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Monday, May 6, 2002

Jack finds Livvie down by the water where they first met. Livvie is telling Kevin that she is sorry she was NOT able to stop Alison in time to protect her father. When Livvie sees Jack, Livvie told him that there is nothing left for her, but Jack begs Livvie to give their love one more chance.

Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, as Alison is booked, Mac told Alison that, if she told him the truth, things will be a lot easier for her. However, Jamal and Attorney Kate Reynolds tell Alison to just stop talking -- period.

In the meantime, in the Here After, Rafe is meeting with James in the No Man's Land between The Conscience Room and the Dark Side. Rafe is about to sign his soul away to James, but Rafe told James that RAFE has some conditions BEFORE he will sign.

At the same time, down by the water, Livvie told Jack she wishes she could see Kevin one more time and went on to tell Jack that Livvie wants to be SURE Alison does NOT get away with this. Then Livvie pointedly asks Jack if she has HIS support.

Back at the jail, Kate urges Alison to START taking KATE'S advice and STOP talking to the police. Kate told Alison that the most damning evidence that the police have against Ali include Kevin's bloody sweater and the bloody apron found at her shop. When Alison questions HOW the police think a slight girl like Alison could overpower someone like Kevin and THEN hide the body, Kate told Alison that the police believe that Alison had help.

In Mac's office, Mac suggests to Jamal that maybe Jamal helped Alison - and Mac brought up the way Jamal covered up for Alison when Cedric was killed. Mac hints that Jamal may have helped Alison move Kevin's body - or - worse yet - Jamal actually had a hand in killing Kevin.

Meanwhile, back in the Here After, Rafe told James that IF James gets RAFE's soul - then Alison's soul will be off limits. After digressing into a discussion on free will and reminding Rafe that where Alison's soul went will be a matter of Alison's own free will - James finally agrees that he will follow a strictly hands-off policy where Alison is concerned. But when Rafe wants to attach ANOTHER condition because Rafe wants to be SURE Alison NEVER learns the details of Rafe's bargain - James suddenly told Rafe that the deal is off! Hinting that time is of the essence where Alison is concerned, James points out that it is so obvious that Rafe is NOT ready to make a deal, that James is withdrawing his offer.

Rafe agonizes over his decision for a couple of more minutes, then grabs the document from James' hands and signs it. James then told Rafe that he is a stupid fool who has just signed away his soul for a fairy tale called love. When Rafe asserts that, while James may be getting Rafe's soul - there is nothing that demands that Rafe live his life like James - James points out that Rafe's days of looking down his nose at people like James are at an end! Rafe is NOW a comrade of James - whether Rafe likes it or not!

When Rafe told James he does NOT have to stand there and listen to James since he is on his way back to earth, James gives Rafe the bad news that Rafe will be able to go back to earth ONLY when James SAYS he can go!

Meanwhile, back at the PCPD, Mac urges Jamal to tell Mac all that Jamal knows about Kevin's disappearance. But Jamal assures Mac that there is nothing to tell because Alison did NOT do anything to Kevin!

Down in her cell, Alison is shocked when Kate told her the police believe Alison HAD to have had an accomplice. Kate asks Alison about any possibly damaging testimony that someone might be able to bring and Alison mentions that the only thing she could think of is that - right now - Livvie might lie to make Alison appear guilty.

When Jamal is allowed to visit Alison, Alison guesses that Jamal is holding something back and Jamal finally admits that Mac thinks Jamal helped Alison kill Kevin. Jamal urges Alison to refrain from mentioning any of the supernatural stuff that Alison told Jamal about. Jamal then admits to Alison that he DID overhear her at the barn - talking to Rebecca's portrait, and telling Rebecca that Alison believed that Kevin's death was Alison's fault.

Down by the water, Jack reminds Livvie that he KNOWS that she tampered with Alison's candles and Jack asks Livvie if she also planted Kevin's sweater in Alison's car. Jack points out that Livvie is interfering with a police investigation and her interference prevents the police from finding out the absolute truth and what Livvie SHOULD want is to find out what REALLY happened to Kevin. As Jack urges Livvie to go with him to tell the police the whole story, Jack first asks Livvie to tell HIM everything. But Livvie suddenly decides that Jack has a tape recorder in his pocket and is just trying to trap Livvie into saying something that would free Alison.

