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Monday, June 10, 2002

As Karen and Ricky enjoy some bed time at Karen's place, Ricky challenges Karen to admit that they are always going to be MORE than 'just friends'. But, before Karen can answer, Karen and Ricky are interrupted by Frank's loud knocking on the door.

At the Recovery Room, Ian cleans up after Christina's birthday party while Kate looks for Alison, to plan courtroom strategy. As Kate complains to Ian how hard it is to try to keep Alison focused on the importance of winning in court, Ian and Kate hear Alison calling for Rafe. When Ian and Kate run outside, Alison shows them the pink rose and insists that Rafe was there. Kate admonishes Alison to quit chasing a ghost.

In Rafe and Livvie's Cabin, Livvie told Rafe that, before he disappeared, they were planning to get married. Rafe told Livvie that he feels like something is missing in Livvie's description of the bliss that Rafe and Livvie shared.

Meanwhile, back at Karen's place, as Frank insists on talking to Karen, Karen convinces Ricky to get out of sight while she finds out what Frank wants.

Back at the Recovery Room, Alison assures Ian and Kate that Rafe WAS there, but Kate told Alison that it looks to Kate more like Rafe is trying to torment Alison by letting Alison catch little glimpses of him and then leaving behind pink roses. Kate insists that Alison MUST start paying attention to building a defense for herself in court instead of chasing after a dream.

Alison confides in Ian that she would do anything for one more moment with Rafe. And Ian told Alison that he understands - Ian would also give anything for one more moment with Eve.

In their cabin, Livvie tries to convince Rafe that, if they would go through with the wedding they had planned before Rafe disappeared, Rafe's memory would surely begin to return. Rafe asks for some time to think about it and, when Rafe went out on the porch, Livvie told herself that she deserves Rafe and IS going to have him!

At Karen's place, Frank told Karen that the candle triggered the suppressed memory of Mary enjoying a clandestine romantic evening with a gentleman friend when Frank's father came home, roaring drunk, and caught Mary with her friend. Frank, Sr. called Mary all kinds of names and pushed her around. Frank assures Karen that the way Frank acted had nothing to do with Karen. But Karen told Frank that, even if Frank was reacting to a suppressed memory - that STILL does NOT change what happened between Frank and Karen. Frank then notices that Karen has her bed down and asks why she has turned in so early. When Karen mentions that she must be coming down with something, Frank offers to come in and help her get settled in - but Karen turns down Frank's offer of help.

At the Recovery Room, Ian and Alison talk about the similarities of their situations with missing a loved one. Ian told Alison that Ian knows that Eve would NOT want Ian to give up on HIS life and Ian is positive that Rafe would NOT want Alison to throw her life away either.

Meanwhile, at Their Cabin In the Woods, Livvie fights back tears as she describes for Rafe all the horrible things she has gone through. First Rafe disappeared. Then Livvie lost her father - and it was someone Livvie considered her best friend who murdered Livvie's father. Livvie went on to tell Rafe that, when Rafe suddenly returned, even when Rafe did NOT recognize her - Rafe STILL tried to protect Livvie - and that made Livvie love Rafe even more than before!

In the meantime, back at Karen's Place, Frank told Karen that he wants to have another test with the candle. Karen told Frank that the candle is still at the lab. But Frank wants to light the candle with Karen in the room with him. Karen is immediately worried that Frank might lose it again and told Frank so. However, as Frank talks, Karen suddenly agrees that she will THINK about the experiment Frank mentioned.

After Frank leaves, Ricky informs Karen that he will NOT 'let' Karen experiment with Frank and the candle. Karen told Ricky that, just because they have been to bed a couple of times together, Ricky did not get any kind of right to tell Karen how to run her life. Ricky then told Karen that, since there is a chance that Frank will lose it again when Frank gets the candle and Karen together again, and since Karen seems determined to go through with 'this Frank thing' - Ricky will STILL insist on being there with them. Karen agrees to think about it.

Back at their cabin, Rafe told Livvie that he WILL go ahead with the wedding, but, before the wedding there is something Rafe feels he NEEDS to do:

RAFE: "There is something I have to do before we move on together.'

