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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 21, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, August 21, 2000

Kim offered a shoulder for Denise to cry on before she and Bob took baby Hope out. Denise and Andy bonded as she prepared dinner for his "boys' night out" with Tom and Chris. The brothers went out to Yo's. Andy asked Tom questions about his shared custody agreement with Emily, which led Tom to start a fight with Chris about keeping Emily's secrets.

Simon delivered dinner to a drunk and angry Celia. She wondered if he wanted to stay on the island so he could have Lily all to himself. He stormed out, and she began to search the hut. Simon watched Lily sleep. She was dreaming of Holden and reached out to Simon in her sleep.

Holden confronted Rose about her true identity and threatened prison. She tried to lie her way out of it. He showed her the date on the photo from Canada and quizzed her on things from Lily's past. Rose got angry and told Holden that Lily had left him for Simon. She played the message on the answering machine, but Holden didn't believe that Lily had left him. He dragged Rose to the police station.

Chris told Tom he didn't regret his choice to help Emily. Tom asked what it was going to take for him to be sorry. Tom berated Emily, and Chris defended her. Andy took Chris's side. Tom said that if Chris wanted to play hero, there was a world full of people more deserving than Emily. He asked his little brother if he was fooling around with Emily. Chris said that they were just friends, to which Tom sniped that he had heard that before, referring to Molly. When Andy tried to break up the argument, Tom said that since they were clearing the air, it was Andy's turn.

Lily woke up, and Simon surprised her with corn. When he mentioned saving some to plant for the next year, Lily grew upset and wondered if he had given up hope. She later told him that he sometimes reminded her of Holden. Celia found a hidden box of dynamite.

Jack and Holden barraged Rose with questions about Atlantic City and Lily's whereabouts. Holden's temper flared and he asked her what could be worse than what she had done. "Being left behind without ever knowing why," she replied. Rose relayed Celia's story of Lily and Simon's tropical paradise and remembered that Celia had chartered a jet. She offered to help Holden find Lily. Jack listed all the crimes Rose had committed and put her in jail. Holden headed to Lucinda's to tell her about the Rose and Lily switch.

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

A drunken Tom lit into Andy for defending Chris. He said it makes him sick to see Andy sitting around waiting for a miracle. Chris jumped in to Andy's defense, and Tom got physical with him. Andy fell over when he tried to stand and break it up. The trio got thrown out of Yo's.

Denise invited Nancy to dinner. Nancy reminisced about her grandsons when they were younger, then said that Denise had been a soothing influence during all the upheaval in the Hughes family. Andy showed up alone for dinner. Later, Tom and Chris arrived, having temporarily made up. Bob, Kim, and Nancy followed. They, along with Denise, sat down for a family dinner.

Rose tried desperately to talk her way out of jail. Jack slipped and called her Lily. He informed her that she was staying put until Lily was found. Holden told Lucinda all that he'd learned about the Lily/Rose situation. She refused to believe it at first, then felt responsible for not knowing her daughter from an imposter. Lucinda wanted to start a search immediately, but Holden asked her to remain in town to provide stability for his kids.

Lucinda went to the police station to tear into Rose, firing questions until Rose blew up at her. She tried to get Lucinda to understand how she had fallen in love with Lily's family, especially Holden. Lucinda finally believed her and agreed to a deal, but issued a stern warning.

Jack arrived at Holden's. He had found some information on Celia's plane, but no definite leads on Lily and Simon's whereabouts. Holden prepared to go to South Carolina to question Cooley, who was being held after landing in Celia's plane.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

As Parker was about to be released from the hospital, Carly and Hal discussed his future. Hal told Carly that the baby needed both his parents, and he invited her to go home with him.

Jake burst into his apartment and was shocked to find Cass Winthrop and Donna, Vicky's mother, there. Cass left the other two alone so that they could talk about Vicky. Donna told Jake that she was cancer-free but felt that she had overreacted to her melanoma, which had caused Vicky to be on the plane that had killed her. Molly surprised them with breakfast.

Julia and Jack discussed what kind of wedding they wanted to have. Julia figured that Jack would want a small, intimate ceremony, since he had gone through the usual traditions when he was planning on marrying Carly. Jack reassured her that anything was fine with him, so Julia told him that she wanted to start telling people that they were engaged, and she wanted to start with Hal and Barbara. They left to spread the good news.

At the Munson's, with Bryant and Jennifer, Lisa and Barbara discussed Hal's rage for the accident that had injured Parker. Hal arrived with Parker from the hospital, with Carly in tow. Lisa lit into Carly.

Back at Jake's, Molly and Donna met. Molly realized that it was a private moment for Jake and his former mother-in-law, so she dropped off breakfast and left. Donna recognized that Jake had feelings for Molly and told him that it was right that he got on with his life.

