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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on GH
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Monday January 19, 1998

The Quartermaine's try to convince Jason the baby is safer with them; his lifestyle is too dangerous. Jason turns to Tony, wanting to know why he is there because he knows he's not the father. Monica walks in on the whole fiasco, wanting to know what's going on, but it seems no-one wants to say anything. Finally Emily jumps in and explains what they're doing. Jason doesn't want to go into detail with Monica. He tells Emily to take the baby from Dr. Quartermaine. AJ tells her not to. Despite AJ's request, Emily takes the baby from Alan and hands him to Jason. Tony turns to Justus and yells at him for stepping in. Justus turns to Jason and tells him not to worry, he could have them all put in jail for kidnapping. Jason tells the family all to have their last look because they will never see the baby again. Justus gets upset at what they have done and tells Edward not only has he lost Jason and his chance to ever see the baby, he has just lost him to. Edward lets him know that if he walks out the door he may never return. That's just fine with him. Emily runs after him, pleading for him to let her go with him. At this moment Ned walks in and apologizes for being late to her party. She tells him what happened.

Emily goes back inside and yells at everyone in the room for using her to take the baby away from his father.

Brenda lets Jax know she can handle herself and wants him to focus on himself. She tells him about what happened to her, hitting bottom and then going to Lily's grave. It was there she realized that she wanted to live.

Monica has Emily explain what they did and she recounts the whole story. Ned is also surprised as to the lengths they would go to take this child. Emily then turns to AJ and yells at him, telling him she trusted and believed in him and all he did was lie to her like the rest of them. Monica is mad because now she knows what a day at the spa really was for. Ned is furious because some sick person slashed his tires. Emily has already left the room and is upstairs in her bedroom preparing to leave through the window.

Ned confronts AJ about slashing his tires. He admits he did and this prompts Ned to give him a piece of his mind. Ned calls him a loser and says he'll always be a drunk because eventually he will find his way back to a bar stool. Ned believes he's always been jealous of his brother Jason and that the accident was his way of taking Jason out of the picture. AJ thinks he's sick for even thinking that. He also tells Ned he thinks he's feeling threatened because he was left out of this plan and believes that Ned is afraid of him.

Monica is mad at Alan for what he did, especially to Emily. Tonight was about her finally coming back to them and he ruined it. Monica wouldn't be surprised if Emily never spoke to him again.

Justus goes to see Jason and he tells him he has left ELQ. For him it seems funny it would happen on this day; his grandmother, Mary Mae died 2 years ago. He tells Jason about her since he does not remember and then tells him he killed a man. Jason isn't fazed by this. He winds up offering Justus the penthouse across the hall, rent free, since he has sold his place. Justus takes the key but agrees to pay his way.

After Justus is gone, Jason talks to the baby and apologizes for what happened at the Q's. Emily shows up and apologizes; Jason tells her everything is OK but not for her it isn't. She does not want to go back to the house and he tells her she can stay with him. Meanwhile there is a box delivered to Jason, along with a card. It's a chocolate cake from Robin for his 2nd birthday. He tells Emily how Sonny made him one last year. It's been 2 years since he woke up from the accident. Emily asks about Robin and when she learns she's in PC and staying, she asks if they are back together but Jason says no.

Edward tells off Tony for getting them involved in his plan. He believes Tony's motives were to get back at the baby's mother, while they were just looking out for the child. Tony doesn't want to hear about what a fool he was with Carly but believes hat Jason is incapable of raising a child. AJ thinks he's being a bit pompous and Edward tells him the next time he comes up with a plan to leave them out of it. Tony walks out and AJ tries to catch up with him.

Ned tells Edward he is a bit annoyed he was left out. Edward doesn't seem to care, right now he has other matters to deal with, mainly Justus.

Monica goes upstairs to check on Emily, leaving Alan and AJ together. Alan tells AJ he's glad that he is still around.

Brenda thanks Jax for being in her life and being her friend. He lets her know V has all his numbers in case she needs him and Brenda asks if he could check in with her every once in a while.

