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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on GH
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Monday, August 21, 2000

Taggert confiscated the tape recording of Sonny and Sorel's meeting. Sorel and his guard were handcuffed. Sonny told her to stay out of it; however, a tackily disguised Carly continued to run her mouth and make the situation worse. Sorel and Sonny had words with each other while Carly tried to talk her way out of the situation with Taggert by taking the blame for what had happened.

Taggert thanked Carly for her anonymous phone call telling him about the meeting. Taggert had Carly arrested and removed from the room, while telling Hannah to handcuff Sonny. Hannah told Taggert she needed a moment alone with Sonny. Once alone, Hannah told Sonny that she had always tried to protect him. Sonny blew Hannah off and left the room; he was taken to the police station.

Ned saw the poster of Alexis in the teddy and was told by the reporter that the poster was called Eddie's Angel and had been sold for weeks on rock-and-roll websites. The reporter hounded Ned to try to find out whom the "Angel" was, while Ned contemplated how Alexis was going to react when she found out. After the reporter left, Ned tried to buy the poster of Alexis from the bartender at the bar where it was posted.

While Helena was attacking Chloe, she screamed for Jax who was in the garden, looking for the dark-haired woman that looked like Brenda. When he heard Chloe's screams, he ran to the room and kicked the door in. He found Chloe unconscious on the floor. Chloe had been able to fight off Helena, but in the struggle, Helena had gotten away. Chloe told Jax that the premonition she'd had about Helena killing her had come true. Jax called the police on the island; however, because Chloe could not recognize Helena, the police could not help them.

Chloe asked Jax if he had seen the woman in the garden and if it had been Brenda. Jax told Chloe he had seen her, but when he heard Chloe's screams he had left and gone to her. Jax continued by telling Chloe that the woman in the garden couldn't have been Brenda because Brenda would have waited for him in the garden until he returned. Jax told Chloe that he loved her and would not lose her to a memory, the sea, or Helena Cassadine, and together they agreed to go back to Port Charles. Andreas went to the island to help Helena escape. The mysterious dark-haired woman met with Stefan.

Outside the rave, Nikolas and Lucky discussed Liz, while inside, Zander offered Liz water, which was laced with drugs. Lucky and Nikolas tried to find Liz inside the rave, but Lucky ran into a poorly disguised Emily instead. Zander continued to give Liz drug-laced water. Lucky argued with Emily about her being at the rave. Zander got Liz to agree to leave the rave with him. Juan showed up, and Nikolas told him to take Emily home. After some convincing, Lucky got through to Liz, and she left with him, making Zander angry and more suspicious of the group of friends.

Monica tried to flirt with Alan, but he became suspicious, and they began to argue. Alan and Monica accused each other of having an affair, and as the argument escalated, they became romantic and started to get carried away in the family living room, where, of course, Edward walked in on them. Edward admonished them for trying to become parents again; however, Alan and Monica did not let it dampen their mood and went for a walk in the garden.

Back at the station, Mac and Dara met Taggert and Hannah with Sonny, Carly, Sorel, and the guard in tow. Carly tried to leave the police station, but was informed she was under arrest. When Hannah tried to book Carly, they exchanged insults, and Mac broke it up. Mac put Carly and Sonny in the interrogation room together and Dara, Taggert, and Hannah questioned him about his reasoning.

In the interrogation room, Sonny told Carly to keep her mouth shut until Alexis could get there. Mac explained to Dara, Taggert, and Hannah his reasoning for keeping Sonny and Carly together in the same room. When they didn't get the reaction they were looking for, Mac sent Taggert in to question Carly and removed Sonny from the room. Sonny called Alexis, but had to leave a message.

While Sonny watched through the glass, Taggert apologized to Carly for the handcuffs and tried to sweet-talk her by pointing out all the things she had done wrong by unknowingly framing Sonny. Taggert played good cop, bad cop and tried to get Carly to talk; however, Carly didn't break. Sonny told Mac to stop Taggert from interrogating Carly, and he would give them a statement. Hannah, Taggert, Mac, and Dara debated the evidence and whether it was enough to press charges against Sonny.

Dara told them how she would nail Sonny by pushing Carly's buttons to manipulate her testimony in court. When Sonny didn't follow through by giving them his statement, Mac released Carly from police custody and sent her on her way, telling her they were going to keep Sonny for a while.

As Ned purchased the poster from the bartender, Alexis called him on his cell phone to find out how he was. Ned told her he was going home soon.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

As Jax and Chloe were flying back home to Port Charles, Jax revealed that he had hired a private investigator to follow Helena.

Stefan toasted with his hired Brenda look-alike for a job well done in convincing Jax that Brenda might still be alive.

Bobbie arrived at the police station to find some answers about the Carly/Sonny arrest, but was more surprised to find Roy there supporting Sonny. Lucky was able to persuade a very intoxicated Liz to go home with him.

After Liz left with Lucky, Zander harassed Nikolas about where Liz had gone, but Gia came to the rescue and distracted Zander.

Ned returned to L&B records and discovered a huge amount of fan mail for "Eddie's Angel" and also listened to phone messages about people wanting to exploit "Eddie's Angel." Juan showed up at L&B, returning Nikolas' car, and shared with Ned that he knew all about Alexis' Internet faux pas.

