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Monday, DECEMBER 9TH, 2002

As Rafe and Alison get ready for bed, Alison accuses Rafe of giving her a nightmare with the magical powers that Rafe SAID that he no longer possessed. Rafe tries to apologize by explaining that he just wanted Alison to see Stephen Clay the way Rafe sees him - as Caleb the Vampire.

ALISON: 'So - let me get this straight. You put some sort of spell on me! You put some sort of spell on me with your magical powers - that I THOUGHT you didn't have any more!'

RAFE: "NO - I don't! I don't! At least - MOST of the time!'

ALISON: 'What does THAT mean?'

RAFE: "I don't know. I can't really explain it! But it seems like, when it comes to you...'

ALISON: "What about when it comes to me? What?'

RAFE: "It seems like when it comes to you - when I have really strong feelings - you know - like love or concern or anything like that - when they are really strong - I can tap into it. I can tap into the magic. I thought it was a fluke at first. I turned a yellow rose into a pink one without even trying.

Alison is stunned when Rafe explains that her dream of her father was a dream that Rafe 'guided' her through. Alison accuses Rafe of being controlling and states that she wants no part of a life where Rafe would resort to brainwashing to change her mind every time they disagreed about something.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Lucy decides she needs to keep busy to keep her mind off of Ian, so Lucy sets about planning a romantic evening with Kevin. At the same time, On the Docks, Kevin has run into the hooker who is pressing assault charges against him. She begs Kevin NOT to hurt her. But Kevin grabs her and told her that he is just getting his life back together and a jail term will NOT fit in to his plans. Meanwhile, Lucy suddenly wonders WHY Kevin has not returned to the Light House yet.

At his studio, Stephen returns to find a naked Livvie in his bed. Livvie tries to get Stephen to call her Olivia again. But Stephen grabs her instead and they begin kissing. Stephen asks Livvie WHY she wants him now if she tried to destroy him before and Livvie answers that she now realizes that Caleb was the only one who ever loved her good, bad and no matter what. But Stephen told Livvie that he can NOT forget that she betrayed him. When Livvie asks WHAT she could do to regain his love, Stephen told Livvie that he wants her to beg. So Livvie reminds Caleb of some of the intimate moments they shared and begs Caleb to make her his bride again, now that she realizes how important their love really was.

Meanwhile, Alison told Rafe that his obsession with Caleb is making him act out in insane ways. Alison reminds Rafe that, when Rafe returned to Alison on the speeding train, Rafe PROMISED that he would put the magic aside and they would just be like normal people. And Rafe agrees that he DID make that promise and he truly DOES want to be just like everybody else.

When Kevin returns to the Light House, Lucy assumes he has been spending time with Victor, but Kevin admits that he spent SOME time 'tying up loose ends.' Kevin told Lucy that Kevin realizes that he made someone suffer and he needs to pay - but it does NOT look likely that the woman he assaulted when he believed he was Ryan will drop her charges, so Kevin is afraid they are in for a long haul. But, Kevin suggests that they put those worries aside for the evening and just enjoy being together. As Lucy hugs Kevin, she notices a scratch on his wrist. When Lucy asks how Kevin got the scratch, Kevin yells at her that he does NOT know. Before Lucy can get the First Aid kit to tend to Kevin's scratch, Victor comes to the door and announces that he has some startling news and that they had better sit down to hear the news. Fearing the worst, Lucy is overjoyed when Victor announces to Kevin that the hooker Kevin assaulted has withdrawn her charges against Kevin and is leaving Port Charles for good.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Rafe confesses to Alison that the experience with her nightmare frightened Rafe as well. Rafe promises that he will keep his magical impulses under control. However, after Rafe turns out the light for the night, Alison turns the light back on and asks if they can keep the light on for the night.

At the Light House, after Kevin and Victor hug and Victor hurries on home, Lucy enthusiastically told Kevin that the Universe has finally heard their prayers and she hugs Kevin. Kevin asks: "How about that Universe?' But, as Kevin hugs Lucy, he looks at the scratch on his hand behind her back.

Meanwhile, at Stephen's Studio, when Livvie begs for Caleb to bite her neck so they can be one again, Stephen bursts into laughter and pulls a set of fake, dime-store fangs out of his mouth. Stephen told Livvie that it was all a gag, that he is NOT Caleb - just Stephen Clay - as he has told her a million times. Stephen leaves so Livvie can get dressed. But, after Stephen leaves, Livvie says to herself: "So, you still want to play, Caleb? OK. I'll be patient because I have ALL the time in the world!'

