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Monday, August 21, 2000

Sheridan was determined to find out what had happened to her on the mysterious night during her childhood. Hank cautioned Sheridan that she might be in for a surprise. A few minutes later, Hank tried to pick Sheridan's memory, but Sheridan was too frustrated to continue. Luis told Hank that despite Sheridan's conviction, Luis did not want Sheridan to get hurt during the process of searching for the truth.

Sam told Ivy, who was very worried, that Ethan was acting like Julian. In addition, Sam asked Ivy what was in her attaché case. Ivy told Sam that the information could destroy her and everyone she loved. While Ivy was at home, Pilar panicked when Ethan told his mom that he knew what was in her attaché case. Ethan concluded that they were papers for a memory book Ivy had made as a wedding present for Gwen. Julian was suspicious.

Grace begged the little angel girl to elaborate on who wanted to hurt Grace. The little angel girl told Grace that it had something to do with Sam's son and that the information would tear their family apart.

Charity succumbed to the machinations of the pendant and told Tabitha that she was going to kill Miguel before the night had ended. Prior to Miguel entering Tabitha's house, Timmy was struck by lightning, which had frozen Timmy in doll mode. Both Timmy and Tabitha watched in anticipation as Miguel, unaware of the danger to his life, turned to face Charity.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Down by the docks, Sheridan received her favorite flowers from Luis. Hank was jealous of Luis and Sheridan as he watched them joking around. Hank interrupted Luis and Sheridan and reminded them that they were at the docks to get ice cream. They went around the corner to the ice cream store. Sheridan and Luis remembered hanging out in the area when they were kids. Sheridan wanted to get back to the cottage so that they could continue their search for the truth.

Hank concluded that the truth could tear Luis and Sheridan apart. Hank, Sheridan, and Luis returned to the cottage. Sheridan was ready to delve into her past, so Luis turned on the tape recorder. Luis asked Sheridan to focus on her nightmares. Sheridan remembered going to bed and being awakened by a noise. Sheridan had gone downstairs to a dark living room and seen a shadow. Sheridan thought that she was able to make out a face. Luis suddenly asked if the face that Sheridan had seen was his father.

Eve found Grace lying on the floor. Grace wondered how she had gotten there. Grace remembered that an angel had appeared to her and had warned her about the threat the family would face. Sam appeared out of nowhere and asked Grace if she was okay. Grace repeated to Sam the story she had told Eve. Both Eve and Sam concluded that Grace was disoriented.

Eve told Grace to get some rest, because Grace had been under a lot of stress. Grace tried to convince Eve that the angel was real and that her family was in danger. Grace told both Sam and Eve that the angel had said that the danger involved Sam's son. Sam said that Noah had been in school, and Noah was doing fine. Eve realized that Grace had been talking about Ethan, but Grace was not aware of that secret.

Once Eve was alone, she admitted to herself that Grace was telling the truth about the angel. Eve could not confide in Grace because Eve had promised Ivy that she would not reveal the truth about Ethan's paternity. Once Grace, Eve, and Sam were in the same room together, Grace agreed with Sam that Noah was fine, unless Sam had another son. Eve choked on her drink. Grace left the room. Sam asked Eve to assure him that Ethan was not his son.

At the Crane mansion, Ivy overheard Julian and Ethan plotting Sam's downfall. Ivy was not very pleased. Ivy told Julian that she had raised Ethan with more morals than Julian had in his body. Julian and Ethan left the room while Ivy grilled Pilar about what had just transpired between Ethan and Julian.

Pilar told Ivy that Julian was questioning Ethan about the papers that were in Ivy's attaché case. Pilar begged Ivy to destroy the documents, but Ivy refused. Apart from Pilar, Eve was the only person that knew the truth, and Ivy was certain that Eve would not betray her.

Ethan and Julian continued plotting against Sam in Julian's study. Alistair called while Ethan and Julian were in the study and said that he was proud of Ethan. Alistair told Ethan to go for the jugular and to completely destroy Sam. In addition, Alistair stated that he should have made Ethan his heir instead of Julian.