But Jack proves to Livvie that he has a portable CD Player - NOT a tape recorder - in his pocket. Jack went on to tell Livvie that he no longer believes that Livvie cares about the truth. Livvie rails at Jack for being on Alison's side instead of siding with Livvie. And Livvie told Jack that everything is OVER between them!

Meanwhile, back in the Here After, James told Rafe that Rafe will get his lifetime on earth and James WILL get Rafe's soul - BUT it will be on a schedule determined by JAMES. James then walks back through the door to the Dark Side, and Rafe discovers that the door is locked to him!

As Rafe heads back to the Conscience Room, Rafe is shocked to realize that he can NOT get that door open either. Ed finally opens the door and told Rafe that he can NOT go back inside.

At the jail, Jamal told Alison that he is afraid that, if the D.A. gets Jamal on the stand and Jamal HAS to testify about the statements he overheard Alison make, the D.A. will make it sound like Alison was confessing. Alison told Jamal that she only felt that Alison's experimenting with Rebecca's candles was what had led to Kevin's disappearance, but Alison agrees that the D.A. COULD easily turn the whole incident around on her. Jamal told Alison that, if push comes to shove, he will just lie. But Alison is adamant that she does NOT want Jamal to take any chances with perjuring himself. Then Jamal suggests that maybe they should get married so that Jamal could NOT be forced to testify against Alison.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002

At the Light House, Lucy and Ian are surprised when Victor and Mary suddenly show up with a casserole. In a hushed conversation with Ian, Victor told his host that he has contacted his old espionage buddies for assistance in locating Kevin.

Karen and Frank are surprised when they bump into each other on the doorstep of the Light House as they both arrive with food to lend sympathy and support to Lucy. Frank hesitantly told Karen that he is sorry for his previous rude behavior. As Frank and Karen enter the Light House, Frank told Lucy that Kevin WAS a good friend - but Lucy corrects Frank and told him that Kevin IS a good friend - that Kevin is merely missing.

Meanwhile, in the Here After No Man's Land between Ed's Turf and James' Turf, Ed explains to Rafe that the bargain Rafe made with James means that Rafe will be a different person when he returns to earth this time - and that he could be SO different that Alison would not recognize him as the man she loved.

Meanwhile, in jail, after Jamal asks Alison to marry him so he could not be forced to testify in court about statements he overheard her making to Rebecca, Alison tearfully told a disappointed Jamal that she can NOT marry him.

As Mary sees Karen enter the Light House, Mary jumps all over Karen for locking Frank up in the Psychiatric Ward, but Frank told his mother that Karen WAS protecting him, since the police WERE after him after Frank held Ricky at knife-point at the Recovery Room. Mary's tirade is interrupted by Colleen and Deniece, who also arrive, bearing casseroles for Lucy. Lucy complains to Ian that everyone seems to presume already that Kevin is DEAD - rather than just missing.

Back at the jail, Jamal reminds Alison how much they once meant to one another and Jamal told Alison that he wants to try to make her happy in spite of her involvement with Rafe. Alison told Jamal that she can NOT marry him - because she is ALREADY married to Rafe!

Meanwhile, back in the Here After's No Man's Land, Ed informs a stunned Rafe that James COULD send Rafe back as a little old man, a frog, a rock or a tree! Ed jumps all over Rafe for not reading the fine print before signing an agreement with someone whom Rafe KNOWS to be as devious as James - but Rafe says it would make NO difference if he HAD read the fine print. Because, as long as Alison needs Rafe, Rafe will be there for her and would have made ANY deal to rescue Alison for the trap James was setting for her.

Back in jail, Alison admits to Jamal that her marriage to Rafe was a symbolic one. Jamal says that as long as it was NOT a 'real' marriage - with a Justice of the Peace or Judge or someone like that - Alison's commitment to Rafe would NOT need to stand in the way of Jamal and Alison getting married to prevent any prosecution attempt to force Jamal to testify against Alison.

But Alison told Jamal: "I think that you deserve to have someone who puts you Number One in their life. You deserve a wife who will give you her entire heart and soul. That person is NOT me!'

But Jamal continues trying to convince Alison that marriage would STILL be a good idea and Alison again told Jamal 'Even if I never see Rafe again on this earth - ever - I am STILL his!'

