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Monday, DECEMBER 16TH, 2002

As Jack and Tess enjoy some quiet time at home, Tess suddenly has a flashback of Livvie meeting Caleb for the first time and, when Tess begins to shake, Jack becomes concerned about her.

As Kevin and Lucy enjoy some quality time at the Light House, they are interrupted by Officer Andy, who informs Kevin that the woman Kevin beat up on Jasmine Island has been beaten again and has named Kevin as her attacker.

At the same time, Rafe and Alison knock on Elizabeth's door and Caleb hastily urges Elizabeth to drink from the blue bottle. Rafe and Alison hear Elizabeth moan and, believing that Elizabeth is in some kind of distress, Rafe kicks open the door. Rafe and Alison are shocked when they discover Stephen and Elizabeth in bed together!

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, CHRIS, Colleen and Ian work to save the life of the beating victim who has been brought to the Emergency Room. Chris asks Ian if the patient has mentioned who beat her and Ian evades the question, but urges Colleen to call Lucy. At the same time, at the Light House, Kevin fibs that HE has NOT seen the prostitute he beat when he believed he was Ryan since Kevin went to the clinic in Switzerland! Kevin learns that it was IAN that the patient gave Kevin's name to - and that Ian was ALONE in the E.R. at the time! Kevin suggests that that IS curious and Lucy insists to Andy that Kevin has been home with Lucy the whole time. Lucy demands an attorney, but Kevin assures Lucy and Andy that he has nothing to hide and does NOT mind answering Andy's questions. Lucy emphatically states to Andy that Kevin would have NO motive for beating the woman, since Kevin and Lucy had already been informed that the woman was dropping all the charges against Kevin. Andy reminds Lucy that most authorities would consider that a wife giving her husband an alibi would not be proof of innocence. Lucy suggests that Kevin go to the Hospital to confront the girl, since Lucy is positive that, as soon as the woman sees Kevin, she will realize she has made a mistake. Kevin agrees and all three head out for the Hospital.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth's Hotel Room, Alison and Rafe apologize for barging in on Stephen and Elizabeth in bed. Then Rafe and Alison beat a hasty retreat back into the hall. As Alison contemplates moving to Siberia, Rafe appears distracted. Caleb comes out, wearing a white robe, and told Rafe and Alison that Elizabeth asked him to apologize. Then Caleb observes that Rafe and Alison must have come about something extremely important, since they beat down the door to get in. Rafe answers that they DID come about something important and tries to head back in to Elizabeth's room, but Alison stops Rafe and just says that they were worried about Elizabeth's health, since Elizabeth was NOT feeling well the last time that Alison saw her. Alison told Stephen that they just came to talk about wedding stuff - which can wait. But Alison DOES urge Stephen to have her mother call her as soon as Elizabeth gets a chance. But, as Stephen turns to go, Rafe notices a couple of flecks of blood on the collar of Stephen's white robe. After Stephen went back inside, Alison asks if the evening could get any worse and Rafe assures Alison that it COULD - and maybe, already has!

Jack and Tess arrive at the Hospital and Jack insists that Tess get her headache checked out. Tess told Jack that, besides the headaches, she sees pictures, too - but she does NOT know what the pictures are all about. Then Tess has a flashback of Caleb biting Livvie. Tess becomes woozie and Jack insists that Tess sit down while Jack tries to locate Chris or Ian to check on Tess. After Jack leaves, Kevin, Andy and Lucy enter the Hospital and Tess went to see Lucy, but loses sight of Lucy in the Hospital corridor.

Ian also notices Lucy and Kevin passing in the corridor and Ian leaves the E.R. to confront Kevin and Lucy. When Ian bluntly accuses Kevin of beating the prostitute in the E.R., Kevin accuses Ian of being the ONLY one who heard the woman give Kevin's name. Lucy insists that Kevin WAS with Lucy ALL night, but Ian bluntly told Lucy that Ian does NOT believe Lucy and that Lucy is covering for Kevin.