Despite Bobbie's protest, Roy decided to stay at the police station to support Sonny until Alexis arrived. Bobbie tried to warn him, but Roy remained evasive. They finally talked to Hannah, and she shared the details of the case, which ignited Dara to issue a warning of her own to Agent Scott for providing details favoring family and friends.

Juan assisted Ned in destroying the fan mail for "Eddie's Angel," and Ned hoped that Alexis would never find out.

After Gia pointed out to Zander that he had once tried to pick her up and sell drugs to her, Zander finally went his own way, and Nikolas was very thankful. Nik then took Gia back to L&B, so he could get his car, and tried to contact Lucky to check on Liz. Gia then accused Nik of feeling more than friendship for Liz.

Lucky escorted Liz home, and he read her the riot act for drinking a beverage that Zander had provided. Her heart on her sleeve, Liz told Lucky that she would always love him no matter what. Lucky then agreed to a dance and, since he knew she would never remember because she was high, Lucky opened up to Liz and told her that he "trusts in us," and that something was wrong with him mentally.

While on the flight home, Jax dreamed of happier times with Brenda; Chloe awoke him, and he had a smile on his face. Jax did not tell Chloe about his dream and then Jax and Chloe once again pronounced their undying love for one another.

Since Zander had offered Gia drugs, she felt it was a good way to bust him. Nik did not think it was a good idea for Gia to get involved with Zander and even offered to pay her to not do so. Gia insisted, and Nik agreed to help her out.

As Dara was sharing her doubts about Hannah's integrity in Sonny's case, Roy came to his daughter's defense, who then was defended by Taggert. Mac finally settled the tense situation by correcting Dara, telling Bobbie and Roy to leave and by asking Hannah to evaluate her position on Sonny's case.

Lucky told a dazed Liz about how confusing his last year had been and that he could never have gotten through it if it wasn't for his hopes of seeing her again. Lucky finally told Liz that he loved her and gave her the gift of their shared "You have my heart" speech. Lucky and Liz shared a tender kiss, and Lucky told Liz that she had his heart. It was a very intimate time for them, but Lucky was only doing it because he thought that Liz would not remember anything the next day. Liz had her fears about their wonderful night because of Lucky's past behavior and they made a promise that they would still love one another in the morning. Lucky, then turned out the light to spend the night with Liz.

Stefan felt successful at his plan to drive Jax from Chloe, using a Brenda look-alike, and advanced to more manipulative ways to get Jax away from Chloe.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Jax and Chloe returned from their getaway and received good news. Tony informed them that he was advancing Chloe's gamma radiation treatment. He would be free on Monday to start if Chloe was in agreement. She and Jax looked at each other, smiled, and hugged each other, as they were overjoyed that this connection to Helena would be over soon. However, back on the island, Stefan's servant informed him about Jax and Chloe. Stefan became more determined than ever to stop Chloe's treatment; he needed her connection to Helena to continue for a while longer.

Meanwhile, Helena left port to put as much distance between herself and Port Charles as she could. She seemed overall more agitated than usual. She felt it was a shame that her plan to kill Chloe had failed. Helena's boy toy came in to give her some bad news. Paolo, the assassin that she had wanted to located Stefan and kill him, had been found at the bottom of a cliff. No one was sure how he had met his death, if by accident or on purpose. Helena mentioned that she was sorry for his death because it was meaningless, unlike the death of her son Stefan.

Sonny and Alexis were finishing up after Sonny's arraignment, and they went out to face the press. To their surprise, the press only wanted to talk about Alexis being Eddie's Angel. This revelation being a total shock to Alexis, she immediately retracted and said she would only speak on Sonny's case and not the Eddie's Angel story. She and Sonny quickly retreated back into the courtroom. Sonny tried to get her to calm down, but she was in full panic mode.

Alexis asked Sonny to leave, and he abided. She rapidly phoned Chloe and asked her to deliver a disguise. In the interim, Ned showed up and apologized for all the hoopla. Unfortunately, Alexis was not amused by her pin-up popularity; she was rather appalled because she did not consider herself good-looking or sexy. Jax and Chloe showed up with Alexis' disguise and helped to provide safe passage back to the penthouse. Ned went out the front way and ran into AJ as he spouted remarks about him losing Alexis.

AJ was in rare form and was feeling quite victorious. First, he went to the Brownstone to harass and threaten Carly. He pointed out, quite bluntly, that once Sonny was in prison that he would win Michael back, and she would be out in the streets with nowhere to turn. As Carly tried to kick AJ out of the Brownstone, Sonny showed up and reiterated the same statement. AJ, being brazen, refused for the moment and went on to threaten Sonny too. He said that he was not afraid of Sonny because he had time on his side -- and Sonny's days were numbered.

Sonny rebutted by saying that if he went to prison for 20 years, then he would make sure AJ went first. AJ finally left the Brownstone. As Carly pleaded with Sonny to hear her apology, Sonny said he was not interested in her story. He was there to take her and Michael back to the penthouse, where they were safe and away from the media. Carly gave in and returned to their home. Once they were back, Carly demanded that Sonny listen to what she had to say. Carly began to explain the entire story, truthfully.