Meanwhile, back in the Here After's No Man's Land, Ed tries to convince Rafe to let Ed try to break the deal Rafe made with James. But Rafe told Ed he does NOT want to drag Ed into his decision, telling Ed that Rafe is prepared to live with whatever the consequences may be of his deal with James.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Karen and Frank talk about the notes that Kevin was taking during Kevin's sessions with Frank and Frank mentions that it seemed to Frank that Kevin WAS 'onto' something.

Lucy suddenly notices Deniece and Colleen quietly crying in the corner and Lucy jumps all over everyone for believing already that Kevin is dead. Lucy pitches a little fit and sends everyone home.

Outside the Light House, Frank and Karen agree to quit seeing each other until Frank figures out what is going on with him. And they go their separate ways.

Inside the Light House, Lucy told Ian she realizes she was being very rude and Lucy and Ian begin to share a bottle of wine as Ian tries to get Lucy talking about some of her fondest memories about Kevin.

In the Here After, Rafe explains to Ed that Rafe has used up all of his chances to be with Alison on Ed's side of eternity and the deal with James was the ONLY chance that Rafe had left to rescue Alison from the trap that James was setting for Alison. Rafe begs Ed to NOT try to save Rafe from the consequences of his deal with James and Rafe told Ed that it IS time for Ed to let Rafe go. Ed reluctantly returns to his own domain.

Meanwhile, back at the jail, Alison told Jamal she does NOT want to keep talking to him about loving someone else. But Jamal reminds Alison that she is STILL in jail and Jamal WANTS to help her. Alison told Jamal that everything will be OK as soon as she can talk to Rebecca. Alison is convinced that Rebecca will be able to tell her where Kevin is. As Alison makes plans with Jamal to go talk to Rebecca as soon as Alison's bail is posted, Officer Doree slips in and told Alison that, since Doree really likes Alison, that Doree believes Alison needs to know that, since Kevin was a prominent citizen, Kevin's disappearance is considered high profile - and Alison will probably be held in jail until her trial beings.

Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Livvie walks in on Lucy and Ian giggling and appearing to be having a good time. Livvie is furious she asks them if they couldn't wait to celebrate until at least a month after Kevin had died. Livvie turns to Ian and asks if he's comforting Lucy the same way he comforted her when Kevin was alive.

Ian sets Livvie straight. He calls her a "stupid, little girl" and berates her for hurting Lucy by saying that Kevin is dead. He told her that Lucy believes with all of her heart that Kevin is still alive and with all the strange things happening in town, Livvie should keep her mind open to possibilities. Livvie apologizes to Lucy then asks Lucy how she can be so sure that Kevin is alive. Lucy told her that she feels his presence and that maybe Livvie could too if she would let go of her anger towards Alison.

At the jail, Jamal swears he will do anything he can to help Alison. They believe that the Rebecca is the key to getting Kevin back. Jamal volunteers to go to the barn and try to talk to her, but Alison thinks Rebecca won't talk to anyone but her. After the guard delivers Alison's meal, Jamal "accidentally" trips her. He apologizes and when the guard leaves, Jamal shows Alison the keys he swiped from the guard.

Jamal opens the cell door. He gives Alison his coat and hat and told her he will cover up with blankets on her cot so everyone thinks she is asleep. Alison starts to leave, but at the last minute she has second thoughts. Alison switches places again with Jamal. She is back in her cell only seconds before the guard comes in to check on them.

After receiving a call that Ricky is hurt, Karen rushes his apartment to find him healthier than ever. An angry, exasperated Karen told him she would like to take him to the hospital for a brain scan just to see if he really has one. As Ricky scrambles to apologize, Karen gets a call from the hospital. While she is distracted, Ricky lights a candle. When Karen finishes her call, she starts feeling warm as she is affected by the candle. Ricky takes advantage of this and pulls her into an embrace. Karen starts kissing him then pulls back wondering what is going on. Ricky convinces her to give in to her desires.

At the barn, Rebecca is worried about Alison and wonders why Alison hasn't returned. Frightened, but determined, Rebecca slowly makes her way toward the door to see if she can find Alison. When Rebecca opens the door, she is confronted by an angry mob from the past. She quickly slams the door shut then falls on the floor crying.

Livvie decides to check out the barn to see if maybe she can find some clue as to where Kevin has gone. When she gets there, Livvie went to Rebecca's portrait and introduces herself as Alison's friend. She then begs Rebecca to speak to her.

