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Sharon promised that Grace would be a part of Cassie's life. Nikki became suspicious of 'Sarah.' Victoria plied Cole with alcohol, and they had sex. Danny pleaded with Christine to remember what they had shared together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, January 26, 1998

THE JABOT LAB: Jack wants to know what has Ashley so uptight. Ashley tells him that it has to do with something she saw last night at the party. She saw Cole and Victoria kissing. Even though it was only a birthday kiss, it showed her that Cole still has feelings for Victoria. I thought he had made a break with Vicki, she tells her brother, but now I know he hasn't. So I have made a decision: I am going to back off. I won't let myself be hurt like that again.

Jack is not unhappy about her decision, but he would be happier if she would call it off completely.

Unknown to either, Victoria comes walking down the hallway toward the lab. Just as she is about to enter, she hears Ashley and Jack talking. She hangs back to listen.

Ashley is ranting about Victoria. She hopes that his wife is worth all the pain and heartache she has caused Cole. She cannot see what he sees in a woman as selfish as Victoria Newman. "I thought Cole had gotten her out of his system until I saw them kissing. I thought he had had it with all her games and manipulations. Well he has to make a decision and soon.

Jack agrees with her. He thinks both she and Vicki are too good for Cole and his wandering eye.

"The only person Victoria Newman cares about is Victoria Newman," declares Ashley. "This is only a contest for her." At the doorway, Vicki smiles.

"You are too good for the guy," Jack tells her. "Back away completely. Get on the phone right now and tell him you aren't playing his game any longer."

RYAN'S OFFICE: Neil enters to talk business but sees that Ryan has other things on his mind. Ryan says that he is just wondering why he hasn't done anything about the divorce. He wants to get on with his life so why is he dragging his feet? He knows that it is over with Nina.

If it isn't Nina that is holding you back, Neil wonders, then could it be Tricia?

Ryan admits that it is hard to let go. So much of it has to do with Philip. He may resent him even more if he goes through with the divorce.

"The kid has to know that it was his Mom that filed for the divorce," Neil tells him. "So is Philip the reason you haven't moved ahead? Nina and Tricia have both been patient. You cannot keep them waiting forever."

THE DENNISON HOUSE: Tricia is studying when Meg arrives home. Tricia tells her that she stopped by Ryan's office earlier. Did you tell him to get off the dime and slip an engagement ring on your finger? Meg asks.

Tricia tells her sister that he can't do that; he isn't even a divorced man yet. But, Meg wants to be sure that the divorce is moving right along. Tricia assures her that it will be soon; Ryan promised her that he would get in touch with his attorney. Before long, Ryan will be a free man and they can be together for the rest of their lives.

Jill is about to enter the room when she overhears the conversation. She looks worried, but goes back into the kitchen.

THE NEWMAN COTTAGE: Cassie is finishing up her milk and cookies. Sharon tells him that she enjoyed their time together; her mom enjoyed it also. Cassie enjoyed spending time with Mrs. Collins also; she is a great lady, she says.

When Cassie takes her plate and glass into the kitchen, Grace knocks on the door. When she comes into the room, she doesn't appear to be in a very friendly mood. Sharon is surprised that she is there; she was going to bring Cassie home. Grace says she got off work early. No problem, I'm here now. Where is Cassie?

Cassie enters the room and tells Grace that she had a wonderful afternoon. "I missed you," Grace tells her. "I missed you too, mommy," Cassie responds. There is a look of hurt on Sharon's face.

Grace tells Cassie that they have to go now. Sharon begins to help Cassie on with her coat, but Grace grabs it and does it herself. As she leads Cassie out of the house, she turns back and tells Sharon that she had a really neat time.

THE RANCH: Josh is looking through the wedding photo album while Sara waters the houseplants. He is frustrated because he cannot find a certain photograph. Sara asks if she can help him. He tells her that he is looking for a certain photo of the wedding to send to his alumni. Sara remembers going through the album and taking out the picture, but when she speaks, she tells Josh that she doesn't know anything about the album.

Nikki returns home with packages from her shopping trip. Sara watches as she and Josh kiss. Finally, she interrupts their clinch and asks if she can take the packages up to Nikki's bedroom. After she is gone, Josh tells her about the missing photograph. Nikki can't figure who would take it---maybe one of the kids.

As she thinks about it, Nikki tells Josh that she may have an idea about who took the picture. When she mentions that Sara is jealous of their happiness and may have taken the picture, Josh disagrees. Jokingly, he says that Miguel could have been the jealous one and taken the picture.

