Another World Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on AW

Grant rushed to cover up his involvement in the fire as more people became suspicious. Lila planned to get pregnant with Matt's baby and pass it off as Shane's. Carl walked out on Rachel after learning she'd been covering for Amanda.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on AW
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Monday, January 26, 1998

Matt rushes to meet Sofia so he can tell her not to tell anyone about the information they discussed. Unfortunately Sofia told Matt she has already told Nick about everything they discussed, but assumes Nick won't tell anyone. Matt adds "knowing Nick the story will make the headlines in spite of your promises." Sofia told him that Nick would never use the paper to hurt someone intentionally. All in all Matt intends to make sure of it and heads over to the Herald to confront Nick.

Paulina and Joe happily makeup by making love and settle into a night of love and forgiveness. Meanwhile, Cindy donned in her burglar outfit sneaks into the Cory Mansion and searches for the Dragonfly Brooch. Aware that the brooch must be upstairs, Cindy heads for Paulina and Joe's bedroom to retrieve the brooch. (GOTCHA!) Paulina catches Cindy creeping around the Carlino's bedroom and demands to know what she was doing there. Cindy play acts like she's been sleepwalking to through Paulina off the real reason she was there, but Paulina doesn't buy it and demands to know why Cindy has broken into their house to steal the brooch. Cindy pleads with Paulina that if she doesn't return with the brooch, Grant will leave her and she'll lose everything. Paulina told Cindy she wants her to go tell Joe everything she knows, but when Dante begins to cry and wakes Joe up; Cindy hightails it out of there and leaves. Paulina grows even more suspicious about the importance of the brooch and starts to have flashbacks remembering that every time she and Cindy were together, Cindy was wearing the brooch.

At Bay City General, Lila told Shane about Matt's plans for his wonder drug, but omits that the offer if from Matt. Shane told her that he'll just put Matt's proposal in the file with his other lucrative offers from Pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Excited, Lila orders champagne to celebrate Shane's new to be marketed drug and tries to seduce him. When Shane was not interested in starting a relationship with her and her plans to seduce him fail, Lila heads over to Matt's.

Over at the loft Sofia told Nick she doesn't want him to tell anyone about what she told him concerning Matt. Nick told her he's already done a story about Matt and his involvement with Alexander Nikos. The twosome start to argue and Nick told Sofia he'll ask Jake to pull the story so as not to risk their relationship. The twosome go into Sofia's room to makeup and hold each other all night.

Meanwhile, Gary shows up to see Grant and demands to know why he had the Carlino fire files sealed. Grant cleverly told Gary that the Carlino family has been through enough scandal, and he's doing it to save the image of the town. Gary doesn't buy it as Grant explains how would it look if damaging evidence about the Bay City Police Captain surfaced. Gary knows Grant doesn't care two-bits about the Carlino's and heads over to the hospital to find out what the lab report shows. When Gary leaves Grant eventually whips out the Carlino file, forges a new document and destroys the original one looking very pleased with what he's done. While at the hospital investigating the Carlino fire, Gary speaks to Shane after the lab report shows that Paulina had barbiturates in her system. Gary then ask Shane if Paulina could have been drugged, considering that Paulina was addicted to amphetamines not barbiturates. Shane confirms Gary's theory and adds that barbiturates can sometimes cause memory loss, which would explain Paulina's statement that she didn't take drugs.

At the Harrison Mansion, Cindy returns home without the brooch and lies to Grant that she couldn't find it. Grant starts raving and decides he needs to handle this situation himself, but Cindy warns him that if he went any where near Paulina and Joe she'll tell them everything she knows.

Back at the Cory's Joe sees Paulina holding the Dragonfly brooch and thinks it's an Christmas ornament. When Paulina corrects him, Joe adds that he could of sworn he saw it hanging on their Christmas tree.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Tyrone walks into the precinct and sees Toni dressed in a waitress outfit. She explains she was working undercover. Tyrone asks her out on a date but Toni told him she only gives men one chance and he had his. Meanwhile Chris was telling Jake about his rekindled romance with Toni. Jake told Chris there are wedding bells ahead But Chris says he doesn't want to rush into anything for fear of wrecking it.

