. "Are you as unconventional as your name?" he asked wryly. Greenlee told Wade that she was looking for a man who wanted to "make a killing." She told Wade of the investment opportunity present in Incredible Dreams. Wade cocked his head to the side and curiously asked her why she was offering him, a total stranger, the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

"You can never have enough money," Greenlee replied with a nervous chuckle. Wade was unmoved. "You're looking for a handout," he said coldly. Greenlee's pleasant demeanor took a brief trip to the back burner. "A loan," she said seriously. Greenlee told Wade that she would pay back every penny of the money she was given with interest.

Leo suddenly appeared by the side of the table. Leo looked down at Greenlee and commented that he was unaware that she and Wade were acquaintances. Greenlee gritted her teeth and asked Leo to leave them alone. Leo, however, grabbed Greenlee's arm and pulled her out of her chair. Greenlee flashed a smile to Wade and told him that she'd be right back. Leo and Greenlee headed off to the ladies' room for a private discussion. Leo offered no explanation when he barged in on two women using the restroom.

Once the women had evacuated the restroom, Leo warned Greenlee to steer clear of Wade. "You're going to end up waking up next to a horse's head -- which, I guess, beats waking up next to a horse's ass like Ryan," Leo said wittily. Greenlee slapped Leo and demanded that he not speak poorly of Ryan. She continued to insist that it was just a matter of time before Ryan fell in love with her. Greenlee angrily told Leo to get lost --- for good. Leo threw his hands in the air and told Greenlee that he was through worrying himself over her. Greenlee composed herself and headed back to the dining area to rejoin Wade.

Greenlee sat down and politely asked the man where they'd left off. A look of concern crept over Wade's face. He pulled a piece of paper from his inside jacket pocket and placed it on the table. Before getting any money, Wade said that Greenlee would have to agree to some terms. The terms were laid out on the piece of paper he'd presented. The paper, he said, was a legally binding agreement. Greenlee read the terms, and her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Wade told Greenlee to consider how badly she wanted the money before inking her name on the deal. He also warned her that if she was unable to abide by the terms, he'd get the money from her grandfather. Greenlee took a deep breath and reached for Wade's pen.

At the airport, Alex approached the gate with a pained look on her face. She told the man taking tickets that she needed to get on board the plane. The man said that without a ticket, Alex could not be granted access. Alex threw a fit and said that she'd purchase a ticket. After checking the computer database, the man informed Alex that the flight was booked solid. Alex pounded her fist on the counter and threw her purse at the man.

"I am not a terrorist!" she exclaimed. Edmund happened upon the scene and asked his fiancée what was going on. Alex stepped aside with Edmund and told him that she'd thought she'd seen Dimitri getting on the plane. She admitted that it sounded crazy to say that Dimitri could possibly be on the plane. "Impossible, not crazy," Edmund replied. Alex and Edmund returned to the ticketing counter and asked the man if they could check out the passenger list to see if their "friend" was aboard the plane.

The man explained that federal guidelines prohibited him from showing the list to anyone. Alex came up with an alternate solution. She asked if he could check the list for Dimitri's name. The man nodded and checked the list twice --- once for Dimitri Marick and a second for Dimitri Andrassy. Neither name was on the list. Frustrated, Edmund contemplated ripping the passenger list from the man's hand. Cooler heads prevailed, and Edmund refrained from any sort of violence.

The plane had left the gate and there was no way that it could be ordered back to the terminal. Edmund explained that his brother was in need of medical attention. "I hope there's a doctor on board," the airline representative replied coldly. Beaten, Alex and Edmund sat down in nearby seats and thought about what had just happened. Edmund asked Alex what she would have done if the man she'd seen had been Dimitri. "I would have thrown my arms around him and hugged him," Alex cooed.

Alex looked off into the distance, fantasizing for a moment or two. When she realized that her words might have upset Edmund, she quickly distanced herself from any feelings of love for her husband. Edmund wasn't upset and admitted that a part of him really believed that Alex had seen Dimitri. Edmund told Alex that they would never forget Dimitri. When it was time for Edmund to leave for Washington, Alex bid him farewell with a kiss. Before leaving, though, she told Edmund that he didn't have to worry about her leaving him for Dimitri. "My life is with you now," she said softly.

