The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on Y&R

Billy surprised Mac with a ring. Dru feared her career was over. Victoria considered meeting with Gary in an attempt to move on with her life. Ashley was crushed when Victor nixed any chance they had at reconciliation.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, August 21, 2000

After secretly watching Mac and Billy kissing, Brittany slipped away from the pool. Billy offered to make dinner for Mac. He then led her inside, where he surprised her with a ring. She stated that she would only wear it for herself.

Phyllis found Brittany pointing at the Crimson Lights and learned that she intended to get even since she had learned her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

When Jill returned from St. Louis, Brock confronted her about trying to harm his daughter. Jill claimed she was only protecting a friend from being deceived. She then revealed her private eye had given her the proof that Mac was Brock's daughter.

After arguing about how to handle the Fields' case, Michael suggested that he and Chris work all night to get the job done, putting their disagreement to the side until later. Chris agreed and admitted that they worked well together. Paul leaked to Mary and Lynne about Chris' failing partnership with Michael.

Victor forced Nikki to continue, and she warned him that the stress he had created was going to affect Ashley's pregnancy. Victor was surprised that Nikki had arrived to warn him about hurting Ashley, but Nikki responded that her job had given her a new outlook on life. She returned to Jabot and informed Jack and Ashley that she had a signed note from Victor ending the lawsuit

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Ashley admitted to John that she thought she could trust Victor again after the gesture of dropping the lawsuit against Brad. John warned her about trusting the man and reminded her that it was he who had started the lawsuit. When J.T. asked Brittany how she could let Billy get away with cheating on her, Brittany slapped J.T. He suggested that she forget about Billy and "get with him," but Brittany decided to have a chat with Jill. Raul warned Billy that Brittany wasn't going in to work that day.

Brock and Kay informed Mac about Jill's visit to St. Louis, the birth certificate, and her decision not to contact Amanda. Mac was relieved and bounced off to work. Chris advised Paul about her argument with Michael. He suggested it might be better to end the partnership before she became pregnant, but she put him off.

Victor ordered Diane not to talk to anyone about their "situation." Ryan let Victoria know that he had given Tricia an ultimatum to either move back home or end their marriage. She responded with a hug.

In London, Keith urged Tricia to realize that Ryan's letter was proof she could never be happy with Ryan. Ashley thanked Victor and flashed a big smile for what he had done for her.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

When Michael met with Diane, she asked for his help in going after Victor legally, but he explained that he couldn't represent her. She ordered him to get out but he reminded her that she would need a friend to talk to during her pregnancy. Sid interrupted Malcolm's special plans for Dru when he stopped by to let his client know that he was dropping her from his roster.

After finding out from Ryan where Gary was locked up, Nick laid into him for showing his sister the letter from the crazed stalker, but stopped when Victoria arrived. He then decided to get directions to the sanitarium. Victoria confided in Ryan that she was considering a visit with Gary in hopes that it would help her put those troubled days behind her for good.

Nick angrily confronted Gary and screamed at Gary to leave his sister alone. The guards finally forced Nick to leave. Mac gave Billy the good news that her birth certificate had been found and proved she was who she said she was.

Later, Jill threatened to call Mac's mother and showed her the phone number if Mac didn't stay away from Billy. Brittany reacted when Phyllis guessed that Mac was the girl Billy was secretly seeing. Phyllis warned her that revenge was a permanent thing. Ashley attempted to make a new beginning with Victor but he announced that it was time to end things because of all the pain they had caused each other.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

by Ruth

Dru tried to convince Sid to reconsider, but he offered her a list of agents to call for representation. After he left, Malcolm tried to console Dru, who worried that her career was over. He encouraged her to have faith that she would soon be back on top.

Seeing a somber Ashley, Jack and John worried about her. Jill was ecstatic to hear that John had dropped the lawsuit. Brad found Ashley in the lab and learned about Victor's action. She explained Victor's decision to end any chance at reconciliation and then sent Brad out so that she could be alone.

Victoria became furious when Nick boasted that he had just returned back from a visit with Gary. Nick defended his actions and claimed he was just trying to protect her while she got better. Later, Victoria decided to confront Gary and asked Ryan to accompany her. Victor asked Connie to take care of a personal letter for him.

Nikki found Victor in his office and thanked him. The two discussed why she had protected Ashley, and he ended their conversation with a peck on the cheek.

Friday, August 25, 2000

Out for the first time, Olivia updated Ashley in the lab about Neil. Ashley pushed her friend to take a chance with Neil if she truly loved him.

Malcolm tried to draw Dru out of the dumps by asking her to model with Heidi for a session that day. When she failed to light up the set, Malcolm assured her that he knew she could do it.

Jill reported to Jack that she was going to a seminar in San Francisco. He responded with a comment about her pitiful sex life. When an amused Phyllis interrupted, she convinced Jill to okay the weekend sleepover at the "Glow House." Jack thanked Phyllis for her excellent work and admitted he would miss her after Labor Day.

For the sake of the website's viewers, Brittany pulled Billy into a kiss in front of Mac. Raul confided in Brittany that Mac only wanted to be friends with him. Later, Raul made a pitch to an interested Rianna who claimed she hadn't seen much of J.T.

Phyllis arrived and leaked to Brittany that her time for revenge might be near. Mac explained to Billy that it might be time to leave town. Urging her to go to Paris, Keith advised Tricia on the threat from Ryan. Instead, Tricia called Ryan's office but was told he was out. Hearing about a "rave" that night at a local warehouse, Nick worried that he was out of touch with his audience. Victoria arrived at the sanitarium with Ryan and her shrink.

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