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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on GL
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Monday, August 21, 2000

Reva sat down with her coffee and paper. Marah and Shayne walked in and were talking about Marah walking in on Olivia and Josh the other night. Shayne said, "Again?" sparking Reva's attention. She wanted to know what Shayne meant. Shayne didn't want to talk about what he had seen but Marah went ahead and told her mom that he had gotten a good look at all Olivia's goodies. Noah walked in and took the heat off Shayne, allowing Shayne to escape. Marah also left and went to her room.

Noah wanted to know if he should ask what had happened. Reva told him she needed some coffee. He kissed her good morning and handed her a cup of java he had with him. Reva told Noah that her children were being exposed to a half-naked woman every time they visited their father. Noah defended Josh and told Reva that Josh hadn't known that Marah would be visiting. Reva said Josh was not thinking with his head but with other parts of his anatomy.

Noah told Reva that once she added morality into the equation, Josh would also hold her up to the same standard. Reva sidestepped the issue and told him that she was going to talk to her lawyer about how to obtain custody. Just then, Ernest, the lawyer, arrived. Reva introduced him to Noah and asked Noah to stay and support her. Ernest said he had gotten the message about going for full custody and was glad that she had decided to play hardball. Reva filled Ernest in with all the details, and he thought she had done the right thing in calling him.

Noah tried to make things lighten up, but Ernest was dead serious and wanted to take everything Josh had. He thought it might be a midlife crisis and said he would get a P.I. on Josh as soon as he could. Reva tried to tell him that it wasn't about money, but rather about protecting the kids; however, Ernest informed her that everything was about money. Ernest started to leave and told Reva again that he would put a P.I. on the case and would call Josh's attorney. Just then, Josh walked in and wanted to know why Noah was privy to her conversations with her lawyer. Noah said he was on his way out and left.

Josh sarcastically told Reva that she didn't waste any time. Josh informed Reva that Olivia was moving out, and the kids would no longer be subject to his private life. Reva was glad, but Ernest said that the damage to Marah's psyche had been done. Josh asked Reva to get rid of the lawyer before Josh hurt him. Reva asked Ernest to leave.

Ernest excused himself after informing Reva to call 9-1-1 if Josh got out of hand. Josh wanted to know what Reva was up to. He called her a hypocrite and told her that he had a normal sex life and that was bad, yet she could go off with Noah anywhere she wanted. She said she took it out of town and didn't flaunt her relationship in front of the kids. They were arguing when Marah walked down and yelled at them to stop fighting because she couldn't take it anymore.

Reva finally left Josh and Marah alone to talk. Josh apologized for what she had seen and promised she wouldn't walk in on them again. Marah wanted to know if he and Olivia weren't going to have sex anymore or if they were just not going to get caught again. Josh told her to be respectful and then informed her that Olivia was moving out; the kids would be free to go to the apartment without embarrassment, and Marah could be as rude as she wanted to him and no one else. Marah said she would rather he dumped Olivia. He said that Marah should meet him halfway.

Josh told Marah he was divorcing her mom but not her and Shayne. He told her he loved his kids more than anything. They hugged. Josh told Marah to go upstairs and he would head up soon to say goodbye. Reva returned and guessed their talk had gone well, adding that Marah had been a problem lately. Josh said that he finally understood what the custody issue was all about. He told her that it was about her being scared that she was a lousy mother. He told her that he knew she was worried that Marah would make the same crazy mistakes Reva had made at Marah's age, and with the way things were going, that was a definite possibility. Reva looked stunned as Josh walked out the door.

At the Carriage House, Blake was vacuuming while dressed in a nightgown and robe. She had slept downstairs the night before, and Ross wanted to know how she had gotten home from Towers. She said that even her childish self had managed to get herself home. He tried to reason with her, but she said there was a flaw in his logic. She was happy being with him and wanted to get married. He agreed they were very happy and added that it would have to be enough. He wanted breakfast. Blake said she didn't have time to fix anything.

Ross concluded that Blake was feisty and not looking outside of the relationship to find excitement because she was happy the way they were. However Blake thought Ross didn't want to commit. He said that he loved her more than ever and didn't want to lose her. He thought it was the best way to preserve their relationship. He told her he was completely committed to her in his heart. She thought she wanted structure, but he knew she wanted freedom. She was his friend and lover, and the most important person in his life. She said she wanted to be his wife.

Blake told Ross she didn't know what to say. He said he was not rejecting her; he was accepting her for the way she was. She sat down with her back to him. He said he wanted her to compare their marital failures of the past to their life at that moment. He said he would catch breakfast on the run and would see her later. She said she would be the good little concubine until he returned. Ross told her not to dismiss their situation and left Blake sitting on the couch.

Later, Blake was dressed and working to clean the house. Holly knocked at the door and delivered Blake's newspaper. She noticed the quilts on the couch and asked if Blake and Ross had had a spat. Blake replied that Ross didn't want to marry her, and she was upset. Holly thought Ross might have a point and reminded Blake of all their problems in the past.

