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Sharon's past came back to haunt her, Phyllis' present is just as scary, Sally gets disturbing health news, Adam steps up, Nick is preoccupied, and so much more in this week's Two Scoops.

Dear readers, when I saw someone sending Sharon weird gifts and lurking in the shadows, my mind started trying to piece together who the stalker might be. I will confess that Cameron Kirsten did not come to mind. Why? Because I somehow missed this storyline when it first aired, and I am learning about it via flashbacks, as I suppose some of you are, too.

Now I ask myself, what was I doing 20 years ago in May 2003 that I missed an entire Y&R storyline? Ah, yes, my son-in-law got deployed to the Persian Gulf in the Iraq War. My daughter, who was also active-duty military, lived next door and had just given birth to my granddaughter. I worked full-time, occasionally babysitting overnight when she got duty, singing in a choir with evening rehearsals, and doing all my household chores. I owned a Tivo, which I still think was the best DVR product ever. But I recorded so many things, I ran out of space and got way behind on my soaps. In 2003, there was General Hospital, One Life to Live, All My Children, The Young and the Restless, Port Charles, and The Bold and the Beautiful. I mean, that's a lot of soaps to Tivo.

But back to Genoa City. My slacker TV viewing aside, unbeknownst to me, Sharon suffered at the hands of an abusive madman who is now back to terrorize her family.

Watching the flashbacks makes me sad that I missed it the first time; it looks like such a scary and dramatic storyline. Side note, Sharon Case has barely aged at all! She will be one of those women like Donna Mills, who still looks glam at 82. Also, when I saw the flashbacks of skydiving and the characters jumping out of planes, I thought, "I miss the days when soaps got real budgets and could do location shoots and have adventure plots." Remember?

When I saw creepy Cameron approaching Faith and Sally, I shuddered a bit. Nick not telling Sally about Cameron is foolish. I know he doesn't want to worry her, but knowing that Cameron has already approached Faith should tip him off that Cameron is willing to use their loved ones to seek his revenge. In this encounter, Sally called Adam to rescue her. Still, what happens when Cameron reencounters her, and she thinks he's the lovely man who tried to help her and not an abusive creep?

Cameron had the nerve to show up at Crimson Lights and confront Sharon face to face. While he was toying with her, I kept yelling at my TV, "Sharon! Yell for Nick! What are you doing? Call Nick!" Thankfully, Nick finally wondered where Sharon was and showed up on his own. I wanted Nick to slug him, but of course, that would end with Nick in jail and Cameron still freely harassing the ladies of Genoa City.

If I were Sharon, I'd say, "Hey, Nick, ask your dad if we can fire up the Newman jet and fly us and all of our kids and grandkids to Bora Bora until Chance arrests Cameron." I would be so far gone, so fast! Why allow an abusive psycho to hurt you or your family if you have the means to escape?

Ultimately, I believe this storyline will be the catalyst for righting the imbalance in the universe. What do I mean by that? Nick is going to be torn between protecting Sharon and caring for Sally. Because of the urgency, I think Nick will protect Sharon and Faith and let Adam look after Sally. When Sally sees Adam stepping up and Nick prioritizing Sharon, she will realize that Adam is the one she can truly count on to care for her and their daughter.

Sharon and Nick have decades of history, and that counts for something. Nick and Sharon will always be there for one another and their kids. This could be the event that causes the two of them to realize how deep the roots that entwine them are while they join together to fight Cameron.

Sure, Sharon has a crush on Chance, and Nick said he is in love with Sally, but time will tell if those two relationships mean more to them than each other. I know that Adam will step up and fill the void with Sally. Chance is so busy trying to unravel the mess that Phyllis created and keep an eye on Cameron that he won't have much time to woo Sharon.

Speaking of Phyllis, she's in quite a jam. Everyone knows she is alive now, and Christine is out for blood. As Chance warned Daniel and Summer, she will make an example of Phyllis with a perp walk and a press conference once Phyllis is found. I must tell you, I am here for it!

First, it's time to bring back Danny Romalotti long-term. Phyllis, Daniel, and Christine need him to get through these next few months. I loved when Phyllis said to Summer, "Daniel's problem is that he's Danny's son, and he has a moral compass that's always set to 'do the right thing.'" Summer said, "What does that say about us?" Phyllis said their moral compass is always set to "do whatever it takes to get by." She's not wrong.

Daniel wants his mother to come home and face the consequences of her actions. He loves her and cares about what happens to her, but he wants her to own her actions and convince a jury that she killed Jeremy in self-defense. Summer is afraid that a jury won't believe her mom and wants her to stay in hiding indefinitely until they can find proof she acted in self-defense. Both of Phyllis' kids' hopes are unrealistic. A jury may never believe that Phyllis was the innocent victim when they discover she attended her funeral in disguise.

And, to the best of my knowledge, none of Jeremy's threats and manipulations of Phyllis are on videotape. Thus, finding proof that she acted justifiably will be hard.

I think Phyllis will have a long, hard summer and possibly fall. Maybe she will be home to her family by some miracle by Christmas. I look forward to whatever comes next because Michelle Stafford never calls it in. Whatever tale the writers write for Phyllis, she will work every word of dialogue and every scene into something spectacular because that is what she does.

