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Monday, May 13, 2002

In Jack's dark room, Jack and Jamal develop and snap a series of pictures of Rebecca and her minister friend that they believe proves that Alison is caught in the middle of a freaky ghost story.

Meanwhile, at the Lighthouse, Alison dreams of being with Rafe again and of a time when Jamal has found a new love and Jack and Livvie are back together again and Rafe and Alison feel free to celebrate their love.

At the same time, outside the Candle Shop/Barn, Livvie discovers that Rafe does NOT remember anything about Port Charles or Alison or anyone else in town.

In the Here After's No Man's Land, Ed and James continue to haggle over the terms of a new contract: ED: "You're dealing with ME now - James. Not some lovesick kid who wants to protect the woman he loves. Now what is all this double talk?'

JAMES: 'Oh - there is NO double talk! It says right here that Rafe will be returned to earth but he will have NO memory of his precious Alison OR Port Charles.'

ED: "Rafe is going down there to be with Alison and you are telling me he does NOT recognize her?'

JAMES: "Call it a little test.'

ED: 'Or your bloody sick idea of fun!'

JAMES: 'Yes. Well, I mean, if such a thing as true love DOES really exist - I mean, if two hearts ARE destined to find one another and all that romantic drivel - well, then, Rafe, of course, will find his precious Alison. Nothing in the world can stop him!'

ED: "It kills you to even say it, doesn't it?'

JAMES: "What? That Love Conquers All? Come on! You and I BOTH know that's the product of greeting card poets and sappy B movies!'

ED: "No. I DO know that true soul mates do NOT need memories to make their connection - they just do.'

JAMES: "Your boy's head will turn at the first pretty face he sees! Come on, enough of this small talk. Let's get back to business. Now, you understand that ANY interference makes this contract null and void?'

ED: "Also says right here there's 'no interference by ANYbody!' That includes you, too, James!'

JAMES: "It's the lawyers. Let's kill all the lawyers! Let's kill them tonight!'

ED: "Keep your weasel-nose out of this, James!'

JAMES: "That's irrelevant. Old fashioned greed - and selfishness - that will conquer hearts and flowers any day! Now, have you gotten to the 'burning in hell for eternity' clause?'

ED: "No, I have NOT gotten to that yet. I'm reading this. Why don't you read along with me, James? You CAN read now, can't you? It says here that if the kids DO get together, Rafe will be allowed to lead a full and human life on earth, soul intact. THAT I'm going to sign!'

JAMES: "And here too. Where it says: "If they do NOT find each other in the allotted time,' I get to keep Rafe's nice fluffy soul. And what else do I get, Eddie? What's my bonus?'

ED: "Mine, James. You get my soul too.'

JAMES: "I love it, I love it, I love it! Seems like Christmas! Ooops! Ha - Ha! Come on, sign on the Old Proverbial and let's get this game started.'

Ed signs.

JAMES: 'Welcome to hell, Dad, Oh, I have a nice, warm place, waiting for you!'

James returns to his own turf.

Outside the Candle Shop, as Rafe told Livvie he does NOT know a Lucy or a Kevin or anyone else Livvie mentions, Livvie asks Rafe what he knows about angels and Rafe admits that he does not know much. Rafe then asks where Port Charles is and is shocked when Livvie told him it is a small town in New York - In America. When Rafe asks how Livvie knows him, Livvie told him that they are really good friends. But, after Rafe looks at Livvie closely, he admits that he does NOT know her. Rafe is even more shocked to learn that it is 2002 instead of 1991!

Deciding to seize her opportunity to gain the upper hand, Livvie told Rafe that she needs to get him out of sight so he can recover his memory in a place where he can have some peace and quiet. Livvie takes Rafe to Ian's cabin in the woods. Inside the cabin, Rafe looks at pictures of Ian, Danny and Eve, but does NOT recognize any of them.

When Rafe asks Livvie if he has a family, Livvie told him that he does NOT have a family. Then Rafe asks HOW he knows Alison.

At the same time, Alison is dreaming of a life with Rafe forever and she told her dream lover all about her current problems and he understands perfectly. When Alison wakes up, she decides she needs to go to the Candle Shop/Barn right away.

In Jack's Dark Room, Jack and Jamal see that the pictures of Rebecca and her minister friend show that they were angry with each other about something, then there is a picture of them with their heads together and then there is a picture of Rebecca with the minister's bloody shirt. Jack and Jamal decide that the pictures prove that Alison is somehow reliving the same events that happened during Rebecca's life. When Jamal wants to burn the pictures so no one can ever connect Alison with the freaky coincidence between Alison's life and Rebecca's life, Jack stops Jamal and convinces Jamal that the pictures will help them PROVE that Alison is telling the truth about seeing Rebecca.

