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Monday January 26, 1998

Portions of today's show were pre-empted due to continuing coverage of the "Crisis in the White House."

As Roman and Eric are in the park running, when they stop, Eric goes to get mom, so they can be a family. Roman reminisces about the events of last night, certain that he will not give up on Marlena. Marlena meanwhile is at Johnny angels, also thinking about last night when John interrupts her.

Stefano is in the basement of Jonesy's house, he wants Peter to stay there, and he has plans for him, Elvis and his "Queen of the Night", Marlena.

Celeste, Maggie and Laura come back from the spa, and is grateful that Kristen overhead that Jack & Jennifer & Abby are in Dayton, Ohio. Peter is on his way there, and Laura has alerted the police, the FBI, that so that he will be caught. As it happens, Jack & the circus arrived near the bus terminal at Dayton, Ohio.

Kristen realizes it was a setup, and Peter is missing. There is no way of warning Peter since he left the cellphone at home.

Back to John and Marlena talking, Roman and Eric are still in the park, Eric wants to know if Roman still intends on asking mom to remarry him.

Kristen is updating Stefano, about the setup. Both are worried about the jungle madness. Stefano feels that Laura is the key.

Jack and Jennifer are in Dayton, Jack wants Jen to be careful, but Jen says no one know where they are, but Peter who is still driving, and about to have another attack, is expecting to be in Dayton by nightfall.

Jonesy wants Vivian & Ivan to go, but Viv convinces him otherwise. Roman wants to continue to fight for Marlena, since he's in control now, and won't give up on her this time. John and Marlena are still talking about telling Roman the truth, Marlena is hesitant, but John wants to do it.

Kristen and Stefano are still talking about Peter. Kristen discovers that Stefano sent the earrings to Laura. They are bugged, and they can hear everything that Laura says.

Near the end of the show, Vivian & Ivan are going to Jonesy's ancestral house in England to marry, John and Marlena hug each other at The restaurant unaware that Roman is watching.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Hope drops by Laura's with a birthday cake that Mrs. Horton baked. Mike is there and they talk about Billie being pregnant and having no future with Bo. Hope is mad about everything that Bo did not tell her. and she says she fells betrayed. She says there's no chance for her and Bo now. Abe comes by and is mad with Laura for taking matters into her own hands but does admit it's the best chance they seem to have of getting Peter right now. She asks if Mike is still in love with Carrie and he says yes and they hug each other saying what a pair they are.

Bo comes back to the police station after handling a police call and Billie is waiting for him like he asked. He walks in and they start talking. She says she wanted to be the one to tell him about the baby but now that he knows and has time to think about it what does he feel. He says he will be there for her and the baby but doesn't indicate he will be a husband to her. Matter of fact he tells her that he still wants to be with Hope.

He then confronts Billie about the Intruder story She also admitted to telling Hope that she and Bo were lovers in Rome. Billie says something about Bo going back to Hope but Bo says that Hope doesn't want him now. Bo doesn't buy any of this. Billie then says she has an appointment with Dr. Bader and asks Bo if he wants to come. He doesn't answer and Billie takes that to mean no and she says she will let him know what she finds out. Bo says he will be staying at the pub if she needs anything.

In Dayton Ohio, Peter starts looking around and is greeted by the lady that bends her body into shape. He shows her a picture of Jen but she doesn't have her glasses on and can't tell if she has seen her or not. Peter heads to some other people when we see Jen talking to Abby close by. All of a sudden Jack comes running up grabs them both and says they have to get out of there. They run into the trailer where Jack tells her that he saw two men going from door to door at the hotel across the street. All of a sudden there's a knock at there door. They don't answer which is good because it is Peter. When no one answers he gives up and leaves. He decides to call and check in with Stefano and Stefano is relieved to hear from him. He tells Peter that Laura set him up and to return to Salem right away and gives him the new address of where he will be hiding. Peter is cursing Laura when he hangs up the phone and then starts having one of his headaches as we overhear some FBI agents tell someone they are looking for Peter Blake.

At Salem Place, Eric tells Roman not to read anything into John and Marlena hugging. Marlena tells John she is so looking forward to spending the evening together and he says he has a surprise for her. She says she loves surprises almost as much as she loves him. About then Roman and Eric appear and they all sit down to chat. Roman asks John if there is any chance for him and Kristen but John says no way. Roman is sorry and says maybe there is - after all look at him and Doc. About then Kristen walks up and John almost immediately gets up to leave. She says she is sorry for interrupting and runs off behind John. She tells him she misses him and that as soon as she has the baby back they can be a family again. John tells her so is out of it - they will never be together and she will never get her hands on the baby. Stefano walks up about then and they argue.