Blake said she had changed and was where she wanted to be. Holly asked what was so great about marriage anyway. Blake said it was a formal commitment to God and the rest of the world. Holly and Blake started arguing, and a phone rang. Holly picked up her cell phone. She thanked the person for getting back to her. Holly called Billy and told him she had gotten some dirt on Noah and asked him to meet her at Company.

Selena knocked at the door and told Blake she was there to help Blake with her writer's block. She said she had lots of stories to get out of her memory and had decided to help Blake out. Blake wanted to know if she was sure and if it was okay with Buzz. Selena said that she would meet Blake on a regular basis and tell her stories if Blake wanted. Blake was thrilled. She would be respectful and honest. Blake said she would like to know more about the man in Chicago that Selena had been in love with. Selena said it was a true love story with all the twists and turns, and Blake said, "Aren't they all?"

At Company, Josh and Olivia were having breakfast. He was worried about Reva going after custody of the kids. Josh said that Reva was the unfit one. Olivia said that if Josh went to the judge with facts that he would win. Josh said that Reva had been away due to amnesia and then she would tell the judge what Marah had seen, which would make the judge sympathetic to her. Olivia said there had to be a way to win. Olivia told Josh that he was a wonderful father. He wished more people would share her opinion.

Olivia was not surprised at Reva at all. The best thing Olivia realized she could do would be to move out. She wouldn't give Reva the ammunition to take the kids. She would miss living with Josh but didn't want him to lose the children. Josh asked Olivia if he would do that for him, and she said yes. He said that it would take the fuel out of Reva's fire. Olivia said maybe it would be too little too late. He said that they would have fun together at her place and thanked her for being understanding about it. He kissed her and told her he would tell Reva before she called her lawyer.

Selena and Buzz were looking at the newspaper with a picture of Phillip carrying Harley out of Towers. Harley walked in and told him the picture wasn't a very good one. Then she dropped the bomb and told her dad that she and Phillip were back together. Buzz asked her why and told her that he already had the body bags ready and had planned out how they would dispose of Phillip. Selena laughed and told Harley how Buzz was getting the trash bags, bleach, and meat cleavers ready to go over and help her.

Harley said that Buzz had helped her realize that she should try again to forgive and be happy, and she had. Buzz was still not happy about the reconciliation. Harley said Susan was still away at the lake with the neighbors. Harley wondered how Susan would take the news when she returned home. Frank walked in with David and teased Harley about the news. He showed her a wanted poster they had made up of Harley that said "Kidnapped" on the top. She didn't think that was very funny.

While Frank and David laughed, Buzz told them that there was some bad news, and Harley told them that she and Phillip were back together. David said that Frank had been afraid she might kill Phillip the night before; they didn't understand. Frank thought it might be Stockholm Syndrome. Buzz, Frank, and David were all annoyed that she had taken Phillip back. Harley finally blew up and said that Phillip was a jerk, but he was her jerk, and she wanted them all to back off.

Holly met Billy at Company. Buzz walked over to the table and told her she might not want to eat there, holding up Harley's picture in the paper. She laughed. Holly told Billy that she had gotten a call from her contact that had told her Noah had never been involved with "Doctors International." Billy looked around and saw Noah at the bar. Billy asked Noah to join him and Holly.

Billy said he had warned Noah about lying to Reva, and yet Noah had done it. Billy asked if Noah had said he worked for "Doctos International." Noah said he did, and Billy retorted that no one from that organization knew him. Noah asked if they had checked up on him. Billy said they had. Noah asked what name they had checked on. Billy wondered why and asked how many names Noah had.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

At the Country Club, Rick and Michelle walked in after playing tennis. He told her that he had to get ready for a meeting with Charles Grant. They talked a little about their marriages and how they were both all alone. Michelle told him that she thought he might have it easier since Abby was out of town. She told him having Danny just across town was torture. Rick started to suggest something, but Michelle told him that she and Danny had hurt each other enough already.

Michelle's cell phone rang; it was Grandma Santos. Grandma reported that Danny was out, and she would like Michelle to visit. Michelle was reluctant, but Grandma continued to try to persuade her. Grandma said she would be waiting. Michelle told Rick about the phone call. She was afraid to get involved with Danny's family again. Rick told her to face her demons; sometimes the fears were worse than the demons themselves. She agreed that she couldn't spend her life avoiding confrontation. He told her to face Grandma and look into her eyes.

Michelle agreed to go. She started leaving and ran into Claire. Michelle said she had to go. Rick turned his back on Claire and told her to go back to Chicago. Claire threw his medical board tests in his face, and she threatened him with it. A sudden look of realization crossed Rick's face, and he said, "Hello, demon." Claire didn't get it. He told her he had just given Michelle some advice to face her demons. He was going to face his.

Claire again reminded Rick that she had kept his secret. He said she thought he owed her his soul and kept yanking his chain. He told her that Michelle didn't know her the way he did. He told her to get her own life because he still had something to live for and would completely redesign his life -- a life with no room for lies. Dr. Grant walked in, and they all went to sit down for a meeting. Rick told Claire that she cold take her threats and stick them because they were about to become useless.