Alex turned and walked away. Edmund walked over to the gate, but decided not to get on his flight. Instead, he reached for his phone and placed a call to Dixie. He asked her to have David stay in his office because Edmund needed to talk to him.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

by PAM

Leo stormed into Erica's home, angry and cursing Greenlee under his breath. He turned on some Alanis Morrisette and listened to the alternative music very loudly. Bianca walked in and asked what was going on. Leo started dancing around the room and was quite funny. Bianca laughed and told Leo that she was hungry and asked him to go out and pick up a pizza. Leo commented that she had only been home for two weeks, and the genetics were already kicking in -- a reference to the ease with which her mother ordered people around.

Leo agreed to go pick up the pizza, remarking that if he stayed home with Bianca and had pizza, he ran less of a risk of running into Greenlee. After he left, Becca walked in, and the girls giggled about their scheme for Becca to surprise Leo with a romantic night alone. Becca had candles and looked very beautiful as usual. Bianca pressed Becca for answers about how far she planned to go with Leo.

Tad, Liza, and Colby were at the Valley Inn, waiting for an important client. Tad made a joke about their client understanding why the important documents were covered in bananas. Liza said she was sure that the business contact would understand if he had children of his own. Tad warmly told Liza that she did a great job of juggling a career and motherhood. He also mentioned that Jake was always saying what a great mom Liza was and how well she had always taken care of Colby. Liza sadly told Tad that she had been saying her prayers for Jake's safe return. Tad excused himself from the table for a moment as he talked on his cell phone to try to find out any new news about his brother. Adam arrived for his lunch date with Hayley, and when they were seated, he stared at Liza and Colby.

Stuart was still at the bait shop, looking at the fishing vest with the words Pine Valley written on the back. He wondered aloud if Pine Valley was his home.

Dixie rushed into David's office, blurting out that she had something important to talk to him about. Edmund barged in at about the same time, interrupting Dixie and demanding answers from David. He told David that Alex thought that she had seen Dimitri at the airport, and he wanted to know if that was at all possible. David denied all possibility that the man Alex had seen could have been Dimitri.

Edmund turned to Dixie and asked her to swear that the man on the plane could not have been his brother. Dixie became nervous and frantically dodged Edmund's questions. She said she was very sorry, but she had something extremely important to discuss with David.

David ushered Edmund into the hallway for a few moments. Dixie told David that Dimitri had been at the airport to catch a flight to Zurich. She assured David that Dimitri would return in time to receive his treatments. She urged David to tell Edmund the truth, saying it was impossible for her to continue lying. David insisted that Dixie must choose between continuing to lie or letting Dimitri die.

Hayley convinced Adam to go see Colby. She argued that if he didn't make an effort to stay in her life, Colby would grow up like Hayley, not knowing her father. Liza fantasized about Adam coming to his senses, admitting his mistakes, and returning to her and Colby. After her brief daydream, she looked up and found Adam at her table. He asked if he could join them.

Back at the bait shop, Stuart asked the owner about Pine Valley. The owner, unaware that his earlier encounter had been with Adam, made a remark about how rude Stuart had been when he was wearing the fishing vest before. Stuart was very confused and told the owner that he had not been wearing the vest and that he had no memory of being rude. Stuart was upset and feared that he might be schizophrenic. He said he didn't know what it all meant, but he knew what he had to do next.

Becca lighted candles all around Erica's lovely living room and prepared for her night with Leo. She referred to Leo as her boyfriend and said that it was still hard for her to get used to calling him that. Bianca continued to press Becca for a straight answer about her expectations for the evening. Becca became nervous when Bianca straightforwardly asked her if she planned to sleep with Leo. Becca said that she didn't want to commit to the idea of having sex with Leo. She was just hoping for a romantic night with a lot of kissing.

Becca was very grateful to Bianca for her help in setting up the surprise. Bianca left. Leo walked through the door, pizza in hand, and called out for Bianca. He noticed all the candles and soft music, then Becca. "Wow Bianca, you sure have changed," he joked. Becca gave him a hug and a kiss. Leo was very pleased and said that God had answered his prayers. Becca and Leo started to swing dance.

Liza was stunned and caught off guard by Adam's request to join her. She stammered that Colby was messy and covered in bananas. Adam shared a sweet moment, admiring his baby girl. He noticed how she had grown, and told her that bananas were good for her. Tad returned to the table. Liza reminded Adam that he had said he wanted to keep his distance from Colby. Then she changed the subject and asked Tad if he had any news about Jake. Adam angrily returned to Hayley and cursed Tad and Liza. Tad asked Liza what that encounter had been about.

