The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on B&B

Enamored with Amber, Rick helped her get the nanny job at Brooke's house. Ridge bonded with Taylor's baby. James rescued Sheila, and the police dragged Maggie away in handcuffs. Lauren and Eric sprang a trap on Johnny, but it only confirmed that he was telling the truth about his identity.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, January 26, 1998

James follows Martin to the Psycho house and wonders what he is doing here. Inside, Mike tries to get Sheila to eat something but she refuses. Mikes says it's not going to do any good to starve yourself because James is leaving for Scotland tonight with Maggie and the baby. Sheila doesn't think James would abandon her. Martin mentions he saw James at Mannequins but doesn't think James saw him.

Maggie is with Mary and is planning their life in Scotland, far away from Sheila.

Stephanie confronts Thorne about his relationship with Taylor and pumps him for information. Why are you letting her take the baby without you? Why haven't you two married? Thorne wants his mother to back off. Stephanie refuses because she suspects Brooke is not pregnant since she has a history of lying. Also, Stephanie reminds Thorne that Brooke is afraid of Taylor. Afraid of Taylor's love for Ridge is stronger than what she shares with Ridge.

Taylor introduces her son to Ridge and Brooke. Brooke is worried Taylor is going to spill the beans that Ridge is the real father. Ridge holds his son unaware he is holding his own child. Brooke remarks the baby looks just like Taylor. Taylor asks Brooke how her pregnancy is going. Brooke says it is too early to talk about her pregnancy. Why did you announce you were pregnant than, Taylor asks.

Mike wonders if James saw Martin at Mannequins. Maggie phones Mike and informs him she and James are leaving for Scotland tonight. James is at the front door of the Psycho house and knows something is wrong.

Thorne can't believe Taylor took the baby to see Ridge. Stephanie says Taylor is trying to put her life back together and questions Thorne's involvement in Brooke's plan to keep Ridge and Taylor apart. If anyone is being manipulative, it is Ridge, Thorne says.

Ridge leaves Brooke and Taylor alone. Taylor says she knows Brooke is not pregnant and soon, Ridge will know the whole truth. Ridge returns and Taylor informs he and Brooke that she going away to think things through. She had a lot of personal things to work through and will deal with everything when she gets back. Ridge wants Taylor to stay in town while she is working things out, but Taylor insists she has to get out of town. Besides, Taylor says, what she had to do requires a lot of strength and she has to figure out the correct way to handle it. Taylor kisses Ridge goodbye...for now.

Inside the house, James knows Martin is upstairs and wonders if Sheila is with him. Mike hears James and gags Sheila. James finds Sheila tied to the bed, gagged. He starts untying her, but Mike comes at him swinging a broom. James and Mike struggle and Martin hits James. James manages to knock both of them out and frees Sheila. Everything is going to be all right.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

James and Sheila leave the Psycho house and get into James' car. Mike wakes and realizes Sheila is gone, while Maggie is at Sheila's house waiting for James to return.

Stephanie mentions to Eric that she hopes this trip of Taylor's is used to clear her head and when she returns, Stephanie hopes Taylor goes after Ridge so she can get rid of an obnoxious daughter in law. Eric changes the subject to their wedding. Now that Ridge and Brooke are married, Taylor has had her baby, and he has shaved his beard, there is nothing left to stop them from marrying. Stephanie thought Eric needed more time to work things out. Eric says the only thing that is bothering him now is what Lauren is going through. Lauren shows up claiming she needs help.

Maggie hears a car pull up and notices James has returned with Sheila! Once inside, James fills in Maggie about how he followed Martin from Mannequins to the Psycho house and there he found Sheila. After warming Sheila up, James leaves Maggie and Sheila alone while he gets Sheila some water. Maggie realizes Sheila hasn't told James that she was a part of Sheila's kidnapping. What are you going to do, Maggie asks. James comes back and Sheila mentions she saw a suitcase when she was coming in. James says he and Maggie were leaving for Scotland tonight because he thought Sheila didn't want to have anything to do with him after he read that letter in the hospital. Sheila Says she did not write that letter. A horrified Maggie hears James tell Sheila that he is not leaving her now. He wants to be with Sheila and the baby.