After Charles adjourned the meeting, Rick asked to speak, but Claire tried to stop him. Rick told Charles that he was a fraud and mentioned failing the exam, the drugs, and having an affair with a teacher -- without mentioning Claire. He told Charles that the instructor had changed the results of his exam, and he had been practicing medicine without a valid license, which was a felony. Rick apologized. He knew the apology was inadequate, but he was truly sorry. Claire looked down.

Charles said he wished Rick had gone to him in private. Rick said that it was better that way. The choice was out of Charles's hands. Rick was ready to accept the consequences. Charles didn't know how to proceed. Rick would take himself off the staff until Charles sorted things out. Charles asked for the committee's discretion and said he would consult legal counsel. Charles told Rick privately that he was a fine doctor, and he wished Rick had kept his mouth shut.

Rick looked at Claire and told himself that the price of silence was too high. Claire told Rick he hadn't needed to tell and that she would have continued to protect him. He realized she wouldn't have told because that would have broken her connection with him, but he informed her that she was his demon, and if he had been honest with himself years before, his wife could still be with him. He told her that it wasn't just about changing a test score. There was a reason why people like them wound up alone. He told her to think about it; it wasn't too late to make changes. She wanted Rick to meet her at the house at 6:00 p.m. and informed him that he still needed her. She left.

At the Santos house, Danny was talking to his grandmother about finding someone else to run the family business. He wanted nothing else to do with it, since it was the reason he'd lost his wife. She asked Danny if he didn't want to run the family business or if he couldn't run it. Danny asked his grandma if she thought he couldn't run the business if he wanted to. Grandma said he had his father's heart and intelligence.

Danny says that he had to live his own life. Grandma mentioned Michelle, but Danny said it was over. Grandma tried to encourage him to try again, but Danny was upset and didn't want to talk about it. He said he was going to the drugstore. Grandma said, "So like Miguel." After Danny left, Grandma called Michelle and asked her to go over.

Michelle was with Grandma, insisting that she didn't want to live the life Grandma had to live or, worse yet, end up like Carmen. Michelle got upset and told Grandma that she saw Carmen at times in her windows and mirrors, and then sometimes she smelled her perfume. Grandma said that Carmen had been bad. If Michelle didn't want Danny, she should end it immediately. Danny walked in, and Grandma left them alone. They looked at each other.

Danny asked Michelle how she was. She said terrible. She didn't want him to misunderstand. She had never said she didn't love him; she just couldn't live that life with him. She couldn't imagine not loving him. He touched her and said she would always be his wife. Michelle said it hurt, and he kissed her hand. Michelle asked if it would help him if they got a divorce. Danny said no, they could go anywhere in the world and his Grandma would protect them. She said that their life would still be based on secrecy and lies. She told him that he had to let her go. He was upset. She walked out.

Grandma dialed the phone and told someone that Michelle had just been there. She mentioned Michelle seeing visions of Carmen and smelling her perfume, and wanted to know what that meant.

At the police station, Harley walked in, and all the other cops laughed at her. They held up her picture in the paper and pointed her out over Phillip's shoulder. Frank walked over, and Harley informed him that she was still intent on taking the job, even though she and Phillip had reconciled. She promised that her personal life would not interfere with her job. Just then, Susan walked in and threw the paper at Harley, telling Harley that she couldn't believe what was in the paper. She was irate over Harley and Phillip.

Harley told Susan that she had used up all her old anger and was willing to give it a try again with Phillip. Susan was not happy. Harley said that in spite of his faults, Phillip loved her, and she loved him, adding that when you loved someone, you didn't give up on them. She hadn't given up on Susan when she had made mistakes. Susan said she would live with Buzz because she hated Phillip. Frank told Harley maybe it was a good idea, and Susan might have time to cool down. Harley told David he probably thought she was unprofessional. David said that she was a good mother, and they saw many dysfunctional families. Harley was surprised at the compliment from David.

At Company, Billy was talking to Noah about the lie he thought he had caught Noah in. Noah said that he didn't owe Billy an explanation. Billy said that Noah owed Reva one and then asked if Noah was a bald-faced liar. Noah and Billy stood up right in each other's faces and Holly had to break things up. Noah sat down and told them that they should have asked about the name Michael Capelli.

Noah continued that Mike Capelli had been six months ahead of Noah in medical school. They had both been idealistic. Michael had finished first and had been assigned to Doctors International. The younger doctors had gathered whatever supplies they could for his assignment, but Michael had gotten mono and had been unable go. Noah had switched identities with him and had done the three-month stint.

Holly seemed to believe it, but Billy was very skeptical. Noah told him to check it out. Holly said she believed him. Billy said first Noah had tricked Reva, and then Holly. Holly said she trusted her instincts and wanted to do a story based on the generosity Noah had shown with his patients and the story he had just told them. Noah didn't want his name mentioned. Holly told him that the story would promote donations for the children. He told her that he was far from generous and wanted to tell her why he thought so.