Furthermore, Alistair said that Julian was incompetent and would have stabbed them in the back had Julian been given the chance. Alistair would have preferred it if Julian was more focused on destroying Sam instead of fixating on Ivy's secret. Ethan told Alistair that Sheridan had been trying to pursue the truth about her past, but he had talked her out of it. Alistair told Ethan that if Sheridan revealed the truth to Luis, it could be detrimental to the Crane family.

Ivy met up with Ethan and begged him not to go after Sam, but Ethan said that he was going to listen to Julian and Alistair. Ivy told Ethan that he was better than Julian and Alistair. In addition, Ivy asked Ethan not to go after Sam. Ethan said that he was a Crane and that he was going to protect his family.

Ethan walked off, and Ivy swore that she was not going to let Ethan turn into another Alistair Crane. Julian saw Ethan as he was walking away and told Ethan that he was very proud of what Ethan had done earlier.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Charity was in the backyard, talking to Grace. Charity told Grace that she would not let anything happen to her or anyone else in the family; however, as soon as Grace left to go to the kitchen, the pendant around Charity's neck started to glow, and then Charity's eyes changed to a glowing red. Across the yard, Timmy noticed that Charity's pendant was glowing and told Tabitha that the demons were in control of Charity again. Miguel turned towards Charity and hugged her. Miguel told Charity that he admired how much she cared for her Aunt Grace.

Charity's eyes were no longer glowing red. Charity asked Miguel to get her something to drink. While Miguel was away, the demons reappeared, and Charity's pendant started to glow again. Charity walked towards Timmy and Tabitha; her voice sounded evil while she threatened Timmy and Tabitha. Charity said that pain and suffering would befall the Bennett home and that the truth would be revealed that Ethan was Sam's son. In addition, Charity told Tabitha and Timmy that their lives would be spared if they helped her with her plans to kill Miguel by nightfall.

Timmy whimpered and asked what had happened to his beautiful Charity. The very possessed Charity told Timmy that the "holier than thou brat," Charity, had no idea what was going on in her body. Charity needed an answer from Tabitha. If Tabitha and Timmy did not agree to help kill Miguel, Charity would rip out their hearts and allow them to die a slow and painful death. Tabitha no longer had control of the pendant around Charity's neck, so she had no choice but to follow Charity's orders.

Sam sensed that something was a bit off with Grace when she entered the kitchen, so he asked Grace to tell him what was wrong. Grace told Sam that the angel had made it seem as if her entire family was in danger. Sam assured Grace that no one was in danger. Eve was with Sam at the time, and she agreed with Sam that no one was in danger. Grace said that the angel had specifically referred to Sam's son. Grace asked Sam what the angel could have meant by saying that it was Sam's son.

Grace directly asked Sam if he had had a son by another woman. Sam immediately glanced at Eve and then continued to talk to Grace. Sam started to question Grace's theory, but Grace interrupted Sam and said that Sam would never have kept such a huge secret from her. Sam had a flashback and remembered that Eve had told him that Ethan had been born prematurely. Sam told Grace that there was no other son, and Eve said that the angel most likely meant to say Noah.

Grace went out to the backyard with pastries for Miguel and Charity. The demons left Charity's body. Grace then said how lucky she was to have such wonderful kids, a loving husband, and great friends like Eve and T. C. Sam asked Grace if she was no longer worried about what the angel had said. Grace said that she was not worried and that she was just imagining the angel.

Charity suggested to Miguel that they should go see how Chad was doing. Miguel left to get his bike. Charity's pendant started to glow again. Charity turned to Tabitha and Timmy and told them that Miguel had no idea that his girlfriend was about to kill him. After Charity killed Miguel, she would go to the dark side forever.

