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Cristian and Jen continued to argue. Todd followed his family to Hawaii. Téa saw Todd in Hawaii and reported back to Blair. Natalie confronted Viki. Seth observed Rex. Todd made plans to take his children from Blair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on OLTL
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As they are lying in bed together after an afternoon of lovemaking, Troy decides to come clean to Nora about his past in Africa. Troy hesitantly tells Nora that there is something from his past that he hasn't told her about. Actually, it was much bigger than that.

Rex, Seth, and Jessica are at the club. As Jessica is getting ready to sing, Seth wonders how long Rex will be staying in Llanview. Roxy is lurking in a corner watching Jessica when she decides it is time to get to work!

Keri is trying to decide what to pack. She is having a difficult time as Antonio hasn't told her where they are going. Keri tried guessing to no avail. Antonio finally had her close her eyes and put a lei around her neck. After Keri discovers they are going to Hawaii, she remembers the beautiful beach in the photos she developed for Rae. Keri is very concerned that the photos upset Rae. Antonio doesn't understand why the photos would have upset Rae. None the less, Keri left her a message at the university and Rae still has not returned her call.

Bo arrives home to find his room-mate dressed to the nines and an elegant dinner waiting for him. Bo gently reminds Gabrielle that he has a date tonight. Gabrielle chuckling, explains Asa had this sent over and she was going out that evening. A surprised Bo was confused to find out this was not Gabrielle's doing. This has just been a day of misunderstandings for him, he explains as he flashes back to the kiss Niki planted on him. As Gabrielle is leaving she opens the door to find Claire there. After complimenting each other on the way they look, Gabrielle lets Bo know she will be calling before coming home.

Troy is trying to tell Nora about his past when she switches the subject to Lindsay. He knows about Nora's very high standards of right and wrong, what if the person she loves has done something terribly wrong? Troy feels he has done something so wrong in his past that he doesn't deserve Nora. Nora comes to the wrong conclusion. Nora believes this is about how Troy manipulated Lindsay to get to the truth about her kidnapping. Nora tries to reassure him as Ms. High Standards herself knew what he was doing and did not try to stop him. Whatever they did was wrong, but it turned something wrong into a right. Just then there is a knock on the door and Emily calls out.

Niki and Viki are fighting about Niki's plan to off Benji when Ben comes in and wraps his arms around Niki. He tells her that he hopes she is having happy thoughts. Niki's face brightens as she spies the letter opener on the table and starts to inch Ben back towards the table. Niki starts to fantasize about killing Ben with the letter opener, she decides it will not work as it won't look like self defense. Ben jerks her back into reality as he has to head out to the hospital.

Natalie finds Rae at the University. An exasperated Nat explains to Rae about the research she has done on DID and cannot find one thing on it being hereditary. Rae confirms that DID is not hereditary and that Viki got it due to all of the trauma in her childhood. Natalie recalls the nasty childhood she had and Rae stated that Natalie should not be the least bit concerned about developing multiple personalities. A shocked Natalie realizes Viki had lied to her. Only someone very cruel would tell Natalie DID was hereditary, Rae concludes.

After Natalie leaves, Rae runs into Keri. Rae apologizes to Keri for getting so upset. Rae had thought she had closed that door on Mark-her first love. Mark's parent's didn't approve of Rae and it ended the relationship. Keri cannot believe that Mark would allow that to happen. Rae explains that it is very hard to compete with a dying parent.

Roxy whoops it up when Jess finishes her song. As Jess sits back down at the table, Roxy follows. Jess demands to know what Roxy is doing there! Roxy tells her about her hypoglycemic attack. Roxy is forever changing her ways, no more boozing it up for her. This latest incident has shown Roxy what she has to lose, her children. Jessica demands that Roxy just go away! Roxy complies and goes right up on stage and announce she is going to sing a song. After she dedicates the song to her children, she breaks into These Boots Are Made For Walkin'. (hysterical!) The crowd goes wild as Jessica and Rex hang their heads low. They decide to leave so Roxy cannot follow them. After Jess and Rex have started to head for the door, Seth finds something Rex has left behind, articles about Jess and Nat's birth switch. He confronts Rex about this as Roxy catches up to Jessica. Jessica blows Roxy off and Roxy falls to the floor, passed out.

Natalie slams into the house to confront Viki. Natalie is blown away that her own mother would lie to her about DID being hereditary. Niki acts appalled that Natalie would dare call her a liar. She, after all, is her mother and only has her best interests at heart. This only incenses Natalie further, she knows who her mother is and she would never do this. Niki, in a very low, but hateful tone says, You don't know ME!! Natalie replies that something strange is going on and she is about to find out what it is! Natalie leaves.