He said many years before, he had carried hard candy to give to the children in the villages that they went to. He had been running low one day when he went to a village. He had only had one red candy left. The kids had gathered around and stared at the candy. He had given it to the smallest child; the rest of the kids had gathered and watched. She had unwrapped the candy and put it in her mouth. She had smiled, then taken it and given it to the child next to her. The children had passed the candy and shared it from one to the next, and all the while, not a word had been spoken. Noah said that had been the most heartbreaking picture of generosity he had ever seen, and he didn't have a right to have his name compared to those children.

Holly was in awe while Billy was laughing and clapping for Noah's performance. As Noah walked away, Holly said she had just realized that Noah reminded her of Fletcher. Billy said that Noah had snowed Holly. Holly told him she believed Noah and wouldn't check up on him any further. Billy and Holly made a bet on her verifying Noah's facts. She would go on a camping trip if she lost.

Holly made a phone call. Holly called her sources and verified the information and then informed Billy that he had lost their bet. Billy was upset that they wouldn't get to take their trip. Holly smiled and told him that since she had won, he had to take her fishing, and even then she would beat him at that as well.

Susan stormed into Company and hugged Buzz, telling him she hated her parents and her life -- and the whole family except for him. She told him she wanted to live with him. He asked if she was sure, and she said definitely. He told her to wash her face and then they would talk. Later, Buzz told Susan she could not live with him and Selena.

Susan asked if it was because Max was living with Buzz. He said that would make it harder, but that was not the reason. He told her that when things got bad with one parent, she ran to the next. The only way out was to deal with her problems. He told her he would help her deal with Jim and Harley, but she had to take the first step.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

In San Cristobel , Cassie walked into the room, looking for Tammy. Richard kissed her hand. Cassie noticed the pool table, and they talked about sharing some "table time." He told her he would like to share their good news with Dax, but first Cassie wanted to play. Richard racked the balls, and they started a friendly game of pool. Apparently Cassie did well. They started betting, and Cassie started blowing in Richard's ear to throw him off. He liked it, but missed the shot. They kidded around a little more until Dax walked in. Dax wanted to know why Richard had sent for him. Richard said they had been on a research trip and had good news. He said that Cassie was able to produce an heir, and there was nothing wrong with her. Richard told Dax he wanted the rumors stopped and wanted Dax to inform everyone that there was no problem. Dax left. Cassie asked if Richard had ever noticed that Dax's head looked like a cue ball. She said she should feel bad about saying that, but it had felt good. Richard smiled at her. They drank a little tea and made fun of Dax some more. Cassie started undressing Richard and kissing him. She said she worried about duty to their country and the need to provide the country with an heir. Richard said, "Duty calls," and he laid her down on the pool table.

Later, Richard and Cassie were dressing. He told her he would call on her again for the good of the country. They kissed, and Edmund walked in. He said he was happy someone was getting some use out of the gaming room. Edmund asked if the vacation had been nice. Richard told Edmund they had done some state business, too, and had gone to see a doctor who said that they could have an heir.

Edmund guessed that they were delighted, and Cassie said yes -- and with each other too. Edmund said he had always known that. Cassie and Richard kissed, and Cassie said, "Duty calls." Richard smiled, and they left together. Edmund started shooting pool, and he was not happy.

At the Police Station, Phillip and Harley were leaving and seemed happy. They ran into Rick and told him they had reconciled. Rick told them that he had told the truth to Dr. Grant. They were surprised, but then Harley told him he was finally free from Claire. Phillip thought that Rick was crazy to have protected Claire. Harley and Rick worried about what Claire would do next.

Phillip wanted to know what proof Claire had on Rick. Harley said it was a grade slip attached to an exam, and they wondered if she had kept it. Rick said she probably had. He told them he was supposed to meet her at 6:00. Harley told him that she would help him out after their meeting around 5:00.

At the LeMays', Beth was folding laundry when Jim walked in. They were discussing Susan's reaction to seeing Harley and Phillip in the newspaper. Apparently, Susan had stayed overnight with Buzz, but they were all going to have a parent conference that day. Phillip and Harley were already on the way over. The doorbell rang, and Harley and Phillip arrived. Beth offered coffee. The mood was a little awkward.

Jim and Beth congratulated Harley and Phillip on their reconciliation. Harley and Phillip thanked them. Phillip told Jim that he would like to try again to talk about the baby. Phillip would back off on the custody thing if Jim dropped the adoption for six months. They could set up a visitation schedule. Everyone agreed but Jim, who still had reservations. Harley told him that she was holding on to suspicions and grief and that it was becoming a problem. She asked Jim to make a choice.

Beth told Harley that it would make things easier for their family, and he finally agreed with Phillip and the deal. The baby woke up, and Harley asked to hold him. Just then, Susan walked in and threw a fit. Harley was patting little Jim's back and told Susan to look at him and how cute he was. Harley said that they all needed Susan's help. Susan thought they all had their little families. Jim tried to tell her that they were all hurt.

