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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 27, 2002 on PC
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Monday, May 27, 2002

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Rafe puzzles over the names 'Alison and Rafe' that he finds carved in the beam of the barn. Then Rafe finds a pink rose. As Rafe examines the rose, he realizes that the rose means something to him - but he is not quite sure what.

Meanwhile, in Court, Alison told Kate that Alison realizes that she IS going to trial for Kevin's murder. Dara tries to get the Judge to revoke Alison's bail but the Judge decides he will let the bail stand.

As Livvie tries to leave the Court Room, Jack again quizzes Livvie about lying about the candle that was laced with a hallucinogen - but Livvie again denies having anything to do with doctoring the candle.

Alison told Kate that, since the hearing is over, Kate is fired! But Lucy told Alison that Alison will need a pit bull in court and Alison should hang on to Kate as an attorney. As Kate begins to leave, Ian demands to speak with her.

Kevin finds himself in A Mystical Forest and, when Kevin meets Rebecca, Kevin asks if he is dead.

Meanwhile, back at the Court House, Jack confides in Jamal that Livvie is suddenly like someone Jack never met before in his entire life. As Jamal and Jack talk about Alison's case, they both become convinced that the key to Kevin's disappearance IS the candle that Jamal tossed away and the two of them agree to keep searching the woods for the candle.

Lucy convinces Alison to keep Kate as her attorney, while, around the corner, Ian jumps all over Kate for the attorney's courtroom suggestions that Ian and Lucy killed Lucy's husband because Ian and Lucy were lovers and wanted Lucy's husband out of the way.

Meanwhile, in Kevin's Mystical Forest, Rebecca told Kevin that he is NOT dead - he is 'Nowhere' - which is where Rebecca has been for the past 120 years. Rebecca admits that she can NOT get Kevin back to his own time because Livvie slashed the portrait that was Rebecca's portal. Kevin angrily insists that, if Rebecca's witchcraft got him into this predicament - then Rebecca's witchcraft SHOULD be able to get Kevin OUT of the predicament.

Back at the Candle Shop, Rafe decides to take the pink rose with him, but decides to leave the candle behind, because he has a feeling the candle belongs at the Candle Shop.

As Livvie is reading the newspaper at Rafe and Livvie's New Cabin, Livvie is thrilled when Rafe finally walks in the door and explains that he was just out for a walk. As Livvie explains to Rafe how worried she was, Livvie guesses that Rafe must know that Livvie went to Alison's hearing - so Livvie told Rafe that Alison is going to stand trial for Kevin's disappearance. As Livvie told Rafe how much she loves and misses her Dad, Rafe tenderly comforts Livvie. Then Rafe shows Livvie the pink rose, and told Livvie that he thinks his memory is coming back.

In Nowhere, Rebecca explains to Kevin all the things that happened to Rebecca 120 years ago, then Rebecca suddenly asks if Lucy can hear Kevin when Kevin calls out to her.

At the Court House, Ian and Lucy decide that Ian will try again to channel Kevin, and they rush off to the Light House.

As Alison sits alone in the empty Court Room, Jamal returned and asks her if she is OK. Alison admits that she does NOT feel all that 'OK.'

At the same time, at Rafe and Livvie's Cabin, Rafe explains to Livvie that he found the Candle Shop/Barn and was surprised when he went inside to find his name carved on one of the beams. Livvie told Rafe that Alison carved the names in the post AFTER Rafe threw Alison over for Livvie - and Livvie told Rafe that Alison did that because Alison was obsessed with Rafe.

Rafe then shows the pink rose to Livvie and told her that he thought it was important. Livvie told Rafe that pink roses are her favorites. Then Livvie told Rafe that he was probably drawn to the barn because that was the first place where Livvie and Rafe made love. Livvie then told Rafe that this is a wonderful sign, because it means that Rafe is beginning to remember the love that Rafe and Livvie have for each other. As Rafe gently hands the rose to Livvie, Livvie is genuinely touched.

In Nowhere, Rebecca told Kevin she believes anything can happen if there is enough faith. As Kevin insists there has to be a way for him to reach Lucy, Ian and Lucy have returned to the Light House and Ian is concentrating on Rebecca's portrait when Kevin says: "I can't be stuck here! I can't!' And Ian picks up the message and repeats the message to Lucy.

At the Court House, as Jamal begins to kiss Alison, Alison pulls away and told Jamal that IF she kissed him, it would feel like she was cheating on Rafe.

