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Hayley helped Erica regain ownership of Enchantment. Jake and Allie enlisted Liza's help to prove that David had tried to kill Adam. Tad continued to pursue his mystery woman. A ski trip turned into a tragedy of errors for Kelsey, Ryan, Gillian, and Scott. Brooke's suspicions about Jim intensified.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, January 26, 1998

Monday's All My Children was again cut short in parts of the country by ABC News coverage of the "Crisis in the White House."

Frustrated by another botched encounter with the mystery woman, Tad crumpled up the sketch he'd commissioned of her and tossed it into the trashcan. Liza observed him and told him that he shouldn't have thrown the sketch away. She told Tad that he'd become obsessed with the mystery woman, a charge Tad flatly denied. Liza didn't say that this obsession was a bad thing. She hinted that Tad's obsession might have been brought on by his need to fit all the puzzle pieces together. Tad finally admitted that he might have a slight obsession with the woman. His admission made him realize that he was too old to have silly crushes on women. Oddly, Liza fanned the flames of his obsession. She told him that he'd obviously been drawn to the mystery woman---perhaps for a reason. Maybe, she said cocking her head to one side, this mystery woman is "the one" for Tad. Tad was confused by Liza's sudden turn around. Just a few hours before, Liza had been telling him that his hunt was pointless. Liza reached under her desk and then plopped the telephone directory on top of the desk. Tad was perplexed by Liza's actions. How would they find a woman whose name they didn't know? "Look under 'M' for mystery woman?" he asked. Liza thoughtfully deduced that the mystery woman would need a place to stay. She suggested that they try calling all of the motels and boarding houses in town and asking if anyone named Joy was registered there.

At Myrtle's, Jake had just finished up professing his love to Allie for the first time. Allie reacted in silent shock. Jake worried that his comments had turned Allie off. That wasn't the case. Allie's eyes welled with tears as she told Jake that she was upset---but not for the reason he thought. She told him that she wanted to be the first one to express her feelings. "I love you too," she said softly. With their love for each other now out in the open, the two shared a passionate kiss. Their romance was cut short by a call from Tad asking if a beautiful woman was staying at the boarding house. Jake looked longingly into Allie's eyes and replied, "Yes." He hung up the phone and returned his attention to the woman standing before him. They resumed kissing, but soon Allie realized that they more pressing problems to deal with. She told Jake that they needed to figure out a plan to prove that Jake did not try to kill Adam. The simple solution would be to get David to confess to his crime, but that wasn't going to happen. Jake told Allie that they need to trick David into trying to kill Adam again. Allie's jaw nearly hit the floor. He explained that they really wouldn't put Adam's life on the line. Somehow, he said pensively, they needed to make David believe that by killing Adam he'd have free access to Allie.

Belinda and Miles shared a drink before Belinda had to run and get ready for her big trip. Miles excused himself to call a cab for Belinda after she turned down his offer for a ride. While he was gone, Trevor entered the lounge and invited himself to Belinda's table. They two made small talk about Belinda's big trip to the West Coast to negotiate a mega-merger. While they talked, Janet entered. Belinda and Trevor's hellos were ignored by Janet as she hurried to her table. Belinda accused Trevor of causing strife with Janet, but he assured her that he'd done no such thing. Their split, he explained, was a mutual agreement. Belinda wanted to get to the bottom of the problems, so she got up and walked over to Janet's table. Janet tried to pass off her story about her ex-husband returning to her life, but Belinda saw through the lie. Janet confessed that she'd made up the story because of a promise she'd made to Natalie. Belinda scratched her head and, at the risk of stating the obvious, informed Janet that her sister was dead. Dead, perhaps---but not gone. She told Belinda that Natalie had helped guide Tim home the night he ran away. Janet pulled some envelopes out of her purse. She told Belinda that she'd been practicing writing like her ex-husband. The envelopes contained love letters that Axel had written for her. Of course, Axel never even lifted his pen... Janet wrote them herself. She asked Belinda to take the letters with her and mail them once she landed in California. Belinda refused. She told Janet that she cared too much about Trevor to hurt his feelings that way. Miles returned and told Belinda that it was time to leave. Once they'd left, Trevor invited himself to Janet's table. He told her that he'd missed seeing her. Janet changed the subject and asked Trevor how Amanda had enjoyed their skiing trip. Trevor answered the question, but quickly got back on topic. Janet told Trevor that she had to run to her room and wait for a phone call from Axel. Trevor ordered her to stay put, saying that Axel could call back later. He told her that they need to lay down some guidelines. If she is to have visitation with Amanda, Axel has to drop by the Dillon House and meet Trevor. Janet told Trevor that Axel would never be around when she was visiting with Amanda. Trevor claimed that Axel could make a surprise appearance. No matter how she tried to get out of it, Trevor told her that she had to abide by his rules.

