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Monday, DECEMBER 2ND, 2002

At the Lighthouse, as Christina insists that the REAL Kevin kissed her good night LAST night, Lucy and Ian assure the tyke that she just had a dream. To convince Christina, Ian takes Christina on a tour of the upstairs rooms. While Christina and Ian are gone, Lucy contemplates her growing attraction to Ian.

Rafe and Alison meet Mrs. Caroline Ford at the Recovery Room. But, when Alison asks about her sister, Caroline informs Alison that Caroline's daughter Shannon did NOT make the trip with her. But, Mrs. Ford DOES show Alison a photograph of her daughter. Alison is amazed at the strong family resemblance between herself and Shannon. When Rafe asks HOW Caroline learned about the Barrgington family legacy, Caroline informs them that Elizabeth notified them about it. Meanwhile, a shaken Elizabeth waits outside the Recovery Room. As she begins to feel the ill effects of having failed to drink from Stephen's blue bottle, Elizabeth frantically tries to call Stephen, but she has no luck reaching him, so she leaves a desperate message, begging Stephen to contact her right away.

After Stephen catches Joshua and Livvie kissing at the studio, Livvie sees Caleb bare his fangs and sees his eyes turn red. And Livvie sinks to the floor, begging Caleb NOT to kill her. However, Stephen gently assures an incredulous Livvie that he would NEVER hurt her!

Back at the Light House, Ian and Christina return and report that they have had NO luck finding Kevin ANY where in the Light House. As Ian reassures Christina that she can see Kevin whenever she closes her eyes, Christina hugs Ian and told him that she loves him. Then Christina heads up to bed. When Lucy asks Ian if they should finish their conversation about their feelings for each other, Ian announces that he has to head out to the Hospital for an all-night round of duty, so Ian and Lucy agree to meet for a discussion the following morning.

Back at the Recovery Room, as Rafe cautions Alison NOT to get her hopes up about her 'sister,' Alison leaves to call Elizabeth. When Alison leaves, Rafe tries to quiz Caroline and mentions that all the Barrington family money is gone. But Caroline confidently assures Rafe that she and her husband are VERY comfortable and that Caroline just agreed to the meeting because she wanted her daughter to have a chance to know her sister. When Alison returns, she asks Caroline if it would be OK to call Shannon. But, an unsteady Elizabeth chooses just that moment to enter the Recovery Room. Elizabeth tearfully confesses to Alison that Caroline is a fake and her claims to be the mother of Alison's missing sibling are fraudulent. A shocked Alison accuses her materialistic mother of having dug up a fraudulent sibling for no other reason than to claim the reward Alison had promised in exchange for Elizabeth helping to locate Alison's missing sibling.

Meanwhile, at Stephen's studio, Livvie insists that she KNOWS that Stephen is Caleb because she saw his fangs. But Stephen opens his mouth to reveal NO fangs and accuses Livvie of just hallucinating from too much Holiday cheer. As Livvie protests that she is NOT drunk and KNOWS all of Caleb's tricks, Caleb insists that he needs to speak to Joshua privately. But, after Joshua and Caleb leave the room, Livvie is horrified when she realizes that Caleb locked the door and Livvie is locked in - ALONE - at Stephen's studio! However, outside the door, Caleb grabs Joshua by the throat and lifts the band manager off the floor in a death grip.

CALEB: "Don't you EVER lay a hand on her again!'

At the same time, as Lucy gets ready for bed, Ian calls her to say good night and Lucy thanks Ian for reassuring Christina. After speaking to Ian, Lucy notices her wedding picture with Kevin - and Lucy vows that she WILL remain true to Kevin and will need to inform Ian the following day that their relationship can NEVER be more than friendship. But, when Lucy went to sleep, she begins to dream of Ian, visiting in her bedroom and declaring his love for her!

