One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on OLTL

Mel and Cassie arrived in Canton to look for Dorian. Max made a new plan. Dorian was drugged. Andrew called a halt to his relationship with Téa. Dorian began to question Mrs. Stonecliff, her childhood nanny.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday January 26, 1998

Téa told Todd that she felt sorry for Kelly and guilty for the way that they used her. Todd felt no guilt and thought that Kelly liked being able to stick it to Blair. Kelly told Ian that she heard Max and Blair discussing the plan to steal The Sun. Ian assumed that Max was the one who told Todd, but was shocked when Kelly admitted that she told Todd. Ian didn't want to hear Kelly's excuses and walked out on her. Ian confronted Max and Blair about Max's involvement in Blair's scheme, but they covered saying that Max only helped Blair with "her" plan to get revenge on Todd. Max wondered what Todd was up to when he and Ian left Rodi's together. Téa met with Andrew to get some advice about Todd, but Andrew decided that he couldn't advise her any more about her marriage. Andrew said that as long as Téa was married, he couldn't act on his feelings for her. Unable to resist the temptation, Andrew kissed Téa. On their way to find Dorian, Mel and Cassie got stuck in the snow. In Canton, Charlotte was very vague about Dorian's role in her father's death, but blamed Dorian for all the family's troubles. Dorian said that the events surrounding her parents' death didn't add up. Charlotte promised answers, but secretly drugged a glass of warm milk for Dorian and told her that it would help her sleep, "just like it used to." When Dorian fell unconscious, Charlotte promised that she would take care of Dorian forever!

What's Coming Tuesday...

Kevin tells Joey that Kelly thought she blew it with Ian! Todd continues to confuse Téa! Will Ian take Todd's advice?

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

The Buchanan Guesthouse:

Kevin and Joey are watching a basketball game. Kevin is tense because Cassie hasn't checked in with him yet. He also tells Joey how resentful he is that Dorian has such an influence over Cassie, whether she is there or not. Cassie finally calls Kevin and afterward he is much more relaxed. Joey expresses concern as to how the Cramer family crisis is affecting Kelly. Just as Joey is about to call Kelly, Kevin stops him and tells him to move on with his life. Kelly obviously isn't interested. Joey decides to take his advice and go to a party across town. As he is leaving, Joey bumps into Kelly who has stopped by to talk to Kevin. Kelly confesses to Kevin everything that has gone on between herself and Ian. Kevin brings up the point that if Ian is so uninterested in how much his relationship with Blair hurts Kelly, then maybe their relationship isn't as high a priority with him as he says. Kelly thanks Kevin for helping her to see the big picture even if she doesn't like it. When Joey returns after Kelly leaves, the Buchanan brothers rejoice in the news that Kelly and Ian are soon to be history.

Outside of Canton:

Mel and Cassie make their way out of their stranded car and to a hotel, which, unfortunately also doesn't have any heat or food. Cassie calls Kevin to let him know that they are OK and afterwards she and Mel discuss how responsible they feel for the situation. Even though they aren't responsible for Dorian's secrets, they are the ones who tore the lid off of them. Mel is desperate for a drink and scared to death what could be happening to Dorian. The two reporters commiserate about the last few months and turn in for the night saying that they will never forgive themselves if something happens to Dorian.

The Cramer family home in Canton:

Dorian starts screaming when she wakes up in her old bedroom and hears her mother's music. Mrs. Stonecliff says that the music is just a tape of one of Sonya's practice sessions that she was listening to. Dorian is obviously very shaken and disoriented, partly because of the drug that Miss Stonecliff slipped her. Dorian and Miss Stonecliff talk about Sonya and her music. Miss Stonecliff tells Dorian not to listen to her family and listen only to her heart. Later during the night, Dorian wakes up to find a shadowy figure in the doorway. Dorian wipes her eyes to get a better look and the figure disappears.

The Rectory:

Téa and the Reverend are making out full blast, when Andrew finally pulls away. He says that his sense of honor and decency won't allow him to continue. Téa is growing frustrated with Andrew's morals. She tells him that her marriage to Todd will be over in four months, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel, isn't there? Andrew says that he would agree with her if he were sure that after her contract was up, Téa would leave Todd for him. The look on Téa's face makes it apparent that she can't commit to that. And that, says Andrew, is the reason that he can't let things go any farther between them and he cannot continue to counsel her on her relationship with Todd.

