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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on GH
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Monday January 26, 1998

Mike thinks the baby is recognizing him. Jason is upset over what happened at the docks and talks to Mike about it. Jason tells Mike he needs to get himself out of the line of fire. Just then Bobbie shows up to visit. He tells the two he is afraid he may not always be healthy and so he needs to do things for the baby and asks for their help.

Brenda is preparing a portfolio and Robin offers to help her in looking over her contact sheets.

Felicia walks into the Outback and asks the bartender, David, to say she's not there. James (Mac) walks in looking for her and David says he hasn't seen her. He doesn't believe this and calls out to her. When she doesn't answer he goes out to her car.

Dara and Justus are at the Outback and before sitting down they bump into Brenda and Robin. Dara thinks she's upset Brenda in some way regarding L&B.

-Robin is ready to help Brenda who thinks Dara and Justus are staring at them. She's afraid Dara is thinking she bailed on L&B.

James (Mac) comes back in, calling Felicia's name. He says she's not going anywhere and he is holding what looks like wires from her car. She still doesn't get up though. He sees Dara and walks over, asking if he could borrow her regarding the matter they were discussing. She looks confused but gets up anyway. He tells her good for her, her being with Justus and all. He also says how he is proposing to Felicia and when he asked her earlier she bolted. He alludes to the fact that he wants to try to ask her again, here at the Outback, and asks her to check the ladies room for Felicia.

Robin finally gets her Uncle's attention and he asks her if they've seen Felicia. Dara comes back and says she wasn't there.

Jason tells the two he can't wait till Carly gets home, if something happens the Q's or Tony will try to take the baby. He wants to stop being a target. Jason asks Bobbie if she knows a home care nurse and she offers her services. He also wants to give the baby a name and asks them if they think Carly will mind; they don't think so. Bobbie suggests they christen the baby and Mike and her explain what that means. Bobbie also mention godparents and Jason asks if they are like grandparents. She says no and he tells her he does not want the Quartermaine's near the baby or the christening and Bobbie sticks up for them. He tells her they tried to steal the baby and they are not allowed to know about the christening. Bobbie doesn't agree but Jason explains in detail what happened and how they wouldn't give him back. He lets her know it was Alan, Edward, and Dr. Jones who were in on it. Bobbie calls the priest to find out about having the christening.

James (Mac) gets on the mike and starts talking out to Felicia. As he's about to pop the question she pops up and he asks her to marry him. She doesn't answer but tells him he's dead. She drags him away into the office . Robin/Brenda, Dara/Justus, separately discuss what just happened. Justus tells Dara it looked like something had been going on between her and Mac and she says that they had one date that didn't go so well. He figures out that "Mac" tried to get her in bed on the first date and calls him an oaf. Justus says that's not how a man should treat her. He tells her how she should be treated and it's apparent he has feeling for her.

Felicia says how dare he embarrass he in public. She tells him she wasn't ready for what he said and the answer to his question is no. He doesn't agree with that and brings up the kiss but she doesn't think that has anything to do with things. She tells him things are different and he says he's completely changed.

Dara notices Justus' feelings and thinks he never noticed her in the past. He tells her he's just put a little more on the table than he should have. He thought he had blown it with her and she thought she didn't have a chance. Justus gets a call from Jason asking him to stop by in the morning. He hangs up and asks Dara to leave with him.

Bobbie tells Jason things can be ready for Friday. Mike asks Jason about the guest list but he needs to think about it. He says he's a little nervous, he's never been to a christening, only funerals, which he can't stop thinking about; especially Joseph and Pete's. Jason asks Mike to be the godfather and he proudly accepts.

James (Mac) asks her if she misses the old Mac and he can't believe she wants the old stiff back. She has noticed and he says someone offered him a new life. He grabs her and tries to kiss her but she's mad and pushed him away, yelling at him to get out.