At the Pine Cone, Liza and Tad convinced a motel worker that they were searching for a woman who'd runaway from her family. Liza tossed in a promise of a twenty-thousand dollar reward and a chance to appear on The Cutting Edge and the man led them to the room where Joy was staying. They knew they were in the right spot when they found a picture of Joy on the dresser. The photo looked quite old. In the photo, the blonde-haired mystery woman wore "farm clothing" and looked like she was standing in front of an old barn. The man returned to his post in the office leaving Tad and Liza to discuss what would happen next. Thinking that Joy would bolt if she returned to her room and found two strangers there, Tad told Liza that she should return to the station. Liza didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to see Tad's mystery woman, but she knew that he was probably right and agreed to leave.

The elusive woman was not planning on returning to the seedy motel any time soon. She put on quite a performance for Adam. A little more information on her identity was revealed in Adam's frantic babbling. He remembered the fragrance that Joy used to air---he smelled it in the night air. And the music that was playing was the music that was playing "the night you..." Adam never finished his sentence. He asked the apparition why she'd returned to haunt him. He told the image that he'd always loved her and that he "did what [he] had to do." The ambiguity of the statement echoed in the crisp air. Stuart's voice called out from inside, but by the time Stuart reached the patio the ghostly image had disappeared along all traces of her presence. Stuart didn't believe Adam when he said that Joy had visited. Stuart escorted his brother into the house with the promise of making him some warm milk. Adam sat on the sofa and had flashbacks of his prior encounter with Joy. He heard the sound of animals scurrying in the walls. He picked up a paperweight and tossed it at the wall. The force of the object crashing against the wall sent boards and plaster flaying throughout the passageway that was hidden behind the wall. The boards toppled down on top of Joy, knocking her out cold. Adam got on the phone and called the groundskeeper. He asked that he hire an exterminator to get rid of the rodents that had infested his house once and for all! Inside the wall, Joy remained unconscious.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Another day set on Pine Valley. At Chandler Mansion, Joy slowly roused from unconsciousness. Stuart took it upon himself to contact a psychic. He hoped that the psychic would help determine why Adam was being haunted by a spirit. Adam didn't put much stock in clairvoyants and offered to pay her for her time and service even before she said anything. Both Chandler brothers were wowed when the woman told them that she sensed a strong presence in the house---a strong female presence. No one had told her that the spirit was that of a woman. The psychic also felt that the spirit somehow had the letter "J" associated with her. Adam told her that she could leave, but the psychic continued speaking. She said that the presence is on a mission to get the answer to an important question. That question, she said, was "Why'd you do it?" Adam didn't want to hear another word and virtually chased the woman out of his house. A revolving door must have been installed because as soon as the psychic left, the exterminator showed up. Adam showed the exterminator to the secret passageway and told her to fumigate everything in his path. Joy hid in a nook and waited for the exterminator to pass by. Then she raced out of the secret corridor and out of the mansion.

Using a cane, Dimitri walked onto the outside patio at the hospital. Ruth told him that she'd have his discharge papers drawn up for him shortly. Dimitri knew that he couldn't drive himself home, so he asked Ruth if she could call Gloria and ask if she'd give him a ride. Ruth broke the news that Gloria had already left town. Dejected, Dimitri waited for his release papers. While he waited, Bianca emerged from behind some potted plants. Of course Dimitri wondered why she was amongst the flora. Bianca didn't try to cover her tracks; She told him that she had skipped her therapy session. Dimitri tried to impress upon her the need for therapy in her recovery. Bianca had overheard Dimitri discussing his marital woes with Ruth and asked her former stepfather some questions about the split. Dimitri told Bianca that he still loved Gloria, but noted that sometimes people who love each other are not meant to be together. Dimitri also told Bianca that he still loves her and that he misses not seeing her.

Erica met with Dr. Earl, Bianca's therapist, to voice her concerns that Bianca has not made any noticeable recovery since her release from prison. Erica begged for the counselor to tell her if Bianca had mentioned that someone or something was bothering her. The doctor wasn't about to break a confidentiality agreement. She tried to make Erica see that people coming in and out of Bianca's life has hurt her. The information slipped right past Erica as she touted her skilled parenting. Erica claimed that she'd that she'd do anything for her daughter; Listening to the doctor's advice didn't appear to be on the list of things she'd do. Ruth burst into the room and announced that Bianca hadn't shown up for her group therapy session.

