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Monday, May 20, 2002

At the Candle Shop/Barn, as Lucy surveys the repaired portrait of Rebecca, Lucy excitedly told Ian that she is 1,000% positive that Rebecca WAS holding a candle the last time Lucy saw the portrait, but the candle is now MISSING from the portrait! Ian surprises Lucy when he told her that he believes she is right, but Ian still does NOT see how that information will lead them to Kevin! As Ian and Lucy puzzle over the whereabouts of the candle from the portrait, Jamal arrives and told Lucy and Ian that he thinks the candle Lucy is looking for could be the same candle that Jamal threw away.

Jack is at the recovery Room, waiting for a burger, when Alison arrives. Jack wonders WHY Alison is NOT at Ian's Cabin, getting some rest. When Alison told Jack that she ran into some problems up there, Jack suggests that maybe JACK could use the Cabin if Alison does NOT plan to be up there. Alison reluctantly informs Jack that Livvie is at the Cabin. When Jack suggests they go throw Livvie out of the Cabin, Alison told Jack that Livvie ALSO has some other man up at the Cabin with her.

Meanwhile, at Ian's Cabin, as Livvie covers Rafe with passionate kisses - Rafe pulls away and demands to know WHY Livvie did NOT tell him how much they meant to each other sooner.

When Livvie told Rafe she did NOT want to overload his recovering memories and asks Rafe if he trusts her, Rafe told Livvie NO - that he does NOT trust her! Rafe told Livvie he believes in his heart that - somehow - he is connected to this Alison person.

Back at the Candle Shop, Jamal told Ian and Lucy that Alison told him about Rebecca stepping out of the portrait and handing her the candle. Jamal admits that Alison's confession freaked him out so much that Jamal grabbed the candle out of Alison's hand and pitched it out into the woods. Lucy grabs Jamal and demands that Jamal and Ian go into the woods to help Lucy search for the candle.

In the meantime, at Ian's Cabin, Livvie told Rafe that Alison WAS once involved with Rafe. According to Livvie's Revised History, Alison had been involved with someone else and, when that relationship broke up, Alison turned to Rafe for comfort and Rafe felt sorry for Alison and tried to help her. At the same time, Livvie was involved with someone else too but Livvie and Rafe had an overwhelming, mutual attraction to each other and finally admitted their strong attraction. Rafe tried to let Alison down easily, but Alison flipped out and got rid of Livvie's father in retaliation for Alison's belief that Livvie had stolen Rafe away from her. 'That's why she killed him - because of you and me,' Livvie finally told Rafe.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Alison told Jack that Livvie admitted that she had another guy at Ian's Cabin - but that only makes Jack more determined to go up to the cabin and toss Livvie AND her new boyfriend out. But Alison told Jack that, in HER opinion, THAT is even MORE reason why Jack should NOT go up to the Cabin.

At the same time, in the woods outside the Candle Shop, Lucy, Ian and Jamal search in vain for Rebecca's missing candle, but it is too dark for them to see anything. When Jamal and Ian want to give it up, Lucy refuses to go and Ian decides to stay with Lucy, but Jamal heads back on in to town, promising that he will return the next morning to help in the search.

After Jamal is gone, Ian told Lucy that he has a plan and urges Lucy to return to the Candle Shop with him.

At the Recovery Room, Alison excuses herself to go to the Ladies Room and Jack went in to her purse and gets the key to Ian's Cabin and heads off to the Cabin.

Meanwhile, at the Cabin, Rafe feels guilty about Livvie's father being dead because of Rafe - and Rafe decides he needs to rush off and have a showdown with Alison. But Livvie begs Rafe to stay with her and stay away from Alison. When Rafe told Livvie that he MUST face down an evil as big as this because it is in his blood - Livvie admits that she KNOWS that Rafe is a vampire slayer. Rafe is surprised that he would have told Livvie something that important and that private. But Livvie told Rafe that they were so close, they shared everything and Rafe DID trust Livvie with ALL of his secrets! Livvie told Rafe that, at one time, Rafe KNEW his secrets were safe with Livvie!

Livvie begins to kiss Rafe and told him she just knows that kissing her will jog his memory.

Back at the Candle Shop, Ian gets Lucy to help him reenact the night of Kevin's disappearance. Lucy pretends to be Alison and went in back to get her things. When Ian is alone with Rebecca's portrait, he begins to channel Kevin. As Lucy returns, Ian says: "Then Rebecca stepped out of the painting. And she lit a candle. And I disappeared.'

LUCY: 'What do you mean, I disappeared?'