Plane to Hawaii

Antonio and Keri are on a plane to Hawaii; Antonio calls Téa and invites her to dinner when they get there. Antonio has a ring for Keri and plans to give it to her while in Hawaii

Hotel in Hawaii

Todd has bribed one of Blair's security guards and has followed Blair, Jack, Starr and Sam to Hawaii. Starr comes into the lobby of the hotel and Todd calls her on her cell phone; she yells out 'Daddy' and when Sam comes running over pretends she said Danny, who she tells Sam is her boyfriend. When Sam and the guard leave, Starr questions Todd about why Blair is mad at him. Todd does not tell Starr the truth. Sam again asks Starr who she is talking to and she hangs up on Todd. Sam takes Starr upstairs to get ready for dinner while Todd is lurking in the lobby. Téa comes in and asks Todd what he is doing there.

Break Bar

Roxy sang and danced at Break Bar; then pretended to faint. Jessica and Natalie left because they knew she was faking; Just as they were leaving, Roxy got up and begged Jessica to love her since she is her Mother. Roxy continues to try to gain Jessica's love and confidence, but Jessica refuses. Jessica leaves the club and Roxy and Natalie argue. Natalie tells Roxy she can't hurt her anymore since she is now a Buchanan. Natalie leaves and Roxy says to herself that she shouldn't be so sure; that she has plans for her (Natalie).

Outside the club, Seth confronts Rex; Seth found the newspaper articles Rex dropped inside the club; articles about Natalie and Jessica being switched and the money involved. Seth accused Rex of coming to Llanview because he knew that both Natalie and Jessica have money. Rex denies he is after money, but Seth does not believe him. Jess comes out of the club and asks what is going on, but Seth does not tell her what he has found out.


Al and Jen talk about Natalie and Cris; Al tries to convince Jen that Cris and Natalie will continue to see each other; Jen denies this. She leaves to find Cris, who has gone to the quarry hoping she will call him. He goes for a swim. Jen shows up; they embrace and make up.

Bo's House

Bo's date has left; Gabrielle comes home and finds Bo coming out of his bedroom with his shirt unbuttoned; Gabrielle assumes that Clare is still there because she saw that her scarf was still there. Bo tells Gabrielle that Clare is gone; that nothing happened; Gabrielle is nervous; they start cleaning up and Bo tells Gabrielle they can clean up later; Gabrielle leaves to take a shower and go to bed; as the air conditioning is out and it is very hot in the apartment. Bo and Gabrielle can't sleep because of the heat; Gabrielle goes out to the balcony to cool off. Bo sees her and is tempted to approach her, but does nothing.


Rae is approached by a student about her giving him a failing grade; she tells him he needs to finish his bibliography or he will be failed; he tells her she is doing that to all the students and he thinks it is because she has a problem. Rae has been upset for a few days about something. Hank walks up and asks her what is wrong. She denies anything is wrong. He asks Rae why she is lying to him but does not get an answer. He asks Rae to go for a drink and she tells him she needs to go home.



Keri and Antonio look forward to having a great time. Keri doesn't notice that she's dropped the old picture of Rae with her boyfriend. The couple looks over brochures of various tours but Keri decides she wants to write out her postcards first so that she won't have to worry about them later. They kiss until Antonio decides to scope out the beach. Keri tries to concentrate on her postcards but she's been distracted and gives up. A knock on the door reveals a hotel employee with her dropped photo. He points out that the picture was taken nearby and Keri decides that she and Antonio need to go there. Later, Keri stares at the photo as Antonio grabs her from behind. She knows the reason for their being there was "meant to be," she tells him.

Starr is adamant about going to the beach but Jack is sleeping so Sam pacifies her by agreeing to go to the gift shop. When he mentions buying something for Danny her boyfriend, she takes off to change. Blair and Sam realize that it was Daddy she was talking to on her cell phone and Blair worries that Todd knows where they are. Blair is sorry that she found out the truth and the family has been torn apart though she realizes that she would have learned the truth eventually. She calls Starr back into the room and asks that she tell the truth about the phone call, that it will be ok if Todd called, bad if he knows where they are. Starr admits to having spoken with her daddy but he said goodbye, she says. Blair wants Starr to understand why Todd can never know where they are and she does but she wants to be able to talk to him and tell him things, she admits. Sam decides to ask Ross to take Starr to the beach and the guard looks regretful but agrees to take her. Blair thinks maybe it's a bad idea to take Starr away from Todd because she should be happy. A truce will have to be called, she decides reluctantly.