Tuesday, DECEMBER 10TH, 2002

When she opens the door to the Light House, Lucy is surprised to see a very changed Rafe. As Lucy told her cousin she likes the results of a shave and haircut, Rafe confides in Lucy that he needs her to teach him how to be normal.

In the meantime, Alison meets Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Hotel room for a shopping expedition. But, instead, Elizabeth suddenly told Alison that Elizabeth believes that Rafe is WAY too whacked out about the vampire stuff for Alison to be rushing into marriage with him. As Alison reminds her mother how much she loves Rafe, Alison is surprised when she discovers that Stephen is ALSO visiting in Elizabeth's room.

Jamal and Ricky run into each other at the Recovery Room, and Ricky told Jamal that Ricky's opinion is that it was really dumb for Jamal to insist that Marissa quit the band. Marissa surprises them both when she suddenly arrives. Elsewhere at the Recovery Room, Livvie is surprised to see her Dad, Kevin, and is thrilled when Kevin shares the good news with her that he has been released to continue therapy as an outpatient and all of the assault charges pending against him have been dropped. Kevin hands Livvie a newspaper with Stephen's picture in it and Kevin asks why a vampire Livvie killed is alive and well and living in Port Charles.

Back at the Light House, Lucy points out to Rafe that she is probably the WRONG person to ask about being normal, since Lucy listens to the Universe and talks to her pet duck. Rafe confesses how he used his magic to get inside Alison's head and Alison is now pretty determined Rafe will learn HOW to be normal - and soon! But Rafe observes that maybe being 'not normal' runs in the Kovich family. Lucy warns that it might NOT be safe for Rafe to give up his magic just yet, since they ARE dealing with a returned vampire. But Rafe insists that he wants to become normal right away because that is what Alison wants.

Back at the Recovery Room, Marissa told Jamal that he should NOT have demanded that Marissa choose between her gift for words and Jamal. But Jamal reminds Marissa that it IS Marissa who has the gift for words and NOT Stephen Clay - so Marissa needs to realize that Marissa does NOT need Stephen Clay to 'find her voice!' ESPECIALLY since Jamal is STILL convinced that Stephen is really Caleb the vampire! At the same time, across the room, Kevin and Livvie discuss the return of Caleb and Kevin asks point blank if his daughter is more interested in getting Caleb back than she is in destroying him. Although Livvie denies that she would ever want Caleb back in her life, Kevin remains positive that he is correct about his daughter's renewed fascination with the dark side.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Rafe asks Lucy what normal people do and Lucy says that they have jobs. But, when they start listing Rafe's job skills, they discover that his job skills are pretty much limited to slaying vampires and survivor skills, like being able to hit a moving target with a crossbow and being able to track anything. Lucy decides that she has just the ticket for a job for Rafe and Lucy takes Rafe to a warehouse that Lucy had hoped to turn into a fitness center. Lucy urges Rafe to take over as the new director of Lucy's Fitness Center.

Back at Elizabeth's hotel room, when Elizabeth told Alison that she believes her daughter should NOT be rushing into marriage with Rafe, Stephen interrupts and surprises Elizabeth by counseling Alison to follow her heart where love is concerned. When Alison heads to the powder room, Elizabeth expresses her surprise to Stephen. But Stephen just told Elizabeth that they must learn to choose their battles, instead of letting the battles choose them. Stephen reminds Elizabeth to drink plenty of water and then, Stephen leaves. But, once Stephen is outside Elizabeth's hotel room door, he just disappears!

Meanwhile, back at the Recovery Room, Marissa told Jamal that Jamal should give Stephen a chance to prove what a good guy he is and Marissa shocks Jamal when Marissa suggests that Jamal should spend some time with Stephen! At the same time, as Kevin and Livvie talk, Livvie admits that she has felt empty since she killed Caleb and that, while Caleb DID hurt her deeply, Livvie is STILL drawn to the power and passion that Caleb seems to exercise. Livvie asks Kevin what she should do. And Kevin observes that his daughter is like a moth drawn to a flame and that she should leave Stephen alone entirely - Livvie should ESPECIALLY not be trying to prove whether Stephen is or is not Caleb. But, when Kevin went outside, he told himself: "Don't worry about a thing, Livvie. Lucky for you - Daddy's back in town!'