IAN: 'I miss you, Lucy. I'm lost and I can't find my way home. I need your help, Lucy.'

Meanwhile, outside the Recovery Room, Alison wishes on a star as Jamal finds her. Jamal told Alison that Lucy is at the Candle Shop, looking for Rebecca's candle. When Jamal asks Alison if she is OK, Alison told him that she is NOT OK. Jamal reminds Alison that HE is there for her and it will all work out fine in the end. Alison turns to Jamal and asks him to hold her.

In the meantime, Livvie continues to shower an overwhelmed Rafe with passionate kisses.

Jack comes to the door of the cabin and can tell that Livvie really IS with someone else, but Jack does NOT get a good look at WHO would be with Livvie.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

When Ian touched the portrait, Kevin spoke through him and asked Lucy's help. Karen returned to work and got an offer to pose nude. Jack saw Livvie seducing Rafe and she saw him. Rafe wanted to see a doctor in spite of Livvie's objections. Ian and Lucy tried to contact Kevin again. Ricky got a job. Karen visited the past. Jack returned to the cabin to find it empty. Rafe's health was fine.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

At the cabin, Livvie told Rafe it's time they get to know each other again. Get reacquainted. She stands on a chair to close the curtains, then stumbles falling into Rafe's arms. He quickly puts her down. Livvie asks why it is so hard for him to touch her. Rafe replies that it just feels strange. She admonishes him not to force his feelings for her, but to wait and allow them to grow naturally. "We have a chance to fall in love all over again." Livvie gushes. The phone rings. It's Dara calling to ask Livvie if she's coming to the hearing. Livvie says yes, and then told Rafe she has to leave to visit a friend at the hospital.

Ian visits Eve's grave to tell her about the situation with Kevin. Ian is still amazed how Kevin spoke through him the night before. Just then, Kate walks in to put flowers on her grandmother's grave. Ian asks if she has given any more thought to the supernatural aspects of Alison's defense. Kate says no. She's going to defend Alison the old-fashioned way: with reasonable doubt. Kate can't understand how Ian, a man of science, can believe in ghosts, magic candles, and talking portraits. Ian told her that Port Charles is like the Bermuda Triangle, but with slightly better restaurants.

Lucy told Jack and Alison that Kevin contacted her. They are jumping for joy until Lucy breaks it to them as to how Kevin contacted her, that Ian channeled him. Lucy explains that Kevin disappeared when Rebecca came out of the portrait and lit a candle. The same candle she gave to Alison. Kate comes to see Alison and ask if there is anything new. Alison excitedly told her about Kevin's message from the beyond. Kate asks does Alison want to be convicted? Does she want to die? Kate lectures Alison trying to get her to understand the seriousness of her situation. They are interrupted when Kate's cell phone rings. Kate listens then says great. She listens some more then says, no, her client has no idea what she's planning.

At the courthouse, Jack comes up to Livvie and asks where is he? She apologizes and says she didn't want Jack to find out that way that she was involved with someone else. Jack shows Livvie the necklace he found on the floor at the cabin. Meanwhile, at the cabin Rafe is frantically looking for his missing chain. While looking, he pulls out the candle that he found in the woods and wonders why it seems to mean something to him.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

As Lucy and Ian arrive at the Court House, Lucy notices that Ian is holding his head and Ian confesses that he has a 'killer headache.'

In the hallway, Livvie tries to get Rafe's medallion and chain away from Jack - but Jack refuses to give it up - because Jack says he wants to have something to remember the way Livvie has betrayed him. As Jack walks away, Jack reaffirms his belief that Alison is innocent and will be able to prove it.

When Alison arrives with Kate, Jamal meets Jack inside the Court Room. Jamal informs Jack that his latest search outside the Candle Shop for Rebecca's missing candle came up empty. Kate promises Alison that D.A. Dara will be VERY surprised by today's testimony.

Ricky arrives at the Hospital and is surprised when Colleen told him that Karen has taken the day off. Colleen told Ricky that she DID get a strange call from a woman who said she used to dance with Karen. Ricky decides he knows just where to find Karen, and rushes off.

Mary and Frank arrive at the Hospital, as Frank thanks his mother for bailing him out of jail. Mary insists that she feels that the first thing Frank should do is talk to Dr. Gail Baldwin about Frank's psychological problems. When Mary suggests that Frank might want to take a little time off to visit brother Joe and Gabriela, Frank informs Mary that he thinks what Mary really means is that Frank should get away from KAREN. When Mary observes that it is very obvious to her that Frank only went into those melt-downs when Karen is around and that maybe it would help if Frank could get away from what triggers the episodes - Karen - Frank insists to his mother that there is something wrong with FRANK - NOT with Karen!