The Manning Penthouse:

Todd makes the pretense of showing Ian around the penthouse, saying that if Ian is going to try to steal Todd's house out from under him, he should get a good look at it. Ian says that Todd is being his own worst enemy. Ian is determined to buy the Sun and if Todd won't sell it to him, then he'll just get it another way. Todd once again repeats that he will never sell the Sun and that Kelly should find another guy. Ian says that at the moment he is fed up with Kelly. Incredibly, Todd begins to defend Kelly. First, he tries to cover up her part in blowing Ian's plan. After Ian says that Kelly confessed everything, Todd tries to get him to see things from her point of view. Ian tells Todd to mind his own business. Téa comes home in the middle of the meeting and proceeds to start defending Kelly. Ian lets her know that Todd has already made a "fervent plea on her behalf" and Ian isn't interested in hearing another one. Téa jaw drops at the prospect that Todd went to bat for Kelly. Ian says that he isn't interested in advice from either of them and leaves. Téa is pleasantly shocked that Todd showed a little compassion and tells him so. He shrugs it off and tells her not to try and understand him. Todd says that he defended Kelly because he doesn't want Blair ending up with Ian's money. Téa says that no matter what Todd did a good thing and he will just have to deal with it. Afterwards, Téa finds herself questioning what to do after her contract is up: stay with Todd in the hopes that he could change or run to Andrew?

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Hank Gannon's office- Hank and Carlotta

Hank has flashbacks of Jacara's visit to his fishing cabin and then seeing her again in R.J.'s apartment wearing just his brother's shirt. "Just My Imagination" by the Temptations plays in the background. Before he knows it, Jacara appears and her hands caress him. Hank is tilted back in his desk chair, hands behind his head, with a big smile on his face and his eyes closed when Carlotta walks in. Hank is visibly startled when he opens his eyes and objects go flying from his desk. She says that maybe she should have called first. But Hank replies that would be unnecessary. She asks him out to lunch, but he begs off saying he has a working lunch scheduled and dinner is also out of the question. Reluctant to push further, Carlotta hints that he can see her at the Diner later if he wants. She admits that she is sure that lying about Eli damaging the statue in Angel Square has put an end to their relationship. Hank says that was a while back. It is just that they have not had an ordinary conversation in quite a while. Carlotta replies that is exactly why she wanted to spend time with him. He mentions that he has a legal conference in New York scheduled for this weekend and it would be nice to book a hotel nearby in Soho. Carlotta figures she can get Andrew to watch Eli for a couple of days. She is ecstatic as she rushes out the door to find something to wear. Hank calls the hotel and books a room for the night.


At Indigo- Jacara and R.J.

R.J. is also imagining what it would be like to give totally in to his passion for Jacara. "Just my Imagination" by the Temptations plays in the background. They discuss business. An act has canceled and they need a replacement. R.J. says there is a guy playing a gig in Soho he has had his eye on. Is Jacara up to taking a bite out of the Big Apple? They could see the guy play and then do some club hopping. The days would be free to window shop, visit art galleries and museums and maybe take in a play. Jacara asks what that has to do with business. She will only go to New York if it is about the work. R.J. says that when her New York State of mind kicks in, work and play may merge together. Jacara replies that they could be back in a New York minute. R.J. promises to wait until she is ready to sleep with him. He and she will both know when the time is right. They will stand close, face to face, maybe he will be touching her hair softly or tracing the curve of her lips and they will look into each other's eyes and won't be able to breathe.

Rachel's Apartment- Rachel, Téa and Georgie

Téa arrives at Rachel's and they are sharing breakfast when the bell rings. It is Georgie who says she is desperate enough right now to throw herself off a bridge. She has been looking for an apartment. Téa remembers her from the New Year's Eve Party at Rodi's. Georgie tells them she has been shown a one bedroom in Rachel's building, but it is too expensive. It looks like she will be living in her "basement apartment" forever. Rachel suggests she check housing at the law school. When Georgie steps away to make a call, Rachel remarks that being stuck in a basement apartment must be a drag for Georgie. Téa says that she is beginning to think she shouldn't hang on to her stake in Rachel's apartment. Rachel questions whether Téa is going to commit to her marriage with Todd. Téa admits that she is clueless about Todd. She can't give Rachel all the details, but Kelly helped Todd regarding a business deal and it caused a rift between Kelly and Ian. When Téa worried about Kelly's feelings, Todd appeared to be his insensitive "So what" self about it. Then, surprisingly, she walked in on a confrontation Todd was having with Ian and Ian floored her when he said that Todd defended Kelly. Of course, Todd claimed he did it for his own benefit, but Téa has to conclude her husband actually has a soul. It was just a glimpse, but she is tantalized by the idea of making her marriage work. Rachel replies that she deserves better, but if she is willing to give up this place, she must be heavily invested in her marriage. She promises Téa she can still camp out on the couch. Téa hints that if things don't work out with Todd, she would be better off with her own place. Rachel is suspicious that Téa has someone else in mind if the marriage doesn't take, but Téa never answers because Georgie comes back from the phone, saying there is no housing to be had. Téa offers her to take over as Rachel's roomie. Georgie pronounces how perfect her life is, perfect apartment, perfect job, perfect boss. Téa tells her she got off on the wrong foot with Nora herself and warns her not to move in on Ms. Gannon's territory. Georgie replies that she would never presume. Rachel tells Téa she will miss her.