LIVVIE: "OK. What is it?'

RAFE: "Well, there is someone that I can't get off my mind. And I just need to know why. So, before you and I get married - I HAVE to talk to Alison!'

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Hurt when Chris suddenly puts the brakes on their relationship, Doree snaps at Jack and Jamal after they come looking for a favor. Kevin rails at the powers that be as he faces an eternity in limbo. Meanwhile, Ian assures a fretful Lucy he's ready to try again to reach her missing husband. Jack lends Doree a sympathetic ear to keep her occupied while Jamal sneaks into the evidence room and pulls the Barrington file. Ian and Lucy return to the barn with Rebecca's portrait to make another attempt at channeling Kevin. Rebecca decides to show her companion the "up" side of life in paradise. Later, Kevin slowly begins to warm to the idea of spending a few hundred years with Paige's double as his only company.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

When Frank arrives at Karen's Place to try a new experiment with the Desire candle, Frank is surprised to find that Ricky is ALSO there.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Jack and Jamal go over Rebecca's trial records and discover that authorities kept out evidence that would have CLEARED Rebecca and the two friends also learn that authorities had information on the woman that Rev. Horatio Lodge ran away with and the records indicate the names of the Rev. Lodge's children.

Ian reports to Jack and Jamal that Kate talked to Judge Connelly about re-opening Rebecca's case and the Judge turned down Kate's request.

At Rafe and Livvie's cabin, Livvie told Rafe that she now agrees that, BEFORE Rafe and Livvie can be married in peace, Rafe SHOULD talk to Alison. As Livvie speaks, an Imposter Alison arrives and Livvie urges RAFE to answer the door. The Imposter Alison backs up Livvie's story and is also obviously obnoxious, self-centered and rude. Rafe gives Livvie a few bad moments when Rafe insists that this woman could NOT possibly be Alison, but Rafe seems to buy Livvie's story when Livvie assures Rafe that this is, indeed, Alison.

In the meantime, the REAL Alison went to the Bridge in the Park and remembers Ian urging her to do everything possible to get her freedom back - because that is what RAFE would surely WANT Alison to do!

As Alison speaks aloud to herself about her memories of Rafe, Alison suddenly told 'Rafe': "If I had JUST met you before you died....!' just as Lucy comes across the Bridge and overhears Alison talking. Lucy immediately demands answers to pointed questions Lucy has to ask Alison about Lucy's Cousin Rafe's 'death.'

Meanwhile, back at Karen's Place, Karen told Frank that Ricky is there at Karen's request in case Frank comes unglued again when the Desire candle is lighted. Karen lights the candle and then the three of them sit down to see what will happen. Even with the candle burning, Frank makes sweet, romantic declarations of love to Karen without any ill effects. But, as Frank speaks, Karen suddenly sees herself in bed with Ricky. Karen nervously calls an end to the experiment.

In the Park, on the Bridge, Lucy insists on knowing all the facts until Alison at last told Lucy that Lucy's cousin Rafe has been an angel since before he arrived in Port Charles and, that Rafe had been sent back in order to protect Lucy. Alison told Lucy that Alison believes there WERE other angels in Port Charles and Lucy agrees that Lucy knows that there WERE angels in Port Charles. As Alison affirms to Lucy that Alison can almost 'feel' Rafe trying to reach her, Lucy told Alison that Lucy has a similar experience with Kevin trying to reach Lucy as well.

Back in Rafe and Livvie's Cabin, Rafe told the Imposter Alison that she can leave, but the Imposter Alison starts a cat fight with Livvie instead, and the Imposter gloats about being released because the body of Livvie's father never showed up. Rafe takes lLvvie's side when the Imposter Alison slaps Livvie and Rafe puts the Imposter outside.

Once outside, the Imposter Alison pulls some cash from the planter box on the porch and she thanks Livvie, while congratulating herself on a job well-done.

