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Monday, June 3, 2002

After channeling Kevin at the Lighthouse, Ian collapses in pain. When Lucy insists they need to call an ambulance, she is surprised when Ian insists that Lucy call Chris Ramsey instead.

Meanwhile, in the Park, the Flower Vendor told Alison that some guy 'in love' bought all of his pink roses for his girlfriend. Alison asks the Flower Vendor for a description of his customer who bought the pink roses and the flower vendor told Alison his customer was tall, blond and had green eyes. Alison is positive the Vendor has just described Rafe.

At the same time, at Livvie and Rafe's new cabin in the woods, as Rafe and Livvie get passionate, Rafe calls out Alison's name. Hurt and angry, Livvie bolts for the other room and breaks down in tears behind closed doors.

Chris arrives at the Light House to check on Ian, and Lucy is surprised to learn that Ian has had similar problems before - and even more surprised to learn that Chris knows about Ian's previous problems. Lucy reluctantly confides in Chris that she and Ian had been channeling Kevin just before Ian collapsed.

In the meantime, at the Candle Shop/Barn, a skeptical Kate watches while Jack and Jamal take pictures with the antique camera. Jamal notices that Alison and Rafe's names have been sanded away from the beam in the barn. Kate, Jamal and Jack decide it COULD be a sign that Alison is putting Rafe behind her, but, just then, Alison bursts in, calling out for Rafe. Alison told Kate, Jack and Jamal that she believes Rafe is back because the Flower Vendor sold out all of his pink roses . But Kate, Jack and Jamal are less than impressed with Alison's logic.

Meanwhile, at Livvie and Rafe's Cabin, Rafe is trying to apologize for calling Livvie Alison in the middle of a passionate embrace. In the next room, Livvie can NOT understand WHY she let her feelings be hurt by Rafe's error. But Livvie reminds herself that, after all, the name of the game is Payback for Alison.

Livvie finally pulls herself together and returns to Rafe's waiting arms. But Livvie told Rafe that she is sorry because she feels that SHE pushed HIM too hard to remember their passionate love affair because she has missed Rafe so much while he does not remember anything.

At the Light House, Chris is NOT surprised that Ian would have a headache if Ian has been channeling Kevin. But when Chris realizes that Lucy and Ian are serious about this, Chris warns Ian that - if Ian keeps it up - it WILL kill him!

In the meantime, at the Candle Shop, Alison surprises everyone by insisting that Rafe IS back! However, Kate warns Alison that she needs to be concentrating on her trial instead of going off on wild goose chases to find her missing boyfriend. When Jack and Jamal leave, Kate told Alison that Alison needs to appreciate all that Jack and Jamal have tried to do to help Alison and that Alison ESPECIALLY needs to pay attention to Jamal - because it is obvious that Jamal cares deeply for Alison.

Alison says that she wants to be alone and Kate leaves the Candle Shop.

When they leave, Alison concentrates on Rafe and asks Rafe WHY Rafe has NOT found Alison yet if Rafe is back.

Back at the Cabin, Livvie apologizes to Rafe for pushing him to remember to fast - and they begin to kiss again.

Meanwhile, in Jack's Dark Room, Kate told Jack and Jamal that she is impatient as she watches them play Ghostbusters - but Kate is soon shocked to see a picture begin to emerge - of Rebecca facing a hangman's noose in front of the Candle Shop.

Back at the Light House, Ian dismisses Chris' theory and Ian informs Lucy that Ian is STILL determined to channel Kevin. But, as Ian drifts off to sleep, Lucy decides she can NOT allow Ian to try to contact Kevin again.

In the meantime, at the Cabin, Livvie told Rafe that she can feel the hesitation in his touch and it is breaking her heart. Rafe once again apologizes and Livvie tenderly nestles Rafe's head in her lap.

At the same time, Alison wraps herself in a blanket and makes herself comfortable for a long wait for Rafe at the Candle Shop.