Carl was on the verge of figuring out Hadely Prescott was Amanda but Rachel tries to dissuade him. Rachel told Carl to leave the whole thing alone. Alex did not manage to separate them so they should leave it all in the past. Carl was about to leave the house and Amanda bumps into him. Carl leaves without saying anything and Amanda looks to her mother. Rachel told Amanda Carl knows and shows Amanda the fountain pen. Amanda says she'll take responsibility for her actions. Cass and Felicia come by and tell Rachel they were unable to find Wally. Cass was clearly not happy with the search and thinks Felicia should leave the whole thing alone. Cass and Felicia bicker the whole time they are together and leave to get help from Toni. Cass won't leave until Felicia promises to buy him some food.

At the police station Cass and Felicia continue their bickering but do manage to enlist Toni's help. Toni brought them to the last place she saw Wally; but they don't see him. Cass continues to worry about Felicia's quest and told her she needs to help herself before she helps others. Cass told Felicia he would be glad to help Felicia once she decides to love herself enough to help herself (meaning she needs to boost her self esteem) while they are bickering Felicia gets a glimpse of Wally but her runs off before they are able to catch him. Cass and Felicia go back to Cass's office and find the office was ransacked.

At the precinct Toni tries to change her shoes because her heel broke while trying to chase Wally. Chris shows up and asks what happened, Toni told Chris to never get involved with Cass and Felicia while they are arguing. Chris offers to put Toni's shoes on. The two talk about their date last evening and both admit they enjoyed it. Chris asks Toni out for dinner and Toni says she thought he would want to take it slowly since she messed things up last time. Chris told her they have been taking it slowly for a long time. Toni told Chris Tyrone asked her out on a date. Immediately Chris thinks the worst; but, Toni told Chris she didn't accept. Toni told him she'll tell him all about it. Chris says over dinner? Toni told him to call her. Chris leaves and the phone rings. Toni takes down a message and as she went to relay it to another officer a birdcage with two lovebirds in it was placed on her desk. Toni wonders who sent them.

Vicky wakes up from her recurring dream of the little girl at the swings. Vicky wonders why she keeps dreaming of this little girl. Jake says it was because it was time for Vicky to say goodbye to her past since she has made it to where she has always dreamed of being. Vicky thanks Jake for his support. Jake told Vicky to ask him for anything because he was in the mood to make her wishes come true. Vicky says she wants to go to New York for a while. Jake says he'll get Amanda to run the paper and they'll go. Vicky went to Cass's office and finds Lila there. (Lila was there to ask Tyrone what happens if a man raises a child as his own and later finds out the child was not biologically his. Tyrone did not have the chance to answer; but, told her she could read up on it if she wanted.). Lila asks what Vicky was doing there and Vicky told her Cass was her children's trust fund lawyer. Lila went on to tell Vicky Shane will no longer be leaving Bay City and she also told Vicky that she and Shane made love the evening Vicky dropped by the boathouse. Vicky seems visibly upset and when Lila continues to rub it in Vicky's face Vicky throws a glass of water in Lila's face. Vicky went to the hospital and sees Michael. Vicky told her father what happened and that Lila continues to say Vicky was keeping Shane on a string. Vicky told her father she and Jake are planning to go to New York for a while. Michael told Vicky she has to stop running from her problems. He also told her it was not fair to make Jake choose between his job and her. Vicky was upset her father was not supporting her and when they bump into Shane Vicky leaves abruptly. Michael looks at Shane and asks if he has decided to do his research elsewhere. Shane told Michael Bay City was his future. Jake meets up with Vicky at the hospital because they are supposed to have lunch with Michael; but Vicky says lunch has been cancelled. Jake apologizes to Vicky because he doesn't think know would be a good time to leave the Herald since something was clearly wrong with Amanda. (At the office Amanda yelled at Jake at Jake when he tried talking to her and later ran out of the office when she found out Nick was doing a story on Nikos and his connection with Matt). Vicky told Jake it was fine because Michael wanted her to stay for Nick's wedding anyway. They decide they'll go later. Vicky says what difference will a few weeks make?