Nora's office- Bo, Nora and Georgie

Bo shows Nora his gift for Rachel- "Giants of Jazz" CD. Nora replies that Rachel will love it and she loves him too. She begs him to come to the party at Indigo. Bo says no, but that he has come up with a compromise. He suggests an alternative party at the Palace on another day. Inviting the same people as Hank would be unfair to Rachel's father, Nora says. Ok, How about Rachel, Nora, Hank, and Carlotta. Nora feels things are awkward between Hank and Carlotta and they should skip the party of five. This puts the family celebration down to four. Bo says it would make him feel like a good stepfather and he wouldn't need to cross paths with R.J. Nora thinks it is more about Bo than what would make Rachel happy on her birthday. She just doesn't want Rachel to find a gaping hole where he should be. All Bo wants is R.J. in cuffs. He knows that R.J. has fooled his smart wife and generous step daughter, but things could get ugly and spoil things for Rachel if he were to be in the same room with the man he is sure kidnapped the Holden twins. Nora feels he should go to the party at Indigo for Rachel's sake. Bo reiterates that R.J. is a criminal. They agree to dinner the night before Rachel's birthday. She will give her daughter a red dress, he will give a CD and they will both treat her to a day at Serenity Springs. Nora asks if they just dodged a bullet. By the skin of their teeth, Bo replies. Nora says she hates this and Bo agrees he does too as he goes out the door.

Indigo- R.J., Jacara and Rachel

R.J. and Jacara are kissing passionately as Rachel opens the door and says she is sorry. Jacara wonders what his niece thinks about this. R.J. says that Rachel realizes she should have knocked. Jacara doesn't want Rachel to believe they are having an affair, but R.J. is not at all worried. If they act like everything is OK, it will be. Jacara doesn't like the idea of mixing business with a personal relationship. It is dangerous. But, R.J. reminds her, it is not out of the question. He will book them rooms at a hotel he knows in Soho. When he calls, the clerk asks him if he didn't just call. R.J. says no. He orders two separate rooms for himself and Jacara.

Meanwhile, Jacara sets Rachel straight. She and her uncle are not lovers. Hank also got the wrong impression that she had spent the night with R.J. Rachel says it looks like she and Uncle R.J. are headed in the right direction. Jacara replies that she is hanging on by her fingernails trying to stay rational. She just can't let her hormones mess things up.

Palace Hotel-Bo and Clint

Bo asks his older brother just what do women want and Clint replies, You are asking me. He is still trying to figure out if he is asking for grief with Viki. They share a lot of time together with the kids and the paper, but he wants to be married to her. Now what about little brother's delayed gratification? Bo says he would like to nail R.J. Gannon's head to a shed wall. This is off the record, he tells Clint, but he thinks that R.J. is behind the Holden kidnappings. He feels it in his gut, but Nora, Hank and R.J. do not. Clint says that must be hard to swallow and Bo agrees he is choking on it. Clint replies that Bo should go after R.J. and asks if he can help. Bo says he will let him know. Bo thanks him and Clint invites him outside to light up a couple of cigars.

Hank's office-Hank and Bo

Bo visits Hank. His pal tells him that he tried to give him time to work through his reservations, but if he can't control himself for one night... Bo wonders why Hank and Nora have identical arguments. Hank says because they both want to know when he is giving up. Bo swears he will not give up. This is not fun. Bo accuses Hank of thinking if he acts like everything is Ok, it will be. Hank replies that Bo is going to do his damndest to prove things aren't OK. Bo says, "You got it" and leaves.