Robin comes in and asks Felicia if Mac's had a personality change. She isn't mad at what he's done but is surprised that he wanted to marry her. She thinks he's going through a faze and things will eventually get back to normal.

Justus brings Dara to his new place and she notices he lives across from Jason. He explains it as he left ELQ and Jason offered him a place to live; he doesn't work for him. They stand at the window which over looks the city. They then turn to each other and kiss.

Jason makes it clear that the Q's and Dr. Jones are not invited. She still thinks he can't control that.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Brenda and Robin's search for an agent hit a dead end after several agents were unable to see past Brenda's recent problems. Brenda and Robin were delighted when they finally met an agent who was willing to take Brenda on as a client, but were shocked and disgusted when the agent wanted Brenda to pose nude! When the agent implied that Brenda was in desperate professional straits because of her recent breakdown, Brenda responded by pretending to lose control and left with her professional ethics in tact. Jason asked Justus to broker an underworld peace accord and become his in-house counsel. Jason made it clear that if Justus took the job, he would become an official part of the underworld. After thinking over Jason's offer, a cautious Justus agreed to work for him. In Alan's presence, Emily asked Ned to take Alan's place at a father-daughter dance. AJ apologized to Emily for using her to lure Jason to the mansion. Emily, however, realized that AJ was not sorry for wanting to take Jason's baby away and rejected his apology. AJ and Alan put up a united front when Ned blasted them for their treatment of Emily. Alan suggested that the only way AJ could mend fences with Emily was to move back home. Jason asked Emily to be the baby's godmother and made it clear that none of the other Quartermaines were to know about the christening. Emily's friends were surprised to learn that Jason was Emily's brother. Emily updated Sarah on Nikolas.

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Katherine seems to be throwing her weight around with the help. Nikolas comes down and is preparing to practice fencing. She tells him to stop moping around, the vacation is over.

AJ shows up At the Quartermaines' and Emily walks in right after him. He asks for a moment with her but she has nothing to say. He lied to her and she believed he was the last person who would ever do that to her. Because they both went through their recovery together she felt they had a special bond. Alan comes out into the foyer and asks Emily what she bought today and if she's going to give them a fashion show. She tells him those days are over. The two men go inside to the living room and Sarah shows up; she says she's there to drop off some yearbook stuff for Emily. She asks what's in the bag and Emily tells her it's a dress for Jason's baby's christening but it's a secret. Sarah tells her she's worried about Nikolas and asks her to go and see him. Emily tells her she's going there tonight, she also worries about him. She also wants to know if he's read her letter.

Ned questions Alexis on why she is trying to keep Stefan away from Wyndemere. All she can tell him is that it is family business and he accepts her silence. Stefan shows up and she leaves. He wants to know where Edward is because Ned made this appear to be an emergency and if it's not, he'd like to know before he sits down. Ned says he has important information regarding charges being brought against employees of his regarding the take over Stefan had of ELQ Ja.k.arta. Stefan doesn't feel threatened and Ned tells him he didn't like him using his personal feelings in business; he knows he constructed the takeover to keep Alexis away from him. Stefan has nothing to say about Alexis and leaves. Alan and AJ walk in, curious as to what is going on and he tells them it's business, nothing of there concern. AJ tells Ned he's more interested than he can imagine.

Katherine thinks Nikolas should use his anger towards his recovery. Mrs. Lansbury comes in to tell her she has a visitor who wants to meet with her down at the docks. When she leaves the room Nikolas reads the letter from Sarah.

Katherine goes to the docks, thinking maybe it's Helena but it's not, it is Alexis. She tells her to get off the island but Alexis says she's there for her, it's her last hope. Alexis says how Helena is going to kill her and had her kidnapped to tell her so. Katherine's answer to all of this is she better get her affairs in order. She asks her if she'd really want to see her die and Katherine says she'd dress for the occasion. Alexis tells her the only way to get to Helena is through Nikolas. All of a sudden Alexis thinks she sees Stefan coming and begs Katherine not to say she's there and hides. It turns out to only be Emily. Alexis thanks her and Katherine tells her she has no reason to help her but Alexis says she has something to offer her.