Emily and Cass met at the diner, and Emily tried to get information about Jake. She was interested in him and in knowing everything she could about him and Vicky. Cass told her that Vicky was the love of Jake's life and then related several stories about Vicky.

Back at Jake's apartment, Donna told him that she had felt Vicky's "presence" in her home, including the smell of popcorn at 4:00 a.m. Jake understood and believed that those "flashes" were ways to say goodbye. Donna left for England to see Vicky's boys, and Molly returned. She and Jake kissed, and Vicky's snow globe, one of her favorites, crashed off a table.

Carly tried to defend herself against Lisa, saying that Winston Lowe had been holding her prisoner. Lisa lambasted Carly again, but Hal ended up defending Carly. Barbara and Hal got into a serious argument about Carly's presence in their home.

With extremely poor timing, Jack and Julia arrived with their happy news, which Carly overheard.

Thursday, August 24, 2000

Abigail ran into Jen and asked her about their friendship. They worked it out, and Abigail talked Jen into going home to see Parker. They both thought there was a little welcome home party going on, but it was the complete opposite. Jen decided Abigail was right and left.

Margo and Craig had lunch because Craig wanted information on Bryant and Lucinda's relationship and if she was trying to block Craig out of Bryant's life. Craig explained what had happened with him and Sierra, and Margo said Bryant just needed time to let the wounds heal. He felt like his world was falling apart. Craig explained that he and Sierra were growing apart so they had split up, and they had figured out how happy they were apart.

Julia and Jack went to Hal and Barbara's house to tell the good news about their engagement -- only to see Carly there. Carly left crying while Hal ran after her, much to Barbara's dismay. Hal talked to Carly, and she left to find a place to stay. However, she didn't have enough money, and her credit card didn't work. She slept in the lobby at the Lakeview, and Craig and Margo saw her there. Margo left, and Craig paid to let her sleep there and gave her a jacket to keep her warm.

Meanwhile, Barbara and Hal had it out again over the Bryant situation. Jen overheard their argument; Jen walked in and asked to speak to Hal alone. Jen felt Hal didn't love her, and Hal confessed to Barbara that he couldn't say he loved Jen because he had a feeling she wouldn't believe him. She told him that at the accident, she had felt like Parker was his son, so he had left with Parker while leaving Jen there like an outcast. She added that Parker was Hal's son and Jen was not; she felt he had treated her more like one of his perpetrators than like a daughter.

Friday, August 25, 2000

Holden visited Cooley in his jail cell, hoping to uncover further information on Lily's whereabouts. Holden showed Lily's picture to Cooley, but the uncooperative, cocky inmate denied any knowledge of her. Cooley informed Holden that he would provide the information Holden sought for a price -- half a million dollars. When Holden seemed skeptical and asked Cooley why in the world he thought Holded was crazy enough to give him that much money, Cooley alluded to the fact that Holden's wife was named Lily -- information that Holden had not yet provided.

Lucinda called an impromptu press conference that was attended by representatives of the Argus, Lisa; the City Times, Jake; WOAK, Henry and Katie; and even the Intruder, Emily. Lucinda described the events leading up to Lily's disappearance, and Rose's subsequent attempt to take over Lily's life. Lucinda appealed to everyone for their help and informed them that the police had advised her to keep the story quiet for the time being.

Jake was suspicious of Emily's motives after she agreed to help Lucinda. Emily wondered aloud to Chris how Rose had been able to convince Holden that she was his wife. She told Chris it was fascinating how some men could be so easily manipulated by a familiar face. When Chris questioned why she felt that way, she claimed she was just mulling over a story idea. Chris suggested she keep her story ideas to herself unless she wanted to lose all of her male readers.

A young, incompetent attorney from the Public Defender's office was assigned to Rose's case. He suggested that she plead guilty to the charges against her. Rose protested that she was innocent and blamed Lily for swindling her. Katie visited Rose in jail, pretending to be her friend and offering to pull some strings to find Rose a good attorney. Katie's real motive for the visit was to persuade Rose to turn over the videotape of Katie's confession. Rose taunted Katie with the fact that Holden would soon find the videotape and finally learn the truth about Katie's quest to steal Holden away from his wife.

Molly was delighted to find Carly at her doorstep. The two cousins caught up on each other's lives as they commiserated on how trouble seemed to follow each of them wherever they went. Much to Carly's relief, Molly insisted that Carly move in with her and Abigail. Molly received a phone call from Rose, who was pretending to be Lily. Rose told Molly that she was in jail and asked that Molly go to the police station immediately. Upon Molly's arrival, Rose admitted that she was not really Lily Snyder and desperately appealed to Molly for help.



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