Nora's office- Georgie and Nora

Georgie arrives at the office to find Nora crying. Nora hurries past her muttering that she will be in court all day.

A few minutes later, Georgie has her feet up on Nora's desk and is calmly answering phone calls and telling clients she is in charge.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

Blair came down the stairs and wished Kelly a good morning and then inquired about Mel, Cassie and Dorian. Kelly hadn't heard anything. Blair offered Kelly breakfast, but Kelly didn't want any. Kelly wanted to know if Blair had heard from Ian. Why, asked Blair, who was trying to get Kelly to eat a chocolate croissant. Listen, said Kelly, we might as well get to the point. You're going to hear this sooner or later and I want it to be from me. I know you are going to view this as one more betrayal but...Safe your confessions Kelly, said Blair. I already know what you did and I completely understand. Kelly looked floored.

Mel and Cassie were trying to get ready to leave. They were worried about their car not only being stuck, but buried from the snow plows. They were also worried about traveling on the highway because the highway was closed to everyone except emergency vehicles. Mel, said Cassie, we'll never make it if we take the back roads. Look, if we get pulled over we'll just flash our press cards and tell them we're covering the emergency. Mel agreed to take a chance with a summons because he didn't want Dorian staying at Ms. Stonecliff's any longer then necessary because of the danger. As far as he was concerned it was an emergency.

Ms. Stonecliff was dusting. Dorian came into the room and sarcastically asked if everything was in it's place. Ms. Stonecliff smiled and said she was glad to see her up and ready to face the day. And that she had had a good sleep. She had been so exhausted after that long trip. I was tired, said Dorian, but that was not the reason I slept so soundly. That nice cup of tea you gave me, what did you put in it? What do you mean, asked Ms. Stonecliff. Another accusation, Dorian? I know I was drugged, said Dorian, to the point of hallucination. I am a trained physician. When I came downstairs I was having an out of body experience. And when I was in bed I had a waking dream. A woman standing over my bed in a flowing nightgown with wild, gray hair. At the time I was terrified. You're right, said Ms. Stonecliff, I gave you a sedative. Nothing illegal. The doctor prescribed it to me to get me through the long dark nights. How dare you, hollered Dorian. You were on edge and you needed to get some sleep Ms. Stonecliff hollered back. You gave me a sedative without asking me, Dorian exclaimed. I am not a child in your care anymore. I am a grownup now! You would have fought me, said Ms. Stonecliff. I am capable of making decisions for myself , snapped Dorian. Then you must be ready for some breakfast said Ms. Stonecliff. No, I am ready for some answers to my questions said Dorian. Not on an empty stomach said Ms. Stonecliff. Got another surprise ready for my orange juice, Dorian quipped. Dorian Cramer! hollered Ms. Stonecliff. I'm sorry, said Dorian, I know you adored my mother, respected my father and took the best care possible of me, Addie and Melinda, but the two people I love most have shown me forged death certificates with my parents names on them. Nobody could have arranged that but you so don't tell me about clerical errors. So let's start with question number one, why?

Mel came in and told Cassie it would be ten more minutes for the paperwork to be completed so they could go. They both complained about the coffee. Cassie was worried about Dorian, but tried to rationalize that her mom's will would keep her ok. She paid Ms. Stonecliff's bills so maybe they were still friends in some bizarre way. I just keep coming back to my grandparents forged death certificates she said. So do I, said Mel, and I'm going to go and light a fire under that clerk. Good said Cassie. Do me a favor, asked Mel, check in on Blair and Kelly while I'm gone.