Emily comes in to see Nikolas practicing his fencing. She tells him about moving home and how Jason asked her to be the godmother to his baby. She also mentions she saw Sarah and he gets annoyed when she mentions the name. Emily tells him he can't act as if she doesn't exist and wants to know if he read her letter.

AJ says he's decided to re-join the company, he feels he can make a contribution. Ned says he can't just re-join but Alan says it's not just up to him, it's up to the board. AJ tells Ned off by saying he has no wife, no child; she only knows him through his secretary sending her gifts. Ned fires back with some insults such as he is incompetent and if his name wasn't Quartermaine he'd be living in a shopping cart. He abuses AJ's job and AJ says he looks forward to proving him wrong. Ned looks forward to sweeping him under the carpet. Alan jumps in defending AJ, telling Ned he doesn't know half the things AJ has gone through and how he fought and didn't quit. Alan gets so riled up that he begins to sweat and get so hot that he needs to leave the room.

Stefan shows up at Helena's and she wants to know how he found her, she never told him she was staying. He says he already knew and is upset that she approached Katherine. He lets her know Katherine is on to her little scheme. They both know her interest lye's in Nikolas because he is the next in line in the family.

Katherine says she's not interested and Alexis tells her it's for Nikolas. Alexis says she's gotten a doctor to agree to work with him, there was an 8 month waiting list but she has gotten him to agree to meet with Nikolas. Alexis then wants Nikolas to speak to Helena on her behalf. Katherine says she can't do that, she won't lie to Stefan and she begs her to think about it.

Nikolas says he read the letter. He claims he didn't think anything about it and Emily can't believe it. She doesn't think it's fair to Sarah but agrees to leave them alone and if they get back it'll be on their own. Emily asks him a random question, his name, and he answers. When she asks his last name he can't answer. He puts his hand on her shoulder and says, teach now please. He wants her to be his speech teacher but she's not sure she knows how. Emily says maybe Sarah should do it but he doesn't agree. He wants to teach her fencing in exchange for speech lessons; she agrees.

AJ tells Alan he's taking him to the hospital- he looks disoriented and sweating. Alan says he's fine but has been experiencing high blood pressure. Alan says the issue of AJ returning concerns him. Ned says he'll prepare for damage control because he will crash and burn. AJ tells him he will make it work. Ned thinks he can't make it and Alan is going to support him.. AJ thanks Alan for defending him.

Helena tells Stefan he's made himself clear. He's learned from her he says. She tells him she should have known Spencer would move her and he asks what she just said. He wants to know how she knew where Laura was and what did she do to her. She tells him and he warns her, no more gifts or contact, leave Laura to him.

Sarah shows up at Emily's again and she tells her he read the letter but didn't have much of a reaction. Emily says though she can see he still cares for her and tells her not to give up, she thinks things will change very soon. Emily doesn't tell her that he spoke his name and asked her to help him.

Alexis goes to Helena and reports on what happened. Helena feels she will commit but Alexis isn't too sure. Helena lets her know her life depends on it.

Stefan is curious as to why Katherine was down at the docks on such a cold evening. She tells him she had some things to sort out about them, Nikolas, his mother and Alexis. She asks him if he thinks his mother will kill Alexis now that she knows she is Natasha. He really isn't concerned; there only concern now is Nikolas.

-Nikolas goes down to the docks and he screams out his name.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

Mike visits Robin at Brenda's house and tells her about Jason baptizing the baby and about him being the baby's godfather. Robin acts a little surprised, but tells Mike he will make a great godfather for the baby. At that moment, Brenda walks through the door home from grocery shopping and after she leaves the room to put up the groceries, Mike makes his excuses to leave, still being uncomfortable around Brenda. As Mike leaves, Brenda comes back into the room and tells Robin she just had a phone call from Jax' office and his plane is believed to have gone down.

