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Sharon was reluctant to tell Nick that Cassie was her daughter. Dru went to see the fertility specialist about in vitro fertilization. Cole informed Victoria about his relationship with Ashley. Veronica overheard Josh ask Nikki to have his baby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 12, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, January 12, 2008

Nikki goes to Victor's office; she questions Victor's feeling for Diane. He refuses to tell her what he is planning for Diane and she responds by saying that he is always the romantic. He thanks her for sending the flowers when Diane came home from the hospital. Does that mean that you are no longer thinking of that nonsense about her faking her illness? Well, she answers, it is a new year. She reminds him that Vicki will be having her 22nd birthday next week. Victor is thinking of something special as a gift for her, but won't say what it is right now. Nikki is planning a celebration at the ranch, where else, she asks, and wonders if she can assume that Diane will be well enough to be there. Victor accepts for himself and his wife.

Paul, Danny and Christine talk about how upset Phyllis was that they got the manuscript. Danny said she was like a cornered animal. Chris reminds everyone that they are due in court in a matter of minutes. Sylvia is still sleeping, but she has the manuscript. It has to stay with her for legal reasons. Danny is still exulting about Phyllis. She really lost it, he says. They wonder if she'll be able to make it to court today.

Phyllis sits hugging Daniel. Michael arrives and asks Joanie how long she has been like this. Joanie tells him that she was like this when she arrived. She is worried about her. Michael gently speaks to Phyllis. We have to talk, he tells her gently. You are scaring Daniel. Let Joanie take Daniel; we have work to do. After Phyllis sends Daniel to the Children's Museum with Joanie, she turns to Michael tells him that she is so scared. I've lost him; I've already lost my son. Michael tries to convince Phyllis that the case is far from over. He wants to know all the details about the manuscript, no matter how small. Phyllis becomes hysterical and threatens to do whatever she can to keep Danny and Christine from taking her son. Michael grabs her before she can rush out of the apartment. He orders her to get herself under control. He will go see if there is anything he can do; she should get dressed and meet him at the courthouse. She has to be the strong, sensitive, loving model mother for Daniel's sake.

Malcolm arrives in the doorway just in time to overhear Neil talking to his lawyer about a divorce and custody of Lily. Malcolm asks him what he's doing. Neil tells him that he is trying to figure out what is in his future, so keep your distance. Malcolm tries to talk some sense to him; he reminds him of the pain that Lily is going through. He says that he must talk to Dru. Neil says that he thinks of Lily every day. If not for his little girl, he would already be gone. He and Dru cannot talk; the things that mean the most to him don't mean a damn to her.

If you rush into something like this, you will live to regret it, Malcolm warns his brother.

Thanks for the tip, but my life is my own, little brother, Neil tells him.

Josh and Nick are playing chess when Sara comes in to see if they need anything. They both want some coffee, so she goes to get it. Looking after Sara, Nick has a confused look on his face. He asks how Sara is doing and Josh says that except for a few little idiosyncrasies, she is doing fine. Nick thinks it is hard to come into a household full of strangers. Josh reminds him that he did just that. But now, everyone knows almost all there is to know about him. If he has any questions, now is the time to ask them. Nick does wonder about his first wife. Josh tells him that his first wife died. Listening, Sara drops the coffee cup, which shatters with a loud noise. The two men rush to her side and help her pick up the pieces. She takes the shards of glass into the kitchen and stands there hearing Josh's voice over and over repeating that his first wife is dead.

Sylvia, Paul, Danny and Christine are reading through the manuscript. I felt so good when we got that manuscript, he says. It was like holding my son in my arms. Paul and Christine warn him not to get ahead of himself; it isn't for sure that the Judge will allow the manuscript into the record. The doorbell rings and there is Michael and a police officer. He there with the officer to retrieve stolen property that he is sure is there in the apartment. As a matter of fact, there it is. Christine says that it isn't stolen. Michael says that it was addressed to Peter Garrett. Did Peter Garrett make a complaint? Michael isn't sure, so the policeman says that if that is so, then they should let a judge settle the dispute. Christine says that that is exactly what they are going to do.

Victor arrives home and surprises Diane. He tells her he is never too busy for her. He says that since they didn't get to celebrate Christmas together, he has planned to spend it with her today. He has the dining room set us with all the usual Christmas decorations. But first, he gives her the gift he had planned to give her. It is a fabulous diamond and ruby necklace. Diane is breathless with surprise. Victor tells her that he loves giving her things and Diane says that he never ceases to amaze her.

When they are ready to sit to the table, Victor tells her that there is one more thing they have to talk about. He tells her that Vicki will be 22 years old next week. Diane says that surely they will want to celebrate her birthday. Live musicians come into the room playing "I've grown accustomed to her Face." The couple gets up and begin dancing.