Rafe and Alison arrive home and Alison mentions that IF Elizabeth IS feeling better, it MUST be because of the Designer water that Stephen's band drinks. Rafe suddenly asks how long Elizabeth has been drinking the water. As Alison went to check in the kitchen, Rafe begins to make notes and decides that a Designer Water which COULD be masking the identity and flecks of blood on Stephen's white robe probably add up to - Caleb the Vampire! When Alison returns, she announces that there is nothing in the kitchen for dinner and suggests that they pick something up at the Recovery Room and Rafe agrees.

At the same time, Caleb is encouraging Elizabeth to drink her water from the blue bottle and Elizabeth hesitantly remembers seeing herself with fangs. And STEPHEN with fangs. As Elizabeth blasts Caleb for biting her, Caleb insists that Elizabeth SHOULD be grateful to him for allowing her to join him in the eternal vampire life of power and passion. But Elizabeth disagrees and, when Caleb asks her what she THOUGHT was happening to her, Elizabeth insists that she believed she only had the flu. But Caleb insists that Elizabeth HAD to know that something more than the flu was going on - and Caleb finally informs Elizabeth, point blank, that she IS a vampire now. As Caleb and Elizabeth argue, Elizabeth suddenly passes out!

Back at the Emergency room, Chris confides to Colleen that he believes they will not be able to save their patient. Colleen went to see if she can locate the woman's family members. After Colleen leaves, Tess sees Chris and went inside the E.R. Tess asks if Chris believes that his patient will die. But Chris asks Tess if TESS would be able to help the dying woman.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Kevin accuses Ian of being capable of doing whatever it takes to get Kevin out of the way so that Ian could have a clear field for chasing Kevin's wife. Andy convinces Kevin to meet with Andy privately to give Andy Kevin's statement. After Andy and Kevin leave, Lucy begs Ian to reconsider what he is saying about Kevin. But Ian accuses Lucy of KNOWING that Kevin is guilty of beating that woman almost to death and Ian charges Lucy with covering up for Kevin at the same time that Kevin's latest victim may be dying. Lucy slaps Ian!

Tuesday, DECEMBER 17TH, 2002

When Rafe and Alison arrive at the Recovery Room, Alison corners Jamal and asks him to stand up with her at her wedding to Rafe. Alison mentions that she plans to ask Jack to stand up with her as well, pointing out that she considers Jamal and Jack to be her knights in shining armor! Jamal eventually agrees to Alison's plan. In the meantime, Rafe flashes back to Alison's revelation that Elizabeth and Stephen's entire band drinks Designer Water from a Blue Bottle. Rafe continues to suspect that the water somehow works to mask the vampire leanings of whomever drinks it. When Ricky comes in, Rafe told Ricky that Rafe is planning to open a gym and Rafe has heard about the Designer Water that Stephen's band drinks. Rafe told Ricky that Rafe is thinking about selling the water at his gym, but, the water does NOT have a label, so Rafe can not just go out and buy a bottle or learn who bottles the water for Stephen. Rafe asks Ricky to bag a bottle of water for Rafe to check out to see if it would be a big seller at his gym. Ricky is at first reluctant, informing Rafe that Stephen has a habit of going postal over weird little things and Ricky bagging a bottle of the Designer Water just might set Stephen off. But, eventually, Ricky changes his mind and agrees to see what he can do about lifting a sample of Stephen's water for Rafe.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Lucy blasts Ian for Ian's caustic statements about Kevin.

LUCY: 'How could you say something so hurtful to me? To say that Kevin would beat up some prostitute, and then come home and make love to me? Huh? How?'

IAN: "I didn't say it to be hurtful.'

LUCY: "What was your intention then? Why did you say it?"

IAN: 'I wanted you to open your eyes!'

LUCY: "Oh. I think they ARE opened! Mission accomplished - Doctor!'

IAN: "I know you feel an obligation to this man. I understand...'

LUCY: "I LOVE him!'

IAN: 'OK. Whatever it is! Whatever it is that you two have. Whatever that is - maybe it is blinding you to what is going on here!'