Doug the Strip Joint Bartender is surprised when Karen turns up at her old strip joint and told him that she is a doctor now.

When Lucy takes the stand at the Court House, she tries to evade Dara's questions, until Dara asks to have Lucy declared a hostile witness.

Dara finally gets Lucy to admit - under oath - that Kevin wanted to close Alison's Candle Shop down and that one of Alison's candles tested positive for hallucinogenic drugs.

Next, Dara gets Jamal to admit that he knew that Alison was upset about the Candle Shop closing.

Mac testifies that the police found Kevin's blood on the pitchfork at Alison's Candle Shop/Barn.

However, Kate reminds Mac that Alison told him that the pitchfork fell from the loft and Mac agrees that Alison's version COULD be a plausible theory. Mac later testifies for Dara that the police ALSO found Kevin's blood on Alison's apron. AND that Kevin's bloody sweater was found in the trunk of Alison's car the following day.

When Kate points out that it would have taken superhuman strength for someone as small as Alison to overpower Kevin and then stuff his body in the trunk of her car, Mac retorts that the police believe that Alison had an accomplice.

Dara puts Jamal back on the stand and then Dara asks her cousin if he was a good enough friend to Alison to help Alison dispose of a body. When Kate objects, Dara withdraws her question.

Dara gets Jack to admit - on the stand - that, on the day Kevin disappeared, Jack was in the hospital, suffering from a reaction to a strong hallucinogen found in one of Alison's candles.

But Kate gets Jack to tell her that he believes LIVVIE was the one who doctored the candle that caused Jack to have hallucinations because Livvie confessed it all to him when she thought he was still unconscious. But, after Livvie whispers something to DARA - Dara asks Jack if he had had an intimate relationship with Livvie - including living together - and if Jack recently found Livvie with someone new. When Jack admits that all of that is true, Dara suggests that perhaps Jack's testimony was triggered by his own jealousy - rather than by anything Jack actually saw or heard linking Livvie to the drugs found in Alison's candle.

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, as Frank and Mary talk - Frank told Mary that he wishes Kevin was there because Frank believes Kevin was 'on to something' that would help explain Frank's reactions to Rebecca's DESIRE candle. But, Frank finally but reluctantly promises Mary that he WILL go see Gail, and Mary rushes off to be with Victor at the hearing regarding Kevin's disappearance. But, after Mary leaves, Frank has a brainstorm.

At the Strip Joint, Karen flashes back to her days as a stripper and wonders if she was stripping because she LIKED to strip and NOT because she was on drugs!

Karen is annoyed when Ricky shows up and Karen accuses Ricky of stalking her.

In the meantime, at the Court House, Kate announces that she forgot to ask Lucy a question and gets the Judge's permission to recall Lucy as a witness. When Lucy is on the stand, Kate stuns the Court Room by asking if Lucy recently had an affair with Dr. Ian Thornhart.

Lucy is too stunned to answer, but Victor protests.

Back at the Hospital, Frank quietly slips into Kevin's office and swipes the file Kevin was keeping on Frank's case - and Frank utters the fervent hope that Kevin kept VERY good notes!

Meanwhile, at the Strip Joint, Karen told Ricky that when she worked as a stripper, she LIKED being a stripper and is thinking of becoming a stripper once again. Ricky angrily challenges Karen to prove her theory by stripping for him right then and there.

As the Court Room erupts in dismay, Kate suggests that either Kevin left of his own free will after learning that his wife - Lucy - had resumed her affair with Kevin's colleague - Dr. Ian Thornhart - OR perhaps Kevin's wife and her lover - Ian - were the ones who did away with Kevin!

Alison is shocked that her attorney would stoop to such a cheap tactic, as the Judge demands silence in the Court Room.

Friday, May 24, 2002

At Karen's Old Strip Joint - Ricky dares Karen to strip for him. Karen begins, but changes her mind mid-way.

At Rafe and Livvie's New Cabin, Rafe wonders how he could have lost the memory of ten years of his life. Rafe picks up a newspaper in the hope that there will be something in the news that will jog his memory. Rafe sees an article about Alison's hearing for the murder of Dr. Kevin Collins and remembers that Livvie told Rafe that Rafe broke Alison's heart when Rafe threw Alison over for Livvie - and then Alison killed Livvie's father to get even. But Rafe feels that something is missing:
RAFE: 'Is that true? Because something about it just does NOT seem right! There is something missing!'