Todd wants Téa's help to get his kids back while she wants the truth on why he's really there or she'll call Sam, she threatens. She can't call him, he's Blair's lawyer, he yells. Téa advises him that he won't get the children back and will be without them for awhile until Blair recovers from her initial shock and anger. Todd is not happy with this. He receives a call from Ross, Blair's security guard, who tells him the family will be going to the beach shortly. He mentions the boat they will be needing. It dawns on Téa that Todd is there for his kids though he claims they are back in Llanview. Téa thinks he may even have followed her there. She attempts to place a call to Blair but Todd pulls the cord from the wall. Téa realizes that Todd is planning a kidnapping. He only wants to see his children, he goes on, turning his back and talking on. Téa grabs her purse and slips out the door, onto the elevator. Todd races after her but he's too late. Down in the lobby, Téa attempts to leave a message for Blair but is unable to get her room number. She grabs the house phone to call her. Nearby, Todd makes it downstairs and spots her but as he makes his way to her, Starr walks by and spots Téa at the same time. The woman and the little girl embrace as he hides, looking on.


Rae looks at the ripped picture that she picked out of the trash and taped back together. She hears Asa's voice and puts it away so that they can have his therapy session but Asa announces that he's putting it off until next week, he wants no parts of it today. Claire's voice distracts him and he excitedly stops her to inquire about her date with Bo. She confesses with a sigh that he was very gentlemanly and too nice and not interested in her. When Asa urges her not to give up, Rae interrupts and tells Asa there's lots of therapy still ahead for him, for meddling in Bo's life. She dismisses Claire (who calls her Gretel which in turn has Asa doing the same) and tells Asa she will make sure more therapy sessions are added on if he doesn't stay for today's scheduled visit. Rae accuses Asa of being insecure and of hiding something. She thinks he's a coward, that the real Asa is weak and not a very good cowboy. It's only a legend that he's powerful, she suggests. He's really a fake and believes that he'll lose everything he's gained by accident. An enraged Asa informs her that he's earned everything that he has and to never underestimate him.

Bo makes a phone call, begging for someone to come over to fix his air-conditioner. No one is available so he figures he should be able to take care of it himself and takes Gabrielle up on her offer to help. The tight crawl space finds them in a compromising situation, especially when they accidentally get locked in. They keep their feelings in check with much difficulty and finally hear Claire's voice; she's returned to pick up her wrap that she left behind the night before. They begin to yell and bang on the door and Claire is able to let them out. Bo rushes off to get ready for work while Claire snidely tells Gabby that the door was too easy to open and Gabby isn't fooling anyone. Bo will catch on soon enough, she says. Blair tosses back that the door was difficult to open from the inside but later admits to herself that things are out of control.

Thursday, JUNE 13


Keri and Antonio argue about the issue of "Mark." Keri basically wants to spend the entire vacation trying to find Rae's lost love. She thinks that fate has brought them the camera photos and to Maui, right where Rae and Mark were many years ago. Antonio sneaks a peek at the wedding ring he has for Keri and tries to convince her otherwise. "No, we are at Maui because I saw a brochure." He says that he picked Maui because it was the only place as beautiful and perfect as Keri. Finally, after much deliberation, Antonio agrees to help Keri on the search during their stay.

Téa and Starr meet up and have a friendly reunion. Ross tries to "protect" Starr from strangers and comes between the two. When he figures out that Téa isn't a threat, he leaves the two alone. Starr thinks that her dad must have sent Téa and that she will be able to see him. Téa regrets to tell her that she's here by herself and Starr probably shouldn't tell Blair that she's here. Meanwhile back in the hotel room, Blair decides to go back to Llanview. She tells Sam that she needs to call a truce with Todd for the childrens' sake. They must be able to see each other. Sam agrees, but only if it is under heavy surveillance. Blair calls Ross downstairs and asks for him to bring Starr back up because they are going home. Ross doesn't look too happy, but brings Starr up anyway. Téa spies Todd and they discuss his plans with Starr and Jack. Téa says that she will not interfere because she wants Todd to stop on his own. From the room, Ross calls Todd and confirms that Blair and the children are going back to Llanview. When Téa hears this, she agrees to help Todd. Ross goes back downstairs to talk to Todd about any future arrangements. Ross says that his involvement is over. However, Todd wants Ross to nab the kids for him. Meanwhile upstairs, Blair finds Téa at her door.


After Asa tells all about how he made his fortune, Rae regrets hearing it all in the first place. "You should be in jail rather than in a mansion." Then Rae comes to the conclusion that all these shady dealings have brought on a great deal of guilt. Because of this uncontrollable guilt he has to face everyday, he must control others. Asa denies such a thing and taunts "Gretel" (Rae) about her past and how she must have many secrets. After Asa's session is over, Rae finds the torn photo of her and Mark and says, "If you only knew."

