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Stephanie and Morgan argued about Stephanie's scheme, and Stephanie urged Ridge to be honest with Taylor, who was still friendly with Morgan. Amber became embroiled in legal problems due to the drug arrest. Bridget demanded that Brooke choose between Bridget and Thorne.
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Monday, August 21, 2000

Brooke and Thorne were in Brooke's bedroom. She said they had some figures to go over. She shoved him down on the bed and disrobed, revealing a teddy. They then made love as usual. Afterwards, they were lying in bed and Thorne wondered if it was a good idea for him to be over there, since Bridget didn't know. She told him that Bridget wouldn't be home until later. He wondered what her reaction would be to the news, and Brooke said that she would be happy for them. They continued with their lovemaking session.

At the Forrester mansion, Morgan showed up to see Stephanie. She said that she would make Stephanie pay for what Stephanie had tried to do to her. She told Stephanie that she'd had no intention of trying to destroy anyone's life. She said that she just wanted to raise her baby with love. She said that she would make Stephanie pay for what Stephanie had tried to do to her. Stephanie said that she hoped that Morgan had a good lawyer because Stephanie might decide that she wanted the baby herself. Morgan poured tea in Stephanie's face before leaving.

At the Insomniac Cafe, two guys were talking about Brooke and Thorne when Bridget arrived. She wanted to know if they were talking about her, since they had become quiet when she walked up to them. They made some comments about Brooke and Thorne, but Bridget told them to grow up.

Kimberly arrived and asked Bridget to join her. Bridget was really upset about the guys. Bridget offered sympathy to Kimberly regarding Macy's death and for not being able to attend the funeral. She said that her mom was pretty broken up about it. Kimberly said that Brooke wasn't upset about anything. Bridget said that it was not Brooke's fault that Macy had died. Kimberly said that Brooke wanted Thorne and didn't care who she hurt. Bridget told Kimberly to stop saying such disgusting things about her mother.

Bridget said that she couldn't understand how Rick could have fallen in love with someone as vicious as her. She aid that she hated Kimberly. Kimberly said that if Bridget didn't believe her then she should ask Brooke. She said that she didn't want Bridget to turn out like her mother. Bridget went into Brooke's room. She told her mother that she wouldn't believe what Kimberly had said. Brooke told her that they should talk about it downstairs. Before they left, Thorne walked out of the shower, wrapping a towel around himself. Bridget was stunned and started gagging.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Kimberly was on the patio, exercising and talking to herself out loud. She was thinking of how Bridget was going to hit the roof when she got home and found out that Thorne and Brooke were really together. Darla entered the patio and startled Kimberly. She said that she did not mean to sneak up on Kimberly but Kimberly had not answered the door. Kimberly wanted to know if Sally had sent Darla over to check up on her. Darla said that Sally had and noticed Kimberly smile.

Bridget was still in Brooke's room, throwing up because she was so disgusted with Brooke and Thorne's relationship. Brooke was trying to get Bridget to calm down, but she wouldn't. She said that she had not wanted to believe what the kids had been saying at Insomnia was true. Bridget stated that Thorne was her half-brother. Brooke tried to rationalize it by saying that there was no blood between them. She understood that it was confusing, and it was not the way that she had wanted Bridget to find out. She wanted to talk to Bridget about it in another room. Bridget said that there was nothing to talk about. The whole thing made her sick.

Thorne was trying to assure her that they loved each other and were committed. Brooke said Bridget would grow to accept it like Rick had. Bridget was shocked to hear that Rick knew about it and approved. Thorne told Bridget that he and Brooke were planning a future together. Brooke had accepted his proposal. Bridget was horrified, and she told Brooke that it was either her or Thorne.

Eric asked if it was the day of her court appearance and Rick answered. He told Eric that C.J. and Amber wanted to handle it on their own. Rick thought that he should have Little Eric until the whole thing was over.