Malcolm goes to Dru's place and tells her that he just came from Neil's. Neil is talking to a divorce lawyer. She has to do something quick if she wants to save her marriage.

There is so much tension in the courtroom that you could practically see it. When the judge arrives, Christine tells him that she isn't ready to rest her case; she has another witness who will testify about the manuscript. Then she plans to put the manuscript into evidence. Patrick objects to the entering of the manuscript, but in the end, the judge decides that he must read the manuscript to determine if it can be admitted into evidence. He adjourns court until he has read the manuscript and made his decision.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Nick is working at home while Sharon wanders around with a dreamy look on her face. Nick wants to know if Sharon is ever going to tell him why she has such a sparkle in her eyes. She tells him that she is just happy, but Nick says that she is always happy. Something has happened.

Sharon admits that something has happened that has made her very happy, but she cannot share it with him right now. When the time is right, I will tell you, she promises.

"You aren't pregnant, are you?" Nick asks.

"No, I'm not pregnant. You have made your feelings on that issue perfectly clear," Sharon tells her husband.

"Because we have talked about this," Nick goes on. "It's the timing. I think it is important that we wait. I have you, and Noah, and my work. There aren't enough hours as it is. Do you understand?"

Sharon tells him that she understands and she loves him.

As he goes to answer the phone, Sharon remembers that she has a daughter. "I have found my daughter. I am so lucky."

Vicki walks into Ryan's office and tells him that she is frustrated---and it is all his fault. She tells him that she had a dream of the two of them together last night. How was I? Ryan asks. She tells him that he was incredible and she was even more incredible. Ironic, considering all my hang-ups when we were married, isn't it? She asks. He tells her that it wasn't her fault; she was just too young. She tells him that she has no more hang-ups where sex is concerned. She would be happy to prove it if he has doubts.

Ryan reminds her that she is a married woman, but she brushes that off by saying she is married "in a manner of speaking." She then mentions the new woman in his life. "How are things going with you and what's her name?" She also mentions that she tried over and over to contact him during the holidays, but couldn't track him down. He tells her that he and Tricia (that's her name and you know it) went to Aspen for some skiing. He also lets drop that they had sex and it was the first time for Tricia.

Vicki remembers that he was her first love. She had meant to spend all her life with him. Again, Ryan asks about Cole but Vicki doesn't want to talk about anything so serious. As she starts to leave, Ryan offers her a proposition: let's have dinner sometimes, for old time's sake. That would be great, Vicki says as she walks out the door.

Chris, Danny and Paul are awaiting the judge's decision in a private room at the courthouse. Danny says he is all wired up; today will be the day! Chris hopes things will go their way, but you never can tell. Danny reminds her that if the judge admits the manuscript into the record, she will get Phyllis back on the stand and catch her in one sick lie after the other. Danny remembers he has something he has to do. He rushes out the door to the warnings of Chris about not being away from the courtroom for long.

Paul wonders why Danny had to take off in such a hurry. Chris thinks the trial is getting to him. Paul tells Chris that she should be proud of herself; she has given this case 110%. He will be glad when it is over and they can get their lives back the way they were.

In the courtroom, Phyllis sits all alone and dejected. Michael brings her a glass of water, but she pushes it away. "No more pep talks," she tells him. "We have lost."

Michael tells her not to jump the gun; they haven't lost yet. Even if the manuscript is admitted into evidence, he and Patrick will still fight it. They are prepared to challenge that document in all kinds of ways. But, Phyllis has to do her part; she has to provide the humanity. She has to show the judge that Daniel is the one and only concern in her life. She has to be on top of her game.

Not to worry, Phyllis tells him. I will hold it together. I will do whatever it takes to see that the judge gives her custody. She tells him that there is something she has to do and rushes out of the courtroom.

"Don't go far!" Shouts Michael to the open air. "Court could be reconvened at any time."

Nina is typing at the computer. She sits back and sighs. How do you like that? She smiles. I cannot believe that I am finished. Not only finished, but also it is good. At least I think so.

In a few minutes, there is someone at the door. It is Cole. He notices her positive attitude right away and guesses that they writing is going well. She tells him that she has just finished an article. It is about a woman who decides to leave her husband. She has titled it: On My Own Again. Cole wants to read it, but she tells him that no one is going to read it right now. She is sending it to someone and if it is published, then everyone can read it.

"You wanted to see me?" Dru asks as she enters Olivia's office.

Olivia says that Malcolm has offered her some good advice; did she do anything about it? Dru doesn't know what else she can do to get through to her husband. She is, however, getting tired of Olivia and Malcolm always poking into her marriage with all this advice. Olivia says that since Dru obviously doesn't care to hear what she has to say, she will leave. She is a busy doctor with patients.