Emily tells Monica she is leaving to go over to her friends house. After Emily is gone, Monica, Edward, Alan, and AJ make small talk. Then AJ tells Edward he is ready to go back to work at ELQ. Edward isn't convinced he should let AJ back into ELQ, but when AJ promises Edward to be, "as hard and miserable as everyone else" at ELQ by the end of the year, Edward welcomes him back with open arms. Monica then receives a phone call from Emily's friend DeeDee's mom. She asks Monica if DeeDee is there and Monica tells her no she thought Emily was there with DeeDee. After she puts down the phone, Monica notices Alan has drifted off to sleep and she wonders what happened to him. Outside the living room, Emily attempts to sneak back into the house to change into her dress for the baptism. Ned catches her and wants to know where she is going.

Jason awaits at the church for everyone to arrive. He holds the baby and explains to him what the baptism entails and tells the baby that he will have a name after today. Bobbie arrives and begins to ask Jason if he understands what the baptism means. Jason tells her he does and they have a discussion about God and what He means to Jason.

Brenda gets upset about the possibility Jax may be missing. She starts to realize she does care for Jax and tells Robin she regrets how she has treated Jax. She has never fully expressed how thankful she is for all of his help and he really is very important to her. Jax then walks through the door. Jax tells her he found Jerry and they had a fight. Jerry had apparently been left stranded by a woman he picked-up. She had stolen Jerry's plane and Jax had to track her down then get her to tell him where Jerry was. When he found Jerry, the fight ensued and in the course of it, Jerry knocked out Jax' radio in the plane. He also couldn't go home the way he indicated on his flight plan because of bad weather.

Ned tells Emily he knows where she is going and he will keep her secret as long as she tells Jason he said "hello". She leaves and Ned walks into the living room where the other Q's are. Monica asks Ned if knows where Emily is and he tells her no. The Q's then decide to call Jason to find out if Emily is with him. Monica calls out and finds out from Jason's housekeeper that he and Emily are at the church. The Q's then try to figure out why Jason would be in a church. Ned mentions Carly might be back and Monica gets angry thinking Jason could be marrying Carly. Edward makes the comment that they would be perfect together because, "he lost his conscience and she never had one". They decide the marriage isn't a possibility and finally figure out that Jason is having the baby baptized.

Mike and Emily arrive at the church and the baptism is just about to start when Justus pulls Jason aside to talk to him. Justus tells Jason he met with Marino's representative and suggested a truce. The representative said he would take the offer to Marino, but he hasn't heard anything more. Jason returns to the group and before they start the ceremony, Bobbie asks Jason if she can dress the baby in Lucas' christening gown and he agrees.

In the meantime, Sarah arrives at the Q's doorstep wanting to know of Emily has returned yet. Edward closes the door to the living room and then tries to get Sarah to tell him where the service will take place by appearing as if he knows all about it. Ned, Monica, and AJ overhear what Edward is trying to do and AJ attempts to coach Edward telling him what to say through the door. As this is going on, Alan wakes up and yells that he wants to know what is going on.

Brenda tells Jax about she and Robin's escapade to find an agent. Jax tells her to buckle up that she will find one. She then expresses her feeling of gratefulness to Jax. Jax gives her a present then leaves. Later, Jax is having a drink at a bar when a woman approaches him. She sits down and asks him about the drink he promised her in Tahiti. Apparently the woman is Jerry's friend, Ashley.

Alan refuses to be quieted, storms out of the room, and demands Sarah tell him where the church is that Jason is having the baby baptized in. Sarah tells the Q's and they leave to stop the service. At the church, the baptism starts. Robin slips in and Jason looks back, sees her, and they smile at each other.