Susan was shouting, and Buzz finally told her that it was the middle of the afternoon, and they had all taken time out for her. He told her if she shook a hornets' nest, she would get stung and then asked the hornets to speak. Phillip started. He said maybe if they tried, they wouldn't make each other so angry. They didn't have to be enemies. Finally they all reached an agreement. Susan would return to Harley's. Harley left to meet Rick.

Olivia met Josh at the country club and showed him a picture of her new apartment. She said there was plenty of room for two. He wanted to know how private the bathroom was. She asked about Marah. He said that things had eventually calmed down, and she was happy Olivia had moved out. They had agreed to be more patient, but he was worried about the kids, especially Shayne. He didn't show his emotions, which was not healthy, while Marah wore everything on her sleeve, like Reva.

Josh said he thought Reva was worried about Marah's sexuality and Reva's past being revisited on her daughter. Olivia thought Marah was more mature than Reva had been. Josh told her that he was happy with Olivia, but had been with Reva for a long time, so he was sorry if he talked about her a lot. They had children, and he couldn't just toss her away.

Olivia said that maybe she was too self-sufficient and made her life look easy. She said she was turning her life upside-down for him, but she wanted to be a part of his life. He said she was a big part of his life. She made him feel good and laugh. She made him realize that his life was not just a series of reactions to Reva. His life was much more.

Reva and Marah were at Company. Reva was happy that Marah had talked to her about her problems, even though she could have been more tactful. They started talking about sex. Reva said that there were boundaries in the adult relationships like with Josh and Olivia, and Reva and Noah, and they were entitled to privacy, but Marah wouldn't be shut out of their lives. Reva said sex wasn't easy to understand; there was a lot more than biology. Marah asked if her mother had taught her that. Reva said no; she had learned by her mistakes, and she wanted Marah to turn to her for help so she didn't make the same ones.

Marah told Reva she made it hard to hold a grudge. Reva said that she could change that, and they both laughed. Noah arrived, and he wanted to know how things were at home. He mentioned having a run-in with Billy. Noah told Reva that Billy had been trying to dig up dirt on him. He told the story about the medical service and switching passports for Doctors International. Marah was hanging on Noah's every word. He talked about his work and some of the things he had done.

Marah told Noah he was very brave. He said the people he had left behind were the brave ones. Marah wanted to know if anything bad had ever happened to him, and Noah started to joke around. Noah kissed Reva and had to leave; Marah left too. Reva told Selena that Marah had just been flirting with Noah.

At the Bauers', Rick and Harley had a key to Claire's apartment. Rick thanked Harley for helping. She went in to search. She found a file, and Claire caught her and told her to drop the file -- immediately.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

In San Cristobel , in the palace pool room, Edmund was fencing with his own shadow when Dax walked in and asked why he was so gloomy. Dax was wondering if Edmund was unhappy that his brother had returned. Edmund greeted Dax, and they reminisced about how Dax had taught Edmund to fence. He declined the invitation to spar any then, saying he didn't care to be Edmunds pincushion. Edmund commanded Dax to spar with him. Dax did as Edmund wished.

Dax was impressed with Edmund's skill and attributed it to himself. Negative as always, Edmund mocked Dax and said that he didn't have much skill left. Edmund suggested that Dax might be depressed and just going through the motions recently. Edmund said that he knew Dax was less than happy with the new royal couple. Dax said he was loyal to Prince Richard. Edmund said that Richard was not the questionable part of the couple. Dax said that he had started it all by recommending Cassie to Richard.

Edmund said that had been well before Dax knew about the skeletons in Cassie's closet. Dax said that the important thing was that Richard was happy. Edmund added that they were likely to give the country an heir. Dax agreed. Edmund suggested that some of the people would reject the son of an ex-stripper ruling their land. Dax recommended Edmund keep his comments to himself. He said the people loved Cassie, and it would take a major scandal to get them to turn on her. Edmund said, "Yes, it would..." Dax warned Edmund that any attempts at undermining Cassie would be disastrous to him.

Richard and Cassie walked in the pool room, dressed in riding clothes. Richard sent Dax for the doctor, but Cassie insisted she didn't need one. Edmund asked if she had been thrown from her horse, but Richard said she had almost been done in by one of her subjects. He explained that they had been riding and approaching the low fence, and Richard didn't know how anyone had known they were riding. Someone had broken through the fence and had tried to touch Cassie's foot, and her horse had bolted. Richard had stopped the horse and saved her.

Edmund told Dax to build a wall at the south gate, but Cassie interrupted She didn't want to build a wall and keep the people out. Richard suggested she have a bodyguard. Cassie said she didn't want a strange man near her all the time. Richard held her hand and said he didn't like the idea of a strange man near her, either, but he wanted some way to protect her when he wasn't around. Edmund agreed and told Cassie that Richard was right. Edmund said she was very trusting, which was why the people loved her. Cassie told then that there were all kinds of people out there, and she didn't have all that much privacy to begin with.