Back at the Recovery Room, after Caroline angrily storms out, Alison expresses her shock and hurt and anger to her mother. Alison accuses Elizabeth of lying about her feelings for her daughter during the plane crash. But Elizabeth protests that her feelings for Alison ARE real and that the "Sister Shannon Scam" was something that Elizabeth set up BEFORE the crash, and it had just gotten out of control. But Alison told Elizabeth that Alison no longer believes that Elizabeth was sincere when Elizabeth confessed how much she loved her daughter at the crash site. As Elizabeth shakily admits that she does NOT feel well, Alison does NOT believe her mother and Alison storms out of the Recovery Room. Elizabeth begs Rafe for his help and pleads with Rafe to just speak to Alison. But Rafe told Elizabeth that he can see that Elizabeth IS ill and Rafe offers to get a drink of water for Elizabeth. But, when Rafe hands the glass of water to Elizabeth, he deliberately drops the glass and breaks it. Then, as Rafe picks up the broken glass, Rafe deliberately cuts his hand, all the while watching for Elizabeth's reaction to the sight of blood on Rafe's hand.

Back at Stephen's studio, Caleb releases Joseph from a death grip. As Joshua protests that he was merely trying to protect Caleb from Livvie, Joshua confesses: "I do NOT know what happened! Things got out of control. I -- Maybe she drugged me!'

CALEB: "OF COURSE she drugged you! Don't you understand? She IS one of us, Joshua! Do not EVER under-estimate her! The last time I fell for her charms - she drove a stake through my heart!'

JOSHUA: "I was trying to stop her before she could get another shot at you.'

CALEB: "Do I have to remind you WHO is running the show here? Shall I snap your neck and drain every drop of blood from your body to make my point? Hey! I KNOW you are only trying to look out for me. I TOLD you - I LOVE being Stephen Clay! A Rock Star is the next best thing to being a vampire. And I have it all! Relax!'

Caleb opens the door to Livvie's locked room and announces that she is free to go. But Caleb asks Livvie WHY she came tonight.

LIVVIE: "To unmask you. Find out WHY you are here. AND - WHAT you want from me!'

CALEB: "By sleeping with my manager?'

LIVVIE: "Yeah. Whatever it takes!'

CALEB: "My, my - you ARE a resourceful girl, aren't you?'

LIVVIE: "And, then, there IS Tess! You sent my double here - to take over my life?'

CALEB: 'Dracula is not good enough for you? Now I am Dr. Frankenstein as well? This Caleb - he must have done SOME number on you for you to fall this far from your rocker!'

LIVVIE: "I KNOW it is you, Caleb. AND I know how to prove it!'

Livvie suddenly kisses Caleb, but he pretends to compare her to all of his other groupies.

At the same time, at the Light House, Lucy dreams of seeing Ian in her bedroom, and of confessing that Lucy loves Ian and is not sure that the REAL Kevin will EVER come back to her. As Lucy dreams of giving in to the desire to hop into bed with Ian, she turns around on the bed and is shocked to see Kevin beside her! Kevin just smiles when he sees his wife's alarm!

Back at Stephen's Studio, Livvie continues to believe that Stephen is Caleb, even though he pretends to be unmoved by their kiss.

CALEB: "Oh - what is the matter? Didn't I pass the Caleb test?'

LIVVIE: "WHY are you doing this to me, Caleb? I already told you I AM sorry! I KNOW I hurt you!'

CALEB: "I thought vampires could NOT be hurt!'

LIVVIE: "This one loved me. And I betrayed him!'

CALEB: "Poor Caleb. Poor Livvie. But poor Stephen has got a LOT of work to so - so I HAVE to cut this evening short. I think you know the way out.'

But, after Livvie leaves, Livvie says to herself: "I am NOT wrong! I KNOW I am NOT wrong!'

And Joshua suddenly materializes from a hidden corner and watches Livvie leave. Inside the studio, Caleb whispers: "Olivia!'

Tuesday, DECEMBER 3, 2002

When Lucy went to bed at the Lighthouse, she dreams of admitting to Ian that she loves him and that they are getting ready to hit the sheets. But Lucy is startled awake when she finds a man in her bed - KEVIN!