As Olivia heads out the door, Dru calls her back and apologizes. She is just scared. What if she reaches out to Neil and he pushes her away? What if he doesn't want to save the marriage?

The one thing she can do, she tells Olivia, is to go to the one major point that they disagree on. She goes to the phone and calls Dr. Hopkins. She wants the soonest appointment so that she can talk to the doctor about how she and her husband can have a child.

While studying the manuscript, Chris finds something that takes her breath away. "Well, well. What do you know?" she says, delighted.

Jill comes home from work to find Tricia curled up on the sofa doing her homework. Tricia wants to know if Jill is curious about what happened in Aspen. Jill tells her that that is personal and private---unless she wants to tell her! She says that she understands that Tricia is a young girl without a mother; she just wants her to know that she is there if she wants to talk. Tricia tells her about Aspen; it wasn't what she expected, she says. Ryan was wonderful; gentle and patient with her, but she had too romantic a notion of what to expect. But now, she adds, they are tied to each other. They share a bond forever; Ryan is her entire world. As she embraces Jill, there is a worried look on Jill's face.

Malcolm comes in and tells Neil that he has news for him about his woman. Neil says that he knows all he needs to know about Dru. He tries to leave, but Malcolm holds him back. He tells him that Dru is doing whatever it takes to have another baby.

Neil tells him that Dru would do or say anything, but then she would do what she wanted to do. Malcolm tells Neil that Dru has already made an appointment with the doctor; Olivia was there when she made the call.

Neil can't get over the fact that Dru lied to him for months. Malcolm tells him to get over it. How can he hold on to so much anger? Dru is trying; can't he work at trying just a little bit? He reminds him of Lily who cries herself to sleep every night. All Lily wants is for her mother and father to be together again.

Neil tells Malcolm that it is easy to say that he needs to make an effort, but not so easy to do. Malcolm tells him that all he has to do is let go the anger. He has a wonderful woman who loves him. Why does he want to cling to all that misery and throw away the things that give life meaning? "If you continue to go this way, you are going to turn into a cold and bitter old man," Malcolm predicts as he leaves.

Danny shows up at the door. He wants to see Daniel. Joanie is torn, but Danny tells her that today the judge will decide who gets custody. He may never have the chance to be with his boy after today. Joanie goes to the store leaving Daniel with his father. Daniel is happy to see Danny and they talk until the phone rings. It is Phyllis. She wonders what Danny is doing there. Then she wants to speak to her son. Reluctantly, Danny gives the phone to Daniel who is overjoyed to hear from his mother. She tells him that she loves him. I love you, Mommy, Daniel says.

Phillip comes home from school happy about getting an A on his math test. He wants to go downstairs to play with a friend. Nina tells him it is okay if he will first go to the mailbox in the lobby and mail something for her. She gives him a package already stamped. She tells him that it is an article she has written and hopes to get published. Phillip takes the envelope and tells her that he is proud of her.

Danny goes into the courtroom but when he sees that Phyllis is there alone, he starts to leave. Phyllis calls him back; she has something she feels he needs to hear. She wants him to reconsider ending their marriage. She admits that she has given him cause to hate her, but she promises that she will never do that again. She wants their marriage, but more importantly, it is Daniel who will be hurt if they end it. No matter what the judge decides, one of them will lose someone that they both love with all their hearts---Daniel. Please, Danny, call it off before it is too late, she begs. Our little boy loves us both; all he wants is for his parents to be together. Please, for our son's sake, please.

The bailiff announces that court is back in session. As Danny slowly walks over to his table, she is thinking about what Phyllis has just said. As everyone walks back into the courtroom, Danny remains thoughtful.

Ma'teat: Thanks for the balloons and flowers. They were the best!

Wednesday, January 14, 1998


Grace comes into Nick's office with a presentation she has developed. Nick loves it. After reading it, he asks her how life is treating her. She responds by saying he is in a good mood. He attributes it to his wife; for some reason she is flying sky- high these days and it must have rubbed off on him.

Grace wonders what has Sharon so happy. Nick tells her that he doesn't know yet; his wife has promised to tell him when the time is right. Grace seems relieved at this. As Nick goes on and on about Sharon and her special "glow," Grace suddenly becomes teary-eyed. Nick wonders what is wrong.

When Grace will not tell Nick anything, he begins to make wild guesses, which only upsets Grace all the more. He tells her that if she needs to talk and won't talk to him, then he hopes she will talk to Sharon. If anyone can help her, it will be Sharon. Grace suddenly grabs her presentation and leaves the office.


Sharon enters the room after checking on Noah. Her mother is visiting. She remarks on Sharon's good mood and Sharon tells her Mom that if she doesn't tell someone, she will explode.