Martin is packing the evidence while Mike tries to call Maggie. There's no time for that. The police have arrived.

Lauren says Rush came to her apartment last night. Eric doesn't believe her because Rush never could have survived after being shot. Lauren says the man who came to her apartment claims he is not Rush, but his brother, a twin. Stephanie suggests Lauren seek a psychiatrist, but Lauren says she can prove Rush was at her apartment by a note. The note is a phone number of the man claiming to be Rush's brother. Eric says the only way to figure out what and who they are dealing with is by a scar. Since Rush was shot with a crossbow, he should have a scar. Stephanie suggests Lauren meet with this man again and find out if he has a scar. Eric says he will be there along with the police.

With the police enclosing, Mike and Martin tie the sheets to the bed and use the sheets to climb out the window. The police bust in the room but it's too late, Mike and his brother are outside. The police go after them.

Lauren calls Rush and invites him to dinner tonight at her apartment. Rush is surprised but wants to talk and put what happened in the past. He agrees to dinner tonight.

Sheila tells James he can't blame Mike for everything. Mike wasn't alone. James says he knows Mike's brother was involved, but Sheila mentions a third person, the ringleader. Sheila tells a shocked James the person behind her kidnapping was Maggie!

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Maggie denies Sheila's allegations that she was involved in her kidnapping, and begs James not to believe Sheila. Sheila says it is pointless to lie because Mike will not cover for her and besides, Maggie's fingerprints are all over that house.

Lauren readies for Rush/Tony Carrera. The police are at Lauren's apartment along with Eric, Stephanie, and Sally. Eric reminds Lauren all she has to do is get Tony inside and then they will find out if Tony really is Rush. They will know because Rush would have a scar from the crossbow shot.

At Insomnia, Amber fills in Macy that she is no longer working now that Brooke is back. Amber has a demo tape of her background music and just needs someone with cash who believes in her. Macy offers to have her sing right now at Insomnia. Amber is delighted but notices a woman being verbally abused by the man she is with.

Stephanie notices Eric embrace Lauren. The doorman rings and informs Lauren that her guest is on his way up. Lauren welcomes Rush/Tony. Noticing she is a bit nervous, he suggests they go someplace neutral. Lauren says she is too afraid to leave her apartment because of what happened in Greenland.

Maggie can't deny Sheila's claim. She tells James she kidnapped Sheila to get her away from you, to break the hold Sheila has over you. James is shocked to learn of Maggie's involvement. Maggie insists that Margaret deserves more than to be raised by a nutcase and she needed time for she, James and the baby to have together. Maggie asks James who he would want to raise his daughter.

Macy announces Ambrosia who sings a song pertinent to the woman who was just verbally abused. The song moves the woman to tears and she ends her relationship with the abusive man. Amber's singing was good enough to make a difference in someone's life.

Lauren distracts Rush/Tony while Eric and the police grab him and handcuff him. Lauren starts to unbutton Tony's shirt. Is Tony really Rush?

Maggie continues her defense by telling James you let Sheila get to you. Maggie kidnapped Sheila in hopes of trying to save James from the guilt of letting Sheila raise his daughter. Sheila reminds Maggie that she is the child's mother. Maggie wants James to believe in their family the way it used to be. The police come to the house in response to James' 911 call from his car. They were not able to capture Mike or his brother but are still looking. Sheila says the ringleader of her kidnapping plot is right here, Maggie. Sheila asks James to back her up. James tells the police to take his ex-wife away. Maggie is under arrest for the kidnapping of Sheila Carter.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

Lauren ever so slowly walks to the handcuffed Carrera and begins to unbutton his shirt. Her hands are shaking as she opens the shirt to expose his unscarred chest. She gasps! I can't believe it!

What is wrong, Lauren, Eric asks.

The scar should have been right here, Lauren says as she points to his heart.

Could he have removed the scar with plastic surgery, Sally asks. But Lauren doesn't think that particular scar could have been removed so cleanly. Lt. Baker removes the handcuffs and apologizes, saying this man could not possible be Rush. Sally thanks him for his help as he leaves the apartment.

"Someone owes Mr. Carrera an apology," Stephanie mentions, coldly. "Let's go, Eric."

Eventually, Lauren is left in the apartment alone with Jonny Carrera.