John walks off and Eric joins Kristen where they overhear John calling Chev Vous to reserve the private room for a special occasion. Kristen tells Eric he needs to do damage control to keep his mom and dad together so Eric goes back and tells dad to cancel the basketball game and spend the evening with Marlena. Roman thinks it's a great idea and when she returns he asks her. She says she already has plans but he asks if they can be canceled. She thinks about it and agrees that they can be. He leaves to make plans and stops by to tell Eric and Kristen that they are going to spend the evening at a private room at Chez Vous but Marlena is thinking to herself that tonight she tells Roman the truth - she feels he is strong enough to know

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Laura is starting to get impatient again and she lashes at Abe about his inefficient department. Jack, Jen and Abby are hiding out in their trailer while Peter is hearing that stupid drum beating in his head again and sweating up a storm. Pretzel lady comes up and is concerned about how pale Peter's looking and when asks, tells him those guys are looking for a man named Peter Blake.

As she looks at Peter, Laverne the pretzel lady tells him that he looks like the guy the police are looking. No, he says my name is Charlie. Laverne then remembers he told her he was looking for his wife and daughter. Your wife must have a screw loose to give you up. The cops come up and tell Peter he meets the description of the man they're looking for while Jack and Jen have someone pounding on their trailer door. Jasper walks up and tells them that Bob and Vicky Mitchell live in that trailer and he doesn't know any Peter Blake. The cop asks Peter his name and pretzel lady gets in his face telling him he interrupted her conversation with her friend Charlie. The cop asked Peter for any id and Peter pulls out a wallet with id saying Charlie Brown on it. The cop tells him he must have gotten a lot of kidding about his name while growing up and doesn't notice how Peter is sweating and jerking from Jungle Fever. She asks him to come to the show that night so she can show him what her body can do.

Jasper goes and tells Jack the cops have left. Peter has his back to the trailer about 30 ft. away. His son, still in clown disguise, asks if Abby can play. Jen and Jack talk about how scary their life is and that's why she didn't tell her mom where they are. She picks up her cellphone and calls Maggie's cellphone. Hope answers the phone and assures her that she's on her side. Jen tells her they've had a rough day, but they're fine now. Hope tells her Laura's plan didn't work by sending Peter to Dayton. Jen gasps as she tells her they really are in Dayton. Jen figures out it might work out as maybe they can find Peter now if he's there. Laura shouts that she loves her earrings, but of course it was too late. Jack and Jen look out their trailer window and see the man Laverne is talking with, he looks like the same size and coloring as Peter and charges out after him. Out of breath, Jack comes up to Laverne. She tells him that his name was Charlie, but he had to go back to Salem. Charlie was looking for his wife and daughter. Jack tells himself they need to get back to Salem to find out where Peter is hiding.

Hands on hips, Laura continues ranting at Abe. Mike and Hope try to defend Abe, but Laura continue spewing at Abe and reminds him that he's married to Stefano's daughter and maybe he's working for the DiMeras. Staring her in the eyes, Abe denies any wrong doings with dignity. Mike insists that Laura go sit down (Dr.'s orders) and Abe tells Hope he's worried Laura is on the edge and may be ready to lose it completely. Later, Abe gets a call from the Dayton Police Captain saying his officers had questioned people around the bus terminal and didn't find anyone. Laura yells at Abe again about shoddy police work and he leaves. He talks with Hope at the door and tells her he understands, but Laura's attitude is not helping and the fact that she took police matters in her own hands by setting up the trap for Peter. He just hope it doesn't make things worse. Billie remembers Bo not being very excited about the baby. Billie sees Dr. Bader for her appt. The Dr. asks why Bo didn't come with her and tells Billie she's 3 months pregnant. Bo walks right in on the appt Trying to use her psychic ability, Kristen warns Peter that it's a trap in Dayton. Dr. Bader handed her a hospital gown and said they'll do an ultrasound. After she steps out Bo tells Billie he had told her that he'd be there for her and the baby and their well being. Dr. Bader comes back in and asks medical questions. When she asks if there's been any alcohol or drug abuse, Billie remembers Rome. Bo tells the doctor that Billie has been addicted to cocaine and heroine. Bo tells the doctor Billie's story, but the Doctor said the drug use could still affect the fetus. They need to reschedule the ultrasound as she's needed in delivery. Bo comforts Billie.

It's now Kristen's turn to sip coffee at Java City. She remembers when she and John brought the baby home from the hospital and Illiana videoing them. She's determined that getting Elvis back will bring John back to her, especially with Roman and Marlena reuniting sits there determined to get John back. Sitting on a bench at Salem Place, John has a satisfied grin on his face knowing he'll have Marlena all to himself that night, when Roman walks up. Roman is cold and blowing in his hands and tells John that Marlena is checking in the hospital and then going home to get ready for their date. John gets a shocked look on his face. He offers his ticket to the basketball game to John, but John refuses. Roman thinks to himself that John forgot he and Doc were in love a long time before he entered their lives and will get that love back.