The beeper interrupts and Josh makes a call. One of his patients is in labor and he has to go to the hospital. After he is gone, Nikki looks over the album then gets a determined look on her face.

GRACE'S APARTMENT: Grace asks Cassie how was her visit with Sharon. What did they do all afternoon? Cassie tells her that they played games and she read Noah a story after they came back for Sharon's mother's house. You went to see Sharon's mother? Grace asks, shocked. She sends Cassie to her room to study. How could you do this, Sharon? She exclaims. She goes to the phone and calls Sharon.

"I want to talk to you," Grace says, coldly, when Sharon answers. "I am coming over. Be alone. It is important."

THE COTTAGE: Nick comes home early from the office. He tells Sharon that a couple they knew in college are in town and want to meet with them tonight for drinks. Sharon isn't up to socializing tonight, especially with people she barely knows. She has had a full day. Why doesn't he go alone? Don't worry about hurrying home. She just wants to relax.

Nick leaves and Sharon wonders why Grace wants to see her.

Grace soon arrives and tells Sharon that she knows why she is here. No, I don't, Grace, Sharon tells her best friend. What are you talking about?

"I'm talking about you taking Cassie to see your mother," Grace accuses. "We had an agreement. Now someone else knows. You just could not resist, could you? You can't do this! Can't you see the damage you are doing?"

"Grace, you are overreacting," Sharon tells her. "I told one person---My mother. Who better to tell than the one person who has been with me all this time and feels the same pain I have felt?"

"You promised not to tell anyone until I said it was time!" Grace shouts at her.

"Okay, then lets put together a schedule," Sharon says. "Let's put it on a time-table. But such-and-such a date, I can tell this one and that one. Let's do it so that we can make the transition easier."

Grace stares at her open-mouthed.

"You cannot admit to yourself that this is going to happen," Sharon continues. "You can't admit that I am her mother."

"She loves me!" Grace insists.

"I know you love her," Sharon says. "But, I am her mother. You should have told me about this when you first got back to Genoa City with her."

"The only reason you know that she is your daughter is because I told you," Grace tells her. "I didn't have to tell you. Now I wish I had never told you!"

THE DENNISON HOUSEHOLD: Jill joins Tricia. She tells her that although she didn't mean to eavesdrop, she did hear her earlier conversation with Megan. Tricia tells her not to worry; she spoke to Ryan earlier and he reassured her that he would get the divorce moving.

"I talked to him also," Jill admits. "I am still worried about you. Tricia, I know it was your first time; this is your first time to be in love. Women tend to idealize their first time. It doesn't always mean the same thing to men."

"What we share is real!" Tricia shouts, angrily. "Don't you dare trivialize what we share together."

"I'm trying to protect you," Jill calls out as Tricia grabs her coat and rushes out of the house.

THE JABOT LAB: Vicki enters one door as Jack leaves by another. She admits overhearing Ashley and Jack discuss her marriage. "You will get over it," she predicts. "Just like I've gotten over you trying to wreck my marriage while I was on a business trip."

"You are manipulating him," Ashley accuses. "He may not see it yet, but I can. Men can be turned on by so little. You are running scared."

"I think you are the one who is afraid," Vicki tells her. "The thought that he just might choose me over you just scares you to death!"

"I am afraid," Ashley admits. "Afraid that you are going to manipulate him into believing in the marriage just so you can destroy him again. You are just like your father. It is all about the chase. When the chase is over, then it is boring. There isn't enough adventure in having a solid marriage, is there?"

"Well," Victoria says, "I guess we will talk about this report some other time. Call me when you are in a calmer state of mind."

RYAN'S OFFICE: "What is wrong?" questions a surprised Ryan when Tricia rushes in in an obviously disturbed state.

"I have to know what is going on," she tells Ryan. "Why haven't you gone through with the divorce. If it is because you still have feelings for Nina, I will understand. Is it because you don't want to commit to a future with me? I need to know where I stand. If you don't see a future for us together, then let me know so I can deal with it."

Taking her in his arms, Ryan tells her that he has called his lawyer and the divorce papers are on their way to Nina's lawyer. Over Tricia's shoulder, Ryan doesn't look very happy.