Thorne is complaining to Brooke that Taylor has left town. Brooke tells him that Taylor just needs time, but Thorne says he wanted to go with her---she should have allowed him to go with her. Still, he is sure that Taylor will not tell Ridge about the baby when she returns.

Brooke disagrees. She saw the way that Ridge looked at that baby; it was as if he knew it was his son. There was an instant bond and Taylor saw it just as clearly as she, Brooke, did. Maybe I should tell him, Brooke muses. When Thorne objects, she tells him that she is tired of all the secrets and deceptions.

"It is complicated," Thorne tells his co-conspirator. "As long as you are pregnant, he will remain with you." The look on Brooke's face tells him that he has struck a nerve. "You are pregnant, aren't you, Brooke? Don't tell me you were never pregnant. Taylor and Stephanie never believed you were pregnant. Was it just a ploy?"

"No," Brooke finally tells him. "I really was pregnant. But I miscarried while we were in Italy."

Brooke says that they have plans tonight for a special dinner. She will probably tell him tonight about his baby. She loves Ridge and doesn't want their life together built on lies.

Thorne continues to persuade her not to tell Ridge. They both have a lot riding on this. "Don't say anything rash," he tells her on his way out the door.

"I won't," she promises, "but that doesn't mean that he won't find out about the baby tonight."

Amber has a fan! Someone comes up to her and tells her that she really enjoyed her song. Do you have any CDs out? She asks. After the fan has left, Amber says that she needs some serious cash to make that demo. Come on, Ricky boy, don't let me down, she says.

Rick is in his bed dreaming of Amber and the time that she kissed him. C.J. comes in and laughs at him caressing the pillow and dreaming of Ambrosia. Rick tells him that Amber has left, but C.J. has a plan to get her back in the house. He has a brochure listing extracurricular activities that are spread out all over Los Angeles. All Rick and Bridget have to do is sign up for a lot of them—especially those in different locations. Obviously, the busy parents can't be driving them all over the county, so they will have to hire someone to do the driving (Rick only has a learner's permit to drive). The first person they will think of is Amber, but make sure they think it is their idea.

Bridget is not impressed with the choices offered by the brochure, but Rick convinces her that she doesn't have to actually take the classes—just sign up for them. This settled, they begin selecting the classes that they want to take.

When he arrives home, Ridge wonders why Thorne was there. Brooke says he was only there to say hi. They both mention that they are excited about their special plans for tonight. The kids join them and begin showing their parents the brochure. They are pleased that the children want to broaden their horizons, and are pleased that they will be so busy after school that they won't be "getting into trouble." However, when told the classes they want and the location of said classes, their eyes widen. They will be driving for hours getting them to all these classes. Rick reminds them that his first class is tonight. Rick tells them that they are already obligated for the evening. Brooke suggests that they call Amber, but Ridge isn't so sure about the girl. They should get to know her a little better before putting the kids in her hands. Brooke tells him that he will either have to drive Rick himself and pass on their dinner, or bite the bullet and call Amber. When both Bridget and Rick say they like Amber a lot, he goes to the phone and calls her at Insomnia.

"Oh, Ricky-boy, you did it! My ship is finally coming in," Amber says after hanging up the phone.

At the house, Amber assures Ridge that she is a responsible person with an excellent driving record. When offered Katie's old room, Amber tells them that she cannot think of anything she would rather do than be with their family!

When Ridge and Brooke leave to get ready for the night, Amber is overflowing with happiness and gratitude to the children. Rick sends Bridget out of the room so he can be alone with Amber. Hugging him, Amber thanks him for pulling it off. They are going to have the best time! It is going to work out perfectly for both of them.

Lauren tells Jonny that she really thought he was Rush. Jonny understands that his brother hurt her; his brother has also hurt him. He hurt everyone he loved. Jonny wants to help Lauren get through this; he feels he can help her undo the damage caused by his brother. He invites her to dinner tonight so they can talk it through together. Reluctantly, Lauren agrees to meet him for dinner.

Outside the apartment, Jonny pauses and breathes a sigh of relief.

Ridge is busy downstairs. Brooke walks to the head of the stairs and watches him. "Tonight is the night I tell you the truth about Taylor's baby," she whispers. "There is no other way."