Andy and Kevin return and Andy reports that Andy can NOT arrest Kevin without hard evidence. As Kevin and Lucy prepare to leave, Tess staggers down the corridor and hides in Jack's arms, while Jack asks what is wrong. At the same time, Chris steps into the hall and informs Andy that Jenny - the prostitute - is recovering. When Andy quizzes Jenny, Jenny told Andy that she had put away enough money to leave town and, when her pimp, Benny, found out about the money AND that she planned to leave down, he beat her up and took her money. Andy later learns that Jenny's story checks out - her pimp had bruised knuckles and was throwing around a lot of money.

Back at the Recovery Room, after Ricky agrees to snag a bottle of Stephen's Designer Water for Rafe, Livvie arrives and invites Ricky to come to her place for dinner, but Ricky told Livvie that he is reluctant to get on Stephen's bad side - and Ricky did NOT like the way Stephen reacted when Stephen saw Ricky and Livvie together at rehearsal. But Livvie points out that they will be at HER place, that Ricky DOES still have a private life of his own, and that there is NO way Stephen could find out about their tryst. Rafe watches intently as Livvie went to work on Ricky. When Ricky finally agrees to have dinner with Livvie and leaves, Rafe takes the opportunity to sit down with Livvie and ask Livvie WHAT it is that Livvie is up to.

Back at the Hospital, as Jack worries about Tess's obviously weakened condition, Tess asks to go home. Before Jack can leave, Chris rushes in to tell Jack about Tess's latest miracle - restoring a patient to life who was at death's door! But Jack leaps to the conclusion that Chris had asked Tess to perform a miracle, without taking into consideration the toll that all of that healing has been taking on Tess. Jack attacks Chris, but Tess stops Jack and explains that Tess just saw the poor woman and WANTED to help her - so she did! Jack told Chris that Tess has been having really bad headaches. When Tess went for a drink of water, Jack confides to Chris that Jack is desperate to learn what is happening with Tess - that it is like she is slipping away from him - and that Jack can NOT bear to lose her! Chris asks if Tess ALWAYS got the headaches after she healed someone and Jack told Chris that, when Tess healed Jack's leg back at the cave, it did not seem like Tess was suffering from headaches. Jack finally told Chris that it seems like Tess's headaches started after she came to Port Charles. Chris suggests that maybe it is something with being in Port Charles that causes the headaches. Chris told Jack that, since Tess does NOT have any DNA, there is not much that any kind of test would tell them about Tess's deteriorating condition.

Meanwhile, when Andy reports to Lucy, Kevin and Ian that Jenny's story checks out, Ian seems disappointed. As Lucy follows Ian to try to reason with him, Kevin slips in to the Emergency Room cubicle to see Jenny. Kevin and Jenny discuss the money that Kevin gave to Jenny to drop the charges and leave town and Jenny promises that she IS still planning to leave. At the same time, down the hall, Ian told Lucy that he does NOT plan to drop his suspicions about Kevin.

When Jack and Tess return home, Jack asks Tess if she can heal herself. When Tess replies that she can NOT heal herself, Jack announces that they are both returning to Tess' home, in the forest. And they begin to pack.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Rafe tries to get Livvie to tell him what Livvie is up to, but Livvie proves to be unwilling to cooperate with Rafe's questions. Rafe finally guesses that Livvie is going after Stephen - or, more accurately - after Caleb!

As Jenny assures Kevin that NO ONE will EVER know that Kevin paid her a lot of money to drop the charges against Kevin and leave town, Lucy returns to the E.R. and overhears Jenny's statements.

Wednesday, DECEMBER 18TH, 2002

Jenny promises Kevin she will leave town and won't cause any more problems for him. Lucy, meanwhile, is outside the door and hears every word that is said. Once they get back home, Kevin starts harping on Ian. Kevin says Ian jumped to conclusions. He was placing the blame on Kevin in order to get Lucy for himself. Lucy can't stand to hear any more. She confesses to Kevin that she heard him pay off the prostitute. Kevin assures Lucy that he never hurt Jenny, he only gave her money so she could leave Port Charles and start a new life.