Grace called out for Charity. The pendant stopped glowing, and Charity asked Tabitha what they had been talking about. Tabitha said that it was not important and told Charity that Grace was calling her. Grace left, and the demons returned. Charity told Timmy and Tabitha that Miguel was going to have his last ride on his motorcycle because he would be dead by the end of the night.

Theresa tried to convince Whitney that Chad had been thinking of Whitney when he told Simone that he loved her. Whitney told Theresa that Chad had had plenty of opportunity to tell her how he felt, but he never had. In addition, Whitney said that Chad had kissed Simone but claimed that he did not remember it. Theresa said that Chad had been unconscious and had not realized that it had been Simone.

In the other room, as Simone and Kay walked towards Chad's bed, Kay reminded Simone that Chad might be still groggy from the sedative that he had taken earlier. Simone acknowledged Kay but was still hopeful. While Simone sat at Chad's bedside, Kay had a flashback. She overhead Chad telling someone that his life would have been much simpler if he had loved Simone instead of Whitney. Kay mumbled to herself that the situation could be disastrous for her and Simone, because Kay needed Simone to help her get Miguel.

Chad woke up while Simone and Kay were still in the room. Chad fantasized that he was telling Whitney that he loved her and not Simone. Simone asked Chad if he needed anything to drink. Kay suggested orange juice, and Chad agreed. After Simone left the room to get the orange juice, Kay lied to Chad about Simone. Kay told Chad that Simone had a rough time making friends at school and was not very popular. Moreover, Kay said that Simone had never had a boyfriend, and consequently, Simone had developed an eating disorder.

Kay told Chad that no one knew about Simone's eating disorder and that it was a secret. Chad was shocked and suggested that Eve could get someone to help Simone. Kay insisted that what she had told Chad was in confidence, and the only person that could help Simone was Chad. Kay told Chad that if he dated Simone, it could cure her. Chad was hesitant and wanted to disagree with Kay; however, Kay manipulated the situation by telling Chad not to say anything because he needed his rest.

In addition, Kay lied and said that Whitney had laughed at Chad when he had told Simone that he loved her. Furthermore, Kay said that Whitney had thought it was unmanly and wimpy for a man to be so open about his feelings. Kay asked Chad to promise her that he would not tell Whitney about what she had just told him. Kay continued the manipulation and said that she was happy that Chad had fallen for Simone and not Whitney. Chad tried to correct Kay, but Kay continued to interrupt Chad.

Back in the kitchen, Whitney was telling Theresa that she had no interest in having a discussion about Chad. Theresa told Whitney that she saw the look on Whitney's face when Whitney was in Chad's presence. There was no denying that Whitney had it bad for Chad. Simone walked in the kitchen to get Chad's juice and informed Whitney that Chad wanted to talk to both of them. Simone assumed that Chad was going to remember that Chad had told her that he loved her.

Whitney, Simone, and Theresa went back to Chad's room. Simone immediately asked Chad if he was ready to finish what he was going to say earlier. Chad said that he was ready to talk. Kay was hopeful and had a huge smile on her face. Theresa whispered to Whitney that once Chad said that he loved Whitney, Whitney should fall into Chad's arms and kiss him. Simone told Whitney and Theresa to be quiet because Chad was about to speak.

Kay grabbed a doughnut and told Simone to eat it. Simone said that she did not want the doughnut, but Kay insisted. Simone took the doughnut and held it. Kay stayed behind Simone and pointed to the doughnut while staring at Chad. Chad immediately said that he did not remember what had been said. In addition, Chad said that he did not want to hurt anyone's feelings and that he hoped that he could regain his memory.

Kay interrupted and said that Chad was going to say that Simone was the one he loved. Theresa asked Kay to stop putting words in Chad's mouth. Kay pointed at Simone with the doughnut once again and mimicked how Simone would throw up her food. Chad told himself that if he did not tell Simone that he loved her, Simone's eating disorder would get worse. On the other hand, if Chad told Whitney he loved her, she would think that he was unmanly.