Erica tracked Bianca down and needless to say she wasn't pleased to see her two-time ex-husband talking to her. Jack could see the trouble brewing and told Bianca that a set of triplets had just been born at the hospital. Bianca agreed to head to the nursery to look at them, but not before asking her mother if she could go horseback riding with Dimitri. Erica suggested that Bianca wait until she was a little stronger before galloping off into the sunset. Erica waited until Bianca left before she tore into him. Dimitri voiced his concern for Bianca on this, the first time that he'd seen Bianca she since was diagnosed with anorexia. Erica asked Dimitri where his concern was when she begged him to help her convince the parole board to give her an early release from prison. Dimitri explained that he hadn't known the severity of Bianca's condition and denied doing anything specifically designed to further hurt Bianca. Erica accused Dimitri of thinking of Bianca as a "consolation prize." By that she meant that Dimitri had lost everyone else in his life and that he felt he could now rekindle his relationship with Bianca. Bianca returned and chattered giddily about the triplets she'd just seen. She asked her mother if she'd reconsidered letting her go riding, but Erica remained opposed to the idea. Ruth returned and told Bianca that Dr. Earl wanted to see her. Erica told Bianca to run along and speak to her doctor. Dimitri was given his released papers and hobbled on his way. Jack lashed out at Erica for her misguided decision to cut Bianca off from Dimitri. He quoted the therapist's advice that Bianca needs stability in her life. Cutting Dimitri out, Jack stated, will only hurt Bianca in the long wrong. Erica still didn't pay close attention to what Jack had said and, in turn, disregarded Dr. Earl's advice. Her eyes widened as she concocted an idea of how she could help Bianca.

In Dr. Earl's office, Dimitri paid a quick appearance to Bianca that he meant it when he told her that he loves her like a daughter. He also told her that he will not go behind Erica's back to see her. He said that as hard as it is for him to do that, he doesn't want to cause any trouble for Erica or Bianca. He pledged to work harder to convince Erica that it was a good thing for him to see Bianca. He smiled at the young girl and then continued on his way. He was on his way to Wildwind to visit Edmund. Erica arrived a few minutes later and told Bianca that she was going to take her to Enchantment. Bianca was less than thrilled. She smiled weakly and reluctantly agreed to tag along with her mother. Later , Erica told Jack in private that she thinks she can use Enchantment to help rebuild Bianca's confidence. How? She didn't exactly say.

Tad spent the night at the Pine Cone waiting for his mystery woman to return. He heard a noise outside and darted out into the parking lot. There he saw Ryan returning to his motel room. He accused Ryan of being in cahoots with his mystery woman. Ryan told him that he had no idea what he was talking about. Ryan was almost off the hook---until Kelsey walked out of his room. Tad leapt to the conclusion that Ryan and Kelsey had spent the night together. Kelsey informed him that she'd just arrived at the motel to plan a ski trip with Ryan. Tad seemed a little more at ease, but he still warned Kelsey to be careful. Tad saw an odd similarity between him and Ryan---and he didn't like that.
Kelsey and Ryan put their heads together and worked on plans to organize their ski trip. Kelsey made a huge error when she bragged to Scott and Gillian that Ryan's parents owned a cabin near the slopes. Ryan thought quickly and decided that they could tell Scott and Gillian that the cabin had been rented out without his knowledge. Ryan walked over to the phone and called the Sleepy Hollow Inn. He told the person manning the front desk that he was the head of promotions at WRCW. He claimed that the station was considering giving away some ski packages and that the inn would make a huge profit if they chose to book their rooms there. That, Ryan hoped, would lead to an offer of complimentary rooms for him and his friends.

Across the parking lot, Tad fell asleep in a chair. While he slept, Joy returned to her room. She watched in odd curiosity at the man who'd tracked her down. She had to shake herself back into the present. She then tiptoed around the room and packed up her belongings. When Tad awoke, he saw that the room had been emptied. The only thing left behind was a piece of notebook paper with a message for him. "You were trying to help, but you can't," the note read. "Forget you ever saw me."

At Chandler Mansion, Joy set up shop in the secret passageway,. She unloaded her pillow and sleeping bag and waited. In the main room, Adam talked to Stuart on the phone. He told Stuart the exterminator hadn't found any infestation, but assured his brother that his mansion wasn't haunted by specters either. He looked at a hall mirror. The word "Joy" was scribbled on the mirror in red lipstick. The suddenly the writing faded away into nothingness.

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

In the foyer of Enchantment, Erica told her daughter that they were going to waltz into the cosmetics company and develop a new line of make-up targeted at teenagers. Bianca liked the idea, but she worried that her mother might not have any pull at Enchantment. After all, she wasn't in charge any more. The duo walked into the main office and carried on like nothing had changed. The receptionist sat at the front desk with headphones on her head. She bobbed her head to the music and was unaware that Erica was even in the office. Erica managed to steal her attention and threatened to have her fired for failing to do her job. Alicia, the "personal executive assistant" to Hayley, was awed to see Erica, but told her that she doesn't have the authority to go around firing people.

