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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 14, 2000 on GH
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Monday, August 14, 2000

As they discuss the $40,000 she asked for, Sonny begins to question Carly about specifics on the house she found. When Carly is hesitant to answer his questions, Sonny becomes suspicious about the cash and asks Carly what is going on.

At the Rave, Gia tells Nikolas that Liz was talking to Zander, the guy she saw in the parking lot at the hotel the night in question. When Nikolas asked her how she knew it was he, Gia explained exactly what happened the night of the Rave when she followed Emily and Ted to the hotel. Not knowing whom she was talking to, Liz questioned Zander to find out if he knew anything about Ted or his whereabouts.

Helena's assassin arrived to kill Stefan; however, in the struggle was killed by hitting his head on a storage chest. Stefen realized that Helena knew he was still alive.

As Helena watched them from the gardens below, Chloe stood on the balcony of their room and told Jax how much she loved the island and him. Jax and Chloe discussed the loss of Brenda and how he learned to deal with Brenda's death. Jax told Chloe that he knew the happiness he had found with her was the kind of happiness that Brenda would have wanted for him.

Nikolas told Lucky and Juan that Gia found the guy she had seen in the parking lot of the hotel, as Zander became suspicious of Liz's questions about Ted.

Sonny and Carly continued to dance around each other with words as he tried to become a part of her decision to purchase a house and she tried not to lie to him about the money. Carly got defensive and asked Sonny if the real reason for his questioning was because he didn't want her to buy a house. Sonny tried to reassure Carly of his intentions; however, Carly continued to be defensive and push Sonny for the cash as soon as possible, but also tried not to make him suspicious. Sonny asked Carly to stay for dessert; however, Carly asked for a rain check and told him she wanted to be with Bobbie at the Brownstone. Sonny drove Carly and Michael home to the Brownstone and they shared a close moment until Bobbie arrived home. Sonny mentioned the $40,000 he was giving Carly as a down payment on a house. After Sonny had gone, Carly questioned Bobbie about her knowledge of Mike and Sonny's father-son relationship. Bobbie changed the subject and questioned Carly about the money and asked her about her future living arrangements as they related to moving back in to the Penthouse with Sonny.

Liz tried to convince Zander about the reason she was looking for Ted. Lucky suddenly broke up the conversation to get Liz away from Zander by accusing Liz of flirting with Zander to make Lucky jealous. Once alone, Lucky told a shocked Liz that Zander was Ted's killer. Gia asked Nikolas if she could finally leave the Rave now that she had pointed out Zander. Nikolas paid Gia and offered her a ride home, which she refused. The gang left the Rave and as Gia tried to leave, Zander appeared out of a dark corner to question her about her new friends. When Gia could not ignore Zander's questioning, she began to act like she had taken drugs, although this did not detour Zander who put the pieces together and remembered he had seen Gia in the hotel parking lot the night he had followed Ted. Gia made a quick-get-away by telling Zander she felt ill and needed to leave.

From the balcony, Chloe and Jax made plans on how they are going to spend their time on the island when Jax suddenly spotted a woman in the garden that stirred his memory of Brenda. After Chloe went inside, Jax remained on the balcony to stare at the woman in the garden. When Chloe came back to the balcony, Jax told her he thought he had seen someone in the garden. Chloe was afraid it was Helena; however, Jax told her it wasn't, but that he still wanted to check it out. Jax ran to the garden, but did not find anyone there.

Back at Kelly's the gang told Emily that they found Zander while Liz asked Lucky to stay behind outside. Liz thanked Lucky for coming to her rescue and saving her from Zander. Lucky told Liz he would protect her with every breathe in his body. Back inside Kelly's, Emily thanked everyone for their help at the Rave. The boys went outside while Emily and Liz remained inside so Liz could tell Emily how Lucky jumped in and saved her from Zander. Emily assured Liz that Lucky was still in love with her. Outside, Lucky started to put the pieces of the puzzle together when he realized that Zander was a drug dealer and that Ted had been undercover to build a case against him. Lucky further guessed that if Zander could pinpoint Gia that she would be in danger.