THE SERVANT'S QUARTERS: Sara takes her suitcase out of the closet. After opening it, she takes out the photograph of Nikki and Josh. Taking the scissors, she cuts Nikki out of the picture and crushes the Nikki half in her fist. "She is not your wife," she tells the picture. "I am. It won't be long now, my darling, and Nikki will be totally out of the picture. You and I will be together forever. I love you!"

Going back to the suitcase, she takes out a bundle of letters tied with a ribbon. She opens one and reads it. It is from Josh written back when they were first married. After reading it, she ties them back up and, with tears streaming down her face, puts them back into the suitcase. She walks over to the dressing table and sits. She takes off her glasses and wig. "I cannot wait for your arms around me again," she whispers. There is a knock at the door and Nikki's voice calls out to let her in. She has something to ask her.

THE COTTAGE: Sharon tells Grace that she knows how painful this is for her.

"No! You don't!" Grace answers back. "Just because you are her birth mother you think my feelings are not real. I love her. I would never hurt her."

"I know you have grown fond of her," Sharon patiently explains. "I know what your are feeling, but I warn you, I will not wait forever. Don't do anything to interfere with this process, because one day soon, Cassie will no that I am her real mother."

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Are you threatening me?" Grace asks. "That little girl loves me like a mother!"

"And why is that, Grace?" Sharon asks. "How long have you had her now? Almost a year? You kept her to yourself all this time. You allowed that little girl to learn to love you. Now, Cassie is the one who is going to suffer because of what you did!"

"Are you blaming me?" Grace gasps. "Are you saying this is all my fault?"

"I don't want to blame anyone, Grace," Sharon tells her. "But for months you kept her from me without saying a thing."

"I didn't have to tell you now," Grace retaliates. "I could have kept her for my own and you would never have known she was your daughter. Think about that."

"Then why did you tell me?" wonders Sharon. "After all this time, why did you tell me?"

"Because you are my best friend," explains Grace. "Need I remind you that we went searching for you long lost child at a time when we didn't think your baby would survive? As your friend, I only wanted to give you something to hang onto. God was on your side, Sharon."

"I realize that," agrees Sharon. "I can never thank you enough for finding my daughter."

"I don't want your gratitude," Grace practically sneers. "What I want is for you to relive it with me. Do you realize that if we had waited even one day, we would have been too late? You would never have seen your daughter. You have no idea how close you came to losing Cassie forever."

VICTOR/VICTORIA: Leading his daughter blindfolded, Victor takes her to her new office. Is this all for me? She asks. It is fabulous! Vicki begins to walk around looking at the office and it's furnishings.

Victor tells her that it is an office befitting a young president. He then shows her today's newspaper and tells her to turn to the business section. On the first page of the business section, there is a picture and a long article about Victoria and her promotion. I guess this means I have finally made it, she says.

As she reads the article, she admits that it is high praise and she hopes she can live up to it. Victor tells her that he is so proud of her.

The phone rings and it is Tony. He tells her that he just opened the paper and there on the business page was a picture of his date of last night. He thinks they should go out and celebrate. Vicki thinks that is a good idea. Let me get back to you soon, she tells him. She explains that she is in a meeting at the present time. When she hangs up, Victor wants to know if that was the same fellow that accompanied her to her birthday party. Isn't he Grace's boyfriend? "Just what is going on between you and this Tony fellow?" Victor asks disapprovingly.

When Vicki tells her that Tony is just a friend, Victor reminds her that she is a married woman. Just then, the phone rings again and this time it is Cole. "Great picture of you and your dad in the paper," he tells her.

Cole thinks this calls for a celebration. If she is free tonight, why not come on out to the tack room and they will start with champagne and take it from there. Vicki says that if he can tear himself away from his writing, she will certainly be there. When she thanks him for calling, he tells her that she can thank him tonight in a suggestive voice.

Victor is pleased that Vicki and Cole will spend the evening together. He hopes they will be able to work out their marriage problems. "You won't so easily find someone better than Cole," he tells her. It is too bad we are so different, she tells her father, to which he responds that opposites attract.

NIKKI AND SARA: Nikki approaches Sara's door. Before knocking, she remembers Josh's wish that they not accuse an innocent person. I hope I am not overreacting, she thinks, but then decides that she has to find out. She knocks on the door and calls out to Sara. Inside, Sara sits at her dressing table panic stricken.

Finally, Sara opens the door with a towel wrapped around her head. Entering the room with her eyes going over every inch, Nikki tells Sara that she will need her help tomorrow when she takes food to the homeless. She then comments that she didn't realize that the room was so weathered. We need to brighten it up a little for you, she tells Sara.