I am especially waiting for Phyllis' scenes with Jack. I am still not 100% sure of Diane. I think there is still a strong possibility that Diane will hurt Jack and that Phyllis will eventually get to say, "This is why I did what I did. I was trying to protect you from this heartache."

The only person still actively scheming against Diane is Ashley and her tag-along cohort, Tucker. I wonder what scheme they are cooking up and how they think they will change Jack's mind about Diane.

Regarding Phyllis' son, I am thankful that Daniel has Lily to support him and walk him through this valley. I loved Lily's balance of supporting Daniel's love for his mother and sister and her utter disgust for their choices. Her empathy for Daniel in this circumstance is a testament to their long and complicated history. She knows who he is as a person. She understands he is trying to do the right thing in challenging and confusing circumstances.

In addition, I am rooting for Lucy to stay in Genoa City longer than expected. I like her addition to the canvas. Lily Brooks O'Briant is delightful. I think she has the potential to bring a lot of warmth to Genoa City. She has already won Connor's affection. Anything that will get that mopey kid to smile is fine by me!

What will it take for Summer and Daniel to mend their relationship? Summer is furious that Daniel can't keep a secret. Daniel can't believe that Summer would be okay with letting an innocent woman go to jail for a murder she didn't commit.

Despite Summer's objections, Phyllis invited Daniel into her secret hiding place in the busiest hotel in town, where all of Genoa City dines regularly. And just when it dawns on them that Phyllis should move to a more private location, Kyle follows Summer right to Phyllis' door!

What a giant mess. Phyllis keeps saying she is sorry. I believe she means it. But habitual sorry say-ers never seem to realize that apologies don't mend the damage. You can make bad decisions with consequences, and "sorry" isn't a magical word that erases the mayhem your actions might have caused.

Phyllis convinced her two children to stay quiet until she could find proof of Jeremy's plan to imprison her in a cheap motel for life. Still, I doubt Kyle will protect the woman who framed his mom for murder. Will Kyle be able to forgive Summer for keeping this secret, or will this end them? I bet he longs for Lola. At least Lola could cook.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Sally made an impromptu pitch to Lily and Devon about redesigning Chancellor-Winters offices and creating a rebrand to relaunch their renewed partnership. Devon and Lily said "Yes!" to the excited dynamic duo, and they were gung-ho about this opportunity to prove their worth as designers with a new client. But almost immediately after making this deal, Sally got dizzy and experienced double vision. Adam took her to her doctor, who told her she was in danger of preeclampsia.

And yes, I had to Google how to spell that and look up what it meant. I have never been pregnant, so I never had to know any pregnancy vocabulary. Wait, you ask, how can I have grandchildren without having babies? Easy. I married a single dad with two girls and got kids and grandkids without ever having labor pains. Which makes me a genius!

Adam gave Sally some words of wisdom. He advised her to follow the doctor's orders, take it easy, and let Chloe take the lead on the new design gig. He allowed her to delegate and trusted that her partner could lead this project. Chloe was willing, and Sally reluctantly agreed that Adam was right because their daughter's health should come first. I love every scene where Sally and Adam connect. I remember how electric they were when they first got together. They are such a good fit. I am rooting for them. Don't get me wrong -- I love Nick, but just with someone other than his brother's pregnant ex.

Nick has been very judgmental about Victoria's relationship with Nate, but let's face it, neither of them is excellent at long-term relationships. Victor met with Nate and was impressed with the answers Nate gave him to the probing questions Victor asked. Nick still has his doubts. Since Nate is meeting on the sly with Audra, I wonder how long it will be before Audra seduces Nate, since he seems to be easily sidetracked. But then again, he's very ambitious, and Audra isn't a boss lady, so maybe Victoria is safe for now. What do you think? Will Nate and Victoria last, or is he the new Ashland Locke?

And now, a PSA. In the scene where Diane leaves her martini at the bar, Cameron hints that he may have done something to her drink. That's a reminder to all the ladies out there: never leave your drink. If heading to the dance floor, down your cocktail and get a new one later. Also, if you know some guy in the room is a creep, tell every woman you know instead of being ashamed and keeping it to yourself. "Hey, see Joe over there? Yeah, he is abusive and date-rapey. Stay away from him at all costs."

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Jack buy Diane a diamond-encrusted anklet to hide the ankle monitor tan line on her ankle? Will Audra seduce Nate and convince him to work with her against Victoria to take over Newman? Will mascara teardrop DNA tests become a thing? Will that creepy ventriloquist dummy at Crimson Lights come to life and hack up Cameron when he tries to attack Sharon? Will Summer get caught sneaking undies and PB&J sandwiches up to Phyllis?

Will Ashley and Tucker create a business that competes against Jabot or just lose the rest of their money and have to move into the pool house? Will Billy ever get to do anything besides counsel Chelsea? Will Christine continue to give Michael the stink eye whenever he taunts her about her murder case with no dead body? Will we find out that Borgnine the cat met a tragic end when we discover why Faith screamed on Monday?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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