Chad said that he did not know how he was feeling and that was all that he had to say. He did not want to upset anyone. Whitney was a little disappointed and made up an excuse to leave the room.

Outside the bedroom, Whitney told Theresa that Chad was dead wrong and had not been thinking about her when he told Simone that he had loved her. In addition, Whitney said that she had to forget about Chad and move on with her life. Theresa said that she was certain that Chad was going to tell Whitney that he loved her. Whitney stormed off with Theresa following behind.

Kay and Simone left Chad's room. Simone told Kay that she thought that Chad was going to say that he had feelings for her. Kay told Simone to give Chad time, because guys didn't always say what they were feeling. In addition, Kay told Simone that Chad knew how badly Whitney wanted him and did not want to hurt Whitney. Simone agreed.

Kay lied and said that she knew how Chad felt, because Chad had admitted his true feelings to her while they were alone. Simone asked Kay what Chad had said, and Kay said that Chad had said that he loved Simone. Kay told Simone that since she had helped her, it was time that Simone helped Kay get Charity away from Miguel, then they would both have the guys that they loved.

Theresa went back to Chad's room and told him that she was very disappointed in him and said that she thought that Chad was more upstanding. Chad was confused and wondered why Theresa was rambling. Theresa said that she was tired of guys not revealing their true feelings and acting as it they were afraid. Theresa insisted that she knew that Chad had feelings for Whitney because she had seen those feelings hundreds of time. Chad had a guilty look on his face. Chad said that he did not know about what Theresa was talking. Theresa said that she was not going to leave the room until Chad admitted to her that he loved Whitney.

Sheridan recalled seeing a man in the room with her but could not make him out. Suddenly, Sheridan said that she saw the man and knew who he was. Luis pushed Sheridan to try to remember if the person was Martin Fitzgerald, but Sheridan said that she did not know. Hank insisted that Luis go easy on Sheridan because Sheridan was too distraught. Luis told Hank that he had been waiting all his life to find out what had happen to his father and was not about to give up the opportunity to find out.

Sheridan agreed to continue because the nightmares were holding her captive. Sheridan saw an image of a man in black and a man lying on a table with a white sheet covering him. With blood on her hands, Sheridan was standing over the man that was lying on the table. The story that Sheridan told Luis was that she saw a shadow. Luis wanted to know who it was, but Sheridan said that she did not see a face. Sheridan remembered someone telling her that the man under the white sheet had died and that Sheridan was a very wicked girl. Sheridan started to cry.

Luis asked Sheridan what she had seen. Hank said that Sheridan did not remember, but Luis was convinced that Sheridan had remembered something. Sheridan was crying uncontrollably and crushed the glass that she was holding in her hands. Hank left the room to get some bandages for Sheridan while Luis stayed behind and continued his line of questioning. Sheridan did not tell Luis the entire story. She kept telling Luis that she could not remember.

Hank suggested that he had another way that would help Sheridan remember the truth. Sheridan was curious to know what the plan was. Hank suggested that Sheridan needed professional help. Eve Russell was the perfect candidate because she was female, and Sheridan would open up to Eve more. Luis agreed with Hank, but Sheridan was not too keen on the idea.

Sheridan wanted to keep it a secret because she valued her family's privacy. Alistair and Julian would not have taken it kindly. After thinking about it, Sheridan said that she was tired of secrets and tired of fearing her past, so she agreed to have Hank call Dr. Eve Russell. Eve arrived at the cottage and told Sheridan that the only way to remember everything was through hypnosis. Eve asked Sheridan if she was okay with it. Sheridan agreed, but Eve asked to be alone with Sheridan.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

Gwen told Ethan how excited she was to marry a man who was about to head up the entire Crane Empire; however, Ethan told Gwen that he had asked Alistair to reinstate Julian as the head of Crane Industries. Gwen was very upset with Ethan for making such a huge decision. Ethan did not understand why Gwen was so upset. Gwen explained that it was because Alistair had made it very clear that he wanted Ethan to be the chairman.