When Lucy shows Rafe her proposed Fitness Center, Rafe is at first reluctant to become involved. But, as Rafe and Lucy talk, Rafe finally decides it might be useful to be able to teach self defense techniques to people and Rafe agrees to go along with Lucy's idea.

Back at Elizabeth's hotel room, when Elizabeth heads to the power room, Alison spills Elizabeth's blue bottle of magic elixir and refills it with regular water from the hotel pitcher. Then Elizabeth and Alison head out to shop.

Back at the Recovery Room, Marissa persuades Jamal to hang out with the band and Jamal agrees, on condition that Marissa promises that she will NEVER be alone with Stephen. When Marissa and Jamal leave, Livvie approaches Ricky and, striking her most sultry pose, asks Ricky if his invitation to dinner is still open.

When Caleb returns to his studio, he smells gas. Kevin suddenly appears and announces; "I think you have a gas leak. In fact, I KNOW you do!' Kevin bolts the door, while Stephen threatens to call the police.

KEVIN: "No. I think you and I need to have a talk first. Now, you can either make yourself comfortable - or I can send you right back to hell. It is YOUR choice!' And Kevin shows Caleb that Kevin is holding a lighter, ready to be ignited!

Wednesday, DECEMBER 11TH, 2002

At the boutique, Alison searches for the perfect wedding dress and accessories. She is debating on a pair of shoes when the clerk brought in a bouquet of pink roses and a bottle of champagne. It is a gift from Rafe. Alison worries when she notices Elizabeth isn't feeling well. Elizabeth says only Stephen's designer water seems to make her feel better. She takes a drink, then wonders why it isn't working this time. Alison admits she accidentally spilled the water, then refilled it at the hotel bar. The sales clerk comes in with another gift for Alison. This time it is a key. There is a note from Rafe saying it is a surprise. Alison leaves to find him.

Alison finds Rafe at an empty warehouse building where he has set up a make shift table with a candlelit picnic. He told Alison that he is going to lease the building from Lucy with an option to buy. Rafe plans to use the space to start a business. He is going to build a gym. There is also an apartment upstairs where they can live. Rafe asks Alison if this is "normal" enough for her. Alison says no, it isn't normal, it's heaven.

Kevin told Stephen to stay away from his daughter. Kevin pretends to flick his lighter while he taunts Stephen with his threats. Stephen knows that since the room is full of gas, it would only take a small spark to blow the place up. No matter how much Kevin taunts Stephen, Stephen still refuses to admit he is Caleb. Kevin told Stephen that if the rock star thing doesn't work out, he should consider the theater. Kevin asks questions, Stephen continues to evade them. After awhile, Stephen reminds Kevin that if he flicks the lighter, they will both be dead. Kevin calls this fact ironic. He doesn't seem to care. Kevin accuses Stephen of taking Livvie over to the dark side. Stephen, becoming affected by the fumes, slips and calls Kevin Doc. This is the break Kevin was waiting for. No matter how Stephen tries to explain his slip away, Kevin knows. Finally, Stephen agrees that if Kevin keeps Livvie away from him, he'll avoid Livvie like the plague. Kevin turns off the gas and leaves. Now, the only fumes are coming from Stephen himself.

Jack takes Tess to see the Christmas decorations. She is delighted with all the new sights and sounds. Ian comes by with Danny. When Jack asks Ian where is Lucy, Ian replies she is home with her family where she belongs. Tess asks Ian if she can hold Danny and show him the lights. Ian reluctantly allows her to walk off with his son. He is not sure what to make of Tess. As Tess shows Danny a Christmas display, she has a memory flash of Livvie taking Danny. Tess wonders what it means. Why is she experiencing Livvie's memories? Tess snaps out of her reverie and notices Danny is now missing. She searches for him and calls his name, but he is nowhere to be found.

Danny wanders over to Elizabeth. She picks him up and coos, "What a beautiful little boy you are. I could just EAT YOU UP!"

Thursday, DECEMBER 12TH, 2002

At the site of Lucy's proposed Fitness Center, Rafe gives Alison a guided tour. As they fool around, they begin kissing and forget everything else. Later, Alison told Rafe that Alison is confident that Rafe and Elizabeth will eventually become very good friends, but Rafe warns his fiancée NOT to bet on it!

