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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on DAYS
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Monday, June 10, 2002

Sami and Jack meet at Salem Place for their weekend trip. Kate runs into the two and warns Jack away from Sami. Jack leaves the two women to their arguing. Insults are traded, Kate wins. After Kate walks off Jack returns, and he and Sami leave for the inn to spoil Brandon and Jennifer's romantic weekend.

As she is walking away Kate is talking out loud to herself. Victor hears her, and he too trades barbs with Kate. After she leaves, he meets up with his "go to" guy in order to get the information he requested on Colin. Unfortunately there is not much to report on. There are large gaps in Colin's history. Victor becomes even more suspicious.

Jen is looking in the hospital for Brandon. She decides to wait in the cafeteria for him. Meanwhile he's snuck in to see Lexie. He finds Celeste there with her. Abe soon shows up and is not happy to see Brandon there. When Abe orders Brandon out, Lexie starts yelling. There is an argument and Abe threatens to arrest Brandon if he catches him with Lexie again. After Brandon is gone Abe offers Lexie his help. She refuses and tells him that she is now his worst nightmare. She claims herself to be the next generation of DiMera's and vows revenge on everyone in Salem who has hurt her...

Brandon goes to the cafeteria and finds Jennifer there. He tells her that he's concerned about a patient and she offers to cancel their weekend. He insists on going and hints that Jack and Sami will be way to busy to bother them.

Abe is talking to the doctor on the hall while Lexie listens from her room. She hears the doctor tell Abe that worst case scenario is having to keep her locked up for years, but he is hoping that Lexie will get over her grief and anger before that happens. The doctor asks Abe and Celeste to leave as they are going to sedate Lexie. Two nurses enter Lexie's room but one is called away. As the second nurse turns to give the shot to Lexie, she is overpowered. Shortly after that the first nurse does a bed check and sees what appears to be a sleeping Lexie. We then see Lexie step into the elevator dressed in the nurses uniform...

Celeste and Abe discuss Lexie's condition over coffee, suddenly Celeste is overcome with a bad "feeling."

Brandon and Jen arrive at the inn for their weekend alone. Colin and Nicole also arrive and are in the room next to Brandon and Jennifer(as Colin had previously arranged).

Sensing Jennifer's hesitation Brandon offers to get her a separate room. She tells him that she does want to stay with him and seems to warm up a little. He assures her that he's not trying to pressure her. They decide to head for the hot tub. Jennifer heads out first. Brandon makes a quick call to the inn in order to make sure Jack and Sami are kept well occupied. He then joins Jennifer.

Things are progressing at a much more X-rated pace in Colin and Nicole's room! She is coming on in a very aggressive manner, and it is obvious that sex isn't Colin's top priority but he's doing his best to go along. After eavesdropping and hearing Brandon and Jennifer decide to use the hot tub, Colin the suggests that he and Nicole use theirs. Nicole is quite eager. They strip down right there in front of each other and ogle the "goodies"(Eeeeewwwwwww!!)and then head outside.

Colin and Nicole are being so loud that Brandon and Jennifer hear them. Brandon recognizes his sister's voice and heads over to investigate. Neither he nor Jennifer are pleases to see who their lusty neighbors are...

Jack and Sami arrive at the "Full Moon." They aren't super impressed with the place, but they are there to spoil the weekend for Jennifer and Brandon, so they head in. They are greeted by an older couple. Out of earshot we hear the couple say that Jack and Sami look like easy pickings and should be dead by midnight. While signing in, Jack and Sami are warned that the power sometimes goes out for hours. While Sami handles what appears to be a prop gun the old couple get nervous. Once they get to their room, Jack and Sami find the place to be very creepy. Jack decides to check things out while Sami waits in the room. Sami picks up a book and discovers a bloody handprint inside!

Jack noses around the front desk and lobby. He finds the gun and sees that it is real and loaded. He also discovers that Jennifer and Brandon are not registered there at all. He heads back to the room when he hears Sami's screams. Sami shows Jack the book and they read the passage that has been marked. Then they hear shots! The two realize they have been set up and decide to flee. While Jack turns his back a man comes through a secret door and grabs Sami. Jack turns to speak to her and sees she's gone...

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Today's episode began with Bo and Hope picking up Zack from his birthday party, which seems like it has been going on for weeks. The Jack-in-the-box planted by Rolf to spy on the Brady's was still transmitting, but the non-stop baby talk was driving Bart crazy. Roman seemed to look at the toy suspiciously, but he didn't do anything.

Marlena and Belle were shopping at Salem Place, when Shawn suddenly appeared and said he needed a moment alone with Belle. Beautiful Belle just rolled her eyes. Shawn tried desperately to apologize after Belle made an unsuccessful attempt at blowing him off. He tried to explain that he was a fool and that he was manipulated by Jan. With Jan out of the picture and in London, Shawn told Belle that what really made him feel awful was seeing Belle unhappy because of his actions. Once again, Belle wasn't buying his apology. She told him instead to get used to things not being perfect in the world. Chloe, Mimi, and Philip continued to plot to get Belle and Shawn back together. While Belle was talking to Shawn, Philip pulled Marlena aside and asked for her help. Before leaving Salem Place, Philip sat down at a table with Cynthia. She was excited to go to the Last Blast with him, but her happiness was short-lived. Cynthia tried to hold his hand, and he snatched it away. He told her, "Forget it Cynthia--it's over." She seemed confused, so he made things clear. He told her she was "nothing but a user and a manipulator," and chastised her for enabling Jan in her schemes to break up Belle and Shawn.