Monica informs Alan and AJ that Emily has gone to Jason's and plans to stay there.

Ned doesn't see why Edward is upset, they had seen it coming. He's not so upset that he's lost a lawyer, they're easy to come by, but he left the family and on all days.

Justus goes into the penthouse and we hear Mary Mae singing.

Emily, Jason, and the baby celebrate.

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Felicia questions Mac on why he left work early in the middle of the day. He brings a gift for her which makes her even more suspicious. It's a sexy shirt which she absolutely loves. He tells her to go and put it on, they have lunch reservations at the Port Charles Grill.

Ned goes over Brenda's business with her. She's being sued by Star TV and has basically no money to pay. He offers her a loan which she refuses. She asks if he wants to buy her L&B shares but at first turns her down. When she says she'll find someone else he agrees, but says she can work there and when she gets back on her feet can buy them back. She agrees. Robin walks in and Brenda and Ned wrap up their business because she is having lunch with Robin.

Alexis then shows up and sits down with Ned. He mentions a time they spent together and she catches on that he's trying to put her in a "yes" frame of mind. He offers her the position of chief counsel at ELQ. He lets her know Justus is no longer with them and informs her of the Q's latest scheme.

Mike shows up at Jason's and asks how the baby is doing. Mike offers Jason some help and gives him advice on how to rock a bassinet. Jason tells Mike that Emily is staying with him and tells him the reason why; the Q's used her to steal the baby away from him.

Alan tries to warm up to Monica, asking her to lunch and dinner; she flat out refuses both offers. Her main concern is getting Emily back in the house and trusting them again. She lets him know she talked to Emily and this is more serious then they realize. Monica has agreed to give her some time. Alan says this was Tony's idea but she wants him to take some responsibility. He tells her he only wanted his son and grandson but she lets him know he did just the opposite, lost them both. She informs him he does have another son and maybe he should concentrate on him. Monica walks out and as Alan is pouring himself a drink Lila comes into the room.

Ned tells Alexis how Justus wound up leaving but he isn't unhappy about it. He's actually glad he doesn't have to think about him ever again.

Brenda talks to Robin about her current situation. She says she can't believe she made a big decision (regarding her L&B stock) without consulting Jax first. She misses him already. Robin suggests she model again but Brenda's not too sure about her current status with Jax Cosmetics. Robin tells her to go talk to Lucy and Brenda says she'll do that right now.

Mac and Felicia walk into the Port Charles Grill. Robin sees them and this puts a smile on her face.

Jason tells Mike the baby likes him, he doesn't smile at everyone. He lets Mike know he can come over whenever he wants, just give him a call.

Monica shows up at Jason's and he isn't too friendly. She is there to see Emily but he informs her Emily is in school but she can wait if she wants. Monica tries to explain to him that she had nothing to do with the whole fiasco but he doesn't want to hear it. When Monica tries to go near the baby he tells her not to. She realizes he doesn't want her around his son. Emily walks in and is surprised to see Monica because she told her she would give her 24 hours, but Monica informs her she couldn't wait.

Alexis is intrigued and willing to listen. He tells her about the "perks" of working for ELQ.

Robin goes over to Mac and Felicia's table and he's called away to take a phone call. Robin is surprised at the gift Mac picked out for Felicia and they both agree he's been acting weird lately.

Brenda goes to see Lucy but she's not there. She tells Don, Lucy's assistant, that she'd like to set up an appointment but he thinks it's best Lucy call her. Brenda sees the photos of Eve and questions him on them. She asks if Eve Lambert is the new face of Jax Cosmetics. He tells her Eve's being considered but nothing is finalized. Don suggests she talk to Lucy but she realizes it's over and understands Lucy has to move on. When she walks out she is upset and Robin shows up, asking what happened.

Lila suggests to Alan that it's a little early to be having a drink. She is upset with her husband and family for what they did and Alan admits it was absurd and cruel. He is upset and Lila wants to know what is troubling him. He tells her that it feels like everything is slipping away from him.