Kevin admits that he has been at the Lighthouse for a couple of days and that he arrived at night and just went to sleep in the Studio. When he awoke the next morning and saw that Lucy had the house filled with company, Kevin had decided to wait until the company had gone before making his presence known.

Meanwhile, Jack arrives at the Hospital with Tess and asks to see Chris. As Tess wonders WHY Ian would NOT be the one who would be running further tests on Tess' DNA, Jack flashes back to his conversation with Jamal, who wondered how long Jack would be able to keep Tess' DNA secret, as long as Ian was all over Jack's case about it. But, while Jack is waiting for Chris, Tess finds Ian and brought Ian to Jack, happily announcing that, since Ian is there, IAN can conduct the DNA tests.

At the same time, at Stephen's Studio, Stephen remembers kissing Livvie, then calls Joshua and demands to know where Marissa is. Stephen orders Joshua to find Marissa and bring her to the Studio right away. After Stephen hangs up, Band-Member Cass told Stephen that Elizabeth called and left an urgent message for Stephen. Stephen decides that Elizabeth must need another dose of the magic blue elixir. In the meantime, Elizabeth is at the Recovery room, transfixed by the sight of blood on the cut on Rafe's hand.

Back at the Hospital, Ian promises Jack that he will keep all of Tess's tests secret and Tess leaves with Ian. When Chris arrives, Jack told Chris that Jack NEEDS Chris to help Jack protect Tess.

Meanwhile, at the Lighthouse, Kevin explains to Lucy that Dr. Fox decided that Kevin was ready to go home and continue his therapy as an outpatient. Kevin produces official release papers to convince Lucy that Kevin is now in fine mental health. Lucy accuses Kevin of spying on her and demands to know WHY Kevin did not at least CALL Lucy before coming home. But Kevin insists that this news just did not seem like the kind of news that should be entrusted to a telephone call. Kevin told Lucy that he WILL leave if Lucy is NOT comfortable with Kevin staying at the Lighthouse. Then Kevin asks if Lucy still loves him. Lucy hesitantly assures Kevin that there was NEVER any question of her love for him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth seems mesmerized by the sight of blood on Rafe's hand and, while Elizabeth shakily tries to help Rafe bandage the cut, Stephen arrives at the Recovery Room. However, before Stephen enters, Alison stops Stephen and told Stephen that she wants to talk to him about Elizabeth. Alison fills Stephen in on Elizabeth's attempt to scam Alison by pretending that Elizabeth HAD discovered Alison's missing sibling. Stephen urges Alison to give her mother another chance - because - 'Blood is thicker than water!' Meanwhile, inside, Rafe tries to quiz Elizabeth about her obviously nervous reaction to Rafe's wound. But, when Stephen arrives, Elizabeth anxiously flings herself into Stephen's arms. And Stephen hustles Elizabeth outside for a walk. When Stephen gets Elizabeth outside, he urges her to drink from the blue bottle. When Elizabeth pleads that there IS something seriously wrong with her, Stephen assures Elizabeth that he is flying a specialist in the following day. When Elizabeth drinks from the blue bottle, her symptoms vanish almost instantly! When Elizabeth demands to know WHAT is in the bottle, Stephen again assures Elizabeth that it is just a mixture of vitamins and electrolytes. Stephen testifies that that particular magic elixir has given all the members of his band 'a new lease on life!' Stephen leaves a blue bottle with Elizabeth and instructs her to have a sip whenever she feels tired or sick. Then Stephen told Elizabeth that Alison is upset about the 'Sister Shannon Scam' that Elizabeth tried to pull. And Stephen told Elizabeth that BEFORE Elizabeth gets any more loving from Stephen, Elizabeth needs to do some damage control right away, where Alison is concerned!