Dixie blasted David for being manipulative and lying with such ease. David argued that they needed to obey Dimitri's wishes to keep his secret, otherwise he would refuse treatment and leave to die alone. Dixie looked torn, but told David that she could not lie anymore. She stormed out of the office just as Edmund stormed back in from the hallway. Edmund angrily told David that he was not leaving the office without answers. David gave him a file and said he would find his answer within. Edmund opened it and found Dimitri's death certificate. David again told him that the man Alex had seen could not have been Dimitri. Edmund looked sad and remarked about how much he hated the fact that his brother had died alone.

Adam got on his cell phone and started barking orders at Barry to proceed with plans against ColMar -- Liza and Tad. Hayley overheard and asked what was going on. Adam told Hayley he never should have taken her advice to visit with Liza and Colby. Back at Tad and Liza's table, Tad questioned Liza about her encounter with Adam. Tad told Liza that Adam still got to her because she still had feelings for him. Liza denied it very defensively. She then apologized to Tad for biting his head off and asked how Jake was. Tad told Liza that his family would always be there for Colby. Tad and Liza held hands briefly across the table, and Adam witnessed the warmth between them. He looked upset and angry.

Leo and Becca continued dancing and laughing. Leo had to stop and catch his breath. He asked Becca what she was up to. Becca said that she wanted Leo to join a swing dancing contest with her. Leo insisted that he couldn't dance, but finally gave in to Becca, unable to resist her. They continued kissing, and he told her how she had lifted his spirits. Leo continued to insist about knowing why Becca had gone to the trouble of arranging the romantic evening.

Becca told a story of her grandmother who was married at 16, had 13 children, and spent so much of her life unhappy and exhausted because she only took care of her family and never took time for herself. She said her grandmother never fixed her hair, wore makeup, or smiled. Becca said she had gone to her grandmother's house one day and found that her grandmother's hair and makeup had been done for her by a neighbor who was working toward her cosmetologist license. The new look and confidence had transformed her grandmother. Becca said that was the first time she had seen her Grandma really happy. The experience had taught Becca the importance of doing things to make yourself happy rather than depending on someone else to do something for you. She and Leo embraced and kissed.

Stuart put the fishing vest on and got directions to the bus station from the owner. He prepared to leave for Pine Valley. He told the owner that he felt he had been led to the fishing spot and the vest -- and was being led to Pine Valley to find the answers he was searching for. The store owner chuckled and said that he didn't know what Stuart was talking about, but wished him luck.

Hayley continued to press Adam to open up to her, but he refused. Dixie rushed to Tad and Liza's table, and asked if she could please have her husband back, since the workday must surely be over. Tad stood and hugged Dixie, and she looked anxious to get him home. Liza apologetically told Dixie that she needed Tad a little longer. A hurt Dixie told Tad to take "all night" if he needed; Dixie left.

Dixie went back to the office and found David with his feet propped up on his desk, having a drink to relax. She asked him if he thought the hospital board would approve. He responded, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." He told her he was off-duty and that the liquor he was enjoying was a very nice gift from a grateful patient. He then offered her a drink. David had been worried that Dixie was going to quit and was relieved that she was staying. Dixie accepted the offer to share a drink with David, saying that she had nowhere she needed to be.

The episode wrapped up with a sad song playing, "Why do people fall in love," and left quick glimpses of Dixie holding her drink, sitting next to David and looking sad; Leo and Becca dancing and kissing; Liza looking sadly at the table where Adam had been sitting; Tad looking sadly at a scarf Dixie had left behind; and Stuart happily looking at his painting of "The Queen of Hearts" as he left for the bus station.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

While Hayley and Mateo were lying in bed, she told him that she was the happiest she had ever been but she couldn't be completely happy knowing her dad was so lost. She told Mateo that she hoped she hadn't disappointed him. Mateo said that he was not disappointed because that was who she was, and he didn't mean to be down on her. Hayley told him that after she saw her dad with Colby, she had realized how much he missed Colby and wanted to be with her. She had even convinced him to go over and talk to her and hold her, but it just hadn't worked out.

Mateo told her that she was trying to play "savior" and that her dad just didn't want to be saved. Hayley disagreed and said that she had to try, since she had seen him with Colby. She then called her dad and found out that he was at the Valley Inn. She told Mateo that she had to go and wanted to know if he minded if she left. He didn't like it but told her that he was probably going to leave anyway. Mateo hoped Hayley's dad realized how lucky he was to have her in his life. Hayley told Mateo that her dad wasn't as lucky as she was to have Mateo and thanked him for understanding.