Rafe told Livvie that the reason he did not believe that the person he was seeing was really Alison was because Rafe could not imagine that it would ever be possible for Rafe to be even mildly interested in someone as rude and obnoxious as Imposter Alison was. When Livvie breaks down, Rafe tenderly takes Livvie in his arms and promises Livvie that WHOEVER did away with Livvie's father will NOT get away with it!

At Karen's Place, Frank gingerly asks Karen if they could get back together again now that Frank's violent episodes with the candles seems to have come to an end, and Karen told Frank that that will NOT happen right away, but Karen does reluctantly agree to think about a reconciliation with Frank.

After Frank leaves, Ricky told Karen it was foolish of her to agree to give Frank yet another chance. Ricky reminds Karen that, while the candle was burning and Frank was saying all of those sweetly romantic things to Karen, Karen was looking at Ricky! When Karen denies that she was thinking about Ricky while the Desire candle burned, Ricky gets angry and storms out of Karen's apartment.

At the Recovery Room, Jack and Jamal fill Ian in on some of the details they gleaned from Rebecca's trial records and Ian told them that Ian has a plan for getting the Judge to listen to their request to have Rebecca's case re-opened - and it will take someone who is 'whacked' to pull it off. So Ian calls Lucy!

Ian gets Lucy on her cell and explains to Lucy that Ian has a plan to get Rebecca's case re-opened and Lucy quickly agrees and fills Alison in on the details.

At Their Cabin In the Woods, Rafe agrees with Livvie's plan for an immediate wedding. But, when Livvie rushes out to make arrangements for the wedding, Rafe is left alone in the Cabin. And Rafe suddenly gets flashbacks of the REAL Alison in the barn on the day that Rafe and Alison made vows to each other!

Thursday, June 13, 2002

In the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, Kevin practices making flowers appear at the snap of a finger and surprises Rebecca with the bouquet when she returns. Rebecca gratefully hugs Kevin for the thoughtful gesture, but as she hugs him, her necklace suddenly falls off and Rebecca is horrified that Kevin has seen the rope burn around her neck left from the day that she was hanged.

Meanwhile, on the Bridge in the Light House Garden, Lucy gets an amateur theatrical production underway with the help of Ian, Jack, Jamal, Alison and Kate.

In the meantime, as Rafe sleeps at Rafe and Livvie's Cabin, Livvie returns in a disheveled condition with dirt smudges on her face and arms and with her hair mussed up. Livvie quietly slips in and hurries to wash up, but Rafe wakes up as Livvie hurriedly washes her hands and face. Livvie quickly pulls herself together as Rafe reaffirms his plans that they should marry immediately. Livvie told Rafe that they could get married in Niagara Falls and take a honeymoon trip to Canada. Rafe reminds Livvie that Port Charles is their home, but Livvie informs Rafe that Livvie has taken care of EVERYthing and they can now leave Port Charles behind them - forever!

Rafe becomes immediately alarmed that Livvie wants to leave so soon, but Livvie points out that Port Charles is not really HER home and it is not Rafe's home either. Rafe brought up the trial and Livvie told Rafe that she can return to testify at the trial but they do NOT need to be living there in order for Livvie to testify. But Rafe insists that Livvie tell him WHY she seems to be trying to RUN away from Port Charles. Rafe told Livvie that he sincerely believes that the key to getting his memory back IS in Port Charles!

Back in the Light House Garden, Judge Connelly arrives and is angry because he was told he would be attending a charity event but believes it is highly improper for a Judge to be at the home of someone involved in one of the cases that he is trying. When Ian pleads with the Judge to just hear what they have to say, the Judge told Ian that he will give Ian 30 seconds to make his pitch.

The lights suddenly shine on Alison, standing on the bridge and dressed in a period costume. Alison begins to tell Rebecca's story. The Judge jumps up and says that will hold all of them in contempt.

Meanwhile, back at their Cabin, Livvie admits to Rafe that she IS afraid that Alison will find them and hurt them again, but Rafe promises Livvie that NOTHING will EVER separate them. Livvie begs Rafe to come away with her and Rafe finally agrees that he WILL leave Port Charles with Livvie. Livvie rushes out to make preparations to leave while Rafe stays behind in the Cabin to pack up - but, after Livvie leaves, Rafe says that there IS something he needs to do FIRST!