In the Here After No Man's Land, James and Ed confirm their deal. Ed expresses his confidence in Rafe, while James scoffs. After James leaves, Ed silently urges his son to 'Follow Your Heart!' because Ed's soul is now also on the line.

Back at the Cabin, when Rafe keeps asking Livvie to tell him about Alison, Livvie finally told Rafe that Alison is her former best friend who messed with Black Magic and then killed Livvie's father. Rafe told Livvie that he hopes Alison pays for her crimes.

Alison returns to the Candle Shop/Barn and remembers some of her happier moments there with Rafe. Then Alison told Rafe that she wishes he was really there.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Karen told Frank what was wrong with him and insisted she would not give up on him. Lucy told Ian she believed Rebecca knew where Kevin was and he tried to convince her otherwise. Jack and Jamal went to the barn to show Alison their proof and Alison shared Rebecca's story. Jamal again professed his love for Alison. Jack wondered how they'd prove their story. He developed the last picture. Livvie kept Rafe's return a secret and told him nothing about his past to get revenge on Alison. Lucy got a message.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Ian stops by to see Alison's attorney, Kate Reynolds. He suggests that they work together to help each other by pooling their information. Kate says no way. At that moment, Alison, Jack, and Jamal come rushing in with evidence they feel will exonerate Alison. Kate immediately orders everyone except Alison to leave. Alison objects to this telling Kate that there is nothing she can't say in front of her friends. She excitedly told Kate about the pictures Jack developed and how they show what really happened to Rebecca. The pictures prove Rebecca's claim of innocence.

Kate can't believe that they seriously want her to present this evidence in court. She can't tell the jury about magical cameras and portraits that come to life. Besides, Kate sees no relationship between what happened to Rebecca in the past and Alison's present situation. Alison is crushed, but she understands that they need proof a jury will believe. Ian and Jack discuss blowing the pictures up larger so they can look them over carefully for clues. In the meantime, Ian has an idea for Alison. He thinks she should take a few days and rest at Eve's cabin.

Rafe asks Livvie if there was anyone in his life like a wife or girlfriend. He has this feeling that there was someone who cared for him. She told him no, there wasn't. Rafe then asks Livvie why she was in the woods the night she found him and why she assumed he was there to save Alison. Livvie told him he has it wrong. She thought he was there to save her from Alison. Livvie claims she was in the woods hiding from Alison. She then went on to tell Rafe that this isn't the first time Alison has gotten away with murder. Alison was accused once before and was freed because of her family connections. Rafe assures Livvie he won't let anyone hurt her. When he asks for more information about his past, Livvie told him it isn't good to find things out all at once. After all, she should know, both her parents used to be therapists. She will tell Rafe little bits at a time so he has time to digest the information.

At the lighthouse, Lucy is thrilled over what she believes is a message from Kevin. She shows Victor the blocks that spell out Doc. Lucy told Victor that she has been trying to find out Kevin's whereabouts through the tarot, but that hasn't panned out. Now, she wants to try a more direct approach. Lucy and Victor hold each other's hands across the table as she tries to channel Kevin's spirit. She begs Kevin to help them find him. Nothing happens. Victor is ready to give up, but agrees to give Lucy one more chance to try to reach out to Kevin. As she desperately asks for a clue, Lucy's hand begins to write. She looks down to find that she has written the word Lost over and over again. She is sure this is Kevin's doing.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Karen reaffirms to Frank that she in no way holds Frank responsible for any of his bad behavior while he was under the spell of Ricky's DESIRE candle. As Frank and Karen make plans to go to Niagara Falls, Ricky comes in and Frank surprises Ricky by apologizing for holding Ricky at knife-point. Frank explains that he believes that he now has his overwrought responses under control and a wary Ricky sits down at the same table with Frank and Karen.

At the Light House, Lucy puzzles over the messages she has received which she believe have been from Kevin as Serena comes in. Serena finally gets around to asking Lucy if Kevin is dead. Lucy explains to Serena that Lucy believes that Kevin is alive, just as Ian arrives. Ian assures Serena that he is there to help Lucy find Kevin - and then Serena leaves.