Adam was talking to Barry and wanted to know how Liza and Tad had gotten a zoning variance. Barry told him that Liza and Tad had been up all night and had pulled some strings. Arlene and Vanessa were sitting at another table, wondering why Adam looked so tense. Vanessa told Arlene to let Adam wallow all he wanted and added that he had to expect some obstacles if he wanted to get his company back.

Arlene told Vanessa that she should be over there supporting him, and Vanessa just laughed at her and said she was not that "stand by your man" type. Arlene said that she didn't know what kind of person she was. Vanessa said that being vulnerable would ruin her judgment, and she was speaking from experience.

Arlene then ordered another drink. Vanessa said that she was running low on funds, and Arlene said that she had just given Vanessa money. Vanessa said that, on a whim, she could tell Adam that his brother was alive and well and fishing in Idaho. Arlene said that she was good for the money and ordered Vanessa to keep her voice down.

Arlene said that she could not just take large sums of money out of Adam's account. They were trying to put some away for the renovations to the bar. Vanessa told Arlene that Adam could not tolerate her and then Arlene said that Adam loved her -- or at least would if he let himself. Vanessa said to be indispensable and do it soon, because Vanessa had a lot of expenses. Arlene said that if she went down, Vanessa would go with her.

Vanessa said that she thought Palmer would find her scheme to hide Stuart amusing. Arlene said that Adam would never find out because she was going to come out on top for once in her life. Arlene said that Hayley had been shocked at her when she got married, but Arlene thought it would be her chance to give Hayley a mom and a dad and believed that it was working out. Hayley had given her a second chance and was treating her like a mom again. She couldn't let Hayley down again and had to find a way for Adam to need her. She wanted Adam to need her like Mateo needed Hayley.

Hayley walked in and went over to the table where her dad and Barry were sitting. Barry left and Hayley sat down and told her dad that she was there to see him. She wanted to know what he and Barry were up to and told him to drop whatever scheme they were hatching. She told her dad that she loved him and wanted to be his heart because that was what Stuart would do. Hayley reminded him about the day all the fishing equipment had been delivered to his house and how much he missed Uncle Stuart. Hayley told her dad that she pretended she liked Arlene just so she could stay close to Adam. She told her dad to ditch Arlene and return to the people that really loved him.

Arlene heard the whole conversation, and after Adam left, she approached Hayley and wanted to know why Hayley had lied to her all that time, using her. Arlene had thought she was starting over, and Hayley replied that it must be in the genes. They argued, and Hayley said that she would never let Arlene infect her life again and she would be "damned" if Arlene would infect her father's life. Arlene said that she Hayley Adam's "bastard kid," and he only felt sorry for her because she had shown up on his doorstep. Arlene said that Hayley was nothing but a pitiful joke.

Mateo arrived and told Arlene to shut up. Arlene commented that Dudley Doo Right had just shown up. Adam walked up behind Arlene, and Hayley begged her dad to tell the woman that their marriage was over and do it for his sake. Adam looked at Hayley and then offered his hand to Arlene; they walked away. Hayley started to get teary-eyed and told Mateo that she had tried.

Mateo said, "Mo more." He didn't want to see her go through tat again. Hayley said that every time she got close, Adam backed further away. Mateo told her to leave Adam alone; he had made his choice. Mateo begged her to leave Adam alone, and she said okay. Mateo left for the club, and Hayley told him that she would meet him there because she wanted to go to a meeting first.

David was at the Valley Inn, having breakfast with his brother Leo. Leo wanted to know why David had invited him. He asked David if he looked malnourished, and David said that he looked better than he had in weeks. He commented that Erica seemed to have been taking good care of him and casually inquired how Erica was. Leo told David to forget about her because she had moved on, and David was a chapter, at most, in her next book.

David told Leo to stop it and then Leo said that he had been forced to face it with Vanessa, and he was just repaying the favor. David said that he cared about Leo and, like it or not, they were all they had left. Leo said that he might feel all alone, but he wasn't. He had Becca in his life, and he finally had someone who believed in him and wouldn't let him down. He told David that he liked himself when she was around, and David said that he knew how Leo felt.