Edmund certainly didn't expect to see Dimitri at his door. Edmund claimed that he was busy and that he didn't want to hear Dimitri thank him for saving his life. Edmund coldly noted that he would have helped a complete stranger in the same situation. Dimitri did profess his gratitude to his brother, but that wasn't why he was there. Dimitri told Edmund that he'd just come from seeing Bianca. He was noticeably shaken as he described how frail Bianca looked. Dimitri asked Edmund if he had any idea why the young girl would want to starve herself. Edmund didn't have any answers. Dimitri knew that he had no right to ask Edmund for anything, but he begged him to help him get through to Bianca. Recalling an old philosophy their father used to live by, Dimitri stated that Hugo Marick claimed that "the best life training was in the cavalry." Edmund titled his head to the side and asked Dimitri if he planned to have Bianca enrolled in the armed forces. Dimitri smiled and explained his story a little better. He said that it might be good to develop a regiment for Bianca---chores and responsibilities that might help her realize her self worth. Edmund dully noted that Erica would never let Dimitri anywhere near her daughter. Hence the reason for Dimitri's visit: He wants Edmund to help warm Erica up to him. Edmund was somewhat moved by Dimitri's desire to help Bianca, but he couldn't help but feel that there was something in it for Dimitri. Dimitri nodded and said that he did have something to gain by helping Bianca---something big. He explained that he might be able to see life a little more clearly if he's allowed to see it through the eyes of a child. In essence, he wanted Bianca to help him redeem himself. Dimitri saw that his pleas were falling on deaf ears and turned to walk away. Edmund stopped him and told him that he'd see what he could do.

Brooke dropped by Holidays to see how Mateo had progressed with his undercover mission. Mateo told him that he hadn't been able to get away, but that he was planning a trip to New York later in the day. Hayley overheard the mention of New York and began telling Mateo how badly she needed to get away. Mateo told her that he was doing a top secret---and dangerous---mission for Brooke. Brooke was nervous for a few seconds until Mateo said that he was tracking an underground Cuban cigar smuggling ring for a Tempo article. Hayley believed the tale and said nothing more.
Jim entered the restaurant and asked Brooke if she'd join him for an all-day lovemaking session. Brooke said that she had a business meeting to attend. Jim smiled broadly and told her that her appointment called Tempo and rescheduled. Brooke quickly pointed out that she needed to go home and be there for Jamie. Again Jim grinned. He told her that Tad had called and asked to spend the night with his son. That left the path clear for that passion session. Jim gave Brooke a big hug, but Brooke was less than enthusiastic. She kept her eyes open and stared at the ceiling as Jim kissed her. Then Brooke decided that she should go to the hospital and check on her Aunt Phoebe. Jim tried to dissuade her, but Brooke insisted on going.

Erica barreled into Holidays and told Hayley that she'd just come from Enchantment. Hayley knew that the place was in shambles, but she had no idea how bad things had gotten. She explained that things had gotten hectic since she took over---her kidnapping by Tanner, her engagement, Maria's death, and the opening of the restaurant to name a few events that had taken place in her life. Hayley said that she felt guilty for letting Enchantment sag, but she came up with a great solution to the problem. She asked Erica if she wanted to buy back Enchantment. Erica smiled broadly and told Hayley that she had herself a deal. Mateo chuckled at the quickie sale, but Hayley claimed that she felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Mateo told Hayley that he had to be on his way to New York. Shortly after Mateo walked out the door, Hayley summoned Kevin to the bar and asked him if he could cover for her. She explained that she had to go to New York to see what Mateo was really up to.

At the hospital, David gave Phoebe a complete physical and determined that she was in perfect health---except for the broken leg. Phoebe adored the attention given to her by Dr. Hayward. She gushed endlessly about how attractive and intelligent he was and teased him that if she weren't married she'd be all over him! David managed to find a few minutes alone with Allie. Allie told him that it wasn't right of him to tell Jake about their run-in in the on-call room. David wondered if he'd caused a riff between Allie and Jake. Allie accused David once again of trying to kill Adam. David, of course, denied the charges. Allie demanded that David march into Joe's office and tell him the truth so that Jake wouldn't lose his license. David played along and asked her to imagine if he really did administer the wrong medication. Why would he admit it? He has a promising career and he would never put it on the line. If he reported the mistake he'd lose his license and Allie, the woman who faked her transcripts, would be free to practice medicine. David looked her in the eyes and told her that he will see to it that Jake loses his license. Then before he returns to California, he'll tell Joe about Allie's secret and watch her lose her license as well.
The two doctors went off in their separate directions. Ruth saw the fight, but she didn't hear what it was about. She told Joe about the argument, but he urged her to keep her nose out of Allie and David's problems. Joe was preoccupied with his plans to organizing a team to investigate the charges against Jake. Joe and Ruth both believed in their son's innocence, but they both knew that believing him wouldn't change a thing.