At C.J. and Amber's place, C.J. suggested that they call Sally for an attorney. But Amber insisted that she wanted to do it on her own. She believed that she did not need an attorney. She was innocent, and she would be able to tell the judge that she had made a mistake by letting people into her house. She felt that responsible people did not go to jail. Rick called with his dad on the speakerphone. They told Amber that he believed that family should be there. She told them that she felt that it was something that needed to be handled with her and C.J.

Amber and C.J. arrived at the courtroom. They saw that the judge meant business, and Amber looked pretty shaken.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Brooke, Thorne, and Bridget were in Brooke's bedroom. Bridget told them in no uncertain terms that she would not accept them as a couple. She said that Brooke would have to choose between her and Thorne. He tried to explain to her that he loved her mother and that he had no intention of ever leaving her. He said that he had lost his family because he had chosen Brooke over a family that he loved.

Brooke said that she loved Bridget but that she also loved Thorne. Bridget tried to tell them that they loved each other as friends. They told her that they had tried to tell themselves that at first, but had realized that they meant much more to each other. Bridget told her that she couldn't believe that Brooke was choosing Thorne over her.

Brooke asked Thorne to leave so that she could talk with Bridget in private. Bridget told him to get out of their house. After Thorne left, Brooke again tried to reason with Bridget. Bridget said that she had friends at school, and she didn't want to lose them over this fiasco. She said that she had supported Brooke through her relationship with Ridge, her feud with Stephanie, and the bedroom line, but she just could not accept the relationship with Thorne. She said that if everyone thought that the relationship was wrong, then it probably was.

Kimberly was at the beach house looking at the picture of the lighthouse that Thorne had given to her. Rick knocked on the door, and she invited him in. He wanted to know how she was doing. She told him that she was doing fine. She also told him that she still hadn't forgiven his mother. He asked her if she had forgiven him. She asked him if he still supported his mother's relationship with Thorne. He said that he saw nothing wrong with the relationship. He said that he knew that they loved each other and were committed. She told him that she thought that their affair was disgusting and that she was not the only one who thought so.

Rick explained to her that it wasn't an affair. She asked him if they went out in public or did any family things. He told her that she knew they couldn't do that yet. She said that she didn't believe that Bridget would be able to accept it. He said that he would be there for Bridget.

Rick tried to talk to Kimberly about their relationship, but Kimberly essentially told him that she had found someone else. Rick left. Kimberly noticed that Thorne had returned home and went over to talk with him. They discussed Bridget. He said that finding out about him and Brooke had made Bridget physically ill. Kimberly told him not to give up on love, that it was worth fighting for. He thought that she was encouraging him to reconcile with Brooke and was surprised.

Amber, C.J., and Little Eric were at the courthouse. Amber was charged with two counts of drug possession with the intent to sell. Amber tried to explain the situation to the judge. She said that she believed that a girl had planted them while she was at the apartment. They informed her that she couldn't testify and that she needed a lawyer. She said that she didn't think that she needed one because she thought that she could explain it all away.

The judge told Amber that he heard criminal cases, not explanations. He gave her a two-day continuance and told her to return with a lawyer or be held in contempt of court. C.J. told her that they should call his mother, but Amber wanted to find her own attorney. A lawyer approached Amber and offered to help her with her case, but she declined. He left his card with her and told her that drug cases were his specialty. Amber decided to talk with him, after all, and found him in the corridor.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

At Insomnia, Amber was waiting for Mr. Gale, the attorney, to consult with him about her case. He told her that her case was tricky -- she was accused of two felonies. Amber told him that the drugs were not hers, and he said that he believed her but that she could be facing some serious jail time.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge was sitting at his desk, simply staring off into space. Taylor arrived at his office, knocked at the door, but it took calling to him twice before he heard her. He asked her why she was there, and Taylor told him that she had to go there to see her workaholic husband. She reminded him that he had taken off so quickly that morning that he had forgotten to shave.