Thursday, May 9, 2002

At Ricky's place, under the spell of the DESIRE candle, Karen and Ricky kiss passionately.

Meanwhile, in the Here After's No Man's Land, Rafe waits impatiently for James to arrive and tell him that he's headed back to earth. James does finally arrive, and, with a snap of James' fingers, James sends Rafe on his way.

At the same time, at the Candle Shop/Barn, Livvie begs Rebecca's portrait to speak to her. Livvie pleads with Rebecca to give her SOME sign or clue to her father's whereabouts. Livvie reminds Rebecca that Alison is in jail and IF Kevin is alive - then Rebecca should tell Livvie, so that Livvie can free Alison.

Meanwhile, at the jail, Kate's arrival surprises Alison when Kate told Alison that someone has arranged for Alison to be released on bail. Alison at first thinks it must be Nana Amanda, but is surprised to learn that LUCY was the one who pulled strings to get Alison released.

Back in the Here After's No Man's Land, Ed comes to talk to James and orders James to leave Rafe and Alison alone. Ed informs James that Ed is putting a stop to James NOW. But James counters that it is TOO LATE - the soul of an angel is all that James wanted and that is what James now has. But Ed hints that James is aiming too low - that there ARE bigger prizes.

In the meantime, at the jail, Alison insists to Lucy that she did NOT kill Kevin and Lucy told Alison that she believes Alison BECAUSE Lucy believes that Kevin is ALIVE. Alison explains to Lucy that Alison believes REBECCA knows where Kevin is.

Across town, as Ricky and Karen are making out, Karen admits to Ricky that she does NOT understand WHAT came over her And Ricky suddenly confesses to Karen that her mood is being created by the DESIRE candle. Ricky told Karen that the candle changes people's moods and then he blows the candle out to demonstrate his point. Ricky went on to confess that he DID have part of the DESIRE candle with him at the recovery Room on the day that Frank flipped out and held a knife to his throat. Karen reacts badly and slaps Ricky.

Back in the Here After, James gloats to Ed that Rafe traded a lifetime of love for eternal damnation. Ed reminds James that Ed has ONE thing to offer that would make James tear up his contract with Rafe.

As Alison and Lucy wait at the jail for Kate to take care of getting paperwork out of the way for Alison's release, Alison explains to Lucy that, during Rebecca's lifetime, Rebecca was framed for murder and hanged and Rebecca identified Kevin's push to close down the Candle Shop with the mob of townspeople who killed Rebecca all of those years ago. Alison told Lucy she is positive that Rebecca is the key to finding Kevin.

At the same time, in the Candle Shop, when Rebecca does NOT answer Livvie, Livvie warns Rebecca that Livvie has destroyed entities of evil before and knows HOW to put Rebecca out of their lives for GOOD!

Meanwhile, at Ricky's place, Ricky tries to explain to Karen that he did NOT originally intend for Frank to go psycho at the Recovery Room - Ricky had just heard Frank's theory that it was the candle that made Frank flip out and Ricky just went to the Recovery Room to test out Frank's theory that it WAS the candle that triggered Frank's episodes. But, when Ricky got there, Frank jumped all over Ricky before Ricky could talk to Frank about anything. So Ricky never got a chance to tell Frank about Ricky's observations.

Realizing that Ricky's candle DOES confirm Frank's theories about the candle, Karen grabs the candle and told Ricky she is going to run some of her own tests on the candle to see if ingredients are in the candle that would create bizarre mood swings.

As Livvie runs away from the Candle Shop and through the woods, Lucy and Alison arrive and Alison convinces Lucy that Rebecca won't appears unless Alison is alone, and Lucy agrees to let Alison go in alone. However, when Alison opens the door, she screams for Lucy and they both see that Rebecca's portrait has been slashed. Alison sobs to Lucy that someone has destroyed Rebecca!

Back in the Here After's No Man's Land, James and Ed have struck a new bargain - but do NOT disclose the terms. But Ed warns James that one of the conditions of the new deal is that Rafe is NEVER to know about the new deal.

As Livvie runs through the woods, she stumbles across Rafe's inert body.

Friday, May 10, 2002

At Jack's place, Jack and Jamal relax with a few beers and talk about their lost loves. Jack admits that, the last time he talked to Livvie, when he looked into her eyes - it was like Livvie was no longer there. Jamal admits to Jack that he STILL loves Alison.