At the same time, at the Hospital, Tess and Ian return from taking Tess's DNA tests and Ian complains to Jack that Chris showed up to 'help.' When Jack insists that Jack ASKED Chris for his help, to provide backup to make sure there were no mistakes, Ian asks to go off to talk privately with Jack. Before he leaves, Jack asks Chris to keep an eye on Tess. When Jack and Ian are alone, Ian warns Jack that doctoring tests to prove that Tess IS human will NOT change the truth about Tess - and it is the TRUTH about Tess that Jack will have to live with. Jack told Ian that Jack wants Ian to walk away from the Tess situation in order to protect Tess from being turned into a curiosity. Ian promises to keep Tess's secret. Meanwhile, at the nurses's station, Chris gives Tess a stethoscope so she can listen to her heart. But, just as Tess is starting to enjoy listening to her heart, Chris is suddenly called away to answer a phone call. As Tess begins to listen to her own heart beat, she suddenly remembers Livvie searching for Caleb at the Wedding House. And then Tess remembers Livvie running through the woods. Tess begins to cry and cover her ears and throws the stethoscope down.

Back at the Lighthouse, as Lucy told Kevin that he is beginning to sound like himself again, Kevin assures Lucy that he believes they WILL come out of their past difficulties stronger than ever.

Back at the Recovery Room, Alison told Rafe how important it is to Alison for Elizabeth to be a part of their wedding. Stephen and Elizabeth suddenly return and Elizabeth shows Alison the signed agreement they made for Elizabeth's help in finding Alison's missing sibling in exchange for Alison's share of the inheritance and Elizabeth tears up her contract in front of Alison and Rafe. Elizabeth promises that she will help Alison find her lost sibling because it is the RIGHT thing to do - and NOT because Elizabeth is expecting any kind of reward. Elizabeth testifies that it was Stephen who helped Elizabeth see the light about the importance of Elizabeth's relationship with her daughter. Alison is obviously impressed, but Rafe remains skeptical.

As Kevin and Lucy kiss good night at the Lighthouse, Kevin perceives that Lucy still does NOT trust him, so Kevin proposes that he stay in his studio until he wins Lucy's trust back. However, when Kevin returns to his studio, he puts in a call to Dr. Fox:

KEVIN: "Dr. Fox - Kevin Collins. I'm doing well - thank you! As a matter of fact, I am doing VERY well! Well, I did everything that you suggested that I do. Made all the moves you told me to make. I DO believe that she thinks I am STILL her dear, old Doc! The man she THINKS she married! Well, I don't think she needs to know yet that I am such a vast improvement over THAT simpering fool. A VAST improvement!'

Wednesday, DECEMBER 4TH, 2002

At Stephen's Studio, Elizabeth thanks Stephen for helping her mend fences with Alison, but continues to wonder about the 'strange' feelings that come over her every now and then.

ELIZABETH: " I just wish I could figure out WHY I get so sick sometimes, though. I mean - it is really hard to explain. It is like I'm hungry for something!'

Stephen flashes back to biting Elizabeth, but told her again that he is flying in a specialist to check her out. In the meantime, Stephen told Elizabeth, she should keep drinking the special water in the blue bottle. When Elizabeth tries to entice Stephen to spend the day with her instead of practicing with the band, he suddenly yells at her that HIS music IS important! Then, he just as suddenly apologizes for snapping at her. When Elizabeth leaves, Livvie slips out from the shadows and follows Elizabeth back to her room at the Port Charles Hotel.

Jamal and Marissa arrive at the Recovery Room, right after Ricky leaves for band practice. Jamal and Marissa talk about Marissa's agreement to quit Stephen's band because Jamal is convinced that Stephen is really Caleb. But, when Marissa leaves the Recovery Room, she heads straight to Stephen's Studio! Unfortunately, after Marissa leaves, Jamal spots Ricky's wallet on the Recovery Room floor and Jamal decides to return the wallet to Ricky at Stephen's Studio!