I'm just amazed at how your mind works said Blair. Ian is the one who told me you tipped Todd off. Ian told you, asked Kelly, who was surprised. Well, she said, do you know why I did what I did? I wasn't trying to help Todd, I was trying to protect Ian from your sick manipulation. Well, said Blair, I was kinda amazed about that. I mean I would never show my love for a man by undermining his business deals, especially when it was something he really wanted. But then I had to realize I'm not you, she said while smugly wiping her face with her napkin. You got that right, hollered Kelly. And then, said Blair, I began to understand how difficult it is for you to grasp a certain reality, despite your European boarding school education, you don't have my sophistication or business sense and you must really resent that you are not prepared to deal with the real world. Well reality according to Blair is not the real world, Kelly said sarcastically. And so, continued Blair, scrappy little fighter that you are, when you found yourself overwhelmed, you grasped at anything, no matter how pathetic. Like a baby having a temper tantrum. I'm sorry, said Kelly, I think you're the pathetic one. I don't think you'll ever understand love. I'm sorry, said Blair, I do. I do understand love and I understand jealousy too, I'm just sorry you didn't deal with it better. I don't mean to insult you, but wasn't what you did just a little bit dumb? Kelly rolled her eyes and then the phone rang. It was Cassie. She didn't have long and told Blair that she and Mel had been snowed in overnight, but were on their way to Canton. She wanted to know if Blair heard from Dorian. No, said Blair. She made sure Blair had her cell phone number and that she would tell Kelly. As a matter of fact, said Blair, she's right here. We were just having a little heart to heart. Remember, said Cassie as she rolled her eyes, it's important that we stick together. Blair agreed and hung up. She told Kelly the news and told her about what Cassie said about sticking together. She agreed with her, said Blair, because it was important that they find out what happened in Canton so they could stop the madness and the hurt. That's what I've been trying to tell you all along, said Kelly. Well, said Blair, we can if you're strong enough. Kelly realized Blair was accusing her of being unstable. Blair told her the car crash, the custody hearing and the thing with Ian was a typical, hurtful Cramer pattern. I know what you're doing, said Kelly, stop it! You're twisting everything I say. There's nothing wrong with me. Should we ask the department of motor vehicles, Blair asked sarcastically. You're the one, yelled Kelly, who plotted with Max to steal the Sun because you couldn't win Ian on your own. You used the deal to snare him. Yes, said Blair gently, but the sane thing to do would be to talk to Ian in an honest and open manner. Instead in a very impulsive, destructive, compulsive act you went to Todd. Don't preach to me about impulsive acts, said Kelly, Didn't you lose custody of your daughter that way? Right, said Blair and I'm all to aware of your destructive capabilities when something gets in your way. Honestly, you should look at it another way. Honesty, exclaimed Kelly, I heard every word you and Max said and I'm sick of it. You just don't understand what you heard, said Blair, because you are not a business woman and don't appreciate the talents you need in the vicious business world. But Ian does and he appreciates it. I'll make sure Ian knows just what kind of person you are, snapped Kelly. Yes, said Blair, and he'll appreciate me all the more for it. You don't fool me said Kelly. The doorbell rang. Why Ian, said Blair, Kelly is really upset about what she did. Maybe you can console her. Blair left. Ian thought Blair was taking it well about finding it out it was Kelly who tipped Todd off. Kelly was shocked Ian was buying into her game.

Renee stopped at Max's table at the Palace Hotel to see how he was doing. She reminded him that it was easier for two people to share their grief and that she was always there for him. I know, said Max, taking her hand. So, she asked, what's going on. Well, said Max, I had a deal fall through but I'm not giving up. If the door is locked, go through the window she laughed. Exactly, said Max.

Asa had lunch with Kevin at the Palace Hotel. He was mad about Kevin's piece on Dr. Dougherty. Kevin thought it was a good news piece. Asa was furious because the doctor was a good friend. Besides it could happen to anyone, even him. It already has, said Kevin, about eight or nine times. Show some respect boy, yelled Asa. If I were Dougherty I would sue you and that damn newspaper. Max listened closely.

Renee told Max she had better go quiet "the raging bull" Max wanted to see the "floor show", but Renee didn't think her patrons would be so appreciative. As she walked off, Max thought how it would be not only entertaining but also inspiring.

You were always irritable when you were hungry said Ms. Stonecliff. At least have a cup of coffee. Dorian wanted answers not another concoction. I don't have answers said Ms. Stonecliff. That's not good enough hollered Dorian. After the accident, said Ms. Stonecliff, I went to Bracken county and identified the bodies. They gave me the death certificates and I brought your parents back home. I gave the certificates to the undertaker, Mr. Hart and arranged for the burial. I've been through all that, said Dorian, and it still doesn't answer why the certificates have the names of two total strangers on them. What do you want to do, asked Ms. Stonecliff, exhume the bodies. That would satisfy you, your family and especially that Mel Hayes person. That would be extreme said Dorian. Well, said Ms. Stonecliff, I don't know what else to suggest except that you should trust me. It just doesn't add up said Dorian. Don't you understand that the others are trying to manipulate you into a dangerous emotional place exclaimed Ms. Stonecliff. When you would prefer to manipulate me yourself, quipped Dorian. As I tried to tell you, said Ms. Stonecliff, when you were a child and tried to reinforce over the years, You don't want to know the answer to that question. You're parents were killed in an accident. That's not what you implied last night said Dorian. Was I responsible for my father's death? Why do you keep insisting on playing this masochistic game, asked Ms. Stonecliff, You know you were responsible for it all. Ok, said Dorian, how was I responsible? Was I responsible because I told papa how momma was involved in Melinda's accident? Or was I responsible because I realized on some child level that my mother hated her daughters? That's a lie hollered Ms. Stonecliff. She resented us pathologically, said Dorian, She manipulated us so that we would hurt each other. She is the sole reason Melinda and Addie have spent their lives in and out of institutions. I will not listen to this, yelled Ms. Stonecliff. I will not listen to that kind of talk in this house. She was an artist. Artists exist on a different plane. She was brilliant and she needed special care because she was so sensitive! My mother wasn't sensitive, hollered Dorian, she was insane! Quiet, yelled Ms. Stonecliff. Never, warned Dorian, ever tell me to be silent in this house again!