Phoebe was anxious to be released from the hospital, but Joe told her that she needed to stick around for a few days to make sure that she gets the care she needs. Brooke chimed in that she could take her aunt home with her and care for her. Jim suggested that Brooke leave the personal care to the professionals. Joe liked the idea and eventually Phoebe accepted the idea. Brooke breathed a sigh of relief. But Jim, well Jim wasn't pleased a bit.

Erica and Bianca returned to Enchantment and began tossing stuff into a cardboard box. The receptionist yelled out "hey lady" in an attempt to get Erica to stop. It didn't work. They she tried to get "the kid" the stop. Erica stopped what she was doing temporarily and informed the woman that her name was Erica Kane and that "the kid" was her daughter, Bianca Montgomery. Alicia returned and informed Erica that she couldn't walk around like she owned the place. Erica laughed deviously and said, "Oh yes I can." She told Alicia that she was the new owner of Enchantment. Alicia went into "kiss up" mode and began telling Erica how pleased she was to see her back at the helm. The buttering up accomplished nothing and Erica fired both of them on the spot. She reconsidered and offered Alicia a job as the new receptionist. Erica tried to get Bianca to see that she could have control over her life, but Bianca wasn't so sure. Bianca listened to her mother lecture her on the importance of her therapy sessions. Bianca explained that she feels uncomfortable listening to the other members' problems. Erica begged her daughter to help her design a new line of cosmetics, saying that she'd crumble if her daughter turned her down.

Jake paid a visit to WRCW to speak to Liza. He thanked her for getting Adam to drop his legal action. Liza told him that it was crazy for anyone to believe that he'd try to kill someone. Jake closed the door to the office and told Liza that he needed to ask her something. "I want you to help me plot to kill Adam," he said. Liza thought her ears were on the fritz, but Jake assured her that she'd heard him correctly. Jake told her that Adam's near death was no accident---someone had deliberately administered the wrong medication. That someone, he said, was Dr. David Hayward. Liza wanted to get on the phone and call the authorities, but Jake told her that that would be a bad idea. Other people, he said, would get hurt of the police were called in to help. He said that he needs Liza to help him convince David that they are an item once again. Then, Liza will ask David to help her kill Adam. That would leave Allie out in the cold and just ripe for the pickin'. Liza figured out that David was holding something over Allie. Jake confirmed her suspicion, but refused to say exactly what David had on his friend. Liza worried that she'd be getting in the way of a sociopath. The sociopath in question was David---and she feared that someone would get hurt. Jake assured her that Adam would not be in harm's way during the sting. Allie burst into the office and told Jake about her encounter with David. Jake looked to Liza and told her that their plan wouldn't work without her help. Liza frowned and told Jake that "nobody tries to kill my husband but me. Dr. Hayward will wish he never met me! I'm in."

Thursday, January 29, 1998

Even though Brooke had assured her that she was welcome in her house, Phoebe still felt as though she was imposing upon her niece. Brooke explained that she could use some company now that Laura was living in Boston. It was apparent that Jim wanted Phoebe out of the way. It wasn't just his comments that Phoebe belonged in the hospital. Now that she was home, Jim tried to hurry her off to bed. Phoebe wasn't tired and asked if she could have a glass of sherry. Mateo called Brooke from New York to tell her that he'd arrived. Brooke again told him to be careful, a warning that Mateo didn't see a need to heed. While Brooke was on the phone, Jim headed to the kitchen to rustle up something to eat. He returned with some buffalo wings and his special sauce---a concoction of peanut butter and spices. Brooke gave Phoebe bell to use should she need anything. Brooke urged her to use the bell day or night. Phoebe was in the dumps because she realized that her broken leg might force the cancellation of the Daughters of Fine Lineage's fundraiser. Brooke noted that Franklin Roosevelt ran the country from a wheelchair, but that was little consolation for Phoebe. Phoebe left the room allowing Jim to ask Brooke about the call she'd received. Brooke told Jim that Tempo was doing an investigation into nursing homes. She said that her aunt worries that she'll end up in nursing home one day, so she didn't want to talk about the investigation in front of her. Apparently, lied Brooke, Phoebe's fears of poor treatment in nursing home are on the money. Jim claimed that Phoebe reminded him of his grandmother. That prompted Brooke to ask a barrage of questions about Jim's family---his grandmother's name, where she lived, and whose side of the family she was on. Either Jim was quick with his tales or he was telling the truth. No matter which it was, he was unshaken by Brooke's questions. Jim told of wanting to be part of Brooke's family and he showed her how much he cared for her with kiss. Phoebe rolled into the room and excused herself. She said that her housekeeper had forgotten to pack her tooth powder and neck pillow and that there would be no way she could get to sleep without them. Jim offered to travel to Phoebe's house to get them. Once he was gone, Phoebe wondered aloud why Jim was seemingly so perfect. Brooke told her aunt that she was sounding a lot like Edmund. Phoebe was pleased that someone else questioned Jim's motives, but it didn't mean that she disapproved of him.