In Nowhere, Kevin encourages Rebecca to talk about her death at the hands of an angry mob.

Back in the Light House Garden, Kate urges the Judge to just listen to the evidence they have accumulated in Rebecca's defense, and the Judge finally relents.

Jack plays the part of Rev. Horatio Lodge and told how Horatio was engaged to the Mayor's daughter but was in love with someone else and went to his friend - Rebecca Barrington - for help in finding a way for him to be with the woman he loved without disgracing his family. 'Horatio' describes how he and Rebecca decided that Horatio would leave his bloody shirt in the woods to create the impression he had been killed by a wild animal and Horatio and his lady love would run away together.

Jamal plays the part of Mayor Silas Whitman and 'Silas' told how the Mayor desperately believed that Rebecca was truly wicked and was responsible for the murder of Silas' daughter's fiancÚ - so Silas pushed for the arrest, conviction and execution of Rebecca.

Lucy plays Penelope Fillmore, the woman that Horatio ran away with and 'Penelope' declares that Penelope and Horatio lived together for many years after they left Port Charles and had four children.

The Judge is impressed but told them they all need to produce some LEGAL evidence - not just theatrics. Kate informs the Judge that she has uncovered evidence of birth records of descendants of Horatio and Penelope, plus evidence that Port Charles authorities had evidence that Horatio was NOT dead - but the authorities pushed ahead on Rebecca's conviction and execution while suppressing the evidence they had that Rev. Horatio Lodge was still alive and that NO murder had been committed! Kate went on to inform Judge Connelly that she was given permission to exhume the remains of the person they believed was Horatio and the DNA matched the DNA of the parents of Rev. Horatio Lodge, both of whom are buried in Port Charles.

The Judge told them to meet him in his chambers in one hour.

Lucy is elated and begins making plans to have Kevin home that very night.

Meanwhile, in Nowhere, Rebecca thanks Kevin for listening to her side of the events of her life and for his understanding. Then Rebecca told Kevin that she wants to do something special for him and Rebecca leads Kevin off into the Forest.

Back in the Light House Garden, Alison, Jack, Jamal, Ian and Lucy pack up their theatrical equipment and Lucy cons Ian into promising to spring for dinner for everyone.

However, Alison remains alone for a few minutes on the Bridge and remembers the vows she made with Rafe, observing that it seems like it was only yesterday.

As Alison leaves the Bridge, Rafe has returned to the Barn and has a flashback of Alison on the day they made vows to each other. 'Always you,' Rafe says. 'Why is it always you?'

Livvie is also alone, at her special place, down by the water and Livvie makes a promise to Rachel: 'Well, it's finally happening! Rafe and I are getting married - tonight! And I did what you said. I made sure nothing can stop us. Alison won't get away with what she has done. And the police will have everything they need now!'

Friday, June 14, 2002

In the Mystical Forest of Nowhere, Rebecca shows Kevin the Old Swimming Hole. Kevin is impressed by the pools that materialize out of Nowhere and campfires that start with the snap of a finger. When Rebecca asks Kevin what Kevin wants - Kevin suddenly kisses Rebecca - passionately!

Back at the Recovery Room, Lucy, Ian, Jack, Jamal and Alison wait for Judge Connelly to make a decision in Rebecca's case. Lucy told Ian how she is looking forward to Kevin coming home and Lucy told Alison that Lucy wishes she could give Rafe back to Alison. And Alison confesses to Lucy that Alison and Rafe made vows to each other in the barn - but Alison is well aware that Rafe would probably NEVER be able to return to her.

Meanwhile, Rafe meets Livvie at the Barn and Livvie is eager to get on their way to Niagara Falls for their wedding. But Rafe wants to get married at The Barn because Livvie told Rafe that the Barn was where they first made love. When Livvie protests that there would be no one there to perform the ceremony, Rafe introduces Livvie to Rev. Novatt and his wife Joan, who have just arrived to conduct the service. But Livvie continues to hold out for a wedding in Niagara Falls, telling Rafe that being married in the midst of tractors and troughs is not all that romantic.