Back at the Cabin, as Rafe gives Livvie a tender kiss and rushes off to fix dinner for her, Livvie decides she realizes WHY Alison is SO in love with Rafe!

LIVVIE: 'I can see what Alison saw in you, Rafe. You would be REALLY easy to fall in love with!'

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Ricky consoled Karen and asked to start over. Kevin told Rebecca he had to get back to Lucy and Lucy heard him through Ian. Rebecca insisted there was nothing she could do and that it wasn't magic just faith. Kevin shared memories of courting Lucy with Rebecca as Lucy told Christina the story. Ian felt ill and, with Chris' help, had an EKG and blood tests. Ian showed signs of shock but agreed to try again anyway. Ricky and Karen made love.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

As Ed and James look on from their unique perspective above the scene, Alison enters a church and prays for divine intercession. After making love with Ricky, Karen startles her bedmate by declaring that this can never happen again. Mary is dismayed to learn how Frank stole his file from Kevin's office. Unseen by Alison, Rafe wanders into the same chapel and confides to a passing handyman how he feels nothing for the girl he's supposed to love. Meanwhile, Alison relates for the minister how lonely she's been for Rafe. Mary recounts for her son a traumatic experience from his childhood of which Frank has no memory at all. Ricky angrily reminds Karen that the difference in their ages and backgrounds is totally beside the point.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

In Jack's Dark Room, Jack and Jamal discuss the mysteries of the women in their lives while Jack develops some new pictures which show Rev. Horatio Lodge and an unknown woman that neither Jack nor Jamal recognizes.

Meanwhile, Alison meets Kate in the Park and Alison insists that Kate should NOT suggest again that Ian and Lucy had something to do with Kevin's disappearance if Kate wants to continue to represent Alison in Court. Instead, Alison stresses, Kate should be proving that since Kevin is NOT dead, there is NO need for a MURDER investigation! When Kate asks Alison to talk about Alison's missing boyfriend, Alison at first refuses.

Elsewhere in the park, Rafe finds a flower vendor and buys all the pink roses the flower vendor has on his cart.

At the same time, Livvie leaves the Candle Shop/Barn, congratulating herself for getting rid of Alison and Rafe for good.

In the Park, Alison explains to Kate that Rafe was an angel and would give her one perfect pink rose. When Kate wonders WHY Rafe is not present now that Alison is in so much trouble, Alison comes right out and told Kate that Rafe was an angel and 'they made him go back - you know,' and Alison looks heavenward.

Livvie returns to Livvie and Rafe's Cabin In the Woods with a bag of groceries and is alarmed to find Rafe waiting outside on the porch for her. When Rafe admits that he had a few errands to run himself, Livvie becomes even more alarmed. But when Livvie enters the cabin, she is genuinely thrilled to see the cabin filled with pink roses. Rafe told Livvie that it is all for her.

Back in the Park, Kate told Alison that Alison can believe anything she wants about paranormal stuff, but when it comes to court, Alison can NOT talk about ghosts or angels or it will be easy for the prosecutor to make a case for Alison being completely nuts. When Alison mentions that she is afraid Livvie will tell lies on the stand, Kate points out to Alison that nailing people who lie on the stand is Kate's specialty. Kate urges Alison to put Rafe behind her.

As Livvie looks around at all the pink roses in Their Cabin, Dr. Porter calls to remind Livvie that Rafe should be interacting with people Rafe has always been close to. BUT, when Rafe asks Livvie what Dr. Porter said, Livvie told Rafe that Dr. Porter said that Rafe should take it easy, stay close to home, not go out in crowds and just relax and his memory should soon be coming back.

After Alison leaves Kate in the Park, Kate spots Jack and Jamal, cutting through the park. As she talks to them, Kate warns Jack and Jamal to stay away from 'woo-woo' talk in court if they are sincere about wanting to help Alison. When Jack drops the picture of Rev. Horatio Lodge and the unidentified woman, Kate asks to go with Jack and Jamal the next time they go to the Candle Shop/Barn to take pictures with Jack's antique camera. .

Back in Their Cabin, Livvie remembers Alison telling her how Rafe liked simple things like having hot chocolate together. When Rafe brought wood in for the fireplace in case it gets cold during the night, Rafe mentions hot chocolate and Livvie told Rafe that they used to enjoy hot chocolate together and that she is so thrilled that Rafe is beginning to remember the things that were important to Rafe and Livvie as a couple - the pink roses, the barn, and now - hot chocolate! Livvie begins to kiss Rafe.