"God has blessed me," she begins. "It is about my first baby. I have found my baby, Mom. I know what happened to my first baby!"

She tells her mother all about her daughter, but can't give her any details. She will tell her when the time comes and she will understand at that time why she had to wait. Doris is full of questions about the adoptive parents, but, again, Sharon can't tell her anything yet.


The Judge is addressing the courtroom. He agrees that both Mr. Houserman's testimony and the manuscript are hearsay. Added to that, the author of the manuscript is dead. However, there is enough evidence, and Mrs. Williams has brought up enough arguments that he feels that they can assume that the manuscript was written by Sasha Green. Therefore, he is admitting the manuscript into evidence. Chris looks very pleased.

Patrick asks permission to put his client back on the stand. The Judge thinks that is a good idea.

On the stand, Phyllis once again emphasizes that she has never given any drug of any kind to anyone at any time; she hasn't changed any records. On cross-examination, she states that she has never read the manuscript before today. Christine reminds her of her previous testimony about "the corkscrew in my heart." Phyllis says that this used to be one of Sasha's favorite expressions. She picked it up from her. Christine looks through the manuscript and finds another expression to question Phyllis about. Sasha wrote that Brian didn't want to be "tagged" as the baby's father; Phyllis also used this expression during her last examination. Once again, Phyllis explains it as one of Sasha's expressions, which she obviously picked up when they were close friends. Christine turns away and begins searching through the manuscript again while murmuring to herself: how can I get her to admit to more expressions. And, the more the better. Danny sits at the table and laughs.

When she turns back, Christine wonders about an expression on page 31. Before she can say what the expression is, Phyllis turns to the Judge and asks if she can change a part of her testimony. The Judge says it is up to Christine; Chris welcomes any change Mrs. Romalotti wants to make. Phyllis admits that she has read the manuscript. She tells the court that Sasha had been using the manuscript to blackmail her. The cross-examination is over; Patrick says he has no further questions. Phyllis walks serenely to her seat while giving Christine one of those "if looks could kill" stares.


Dru arrives at the doctor's office and Dr. Hopkins welcomes her back. She is sure that she will be able to help her in some way.


Neil is trying to get some work done, but he can't forget the last words his brother said to him. As he remembers, Victor comes to the doorway and looks in. He doesn't have a very friendly look on his face.

Victor mentions that he saw Malcolm leave. Is that why Neil seems to be in such a mood? Neil tells him that it is because he has so much on his mind. Victor says that he has had a lot on his mind for a long time; now it is beginning to affect his work. "When I was last here, I advised you to make a decision about your marriage. Have you?"

Neil says that he went to see a lawyer about a divorce, but he is waiting to be sure that a divorce is the right thing to do. Victor says that when you are in doubt, you should follow your instincts. "It isn't my instincts that I am thinking about all the time," Neil tells him. "It is the sound of my little girl crying every night for her daddy."

"There is no doubt that divorce always hurts children; sometimes it leaves permanent scars," Victor replies. "But you can't stay in a marriage that will lead to violence. The child's welfare should come first. Did you ever stop to consider that a little forgiveness goes a long way?"

"Forgive her lies?" Neil exclaims.

"I would not presume to tell you what to do," Victor tells him. "Let me ask you this; when your wife lied to you, were there any extenuating circumstances?"

Neil neglects to answer this. He only says that Dru is now trying to make up for what she did---at least, that is what his brother says. Why can't she come to me, if she is so willing to make amends?

"Could she be afraid to come to you?" Victor asks. "I think you are also afraid. You are afraid to open up; it would hurt too much if you set yourself up and she didn't come through. Just don't turn your back on her. Some time down the line, you may condemn yourself if you do not try."

"Have a good day," Victor says as he turns and walks out the door.


Olivia and Malcolm are wondering if Dru went to the doctor. Olivia wonders if Neil is so hurt that even this won't make him forgive her sister. She doesn't think the marriage was ever strong enough because they are so different. Malcolm thought that opposites attracted, kept the marriage interesting, but Olivia thinks they are like oil and water---stir it up and it naturally separates.


Both sides are ready for final arguments. Christine goes first.

"Your Honor," she begins. "The evidence in this case shouts that Phyllis Romalotti does not deserve her son. In spite of the fact that she is quite the actress, she is a corrupt and dangerous person. She is no fit person to raise a young child. We pray that your Honor will remove Daniel from jeopardy and give him to the only father he has ever known. The child deserves that security."

Patrick rises and addresses the court.

"Phyllis Romalotti has cared for this young boy all his life, despite the fact that she has been alone with him for most of this time. She has done everything a mother could and should do. Despite the frightening picture Mrs. Williams has painted, Daniel has remained a happy, well-adjusted young child because he loves and needs his mother. If you tear this young child from his surroundings and send him to live in strange surroundings, he will only suffer. Even though these two people once before patched their marriage up and even though the child deserves two loving parents to raise him, even I must concede that this marriage is on rocky ground. By her lies, Sasha has destroyed the very foundation of this marriage. In the interest of what is best, we ask you to leave Daniel in the loving care and custody of his mother."