Ridge realized that only when she reminded him of it. When Taylor chided him about spending so much time away from the family, he reminded her that what meant the most to him in the world were her and the children. Ridge feigned tiredness, saying that he felt as though the Devil had gotten hold of him. Taylor told him to stop putting so much pressure on himself; she hugged him and held him. At that point, Stephanie appeared in the doorway.

At Brooke's home, she told Thorne that she really had no idea what to do -- that Bridget was just not ready to accept Brooke and Thorne's relationship. Thorne acknowledged that when Bridget saw them together she had been really "freaked-out." He told Brooke that they would just have to give Bridget a chance to calm down and that when Bridget saw how much they meant to each other that she would come around. Brooke told him that Bridget was really pretty calm -- that their discussion was the most mature discussion they'd had. Thorne told Brooke that Bridget needed to see them together, and that if they were going to be a family, they needed to act like one.

At Insomnia, Kimberly flashed back to the night in Brooke's office when Brooke had told her that Macy had been driving and Brooke believed Macy had tried to kill her. Speaking to herself, Kimberly said she might not have been able to save Macy, but she would not let Brooke ruin Macy's reputation -- or Thorne's either, for that matter. She said to herself, thinking of Brooke, "You are never going to have him." She then looked up, saw Bridget, and immediately went over to speak with her, apologizing about some of the things she had said the night before.

Bridget told Kimberly that the accusations she had made were true, and that Bridget had caught Brooke and Thorne in Brooke's bedroom. She said it was so disgusting that she had literally gotten sick. Kimberly said she shouldn't have said anything, to which Bridget replied that she was glad Kimberly had told her, because if she had not, then Bridget could not have done anything about it. Kimberly was very curious and asked, "Bridget, what did you do?"

Amber told Gale that she was a mother and just could not go to prison. Gale said that he did not want to scare her, but wanted her to know that she was up against some serious charges. Amber still maintained that because she was innocent, she could not be convicted. Gale told her that she needed someone who would ask the right questions for her, research whether the police had probable cause to search, to, in effect, go to the mat for her, and he was that man. All she needed to do was to give him a check for $500, which she did. He told her to wait right there and left to see to her case, telling her that he would try to clear up her case that day.

Kimberly again asked Bridget what she had done. Bridget told Kimberly about the ultimatum that she had given to Brooke -- if Thorne moved in, then Bridget would move out. Kimberly then asked her what had happened -- what Brooke had said to her ultimatum.

At Brooke's, Brooke told Thorne that they could not force Bridget to accept their relationship, saying that Bridget had caught them half-naked in her bedroom. Thorne told Brooke that he thought they needed to get that image out of Bridget's head by showing her what their relationship was all about and how much they meant to each other. Thorne suggested that he move in with Brooke -- that Bridget could then see them together and try to figure it out for herself.

Brooke told him that Bridget had given her an ultimatum the previous night -- if Brooke wanted a relationship with Bridget, then she could not have one with Thorne. Thorne asked her what her reply to Bridget had been, and Brooke said she had never answered her daughter because she wanted to speak with Thorne first. She said that Thorne would be Bridget's stepfather -- and if and when there were decisions to be made, she wanted them to be made together. Brooke told him that it was their new life, and it was starting right then and there.

At Forrester, Taylor asked Stephanie to have Eric lighten up on Ridge's load so that he could get a little rest. Stephanie said she was certain Eric would give Ridge time off if they wanted to take a trip, but Ridge said he could not. Taylor said, "See what I mean?" and then suggested that the allure of dirty diapers at home had lost its charm. Ridge assured her that nothing meant more to him than Taylor and the children. Taylor then told Stephanie that Ridge had not slept well the night before and that he was rather emotional. Before she left, Ridge hugged Taylor again and took her face in his hands, telling her, "I just want to remember this moment," and kissed her tenderly. Taylor then left because she had lunch plans.