Leo asked David how he could ever understand a woman like Becca because he had never met anyone like her. David said that it must be something in the water in Pigeon Hollow because it sounded a lot like Dixie, because it made the women turn out genuine and kind. Leo said that it sounded like David had a crush on his assistant. Vanessa walked up to the table and asked to join them both. David said that they were wrapping it up. Vanessa then said that it was nice to see her two sons together. David asked Vanessa how much money she wanted. She said she was not there for money; she just wanted to sit with her two sons.

David said that he had just remembered that Palmer was on a cruise all alone and wanted to know if Vanessa was worried. She said she was not, and David reminded her that a year before, Palmer had gone away and returned married to her so maybe this year he would return with divorce papers. David then excused himself from the table and said he'd had enough. Vanessa told Leo that she had missed him terribly, and he said that he had not missed her at all and hadn't forgotten how he had gotten hung for her lover's murder. He then left the table also.

Tad was at the hospital, talking with Dixie, and he asked her what time she had left in the morning because he hadn't even heard her get up. She replied that it was because he had gotten in so late, he had passed out. Tad apologized to Dixie for what had happened at the Valley Inn the night before. He said that when Dixie was looking for him, all hell had broken loose, and he was between a rock and a hard place. Dixie said that she had missed him and had thought she could cuddle up with him. He said that would have been wonderful, but he was getting a little worried because he had repeatedly called her at home and had gotten the answering machine.

Dixie said that she had gone back to work. Tad wondered why she had gone back to work after a long day. He said that she'd probably had a lot of paperwork. Tad said that he hoped security had walked her to her car. Dixie told him that David had been there, and he had walked her to her car. Tad looked into the sky and shook his head and then noticed a bottle of brandy with two glasses on a table. He then asked Dixie if it had been after drinks. She turned around and just stared at him.

Dixie explained to Tad that they had been celebrating because of a patient who they thought would not make it but who was in recovery because of a treatment that David had devised with. Tad said that he just didn't like Dixie drinking with a man like David. Dixie knew how Tad felt about David, but Tad didn't see him like she did. Dixie told Tad that David didn't have anyone to return home to at night, and Tad told her that she didn't have to be David's cheerleader.

Tad reminded Dixie how much he loved her and how sorry he was that he had let her down the night before. She said it was okay because summer was almost over, and he was going to leave the job at the end of summer. He looked at her and said that he didn't know how he could leave. He didn't feel that it would be fair to leave Liza. Dixie wanted to know what would happen when the boys returned home. Tad assumed that Dixie would cut back her hours when they got home and spend time with them, but she told him that she was not planning to cut back her hours. They argued as to whose job was more important. Dixie asked Tad if he had ever stopped to consider that Dixie was trying to find out what to do with the rest of her life also. Tad told her that he wanted her to be happy, and Dixie told him to continue working at Chandler Enterprises as long as he wanted to.

Tad said that he would like to stay until the Tower was up. Dixie said that maybe after that, they would both go to medical school. Tad said that they didn't have to wait until then to play doctor and wanted to know when the last time she had a complete physical was. They laughed and started to caress each other. Tad grabbed the stethoscope and started to examine Dixie. He laid her on the table, and just as they started to get hot and heavy, David walked in and wanted to know if there was a doctor in the house.

As Dixie tried to get her blouse buttoned back up, Tad made small talk with David and asked if David had ever tried Orsini wines; Tad said that he would send a bottle to David's home. Tad kissed Dixie goodbye and walked out the door. Dixie pointed at David and told him not to say a word. While Dixie was cleaning up in the office, David was starring at her and imagining what it would be like to kiss her and caress her. In his imagination, he took her in his arms, unbuttoned her blouse, and started to kiss her.

After returning to Adam's Place, Arlene told Adam that she couldn't believe how Hayley had used them. Arlene professed that the only thing that mattered to her was patching things up with Hayley. Arlene wanted to know why Adam wouldn't let himself get close to her. He angrily told her that closeness and affection were not part of the deal they had made. Arlene told Adam that she knew the contractor that was working on the Colmar Tower and offered to pick his brain for Adam. Adam turned and walked away. Meanwhile, Arlene picked up her cell phone, telling herself that Adam was going to find out how much he really needed her.

Erica was thanking Myrtle for all the dresses she had delivered, just as Bianca walked in. Erica told Bianca to look at all the beautiful dresses that Myrtle had delivered for her. Bianca said that she didn't have to go to all that trouble and then Erica said that she had wanted Bianca to have a choice. Bianca asked her mom why she was even having the party. Erica informed her that they had already had that discussion and promised her that if she even showed a little bit of enthusiasm, she could pick the next year's theme.

