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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on PC
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Monday, January 7, 2002

Everyone gathered around and speculated about the watch. Lucy suspected Paige of being a space alien but Paige explained she'd really come to ask Kevin to paint her picture. She accepted Lucy's job offer and Lucy agreed to help her with Kevin. Amy also accepted a job offer at the Clinic and decided to stay in PC. Casey tried to leave town but crashed again and Frank decided to make her work off the damages at the Recovery Room. He said she could stay in his guest apartment. The watch's hand moved. Alison and Rafe played in the snow and talked about the things he'd missed and her and Jamal. She felt things had changed. Rafe was delighted by everything. They went back to her apartment, with Alison slung over Rafe's shoulder, and found an impatient Jamal waiting.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Jamal had come home because he was worried about Alison and they discussed their problems. She reassured him Rafe and she are just friends. Jamal is called to get Valerie who is at the hospital staring at the babies. She told him "they" wouldn't let her see her baby. Alison is not convinced and went to Rafe. Kevin refused to paint Paige but relented when Paige reminded him of an old promise. Casey was caught shoplifting by Ricky pretending to be a security guard and then they were both arrested by the real guards. The watch disappeared.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

At the hospital, a perceptive Amy can sense that Ian and Eve are having problems. Ian explains that they are working things out. Amy divulges the fact that she was once in love as well. She told how she lost the guy because she didn't have faith in their love. She doesn't want the same thing to happen to Ian.

When Ian admires Amy's independence, she told him about losing her sight in her teens, and how her other senses have sharpened to compensate for her loss. She wants to prove it to Ian by feeling his face. Using this technique, she claims she can tell that Ian has been hurt badly in the past and is still recovering. Wanting to give Ian a glimpse into her life, Amy ties a blindfold across Ian's eyes then asks him to walk around the room and try to find her. As he does this, Eve comes in interrupting their game.

Eve discovers how demanding her new job as chief resident can be when she finds it impossible to schedule time with Ian. She is overwhelmed with her new responsibilities and takes her frustration out on Karen. After venting, Eve manages to bring herself under control and apologizes to Karen.

Eve went in search of Chris Ramsey, and finds him drowning his sorrows at the Recovery Room bar. Eve picks up a glass and dumps the contents onto Chris's head saying, "Party's over Ramsey, time to sober up!" She went on to tell him what a great doctor he is and begs him to come back to work. Chris is too busy feeling sorry for himself to give the matter any serious thought. He turns the job offer down. Later, Chris relents and changes his mind. Eve welcomes him back.

Jamal brought a distraught Valerie back to his apartment. He feels guilty about the state she is in and tries to comfort her by telling her again how Hope has a better life without them. Valerie pretends to hallucinate causing Jamal to race for the phone to call Kevin. Knowing Kevin would see straight through her act, Valerie then acts as if she is coming back around to reality. When she says she doesn't want to go on living, Jamal holds her and told her he will do whatever it takes to make things up to her. Valerie has an idea. She asks Jamal to make another baby with her.

At the park, Alison told Rafe she's sick of him acting like an angel all the time. She told him, "Put away your damn halo!" She dares him to say something shocking. When Rafe remains silent, Alison takes his journal knowing that will give her some insight into his true thoughts. Rafe lunges for the journal, twisting his ankle in the process. As he lies on the ground, Alison asks him to tell her what he wants more than anything in the world. "To kiss you." Rafe whispers.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Mindful of his promise to Paige, Kevin tries his hand at a few practice sketches. Victor enlists Frank's help in a search for the vanished watch. At the police station, Ricky and Casey snipe at one another as they're booked for theft. Startled by Valerie's request, Jamal reminds her why they cannot bring another baby into the world. Meanwhile, in the park, Rafe and Alison's embrace turns torrid until she finally pulls away from his passionate kisses. Though Kevin suggests that she find a real artist to paint her portrait, Paige vehemently insists that he must be the one. Shedding a bucket of crocodile tears, Valerie told Jamal she can't live without him and their child. Humiliated at the way she threw herself at Rafe, Alison apologizes profusely to the disappointed angel for trying to seduce him when she knows her future belongs with Jamal. Ricky offers to get Casey's key back if she'll take the rap for the robbery. Paige explains to Kevin why it's so important that her first love is the person who helps her leave her mark behind. Enraged to find Val in her bed, Alison informs Jamal she's leaving. Casey deliberately sets a fire in a trash can, then makes her escape with Ricky in hot pursuit. Paige secretly pockets the mysterious watch.

Friday, January 11, 2002


At the Recovery Room, Victor and Frank prepare to go to the 'crash site' of the GAP (Glowing Aerial Phenomenon). As Frank is marveling at Victor's equipment, the duo are shocked by a flash of lightning that is apparently close by. Noticing neither thunder nor a cloud in the sky, they realize that a second GAP has occurred. They rush to the site. When they are there they see something amazing...


As she is rushing through the park, Casey is startled by the new GAP. When she stops, Ricky grabs her. When she refuses to go to the cops, he says that he "will not take the fall for anyone, especially" her. He emphasizes to her that he will not go back to prison for someone else. She says she needs to get to NYC. Ricky says that after she gets the 'slap on the wrist' from the PCPD, he will put her on the bus himself. Casey says that that isn't what he really wants- he wants to get to know her better. She kisses him. He told her that he isn't a fool and won't fall for anything. She then trips and falls...


While holding the watch with the hand on '12', Paige watches the GAP. She went upstairs, where Lucy has just surprised Kevin by changing an empty room into an artist's studio. When Kevin suggests to Paige that they start the portrait, she says that they can't yet. Paige told the newlyweds that she will be giving them the night alone. When she does, she grabs the watch and rushes out.


Amy surprises Lambert and Thornhart by announcing that she has a date. Although Ian is feeling overprotective, Amy leaves, but not before telling Ian that he, too, had to beat the members of the opposite sex off with a stick when he arrived in town. Ian voices his suspicions about the blind one's clairvoyant abilities to Eve. Later, Ian and Eve play the 'blind game', which gives Eve new insight into Amy's situation.

Ricky/Frank/Victor and Amy/Paige/Casey

Frank and Victor find that the previously scorched earth at the 'crash site' is now a filled with blooming flowers. Suddenly, ANOTHER GAP occurs. As they stand their confused, they encounter a stumbling Ricky, who wants to know where he is at. Meanwhile, Casey meets with Amy and Paige. Paige, apparently their leader, scolds Casey for losing the watch and returns it. She says that thanks to her, people think they are space aliens. Casey counters with: 'As long as they don't find out who we really are!'

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