Renee tried to quiet Asa down. It's ok said Kevin, I know he invited me to lunch so he could yell at me. Finally you got something right, roared Asa. I'm just concerned about my other patrons said Renee. Well tell them to mind their own damn business yelled Asa. Kevin didn't care what Asa thought because his parents stood behind his story. Boy, said Asa don't you understand that if Dougherty sues the legal fees will hurt the Banner. Winning the damn judgment is just a technicality! Renee tried to get Asa to eat, but he was to upset. Tell your old man I'm disgusted with him he said to Kevin and left. Max came over and talked to Kevin to find out what would happen if a paper was sued for libel. Kevin finally got up to leave, but first asked how Max was doing. I've been better, said Max, but I've got an idea that just might change my luck.

Kelly tried to get Ian to see that Blair had been pretending to be nice to her. To what possible end, asked Ian. To look good in your eyes, said Kelly, and it's apparently working. Ian thought it was admirable that Blair was so forgiving. Why don't you forgive me, asked Kelly. I have, he said, especially because he realized that she had been manipulated by Todd. Who told you that she asked. Todd he said. Boy, said Kelly just when you think you know someone. Exactly, said Ian, you thought you were trying to protect me from Blair's scheme. Exactly, said, Kelly, relieved. Only I don't think so now, he said, I think now that it is about jealousy and your unreasonable response to Blair's attitude proves it. Kelly tried to explain how horrible Blair had been to her earlier, but Ian thought she was just paranoid. Kelly told him how Blair had said she was too irrational to understand anything about business. And what part of that isn't true, he asked. Kelly was speechless. Part of what Blair said was true said Kelly. Then why, asked, Ian, were you so upset when she called you on it. Because, said Kelly, she tried to make me sound irrational. Not paranoid, asked Ian. Kelly wanted to drop the whole subject. I'm not the one who won't let go of the bone, said Ian. It's dropped, exclaimed Kelly. I hope so, said Ian, because Blair is very useful to me and I can se we are going to have a productive ongoing business relationship. Are you completely out of your mind exclaimed Kelly, shocked.

Blair met Max for lunch at the Palace Hotel and told him about how her "compassion" for Kelly drove her up the wall. So what's the next step my darling genius, she asked. Well, said Max, this will not only deliver you husband number three, Mrs. Armitage, but it will also give a swift kick in the pants to numbers one and two. Blair was intrigued.

You silenced me, Addie and Melinda everyday in this house yelled Dorian. You are not going to silence me anymore. Ms. Stonecliff called her spoiled. No, said Dorian, starved. We were afraid of expressing ourselves. Dorian was angry that all their daughters were now fighting over every scrap of love they could get and one daughter was questioning her own stability. I had nothing to do with that said Ms. Stone Cliff. You had everything to do with it yelled Dorian, you instilled those dark lessons that made her give up Cassie. You can't blame everything wrong on your mother's sensitive nature and my attempt to protect her said Ms. Stonecliff. Mel and Cassie arrived.

Max explained his plan to Blair. They would bankrupt Todd with a libel suit. They would leak info to the Sun about Asa and they knew Todd would print it without checking the source. Judging from the way Asa was so upset about his friend, he would really blow up if it was personal. Blair wanted to make sure their fingerprints weren't anywhere near it because she was afraid of Todd's threats. Max promised it would only be about Asa. So how do we do this she asked. I don't have a clue, yet, he said. Well, you better hurry before Kelly turns Ian against me.