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Lucy tries frantically to call Ian without Kevin realizing what Lucy is trying to do, but Kevin suddenly interrupts her. Kevin convinces Lucy that they should go for a walk down by the Light House Bridge. But, when Kevin went to get some coffee and Lucy went upstairs for her coat, Ian arrives and just walks in, talking about his breakfast plans with Lucy. And Ian is shocked when he sees Kevin, just standing there, with a cup of coffee in his hand! Immediately assuming the worst, Ian hysterically demands to know WHAT Kevin has done with Lucy. When Lucy returns downstairs and explains to Ian that Kevin has been released to continue his therapy as an outpatient, Ian bluntly refuses to believe that Kevin's mental health is any more stable now than it was when Kevin attacked Ian in New York. Lucy assures Ian that Lucy called Kevin's doctor and has the doctor's assurance that Kevin is on the mend. Kevin announces that Kevin is willing to do whatever it takes to get his life back in order and win his wife's trust as well.

Livvie follows Elizabeth to Elizabeth's Hotel room and introduces herself. Livvie pitches a story about being a dear friend of Alison's who has been at odds with Elizabeth's daughter and Livvie asks for Elizabeth's help in arranging a reconciliation between Alison and Livvie. But, Elizabeth told Livvie point blank that Elizabeth has already heard about Livvie's desperate man-stealing habits and that Elizabeth does NOT believe that Livvie is at all interested in a reconciliation with Alison. Livvie then admits that she came to talk about Stephen. But Elizabeth informs Livvie that Elizabeth believes that Livvie is a true nut case who just wants to climb in to bed with Stephen - like all the other groupies who hang out around Stephen. Livvie asks WHAT Stephen sees in Elizabeth if he can have any woman he wants and Elizabeth smugly gloats that it is because she gives Stephen what he needs. Elizabeth angrily calls Livvie a whore, then orders Livvie to get out. And Elizabeth storms out of the room. But, instead of leaving, Livvie slips unnoticed in to the closet instead!

When Marissa arrives at the Studio, Ricky told her that he is happy Marissa decided to stay with the band after all, but Ricky warns Marissa about Stephen's surly mood. When Marissa hands her new lyrics to Stephen, Stephen erupts and told Marissa that her lyrics stink! Marissa is genuinely stunned by Stephen's outburst. As band members Cass, Reese and Ricky listen, Stephen angrily told Marissa: "I gave you a very specific assignment! I TOLD you I wanted a song about a man who can NOT stay away from a woman who is POISON to him! A woman who can NOT decide whether she wants to devote her life to him or destroy him. What you gave me - I could get it from a greeting card!'

As Marissa contritely assures Stephen that she will make another attempt to get the right lyrics, Stephen begins to tell Marissa that she has to live and breathe the music - or she will be OUT of the band! Just at that moment, Jamal walks in to return Ricky's wallet and is shocked to find Marissa there. As Stephen demands to know who Jamal is, Stephen asks if Marissa PLANNED to quit the band and Jamal reminds Marissa that she promised him that she WAS quitting the band. But Marissa tries to convince Jamal that she just can NOT give up her opportunity with a top band and Marissa flat out told Jamal that it is unfair for Jamal to ask Marissa to choose between her work with the band and Jamal's love. Jamal angrily announces that he will make the choice easy for her and Jamal angrily storms out of the Studio. Stephen told the band that they will scrap practice for the day and try again tomorrow. As the rest of the band leaves, Stephen apologizes to Marissa for blowing up at her, explaining that he has just had a bad day.

Back at the Light House, Kevin apologizes to Ian for making paranoid accusations about Ian's relationship with Lucy in the past and Kevin thanks Ian for looking after Kevin's family while Kevin has been away. When Ian raises the issue of the assault charges that Kevin was facing when Kevin left Port Charles for the Swiss clinic, Kevin reassures Ian that Kevin is meeting with Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio about the pending assault charges and will do whatever it takes to get all of that cleared up. When Kevin learns that Lucy and Ian had plans for breakfast, Kevin urges them to go ahead with their plans. Lucy told Kevin that she DOES need to speak to Ian privately, and then Lucy will meet Kevin down by the Bridge. After Kevin went upstairs to his studio, Lucy told Ian that she believes that Kevin IS getting better and Lucy reminds Ian that she DOES love Kevin. Ian assures Lucy that he understand - then Ian leaves.