Bianca, looking a bit upset, told her mother that she hoped it wasn't going to be an annual event. Erica asked if Bianca had to fight her every bit of the way. Myrtle reminded Erica that Mona had said the same thing to Erica when she was younger. Mona had tried to talk Erica out of wearing her best dress to a hay ride because she might ruin it ,and she had. Erica said that it had been worth it because she had looked fabulous and had been the envy of every girl there. Bianca snapped back at Erica and said that the moral of the story was that it was okay to ruin your best clothes as long as you made the other girls hate you.

The doorbell rang, and Bianca went to the door. Erica shook her head, then looked at Myrtle and thanked her for trying. Myrtle told Erica that Bianca had a strong will just like her mother. She told Erica to just be glad that Bianca was growing up with a mind of her own. Myrtle reminded Erica that she wanted Bianca to grow up independent, and Erica told Myrtle to keep reminding her about that.

Becca was at the door, thanking Bianca for helping her with Leo. Bianca wanted to know if it had been everything she expected and Becca said it had been even better than she had expected, but nothing had happened...they had just danced. As Bianca and Becca walked into the living room, Becca saw all the dresses and wanted to know what was going on. Bianca said it was the costume party and that her mother was trying to dress her up as the perfect daughter. Erica told Becca that she was just in time to help Bianca pick out her dress for the party. Becca didn't know anything about a party and wanted to know what the occasion was. Erica said that the special occasion was just having her daughter home.

Erica showed Bianca a dress, but Bianca just didn't like it and didn't like any of them because she felt she was too old for the teenybopper style. Her style was the jeans that she had on. Erica said that Bianca couldn't wear jeans to her party, but Bianca said she did like a dress that she had seen in a catalog. Bianca showed her mom the catalog, and Erica said that it was too grown-up for Bianca and would be something that Erica would probably wear instead of Bianca. Bianca threw the book down and said that it would probably look stupid on her.

Becca found a dress on a rack similar to the catalog picture and showed it to Bianca and said that it would be okay. Erica got a call from the Valley Inn, and they told her that the place was booked for the second week of September and that was the date of the party. Bianca told her mom that she planned to be home with her dad by Labor Day. She added that she had school. Erica said that Bianca wouldn't be missing anything from the first few weeks of school and that she was the guest of honor at the party. Bianca couldn't believe that her mom wanted her to miss school just for a party. Bianca told her mom again that she didn't want the party and didn't want her dad to think she was avoiding him.

Erica said that she would call Travis and explain to him why Bianca wouldn't be home by Labor Day. Bianca said to tell him that Erica was dressing Bianca up like a freak and parading her around. Bianca and Becca left the room to get a drink. Myrtle gave Erica some advice and told her not to force Bianca to make a decision between Travis and Erica. Erica said she was only asking for one extra week so that she could give Bianca a party, and Myrtle wanted to know why Erica had to do that. Myrtle told Eric that she needed to just release Bianca and see what happened.

Becca walked back into the room and told Erica that Bianca was by the pool. Erica left and said that she was going to see if Bianca would talk to her. Becca asked Myrtle if she could try on one of the dresses and started to take her clothes off. Leo walked in the door and stopped and stared at her. He cleared his throat, and Becca turned around. Both of them smiled at each other. Becca was standing there with her blouse off and Erica, Bianca, and Myrtle all walked in and saw him just staring at her.

Myrtle said that was just what they needed, a man's opinion. Becca and Bianca went to her room to try on the dresses. Erica hoped that Bianca didn't get her feelings hurt by the way Leo was looking at Becca. She said that her little girl was growing up. Becca walked out in a bright red dress, and Leo could only say, "Wow." She asked him to take a test run in the dress because she wanted to win the dance contest.

Arlene met up with Frank, the contractor for Colmar Tower, and told him that she was Mrs. Adam Chandler and that Adam had put her in charge of all Chandler Enterprises business. She asked Frank if he might be interested in a business proposition.

Back at Adam's Place, Mateo stormed into the bar and approached Adam. Wagging his finger in the air in front of Adam, Mateo warned Adam that if he ever hurt Hayley again, he would be sorry... very sorry.