Al pays a visit to Cris just in time to see Jen in a towel. Al drops off new keys to the Break Bar and scolds Cris for turning off his cell and unhooking his phone. Cris and Al have a small argument about Al being Jen's friend. Cris sees right through Al's attempts to be only a buddy and blows him off. After Al leaves, Jen dresses and leaves for Statesville to visit her mom. Later on, she visits Al downstairs and thanks him for being there for her last night. She really needed someone to talk to about everything, especially about her mom. Jen leaves and Cris joins Al at the Break Bar. Al taunts Cris about the conversation he and Jen had last night. She told him about how she knew for months about Lindsay's involvement in Nora's kidnapping and drugging. It's evident from Cris' face that Jen never told him this. Shortly, Jen returns to retrieve her sunglasses and Cris asks why she never told him about her knowledge of Lindsay and Nora.

Over smoothies, Emily tells Troy about her "date" and a tour around Llanview coming up later on that day. Troy prods Emily for more info on this guy because he "can't be good enough for you." She doesn't know his name, only it starts with a "C" and he manages for Break Bar. Troy mistakes this guy for Cris and tells Emily that he has a girl friend. Emily is devastated and when Chad arrives at the door with a flower, she tells him off. Before he can explain, she calls him a lowlife. She makes fun of his flower, calls him a player, and threatens to tell his girlfriend. She slams the door in his face. When Troy comes back from his shower, Emily tells him what she did. She describes the creep with blond hair and blue eyes. Troy says that it must be a mistake because Cris has dark hair and brown eyes and actually, there is another guy who manages the bar. They both realize the mistake. Chad returns again and Emily apologizes. They decide to start all over.


While vacationing in Maui, Hawaii, with the children and Sam, Blair answers a knock at the door to find Téa. She begins to explain to Blair why she has come to her room, but Blair isn't having any of it. Accusations are rapidly hurled at Téa, as she is trying to get a sentence out. Sam suggests that they listen to what she has to say. Given the chance to speak, Téa reveals Todd's plan to kidnap the children. Blair doesn't believe her, but Sam has an open mind. Téa leaves. Blair flashes back to the nightmare of having thought her baby was dead, and Todd's ultimate betrayal that tore her family to shreds. Soon after, Ross's security men come to collect the kids. Sam and Blair mistrust the "guards", telling them there's been a change of plans, they respond by forcefully entering the room.

Ross attempts to talk his boss down from the kidnapping to no avail and he quickly backs off. Todd is flashing back to when he was happy with his family. Briefly, while looking at a photo of Blair and the children, in happier times, it seems Todd might reconsider making yet another hugh mistake, when Téa enters the room.

Having learned from Al that Jen knew for months about Lindsay drugging Nora, he inquires why she hadn't told him the truth. Jen responds that she was embarrassed and did not know Cris well enough at the time to say anything. The argument escalates from there, with Cris wanting to know why after all this time she was still withholding the truth, maybe she trusted Al more than he. She retorts that now he must know how she feels about Natalie. Jen is still angry when she leaves Break Bar for Statesville.

In a rage Cris smashes his hand on a glass.

Seth is observing Rex, living it up pool-side with Jessica. His sister implores him just to sign for an expensive lunch, as he is starving. His appetite quickly dissipates when Seth joins them. Jess goes off somewhere for a minute, leaving Seth with the opportunity to remind Rex that he knew both his sisters were wealthy before leaving Michigan.

When Jess returns she spouts at the mouth about buying Rex a much needed new wardrobe. It is for her boyfriend's benefit that Rex announces he's off to seek employment so that he may support himself. Seth neglects to share the truth about Rex's secret with Jessica.

Natalie reveals to a reluctant Ben that "Viki" has been behaving strangely, and doing bizarre things and is on the precipice of saying that her Mother had needlessly planted thoughts in her mind about inheriting D.I.D., when Viki enters the library from her listening post on the patio and thwarts Natalie's efforts. She begins putting on the good Mother act for Ben's benefit and he buys it. When left alone together, Natalie asks her Mother why she has been so cruel. Niki feigns ignorance, relentlessly telling her "daughter" that she may contract the insidious disorder no matter what she's read on the net or heard from Rae.

Natalie, having to leave the house, goes to Break Bar. When she sees Cris she decides to leave, but he asks her to stay.

Niki is reading a book about getting away with murder. After plotting a few scenarios, she decides the most palatable is having Natalie kill Ben while exhibiting another personality.

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