After ridding themselves of the assassin's body, Stefen cleared any trace of his stay on the island. He told his servant that he would meet him in Greece after he made sure that Chloe was safe from Helena.

Jax questioned the property manager about the woman he saw in the garden and was disappointed when the gentleman told him there was no one staying in the villas fitting the description Jax gave him. Once back on the balcony, Jax whispered Brenda's name and wondered if it was really she he had seen, as Helena watched him from the gardens below and Chloe summoned him back into the villa. The property manager found Helena in the garden starring up at the villa Jax and Chloe were staying in and Helena covered by questioning him about the room's availability.

Gia arrived at Kelly's and told the gang that Zander remembered seeing her in the parking lot at the hotel the night he was there. Gia demanded to know what the gang was hiding. Lucky tried to send her packing and Nikolas joined in until Gia finally left; however, Lucky told the gang that Zander would probably go after Gia since he recognized her. Additionally, Lucky told them that he thinks they ought to let Gia in on the specifics of Ted's death so she can protect herself from Zander.

Bobbie gave Carly two weeks to move out of the Brownstone and back into the Penthouse or else Bobbie would tell Sonny about the games Carly was playing trying to manipulate him.

Sonny called Benny and told him to find out whom Carly's realtor was and to make sure that any bid she made on a house was declined because he wanted her to move back into the Penthouse with him.

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Hannah is showered with many bouquets of flowers at the brownstone, courtesy of AJ. AJ thought it best to have the flowers delivered there since she had spent the night there with Taggert.

Ned is summoned by Edward back to Port Charles in an effort to help destroy AJ, but Ned refuses. Monica thanks Ned for doing so and then shares with Ned that her and Alan are trying to have another child.

Jax remains preoccupied by thoughts that he may have seen Brenda.

Mac visits with Maxie and assures her that her fun times on vacation are in no way betraying him. After Maxie tells Mac that she would rather be with him and that she is still harboring negative feelings towards Felicia, Mac encourages her to build a better relationship with her mother.

After much debate, Liz, Nikolas, Emily and Lucky decide that telling Gia the truth about Ted's murder would be the right thing to do.

Bobbie warns Hannah about getting involved with AJ, but Hannah denies any romantic involvement. Bobbie shares with Hannah that she knows all about "bad boys" and shares her worries to Hannah about Roy reverting to his old ways. Hannah comforts Bobbie by telling her that Roy would never risk losing his freedom again.

Ned does not approve of Monica and Alan's plans of having another child and shares his guilt feelings about not being with Brook Lynn. But Ned does wish Monica the very best.

When Emily asks Nikolas for a ride home, Lucky gets her alone and asks why she left him alone with Liz. When Emily explains to Lucky how sick she is of him avoiding Liz, she reminds him that they used to have a story book romance like Guinivere and Sir Lancelot and while doing so, she says "protect your queen."

Tony drops off Lucas at the Brownstone and once again offers hasty judgment about Roy. Although she is worried about Roy, Bobbie tells Tony to mind his own business.

After making love to Chloe, Jax once again spots a woman who looks like Brenda from his balcony and rushes off. Chloe follows him and Jax lies to Chloe and tells her that he is looking about for her protection.

After Lucky hears "protect your queen" he zones out completely and Emily cannot get his attention. Once Emily does get through to Lucky, he reacts defensively, but then realizes he can't remember what had just happened. Lucky and Emily analyze the situation and Lucky admits that something is wrong with him. When Liz comes out to find out what is going on, Lucky rudely blows her off and neither he nor Emily tell Liz what had just happened. Emily snaps at Lucky for being so rude and Liz feels heart broken once again.

While Jax and Chloe are away from their villa, Stefan sneaks into their room.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

Mike arrived at Sonny's place in the morning with pastries. It was Mike's sort of piece offering that Sonny really did not understand. Sonny invited Mike to breakfast and Mike accepted with great pleasure. During breakfast Mike discussed Carly. He insisted that Carly still cares a great deal for Sonny and that he should ask her and Michael back to the penthouse. Sonny told Mike he was working on a plan. Mike also professed his love for his Son. Sonny told him it was not necessary, but Mike continued and apologized for committing the same mistakes over and over again. Sonny was taken aback, but later he would definitely be made aware of Mike's situation.