Meanwhile, at Stephen's Studio, Stephen told Ricky that Ricky can NOT invite a friend to watch rehearsal. Stephen puts a call in to Elizabeth and asks her to call him as soon as she is finished shopping. Marissa arrives with Jamal in tow and, when Stephen gets a look at Marissa's new lyrics, Stephen allows Jamal to stay for rehearsal. Livvie suddenly arrives and Joshua warns Stephen that Livvie is their enemy and urges Stephen to get rid of Livvie right away. Stephen told Livvie that he has had a visit from her Psycho Dad and that Livvie will have to leave. But, when Stephen assumes that Livvie is at the Studio to continue chasing Stephen, Ricky confesses that Livvie is the guest Ricky had invited to watch rehearsal.

At Wyndham's, as Elizabeth picks runaway Danny up and cuddles him, Tess arrives and warns Elizabeth NOT to hurt Danny. Meanwhile, Jack and Ian notice that Tess and Danny are missing and begin searching for them. Elizabeth is shocked to learn that Tess is NOT Livvie - and Elizabeth demands to know WHY Tess would believe that Elizabeth could ever harm a child. Tess replies: "Because your eyes are mad!' Before Tess can say anything else, Ian and Jack arrive and Ian thankfully grabs Danny. Elizabeth is VERY interested in Danny - AND in Ian. Tess told Jack that she wants to go home, so Tess and Jack leave the store. After they have gone, Ian realizes that Elizabeth does not look like she feels well - then Elizabeth suddenly swoons into Ian's arms.

Back at the Studio, Stephen agrees to let Livvie stay and Livvie shows Ricky that she brought chocolate-covered strawberries for later. Joshua takes Stephen aside and again warns Stephen that it is dangerous for Stephen to allow Livvie to remain. Stephen told Joshua about finding a naked Livvie in his bed, of having Livvie begging him to bite her and then of the satisfaction of dumping Livvie out. But Joshua warns Stephen that Stephen is playing a dangerous game. Stephen sets all the band members down and reads them the new lyrics that Marissa has written:

"The first time I saw you

Was the last time I cried.

I fell for the moment

Though the moment might lie.

I opened my heart and

you took it inside

Then handed it back in the blink of an eye.

You lie in the bed

that embraced me

Then you lied to my face that you loved me.

If I ever let you in again,

I'll die.

So, with that,

I'll say good-bye."

Stephen looks right at Livvie as he reads but Livvie tries to appear to be unmoved by his words.

Back at Jack's Place, Jack shows Tess the lights on the tree and they make plans for mistletoe, eggnog and music and then they begin to dance.

Meanwhile, at the Studio, as the band takes a break to study the lyrics, Reese makes a cold comment to Ricky about his 'busy' social life, but Ricky insists that he is just 'hanging out' with Livvie. At the same time, Joshua told Stephen that Joshua does NOT like the fact that Livvie is hanging around and Joshua reminds Stephen of all the stunts Livvie has pulled so far, including drugging Joshua and the visit from Livvie's psycho father. Joshua points out that the fact that Livvie is now making a play for the band's drummer is NOT good and warns Stephen that Livvie is just playing him. In the meantime, Jamal takes Ricky aside and tries to warn Ricky to be careful around Livvie because she is so obviously just using Ricky to make his boss jealous. Ricky replies that Ricky does NOT care! Livvie is hot, she wants him and there are no strings attached. Jamal told Ricky in no uncertain terms that there are always PLENTY of strings attached whenever you are dealing with Livvie! When Ricky refuses to leave Livvie alone, Jamal watches Livvie make up to Ricky for a while, and then Jamal and Marissa decide to leave. When the rest of the band leaves for a break, Livvie entices Ricky to put on some sexy music and dance with her. As Stephen and Joshua watch Livvie drape herself all over Ricky, Joshua warns Stephen that Livvie is doing all of that for Stephen's benefit, but Stephen informs Joshua that Livvie means nothing to him. Then Stephen orders Joshua to get out. As Stephen watches Livvie make up to Ricky, Stephen flashes back to many of the intimate moments he shared with Livvie. Then Stephen interrupts Ricky and Livvie and told Ricky that Ricky should get a room and convince his little groupie friend that she is his first and last sweetheart. Then Stephen hands Ricky a wad of cash to take his girlfriend somewhere else to make out in private.

Meanwhile, at Wyndhams, Elizabeth assures Ian that she is fine, while Ian insists that Elizabeth should let Ian check her out and maybe even run some more blood tests. Elizabeth finally agrees to let Ian take her home and Elizabeth told Ian that it makes her feel a LOT better to know that Ian would take her home. After Ian and Elizabeth drop Danny with his nanny, Ian then escorts Elizabeth to her hotel room. Ian insists that Elizabeth sit down and take it easy while Ian went into the other room to get Elizabeth a cold compress. While Ian is gone, Elizabeth removes her blouse and says: "You have such a lovely bedside manner, doctor! I will be waiting right here when you come back. And then, you ARE going to give me EVERYTHING I need!'