Lila stages a run in with Shane at the hospital. Shane wonders what was wrong with her and she was very abrupt with him. She told him to leave her alone. Shane notices she was coming out of the OBGYN office and asks her about it. Lila says why else do women go to the OBGYN? She wipes tears from her eyes and quickly dashes into the elevator. Once inside she was very pleased with herself because she has planted the seed in Shane's head that she was pregnant. Lila calls Matt and invites him over to her place for a romantic dinner. She hangs up and was happy with herself because her plan to get pregnant with Matt's child and pass it off as Shane's was falling into place.

Carl talks to Shane about Hadely Prescott and asks Shane to describe her to him. Shane describes Hadely and Carl presents Shane with a picture and asks him if this was Hadely. Shane says yes. Carl leaves Shane's office and went home. Carl shows Rachel the picture and reveals to her that the sketch was really Amanda with a wig and contacts. Amanda walks in at that moment.

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Paulina told Joe she's hoping Cindy will be able to clear up their remaining questions about the night of the fire. Meanwhile, Grant threatens to divorce Cindy if she doesn't retrieve the dragonfly pin. Cass and Tyrone are upset to find their law office turned upside down. After sending his partner and Felicia out to speak with Lila, Cass checks the contents of his wall safe. Carl shows Rachel proof that her daughter impersonated Hadley Prescott, then turns his wrath on a trembling Amanda. Joe cautions his wife not to trust the deceitful mayor's equally deceitful spouse. Toni was puzzled when neither of the men in her life take credit for an unusual gift which appeared on her desk at the precinct house. Promising to get the pin back from Paulina at any cost, Cindy swears to Grant that his welfare will always come first. Joe sees red after learning that an emergency assistance fund started by the police department has received a large donation from Grant. Rachel was forced to admit to an outraged Carl that she's known about Amanda's treacherous behavior for some time. Cindy cons Paulina with a bogus story about how the diamond dragonfly landed on the Carlinos' Christmas tree. Later, Joe takes a closer look and discovers that the pin is concealing a secret.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

As Carl begins throwing clothes into a suitcase, Rachel entreats her angry husband not to walk out on her and their children. Joe shows Paulina the empty compartment on the back of the dragonfly pin. Meanwhile, Cindy triumphantly displays for Grant the tiny bug she removed from the jewelry before returning it to the police captain's unsuspecting wife. Nick went to see Matt and finds Sofia already there. Touched when Cindy swears she'd do anything to protect him, Grant returns her fervent declaration of love. As they resume house-hunting, Paulina happily suggests to Joe that they look for a place with lots of extra bedrooms for all those kids she hopes they'll have some day. Carl told Rachel he's going to New York because he can't spend another moment under the same roof with her treacherous family. Nick informs Matt that he's decided not to submit his article on the Cory connection to Alexander Nikos. Later, Nick is dismayed when Sofia proudly announces that she's accepted a job with Matt's new company. Carl orders an appalled Rachel to choose between him and her grown children. Paulina balks at Joe's suggestion that they hire a nanny for Dante. Grant and Cindy are delighted to discover that their relationship has reached a new and even more intimate level. When Rachel refuses to turn her back on Matt and Amanda, Carl stalks out of the house.

Friday, January 30, 1998

Today in Bay City finds Rachel concerned that Carl can't forgive her for knowing that Amanda was Hadley Prescott or that he may not return home to her. While on the other hand Amanda was worried that Carl will seek revenge on her. Rachel told Amanda that Carl won't do anything to her, but Amanda isn't so sure about that. As Amanda talks about the twins, Rachel was surprised to hear Amanda referring to little Cory and Elizabeth as her siblings instead of outcast.

Lila sets her plans into motion after calling her OB-GYN about a chart she received from her doctor about the best time to conceive. Matt shows up to see Lila so they can discuss how to persuade Shane to let Matt market his new miracle drug. Which was fine for Lila since she knows that tonight was the primetime for her to conceive, but Amanda calls Matt and told him Carl found out she was Hadley Prescott and was terrified that upon his return to Bay City; He means to kill her. Matt told Amanda to stay calm he's on the way, he then kisses Lila goodbye and rushes off. But Lila plots to herself that she'll get Matthew back over her house so she can carry out her plan.