But, upstairs, Kevin went into a meltdown and angrily mutters that Ian has been poisoning Lucy against Kevin.

Back at Elizabeth's Hotel room, Elizabeth has a drink of her Magic Blue Elixir and leaves to get a bite to eat. After she is sure that Elizabeth is gone, Livvie slips out of her hiding place and begins to search the room for evidence that Stephen Clay IS Caleb Morley. But Livvie suddenly hears Elizabeth and Stephen returning to the room and Livvie hides again in the closet. Unfortunately, when Stephen enters the room, he recognizes Livvie's perfume and Elizabeth confides that Livvie visited her. As Stephen and Elizabeth talk about Livvie's obsession with Stephen, Stephen begins to suspect that Livvie is in the closet, so Stephen begins to kiss Elizabeth passionately.

Thursday, DECEMBER 5TH, 2002

At Jack's Place, as Jack prepares for a picnic, Jack is stunned when Tess arrives, dressed in one of Livvie's outfits. Tess is crushed when she realizes that Jack does NOT want Tess to look too much like Livvie. Tess finds it hard to believe that Jack would NOT be happy with Tess looking EXACTLY like Livvie - whom Tess KNOWS that Jack truly loved. Tess tentatively suggests that, maybe, if Tess and Livvie LOOK the same, perhaps they ARE the same. But Jack insists that Livvie has ALWAYS been drawn to and fascinated by the dark side, whereas Tess is a child of light, who has used her gifts for healing to do good, whereas Livvie has hurt many of the people who loved her most. Tess agrees that she KNOWS that Livvie has hurt Jack deeply.

Meanwhile, at Rafe and Alison's Place, Rafe tries to get Alison to wake up and, when he finally succeeds, Alison announces that she is meeting Elizabeth later to go try on wedding dresses. Rafe is surprised that Alison would be so eager to mend fences with her mother after Elizabeth tried to foist an imposter off on Alison as her long-lost sibling. But Alison gently told Rafe how often she has dreamed about her mother helping her get ready for her wedding. Rafe is concerned about the possibility of Stephen joining them for their shopping trip and Alison reminds Rafe that Rafe promised that he would lay off of his suspicions about Stephen. Rafe told Alison that Rafe STILL believes Stephen is Caleb.

RAFE: "It is just - it IS him! I KNOW it! I SEE it!'

ALISON: "You see what?'

RAFE: "I see - I know you look at him and you see Stephen Clay. You know, he is this big hero because of the way he treated you and all of the good things that he did to help you on the plane crash. OK! I KNOW that! But, I just - hmmm.'

ALISON: "Go ahead. Say it!'

RAFE: "I see Caleb the blood-sucking vampire - OK? And I am turning into the ONLY one around here who does. So - I'm just going to - fine! I -- Letting it go!'

ALISON: "Right! Rafe - I KNOW you better than that! I KNOW you don't just let anything go. So what ARE you up to now?'

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth's Hotel Room, Stephen has suspected that Livvie is watching from the closet and puts on a show of getting passionate with Elizabeth - just for Livvie's benefit. However, Elizabeth cuts their make-out session short when she announces that she has an appointment to meet Alison to go shopping for a wedding dress. Stephen urges Elizabeth to go ahead and keep her date with her daughter. After Elizabeth leaves, Livvie prepares to leave the closet - only to realize that Stephen has NOT left the room - and is highly amused that he has caught Livvie playing peeping Tom. Livvie angrily blasts Caleb for deliberately trying to make her jealous by making out with another woman when he KNEW Livvie was watching!