Lucy is furious. Kevin lied to her and he doesn't seem to understand what he did wrong. Kevin asks Lucy if she's never lied to him. He told her that when you want something bad enough, you have to fight for it. Lucy wonders why they couldn't have fought for it together. Kevin says he had no intention of going to jail. He wants to be back with his family. He wants his future back. Lucy asks him what would he have done if Jenny hadn't taken the money. Kevin is certain everyone has their price.

Rafe asks Livvie if she's using Ricky to get to Caleb, but Livvie denies it. Rafe doesn't believe her. He told Livvie that if she is trying to go after Caleb, he wants to help her. "Dream on!" Livvie retorts. She doesn't need Rafe's help, or anyone else's for that matter. Rafe studies Livvie's face then decides that she doesn't want Caleb dead, she wants him back! This, Livvie does not deny. She told Rafe that Caleb is the only man who made her feel alive.

After Livvie walks away, Ricky comes to Rafe and hands him a bottle of Stephen's special water. Livvie sees this and comes over. She pretends not to be interested in the water, but to only have eyes for Ricky. They leave to spend the afternoon together.

Elizabeth wakes up worried that the horrible dream she had was real. As soon as she sees Stephen/Caleb, she knows it was no dream. Elizabeth is horrified at what she has become. Caleb told her that in time she will come to accept it. Besides, her life wasn't so great before, was it? Elizabeth is livid with anger. "Why did you do this to me?" She asks. Caleb explains that he did it because he wanted her to be with him forever. He asks her the question, "Do you know how hard it is to watch people you love grow old and die?"

Elizabeth is especially sickened by the fact that now she has become a creature of the night and will have to live in the shadows and drink blood. Caleb assures her it won't be like that at all. With his special elixir, he has discovered the secret to the best of both worlds. Elizabeth is also looking at the man she thought she loved. She remembers everything Rafe told her about Caleb's exploits. Caleb told Elizabeth that he isn't like that anymore. Now he is Stephen Clay. He's been "born again." Elizabeth asks if she is the only woman he loves. Caleb flashes to a memory of Livvie, then told Elizabeth that yes, she is the only woman in his life.

Thursday, DECEMBER 19TH, 2002

Jack and Tess arrive at Tess's cave. While Jack is thrilled to be back, Tess told Jack that she does NOT want to be there any more. Jack lights a fire and, as they kiss, Jack told Tess that he wants to make love to her.

Alison meets Rafe at the Recovery Room and Rafe tries to keep the Blue Bottle of Stephen's Designer Water out of Alison's sight. Alison announces that she is going to meet her mother to discuss wedding plans, but Rafe begs off with an excuse that he has some super secret wedding stuff he needs to get finished.

Meanwhile, at Stephen's Studio, Caleb explains that Elizabeth will NEVER have to feed on anyone - she will get the urges, but the water will help her control that. Caleb assures Elizabeth that she will NEVER have to hurt anyone - and she will never grow old! Caleb told Elizabeth that all she has to do is keep her water supply safe and NEVER let anybody near it. But, as Caleb and Elizabeth make out, Alison suddenly knocks at the door.

At the same time, at Livvie's Place, Livvie sets the scene for seduction and slips into something scanty for Ricky. But Livvie sends Ricky to the kitchen to get the wine and some glasses. Then Livvie calls Caleb and told him that she KNOWS about his special water and he needs to meet with her right away!

Rafe takes his water bottle to the Hospital and uses the lab to discover what is in the bottle. But Chris catches Rafe coming out of the lab and Chris told Rafe that the labs are off limits to everyone but Hospital personnel. When Rafe claims he was looking for Ian, Chris told Rafe that Ian is NOT into research. Rafe suddenly remembers that Chris DOES do research and Chris assures Rafe that Chris is the best researcher at GH. Rafe hands Chris his list of the chemicals in the Designer Water and asks Chris for his help in analyzing the contents of the Blue Bottle. Chris immediately recognizes the components as being closely similar to the vampire serum that Chris worked on last year. Chris fills Rafe in on the details of the research Chris did on the vampire serum!

