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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, August 28, 2000

Bo confided in Abe that he was concerned about who had fathered Hope's baby because of all the men who were with "Gina" when she became pregnant. He also admitted that he was sure little John was not his baby. Abe pressed him to talk with Hope about his fears. Sami stared in shock as Moroni pulled a gun on Brandon and threatened to hurt him if anything happened to Angela. Brandon claimed he was there to propose to Sami. Moroni threatened to force him to marry Angela if there was anything going on between them.

Greta called Nicole a liar and told Lucas that Eric was not stalking Nicole. However, the more she complained about Greta, the more Lucas supported his wife. Later, Nicole laughed at Greta and suggested that she go back to Austin. Kate and Victor worried about where Lucas was. Kate pressed Victor to sign some papers and suggested there was no need for him to read all of the papers. She then confided in Lucas on the phone about her plan to fool Victor into signing a document that would help her. Victor talked with Nicole but guessed that she didn't know Rex had taken all of her money.

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Hoping to drive up ratings for her radio show, Nancy suggested to Marlena that she spice things up a bit. Marlena stated that she was happy with the way the show was going. When Marlena asked her about a change in Chloe she might have noticed, Nancy admitted that she thought Chloe was causing problems between her and Craig to the point where Craig thought Nancy needed professional help. Meanwhile, still complaining about Marlena taking over the radio show, Hattie realized that she looked a bit like "Dr. Evans."

Worried that Bo was feeling guilty, Hope asked if he blamed himself for their son's illness. Bo assured her he didn't. When he asked to talk about her past as Gina, she realized that she might have been with other men during that missing time of her life. Abe updated Lexie on his meeting with Brandon's mother, Faye Mendez, and admitted he was worried that Brandon could be abusive like his father. As they talked about Bo and Hope, Lexie decided to urge Bo to get a DNA test. Faye advised Nicole that money was always a security blanket for Victor. Lucas dressed as a surfer looking for a job as a waiter to put part one of Victor's plan into action for Sami.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Bo tried to calm Hope as she worried that he might not be the father of their baby. She insisted that in spite of her actions as Gina, she would never sleep with anyone but him. Bo changed the subject to Stefano and revealed his intention to investigate the connection between Stefano and the family back in Ireland.

Abe and Roman were taken aback when a violent John burst into the police station, demanding to see his son who had been nabbed for trying to buy booze. John was thankful after Roman decided not to charge him. Roman warned John that he didn't want Will or Sami anywhere near Brady if he was going to be a troublemaker, a remark that set John off again. John then went to bail out Brady who gave his father grief in return.

When Roman and Abe stopped by the diner for a bite to eat, Roman spotted a short- haired Hattie and was amazed by how much she looked like Marlena. In Italy, Moroni leaked to Kate and Victor that his daughter had been in Salem when his former employee Franco was killed. The two then arranged for Lucas to be hired at Moroni's restaurant.

Meanwhile, Brandon talked with Angela for more information, hinting that he might marry her. She finally came clean with the revelation that Roberto had been paid to claim that he had killed Franco. Lucas and Sami decided to celebrate, unaware that Lucas intended to "doctor" Sami's spaghetti order.

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Philip invited Chloe out to a movie but then suggested that Shawn and Belle join them as well. She and Belle agreed to meet the guys in front of the theater. Chloe urged Belle to dress seductively for Shawn's sake. Philip called Victor in Italy, and his father quickly guessed he needed money. Philip assured him that he had not been gambling but had been working hard over the summer. Victor agreed to transfer some money to his account and hinted to Philip that he and his mother might get married.

Nicole confronted Marie to find out where Victor and Kate were but Marie wouldn't talk. Austin asked what was upsetting her, but Nicole lied and claimed that she was just checking on a new location shoot. Austin let her know that he was aware of her interest in Eric, thanks to Greta. She then decided to write a note to Victor.

At the restaurant, Lucas got a hold of Sami's order and doused it with special herbs. Sami ate her spaghetti and went on a walk later with Brandon. Acting a bit tipsy, Sami asked Brandon to tell her all about himself, resting her head on his shoulder as she listened. Victor received some good news over the phone and kissed Kate passionately as a result. Hope tried to convince Bo that little John was his baby.

Friday, September 1, 2000

Chloe and Belle dressed to kill for their movie date with Philip and Shawn. The boys were impressed to discover that Chloe followed baseball and knew her stats. As the movie became scary and Philip left to get more popcorn, Chloe ended up grabbing Shawn. Belle was upset when she heard Shawn assure her rival that he would protect her.

Outside the theater afterward, Belle complained to Mimi that Chloe was going after Shawn. Rolf used Bart to try to find out some answers from Hattie. Finally talking with her, Bart suggested to Hattie that she could do a better job on the radio show than Marlena. Abe started Fay's heart beating quickly when he admitted that he had been thinking about their night together years before. She evaded his questions when he started asking about Brandon.

Hope surprised Bo by unbuttoning his shirt and announcing that she wanted to get pregnant again. The two then made love. A drugged Sami told Brandon that she wanted to be "his girl." She asked him to carry her home, but before anything could happen, Lucas called and, with a disguised voice, asked Brandon to return to the restaurant to clear up a problem with the bill. Lucas was shocked to run into Angela. Kate used a doll that looked like Will to try to wake Sami and take her to a window.

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