Meanwhile, at the hearing, Kate's question to Lucy about Lucy's affair with Ian throws the courtroom into a tumult. Alison is so shocked by Kate's question that Alison informs her attorney that she is fired.

As Mary arrives to join Victor, Victor explains that Kate has turned the hearing into a three-ring circus.

The Judge informs Alison that he will NOT allow her to dismiss her attorney in the middle of a hearing.

The Judge then instructs A.D.A. Dara Jensen and Defense Attorney Kate Reynolds that HE wants to hear ALL the evidence, from BOTH sides. And he expects the two attorneys to be professional enough to see that that goal is accomplished.

When Kate resumes her questioning of Lucy, Lucy emphatically denies having an affair with Ian. Kate then bluntly asks if Lucy and Ian ever had sex together - and Lucy reluctantly admits that Lucy and Ian DID hop in bed together - once - and BEFORE Lucy was married.

On the Porch of his New Cabin, Rafe looks at the candle he picked up in the woods, the newspaper article with Alison's name in it, and then Rafe notices a small necklace that was with his gear. Rafe speaks up at the clouds, asking for a clue. RAFE: "Does NOT make any sense! You know - If I could get a clue here - that would be good. OK? Who am I talking to? Why do I keep looking up there? Do I think the clouds are going to give me some kind of answer or something? Huh? Are you? Right! Oh, OK - I'm crazy! Something about it feels right, though. It just seems familiar. And then there is this candle. WHY does it seem so important?'

Back in the courtroom, Kate asks if Lucy and Ian are lovers and Lucy insists that she and Ian are only friends. Kate then observes that they must be pretty good friends - since Ian moved in with Lucy when he returned from Ireland! Kate then brought up Eve's recent death. Lucy jumps to the conclusion that Kate is somehow implying that Lucy and Ian had something to do with Ian's wife's death. AND with Lucy's husband's disappearance. Then Lucy emotionally reminds Kate that Lucy believes that Kevin is ALIVE! But the Judge reprimands Lucy for her emotional outburst and told Lucy that he has heard enough and orders Lucy off the stand.

Dara calls Livvie. Livvie told about being Alison's BEST friend - BEFORE Alison murdered Livvie's father!

At Karen's Strip Joint, when Ricky continues to try to convince Karen that she is just buying into Frank's mistaken notions, Karen continues to refuse to listen. Ricky suddenly grabs Karen and begins to carry Karen out the door of the Strip Joint.

Rafe arrives at the Candle Shop/Barn because he knows that Livvie found him unconscious not far from the Candle Shop. But Rafe does NOT understand WHY he seems drawn to that particular place.

Meanwhile, back at the hearing, Livvie describes how Alison fell in love with Rafe, then 'snapped' when Rafe suddenly left for parts unknown. Livvie told about being concerned about Alison's drift away from her friends AND reality! Livvie told how Alison became obsessed with her ancestor Rebecca, who - Livvie makes sure to point out - had been convicted of murder in Port Charles. Livvie then told how Alison opened a Candle Shop and began dabbling in witchcraft - because that was what Rebecca had done. Livvie told how Kevin was concerned about people being hurt by the candles - especially after Jack had such a bad reaction to one of the candles. Livvie told Dara that, on the night that Kevin disappeared, Livvie begged Kevin NOT to go to the Candle Shop and that Livvie had suggested that Kevin take a gun with him when he confronted Alison about closing down the Candle Shop - but that Kevin insisted on going to the Candle Shop unarmed.

When Alison erupts that Livvie is telling lies, Livvie points out to Lucy that the ONLY way Alison's OWN attorney can defend Alison is by trying to pin Kevin's disappearance on innocent people - like Lucy and Ian.

The Judge demands order, then announces that he is ready to make a ruling.

As Ricky and Karen argue about Karen leaving The Strip Joint, Karen suddenly kisses Ricky. But Ricky pushes Karen away and tell her to realize that she is no longer Kari The Stripper. Karen suddenly apologizes and cries on Ricky's shoulder. Then Ricky takes Karen home.

At the Candle Shop, Rafe looks for some clue as to WHAT he was doing in the woods outside the Candle Shop. Rafe spots the names of Alison and Rafe that they carved in a beam of wood in the Barn, but Rafe does NOT remember carving the names there.

Meanwhile, the Judge decides there is enough evidence to hold Alison over for trial for the murder of Kevin Collins.

Lucy asks Ian how there could be overwhelming evidence that Alison murdered Kevin when Lucy is so positive that Kevin is alive.

Meanwhile, inside Rebecca's world, Kevin calls: "Lucy! Help! Where am I? Where am I?'

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