Ryan and Kelsey checked into their room, but their stay was cut abruptly short. Sissy, the woman introduced many months ago as the person in charge at The Sleepy Hollow Inn, told them that there was a mix-up with their reservation. Apparently the lodge didn't have a policy of allowing guests to stay for free---even if they were from a television station. She told them that they could stay, but only if they paid for their rooms. Ryan walked to the phone and supposedly placed a call to a competitor. He told this second lodge that The Sleepy Hollow Inn had turned him down for a room. He explained his bogus ski trip promotion and blabbed on and on about the huge increase in revenue that could be expected from the promotion. Sissy scooted over to the phone and pressed the receiver. She told Ryan that she'd reconsidered and decided to give them their two rooms for free. She also told them that anything they wanted would be on the house. When Scott and Gillian arrived, they wanted to head directly to their room. Kelsey "remembered" that she had promised her grandmother that she'd room with Gillian. Gillian wasn't at all pleased by the same sex buddy system, but Scott didn't want Kelsey to break her promise to her grandmother. Ryan pulled Kelsey aside and reminded her that the goal was for Kelsey to get together with Scott---not Gillian. Assuming that something would happen between Scott and Gillian if they stayed in the same room, Kelsey worried that she'd lose her chance to get to Scott. The boys headed to their room and Gillian unpacked her belongings. She realized that she'd forgotten her loofah so she headed to Scott's room to see if she packed it in his bag. When she got to the other room, Gillian told Ryan that Kelsey needed him to kill a gigantic spider in the bathroom. Scott wanted to take care of the problem, but Gillian insisted that Kelsey wanted Ryan to handle the problem. Once Ryan was gone, Gillian locked the door and assumed a cozier position on the bed. Ryan and Kelsey soon realized that they'd been had, but they hadn't lost the battle. Ryan made a call and asked Sissy to call Scott's room and tell him that his car needed to be moved. Scott headed out into the snow to move his car. When he returned, he went to Kelsey's room to check on the bug situation. Kelsey told him that the bug had been killed, but indicated that she'd feel much safer if Scott stayed with her for a little while. Meanwhile across the hall, Gillian soaked in a relaxing bubble bath. She heard someone enter the bathroom and knew that Scott had returned. She leaned forward and asked him if he could help soap up her back. Ryan kneeled down and asked her where she wanted him to begin.

At a sleazy bar in New York, Mateo flashed a wad of bills and claimed to be a fanatical horseracing gambler. A man leaned over and growled that the bar "ain't no sports bar." Mateo nodded and said that his friend Jim Thomasen had told him that. The female bartender and the man both flashed stunned expressions. The barmaid, however, looked quite worried. Mateo pulled up a seat at the man's table and asked him if he knew Jim. The man did, but it wasn't on the best of terms. The man called the bar "Jim's office." He went on to say that Jim had split town and that he still owed him money. Hayley stepped into the bar and took a look around. She watched in horror as Mateo flirted with the bartender. She turned and stomped out of the bar. The bartender offered Mateo some buffalo wins along with "J.T.'s special sauce." It took several minutes for Mateo to realize that J.T. was Jim. That made the bartender question whether or not Mateo was on the level with her. Matt said that Jim shed his initial moniker and was now being called Jim or Jimbo. Mateo asked the woman if she knew where he could find "an investor" to give him some cash for a big bet at the racetrack. The woman leaned over and caressed Mateo's cheeks and chin. A voice squawked out from the doorway in a perfect New York accent. Hayley, now donned in more appropriate garb for the bar, asked Mateo why he left her in the car to freeze her tail off!

At the hospital, Jake, Allie, and Liza went over their plan one more time. Allie and Jake faked a fight so that David would overhear them and think that their relationship was on the rocks. Jake told Allie that he didn't approve of the way she flashed herself to David. Allie, in turn, accused Jake of being "holier than thou" and reminded him that he nearly killed Adam. Allie stormed off and David entered the scene. He told Jake that he'd been asked to testify at Jake's hearing. He would, he said, be obliged to tell the truth as he saw it. Jake smiled sarcastically and walked away.