Entering her apartment, Marlena remembers her telling John she'd spend the night with him, then Roman asking her out too. She finds Eric in her apartment and he thanks her for having dinner with Roman and encourages him to just love Dad and give him a chance. Marlena informs him that she's going to tell Roman the truth on their date. Eric freaks out and warns her about Roman's blood pressure. John calls Marlena about their date and her going out with Roman. Before she could tell him WHY she is going out with Roman, John tells her that he's losing patience and hangs up on her. Eric tells her that John is really working on you to tell Dad the truth, isn't he. Marlena tells him she doesn't want to hear it and he continues going on about how John ruined their family once and now he's going to do it again when Marlena turns around and tells him to shut up twice and storms off. Eric tells her he's NOT shutting up and continues to tell her that she should marry Roman. When she asks how about some compassion for her, Eric tells her she's not the one being dumped on. In tears Marlena tells him she loves John and how they'd be married if Kristen hadn't brought Roman back when she did. She admits that she does love Roman, but is in love with John. She doesn't want to hurt Roman, and they don't need to protect him anymore. The more they lie to him, the more it will hurt him. She starts sobbing and Eric pulls her into his arms and comforts her. Eric apologizes for his part in what he's done to put her in this position and she apologizes for yelling at him. They both are worried about how the truth will affect Roman. Looking him in the eyes, Marlena tells him that she loves both John and Roman, but she loves John more. Does he think daddy would be happy living a lie? Marlena said the truth has to come from her. Eric pleads for her to wait a while longer, but she said no, she's telling him tonight.

John calls and cancels his reservations at Chez Vous and 10 seconds later Roman calls to book the private dining room. The maitre D tells him that he's in luck as John Black just called to cancel his reservations for that room.. Roman makes the reservations for 8 and thinks to himself that Marlena might not be in love with John as much as she thinks. Kristen comes up to John and offers her help. John tells her this is all her fault for all the lies she told Roman and that he and Marlena are going to be together, she's just postponing the inevitable. She asks how come Marlena cancelled their date to be with Roman. He tells her the only reason that Marlena is having dinner with Roman is because of the lie she was forced into by Kristen. Kristen tells John that maybe Marlena is in love with Roman, but doesn't have the heart to tell John the truth. Kristen tells him that everything she has done was for him, because of her love for him. She needs him and begs for another chance. He tells her he could never trust her or love her again. He tells her she's going to live alone and there's no one to blame for that but herself. Abe calls and John walks away from Kristen.

Roman walks out of the store with a suit bag over his shoulder and tells Kristen he saw her and John arguing and asks if there's anything he can do to help. Roman asks Kristen if she's ok, and she says no. She tells him that she and John aren't going to work it out. Roman tells her about what happened on New Years Eve. He took her advice and did not confront them and decided to make Doc fall in love with him again. He feels guilty for not being honest with her. She warns him if he does tell Marlena, she will lose John and she'll lose her chance of getting John back. John hears this from the background.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

Susan and Edmund make eyes at each other all day as they remember their romantic trip to the countryside. Violet lets Susan know that she will watch the baby any time. Edmund invites Susan out to see "a surprise," which turns out to be a confession: Edmund owns and flies a vintage World War II airplane, just like his father's when he was in the RAF. Edmund was turned down by the RAF because of his bad eyesight, but he bought the plane years ago and hides it from Violet because she would think it was too dangerous. Susan is thrilled with the surprise and they almost kiss again, until Susan decides it's time to head back to the pub.

Jonesy, Vivian, and Ivan are on a plane to England. Vivian is griping nonstop about the bad service in coach class, while Jonesy has nightmares about Stefano. Ivan keeps checking to make sure Jonesy is still alive. They end up in Jonesy's ancestral village in England - and, to no one's surprise, I'm sure, it happens to be the one where Susan is hiding out with Edmund! While Vivian is trying to figure out where she's seen the baby in the playpen before (it's Elvis) and Violet is calling the vicar to come perform the wedding for Vivian and Jonesy, Edmund and Susan literally crash into the chicken coop. They walk into the pub covered with feathers, but none the worse for wear. Violet tells Susan that there are some of her countrymen there. Susan takes off her goggles and sees, to her horror, Vivian and Ivan! Vampires! She screams her lungs out while Vivian cringes in surprise and embarrassment.