She started with Mike's gambling problems and how she wanted to protect Sonny and Mike's new found father/son relationship. She told him that the $40,000 had been for Mike to pay off his gambling debts to Sorel. Then Carly explained her plan to catch Sorel and put him away for good. Sonny brewed for a while as he listened to Carly. He was extremely angry that Carly had blatantly lied to him. He told her that she could have gone to him with the truth at any time, but she said that she was afraid of what his reaction would be to her and to Mike. She had done it all for him. "Can't you see that everything I did was for you?" Carly asked.

Sonny was already at full steam prior to this conversation, which sent him over the edge. He asked Carly to do exactly what he asked from that point on with the media and in the courthouse. Sonny basically wanted her to say nothing he had not approved. By that time, Carly was also steaming because Sonny would not give her credit for trying to help him. Carly replied to Sonny by asking why she should do anything that he asked. Sonny responded that she needed to follow his orders because he was the only thing that stood between her son and AJ. Carly furiously looked at Sonny and returned to her room upstairs.

Liz awoke, as Lucky presumed, without any memory of the night before. She was surprised to see Lucky at her place and asked him what had happened. He teased her by saying that under the influence of the drug,that Zander had slipped her, she had been parading around like a fly trying to pollinate flowers. But then Lucky confessed that he had just made that up. He told her that she had experienced the same thing as Emily, and she had just fallen asleep quickly.

Liz complained about the headache she had and how she didn't like not knowing what had happened the night before. She felt eerie because it was too weird to lose portions of her memory. Lucky agreed out loud, but then had to cover by saying that he meant about Emily and her losing her memory.

Nikolas showed up at the studio to check on Liz. That morning in particular, Lucky was having the most difficult time accepting that his brother and Liz were close and hugging. It became unbearable for the jealous Lucky, so he decided to excuse himself. Nikolas and Liz talked for a while about the situation, and Liz mentioned that they couldn't let Zander keep giving out the drug to people. Nikolas left to go to work at L&B, Liz went back to sleep, and Lucky stood outside the studio door for a while, just watching Liz sleep and reminiscing about the previous night.

Edward Quartermaine was up to his old tricks again. He had spent the entire morning on the phone with his lawyers to determine how they could get Michael back, since Sonny was facing prison. Then he tracked down Monica and Alan with their hospital pagers to get them in on his plan. Lila arrived at the hospital with Reginald and chastised Edward for trying to manipulate Monica and Alan. That only curtailed Edward for the moment; he still had determination in his eyes to get Michael back.

Jax confessed to Ned that he was having visions of Brenda, but in reality. He had seen a real woman who he thought was Brenda twice. Ned asked Jax to let go of the past and live in the present. Jax was torn because of what had happened with his first wife Miranda. Jax just could not shake the feeling that Brenda could still be alive and waiting for Jax to find her. Ned said that if Jax loved Chloe then he needed to love her in the present and let go of Brenda because she was in the past and gone to him forever.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

Mac suggested to Bobbie that the right word in her lover's ear might turn Roy away from his life of crime. Meanwhile, Marcus warned an irked Roy that he had put his daughter in an awkward position, which jeopardized her entire career. Chloe and Jax enjoyed a late summer picnic after a day of horseback riding.

Half a world away, Stefan began pulling strings to convince Jax that Brenda was alive and well. AJ informed his fuming grandfather that he would soon have Michael back on his own terms. Following their roll in the hay, Chloe invited Jax to accompany her to Milan for the showing of her new fall line. AJ bitterly accused Monica of trying to conceive another baby to replace the dysfunctional children she and Alan had already given up on.

Hannah asked Marcus not to interfere where her father was concerned. Roy refused to join Mac's search for his missing undercover cop. Stunned by a photo in the Travel section of the newspaper, Jax told Chloe he need to go find out if the woman in the picture was indeed Brenda.

Friday, August 25, 2000

Jax flew to Paris to follow up the newest lead on Brenda. Meanwhile, Chloe grumbled to Alexis about her lover deserting her to go seek out a ghost. Gia went to Kelly's in response to a summons from Lucky. Tired of getting the cold shoulder from Sonny, Carly angrily reminded him that she had simply been trying to save his father's neck and had made an honest mistake in the process. Alexis convinced Chloe to swallow her pride and follow Jax to Paris so she could pick up the pieces when he realized his old flame was really gone for good.

Liz and Gia snapped at one another until Lucky arrived and reminded the squabbling girls that they needed to work together to stop a killer. Ned assured a grateful Alexis that he had purchased the "Eddie's Angel" video and had removed the picture from the website. Sonny bitterly informed Carly that her good intentions meant nothing since her lies were about to send him to prison for a crime he hadn't committed. Though a tearful Carly begged for his forgiveness, Sonny insisted he could never trust her again.

Lucky explained to his friends how they could frame Zander for Ted's murder. Alexis hesitantly suggested to an incredulous Sonny that his best chance to avoid prison might be to marry Carly. Jason returned to Port Charles.

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