Alison apologizes to her mother for tracking her down at Stephen's Studio, but Alison explains that she felt it was necessary after the door man at the Port Charles Hotel had told Alison that Elizabeth had left with Stephen but that Elizabeth had not appeared to be feeling well when she left. Elizabeth lies that she has met with Stephen's specialist and is now feeling much better. When Caleb receives his call from Livvie, Livvie threatens to tell Rafe about Caleb's special water unless Caleb meets with her immediately. Caleb makes an excuse and rushes off, leaving Alison and Elizabeth alone at the Studio. Meanwhile, Livvie makes sure her apartment is brightly lit and then Livvie unlocks the door. Then Livvie begins kissing Ricky.

Back in the Cave, Tess continues to tell Jack that she no longer feels at home in the cave, but Jack explains to Tess that he is trying to help her get rid of her headaches. As Jack kisses Tess, Tess suddenly remembers Livvie running through the woods and Tess announces that she can NOT make love with Jack.

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, after Chris informs Rafe that the serum Chris developed would have given the recipient all of the benefits of being a vampire without the need to feed, Rafe asks: "So - did Caleb learn about the research?"

CHRIS: "Caleb? Yes! That's why he came after me!'

RAFE: "So - he knew?'

CHRIS: "Yeah. He knew. What is going on? Where did you get this?'

RAFE: "Later, Chris!'

CHRIS: "Whoa! Wait a minute! What does this have to do with Caleb? Is he alive?'

But Rafe rushes off without answering.

Meanwhile, Caleb comes to the door of Livvie's apartment and finds the door open. When Caleb peeks in, Caleb sees Ricky and Livvie, making out on the couch. As he watches Livvie and Ricky make out, Caleb's fangs come out and his eyes turn red.

Meanwhile, back at Stephen's Studio, Alison notices that her mother is very hyper but Elizabeth explains it away by telling Alison that it is just a bad case of being incredibly, happily, deliriously in love with Stephen. When Elizabeth suddenly rushes into the next room to get some bridal flowers to show to Alison, Elizabeth leaves Alison alone in the room with Elizabeth's Blue bottle of Designer Water - and Alison takes a drink from the blue bottle!

Back at the cave, Tess explains to Jack that she loves him and wants to be with him, but NOT at the cave! Tess asks Jack to take her home. While Jack puts the fire out, Tess suddenly has a vision of Caleb ripping Tess out of Livvie's dead body.

At the same time, Caleb watches Livvie and Ricky making out on the couch. But, before Caleb can enter the room, Rafe arrives!

RAFE: "Oh -oh! Your fangs are showing! Caleb!'

Friday, DECEMBER 20TH, 2002

At Stephen's Studio, Elizabeth returns to the room and panics when she discovers Alison holding the Blue Bottle of Stephen's Designer Water in her hand. Elizabeth immediately snatches the bottle away from Alison and told her daughter NOT to drink from the bottle. When Alison asks what is wrong, Elizabeth covers by claiming that she does NOT want Alison to catch any germs from the bug that Elizabeth has been battling for months. But Alison reminds her mother that they shared a soda the other day and Elizabeth did NOT seem to mind about that. Alison opens the bottle and tries to see if she can detect anything like alcohol inside the bottle. Alison suddenly asks her mother if someone in the band has gotten her hooked on something, some kind of drug, that would be concealed in the water bottle. But Elizabeth denies that she is intoxicated by anything other than love.

Meanwhile, outside Livvie's apartment, Rafe catches Caleb with his fangs exposed and Stephen finally admits to Rafe that he IS Caleb - then Caleb disappears. When Caleb disappears, he reappears in a snow-packed spot in the woods. But Caleb is shocked when he turns around and realizes that Rafe was able to follow him. Caleb observes that Rafe must have retained SOME of his angelic powers in his transition back into the mortal world.