In the meantime, in Nowhere, Kevin suddenly pulls away from his passionate embrace with Rebecca, telling Rebecca that he feels wrong kissing her because he takes his vows to Lucy seriously - but, nevertheless, Kevin wants to kiss Rebecca any way.

Back at the Recovery Room, Lucy discusses with Ian the plans that Lucy has been making for Kevin when Kevin returns. But Ian warns Lucy that Lucy should be prepared for the possibility that Kevin has gone through some intense emotional stuff while he has been gone and might be a changed man when he returns.

As Jack and Jamal contemplate the possibilities of a favorable verdict in Rebecca's case, Jack mentions Livvie and Jamal reminds his friend that Jack had decided NOT to even mention Livvie's name. Jack brought out Rafe's Medallion, which Jack discovered after Livvie and Rafe had hastily departed Ian's Cabin, and Jack told Jamal that the Medallion belonged to Livvie's new pal and that Jack keeps it around to remind him of how much Livvie has changed in the past few months!

Meanwhile, back at the Barn, Livvie tries to convince Rafe that The Barn has good memories and bad memories for her - The Barn was also the place where Livvie's father probably lost his life. But Rafe finally prevails on Livvie to at least go inside and see what Rafe has prepared. Once inside, Livvie is awed by the beauty of the Barn, which is adorned with wall-to-wall flowers and is truly beautiful. Livvie takes in the breath-taking sight and suddenly agrees with Rafe that they should go ahead and have their wedding right there and right then - and it would be a perfect symbol as Rafe and Livvie leave Port Charles and its problems far behind them for a new life.

In the meantime, in Nowhere, as Kevin and Rebecca continue to kiss, Rebecca suddenly begins to feel something strange happening to her.

Back in the Recovery Room, as Lucy insists to Ian that Kevin would NEVER change, and Alison joins Jack and Jamal for some French fries - Kate arrives and announces to the little gathering that it is all over!

Meanwhile, back at the Barn, Rev. Novatt begins the marriage ceremony for Livvie and Rafe. While making HER vows, Livvie admits that everything changed for her when she met Rafe. However, when Rafe begins to make HIS vows, Rafe starts by telling Livvie that she was like his Guardian Angel when he could not remember anything about his past - but then Rafe begins to see flashes of Alison's face in front of him and Livvie realizes that something intense is going on with Rafe.

In the meantime, at the Recovery Room, Kate told the assembled friends the good news that the Judge has overturned Rebecca's conviction. Everyone begins to celebrate and Lucy insists she has to get home right away to wait for Kevin and Ian agrees to drive Lucy to the Light House.

At the same time, back in Nowhere, Rebecca begins to fade and she decides that it MUST mean that Alison has cleared Rebecca's name! When Kevin becomes excited at the prospect that they will BOTH be able to leave now, Rebecca told Kevin that, since Kevin is alive, Kevin can NOT go with Rebecca. As she fades, Rebecca reminds Kevin that the ONLY way Kevin will be able to return to Port Charles is for someone who is capable of believing to find the candle and light it. Rebecca told Kevin to remember the Power of Belief. Kevin screams 'NO!' as Rebecca disappears from sight.

Back at the Recovery Room, as Jack, Jamal and Alison wonder what Livvie will think when Livvie finds out that Livvie was wrong about Rebecca and Alison all along, Jack pulls out Rafe's Medallion and throws it in the trash without Alison noticing what it is that Jack has in his hand. But, Jack misses the trash can and, when Alison told Jack and Jamal good-bye, Alison ends up standing right beside the dropped Medallion.

And, at the Barn, Rafe tries to continue with the marriage service but Rafe finds himself again repeating the same vows he made with Alison and seeing Alison's face. Then Rafe suddenly stops the ceremony and confesses to Livvie that he can NOT go through with the wedding BECAUSE Rafe is ALREADY married!

Kate returns to the Recovery Room and informs Alison that the D.A. has just informed Kate that Kevin's remains have been found!

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