Cassie said she didn't want a bodyguard taking up what little alone time she did have. Richard said she needed to think about the children, and Dax agreed. She said she had protected her children from worse than that. Richard told her to soak in a hot tub while he got the doctor. If she saw the doctor, he would stop talking about a bodyguard. They left; Edmund said to himself that a bodyguard following Cassie around night and day was a great idea for all of them. She just had to be convinced. He made a call and told someone he had a job he thought they might enjoy.

At Company, Susan was telling Max about the family meeting. She said that they had all been acting nice towards each other and acting like she had been the problem. Max asked if she wanted them to take swings at each other. Susan said she had to live with someone and would try to make the best of it. She was trying, but it was not always pretty. Max told her that she had a lot of people wanting her, and for a while, he'd had no home.

Susan said that she tried not to take things for granted. Max said that she had a choice; people were asking her what she wanted. Susan said that Beth, Jim, and their kids were going on vacation, so she would stay with Harley. Max said she could test drive that family until the other one returned, and in the meantime, she could hang out with him and Buzz.

At the Bauers', in Claire's apartment, Harley confronted Claire, and they went head-to-head. Claire wanted Harley to return the file. Harley told Claire to take her hand off of Harley's arm. She told Claire that the file was Rick's property. She said that Claire had been holding it over Rick's head, and it was going to stop that day. Harley tried to walk out, but Claire grabbed at her. Rick rushed into the apartment and helped Harley up. She said she had the file. Rick told Claire that the file belonged to him, and he was taking it, since he hadn't ratted her out to Dr Grant. Besides that, he needed the file to show to Charles.

Claire said she would have protected him. He said he was starting clean, and Harley told her she should try it sometime. Claire laughed bitterly and said that they had no idea what was in the file. Claire wanted to be alone with Rick, so Harley left to wait outside. Rick told Claire that what she had to say had better be good. Claire told Rick that she had wanted to prove that she would be a good friend and would even risk her career to help him. Rick said they were just a one-night stand, and she had caused him more trouble than she would ever get into herself.

Claire told him that she had never really lied, because he really had passed. The grade she had submitted was the real grade. He had surprised, her but he had passed. The real test paper and score were in the file. He had always been a doctor. Rick couldn't believe she had let him think he was a failure and a fraud for years. He demanded to know why she had done that to him. Claire said that Ed and Maureen had been freezing her out, and Rick was her only chance to make everyone think that she cared about the Bauer family. She really did like him.

Rick was very angry. He was going to show the file to Charles Grant. Claire was worried that he would file charges against her. However, Rick said he would leave her out of it. He would never turn her in. He was free of her. The way she lived and thought was punishment enough. Claire didn't know why everything was falling apart. Rick said that when he lost Abby, he had lost the most important part of his life. Nothing had mattered after that, and he was finally free of Claire for good. Claire was crying as he left.

Claire had her music on very loud when Michelle walked in and told her to turn it down so she could study. Michelle noticed Claire was upset and asked her what was wrong. Claire said that everything was wrong. She had figured out that she was good at her work, but bad at everything else. Claire said she wasn't going to try anymore and would not crawl for anyone. Claire told Michelle that if she needed a mom, she would be there, but would not wait around on her.

Rick returned home and asked Michelle where Claire was. She said that Claire had gone out. Rick asked Michelle what was wrong. Michelle said she couldn't figure Claire out and wondered if she was insane. Rick wanted to know what Claire had said. Michelle mentioned that she had said something about being clean and staying clean.

Rick told Michelle a little of what had happened with him and Claire, omitting the test part, and told her that Claire was desperate, and Michelle needed to be careful. They discussed if they should ask Claire to leave the apartment but decided just to watch her. Rick said that Claire needed help, but Michelle needed to watch out for herself -- and Claire needed to help herself too. Michelle sat on the steps of the apartment and looked sad.

At the country club, Rick and Harley were talking to Phillip about what they had found in the file. Phillip wanted Claire reported to the AMA so she would lose her license. Rick said she was a good doctor, and Rick didn't want to hurt Michelle. Harley said that Claire needed a shrink. Rick said every day she woke up and was still Claire, that was punishment enough.

Phillip says Rick was very compassionate and a good doctor. Harley thought he should watch out for Claire. Rick left to go back to his place. Phillip noticed Alan with Claire and said to Harley, "That's interesting." Harley said, "That is enough to have Claire arrested."

Claire walked in and ordered a drink. She took out a cigarette, and Alan lit it. He told her he admired someone who bucked the current trend. She asked if he liked lighting fires. He asked if he could join her. She said that would be fine, but he had no idea who he had just picked up. Claire introduced herself to Alan, and he said she was Michelle's mother. He remembered her from years before; she was flirting with him.