Emily tells Monica she knows she had nothing to do with it but is embarrassed to call them her family. Monica agrees with her on this. Emily tells her things are simpler at Jason's but Monica points out they really aren't. She wants her to come home but Emily says before she can do that she must promise her one thing, that this will never happen again. Monica can't do that and Emily says she's staying. She can't act like it never happened and knows that eventually she will have to come home but not right now. Monica says OK but they must talk every day and meet on neutral grounds. She leaves and Jason asks Emily if she's OK.

Felicia seems to be having a good time and Mac suggests they get a room. She's surprised at him but thinks he's only joking.

Ned tells Alexis they will have lunch every day until she accepts his offer.

Brenda and Robin sit down again for lunch and she tells her what happened upstairs. She says she's going to write Lucy a letter, thanking her for all she's done.

Alan takes more pain pills and then Monica walks in. He asks where Emily is and when she tells him she's staying there he gets angry. He thinks this is crazy and says he's going there to get her. Monica advises against it; he won't even get past Jason's bodyguards. She tells him she could not convince Emily that this was a better place to live than Jason's. Angered, she walks out.

Jason tells Emily he has to go out on business.

Brenda says this will not set her back and maybe she needs to be challenged by her work. She thinks she needs to go out and pound the pavement like every other model and show the world she's goodRecap --->

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

A portion of today's broadcast was pre-empted by a special news report on more Clinton "sex scandal" news.

Tess acts all loving towards Mac and tries to feed him soup which he doesn't want. He tells her his whole body hurts and he feels like he has no energy.

James calls Tess to find out about Dara because she's coming over. Tess says she's on it. Felicia shows up and is surprised to see him all dressed up. He's going to the Mayor's dinner with Dara.

Katherine comes home and Stefan tells her he was worried about her. She lets him know she was being followed and thinks it was Helena. Stefan informs her that his mother won't hurt her. She's surprised that he's acting so blasé after he had told her how dangerous his mother is.

Helena has her "handyman" bring Alexis in who is blindfolded. He takes it off and Helena introduces the two. Alexis isn't too thrilled with being kidnapped but Helena says she couldn't wait for her to come to her. They will be dining shortly and Helena wants to discuss removing Stefan's power in the family. Alexis offers another solution, functioning as a unit. Helena says no, she wants to restore power with her and Nikolas. Alexis knows if she doesn't agree they'll be repercussions.

Stefan apologizes and says he won't let anyone harm her. Katherine does not want there to be anything they can't talk about. She wants to know why all the interest in Nikolas. He explains Helena's position but will stop her. Nikolas comes in and Emily shows up. Katherine and Stefan leave them alone. Emily lets him know she's not there because of Sarah, she has some of her own problems she'd like to talk about.

Felicia wants to know if Dara has to go to this dinner and Mac (James) mentions they'll be there all night. He asks her to open up for him tomorrow because he might get home late. Felicia's a little suspicious. Dara shows up and Mac(James) compliments her on how beautiful she looks. Felicia tells them to have fun and leaves. She seems a bit upset. Mac(James) suggests they have a drink before they leave.

Tess tells Mac she's really a sensitive person and quizzes him on his lady friends, especially Dara Jensen. He wants to know how she knows Dara and Tess plays it off like Felicia mentioned Dara to her. He tells her Dara is the type of woman who makes a man glad he's a man. She asks if they get it on and he says on and on and on. Her attitude towards sex, he says, is if it feels good do it and everything feels good to Dara. Tess asks how long they have been dating and he says they're not, it's just hot, raw, non-committal sex between them. He tells her about a time when they went to Albany on business and the fog was so heavy driving that they had to pull over but made good use of their time, if she knows what he means.

Tess goes and calls James and tells him that Mac and Dara are lovers and they get it on. She gives a few more details and he hangs up. Dara tells him they don't have to stay too long, just make an appearance. She says there are better things they can be doing. This guys mind is definitely racing to other thoughts.

Helena and Alexis finish dinner and Helena tells her they will begin their business arrangement tonight. Her first assignment, forge a new relationship with Katherine Bell.