Shawn arrived at the pub and was greeted by cheers and congratulations. He tried his best to force a smile, but his family could tell something was wrong. The only time he was genuinely happy was when he got to talk to JT on the phone, to wish him happy birthday. Shawn actually laughed and smiled, but it was only for a moment. Abe arrived at the party, looking like the bearer of bad news. And indeed he did have terrible news. He told everyone that Lexie had managed to escape from the mental hospital. This was news to Rolf, who decided to send some people out to look for Lexie. Roman asked Abe to let him coordinate the search for Lexie, and Abe readily agreed. Abe also announced that he had issued an APB for Rolf. Undaunted, Rolf told Bart that the police would have to find him first. Abe also informed Roman that a lead had been phoned in about the person who had helped Lexie escaped. Abe said angrily that he thought Brandon Walker was the one who had helped her escape.

Back at the Brady house, Bo and Hope prodded a reluctant Shawn, telling him to get dressed and go to the dance. After all, he wouldn't want to make Chloe wait. Finally, he agreed, got dressed up in a smart suit with a powder blue tie, and left for the evening. After he left and Zack went to bed, Hope became frantic and irrational. She was deathly afraid that Lexie would somehow steal Zack, even with police guarding her home at all times. Bo told her not to give Stefano the satisfaction of causing her to panic. Bo went in the kitchen, and when he came back, Hope had awakened Zack and was playing with him downstairs. She admitted to Bo that she was scared. He said he knew what to do to make her feel more secure.

Craig and Nancy were filled with pride after Chloe's amazing speech at graduation. Nancy marveled at how strong Chloe was, and wished she could be as strong and self-assured as her daughter. Craig reassured her that she was strong, then insisted that it was his medical opinion that they should let Chloe go to the Last Blast. Nancy said no way, but Chloe insisted, and finally she and Craig won Nancy over. When Shawn arrived to pick Chloe up, Craig supplied Shawn with his number and told him to call if anything happened, no matter what time. Nancy got excited when she saw Chloe in her dress, and she just had to take pictures. Chloe's smile stretched clear across her lovely face, while Shawn remained stoic and depressed.

Mimi arrived at Belle's house and tried to convince her to come to the Last Blast. She wasn't making any headway, but luckily reinforcements were right behind her. Philip strolled in, looking dashing in his tuxedo, and told Belle, "Come on Cinderella, you're going to the ball after all." At first, Belle reacted bitterly to this sweet gesture, not enjoying the comparison to Cinderella. Then, she used her last excuse, saying she didn't have a dress anyway. Just then, Marlena revealed that she had bought Belle a dress earlier in the day. That was what Philip told her to do at Salem Place. Those crafty kids! Well, now they had Belle in a corner, and she finally agreed to go. As Belle got dressed, Marlena told Philip not to put too much pressure on Belle to talk to Shawn. She advised that he let Belle make her own choices. Belle looked cute as always in her little blue dress, and Marlena couldn't resist taking pictures. She took enough to last a lifetime, but Belle just didn't seem too excited. As the gang got ready to leave, Marlena told Belle to focus on having fun for the evening, and to look past her anger. After Belle and the others left, Marlena looked at the pictures she had just taken with her digital camera. Belle's sad frown stood out, clearly displaying her deep unhappiness.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Bo suggests to Hope that they take Zack and board the Fancy Face so they can sail away from Salem until Lexie is grabbed again. Abe likes the idea and offers to have his men check out the boat first. Meanwhile, Lexie is hiding on the boat and slips off after overhearing the police arrive to search. She calls Brandon for help. Nicole is upset when Jennifer forces Colin to admit he knew that Jennifer and Brandon would be at the lodge. Upset, Jennifer retreats to the room where she starts to seduce Brandon until Lexie calls and he makes an excuse to leave. Colin returns to his room and finds Nicole inviting him to bed. Naked, he jumps in only to have Nicole slap him and dump the ice bucket contents on him.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

The last blast dance is in full swing. Chloe and Shawn walk in together and everyone looks and gasps. Shortly after Belle and Philip make their entrance. Belle tells Mimi and Philip that she and Shawn will never be together again not knowing Shawn was behind her and heard her. Philip blows off Cynthia and tells her that by the end of the night he will have Chloe back. Mimi is happily surprised when Kevin shows up to help her serve refreshments and tells her that he loves her. Then Philip overhears Chloe telling Belle that she really doesn't even care anymore about what happened between Philip and Cynthia. Then Philip calls her on it and asks if they can be together again, but she walks away without answering him. Mimi notices Jason and Cynthia putting their evil minds together and tries to find out what they are up to. Chloe and Shawn are on the dance floor while Belle and Philip are dancing too. They all have flashbacks of happier times from the previous last blast dances. It's to much for Belle and she leave the room for time alone. Shawn sees her and goes after her. He confronts her in the hallway and tells her she has to listen to everything he wants to say.