She mentioned the Spaulding Spire and was impressed. It would be a landmark for centuries. He said he knew how to get a big idea past the small people. Claire and Alan saw Phillip and Harley across the room, and Claire asked Alan how he could stand his daughter-in-law. He said he knew he liked something about Claire.

Friday, August 18, 2000

At the Lewises', Reva walked in and put her suitcases down. She looked through the mail, and Marah greeted her with, ""I'm furious with you." Reva ignored Marah and said she would talk to her daughter as soon as she changed her attitude. Marah didn't want to change it; she was upset, and her mom said she needed to use some manners. A moment later, Reva asked Marah to tell her politely what Reva had done to upset Marah. Marah said the problem was what Reva hadn't done.

Reva was confused and asked her daughter to explain. Marah said that she was annoyed about how Olivia was always using sex to get Josh. She said that she had caught them in the tub earlier. She assumed that something was lacking in Josh and Reva's bedroom. Marah asked her mom what Reva had failed to do that had caused her dad to go to Olivia. Reva started to defend herself by saying that her problems with Josh were not in the bedroom and then decided that her sex life was none of her daughter's business. Marah didn't understand because everything she did was open for scrutiny, but her mother's sex life was off-limits to her.

Marah said that if Reva wasn't going to do anything, maybe she should just go get drunk and follow in her mother's footsteps and sleep with half the football team. Reva looked shocked. Marah apologized to her mom, and Reva said that she wasn't proud of her past and didn't want her daughter to turn out like she had. She said she was sorry if she had failed to protect Marah or Shayne from what had happened that evening, and they needed to feel free to come and go in their parents' homes without encountering what she had earlier.

Reva told Marah to go to bed like the good little girl she wasn't, then hugged her and sent her to bed with a joke about her behavior being irrational from lack of sleep. Reva called Josh and said, "I need to see you now. Not tomorrow morning. Now."

Josh arrived at Reva's. She said it was most likely tough to drag himself away from Olivia. She jumped on him and told him he had responsibilities to the children, and he was neglecting them. Josh was confused, and Reva filled him in on Marah walking into his apartment and seeing him and Olivia in the bathtub together. Josh felt bad and wanted to talk to Marah. He went to the stairs. Reva stopped him and told him that Marah was asleep, and he was not going up to disturb her.

Josh said he had made a mistake and wanted to help Marah understand that. Josh said that he was a good parent, and had been every time Reva had disappeared. Reva said there were a lot of issues in the divorce, and she needed to protect the kids -- they needed to deal with custody. Josh said she didn't want to do that because most of the skeletons were in her closet. Reva pushed him out the door and locked it. Josh knocked and told her to open the door.

At the LeMays', Jim was fuming to find Edmund there and told him to leave. Beth defended Edmund and said that he was there trying to help them. Jim wasn't listening, and Beth told him that he had helped them with Phillip. Beth had the news on, and everyone was watching the news footage of Phillip belting Edmund and carrying off Harley. Jim loved that Edmund had gotten hit and thought he deserved it -- and more. Beth told Jim that it had all happened because Edmund had set it up to help them out.

After Edmund left, Beth told Jim that Edmund had helped them out as a friend. Jim went over what had happened and put a negative spin on it. Beth said Jim didn't understand what had happened, so Jim laid it out. Beth said Phillip had needed to be motivated to go after Harley so he would move on and leave them and the baby alone. Beth told him that it had been the reprieve they had been hoping for. Edmund had forced Phillip to make his move and go after his wife.

Jim wanted to know how Edmund had known what to do. Beth admitted to calling Edmund and asking him for his help. Jim realized Beth had called Edmund for help and plotted everything without telling him. Beth defended what she had done and told Jim that it had worked. Jim didn't like deception and wanted them to be better than that, and thought they were, but said maybe he was wrong. Jim said that Phillip and Harley might be back together, but he was worried about how it had been accomplished. He said that he and Beth had gotten together because they had been miserable apart, and Phillip and Harley deserved to reach that conclusion on their own. He didn't like all the games.

Beth wondered if Jim still didn't trust her. She was still defending her actions and telling Jim that Edmund had just been trying to make things right for them. Jim asked if Edmund had eaten his dinner; Beth says no, it was in the oven. Jim was going to look in on the baby and wash up first. Beth called Edmund. She wanted to apologize to him, but he understood Jim's motives. He asked if she had heard from Phillip and Harley. He speculated they were still making up. She told him to take care of his eye. He told her he hoped all her dreams would come true.

At the Spaulding Estate, Alan was talking to someone on the phone; he was telling Vicki that Phillip would take care of the PR problems concerning the building they were tearing down, and they shouldn't worry about it. Alan heard Phillip in the hallway and hung up the phone to talk to him. Harley and Phillip walked in, covered in mud and laughing hysterically. Harley said she had to sit down a minute. Alan saw how filthy they were and stirred them away from the couch and chairs. They were holding each other and very lovey-dovey.