Emily tells Nikolas what took place and how she left. She's confused and thought he could help since he did leave home once. She wants to know if things got better for him at home after being on his own for a little while. Emily starts to ask about Sarah but he doesn't want to talk about it. Katherine walks in with some hot chocolate and asks Emily if something is wrong. She just says she moved out and is having some problems with her family.

Felicia returns from Mac's and Tony is there with the kids. She mentions that it's nice to have him there, especially since he moved out of the brownstone and he really isn't up to talking about himself and his problems. He asks what's going on with her and she tells him she is a little bothered by Mac and Dara being together.

Mac & Dara are back home and she says they have other business to attend to. Everything she says leads this guy to think she wants to sleep with him. Mac(James) tells her to go upstairs and get undressed, he'll be right with her. Dara gets a very annoyed look on her face.

Helena says she has confidence in Alexis that she'll find a way to succeed in her assignment.

Mac asks Tess to feel his head, he isn't feeling too well. She gives him some juice.

Felicia's up in the middle of the night and there's a knock on her door, it's Mac. He says he knows it's late but figured he'd drop off the tax forms she brought him earlier. He kisses her and then says maybe that's why he came by, and leaves.

Thursday, January 22, 1998

Due to a press conference, ABC pre-empted portions of today's General Hospital.

Jimmy continued to try to get closer to Felicia posing as Mac. While in her apartment at the Brownstone, he continued to make passes at her, but Felicia resisted finding his behavior strange. Maxie walks in and after a discussion about Maxie going sledding, Mac (Jimmy) leaves. Maxie begins to talk to her mother about Uncle Mac and his feelings for Felicia. Maxie tells Felicia that Mac really likes her. When Felicia tries to down play everything as their being friends, Maxie says, "No, I mean he really likes you".

AJ and Keesha have dinner as one of Jason's henchmen looks on. AJ tells Keesha the whole plan the Q's and Tony had to take the baby away from Jason. Keesha is surprised to find AJ would go along with the plan, but he tells her he didn't want to go along with it at first until he was convinced the child was in danger. Keesha seems to accept AJ's excuse and AJ tells her about Jason threatening the Q's with bodily harm.

As Jason prepares to leave the penthouse, Alan decides to pay him a visit. Alan apologizes to Jason for plotting to take the baby away from him saying he didn't realize Jason was so attached to his son. Jason isn't sympathetic to Alan and tells him he is leaving so Alan has to also. Emily walks downstairs and Jason hands the baby to her and tells his guards to stay until Alan leaves which should be now.

At the cabin, Mac tells Tess he believes there is more to Tess holding him captive than her just trying to get him to fall in love with her. Tess denies there is any other reason and makes a pass at Mac. Tess walks in the other room and Mac tries to loosen his handcuffs with a hairpin of Tess'. Jimmy shows up and tells Tess about Mac giving her false information.

Lila visits Emily tries to convince her to forgive the Q's. She is finally successful and Emily decides to move back into the mansion. Jason comes back and seems happy to see Lila. Lila tells him Emily is moving back and hopes he isn't upset. Jason tells her he isn't that he wants what is best for Emily. Lila also apologizes for the behavior of the other Q's.

Tess confronts Mac about the false information and tells Mac he had better give her the correct information from now on or else. Mac asks why it is important anyway and reminds Tess she won't hurt him because she obviously needs him for the information. Tess realizes she isn't getting anywhere and leaves the room. She and Jimmy then leave. Meanwhile, Mac finally gets the handcuffs off and reads a newspaper Tess has laying around. He sees a photo of Jimmy and Dara in the paper dated yesterday and realizes Jimmy isn't dead. As Mac then walks towards the door, Jimmy opens it and they stand face to face.

Friday, January 23, 1998

Edward comes to visit Justus. He apologizes for and tries to justify his actions in trying to get the baby from Jason. Edward also tries to get Justus back in the fold, but Justus tells him that it doesn't matter what he says, he is through with the Q's. Edward continues to try to convince Justus his place is with ELQ and himself but to no avail.