Meanwhile, at Ian's cabin, Livvie wakes the next morning to find Rafe missing and rushes out in a panic to search the woods. When Livvie finally finds Rafe, Rafe is at the spot where he landed when he returned to earth, trying to see if that particular spot will jog his missing memory. As Livvie finds Rafe in the woods, Alison arrives at the front door of the cabin to take Ian up on his offer of some Rest and Relaxation at his cabin.

In the meantime, back at the Recovery Room, Frank gets up to speak to Mary and Ricky seizes the opportunity to quietly thank Karen for not mentioning to Frank that it was Ricky's experiments with the DESIRE candle that triggered Frank's meltdown at the Recovery Room. Karen informs Ricky that she and Frank are getting along fine now and Ricky told Karen that he is happy to see Karen happy again.

When Frank speaks to Mary, Mary told Frank that a local TV station is doing a news report on the Recovery Room and Frank observes the TV Camera crew arriving. As Mary mentions to Frank that Victor and Lucy did some sort of paranormal thing to try to reach Kevin's spirit, Frank gets a sudden headache and decides he needs to sit down.

Patrick Lynn, the TV Reporter, asks Karen if he can interview her for his report on the Recovery Room. As soon as Karen agrees to the interview, however, Frank objects.

After Serena leaves the Light House, Ian told Lucy that he believes Lucy is right and that Kevin is alive. And Ian begins to show Lucy the series of photos Jack took on the antique camera at the Candle Shop.

Meanwhile, at the cabin, Alison is disappointed when she realizes she can NOT find Ian's key to the cabin.

When Livvie finds Rafe in the woods, she appears overwrought and distraught, so Rafe naturally asks what is causing Livvie to be so unsettled. Livvie told Rafe that she is afraid of what Alison might do to him because Alison knows that Rafe is a friend to Livvie and, Livvie believes, Alison has ALREADY murdered Livvie's father and might do almost anything to keep Livvie from continuing to try to expose Alison's involvement with evil.

Back at the Recovery Room, when Karen expresses her dismay that Frank objects to Karen being interviewed by good-looking TV Reporter Patrick Lynn for a report on the Recovery Room, Frank relents and Karen begins her interview, while Ricky sits down beside Frank to watch. But, as the interview progresses, Frank again begins to see Karen dressed in harlot red and imagines she is coming on to the hunky TV Reporter.

At the Light House, Ian shows Lucy the photos that Jack, Jamal and Alison brought to Kate's office. After examining the photos closely, Lucy told Ian about the blocks that spelled out D - O - C and the automatic writing spelling out the word L - O - S - T several times. Lucy decides that what all of the clues mean is that Lucy should go to the Candle Shop/Barn and try to speak to Rebecca herself. So Lucy and Ian rush out to the Candle Shop.

As Livvie tries to convince Rafe to return to the cabin, Rafe promises Livvie that he WILL protect her from Alison!

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, as Alison looks in vain for Ian's key to the cabin, she speaks to Rafe, telling her lover that nothing has gone right since Rafe left and telling Rafe how she wishes she could see him again - if only for a minute or two. Then Alison leaves.

Back at the Recovery Room, as Frank watches what he believes is Karen falling all over the hunky TV Reporter, Frank jumps up and told Karen and Patrick to just get a room. Karen is shocked when Frank accuses Karen of making passes at the Reporter. However, Ricky objects to Frank's attitude toward Karen and Ricky and jumps up to rescue Karen from Frank's temper tantrum. But Frank hits Ricky and knocks him down. Then Frank rips open Karen's blouse, telling her to go ahead and show the whole world what a slut she is. The TV Cameraman, of course, is making sure he gets close-ups of Karen's heaving bosom.

Meanwhile, at the Candle Shop/Barn, Lucy is disappointed when she finds she has no luck picking up any vibes from Rebecca. Ian suggests that maybe the portrait is Rebecca's portal and Rebecca can NOT appear to Lucy as long as the portrait is slashed. Ian suggests the canvas can be repaired. But, before going out to his car to see what he has that might help repair Rebecca's portrait, Ian reminds Lucy that, once they have successfully summoned Rebecca's spirit, they might discover that Rebecca is evil, powerful and dangerous. Lucy insists to Kevin that they will just have to take that chance and that ANY risk will be worth it if they find a way to recover Kevin.

When Livvie and Rafe return to the cabin, Rafe admits to being played out and Livvie suggests that he could sleep in the bed upstairs, but Rafe told Livvie that the couch will be fine for him. As Rafe drifts off to sleep on the couch, Alison returns and tries a new key in the lock to the cabin door.