When Patrick sits, the Judge addresses both sides. He tells them that he is going to retire now and contemplate all the evidence. When we meet again, he says, I will have my decision. His secretary will notify them when this happens. He leaves.

Patrick and Michael shake hands; Patrick leaves the courtroom. Michael tells Phyllis to relax; it is all over. He tells her that the Judge listened to everything Patrick had to say.

At the other table, Chris tells Danny that it won't be long and they will have the decision.


Dr. Hopkins is finishing up the appointment. She tells Dru that invitro fertilization is not without its hardships, but it is a proven and successful procedure. She has many happy couples who have used the procedure and been very satisfied. She wants Dru to come in with her husband so that they can get started, but Dru needs time to think about all the doctor has told her. Dr. Hopkins tells her to take her time. After she has left the room, Dru a wonder just how much time does she have left.


After the courtroom has cleared, only Michael and Christine are there alone. Michael goes to Christine's table and asks if she really did have another example to offer the court. Christine tells him to do his own homework.

"You really are something," he tells her, admiringly.

"That is more than I can say for you," Chris retorts.

Michael leaves just as Paul reenters the courtroom. Paul congratulates Chris on a job well done. He tells Chris that he is going to finish up at the office. Then he is going to buy some champagne and tonight they are going to celebrate.

As Paul leaves, Danny returns to the table. Chris and Danny stare at each other for a very long moment.


Paul tells Lynn that things looked good in court today. He is sure that Danny will win. His wife roasted Phyllis on a slow spit over an open fire. He is just happy to have his life back to normal. All he wants to do is put Danny and his problems behind them.


Danny finally speaks. "We won. You really nailed Phyllis' butt to the barn door! It has been a really long hard road. If only I had never met Phyllis, our lives would be so different.

Chris tells him not to bring it up. All of that is behind them now.

"Is it?" Danny asks. "Is it really all behind us? Is it really over between us?"

Christine looks at him for another long moment. Then she gathers up her briefcase and tells him that she has to leave now.

Thursday, January 15, 1998

Ashley is hard at work when Jack comes in. He says he is worried about her putting in such long hours at work. He hopes she isn't using work to help her forget about the "ninety day plan." She tells him that the ninety days will give both of them time to make a decision. The phone rings and it is Cole. He asks her to dinner and she happily accepts.

Christine tells Danny to go home, but he can't. Christine tells him that she expects the Judge to rule later tonight or in the morning at the latest. Paul tells Danny to relax; his attorney destroyed Phyllis. He is sure to get custody of his son.

Danny turns on Paul and tells him that he is worried about something else. He is afraid that Phyllis will take Daniel and run.

Paul doesn't believe that Phyllis will leave. What could she gain by doing that? It would be foolish on her part. Danny isn't convinced, but thinks it would be better if he took Daniel and left; with him, at least the child would be safe. Chris tells him that that would make him a fugitive himself. But she has an idea. Come with me, she tells them.

Phyllis sits in a fog. It is over, she whispers to herself. Once that manuscript was entered into evidence, I didn't stand a chance. No way the judge will grant me custody now.

Joanie enters the room. She has finished all her duties. Is there anything else she can do before leaving? Phyllis tells her no, but then changes her mind. She asks Joanie to get her suitcase from the storage room before she leaves.

After Joanie has gone, the phone begins to ring. Phyllis just looks at it.

On the other end is Michael. He lets the phone ring and ring. Where are you Phyllis, he asks. Finally, he hangs up. He lets his secretary know that he is going out and may be a while.

Christine, Paul and Danny rush into the Judge's chambers. She tells Danny to let the Judge know what is bothering him. Danny tells the Judge that he believes his wife is going to take Daniel and run away.

"Where is this coming from?" the Judge asks. "Has she made any threats? Do you have proof of what you are saying?"

Danny admits that he doesn't have any proof, but he knows this woman. She is frightened and backed into the corner. And that is when she is dangerous. She will do anything to exTriciate herself. "You've read that manuscript, Danny says, you know what that woman is capable of."

"No matter what Phyllis is capable of doing, my hands are tied," the Judge tells him. "There is nothing I can do."

"Please, your Honor," Danny begs. "How can you allow my son to be hauled away by that frightened, irrational woman?"

The Judge tells him that all he can do is offer a suggestion. Be extra vigilant until court reconvenes. Three despondent people leave the Judge's chambers.