Mac comes face to face with Jimmy and tries to overpower him but Mac is too weak from the fever he has. He tries to get answers from Jimmy as to what Tess is doing, but Jimmy doesn't want to help Mac and instead takes him back to his room and handcuffs him back in the chair. Jimmy then decides to talk to Mac. Mac tries to convince Jimmy Tess is just using him and when the plan is over, Jimmy will wind up in jail while Tess will go free. Jimmy tells Mac he trusts Tess and besides, he has a safety deposit box waiting for him with a passport and a deed to a house in Corsica so he can start a new life when this is over.

As Jimmy is telling Mac about the box, he comes up with an idea that Mac could be the one to start the new life. Mac is confused as to what Jimmy means and Jimmy tells him he likes Mac's life and no one has even noticed he isn't Mac since he first took over Mac's identity a few weeks ago. Mac tells Jimmy he's interested and it will be a deal as soon as Jimmy unhandcuffs him. Jimmy says no that he isn't stupid. Mac again tries to convince Jimmy he is just the fall guy in Tess' plan and he doesn't even know what the plan is. Jimmy tells Mac again he believes Tess and in any case, the new identity won't be in the box until the job is completed. Mac still tries in vain to get Jimmy to give up, but Jimmy tells Mac he likes Mac's life and may stay in it permanently. He again tells Mac no one has noticed, not even Felicia.

Jason arrives on the docks to discuss with his men why some shipments have been coming up short. He leaves the baby in the car when Rinaldo tells him he should and Jason has the limo driver take the baby home. As Jason is discussing the short shipments, shot are fired at him.

Jimmy continues to talk to Mac about how much he likes Mac's life and tells him he has a date with Felicia tonight. Mac tells him if he spends ten minutes alone with Felicia, she will discover he isn't Mac. Jimmy tells Mac he already has and Felicia doesn't realize it isn't Mac. Also, Felicia seems to like the new Mac better than the old one because he is more open with his feelings. Jimmy realizes it is time to go meet Felicia so he goes to drug Mac. Mac finally realizes the reason he has been feeling so bad and has a fever is because Tess has been drugging him. Jimmy confirms Mac's realization then drugs Mac.

Edward and Justus continue to talk and Edward warns Justus about the dangers of working for Jason. Justus tells Edward he is done with everything because he has lost all respect for himself listening to Edward. Justus then asks Edward to let him go if he ever loved him. The phone then rings and it is Jason. Justus leaves to see what Jason needs leaving Edward there.

At the penthouse, Jason discusses the ambush with one of his partners. Jason wants to know who set up the ambush and the partner offers to find out for him. He also tells Jason that Sonny would never have gone to the docks himself and he is just cautioning Jason not to do things that put his life in danger because he wants to do business with Jason for a long time. The partner leaves and Justus arrives. Jason tells Justus about the shootout and expresses his concern over the baby's safety. He tells Justus his plan was to make business too expensive for Marino to operate thereby getting rid of him. The plan was working fine and Jason didn't mind getting shot at before except now he has the baby to worry about. Jason asks Justus if Carly would get the baby if he died. Justus explains that since Carly hasn't shown any concern for the child yet she wouldn't get custody. Jason then asks Justus to drawn up some papers giving Bobbie custody of the baby if he should die.

Mac begins to hallucinate. He imagines he is talking to Felicia and she is telling him she can't let him go because she like the new Mac better. Mac asks her why and she tells him it is because the new Mac tells her how he feels. She then asks Mac if he can tell her how he feels about her now. Mac then begins to tell Felicia he loves her. Tess walks in and she realizes Mac's fever is getting worse because he is hallucinating. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Felicia arrive at a flower shop. Jimmy has her close her eyes while he picks out various flowers for her. He then gives them to her, has her open her eyes, kneels down and asks her to marry him. Felicia yells at him to stop then runs away.

Justus returns from Jason's and he and Edward talk more. At the penthouse, Jason is alone with the baby and he apologizes to the child telling him he deserves better and more than he has right now. He also promises to give him everything he needs and to keep him safe.

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