Abe and Celeste try to figure out where Lexie is hiding. Celeste has visions of water, so Abe sends police to search the dock area. Abe calls the Green Mountain Lodge to find out if Brandon is registered there for the weekend and finds out he is. Brandon shows up just in time to pull Lexie out of the river. He thought she was trying to end her life and she left him know she was going after Isaac who was sailing away in the FancyFace. Then Brandon takes Lexie to a hotel to hide out and calm down. The police report back to Abe that a woman matching Lexie's description was spotted on the docks with a 6ft male companion. Abe finds out that Brandon left the lodge hours ago and thinks he is the one with Lexie. Lexie wants Stefano to call her and help her. Then she begs Brandon to help her and he tells her he will by taking her back to the hospital. He explains that it will make her look better and not so insane if she turns herself in.

Jennifer and Colin get to the Full Moon Inn where Jack and Sami are being held. The wacky owners of the Inn have Jack and Sami trapped behind the walls. Jack falls back behind the wall and sees Sami's head with a light glowing and he thinks its her ghost, but it's just Sami holding a flashlight to her face. Then Jack is almost strangled by a feather boa from holes in the wall. Jennifer and Colin find Jacks room and his suitcase. Jennifer looks inside and sees their wedding picture. Colin warns her to get Jack out of her life for good. Jack and Sami get close while stuck behind the walls and almost kiss! Then they come back to their senses and start looking for a way out only to get stuck in wet cement! Jennifer and Colin confront the Inn owners about Jack and Sami's whereabouts, as Jack and Sami get out of the cement and find a way out through the wall. Then they break through the wall into the lobby where the Inn keepers are with Jennifer and Colin talking. Jack is happy to see that Jennifer came to his rescue and Colin pulls out the gun he found at the Inn and shoots Jack in the chest. Jack falls to the floor, blood on his shirt, with Sami holding him.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Brady ponders the mysterious snow globe as he waits for his father to arrive. When John does get there, he remarks that Brady looks as if he's seen a ghost. Brady tells John of the strange happenings at the loft recently. John is skeptical and chalks it up to an old building making strange sounds. He further suggests that Brady just may be jumpy because he's never lived alone before. He tells his son that there is nothing "Stephen King" going on! As John waits for the elevator, he spots Brady's newspaper. He's not happy to hear that Lexie has escaped. He then reads the "Intruder" headlines. Something he reads causes a realization and he takes off in a hurry...

Meanwhile back inside the loft Brady is spooked by the computer being switched on when he knows for a fact that he shut it down earlier. As he tries to convince himself that maybe he didn't shut it off after all, the computers screen tells him to " go to the hospital now."..

Craig and Nancy anxiously await Chloe's test results at the hospital. Craig calls down to the lab, but is told it will be at least an hour before they are ready. Nancy is beside herself with worry and Craig does his best to keep her as calm as possible. Finally the lab calls. Craig tells Nancy the bad news; Chloe does have leukemia. Nancy falls apart. As Craig consoles his wife he tells her that they will start treatment A.S.A.P.

At the "Last Blast" everyone is having a good time, with the exception of Shawn and Belle. Belle is angry with Shawn and tries to walk away. Shawn blurts out that he was not the father of Jan's baby. He apologizes for not telling her the truth sooner. Belle doesn't believe him and asks who the father was if it wasn't him. He reveals that Jan was raped by Paul and asks Belle not to tell anyone what he's said to her. Belle is stunned by this, but is still hurt that he sided with Jan. Shawn tries to make her see that his only concern was for the baby. He asks for forgiveness, but Belle runs off.

Chloe tries to be subtle in explaining to Philip that she is truly ill, but he's just not getting it. He's too busy blathering on about his dream of the two of them going to school in N.Y.C. and living happily ever after. Chloe gets frustrated with him. Spotting Belle, they go over to talk to her. Philip asks Belle to dance, while Chloe urges Shawn not to give up.

Mimi and Kevin overhear Cynthia and Jason plotting. They plan on going after Shawn and Philip. Jason and Cynthia position themselves on the dance floor; Mimi and Kevin are right behind them. As the balloons fall to the ground Cynthia signals Jason that it's time. Mimi and Kevin shove Cynthia and Jason into each other so that the balloons they are holding burst on each other! The dancing comes to a halt. The teachers are very angry as are the students. Chloe gives the pair quite the "get over yourselves" speech. Jason and Cynthia are then asked to leave. Chloe then begins to feel woozy.

As the last song begins, a miserable Shawn stands alone. Belle takes his hand and they dance. They both say I love you.

Philip ( who still isn't getting that something is wrong) asks Chloe to wear the necklace he'd given her. She agrees, and they dance the last song together. Philip proclaims his love to Chloe but before she can respond she collapses to the floor...

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