David caught up to Allie later and told her that he overheard her fight with Jake. "He can't appreciate the kind of woman you are," David told her. He was trying to push up the price of his stock. Allie wasn't moved. She told David that they had nothing in common and that she would never date him again. David constantly referred to Jake as "the boy wonder" and urged Allie to accept the fact that her relationship with Jake was just about over. Allie stormed away. Liza walked on to the patio and asked David about Adam's health. David assured her that Adam was making a full recovery and that he should be fine. Liza told David that she might be filing for divorce from her husband, but that it doesn't mean she wants to see him in pain. She also told the doctor that she did her part in relieving some of Adam's stress by convincing him to drop the charges against Jake. David was frazzled by the revelation that Liza had foiled his plans to stick it to Jake. David asked her how she could be sure that Jake wasn't responsible for the incident. Nervously, Liza said that she just knows that Jake wasn't involved.

Later, David was tiptoeing around the hall when he stumbled upon a secret conversation between Jake and Liza. Jake told Liza how empty his life has been without her and expressed his dismay in the way that Allie had complicated his life. David could have been knocked over with a feather by what came next: Liza and Jake shared a passionate kiss.

Friday, January 30, 1998

With David still unwittingly eavesdropping on a bogus conversation, Liza told Jake that they cannot be together until after she receives a divorce settlement from Adam. Money be damned; Jake wanted to be with Liza now. Liza also wanted to be with Jake, but there was no way that she could make it without Adam's money. They agreed to meet later at the boathouse. Jake was paged and called back to duty, but before he could leave Liza gave him some advice about Allie. She told him that Allie was a good interim relationship, but she would ultimately bring him down. After Jake left, David walked into the sunroom and told Liza that he'd overheard her discussion. He assured her that he hadn't intentionally eavesdropped on them, but he felt it was impolite to barge in on them. Liza pretended to be nervous and asked that David keep silent about what he'd seen. She said that she's been going through a difficult time lately. David nodded understandingly and said that if anyone asked, Jake was merely giving her some medical counsel on her husband's condition. He told Liza that should she ever need medical advice in the future, she can always turn to him.

Down the hall in the supply closet, Allie and Jake discussed their plans. Allie worried that Jake might develop real feelings for Liza since they were going to be pretending that they were lovers. Jake subdued her fears with a kiss. Liza knocked on the door and was allowed entrance to the supply closet. She told them that she'd bumped into David and that it appeared that he'd bought into their scheme. Allie was thrilled, but not as much as Jake, who gave Liza big bear hug. Allie looked extremely uncomfortable and asked to speak to Liza in private. Allie told Liza that she's not stupid and that she realizes there could be some awkward moments for everyone now that she and Jake are pretending to be lovers. She told Liza that she should not feel bad about that. But if she even thinks of trying to rekindle a romance, she'll have to kill her. Liza fought a smile that was trying to make an appearance on her face. "You're sweet," Liza said softly. Allie was surprised at how nonchalantly Liza was handling her death threat. Liza told Allie that she should savor the relationship she has with Jake. It's not that often that two people are truly engulfed by such a special kind of love. Jake returned to the closet and mused that the two women will need to learn to whisper a little louder because he could barely hear them through the keyhole!

David managed to track down Allie later and apologized for the way he's been acting lately. Allie felt that he was on the verge of another sneak attack, but David was surprisingly sincere. He told her that if they cannot start a family together, he'd at least like to be friends with her. Jake walked out to the sunroom and David politely excused himself. Jake told Allie that their weekend getaway plans would have to be canceled. He claimed that he needed to speak to his father about the investigation. Allie wanted to tag alone, but Jake claimed that the meeting was private. David, of course, knew that Jake was canceling his plans with Allie so that he could be with Liza!

In the bathroom of a room at The Sleepy Hollow, Gillian asked Ryan if he'd seen Scott. Ryan picked up a washcloth and began gently caressing Gillian's back. He asked her why she was so interested in Scott. Scott, Ryan stated, isn't rich or terribly motivated, he's not all that attractive, and he's still a kid. Gillian growled and sighed that Ryan knows nothing about her. She asked him to hand her a towel so that she could get out of the tub, but Ryan refused to lend a hand. Ryan ogled Gillian's naked body as she rose from the bath tub and got the towel herself.