Meanwhile, Alison arrives at the Candle Shop/Barn and remembers Rafe carving their initials in the beam of the barn for Bernie and Sarah. But when Alison went to look at the carving, she notices that someone has sanded the names away. Alison immediately suspects Livvie of sanding away the names and taking Alison's pink rose.

Friday, May 31, 2002

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Alison is devastated when she realizes that Livvie has sanded away the names Rafe carved on a beam in the barn. But Alison promises that Livvie will NEVER be able to erase the love that was between Rafe and Alison.

In the meantime, in Livvie and Rafe's New Cabin In the Woods, Livvie and Rafe make out on the couch and Livvie calls on her memories of intimate details that Alison shared with Livvie about Rafe when Livvie and Alison were still friends to convince Rafe that anything he remembers about being in love is because of Livvie.

Livvie told Rafe she wants to get everything ready so everything will be just perfect.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Ian looks at Rebecca's repaired portrait and remembers Chris telling Ian that he has had a shock to his system and needs to take care to avoid further trauma. Lucy brought Ian an aspirin for his headache. But when Lucy leaves to get some water, Ian begs Lucy not to leave as Ian begins channeling Kevin.

Meanwhile, in The Mystical Forest of Nowhere, Kevin is telling Lucy that he needs to be with her, as Ian channels Kevin's thoughts to Lucy.

Back in Livvie and Rafe's Cabin, Livvie went into the other room to get ready for a night of love-making. As Livvie gets ready, Livvie leaves the door ajar, then makes sure that Rafe knows the door is ajar in the hope the Rafe will watch Livvie's preparations.

At the Light House, as Ian channels Kevin, Kevin is in the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, concentrating on reaching Lucy. However, Rebecca's arrival breaks Kevin's train of thought. Rebecca told Kevin that she believes that Belief IS the source of all power. As Kevin focuses again on the Power of Love, Ian is in shock and Lucy urges Ian to break the connection with Kevin rather than to risk Ian's life.

At the Candle Shop, Alison remembers the promises that she made with Rafe to love each other forever. As Alison leaves the barn, she told Rafe that she will carry him in her heart forever, as long as she lives.

Meanwhile, at Rafe and Livvie's Cabin, Rafe starts a fire in the fireplace and lights candles to go with the room full of pink roses as Livvie takes her time getting ready, all the time, fully aware that Rafe is watching.

Meanwhile, in Nowhere, as Kevin explains to Rebecca that he believes that Lucy would go to the ends of the earth for Kevin, Rebecca told Kevin that, 'unfortunately, this place exists somewhere beyond the world and its traditional ends!'

As Ian begins to recover from his experience of channeling Kevin, Ian describes a splitting headache to Lucy.

Meanwhile, in Rebecca's World of Nowhere, as Rebecca insists that Kevin have something to eat to keep his strength up, Rebecca told Kevin that it was Kevin's daughter, Livvie, who made the problem permanent when she slashed Rebecca's portrait - and condemned Kevin to Rebecca's world indefinitely.

When Kevin insists that what Rebecca says can NOT be true, Rebecca reminds Kevin that she has been In Nowhere for over 100 years, and if there WAS a way to get out, Rebecca would surely have found it by now. Rebecca points out that, just like Rebecca - Kevin might NEVER leave the Mystical Forest of Nowhere. As an agitated Kevin knocks the water out of Rebecca's hand, Ian also knocks water out of Lucy's hand. As Kevin affirms his determination to be with Lucy again, Ian channels Kevin. As Kevin says he will not stay WITH REBECCA, Ian channels his words. Lucy is thrilled to learn that Kevin is somehow with Rebecca! As Lucy begins making immediate plans to try to contact Rebecca, Ian collapses.

As Alison walks home through the park, she meets the Flower Venor, who gives her a rose. But when Alison told him she would like to buy one pink rose, the vendor told her about a romantic young guy - an angel really - who bought all his pink roses earlier in the day!

Meanwhile, in Their Cabin, Rafe and Livvie give in to passion and Livvie is thrilled when she sees pink rose petals on the pillows near the fireplace. But as Rafe gets passionate, Livvie is shocked when Rafe suddenly calls her Alison!

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