Friday, May 17, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Frank spews insults at Karen and rips off her clothes while a TV News Crew is filming live at the Recovery Room. Mary tries to stop the cameras, but the Anchorman told the cameraman to keep rolling. Doree and Chris enter as Frank begins to shake Karen violently and call her a whore. Doree immediately moves to stop Frank from assaulting Karen further, but Frank lashes out and knocks Doree down and Chris rushes forward to break Doree's fall. An enraged Chris then slugs Frank and knocks Frank out. Ricky grabs a jacket from a bystander and rushes to put the jack around Karen as he tries to head Karen toward the door. But Karen refuses to leave.

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Ian and Lucy finish repairing Rebecca's portrait and Ian reminds Lucy that there is always the risk that Rebecca is NOT as nice as Alison believes that she is. Lucy reaffirms her conviction that they will just have to chance it if it means there would be some way to find out how they can find Kevin. However, as Lucy talks to Rebecca, she is disappointed when the portrait makes no response.

As Livvie watches Rafe sleep at Ian's Cabin, Livvie hears Alison trying to enter the Cabin by the front door and Livvie rushes to the front door and refuses to allow Alison to enter the Cabin.

As Ricky expresses his surprise that Karen will NOT leave the Recovery Room, Karen accuses Ricky of having another DESIRE candle burning at the Recovery Room and that it was the candle which caused Frank's latest meltdown. But Karen searches frantically in vain for another candle. As Mary helps Frank up, Frank pleads with Karen to understand that his attack on her was provoked by the candle. Chris asks Frank: "What candle?" But, before Frank can make a reply, Doree arrests Frank for aggravated assault, disturbing the peace and assaulting a police officer. Watching the scene in horror, Karen suddenly bolts for the door as Ricky rushes to follow her.

Back at the Cabin, Livvie told Alison to get back on her broomstick, fly back to her dirty , rat-infested barn and leave Livvie alone. As Livvie and Alison argue, Rafe suddenly coughs inside and Alison leaps to the conclusion that Livvie has found a new boyfriend five minutes after breaking up with Jack. Livvie quickly counters that that is a case of the pot calling the kettle black - since Alison didn't even wait a whole five minutes after breaking up with Jamal before Alison was a couple with Rafe.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, as the police officers get ready to load Frank into the squad car, Doree told Chris that she appreciates the way he jumped to her defense. But Doree shocks Chris when she told him that she wants to spend every second of every day with him. However, before Chris can make a reply to Doree, Doree's fellow officers signal her that they are ready to take Frank in to jail.

As Karen and Ricky get back to her place, Karen is shocked that her ringing phone means that she is already getting prank calls from people who saw her humiliation on the Live TV News. Ricky disconnects the phone to keep it from ringing while Karen confides in Ricky that she believes she may NEVER live down this latest humiliation.

At the Candle Shop, as Lucy implores Rebecca for her help in finding Kevin, Ian surprises her by telling her that IAN believes that Lucy IS right about Rebecca being the one link that will make it possible for them to locate Kevin, but Ian urges Lucy to give up on it for now and get some rest.

In the meantime, at Ian's Cabin, Alison tries to get Livvie to let her have a look at Livvie's new boyfriend, just as Rafe calls out Livvie's name.

Back at Karen's place, Karen breaks down in tears and Ricky offers her his shoulder to cry on. Karen then asks Ricky to stay with her.

At the same time, in jail, Frank is tortured by flashbacks of visions of Karen acting like a wanton temptress and Frank wonders what is happening to him.

At the Candle Shop, as Lucy concentrates on Rebecca's portrait, Lucy suddenly told Ian that the LAST time she saw Rebecca's portrait, Rebecca was holding a candle in her hand but - now - the candle is gone!

Meanwhile, at the Cabin, Alison told Livvie that Alison now believes that Livvie and Caleb were the perfect pair - BOTH heartless AND soul-less! As Alison leaves, Livvie says to herself: "Oh, it's payback time, Alison. You killed my father. You made Jack hate me. Now it's YOUR turn! And I know JUST how to do it!'

When Livvie returns to the Cabin, Rafe asks Livvie who she was talking to and Livvie replies that it was no one important. Livvie then told Rafe that, when Rafe asked about someone special in his life - there WAS someone special. When Rafe begs Livvie to take him to that special person, Livvie told Rafe that the special person in Rafe's life is - Livvie: "We're not just friends, Rafe. We're lovers. And I have missed you SO much!' They begin to kiss passionately.

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