Alan wanted to know what was going on, and Phillip turned on the television. The news was showing Phillip carrying Harley out of Towers with a voice-over by the reporter saying that Phillip Spaulding had assaulted Prince Edmund Winslow of San Cristobel and then tossed his wife over his shoulder and carried her out. Alan was astonished and asked how Phillip could've done that in front of the cameras. Alan was angry, but Phillip grabbed Harley, kissed her, and ignored Alan's fury. Alan told Phillip that it was a serious situation and he should not be jovial about it.

Phillip was still ignoring Alan, and Harley told Alan that Phillip was spectacular. Alan got mouthy to Harley, and Phillip grew upset and told his father to watch how he spoke to her. Then Phillip tried to explain to Alan that the news coverage would be good because it would emphasize the press conference incident about the new building that they'd had before the. He told Alan that they were going home and needed to borrow a car, since his was out of commission. He told Alan they were taking the Bentley. Alan said that they weren't going to take that nice a car while they were dirty and said to borrow the pickup in the barn.

Harley laughed and started digging in her purse for her keys and throwing mud all over some 19th century rug. Alan was very upset. He told Phillip to take Harley home and then get back there immediately. Phillip he said Alan didn't understand, but Phillip was going home with his wife. Alan told them both to get out then.

Phillip and Harley were still there talking about calling the television station to get a copy of the tape. Phillip told Alan that he wouldn't get what he wanted that time. He said he was back with Harley and would not be reuniting with Beth, ever. He would only love Harley and would spend the rest of his life making her happy. He told Alan to chew on that, and he and Harley drank a toast to Alan.

Alan glared at Harley, who smiled very big to him. Alan said he only wanted what was best for Phillip, which was Beth, because she had Phillip's children. Harley interrupted and said that she had one of Phillip's kids too. Alan says he wasn't talking to her. Harley told Alan that it didn't matter if she didn't exist to him, and what he'd said in South Carolina when they thought Phillip had been dead was bull, because if everything Alan wanted was wrong, then everything he didn't want was probably right.

Alan asked if Harley had reconciled with Phillip just to get back at him, and Harley said, "No, but it's a delicious dividend." Alan asked if there was anything else they could say to ruin his night. Phillip and Harley couldn't think of anything else -- but promised to call him if they did. They told him they were going home but not to call them because they would be unplugging the phone that night and the next day.

At Towers, Blake and Ross were having dinner. Blake mentioned that her writer's block was gone and that she and Selena were working on collaborating for her new novel. Ross wasn't too excited about the idea and asked Blake what Buzz thought about the idea. Blake said Ross wasn't worried about Buzz; he just didn't like what Blake was doing. She asked if he thought she was incapable of writing a love story about real people.

Blake opted to make things personal and asked why she and Ross had gotten back together. She asked if it was because of the children. Ross said yes; they both loved the kids and wanted them to have a stable home, but they were also together because they loved each other. Blake said, "But you don't want me as your wife. Is that because you've been burned once?" Ross said it was twice, but he wasn't counting. Blake was upset and said he wanted her as his nanny and his partner in bed, but not as his wife. Ross said he wanted her and loved her, and that there was no one else for him.

Blake wanted to know why they weren't married. He said maybe marriage was not what they wanted, needed, or could benefit from. They had a bad track record. He said Blake didn't like to be tied down and that maybe if she had freedom, she would stay. Blake said it sounded like he didn't want a commitment. Ross said Blake rebelled against structure, so the best way to keep her from straying was to remove the structure in her life.

Ross said he was committed to Blake in every way possible -- he wanted to send the kids off to college and grow old with her. He told her his heart belonged to her, but he didn't want her to feel trapped; besides, they had a wonderful life, and he didn't want it to change. Blake said she understood -- he didn't want to marry someone who was too immature, and she told him that was about the most condescending thing he -- or anyone else -- had ever said to her. She left, and he followed.

Buzz rushed into Company, searching for supplies. Selena asked him what was wrong. He told her they had to get to Harley's. Selena was confused. Buzz told her that she had seen the news, and she should know what had happened. Selena told him she knew he was concerned for Harley, but Phillip would never hurt her. Buzz told her that he wasn't worried about that -- he was worried about Phillip. He thought Harley might have killed him.

Selena watched Buzz collecting supplies and told him she understood the first aid kit, but wondered what was up with the black trash bags and bleach. Buzz told her they might have to dump the body. Selena said Harley wouldn't kill Phillip. Buzz said, "Why not? I would." They talked about it for a while, and Selena told him she thought he was more worried about Harley because he was avoiding his own problems. Buzz admitted that he was upset because Selena was allowing Blake to write her entire life story for the whole world to read, and he didn't understand why she was doing it.

Selena said she was helping Blake because she wanted people to know about the strong, courageous, wonderful women who she had met in her past. Buzz said she should forget the awful memories and concentrate on their wedding. Selena said he was embarrassed by her, which he denied. Selena told him to go ahead home, and she would lock up and be there soon. He left. Selena started thinking back again. In her memory, she was sitting with Miguel, who was telling her how much he was obsessed with her and wanted to know everything about her. Selena turned off the lights and left.

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