Jennifer stops Jack from running after Peter, saying that as much as she wants to find Peter so Jack can go free, she can't let him risk his life. Jack finds out that the rental car that he thinks Peter was in was abandoned a few miles down the road. Then Jasper calls them all together and announces that Dayton ticket sales are terrible, and he is going to have to close down the circus. Jack and Jennifer realize that it would be terrible if Jasper, who has guarded them and befriended them, went out of business. Also, it would blow their cover. Jack and Jennifer come up with a plan and call Jasper, saying they can find a way to save his business - by taking the circus to Salem!

Stefano waits in the mansion Jonesy used to take care of for news of Peter. He is very relieved when Peter comes through the door. Peter tells Stefano he left the rental car and took a chartered plane to Salem (how does a criminal on the run charter a plane inconspicuously?). Stefano tells him that was smart, and that if Peter wants any more help from him, he will have to stay in Salem until Dr. Rolf can send another batch of the cure for Peter's illness. Peter argues that he has to find Jennifer, and is frustrated when Stefano tells him that Jennifer and Jack were in Dayton after all. Stefano assures Peter he has his best men looking for Jennifer in Dayton, and that Peter will be better off if he stays out of sight. Peter finally agrees to wait in Salem.

Despite his seeming contrition at Marlena's distress yesterday, Eric the Psycho is acting up again today. First he berates Marlena again for her cruelty to Roman. Marlena tells him that John is not the bad guy; Kristen and Stefano are to blame for everyone's pain. Eric begs Marlena to let Roman enjoy one last night of happiness and not to tell him about her and John until after the dinner. Marlena agrees to wait for Eric's sake. She goes upstairs to change and John calls on the phone. John is reeling in shock because he just witnessed Kristen and Roman talking about Roman seeing John and Marlena together on the Alamain jet on New Year's Eve. John realizes that Roman has known about him and Marlena for some time and Kristen has been manipulating everyone all along. John asks Eric if he can talk to Marlena. Eric lies and says she is already gone and rudely hangs up the phone. John is irked, and starts calling the restaurants in his book, but gives up when he gets a busy signal at Chez Vous. John decides to go to the one person who is sure to know where Roman and Marlena are having dinner - Kristen. Kristen is checking around her mansion for signs of Peter when John knocks on her door. She lets him in and he demands to know where Roman and Marlena are having dinner. Kristen says she doesn't know, and John gets furious at her for lying again. He tells her he knows all about her setting Roman up to find them on the plane, and that her selfishness could have killed Roman. John tells Kristen she is evil, and Kristen says she is sick of everyone saying that about her when Marlena is just as much of a liar and a cheat. John tells her she deserves to be miserable and alone. Kristen says that she has nothing else to live for, and she may as well kill herself. John looks her straight in the eye and tells her she doesn't have the guts, and walks out on her. Kristen thinks about her life and says to herself, "I really don't have any reason to live." John keeps trying to call the restaurants, frantic to find Marlena and tell her that Roman already knows the truth about them. He turns around and finds a furious Eric behind him, spitting accusations about John's selfishness ruining his father's life. Eric tells John that Marlena is telling Roman the truth tonight. Before John even has time to digest the information, Eric yells that he is sick of John ruining his life, and lands a punch right on John's face!

Roman heads home after his chat with Kristen. He finds Marlena there alone and tells her he has a dress for her - he saw it in the window and thought it was perfect. Marlena tells him he shouldn't have done it, but Roman says he would bring her the moon if he could. While Marlena goes upstairs to put on the dress, Roman thinks back on their romantic times together. She comes down the stairs in a short, spangly black number, and Roman is stunned by her beauty. He tells her how beautiful she looks, and they go to the private room at Chez Vous. Marlena is stunned by the beautiful dinner Roman has arranged, with champagne and candles. Roman tells her that he would sacrifice anything for her happiness. Marlena looks surprised at the tone he is taking, but he tells her to let him finish. Roman says he knows that a good relationship, a good marriage, is based on honesty and trust, and he hasn't been honest with her. Marlena now looks amazed. Roman takes a deep breath and tells Marlena that he has been lying to her.

Friday, January 30, 1998

Eric comes to blows with John, blaming him for breaking up his family. Later, John tells him the only people to blame are Stefano and Kristen. After telling Marlena all he knows, Roman makes a heartfelt plea to her and asks her to give their relationship a chance. Torn, Marlena looks up from the table only to see John in the doorway. In an emotional moment, Kristen realizes she's lost John for good and wonders how she went from being a model citizen to someone everyone despises. Kristen is convinced Stefano sent Vivian to England to take her and Elvis back to Salem. However, Vivian manages to reassure her and promises to keep her whereabouts a secret. Later, Vivian is set to begin her wedding ceremony, only to find Jonsey passed out.

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