Friday, January 30, 1998

V arrives at Felicia's to give her the rent money. When Felicia asks why V is giving her the money, V tells her she doesn't trust Mac to give it to him because he has been acting weird lately. They then discuss the various ways Mac has been acting odd lately. Felicia touches lightly on the case she and Mac had with Tess and tells V, Mac's behavior changed after the case. Felicia also asks V to keep an eye on Mac.

Nikolas tries to say words while playing with a deck of cards, but leaves the room out of frustration when he can't say them. Katherine walks into the room as Nikolas gets frustrated and sees how upset Nikolas is. Stefan walks in and Katherine tells him about Nikolas. Stefan tells her there isn't anything physically wrong with Nikolas that he just needs to work to get his voice back. Katherine then tells him about the doctor Alexis mentioned, telling Stefan she found the doctor. Stefan asks her how she found the doctor and Katherine makes up a story. Stefan doesn't believe her instead knowing his mother had something to do with Katherine knowing the doctor.

The Quartermaines walk into the church interrupting the baptism. They start to argue and Jason yells at them saying, "this is a church!". The Q's tell Jason they have a right to see the baptism because the baby is their grandson. As they continue to argue, Lila calls Jason over and asks him, if they are all quiet, if they may stay to see the service and afterward Jason may kick them all out. Jason agrees to let them stay, but tells them no one is to get near the baby. The service begins again and is again disrupted by the arrival of Marino.

Maxie calls Felicia into her room because she is afraid having seen a scary movie at a friends house. In the movie, aliens appeared in a pea pod and would mimic a person and no one could tell it was an alien instead of the real person. As Felicia is comforting Maxie telling her the movie wasn't real, they doorbell rings and it is Mac (Jimmy). When Felicia sees Mac, she pictures him in a pea pod outfit. She then begins to think something is wrong. Mac tries to apologize to Felicia for his behavior wanting to know what he can do to have her forgive him. Felicia says nothing then kisses Mac. She steps back realizing the kiss him isn't the same as kissing Mac before.

Jason and Justus talk outside the sanctuary with Marino. Marino says he is ready to talk about a truce and he didn't mean to cause a stir by arriving late to the baptism. Meanwhile, inside the sanctuary, Monica tells Alan she doesn't understand why Bobbie has such a pivotal roll in the baby's baptism while she, the grandmother if the child, wasn't even invited. Alan tells her not to get upset with Bobbie that their problem is not with her. Monica tells Alan then that "the problem is guilt by association with you". Jason returns and the service continues until Jason tells the priest he has named the child Michael in honor of Sonny Corinthos. The Q's start to argue and disrupt the service.

In the meantime, Robin turns to Bobbie and tells her she can't believe they are giving Jason such a hard time because Jason is all alone up at the altar. Bobbie doesn't understand what Robin means by all alone and Robin tells her that Jason is alone because Carly isn't there to take responsibility for her baby. Bobbie tells her it is for the best because Carly wouldn't know how to care for the baby anyway. Bobbie then walks up to Alan and Monica and they begin to argue. The priest sits down by Marino and they watch the show. Jason then kicks the Q's out.

Mac (Jimmy) tries to get Felicia to like him and Felicia tells him she liked the old Mac. Mac leaves then Felicia leaves. She goes to the funeral home in which Jimmy was supposed to be cremated to make sure he is really dead. The funeral director tells her he did indeed cremate the body of James Meadows and that the service was paid for by a Mrs. James Meadows. Felicia leaves satisfied.

Robin intercedes before Jason can physically throw the Q's out and takes him outside to talk to him. She tells him he can't throw the Q's out because AJ has a right to see his son's baptism. She also tells Jason he is the liar in this case. Jason realizes Robin is right and lets them stay. The service continues once again and when it is almost over, Carly shows up.

Katherine leaves the room after he discussion with Stefan and Nikolas returns. Stefan tells Nikolas that Katherine has been influenced by Helena. Nikolas speaks to Stefan and says, "protect her", meaning Katherine. Stefan assures Nikolas he will.

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