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Frank asked Mary questions about his childhood and recalled a scene he'd witnessed from the hall closet. He confronted Mary. Kevin missed Lucy and Rebecca showed him around. Kevin was frantic to get home but Rebecca was glad for the company. Kate looked for Ian and showed Lucy the most recent picture. They talked and compared notes and Lucy told Kate that Kevin was with Rebecca. Kate came around to Lucy's way of thinking and Lucy asked her to help.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Ricky finds Karen at the hospital. Karen is angry he has come there and yells, "No, I'm not sleeping with you again." Colleen is embarrassed she overheard. Karen realizes they have an audience so she pulls Ricky aside and berates him for showing up there. Ricky tries to explain that all he wanted to do was ask her to listen to some music with him. He filled in as a drummer for a band and helped them make a CD. Karen told him no, she isn't going back to his place to listen to music. Ricky is hurt and assumes this means she doesn't want to be friends anymore either. He leaves.

Karen finds Ricky at the park and apologizes She knows he just wanted to share something exciting that happened in his life and that if she were a good friend, she should have been more supportive. They go back to his place to hear the CD. After listening to the tracks, Karen is impressed with Ricky's drumming talent and told him he should pursue a career in music. Ricky thanks her for being there for him. They kiss.

Mary continues to deny Frank's memories until she realizes that his behavior is mirroring that of his father. Frank is saying the same horrible things to Karen that his father once said to Mary. They sit on the porch and discuss the past. Mary blames herself for not being a good mother, but Frank assures her she did the best she could for him and Joe. Mary is also ashamed that she blamed Karen. Frank decides to go to the hospital and set things right between them. When he arrives at the hospital, Colleen is unsure whether or not to tell Frank where Karen has gone. She asks Frank to let it go.

At the barn, Alison flings open the door believing Rafe is there. Instead she finds Livvie at the door with a gas can. Alison is furious that Livvie sanded her and Rafe's name from the post and accuses Livvie of now trying to burn the barn down. Again, Alison tries to tell Livvie she is innocent. Livvie is unmoved. She told Alison that she has not only lost her father, she has lost her best friend as well. She asks Alison how she would feel if the situation were reversed. What if the man Alison loved sided with Livvie instead?

Alison asks Livvie to look into her eyes so she can see that Alison would never do anything to hurt Kevin. She told Livvie how much she misses their friendship. Livvie admits she misses it too, misses having someone to talk to. Alison suggests that they start talking again. Maybe they could begin by Livvie talking about the new man in her life. Livvie told Alison that it is someone she has known for sometime, but just recently got to know a lot better. She describes him as sweet, kind, and caring. Livvie's voice trails off as she realizes she can't talk about him to Alison.

Rafe finds the flower vendor in the park. The man told Rafe that he has no more pink roses and that someone else had tried to buy some. He describes Alison and Rafe feels that somehow he knows her. Rafe wanders to the barn and is about to open the door.

Thursday, June 6, 2002

In the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, Rebecca tries to distract Kevin from Kevin's determination to get OUT of Nowhere! Kevin suddenly strides off into the woods as Rebecca warns him not to go - because SHE knows where he will end up.

At the Recovery Room, as Ian and Lucy get ready for Christina's birthday party, Ian told Lucy that he is willing to try to channel Kevin again, but Lucy told Ian that she believes her new plan will work and they may NOT need Ian to channel Kevin again. Lucy plans to help Kate clear Rebecca's name, the curse will be lifted from the town, Kevin can come home, Alison's name will be cleared and Rebecca will be able to rest in peace.

Kate arrives to begin work on Rebecca's case as Jack and Jamal arrive to lend a hand with Christina's party. As Jack and Jamal discuss what they should do with the rest of the night, Jack suggests: "Or we can sit around here like a bunch of losers and try to figure out women - which might take the rest of our lives!'

JAMAL: 'Yep - but seriously - ARE you ready to move on?'

JACK: "I don't have much of a choice! My ex-girlfriend is not only Cracked Up - she is Shacked Up with some other guy!'