Josh is going over some medical reports at home. Sara is dusting. She stops long enough to ask if she can get him anything. A brandy, perhaps? Josh laughs and tells her that the combination of brandy and these medical reports would really put him to sleep. Sara goes back to her dusting.

Josh asks how Sara is doing out here "in the boonies" and Sara tells him that she is still happy. She has found a home for herself. She tells him that she overheard him tell Nicholas that his first wife was dead---that she had drowned. Josh says that yes, that is what he was told.

"They were wrong," Sara tells him.

"What!?!" Josh wants to know as he looks up with a question in his eyes.

"Your first wife isn't dead, Joshua," Sara says as she whips off the wig and shakes out her long hair. "She is very much alive. You aren't married to Nikki; you are married to me."

"Veronica?" Josh asks in shock.

"Yes, darling," Sara rushes over to him. "It is me---really me. I've missed you. OH, how I love you!" They kiss passionately. "Now, you can get rid of Nikki. We don't need her any more. You have me. I have ached for you." They continue to kiss until Sara finally wakes up from her daydream.

Nikki is home. She goes to the couch and is kissed by her husband. He draws her down on his lap and the really kiss.

Cole stops by to see Vicki; there is something he wishes to discuss with her. If it is that "ninety day plan," then she doesn't want to hear about it. No, he says, he only wanted to tell her that he is going to start seeing Ashley on a more regular basis.

"Good for you!" Vicki tells him, as she continues on with her work.

"That's all you have to say?" Cole wonders.

"You are a big boy, Cole," Vicki tells him. You don't need my permission."

"You sure aren't taking it the way I expected," Cole admits. Vicki tells him. She wonders where he is taking her tonight. How does she know he is taking her anywhere tonight, Cole asks. Vicki tells him that she figured he was taking her someplace special since she is so dressed up. He is usually seen only in jeans and sweatshirt. Cole wonders why she wants to know; does she want to show up and pull some kind of nonsense? Vicki tells him not to worry; he isn't the only one with plans for tonight.

Vicki goes to Ryan's office and asks him what plans he has for the evening. He tells her that he has a date with a quiet evening, a TV dinner, and a Bull's game on the tube. Vicki says that he should go out with her. They will have no hassles; just good food, good wine, and good company. She finally wears him down and he accepts her invitation.

Josh and Nikki are making out on the couch; Sara is watching from around the corner. When she comes up for air, Nikki laughingly tells him that anyone could come into the room. All that they would see is a man in love with his wife, Josh tells her. "I totally adore you," he tells her. Over his shoulder, Nikki sees Sara as she is sneaking out of the room.

"I just saw Sara leave the room," Nikki tells Josh. "She was spying on us."

Josh doesn't think she was spying; maybe she is just jealous. It has to be lonely living way out here, and maybe we remind her of a lost love. Maybe she just envies what we have.

Nikki thinks that that is so sad. It makes her feel so lucky to have him by her side.

Outside the door, Sara is watching as they begin to kiss again. "Oh, how I hate you Nikki," she says. "That is my husband you are kissing. Josh is mine---MINE!"

Ashley, dressed to the nines, and Cole are shown to their table. He tells her she looks beautiful. Beauty and brains are an awesome combination, he tells her. She admits that she intimidates most men, but he tells her that living on the pedestal gives her a chance to weed out the undesirables. He, on the other hand, doesn't find her intimidating at all; in fact, he intends to capture her heart with courtship.

Vicki and Ryan arrive. When he reminds her that this is strictly for old time's sake, she tells him that the past has a habit of becoming the present. Ryan wonders if she has another agenda besides just taking a walk down memory lane. He thinks that things are such a mess with Cole that she needs his company. She refuses to talk about her marriage; she is here to have some fun.

As they are getting ready to order, Cole looks past Ashley and sees Vicki and Ryan. "So she found out where I was taking you and came to cause trouble," he says.

Ashley thinks it is just a coincident, but he is sure Vicki just wants to make sure he doesn't have a good time. He thinks he should go over there and tell her that the plan isn't going to work, but Ashley convinces him not to do that. "As far as I am concerned, it is just you and me," she tells him. "Just pretend they aren't here. I don't think they know we are here. Just relax and have fun. I am."

Vicki is really flirting with Ryan as he orders the wine. She has missed spending time with him. About that time, Ryan sees Cole. He accuses her of bringing him here just to make Cole jealous. Vicki says she didn't know he would be at this particular restaurant. She asks him to come closer; she wants to whisper something in his ear. When he moves his chair closer, she leans in and kisses him on the mouth.

"Was that for your husband, or for me?" Ryan asks.

"I think there was enough there for both of you," Vicki smiles.

Watching, Ashley changes her mind. She now thinks that Cole was right; this is a game and she is quite a gameswoman.