Meanwhile, at the Herald; Jake wants Chris to act as Managing Editor while he's out of town. Chris was reluctant because of Amanda and senses Jake is uprooting the family because of Shane. Jake told himself and Chris it's not the reason, but explains Vicki needs time to get away from it all. Chris mentions that he wants to cover a story about Shane's miracle drug, but Jake admits that he doesn't want to print anything that has to do with Shane Roberts. As the twosome argue about the matter; Steven burst into the office angered over the fact that the family was moving to New York and told his stepfather that he won't go. Catching on to what the motive was behind the move, Steven ask Jake if it has anything to do with Shane Roberts. Jake admits that it's part of the reason, but also adds that Vicki thinks the move will do them all some good. Unconvinced and not ready to start over in a new school. Steven told Jake it won't make him or Kirkland happy, but agrees to give the idea some thought.

Donna arrives at Vicki's and demands to know what's behind the sudden plan to move, detecting it has something to do with Shane. Vicki admits to Donna that she can't get Shane out of her mind and still feels a deep connection. Donna accuses Vicki of wanting both men when she can only have one, while adding that Vicki should have never kissed Shane on her wedding day. Vicki told her that she's leaving because Shane won't leave her alone and that she can either help her move or leave her alone. Donna told her the reason for Shane's interference was the kiss, by kissing him, Vicki sent mixed signals telling Shane it's not over between them yet. Donna told Vicki she doesn't support this decision and persuades Vicki to take a job helping out with the Children's Clinic to keep her mind off of Shane.

Over at Bay City General, Michael unknowingly convinces Shane to head up the research at the Children's Clinic so he'll stay away from Vicki. Lila pays another visit to her OB-GYN and runs into Shane. Shane being concerned about these visits ask Lila what the problem is. Lila acts coy and rushes off leaving Shane bewildered about her possible condition.

Wedding pressures mount for Sofia and Nick as they argue over Sofia's job offer from Matt, along with China and Flatware patterns. Just then, Donna walks in asking if they are ready to finalize their wedding plans. Sofia grabs her coat and runs off leaving Donna wondering what she said wrong. Nick catches up with her and the twosome make up wishing they were already married and waking up together. The lovebirds then realize everything will be fine once they are married. Back at Carlinos, Michael meets Donna and the two discuss their Children's lives and work at cross purposes to separate Shane and Vicki who they have unknowingly set up to work at the Children's Clinic together.

Back at the Cory's Matt went to see Amanda and told her Carl won't risk hurting her and alienating Rachel. Amanda told Matthew she believes Carl loves Rachel and wants Matt to apologize to their mother, but Matt refuses to budge. Suddenly, Rachel appears and Matt told her his plans to start his won business. He apologizes for the pain he has caused her but adds he'll never accept Carl as a member of the family. Rachel then told him she doesn't even recognize her son and ask him why has he come there. Amanda tries to act as a mediator but fails. Matt told his mother he wants her to say she was proud of him, but Rachel told him she can't tell him something she doesn't believe. Just then the phone rings, Rachel was surprised by the news she hears and after hanging up looks at Amanda and Matthew. Lila returns home and calls Matt leaving him a distraught message, that she needs to see him right away.

Over back at the hospital Shane runs into Vicki and they make small talk, while Vicki explains she's there for a meeting as does Shane. Chris arrives and bumps into Shane and Vicki, he told Shane about his plans for a cover story on Shane's miracle drug. As Chris was explaining, Vicki excuses herself to attend her meeting with the committee on the new project. As she leaves, it becomes known to Shane that Vicki's on the same project as himself. Over in the meeting room, Chris catches up with Vicki to get some kind of story from her on the new project. As they wait to find out who was the other Co- Chairman at the meeting, Shane walks up announcing that he was Vicki's partner on the Children's Clinic Project.


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