As Alison drifts back to sleep, Rafe decides to enter Alison's dream to try to prove to Alison that Stephen really IS Caleb. Alison dreams that she is in a room with Stephen while Stephen is practicing his guitar and that Stephen is happy to see her. Rafe assures Alison that it is not really Stephen that Alison is seeing - that it is only just a dream. As Alison speaks to Stephen, he went from being happy to see her to bearing his fangs. At that moment, Elizabeth comes in to Alison's bedroom, wondering why Alison is not ready yet for their shopping expedition. Elizabeth becomes alarmed when she discovers her daughter, gasping for air and seemingly unconscious.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Tess told Jack that she is afraid that Jack will leave her because she is like Livvie. Then Tess wonders if Jack would hate Tess also if Tess turned bad - the way Livvie did. As Jack does his best to reassure Tess, Tess finally admits that she sees things that make her afraid that she IS Livvie! But Jack gently tries to convince Tess that she is just having a dream. However, Tess confesses to Jack that she believes that she is seeing Livvie's thoughts! As Jack holds Tess, he told her that he loves her and that she could NEVER be like Livvie. But Tess suddenly shudders and has another memory of Livvie searching for Caleb at the Wedding House. But, when Jack notices Tess shuddering and asks Tess WHAT she saw, Tess replies: "Nothing!'

Back at Elizabeth's Hotel room, after Stephen 'discovers' that Livvie has been hiding in the closet, Stephen accuses Livvie of being jealous because Stephen resembles Caleb, whom Livvie was attracted to, and Livvie is jealous at the prospect of Caleb hitting the sheets with some woman other than Livvie. Stephen offers to do whatever it will take to convince Livvie that he is STEPHEN and NOT Caleb! Livvie challenges Stephen to look her straight in the eye and tell her the truth. So Stephen told Livvie again that he is NOT Caleb, although he believes that this 'Caleb' Livvie keeps talking about must have been a very fortunate person because Livvie must have loved him very much. Livvie begins to believe Stephen's assertion that he has NOTHING to do with Caleb. Livvie apologizes for bothering him and admits to being embarrassed because she has seemed so obsessive about the whole look-alike situation. Livvie gets ready to leave and Stephen walks Livvie to the door. But, as Stephen lets Livvie out the door, he says: "That is all right. We ALL make mistakes, Olivia.'

AS the door closes, Livvie told herself: "ONLY Caleb calls me Olivia!'

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Elizabeth frantically tries to get Alison to wake up. But, inside Alison's dream, Alison says to Caleb: "You CAN'T be real! This is just a dream!'

CALEB: "Oh, think again!'

Alison jumps up and runs to the door, which is locked. As Alison desperately calls out for Rafe, she turns around and sees Rafe standing behind her. Alison runs toward Rafe, but Caleb blocks her way, making it impossible for her to reach Rafe.

ALISON: "Rafe! Rafe! Rafe! It IS Caleb. I KNOW it is! Please! You have GOT to help me! Please!'

RAFE: "I can't move! Something is wrong!'

ALISON: "Rafe! Please! Don't let him do this to me!'

RAFE: "Alison - it is JUST a dream - OK? Wake up!'

CALEB: 'Oh, you are WRONG, Slayer!'

RAFE: "Caleb - don't touch her! You CAN'T touch her!'

CALEB: "Did it NEVER occur to you that, when you were sneaking in to her dreams - maybe I could follow?'

RAFE: "No!'

ALISON: 'Don't let him do this to me! Please! Rafe! Don't!'

CALEB: "Arrogant, pitiful Slayer! Your beautiful Bride to Be!"

ALISON: "No! Don't let him!'

CALEB: "Mine - ALL mine!'

RAFE: "You can't touch her. You can NOT touch her! No! No! Stop it! Alison!'

Caleb bites Alison and Alison passes out.

RAFE: "Oh, God. NO! Alison!'

Meanwhile, in Alison's bedroom, Elizabeth cradles her daughter in her arms and asks: "Oh, God! What is happening?'

Friday, DECEMBER 6TH, 2002

At the Hospital, Kevin reports to Lucy that his first outpatient session went very well. Victor meets Kevin with a copy of the police charges against Kevin for assaulting a blond prostitute when Kevin believed that he was Ryan. When Kevin and Victor head to the Port Charles Police Department, Lucy heads home but runs in to Ian instead.