At the Candle Shop/Barn, Alison tries to get Livvie to open up about Livvie's new boyfriend - but Livvie suddenly reminds Alison that Alison is NOT Livvie's friend! As Alison answers a phone call, Livvie slams out the door - and runs into Rafe - about to knock!

While Alison is tied up inside the Shop with a call from Kate - urging Alison to get over to the Recovery Room right away - Livvie convinces Rafe to leave the Barn and go with her. Livvie panics when Rafe told her that whenever he is around the barn, he has flashes of memories returning. However, by the time Alison went outside the Shop to continue her discussion with Livvie - Rafe and Livvie have gone.

At the Recovery Room, Ian tries to get Kate to relax and enjoy Christina's party but Kate reminds Ian of the grave consequences awaiting a LOT of people if Kate does NOT succeed in solving a 120 year old mystery. .

Kate snags Jack and Jamal and told them that, to help clear Rebecca, Kate needs the exact dates and sequence of events shown in the pictures. When Jack and Jamal admit they do not have a clue about the dates of the pictures, Kate instructs Jack and Jamal to find copies of the exact transcripts of the court records of Rebecca's trial. Kate told them that they will also need to find out the name of the woman that Horatio Lodge left with. Kate's theory is that, after Rebecca helped Horatio fake his own death, Horatio left and changed his name and never learned that Rebecca had been charged with his murder. Kate believes that by finding the name of Horatio's girlfriend and tracing her descendants, they will be able to prove the Reverend was still alive when Rebecca was hanged for his murder.

When Ian volunteers for duty, Kate told Ian to help Lucy keep it together. Meanwhile, Lucy remembers her wedding to Kevin, and Christina's appearance.

In the Mystical Forests of Nowhere - Kevin finally arrives back where he started and Rebecca told Kevin that all roads lead back to where they are now - and Rebecca has had more than one hundred years to explore ALL the roads for a possible way out - without finding any. Rebecca told Kevin that she can help him adjust and accept where he is - in the here and now. But Kevin retorts that he wants things to be so unbearable that he will be forced to find a way out.

Back at the Recovery Room, Alison told Kate that Rebecca NEVER mentioned the name of Rev. Lodge's girlfriend. But Alison thanks Kate for believing in Alison in spite of stories about talking portraits. Kate suggests that she needs to keep at it if she is going to prove Rebecca is innocent in time to free Alison.

KATE: 'I should get back to work or the ONLY thing the Judge will believe is that we are ALL crazy!'

Alison sees Jamal and when Jamal asks if Rafe ever showed up, Alison regretfully informs Jamal that she has NOT seen Rafe - BUT Alison admits that she DID talk to Livvie, but Livvie clammed up when the conversation turned toward Livvie's new boyfriend. Jack overhears Alison's remarks and told Alison and Jamal that he pities the poor guy Livvie is hooked up with now.

Rafe and Livvie return to Their Cabin. Rafe again told Livvie that he DOES have flashes of returned memories but thinks he needs to go out and see people. Livvie finally agrees with Rafe that maybe an excursion would be fun. Livvie told Rafe that they should make plans for their first big excursion, but, first, Livvie wants to relax, maybe have a little wine. While Rafe rushes off to the kitchen for some bread and cheese, Livvie pours the wine and then puts a sleeping pill in Rafe's glass. Livvie hands Rafe's glass to Rafe and then sets her glass down to head off to the next room. Unfortunately for Livvie, while Livvie is gone, Rafe sets his drink down next to Livvie's drink and went out on the porch. When Rafe returns, he picks up Livvie's drink. When Livvie returns, Livvie picks up the glass with the sleeping pill in it. Then they drink a toast.

In Nowhere, Rebecca regretfully informs Kevin that everyone back home believes that Kevin is dead and, sooner or later, everyone - EVEN Lucy - will quit looking for Kevin's return.

Back at the Recovery Room, Kate gets ready to leave but Ian asks her to stay for the party.

As Jack and Jamal get ready to look for Rebecca's transcripts, Alison stops them to thank Jamal for working so hard on her defense.