Friday, August 25, 2000

Many of the details behind Ryan and Adrian's trip to Chechnya remained a secret, even as the pair packed up their belongings and prepared to head to the airport. Opal arrived at the loft, her somber face showing that she knew that her son was facing danger. Though Opal knew that Adrian was leaving town, she had no idea where Adrian was going. Adrian kept the promise he'd made to his mother, a promise in which he'd sworn that he'd tell her if he was ever going to put himself in harm's way. Opal's face fell when Adrian revealed that he and Ryan were en route to Chechnya. Opal tried to remain strong, but her pain was visible on her face.

Opal asked Adrian if he could send one of his old spy "cronies" to help Jake, but Adrian insisted that he was the only man for the mission. Opal wrapped her arms around her son and gave him a tight squeeze. She took a deep breath and prepared to go back home. Opal got only a few steps down the hallway before bursting into tears. Tina, who had dropped by to see Adrian off, found the woman sobbing in the hallway and immediately offered her a consoling embrace. Adrian must have heard the sobbing because he exited the loft and gave the two women in his life a hug.

At The Valley Inn, Woodruff and Greenlee sat down for a bite to eat. Greenlee watched curiously as her grandfather took a pill with his food. Woodruff brushed off his granddaughter's concern for his health, saying that he was in great shape. His heart, he admitted, wasn't as young as it used to be, and it needed a little help. Almost in passing, Woodruff told Greenlee that he'd gotten a call from Wade Randall.

Greenlee's eyes widened in horror. Woodruff explained that his secretary had handled the call and then took a few shots at the shady character's reputation. As he filed away from the table, Greenlee was warned to stay away from Wade, even though Woodruff believed that his granddaughter would never associate with such a person.

Soon after her grandfather left, Greenlee picked up her cellular phone and placed an urgent call to Wade. She left a message on his answering machine, telling him to meet her in the dining area immediately. Greenlee sat at a table by herself for several long minutes, occasionally sneaking a glance over her shoulder. When Wade finally arrived, he let her know that the meeting had taken him away from some fun time with one of his female friends. Greenlee demanded to know why Wade had contacted her grandfather. Wade shrugged and reminded Greenlee that they had a legally binding agreement, an agreement in which Greenlee had agreed to honor certain requests.

Wade informed Greenlee that she would be arranging a meeting between him and her grandfather. Greenlee refused, saying that she'd repay the money she owed Wade and didn't need her grandfather to get involved in the mess. Wade warned Greenlee that he'd hate to see her grandfather have a heart attack from the "stress" of her predicament. Greenlee's face turned a shade of white. She asked the thug if he was threatening her grandfather's life.

Wade shook his head slightly from side to side. He claimed that he was not a murderer and noted that Greenlee would be responsible for any harm that came to Woodruff. "You're a horrible man," Greenlee snapped angrily. Wade rose from his seat and again told Greenlee that she would arrange a meeting with Woodruff before the end of the week. He took a step towards the exit and paused. He then looked back down at Greenlee and edited his last remark; Greenlee had 24 hours to put the meeting together.

The contestants for the swing contests were frantically getting their last-minute practice in at Sounds of Salsa. Mateo asked Hayley to shake her problematic parents from her mind and enjoy the night. Leo and Becca practiced a dance step or two, but they repeatedly bumped into one another. Erica breezed into the club and approached her daughter. Tiffany was there with Bianca and asked Miss Kane if she was there to watch the contest. Erica laughed haughtily and explained that she needed to discuss party preparations with her daughter. Bianca rolled her eyes and told her mother that she wasn't going anywhere because she'd promised Leo and Becca that she'd be there for them.

Erica sighed slightly and promised that she'd have Bianca back at the club before the contest started. Bianca bowed to her mother's request and followed her out of the club. Becca saw the dejected teenager leaving the club and commented that it had to be extremely difficult to be the child of a celebrity. Tina and Adrian put in a brief appearance, one long enough for Tina to ask Mateo for the night off. Tina pledged to check in on Opal while Adrian was away in Chechnya.

Meanwhile, Becca and Leo watched the other contestants practice. Becca told Leo that she didn't care if they came in first or last; she was simply enjoying her time out with him. Leo's mouth formed a slight grin. He admitted that he had never envisioned himself entering a dance contest, let alone having fun doing so. Gillian burst into the nightclub, looking for Ryan. As she was entering, Adrian and Tina were on their way out. Gillian frantically asked Adrian if he knew when Ryan was leaving for Chechnya. Adrian bitterly told the princess that she'd have to find Ryan and ask him directly.