Stephanie remained behind to speak with Ridge. She told Ridge that he had to tell Taylor the truth -- that she had tried to help but it had not worked, so he had to tell her. Ridge said that he knew that was true.

At Insomnia, Kimberly asked Bridget, "So, you gave your mom a choice?" But Bridget told Kimberly that Brooke had never given her an answer. Bridget could not understand how Brooke could do that again after Eric and Ridge, saying, "It's gross." Kimberly suggested that Bridget speak with Eric about it, and Bridget said that she thought she needed to speak with someone because it was just going to get worse once Thorne moved into the house.

Kimberly reacted sharply, which even surprised Bridget; Kimberly said, "Well, you cannot let that happen!" and then she realized how surprised Bridget was by her reaction. Kimberly said that Bridget needed to speak with Eric -- that he could help Bridget prevent Thorne from moving in. Bridget got up and left, thanking Kimberly as she went. Kimberly was pretty pleased with herself, and smiled as she muttered to herself, "No -- thank you, Bridget."

At Forrester, Stephanie told Ridge that she would have done anything to prevent Morgan from having the baby, but since her plan had failed, Ridge needed to tell Taylor. Ridge asked her if she would really have done what she had set out to do. Stephanie started out to say, "Ridge, if Morgan has this baby..." but Ridge interrupted her, saying, "She is going to have this baby. That's why I must take responsibility and tell Taylor. I just hope she can understand." Stephanie told him that he needed to make Taylor understand. Stephanie reminded him that Morgan would always have his baby, and Ridge was concerned because he knew what it would do to his marriage.

At Insomnia, Mr. Gale walked back into the cafe to see Amber. He was her attorney of record, but he also had a copy of her arrest warrant, and she had given consent for a search and also the person who phoned in the complaint had accused Amber of being a drug dealer. Gale told Amber she needed some leverage -- names of people who either used drugs or sold drugs, but since Amber did not use or sell, she had no names.

Mr. Gale told Amber if she was a drug user, they could sentence her to rehab, and if she was a dealer, she could give up her supplier, but since she was innocent and without leverage, she could go to prison. He also reminded her that it was an election year, so sentences might be tougher. She might even draw the maximum sentence -- five to ten years in federal prison. She might even lose her baby. Amber begged him to do something -- she could not go to prison. Gale left Amber to see what he could do, and was going to speak with the prosecutor.

At Brooke's, Brooke told Thorne that she wanted him to move in -- she wanted Bridget to see just how happy they were together. But, since Bridget was not accepting of the arrangement, they needed to take things slowly, and Thorne would not stay there full-time. He asked Brooke about that night, and she agreed he could stay for the night and the next day, they would have breakfast in bed, like in Venice. They kissed passionately.

At Forrester, Bridget entered Eric's office and dissolved into tears, hugging her father. She told him that she knew about Brooke and Thorne. Eric apologized. He asked her if she had spoken with Brooke, and Bridget told him that she had tried. She told him that they wanted to get married, but she thought it was incestuous and sick. She said they must be stopped. She said, "We have to stop them. They have to be stopped."

Friday, August 25, 2000

At Forrester:
Eric hugged Bridget in his office, and apologized for not telling her sooner about Brooke and Thorne. Bridget told him that she did not think it would have done any good to know sooner. She said that people had been trying to tell her but she defended her mother, saying that her mother would never do anything so sick. She asked Eric how long the relationship between Brooke and Thorne had been going on -- weeks or months, she wondered. Eric told her it had been over a year.

Bridget wondered who else knew, and asked if Macy had known. Eric told her that the family knew, and that Macy had known because Thorne had asked her for a divorce. Bridget was aghast, wondering when Brooke had been planning to tell her. Eric told her that he was hoping that Bridget would not have to know.

Bridget told Eric that Brooke had said that she and Thorne had tried not to fall in love, but they had done so anyway. Brooke had said that they had tried to stay away from each other. Bridget asked Eric why he had let it happen, and Eric told her that he had done all that was possible to discourage the relationship. Bridget was disgusted that Rick was supporting Brooke and Thorne, and Eric informed her that Rick simply wanted to see his mother happy.