At the same time, at Livvie and Rafe's Cabin, Livvie has dozed off and Rafe calls the Chamber of Commerce to get the names of some restaurants where he would find a crowd of people but that would also be casual. For some odd reason, the Chamber of Commerce recommends the Recovery Room.

Rafe makes sure that Livvie is tucked in, then takes one pink rose from one of the bouquets around the house - and Rafe leaves.

Friday, June 7, 2002

In the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, Kevin is shocked and angry when Rebecca told him that everyone back home believes that Alison killed Kevin.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Ian and Lucy get ready for Christina's birthday party. Mary, Victor and Serena soon arrive with Christina and Danny. Kate notices that Alison seems preoccupied. When Kate asks Alison if she is OK, Alison told Kate that Alison believes that Rafe is nearby. Kate asks Alison why Rafe would NOT be looking for Alison if he really WERE nearby. As Alison affirms her belief that NOTHING could stop Rafe from being there, Rafe arrives outside the Recovery Room and looks in at the crowd inside.

In the meantime, at Livvie And Rafe's New Cabin In the Woods, Livvie dreams of her aunt Rachel being there with her. As Livvie dreams of sharing a cozy chat with Rachel, Livvie confides to Rachel that Livvie believes that she might be in love with Rafe. Rachel told Livvie to NOT let ANYthing stand in the way of getting what Livvie wants.

In Nowhere, Kevin accuses Rebecca of condemning him to spend Forever in Nowhere with only a Powerless Witch for company as a result of Rebecca's fascination with Black Magic. Rebecca hotly objects to Kevin's theory.

At the Recovery Room, a waitress who does NOT recognize Rafe comes outside to put up a sign saying that the Recovery Room is closed for a private party. Rafe asks if she recognizes him and she admits that she does NOT recognize him. But, then, she admits, she just began working at the Recovery Room a couple of weeks ago.

As Rafe sits down on the bench outside, Alison is inside and confides in Kate that Alison believes that Rafe IS looking for her.

As Victor watches Serena, Christina and Danny enjoy the party, Victor confides in Ian that watching the children reminds him of Kevin and Ryan.

When Frank arrives, Lucy thanks Frank for his gift and asks Frank how Frank is recovering from his negative experience with the candles. While Lucy and Frank are talking, Christina wanders outside and meets Rafe.

In Nowhere, Rebecca angrily defends herself - reminding Kevin that prejudice such as Kevin's was the cause of the injustice that brought about Rebecca's death at the hands of an angry mob.

Back at Their Cabin, Livvie dreams that Rachel told Livvie that Livvie SHOULD be with Rafe.

At the same time, Christina invites Rafe to her party. But Kate comes outside looking for Christina and takes Christina back inside WITHOUT inviting Rafe to go along with her.

Inside, at the party, Ian advises Frank to make every effort to see Karen and explain what caused Frank's bizarre behavior where Karen was concerned.

Once back inside with Lucy, Christina points outside and says: "The man.' Lucy starts outside, as Alison arrives with balloons for Christina. Alison suddenly 'senses' Rafe is nearby, hands the balloons to Lucy and rushes outside.

Livvie wakes up alone in the Cabin and realizes that SHE must have got hold of the wine doctored with the sleeping pill that she had intended for Rafe. With Rachel's advice to to get what she wants for herself at all costs still ringing in her ears, Livvie decides that she knows just exactly WHAT she should do to capture Rafe's heart forever.

In Nowhere, Kevin surprises Rebecca by apologizing to her and admitting that his rush to judgment WAS based on prejudice. Rebecca admits to Kevin that she is, likewise, sorry. Kevin takes Rebecca in his arms and comforts her.

Meanwhile, when Alison rushes outside the Recovery Room to look for Rafe, she does NOT see Rafe but she DOES find the pink rose that Rafe left behind. As Alison wonders WHY Rafe did NOT come inside, Rafe returns to the Cabin he shares with Livvie.

As Livvie joyfully rushes into Rafe's arms, Livvie told Rafe she knows EXACTLY what they need to do to help him regain his memory - and that is - Get Married!

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