Each of the couples is on the dance floor. Eventually, they are in a position that Cole and Vicki are looking at each other. Neither blinks.

Phyllis has her bags all packed. There is a loud knock at the door. She hurries and puts the bag into the closet. Michael continues to knock and call out to her. She tells him to wait. She rushes into the bedroom and comes out with a robe over her clothing. Michael wonders why it took so long to answer the door, but Phyllis tells him she was in the bath.

When Michael accuses her of doing something she will regret, Phyllis tries to con him. She tells him that she isn't giving up just because she is sure the Judge will rule against her. Michael goes along with her to see how far she will go, but eventually he reminds her to whom she is talking. He knows her; he knows she is thinking of taking her son and running before the Judge can rule. If she does that, she will be making the worse mistake of her life.

Phyllis asks him to leave. She needs some time alone. Michael tells her to show him her suitcase. If it is empty, he will go away and leave her alone. She refuses and throws Michael out of the house.

Back in Chris' office, Danny is wondering what they can do now. Chris' phone rings. When she hears Michael's voice she very rudely wants to know what he wants. Michael tells her to listen. He doesn't want to cross any legal boundaries here, but he has just seen Phyllis. "I have done all that I can do," he tells her. He thinks that something may happen before they are called back into court. Something big, he tells her. For everyone's sake, especially his client's, some action is needed.

"And, Christine, before I hang up and step out of this, here is one piece of advice you should heed. Don't waste any time!"

Friday, January 16, 1998

OFFICE OF TGVN: Dru wonders if Victor has some time for her. She needs to talk to someone about Neil; she needs some help. Victor wonders that they still aren't communicating, but he does know some of the problem. He doesn't know the specifics, just that Neil has lost faith and trust in Dru. Dru begins to recount the problems in the relationship. She admits that she wasn't and isn't ready to have another child. She is at the prime of her career and really enjoying the work. She then admits that she did a terrible thing by agreeing to have another child (after constant pressure from Neil), but taking the BCP on the sly. Even though she does not want another child even at this time, she is willing to undergo the poking and prodding---whatever it takes---to have another baby if it will heal their marriage. There is nothing I can do to change the past, she says, but I do want to mend my marriage. Do I have a chance, Mr. Newman? Dru asks.

Victor tells her to go and talk to Neil; he is sure that if she does, Neil will listen to her now.

QUESTION OF THE YEAR: When Josh returns home, Nikki takes one look at him and says he looks like the cat that ate the canary. He tells her that he has a very important subject to talk to her about. She tells him that she is all ears.

THE LAST PILL: Sara opens her medication bottle and realizes that she is taking her last pill. After taking the pill, she thinks back on what the doctor told her at the hospital. He told her that it was a new drug to which she seemed to be responding very well. He cautioned her that it was very important that she keep taking the medication. Wherever you move or live, you must see a doctor and have him rewrite the prescription for you, the doctor tells her.

Looking at the bottle, V/S wonders if she really needs the pills. However, she goes to the phone and calls the pharmacy and tries to get the prescription refilled. The pharmacist tells her that if she will give him her doctor's name, he will call for a refill. When she explains that she is new in town and doesn't have a doctor, he tells her that she must find herself a new doctor and get another prescription written. She calls him a jerk and hangs up. As she throws the empty bottle into the trash, she says that she is doing fine; she doesn't need to take any pills.

BEGINNING OF THE END: Danny is ranting about the judge's decision when Chris gets the call from Michael. When she hangs up, Chris tells then to come with her and hurry; she will explain on the way.

Outside, Danny doesn't think they should trust Michael, however, Paul rushes off to the airport to head her off if Phyllis should make it that far. Danny and Chris will go to Phyllis apartment.

Inside Phyllis' apartment, Phyllis is double-checking with the airlines about her reservation. She is hurrying Daniel to get dressed for a wonderful trip. Daniel wants to know if Daddy is coming, but Phyllis only says that he may join them in a few days. He wants his daddy to go with them now, but Phyllis very patiently buttons his coat and explains that he can't. The phone rings and it is Leonard from the lobby telling her that her limo is ready for her.

Danny and Christine rush into the lobby of the apartment building. Leonard greets Danny and admits, reluctantly, that Mrs. Romalotti is going away on a trip. The limo outside is for her. Danny and Chris make a beeline for the elevators while telling Leonard not to announce them.

Finally, Daniel is ready. Phyllis takes his hand and picks up her suitcase. They open to door and there is Danny and Christine. Danny and Chris rush into the apartment and Danny starts berating Phyllis for trying to leave. Daniel is chattering about the trip they are going on and is his daddy going to come with them? Chris takes Daniel---too much protesting by Phyllis---into the bedroom. Danny grabs Phyllis bag and opens it. All the time he is yelling at Phyllis. Daniel is standing in the doorway watching all this. He runs to his mother, but Danny takes him. He tells him that things are going to be different, but no matter how things turn out, both his Mommy and Daddy love him. The phone rings; Danny orders Christine to answer it. It is the Judge's secretary informing all that the Judge is ready to make his ruling.