With Sara objecting that she likes the room just as it is, Nikki walks all about inspecting everything in the room. She even gets down on her hands and knees to "inspect" a carpet stain, but takes the opportunity to look under the bed. We definitely need to replace this old carpet, she says. And look at this wardrobe; do you have enough room? She opens the door and looks around inside, sighting the suitcase behind some clothes.

As she leaves, she remembers to mention the photo to Sara. If you ever run across it while dusting, just let me know, she says and leaves.

DANNY AND JOANIE: Danny calls Joanie and is glad that she answered the phone. He wants to know if she can get away for a little while and meet him at his apartment. When she reluctantly agrees, he tells her he is looking forward to seeing her---and so is my son.

Phyllis comes in after Joanie has hung up the phone. A subdues Phyllis asks Joanie to tell her something truthfully. Joanie appears frightened until Phyllis asks if she thinks she is attractive. Joanie tells her that she is very attractive---in fact, she is beautiful. Phyllis says that when she looks into the mirror since Daniel was taken from her, she hardly recognizes herself.

"You are the only true loyal person in my life," she tells Joanie. "I'm giving you a raise."

Joanie thanks her, then tells her that she has something on her mind. Phyllis tells her that she can talk to her about anything, but Joanie tells her that this is one of those things that you just want to keep to yourself. She suddenly decides to go shopping. After she has left, Phyllis tells the room that she thanks God that she still has Joanie. She is the only person left that she can truly trust.

NIKKI AND MIGUEL: When Nikki returns downstairs, Miguel wants to talk to her. How would she feel if he were to ask Sara out on a date. She is a nice person but lonely; he would like to get to know her better. Has Sara given him any indication that she returns his interest? Miguel admits that she hasn't, but she does enjoy his company. Nikki tells him that she wouldn't mind them spending time together on their off-duty time.

JOANIE, DANNY AND DANIEL: Danny greet Joanie and asks if Phyllis knows where she went. Joanie admits that she knows that something is going on, but doesn't know what. "Don't worry about Phyllis," Danny tells her. "Soon Phyllis and her bizarre ways will be history." Danny then goes to doorway and calls Daniel. Come see who came to visit, he tells his son.

Daniel enters the room. Seeing Joanie, he rushes into her arms. Danny looks on with a self-satisfied smirk.

"Is Mommy okay?" Daniel asks Joanie, but Danny quickly interrupts and tells him that his mother is just fine. Daniel tells Joanie that he misses his mother; he is worried about her. Joanie convinces him that his mother misses him too. She loves you, you know that, Daniel. She talks about you all the time.

A neighbor comes to see if Daniel can go play with her son. Daniel leaves, but first, he wants to know if Joanie will be there when he gets back. Not knowing if she will be, Joanie suggests a hug before he goes.

After Daniel is gone, Danny reminds Joanie that she is important to his son. Joanie says that she is important to Daniel's mother also. She doesn't know what Phyllis would do without her.

"Which matters more? Phyllis or that little boy?" Danny asks in a stern voice. "I need you. Daniel needs you. You do not owe Phyllis anything."

When Joanie can't make up her mind, Danny tells her he needs to know by the next day.

"What will happen to Phyllis?" Joanie asks.

"Phyllis is a grown woman," Danny tells her. "She can take care of herself. Think about what is best for Daniel."

PHYLLIS AND MICHAEL: While Joanie is out, Michael comes to visit Phyllis. He thought it best to stay away for a few days, but he is worried about her. How is she? How is Daniel? When he learns that Phyllis hasn't been to see Daniel, he tells her she must.

She can't, she tells him. She never realized how much Daniel filled her life until he was gone---until he was stolen from her. But she cannot bring herself to be an unwelcome guest in Danny's house.

NIKKI AND JOSH: When Josh returns home, Nikki tells him that Miguel asked her permission to ask Sara out. As Josh calls her a matchmaker, Sara is setting the table. She listens while Nikki tells Josh that she had nothing to do with it; it was Miguel's idea to ask Sara on a date. At this, Sara drops the silverware on the floor with a loud clatter. The loving couple spring apart and ask Sara if she is okay. Nikki tells her that she shouldn't tell Miguel that she let the cat out of the bag. When Nikki and Josh go back to "making out," Sara gives them one of her "if looks could kill," looks. "You think I'd want to go out with Miguel? God how I hate you, Nikki."