Maxie showed up at the restaurant and told Mac that she insisted on going home with him. She was really having a difficult time with the separation between Mac and Felicia. She told him about how she could barely stand that they would never be a family again. Maxie blamed her mom for this situation. Also, she was scared that her mom would leave her again. Mac, being the kind person he is, told Maxie she needed to go back with her mom and work their problems out together during this time. Maxie asked what if Felicia left again. Mac strongly defended Felicia and said that she would not leave them again. It is only fair to give her this second opportunity because she really loves Felicia. Otherwise why would it hurt so much if she would leave again? Maxie agreed to call Felicia and go back to the ranch.

Carly asked for Bobbie's help in getting Sonny to ask her back to the penthouse. Bobbie questioned why Carly just would not ask Sonny and be straight forward with him. Carly said he has to want her back and she needs it to appear like she is making efforts towards buying a house. Bobbie was not really receptive to Carly's plan and told her she only has two weeks more to live at the brownstone. Carly pleaded with Bobbie to help her so that she could move back with Sonny in a time earlier that two weeks. Bobbie did not want to participate in Carly's plan because they always backfire. Just then the doorbell rang. Sonny showed up at the brownstone and Bobbie answered the door. She took the opportunity to tell Sonny that Carly only has two weeks left. Sonny questioned Carly about the two weeks. Carly covered by saying, that she and Michael had to be out of the brownstone in two weeks. But, if she found a house and made the down payment then most likely Bobbie would allow her additional time to move. Then both Sonny and Carly continued to converse and tease each other by moving closer and closer together. Yes, they really wanted to kiss and hug, but their pride stood in their way.

AJ put on a full court press to get Hannah to have breakfast with him and she did relinquish. Hannah was growing tired of always fighting AJ off, so she was more than willing to have breakfast with him. AJ even called Hannah his own person lotto. He stated that one-day he would hit the jackpot and win her over. Hannah insisted that AJ remember that this was only breakfast and nothing more. Taggert showed up at Kelly's and sat next to Hannah. They kissed a couple of times and then he thanked AJ for the flowers. Taggert remained calm and did not let AJ get to him. Hannah boasted to AJ about Taggert's calmness. AJ told Hannah that he would still win her in the end.

Sorel waited for Sonny outside of his penthouse. Sorel wanted to rub it in Sonny's face that his father was in debt to him for a large sum of money. Sorel indicated that his visit was a professional courtesy only. He could take up this matter directly with Mike if he wanted. Sonny adamantly informed Sorel that if anything happened to his father, he would have to pay dearly. Sorel said this was not a problem and that he would call him later to discuss their new deal. Sonny entered his home very upset that he had been pulled back into this low life's world for a third time.

Lucky was distraught about his lack of memories over the last year. He could only remember a few items of his capture and his captivity. He could remember only the first few weeks and the rest was just like a black hole with only fragments. He even confessed to Emily that he couldn't remember Helena rescuing him. Actually he had no idea how he got from Faison to Helena. Emily promised to help Lucky get to the bottom of his dilemma. Together they will discover the truth as to what has happened to him. Lucky also mentioned that it wasn't until now that he actually wanted to remember. Lucky and Emily were engaged in a tender moment when Liz arrived at the boxcar. She was startled by the fact that they were so close and hand in hand. Lucky covered by saying they were discussing their past, but Liz was not buying into this story. She left upset with the fact that she felt like an outsider. Emily asked Lucky why must he exclude Liz. He really had no answer but to say that this situation was not about Liz, but about him and what has happened. Lucky did not want to hurt Liz anymore and he desperately needed to find out what is wrong with him. He also requested that Emily keep this secret between the two of them and no one else.

Gia was upset that Nikolas had asked her employer to let her meet with him for a little while. Nikolas felt she deserved to know the truth about Zander and Ted since she was right in the middle of the situation. He explained about Emily's misfortune with Ted, the under cover cop. Also he informed her about the group's suspicion about Zander and how he is possibly a drug dealer. Needless to say Gia was not thrilled with this news. She told Nikolas that this was their problem and to leave her out. She wanted no parts of this problem and especially with any cops. Liz walked into Kelly's and saw these two and asked was everything all right. Nikolas filled her in, but then Taggert walked into Kelly's and Gia pulled Nikolas into a lip-locking kiss (to his surprise, but he looked like he enjoyed it). Then after Taggert passed by, Gia reiterated to the two that this situation was their problem alone and not hers as she left Kelly's.