Back at the Studio, Livvie thanks Stephen for his generous gift and promises him that he will get his money's worth. But, after Stephen leaves, Ricky worries that Stephen is mad at Ricky and Ricky bails on Livvie. After Ricky leaves, Livvie told herself: "It is NOT you he is mad at, you moron! It's me! Gotcha - Caleb!'

But, in a separate room, Caleb asks himself: "How could she?!' And his eyes turn red!

Friday, DECEMBER 13TH, 2002

At the Lighthouse, Lucy puts the finishing touches on her holiday decorations, but pauses to flash back to Ian's determined statement that he would NOT come to the Lighthouse for Christmas this year. However, Kevin suddenly appears, dressed in a Santa costume and joyfully sweeps Lucy under the mistletoe for some early Holiday cheer.

Meanwhile, at Wyndham's as Rafe and Alison enjoy the 'normal' activity of making plans for registering their china and silver patterns, Alison shocks Rafe by telling him that she would like to ask her mother to walk her down the aisle - and perhaps her Grandmother Amanda as well. Rafe cautions Alison that that is a pretty big honor for someone who has never been there for Alison all her life, but Alison told Rafe about her life-long fantasy about BOTH of her parents attending her wedding and being happy for her and Rafe finally agrees that Alison can ask Elizabeth to walk her down the aisle. Then Alison insists that they go immediately to Elizabeth's Hotel Room and make the invitation formal.

At the same time, Elizabeth is taking off her clothes in her hotel room, with the intention of getting Ian in to bed with her. However, when Ian returns, he is upset to find Elizabeth partially clad. But, as Elizabeth wraps her arms around Ian and begins kissing him, Stephen suddenly appears with a rose in his hand and Elizabeth begins to apologize profusely.

Meanwhile, back at the Lighthouse, as Lucy and Kevin get into the spirit of things with the mistletoe, Kevin suddenly gives Lucy a magnificent and expensive ring. A stunned Lucy observes that THAT kind of extravagance is NOT like Kevin. But, Kevin replies: "Well, get used to it, sister! You are looking at the new and improved Kevin Collins!' Lucy and Kevin soon hit the sheets.

Back at Elizabeth's Hotel Room, Ian told Stephen that Ian believes that Elizabeth is not getting any better and she should check in to the Hospital so Ian can run some more tests on her. But Stephen insists that a specialist IS going to be arriving in town shortly to check Elizabeth over. But, when Ian suspiciously quizzes Stephen about the NAME of the specialist, Stephen refuses to tell Ian anything more. However, after Ian leaves, Stephen angrily told Elizabeth that her uncontrollable behavior is becoming a liability to him. When Stephen says that Elizabeth is going to ruin 'everything,' a very puzzled Elizabeth asks: "Ruin what? I don't know!'

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Colleen and Ian tend to a badly beaten patient, whom the cops said was a prostitute, when they dropped her off. Ian sends Colleen to page Dr. Ramsey, then Ian asks the patient who beat her up. Ian is stunned when the victim whispers that her attacker was: "Kevin Collins!' And Ian immediately worries about Lucy!

At the same time, at the Lighthouse, Lucy quizzes Kevin about what he means by 'the new, improved you.' Kevin explains that sometimes he just wants to throw logic out the window and live in the moment - something that Lucy has ALWAYS urged Kevin to do!

Back at the Hospital, Elizabeth is stunned when Stephen angrily accuses her of failing to drink the water from the Blue Bottle and Elizabeth admits to Stephen that Alison spilled the water, and that Elizabeth tried to get in touch with Stephen but could NOT reach him. Elizabeth demands to know WHY she needs to drink THAT water and WHY she feels so awful when she does NOT drink the water. Stephen told Elizabeth that he NEEDS for everything to be PERFECT and that NEITHER of them can lose control like that again.

Elizabeth confesses that she feels an endless hunger and Stephen lets her bite him. When Elizabeth screams and demands to know what happened, Stephen takes her to the mirror and shows Elizabeth that she has fangs. Elizabeth screams that everyone else was right about Stephen and Stephen told her that she should be grateful. Then Stephen bites Elizabeth and she passes out - just as Rafe and Alison arrive and begin to knock on Elizabeth's door.

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