Across the hall, Scott searched high and low for more spiders, but he found none. Actually, he did find one, but it wasn't an eight-legged variety. Ryan, Scott advised Kelsey, was only interested in having sex with Kelsey. There was no emotional attachment or even a desire to form one of Ryan's part. He told Kelsey that she deserves better. Kelsey made a scathing point by noting that Gillian is also only out for physical intimacy. Scott didn't like the implication and threatened to walk out on Kelsey. Kelsey apologized for upsetting Scott and asked if he really believes that there is someone special out there for her. Scott started to lean over to kiss Kelsey, but his attempt was thwarted when Gillian screamed for help.

Kelsey and Scott raced to the other room to see what had happened. The doorknob on the inside of the bathroom had fallen off, thus trapping Gillian and Ryan inside. Once freed, Gillian referred to Ryan as a "dirty boy" who had insulted her by looking at her body. Ryan insisted that he'd returned to what was actually his room and found Gillian soaking it up in the tub. Sissy stormed into the room and informed them that they'd forgotten to turn off the tub. The result was a raging waterfall in the lobby. The rooms may have been free, but the damage caused by their negligence would have to be paid for. Ryan tried to run his "we'll tell the WRCW viewers" scam on Sissy, but this time it didn't work. Because of the overflow, the inn was now without heat or water. The group was forced to spend the night in the same room. The girls were given the bed and the guys were to have slept on the floor. Kelsey realized that she had another attempt at getting to Scott. She said that her grandfather is always telling her about the dangers of frostbite and, in once instance, someone had to have their frostbitten nose amputated! Ryan groaned in pain from the story. Gillian remarked that hopefully if Ryan were to get frostbite "they'll have to amputate somewhat lower" than his nose. Kelsey suggested that they all huddle into the same bed. Gillian was opposed to the idea, but both Scott and Ryan were freezing. Once they were all in bed, Kelsey took a page out of The Waltons' book and began saying goodnight to everyone---and she even included Mary Ellen and John Boy! Scott rolled his eyes and said that it was going to be an awfully long night.

Mateo grabbed Hayley by the arm and pulled her into a corner of the bar. She told him that she saw through his cigar ring story and wanted to know the truth about what he was doing. Mateo told her that she if she figured out that his story was a lie, she should have also realized that he didn't want her anywhere near the bar. Mateo threatened to call Brooke and tell her that they were backing out on the investigation. Hayley once again surprised Mateo with her deductive reasoning skills and told him that she doesn't want him to back out on getting answers to the plane crash. Mateo finally brought her to speed on what he was doing and said that Brooke is having him dig for more info on Jim.

Winona, the bartender, was noticeably peeved to learn that Mateo was seeing someone. She asked him why he hadn't told her that he had a significant other. "Sometimes I more significant than others," Hayley quipped. Winona told Mateo that the person who could hook him up with the money he was after would be in the bar in the morning. Mateo bluffed his way, saying that Jim had told him that business was not conducted in the bar. Randy, the man who'd previously told Mateo that Jim owed him money, admitted that business wasn't usually done at the bar. He said that the a fire destroyed the loan shark's previous office at an DRO across the street. The fire also destroyed Jim's home in the SRO, Randy said.

Jim returned from his voyage to Phoebe's house. Now that he was back, he wanted to discuss the future with Brooke. Brooke was uneasy about making future plans. She cited Edmund and Maria as an example of how planning for the future can result in nothing but heartache. Jim agreed that lives were ruined in the plane crash. His, however, was not one of them. He said that it took the plane's crashing to make him realize that his life amounted to nothing. Now he was determined to make a real life for himself. Jim pulled Brooke closer and gave her a kiss. Phoebe's bell as well as the telephone interrupted them. Brooke asked Jim if he could check on her aunt. She took the call and learned that Mateo was planning on meeting the bookie in the morning. He also told her that Jim had apparently lived at an SRO in New York. When Brooke realized that Jim and Laura probably lived in the same building, she wondered why neither of them had mentioned knowing one another. Brooke hung up the phone. Jim returned and asked her who she'd been talking to. Brooke said that Laura had called and that she was going to visit with her in the morning. Jim wanted to join her, but Brooke told her that she wanted to go alone. She did, however, ask Jim if he could keep and eye on Phoebe. Jim nodded and headed back to his room at The Valley Inn. Phoebe rolled out into the room and asked why Jim had disappeared. She worried that something was wrong. Brooke told Phoebe that nothing was wrong... at least not yet.

Liza arrived at the boathouse early and prepared to work on what she'd say to Jake to make their performance believable. Her speech included usage of the word "sweetheart" and a statement of how much she loves him. She said "I knew you'd come. I've missed you." As she spoke aloud, she had no idea that someone was behind her. Adam smiled broadly and told Liza how happy he was that she wanted to start anew with him!



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