Tiffany and Becca had a few moments alone at the bar for some girl talk. As they chatted, Scott appeared alongside of them. Tiffany greeted Scott and promptly left the scene so that he and Becca could talk in private. Becca appeared both shocked and mortified to see Scott. Scott pleaded for forgiveness, saying that his Internet prank was totally inexcusable. On that, he and Becca agreed. The young woman told Scott that she'd have to live with the shame and embarrassment for months -- possibly years. She declined Scott's request to talk things over, saying that their relationship was irreparably damaged.

Leo returned to Becca's side and told Scott to get lost. After the couple walked away, Tiffany walked over to Scott and gave him a hug. Mateo and Hayley took the center of the dance floor to usher in the start of the contest. Tiffany and her partner were first up. One by one, the couples displayed their fancy footwork. Though they'd been confident in their dancing skills before, Leo and Becca were now beginning to exhibit some signs of intimidation.

Leo offered Becca the chance to bail out of the contest, but Becca refused. As Leo and Becca's names were being called, a panicked Greenlee burst into the club. She raced over to Leo and pleaded with him for help. Becca frowned and mocked Greenlee's "life and death" urgency. Leo made no indication that he'd help Greenlee. In the background, Mateo once again called Leo and Becca to the dance floor.

Adrian and Tina returned to Tina's condo for a final farewell. After making love, Tina gave Adrian her most prized possession -- a penny she'd found on the ground on her first visit to SOS. The penny, she said, has landed her a great job, great friends, and a wonderful lover.

Gillian showed up at the loft just as Ryan was stepping outside. Ryan invited her inside, but reminded her that they'd already said their goodbyes. Gillian coldly replied that she was not there to say goodbye -- she was going to Chechnya with him.

At Wildwind, Alex sat alone in the parlor, looking over photos of wedding gowns. Earlier in the day, she and Gillian had perused the same photos. Gillian had appeared to pay little to no attention to the photographs. Alex correctly determined that Gillian was worried about Jake -- and Ryan. Alex explained to her that Ryan would always be a part of Gillian's heart just as Dimitri would always be a part of Alex's.

Erica and Bianca arrived at Wildwind, and Edmund greeted them at the door. Erica explained that she wanted to throw a party for Bianca and requested that she be permitted to the use the Wildwind ballroom. Edmund gave Bianca a bear hug and told her how happy he was to see her. He needed less than a second to approve the party idea, but said that it might not be a bad idea to run the idea past the new "mistress of Wildwind," Alex.

Erica's jaw nearly hit the floor. Bianca and Alex immediately hit it off; Bianca was mesmerized by Alex's engagement ring and their mutual love of horses. Erica resentfully reminded Alex that she'd been responsible for the death of Maximillian, the horse Dimitri had willed to Bianca. Alex bit her tongue so as not to fire back at Erica. Instead, she turned to Bianca and apologized for the untimely and accidental death of the horse. Alex put her arm around Bianca and asked her if she'd like to see her new horse, Scorpio. Erica reluctantly agreed and urged her daughter not to take too long.

After the two left, Erica turned to Edmund and warned him that he was making "a terrible mistake." Alex, she said, was nothing but bad luck and trouble. Edmund couldn't help but smile in amusement. He told Erica that he knew how she felt about Alex, but insisted that he'd fallen in love with Alex. Erica had just finished another caveat about Alex using Edmund when Alex and Bianca returned.

Bianca asked her mother if she could go riding in the morning. Erica, however, said that their itinerary was very full and that there would be little time for riding. Erica took a deep breath and told Edmund that she did not want to impose upon him and Alex by having a party at the castle. After all, they'd be busy enough with their "little" wedding plans. Erica and Bianca breezed out of the house and headed back to the club.

Alex and Edmund stood around for a few minutes, trying to figure out exactly what they'd witnessed. Edmund mused that Erica was "just being Erica." Edmund gave Alex a kiss and told her that he had to head back to the airport so that he could fly to Washington and finish his interview. Alex wished him well and asked that he hurry home.

Soon after Edmund left, Stella wandered into the parlor with a small bottle. The housekeeper informed Alex that one of the groundskeepers had found the bottle, a prescription bottle filled with pills, near the mausoleum. Alex took the bottle from Stella and thanked her for giving it to her. Alex took off her reading glasses and checked the label on the bottle. Her face wrinkled up as she learned that the pills were the same medication that David had been giving to the patient whose condition mirrored Dimitri's. She asked herself why the pills were on the grounds at Wildwind.



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