Ethan told Gwen that Alistair had been very angry at Julian when he had made that decision. Gwen did not agree with Ethan. Gwen thought that Alistair had realized that Ethan was better suited for the position and the power that went with running the Crane Empire. Ethan had noticed how important that power was to his father, so he did not want to take it away from Julian.

Theresa got on Chad's case for hiding his feelings for Whitney. Theresa wanted Chad to tell Whitney his true feelings. In addition, Theresa accused Chad of being a hypocrite. Chad told Theresa that he had found out a lot about Whitney and Simone while staying in the Russells' garage apartment. Chad said that he knew that Simone had a crush on him and that Whitney only cared about tennis and no one else.

Theresa reassured Chad that Whitney was not that person. Chad was afraid that if he revealed his true feelings to Whitney, his heart would get broken. Chad asked Theresa to change the subject, so they talked about Ethan and Theresa. Theresa said that Ethan had told her that he loved Gwen and was going to marry Gwen. Gwen and Ethan interrupted Chad and Theresa's conversation when they showed up to see how Chad was doing.

Theresa was unclear if Ethan was going to go through with the wedding with Gwen, so Chad confirmed that he would still be the disc jockey if the wedding were still scheduled as planned. Gwen delightedly said that the wedding plans were still in order. Theresa was not very pleased. Chad said that he was tired of being laid up and wanted to get out of the house.

Everyone left the room except for Ethan. Chad wanted to speak with him. Chad accused Ethan of copping out and not telling Gwen how he felt about Theresa. Ethan threw it back in Chad's face because Chad had not told Whitney how he felt about her. Chad was convinced that Whitney was not interested in him.

Ethan told Chad to tell Simone that he was not in love with her, but Chad said that he did not want to hurt Simone. Ethan said that Chad was in a big mess, and Chad replied by saying that at least he was not going to marry a woman he did not love. Chad asked Ethan why he did not Tell Gwen the truth, and Ethan said that he did not want to hurt Gwen.

Outside Chad's bedroom, Whitney showed up and was about to knock on the door, but Simone and Kay were right behind her. Simone told Whitney to forget about Chad telling Whitney that he loved her, because Chad loved Simone. Whitney told Simone that Chad didn't even remember what he had said. Simone was convinced that Chad loved her.

Simone took Whitney's hands and told her that she did not blame Whitney for not recognizing true love when she saw it because she had never experienced it before. Kay slyly said that Whitney had never been kissed. Whitney then had a flashback of Chad kissing her on the tennis court. Moreover, Whitney told Kay that if she had been kissed, it was not information that Whitney would have divulged.

Whitney lashed out at Kay for judging her and Simone. In addition, Whitney warned Simone that Kay had an ulterior motive becaise Kay would not have been helping Simone without getting something in return. Whitney was sure that Simone would end up getting hurt. Kay said that Whitney was trying to rattle Simone's nerves, and then grabbed Simone and walked away.

Theresa and Whitney were alone after everyone had left, and Whitney told Theresa that Chad was not in love with Whitney and that Ethan was not going to leave Gwen for Theresa. Theresa was hopeful that they both still had a chance, but Whitney was frustrated and did not want to entertain the topic. Moreover, Whitney said that Theresa was delusional because Ethan had not told Theresa that he loved her. Theresa said in her heart, she knew that Ethan loved her just as much as she loved him. Furthermore, Theresa said that Gwen did not love Ethan the way Theresa did. Gwen only cared about Ethan's status as a Crane.

While Miguel was riding his motorcycle, he thought that it was a good idea to take Charity riding after they had seen Chad. Meanwhile, a very possessed Charity was plotting to kill Miguel. Charity zapped Tabitha and Timmy to keep them in line so that she could carry out her plans to kill Miguel. Miguel showed up to get Charity, who returned to normal as soon as she sensed Miguel. Both Charity and Miguel arrived at Chad's house.