Kelly couldn't understand how Ian would want to have a business relationship with Blair if he knew she and Max were out to get his money. Ian said her intentions were always above board and she was a clever business woman who could get him what he wanted. He explained everybody had an agenda, even Kelly. Kelly protested that Blair was out to get him and wouldn't stop until she had him. How can Blair have me when you already got me yelled Ian. I love you Kelly. Ian seemed shocked he said it. Yes, I love you, is that so hard to believe? Yes, said Kelly, it is. You know I'm no damn good at this relationship thing and you're not making it any easier he yelled as he stormed out. Well you don't get any better at it by leaving, Kelly hollered after him.

Who's there asked Ms. Stonecliff. Mel Hayes and Cassie Carpenter said Mel. Dorian couldn't believe they had showed up because she hadn't told anyone were she was going. Then protect what you love said Ms. Stonecliff. Protect them and yourself or you'll live to regret it. She went to answer the door. Ms. Stonecliff told them they weren't welcome and she had nothing to say to them. Please Ms. Stonecliff, said Cassie, is my mother here? Dorian came out from behind Ms. Stonecliff and told them to go away.

Friday, January 30, 1998

Kelly and Ian

Kelly, dressed in a sexy black dress, is brushing her hair and putting on makeup in front of a mirror. She recalls Blair's nasty comments to her earlier and then recalls Ian telling her that he loves her. I'm no good at the relationship thing and you certainly aren't helping me figure it out, he told her. "Oh yeah", Kelly says to her reflection,"watch me". She picks up her coat and heads out the door.

Kelly surprises Ian on his yacht. She apologizes again and admits that she was acting jealous and immature. There's no excuse for what she did, she hasn't learned to think before she acts. She is improving though, she owned up to her mistake right away and took the consequences. Is there any way that you could forgive me, she asks. Right now, I could forgive you just about anything, Ian replies. Kelly gives Ian a hug.

He's still mad, but he'll get over it. Kelly's mad too, but with Blair. She's not going to give Blair that power anymore, to get between herself and Ian. Ian promises that he won't let Blair get too close to him and he won't let Blair harm a hair on Kelly's head.

Ian serves Kelly some caviar, which she tries, but obviously doesn't care for. Sipping champagne, Ian wonders what else he can do to make her happy. Kelly turns the question around, no, what can she do to make him happy. If he could have anything in the world, what would it be? Hang-gliding, Kelly suggests. Nope, he tried that once, scared the bejeezus out of him. How about living on a platform in the trees in a rain forest. Nope, he's been on a trip to the Brazilian rain forest. Is there anything he hasn't done, Kelly wonders. She suggests a safari, he agrees they'll have to go together sometime. "I still have one dream left", Ian says, he wants to make love with Kelly.

Georgie and Rachel

Rachel is busy at work when Georgie knocks and comes into R.J.'s office, suitcase in hand. Georgie wants to move in right away. Rachel looks surprised and Georgie does her usual act, apologizing, she's so sorry she assumed she could move in right away, etc. Rachel, feeling guilty, agrees to give Georgie the key to the apartment. Then she has a better idea, why doesn't Georgie stick around, listen to the music and then they can both go home together later.

While Rachel is trying to work, Georgie keeps asking her questions, trying to pump her for information. There seems to be some tension between R.J. and Nora, did something happen between them, Georgie asks. I think that's none of your business, Rachel bluntly tells her. "No wonder Bo doesn't like him", Georgie says.

R.J., Jacara, Hank and Carlotta

R.J. and Jacara check into the hotel, they have adjoining rooms. They leave their luggage at the desk, Jacara goes off to do some shopping at a nearby boutique and R.J. goes to a record store to see what music is hot. As soon as they leave, Hank and Carlotta come in. They talk to a different desk clerk and sign in. Hank goes to sign in for his conference, while Carlotta heads upstairs to their room, Number 445.

In their hotel room, Carlotta leaves a note for Hank, makes a trail of lingerie heading to the bathroom and gets in the shower to wait for him.

R.J. returns to the hotel, a big bouquet of roses in hand. He identifies himself as Mr. Gannon and is given the other key to Room 445. R.J. heads upstairs and Hank comes in right after him. The desk clerk gives him the key to Room 444. As soon as he get in the elevator, Jacara arrives and asks for her key, Room 446.

R.J. enters what he thinks is his room and is surprised to find the note, the lingerie and to hear someone in the shower. "Jacara?", he says, surprised. He strips down to his underwear and heads into the bathroom. Meanwhile, Hank goes to the room across the hall, pours himself a drink and starts to take off his shirt. Just then, Jacara enters from the connecting room. As they recover from their surprise at seeing each other, they hear a scream from across the hall.