Meanwhile, at the Candle Shop/Barn, Alison looks in horror at the destroyed portrait of Rebecca. As Alison begs Rebecca to speak to her, the shade of Rebecca DOES call out to Alison that she IS trying - but when Livvie destroyed the portrait, she destroyed the only way Rebecca had to communicate with Alison. Alison begs Lucy to help her fix the portrait and Alison told Lucy that getting through to Rebecca is the ONLY way they have to find out WHAT happened to Kevin. Rebecca's shade calls out to
Alison: "The candle, Alison. You have to find the candle.' But Alison can NOT hear Rebecca now.

Alison guesses it was Livvie who destroyed the portrait. Rebecca's shade says: "I'm sorry, Alison. I'm so sorry,' and she fades away.

Just as Alison told Lucy: "Livvie killed Rebecca!'

In the meantime, in the woods, as Livvie runs away from the Candle Shop, she is surprised when she finds Rafe unconscious on the ground and decides that Rafe has come running to rescue Alison the same way Jamal and Jack seem to want to rescue Alison. But Livvie vows that THIS time not even Rafe's heavenly magic will be able to save Alison from getting her just desserts. Livvie briefly contemplates killing Rafe with the scissors in her hand, but she decides it probably isn't possible to kill an angel.

At Jack's place, Jamal told Jack about his attempt to break Alison out of jail by stealing the keys and offering to trade places with her - but that Alison was afraid to let Jamal get involved. Jamal told Jack that Rafe is like some kind of ghost and Jamal does NOT know HOW to fight Rafe!

At the Candle Shop, Lucy decides that Alison was so desperate when she was arrested for murder that she made up the story about Rebecca's talking portrait - but Alison told Lucy she thinks that when Livvie destroyed Rebecca's portrait, Livvie also closed the door to Rebecca.

Meanwhile, back in the Here After's No Man's Land, Ed is signing his agreement with James, but told James: "I want to know exactly what happens when Rafe went down to earth to Alison!'

On earth, as Livvie tries to think of what to do with Rafe, she sees Lucy come outside the Candle Shop. While alone, Lucy asks Keven what she should do to bring him back to her. When Alison comes out of the Shop, Lucy told Alison that, since Lucy believes that Kevin is STILL alive, Lucy has not really believed ANY of the stories that Alison bumped Kevin off, and Lucy apologizes to Alison for blowing up at her. When Alison assures Lucy that there are no hard feelings, Lucy told Alison that they need to find a way to repair the portrait so Rebecca can come back. Because Lucy is POSITIVE that she would KNOW if Kevin really was dead.

As Alison and Lucy prepare to leave the Candle Shop, Livvie stumbles and falls across Rafe's chest. Lucy and Alison hear the noise Livvie makes when she falls, but, when they go to investigate, Lucy twists her ankle and Lucy and Alison decide to go back to town instead of trying to search in the dark. Besides, Lucy points out, if it HAD been Kevin who made the noise, Lucy would be able to sense Kevin's presence - and Lucy notices nothing out of the ordinary. Alison mentions that SHE feels something, but she can't quite place it, and agrees with Lucy that going back to the Light House is probably the BEST plan!

Meanwhile, at Jack's place, Jack and Jamal go down to the darkroom to develop the rest of the pictures that Jack took at the Candle Shop with his antique camera. Jack explains to Jamal how Rebecca's figure appears on the pictures while they are developing, but when he hangs the picture up to dry, Rebecca disappears. As Jack develops a picture with Rebecca's figure showing up on it, Jamal uses a modern camera to snap a picture of Rebecca's picture in the old photo BEFORE Rebecca's figure can fade on the picture in the developing fluid. When it works, Jack and Jamal are elated that they now have proof that Rebecca exists!

As Livvie watches Lucy and Alison leave, she is startled when Rafe suddenly revives and grabs her ankle. As Livvie tries to warn Rafe that Alison is different now than she was the last time Rafe was on earth, she realizes that Rafe does NOT remember WHO Alison is!

Lucy and Alison return to the Light House and, while Lucy concentrates on trying to contact Kevin, Alison went out on the deck to pour out her heart to Rafe. Alison begs Rafe to help her figure out WHAT to do - since EVERYthing that is going on is VERY confusing!

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