At his studio, Stephen autographs a picture of himself for Livvie, then leaves. As soon as Stephen is gone, Livvie slips in to the apartment, still looking for evidence to prove that Stephen IS Caleb.

At the same time, in Alison's bedroom, Elizabeth holds an unconscious Alison in her arms and places a desperate call for help - but the call is to STEPHEN instead of 9-1-1! In the meantime, in Alison's dream, Rafe looks on in horror as Caleb bites Alison. Alison recovers long enough to accuse Rafe of being the one responsible for her death, then becomes deathly still.

Back at the Hospital, as Lucy tries to make small talk, Ian suddenly blasts Lucy for upsetting his comfortable life with the sudden feelings for Lucy that have surfaced. Ian confides that, just as Ian was getting used to a life alone, he made the mistake of falling in love with someone who would never be able to love him back. As Ian confesses that he called an old girlfriend, Lucy assures Ian that he HAS been wonderful to her and that she IS grateful for his friendship.

At the PCPD, as Kevin and Victor discuss Kevin's case, Victor informs Kevin that Kevin is facing a lengthy prison term if Kevin's victim pursues her case. Victor shows Kevin a picture of Kevin's pretty, young, blond victim and Kevin admits that he has no recollection of the woman at all. Victor reports to Kevin that Commissioner Scorpio has said that it looks like the woman WILL pursue the charges against Kevin.

While searching Stephen's studio, Livvie flashes back to the day that Caleb told her the truth about his 'family legacy' and pledged undying love for her. Livvie lays down on Caleb's bed and flashes back to the day that she searched for Caleb amidst the billowing white curtains of the Wedding House - the SAME flashback that Tess keeps having. As Livvie flashes back to the many times that Caleb told her again and again that he would always love her, Livvie concludes that wherever he is and whatever else Caleb might have been, he DID truly love her.

Meanwhile, back at Rafe and Alison's, Elizabeth continues to try to revive Alison. At the same time, inside Alison's dream, as Rafe finally holds the limp body of Alison in his arms, Caleb accuses Rafe of being the one who is responsible for Alison turning into a vampire - someone Rafe is now destined to slay! As Caleb disappears, Rafe admits that Caleb WAS right. As Rafe begs Alison to wake up - Alison suddenly awakes in her own bedroom and the first face she sees is Caleb. As Alison screams, Elizabeth rushes to her daughter's side and informs Alison that Elizabeth did not know what to do when she found Alison unconscious, so Elizabeth called Stephen.

Back at the PCPD, Victor warns Kevin that Mac may have to arrest Kevin as soon as the following day. Declaring that he wants to be alone, Kevin went for a walk down by the Docks, while Victor went home. As he walks through the mists, Kevin suddenly runs in to the woman who has accused him of assault. Believing that Kevin might be a prospective customer, the woman asks Kevin if he would like a date, but she gasps in horror when she gets a good look at Kevin's face under the street light.

Back at Rafe and Alison's, when Rafe hears Alison's screams, he rushes to her side and demands to know what Stephen is doing in their home! Alison tearfully told Rafe that she had a dream about Caleb biting her and that Rafe was with her but could NOT help her. After Stephen and Elizabeth leave, Stephen confides to Elizabeth that Stephen believes that it looks like Rafe is driving Alison crazy and that Elizabeth, as Alison's mother, SHOULD find a way to convince Alison to break her engagement to Rafe. When Rafe and Alison are alone, Alison confides that her dream was so real and so awful and Rafe admits that he KNOWS. When Alison asks HOW Rafe could know about HER dream, Rafe confesses that he has discovered that he has to ability to enter dreams and that it was RAFE who guided Alison through her happy dream about an imagined childhood with her deceased father. Rafe admits that this time, something went wrong but Rafe does NOT know WHAT went wrong.

When Stephen returns to his studio, he finds a nude Livvie waiting for him in his bed!

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