At the same time, inside Livvie's apartment, Livvie suddenly told Ricky that something is wrong and then, announcing that the door is open, Livvie rushes to the door, expecting to find an enraged Caleb seething with jealousy in the hallway outside. But Livvie is obviously disappointed when she finds only a deserted hallway. Ricky asks what the matter is and Livvie drapes herself with a blanket and shocks Ricky by announcing that they were about to make a terrible mistake and that Ricky should leave.

Jack arrives at Kevin's office and implores Kevin to acknowledge Tess as part of Kevin's family. But Kevin coldly informs Jack that Kevin does NOT believe that Tess has anything to do with Kevin and that, since everyone else in town turned their backs on Livvie when she needed them most because sweet and innocent Tess arrived on the scene, Kevin feels no need to try to 'help' ANY of Livvie's former friends, least of all - Jack and Tess! Before Jack leaves, Jack repeats his belief that Tess IS, somehow, connected to Kevin.

In the meantime, at Livvie's Place, Ricky is angry at Livvie's sudden announcement that she plans to cut their romantic evening short. As Ricky gives Livvie a piece of his mind and reminds her NOT to try hanging out with the band any more, Ricky yanks open the door and is shocked to find Tess standing at the door, preparing to knock. Ricky leaps to the conclusion that Livvie was waiting all along for Tess to appear - and then Ricky storms out of the building.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Rafe asks Caleb how he came back. But Caleb evades the question and tries to convince Rafe that he is a new and improved version of Caleb. Caleb insists that Rafe can tell for himself that Rafe has had difficulty detecting Caleb's presence and that there are no bodies piling up. Rafe told Caleb that Rafe suspects that Caleb's Designer Water allows Caleb to live in the mortal world without feeding. When Rafe asks WHY Caleb would choose to appear as a rock star amongst his old enemies in Port Charles, Caleb insists that he just wanted to have a little fun and stir things up a bit. When Rafe brought up the fact that Caleb turned Elizabeth into a creep just like Caleb, Caleb insists that he gave Elizabeth a gift - and Elizabeth IS happy! As Caleb smugly taunts Rafe, Rafe suddenly brought out a wooden stake. But, when Rafe lunges at Caleb with the stake, Caleb keeps disappearing and reappearing just behind Rafe. Caleb tries to convince Rafe that Caleb just wants to end the senseless, centuries old feud between their two families. Caleb told Rafe that Caleb is content with what he now has - power, money, and immortality. Caleb urges Rafe to learn to be content with what Rafe already has - the mortal life with Alison that Rafe desired so much. But Rafe told Caleb that Rafe believes that Caleb could NEVER change and - sooner or later, lives will once again be destroyed by Caleb. Rafe suddenly plunges the stake in to Caleb's heart and Caleb falls unconscious in the snow.

Back at Stephen's Studio, Elizabeth is amused when Alison suspects that Elizabeth has gotten hooked on drugs. But Elizabeth is also sincerely touched when her daughter told her that Alison would be willing to get Elizabeth whatever help Elizabeth needs to kick a habit. Elizabeth assures her daughter that she is only 'high' on being in love. But, as Elizabeth begins to tell Alison how important their blossoming relationship is to Elizabeth, Elizabeth suddenly announces to Alison that Elizabeth wants to share a very special gift with Alison.

At the same time, at Livvie's apartment, Tess begins to tell Livvie about the night that Caleb deposited Livvie's dead body down by the water - then ripped Tess from Livvie's lifeless body. As Tess remembers, Livvie begins to remember the same things. Tess remembers running away, into the woods - alone! Tess told Livvie that Tess IS Livvie and that there is NO Tess. Then Tess sadly leaves.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Caleb suddenly reaches up and pulls the stake out of his body, announcing that he must now be immune to even the stake. Caleb looks at the stake in his hand and asks: "So - what do you think we ought to do with this - Slayer? I mean, it didn't work - on me! But YOU are just a man now. Aren't you? Just flesh and blood?'

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