Miguel told Charity that he was going to tighten the wheels on his motorcycle, because he did not like how they had felt while he was riding the bike. Charity left to go with Miguel. Miguel pulled out his tools and gave the wrench to Charity to hold. While Miguel was bending over to look at the bike, Charity held up the wrench and was about to hit Miguel with it. Miguel got up, thanked Charity, and took the wrench from Charity, stating that he did not need it anymore. Charity asked Timmy to tamper with Miguel's motorcycle so that Miguel would lose control of it.

After Miguel and Charity left, Timmy reminded Tabitha that Charity was not aware that she was possessed by evil demons and that if Charity found out, it could kill her. Tabitha did not care because it was working in her favor. Tabitha reminded Timmy that they were working for the dark side and that Tabitha would regain her powers if Charity and Miguel were to die. Tabitha and Timmy got on their bicycle and followed Miguel and Charity. Timmy asked Tabitha how Miguel was going to die, Tabitha said that she did not know, but she was sure that it was going to be grisly.

Ethan helped Chad while he walked down the stairs. Chad thanked everyone for visiting him. Gwen left to make a phone call regarding the wedding. Theresa glanced at Ethan, but Ethan turned and looked in the other direction. Chad went over to where he had the music set up and decided to play a song that would draw Ethan closer to Theresa.

Whitney begged Chad not to do it, but Chad refused to listen to Whitney. Ethan heard the song and glanced over at Theresa. He remembered that it was the same song to which he and Theresa were dancing while they were at the prom. Whitney also glanced over at Chad, but Chad looked away.

Luis told Hank that he wanted to go in the room while Eve was hypnotizing Sheridan, but Hank prevented Luis from entering the room. Luis was worried about Sheridan finding out something that could damage their relationship. Luis was convinced that there was a connection between his father's disappearance and Sheridan's nightmares. Hank asked Luis what he would do if he found out that Sheridan had witnessed a crime against his father. Luis said that he would track down the person responsible and make sure that the person suffered the same fate Luis' father had suffered.

Back in Sheridan's bedroom, Eve warned Sheridan that the hypnosis could be emotionally stressful. Eve told Sheridan that it was highly possible that Sheridan could not remember what had happened in her childhood because Sheridan had blocked it out. Eve asked Sheridan if she was prepared to face the truth, and Sheridan said that she was willing to do anything that could help her remember. Eve hypnotized Sheridan and warned Luis not to interrupt. Eve asked Sheridan to relax and to try and tell Eve what Sheridan had remembered.

Sheridan said that it was dark, and she was scared. Sheridan saw a shadow and knew that it was a man, but she did not see his face. Sheridan had taken a letter opener off the desk and was holding it in her hands. Sheridan said that the letter opener had disappeared. A few minutes later, Sheridan had seen the man in black that was a shadow, and then she saw a man on the floor that was stabbed with the letter opener that Sheridan had been holding. There was blood all over Sheridan's hands. Sheridan cried out.

Luis was about to go in the room, but Hank stopped him because Eve did not want Luis to interfere. Eve told Sheridan to calm down and went to get Sheridan some water. Eve asked herself that if it was possible that Sheridan could have killed someone. Sheridan screamed out and said that she had done it. Eve continued to question Sheridan. Sheridan said that she heard a voice that was saying that Sheridan was a wicked girl. Sheridan saw someone placing the man that was stabbed in a box and covering him with a white sheet.

The voice Sheridan had heard earlier warned her that no one should know about what had happened that night. Eve asked Sheridan who was under the white sheet, and Sheridan said that she could not tell Eve because she would be sent away and that no one would ever love her. Eve reassured Sheridan that what had happened was a long time in the past and that Sheridan was safe and could tell Eve the truth. Sheridan started to cry again and said that it was all her fault and that she had killed him. Luis banged on the door while telling Eve to stop the hypnosis because Sheridan was in too much pain.

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Friday, August 25, 2000

by Bridgett Schultz

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