Friday, January 30, 1998

Brooke is almost ready for her night out with Ridge. She is thinking about her marriage. She already has the perfect man; to have the perfect marriage, all she has to do is be honest with him. I have to tell him tonight, she tells herself, but how will he react?

Ridge comes into the room and tells her that she looks beautiful. But he doesn't like the earrings she is wearing. He suggests the diamond ones. Brooke goes to the safe and takes them out. As she is putting them on, Ridge says that she looks better now, especially when she puts on this. He hands her a matching necklace. He tells her that he doesn't need an excuse to give his wife a gift. She has been down lately and, although this will not replace their lost child, it will remind them that they can have another one on the way. We are going to have one sooner than you think promises Brooke.

If they don't leave now, they will be late, Ridge reminds Brooke. They rush out of the room leaving the wall safe open.

At Insomnia, Macy is looking harried. She complains to Grant that she needs to hire another singer to fill in for her so she can take a break; the running of the café is taking up all her time. Does she have anyone in mind? Macy admits that she is thinking of Amber.

Grant doesn't trust Amber. When he finds out she is working for Brooke again, he thinks that is a big mistake on Ridge and Brooke's part. She is going to be a bad influence on those troubled children. When Macy wonders why it is so bad to have dreams, Grant tells her that having dreams is okay. But you have to be willing to work to make the dream come true. As far as he can see, Amber is not willing to put forth the effort for success; she wants it given to her on a silver platter.

Amber is supposed to be helping Bridget with her algebra, but she can't get her head out of the clouds. When Rick comes into the room with the news that their parents have left, Bridget puts away her books wondering what they can do for fun. She suggests going to her Mom's walk-in closet. Rick thinks it is a dumb idea until Amber expresses a desire to look through Brooke's clothes and play dress-up. The kids rush out of the room. Amber hangs back long enough to tells herself that a few more nights like this one and Rick will be wrapped around her finger.

The girls come into the bedroom from the closet dressed in beautiful gowns. Amber slinks around the room singing to Rick who is entranced by her.

Amber throws herself on the bed and says that their mother is the luckiest woman in the world. She would give anything for a room like this. And the clothes are wonderful. Rick tells her that someday she will have a wardrobe like his Mom's.

Once they are seated, Brooke wants to talk seriously with Ridge. It is about something important. But first, Ridge toasts their brand-new marriage with champagne. "May it never end," adds Brooke.

Brooke wonders if Ridge believe that two people in a marriage should share everything. Ridge thinks it is very important for them to share. Do you think I am keeping a secret from you, he asks.

Brooke says that she is talking about herself; she is the one with the secret. Does he really want her to tell him everything? Because, if he wants a marriage where there are no secrets, then that is the way it will be. Should I really tell you? I'll tell you if you say that that is what I should do.

Is that what you want---no secrets? Brooke asks again. She wants to be honest even if he ends up hating her. It really isn't her secret; it is someone else's secret. Ridge says that if it is someone else's secret, then perhaps she should honor it.

"I love you," Brooke says. "I feel secure in your love. But if we are to grow together, that will involve sharing.

Brooke is having so much trouble getting to the point that Ridge suggests they take a stress-break and dance. After the dance, she can tell him what it is if it will make her feel better.

Everybody needs a friend in the business, Amber is telling Rick. A friend that will help them; someone who believes in them and their talent. It takes a lot of money to become a success. There is power in music, but only if you are allowed to be heard. Her big dream is to have an outdoor concert in front of 50,000 people under the moonlight in front of the pyramids of Egypt. It will happen! Rick promises.

It will take a lot of money to get discovered, Amber says. It will take at least ten grand. That is just a drop in the bucket for some people. I'll just die if I end up waiting tables or cashiering in some café.

Rick gets a phone call from a schoolmate. He has to go to his room to check a homework assignment. While alone, Amber wanders around the room, touching all of Brooke's personal items. As she turns around she sees the open safe. Making sure that she is still alone, she goes to the safe and reaches inside.

"Look at all this jewelry!" she gasps. "Diamonds, emeralds, gold! Just one of these would pay for my demo."

She replaces the jewelry then sees a tennis bracelet. She holds it up and admires it. "She'll never miss it," she says.

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