Thursday, August 17, 2000

by Bev

Lucky goes to see Emily at home and they talk about his memory lapses. Emily promises to help him through it. She tries to talk him out of going to the Rave tonight because she won't be there to watch him. They embrace and Juan sees them and walks away.

AJ goes to the Brownstone to make Bobbie an offer to buy the Brownstone. She tells him it's not for sale even though he has a check made out to her for $1.5 million. He then wants to rent a room and Bobbie tells him no. He says it's discrimination and threatens to sue. Hannah arrives and tells AJ that Bobbie's reasons for not renting to him are valid. AJ then leaves and tells Bobbie he will see her in court.

Sonny prepares for a meeting with Sorel about Mike's debt to him. Outside Kelly's Carly meets with Mike to give him the money to pay the debt (the money she got from Sonny, after telling him it was a down-payment on a house). Carly won't give Mike the money until he tells her where and when his meeting is with Sorel. He finally tells her and she makes him promise not to tell Sonny where the money came from.

Chloe finds Jax in the garden preoccupied. She questions him and he tells her he is just looking at the ocean. They plan to go sailing but Chloe suspects Jax is hiding something.

At Kelly's Juan tells Liz about seeing Lucky and Emily together. After he leaves Emily arrives and Liz tells her about Juan seeing them. She questions Emily about her relationship with Lucky and Emily assures her that they are just friends.

Mike goes to Sonny's and Sonny tells him he knows about the gambling debt. Mike tells him he has the money and Sonny tells him that Sorel wants HIM not the money. Mike tries to stop him from meeting with Sorel but Sonny refuses.

The bellhop at the villa arrives at room and tells Chloe he has a message for Jax about the woman in the garden he was asking about. When Jax returns Chloe confronts him and asks if the woman was Brenda.

Carly calls the police with a tip about the meeting with Sorel, not knowing that Sonny will be there and not Mike. Hannah and Taggert are assigned to the case.

Friday, August 18, 2000

Liz blew up at Emily and Lucky when Emily tried to engineer a conversation between the estranged couple. Liz declared that her Lucky died in the fire and wasn't coming back. Sonny forced Mike to stay at the Penthouse while he went to the meeting with Sorel. Carly threw AJ and his lawyer out of the Brownstone before she left to go to the motel. Andreas tried to talk Helena out of personally taking care of Chloe, but she was too excited by the notion to comply. Jax confessed to Chloe that he had to keep searching for the Brenda look-alike to make certain that it really wasn't Brenda. Chloe realized that Jax's feelings for Brenda weren't in the past and that Brenda still had a hold on him. Hannah wasn't convinced that Taggert's tip on Sorel was valid, but Taggert was determined to follow up on the tip anyway. Carly persuaded a housekeeper to let her into the motel room where she taped a recorder underneath a table.

Ned gave an interview to a music magazine and admitted that being on the road was thrilling. Chloe told Jax to find out what he could about Brenda so that Jax and Chloe could move on with their relationship. Carly hid in a closet when Sorel and his associate came into the motel room. Juan stayed with Emily while the others went to the Rave. Juan expressed concern that Emily and Lucky were an item. As Chloe slept, Helena approached her with stiletto in hand. Sorel asked Sonny to transport his drugs but before Sonny could agree or disagree, Carly ran out of the closet and told Sonny that the cops were on their way to the motel. As Sonny tried to discard the tape, Taggert burst into the motel room training a gun on Sonny and Carly. Ned's interviewer revealed that a poster of Alexis was extremely popular and was in bars all over the place. The interviewer pointed out a poster behind him and Ned was horrified to see a photo of Alexis in her teddy. While Nikolas and Lucky argued about Liz, Liz was inside the Rave with Zander. Zander asked Liz to take a drink from water that he had drugged earlier. The Brenda look-alike walked past Jax and he finally stopped her.

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