Bridget said that her mother's choices made her look like a joke, and Eric responded that Brooke's choices did not reflect upon Bridget. Bridget agreed, saying that she would not be there for the choices to reflect upon her. Eric wanted to know what she meant -- after all, a while back Bridget had run away. Bridget said that Brooke could have Bridget or Thorne, but Bridget would never accept the relationship between Brooke and Thorne.

At Thorne's home, Thorne was packing some things into a bag and there was a knock at the door, which he assumed was Brooke. It was Kimberly in her wetsuit -- she was ready for her first surfing lesson. She told him that the summer was almost over, so time was short to learn surfing. Thorne told her it was not a good day for surfing lessons. He was going back over to Brooke's home to hash the situation out with Bridget. Kimberly quickly and desperately responded, "No, you can't!" Thorne turned and looked quizzically at her.

In Ridge's office, Ridge and Stephanie continued to discuss how Ridge should tell Taylor about Morgan, the deception, and Morgan's pregnancy. Ridge expressed concern that Taylor had just started trusting him - and that was not always the case. And because of one stupid mistake, things would never be the same. He wondered aloud what the whole issue would do to his children.

In Taylor and Ridge's home, Taylor opened the door and invited Morgan inside. Taylor prepared lunch for them, thinking that Morgan would be more comfortable talking in their home rather than out at a restaurant. Morgan felt guilty that Taylor had gone to a lot of trouble, but Taylor explained that it was her day off, with Thomas at preschool and the twins with their nanny. She asked Morgan what her big news was,and asked her if Morgan was nervous about how Taylor would react to the news.

Taylor and Morgan exited to the terrace. She had prepared a totally nourishing lunch for them, and expounded on all the nutrients contained therein. She told Morgan those things were all-important when "growing a baby." Morgan thanked Taylor for her support, even after she had lied to Taylor. Taylor told her that she had been hurt -- she had thought they were friends who would trust each other. Taylor asked Morgan if the reason she wanted to have lunch was to tell her who the father of the baby was.

There was a knock at the door of Ridge's office, and Megan entered with a framed photograph of the twins that Giovanni had just received back from the lab. Ridge looked at the photograph and stated, "This is just what I prayed for" and then began a sentimental journey back through the lives of the twins -- the delicate pregnancy where he had almost lost them. He remembered telling God that if God would allow the girls to live that he would take very good care of them.

Ridge then visualized the twins at various times in their lives -- the "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" song, doing small normal things with them at home, meeting them in the hospital after their birth, and special times with the whole family together at home. Ridge was distraught and looked terribly stressed -- unshaven, wrinkled. He stated, "I'm not going to lose my family. No matter what happens, I cannot lose my family."

At Thorne's, Kimberly stammered to recover her composure, telling Thorne that it was not a good idea for him to return to Brooke's because Bridget was so upset. Kimberly reminded Thorne that he had already told Bridget how he felt, but Thorne claimed that Bridget was far too upset to hear anything he said. He said that he would simply have to show her how he felt about Brooke. He told Kimberly that she probably could not relate to it yet, but that someday she would meet and fall in love with a man and that she would not let anyone or anything keep her from him. She informed him that what he was speaking about had already happened. Thorne told her that he knew she had feelings for Rick, but this was different.

Kimberly was frustrated about how to stop Thorne from going back to Brooke's and turned away to think. When she turned back, she saw that he was packing things into an overnight bag and questioned him, "You're not going to spend the night, are you?" Thorne responded that he would see how things went. That was not what Kimberly wanted to hear, and she was thinking hard and fast, and almost pouting.