Carlotta is cursing at R.J. in Spanish. R.J. grabs his clothes and runs out into the hall, just in time to run into Hank and Jacara, who came outside to find out what was going on. "Would somebody please tell me what's going on", Carlotta demands.

R.J. tries to explain that he and Jacara came to New York to check out some new performers. "Well, the performance was not in my shower", Carlotta snaps. R.J. apologizes again, there must have been some mix up with the rooms. "Who did you think you were taking a shower with", Jacara asks. R.J. looks uncomfortable, but doesn't answer. Hank backs up R.J., saying there was some confusion down at the desk when he went to get his key. Why don't we all go out to dinner, R.J. suggests.

Dorian, Mel, Cassie and Miss Stonecliff

Dorian reluctantly tells Miss Stonecliff to let Mel and Cassie in. Dorian tells them that she is fine and gives both of them a kiss. Dorian wonders how they found her. We guessed, Cassie says, they were worried about her, Dorian just disappeared. We want to help, this is important to us too, Cassie tells her. And we love you, Mel adds. Do you love her, Miss Stonecliff asks Mel.

I love Dorian, with all my heart, Mel replies. Miss Stonecliff says it looks as though they don't trust Dorian, why don't they do as Dorian asks and leave her alone? Is that what you want us to do mother, Cassie asks. Mel asks Dorian if she has learned the truth, if she has found out the answers to all the secrets. There are no secrets, Dorian insists, Miss Stonecliff has told her everything. Mel doesn't believe her. Miss Stonecliff says she's given her life to the Cramer family and she'll protect them until her last breath. Mel wonders what there is to protect.

Miss Stonecliff doesn't appreciate Mel's questions or his tone. Mel's a reporter, that's just the way he is, Dorian tries to explain. Cassie begs Miss Stonecliff to tell her the truth about how her grandparents died. Mel shows Miss Stonecliff the copies of the forged death certificates and tells her the medical examiner has no record of receiving any bodies. That was because of the horrible plane crash, Miss Stonecliff tries to explain, leaving the way open for Mel to point out that there is no record of such a plane crash according to the FAA. I can't explain that, Miss Stonecliff says and starts yelling about digging up the bodies, will that be what it takes to satisfy Mel. "Did you kill them by yourself, or was it more complicated than that", Mel continues to press her for answers. Miss Stonecliff, very upset, suddenly clutches at her heart and falls to the floor.

Miss Stonecliff is now sitting in a chair as Dorian holds a wet cloth to her forehead. The power has gone out, Mel checked the fuse box, but it wasn't a fuse. Cassie comes in with some candles as Dorian helps Miss Stonecliff up. Dorian's a little surprised and seemingly a bit upset to learn that Miss Stonecliff is now staying in her parents room, but she shakes it off and helps Miss Stonecliff up the stairs. Mel and Cassie both agree that Miss Stonecliff was faking it, just like when Dorian threw herself down the stairs to avoid the conversation. They also decide that Mel should back off, Miss Stonecliff is obviously wary of him. Mel thinks they should try a more subtle approach, that Cassie should try to sympathize with her, they're more likely to throw her off guard and get somewhere that way. Miss Stonecliff seems determined to take this secret, whatever it is, to the grave with her. Cassie just hopes that she doesn't plan to take someone else with her. Dorian returns from seeing Miss Stonecliff upstairs.

Dorian accuses them of bullying an old, frail woman as she leads them up to her old bedroom. "You're right, I went too far", Mel says, trying to placate Dorian. Has it been difficult being here, Cassie asks. Dorian claims she didn't sleep well the night before. Cassie tells Dorian that they're very proud of her, of what she's doing. Dorian tries to explain about Miss Stonecliff. The problem is that she always loved all of them too much, especially Sonya. All of a sudden, they hear music. "Who's playing that music", Cassie wonders.

Dorian explains that Miss Stonecliff has old tapes of Sonya practicing, she must be listening to one. Mel asks if he should sleep in a different room, but Dorian tells him, no. Cassie then decides she'll sleep in a room down the hall. She leaves to go get her luggage, but instead follows the sound of the music until she comes to a locked door. She hears someone coming and hides. Miss Stonecliff opens the door with a key that was hidden in the door frame and closes it behind her. Cassie quietly tries the doorknob, but the door is locked again.

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