I THINK I LOVE YOU: Sara is lurking near the room where Josh and Nikki are talking. Josh tells Nikki that he loves her so much and she makes him so very happy. He reminds her of the things he has told her about his first marriage: how he studied and worked day and night, how he was usually too tired to even think about love-making when he would be home (even if he hadn't felt that the marriage was doomed). "But, now things are different," he tells her. "It is like day and night. I know that we are going to be married forever. I would love to have a child with you."

Nikki doesn't look too put off by the request; as a matter of fact, she appears to like the idea. However, she tells him that it is something she will have to think about for a couple of days.

S/V stands outside the room and starts to cry. Tears are streaming down her face and she needs to cover her mouth to keep from crying out loud.

WE NEED TO TALK: "What are you doing here?" Neil asks when Dru walks into his office. Dru tells him to turn off that high-tech TV and give her three minutes and she will tell him. Alright, lets get this over with, Neil responds.

"We need to talk about the things that are standing between us," Dru tells her husband. He replies that she is living in a fantasy world.

"Is there no hope?" Dru asks.

"Hope for what? Our family? Our marriage? You threw all that away with your lies and your deceptions."

"Are you going to throw all we had away?" Dru questions. "Is there no forgiveness in you?"

Neil tells her that it is never going to happen for them. He wouldn't ever be able to trust her again. She tells him that she is willing to have the child he wants even though she isn't ready to be pregnant again---that is how much she is willing to mend the marriage. She will go to the doctor's office this instance if he wants to. He eventually tells her that he needs a few days to think about it. When she tries to kiss him on the cheek, he turns away. Slowly, Dru walks out of the office.

COURT'S IN SESSION: Danny and Christine have brought Phyllis and Danny to the courthouse. Paul meets them just outside the doors to the courtroom. While Chris and Paul talk, Phyllis turns to Danny and quietly says that this is it. "However it turns out, I want you to know . . ."

Danny reaches for his son and begins to talk to him. Once again he tells the boy that even though things are going to be different after tonight, both Mommy and Danny love him. No matter what, he promises.

Paul takes Danny and the others go inside the courtroom.

The Judge enters and right away says that he has made his decision. He begins by saying that the marriage is irretrievably broken and the dissolution of marriage is granted.

Next, he brings up the central issue: the custody of Daniel. He admits that this is the classic dilemma. On the one hand, he has a mother who has performed her duties as a mother in a more than adequate manner. She is a loving and responsive parent. She has had the major responsibility for raising Daniel up until now and she has done a good job. There is no evidence of any suffering by the child.

"But," he says. "In my mind, she has engaged in the worse type of conduct known. She has perjured herself and proved that she isn't above employing any illegal and immoral ends to achieve her ends. This court has serious and significant concerns for the future of the child.

"I WILL NOT allow this woman to raise this child in such a climate of deceit and dishonesty. Daniel deserves the security of a decent upbringing, therefore, I grant permanent custody to Danny Romalotti. The Mother is granted supervised home visits in which Mr. Romalotti is present."

Since Chris had already taken the privilege of preparing the custody papers, the Judge signs them at that time and adjourns court.

Danny turns to Chris and they embrace. "Congratulations!" Chris tells him.

"We did it! No, YOU did it! I don't know how I will ever be able to thank you enought." Danny says.

Patrick walks up to the twosome and offers his congratulations to Christine. He turns to Danny and congratulation him, also, saying that raising a child is a big responsibility.

"It is one I am looking forward to," Danny tells him.

"Now the fun begins, DAD!" Christine tells Danny.

"Let's get out of here," Danny says and the leave the courtroom.

Phyllis sits bowed over the table, crying.

Outside the courtroom, Danny hugs his son. We're going home, son, he tells him.

Phyllis comes out into the hallway. Daniel runs to her and jumps into her arms. Phyllis talks to her young son. He wonders when she will visit him and she tells him she will be there whenever he wants her. "Daniel, I will always be there for you. I love you so much."

Danny comes up and takes his son's hand. They walk away, but Daniel cannot stop looking back at his mother.

Phyllis remains on her knees on the floor. After everyone has gone, she breaks down completely. Michael is there and asks what can he do for her. When he touches her, she shakes him off. "I am alone!" she keens. "I am no one. I am nothing. I am alone!"

"You aren't alone," Michael tells her as he gently pulls her up from the floor. "You have me." He holds her close and asks if she is ready to go home.

" I can't go there," Phyllis weeps into his shoulder. "Not now; not without my son."

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