In Eric's office at Forrester, Eric told Bridget that she would just have to accept the situation, but she claimed that she could not -- it made her sick just to think about going to the breakfast table and seeing them together, with Thorne touching Brooke. Eric challenged her, "You're not thinking about running away again." Bridget said she had been a little girl when that had happened. Eric told her that she could always move in with Stephanie and him. Bridget wondered aloud whether Brooke might actually pick Thorne over her.

Eric said that Brooke and Thorne were hoping to win Bridget over. Bridget bristled at the thought. She was horrified because when she issued her ultimatum to Brooke, Brooke had actually had to think about it. Bridget cried that she was tired of being the one who always had to pick up the pieces -- Bridget wondered why Brooke couldn't just live a normal life. She asked Eric what she was supposed to do if she went home and Thorne was there. Eric told her that she did not have to go home -- she could move in with them.

There was a knock at the door, and it was Brooke. She entered and asked Bridget if they could talk. Bridget said to go ahead and talk. Brooke wanted to go to her office and have an adult conversation, but Bridget demanded to know if she had ended it with Thorne. Bridget again demanded to know what Brooke was going to do, and Brooke responded that she was not going to allow her teenage daughter to make her decisions for her. Bridget said then she guessed she would have to make some decisions for herself, and when Brooke questioned the meaning of that, Eric responded that Bridget was moving in with him that day.

Ridge continued to sit in his office and berate himself for not owning up to his horrible mistake right after it happened. He felt that had he confided in Taylor about Morgan's manipulation at that time, she might have been able to forgive him. Stephanie asked him why he had not done so, and he responded that he allowed Morgan to convince him to wait and see if she was pregnant before telling Taylor. He then said that Morgan had claimed if no pregnancy resulted that they could just pretend that nothing had ever happened.

Stephanie reminded Ridge that he had played right into Morgan's hand -- and she could see to it that Ridge got caught and looked worse to Taylor. Ridge painfully claimed that he could not lose Taylor and his kids. Stephanie reminded him that Taylor loved him -- that they could fight to save their marriage. Ridge said that he would fight to save it and hoped Taylor would, too, but that even if they did get through it, things would never be the same.

At Thorne's, Kimberly pouted to Thorne that he had promised to wait before going public with the relationship with Brooke. Thorne said that they were not making any announcements. But, Kimberly argued, they were moving in together, to which Thorne replied that it had always been the plan. Thorne reminded Kimberly that time had passed since Macy's death, and reporters were no longer snooping around. He said that he would spend an occasional night with Brooke, then a weekend, and then he would move in with her.

Kimberly said that she would miss Thorne, and he responded that he would still be around. Kimberly pouted that Brooke would not like that very much, and Thorne asked her if that was what was bothering her. They hugged, and he told her that he was going to miss having a kid sister around. Kimberly bristled at hearing herself referred to as a kid sister. Thorne told her that he had better finish getting ready and asked her if she would be okay. Kimberly, thinking and smiling slyly, said that yes, she would be okay. She would be okay because Thorne was not going to move in with Brooke.

Back in Eric's office, Bridget told Brooke that she was moving in with Eric unless Brooke broke off her relationship with Thorne. Brooke asked if Bridget was giving her an ultimatum, and Bridget said that she wanted to know right then and there who was more important to her -- Thorne or Bridget.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie told Ridge that she wished Taylor did not have to know about the situation, but she believed that Morgan would tell Taylor, and it would be better coming from him.

At Taylor and Ridge's home, the nanny called to let Taylor know that she was stopping by to see Ridge with the twins. Taylor told Morgan that she thought that was a great idea because Ridge had been so stressed out lately. Taylor then asked Morgan whether she would have that type of relationship with the father of her baby.

Morgan looked confused, and Taylor reminded Morgan that Taylor was a psychologist and had deduced that the father of Morgan's baby was married, and that was why Morgan was afraid to tell Taylor who the father was. She claimed to Morgan that she had heard all sorts of stories before, and she would not judge her. She asked Morgan to just tell her who the baby's father was.

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