A few minutes later, Sara interrupts the couple to see if they want anything to drink. They tell her no so Sara goes just outside the door. "The walls are closing in; I can feel it. I have to move sooner than I thought. Time is running out; time is running out; time is running out . . . " She picks up a steak knife while chanting, "time is running out." and brings it up face level and looks at it.


"What do you mean?" Sharon asks. "Lose her forever? I don't understand."

Grace begins to go over the story again, telling Sharon that the lawyer who handled the adoption died right after telling her about Cassie. He was the only person who would talk to them. Most people were afraid to say anything. So, Sharon should thank God that she got to the lawyer before he died. Then they followed the trail to the woman who was taking care of the little girl. They found that the woman who adopted Cassie had abandoned her. She was left with an old sick grandmother who was barely able to care for herself. "I just wanted you to know what we went through," Grace says.

With tears in her eyes, Sharon tells Grace that Cassie is an amazing little girl to have survived all that.

Grace says that the only thing for her and Tony to do was to bring her back to Genoa City. The grandmother agreed that they could have Cassie.

"No," Sharon disagrees. "She agreed for you to bring her back to her birth mother, isn't that right, Grace?"

"We were so excited to find her," Grace continues. "We had her with us at the hospital. But I walked into that room only to find out that Noah had survived. So I didn't tell you about her."

"Why?" questions Sharon. "Why didn't you tell me then?"

"I thought Noah was going to die," Grace repeats. "Then I saw you. You were so radiant. Your baby had survived! It was a miracle. You were the happiest I had ever seen you. I didn't know what to do. You had everything! To shove that little girl at you . . . it would just have complicated your family."

"You are rationalizing, Grace," Sharon accuses.

"No," says Grace. "It is the truth as we lived it. You just don't want to hear it!"

"You expect me to believe you did not tell me the truth to protect me?" Sharon asks. "This is just an excuse for keeping my little girl from me. You kept her all to yourself. As the months passed, you allowed her to love you."

"What did you expect me to do." Questions Grace. "Should we have send her back to that squalor she had been living in? I couldn't do that to her. So I kept putting off telling you about her. As time went by, I grew to care for her. Now I love her just as much as you do. I love her as if I had given birth to her. She loves me like I am her mother."

"Nothing will ever change the fact that I am her real mother." Sharon insists.

"What about how she feels? Isn't that important?"

The telephone interrupts their conversation. It is Cassie. She wonders if her "Mommy" is there. Grace takes the phone and Cassie tells her that supper is almost ready; Tony is making tacos. "Will you be home soon, Mommy?"

"I'll be right home." Grace tells her.

"I love you, Mommy."

"I love you, too," Grace says as she gives Sharon an "I told you so" look. After she hangs up, she tries to say something, but Sharon interrupts. "Just go," she tells Grace.

As Grace leaves, Sharon collapses in tears.

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

TONY is curious about what is going on over at Sharon's, while Cassie wonders when Grace will be home.

When Grace does come home, she is distracted and uncommunicative. When supper is ready, she doesn't want to eat. It takes both Cassie and Tony to convince her that she needs to eat.

Tony asks how Sharon is, but Grace answers him sharply. "Did the two of you have words?" Tony asks.

Not now, okay? Grace answers. "But, we do need to talk."

Okay, let's have it, Tony says, after Cassie goes for her bath. "What went on out at the ranch?"

You'll never believe what Sharon did, Grace begins. "She took Cassie to Doris' place and even told Doris that Cassie is her granddaughter. After promising me that she wouldn't tell anyone. The woman is a loose cannon. Who knows who she will tell tomorrow! She is totally impatient and she is going to blow Cassie's world apart! She warned me, Tony. She actually warned me she wouldn't stand for me to get in her way!"

I have some money saved, Grace continues. "I want to leave Genoa City and I have enough to live on for a few weeks. Come with us, Tony. We could get married. We could move away and start a family. Please, Tony. But, whether or not you come with us, we are leaving. Going away is the one thing I can do to protect Cassie---and I am going to protect her at all costs!"

NICK returns home from work all pumped about his day only to find Sharon in tears. She tries to pass it off to a "womanly mood," but Nick won't accept it. Is it Noah? He knows that he isn't much of a companion yet; maybe she should get away from the ranch more. Sharon assures her that it isn't Noah nor her need to get away.

Grace was here, Nick says, did you two have an argument? Sharon admits that they did have words, but that isn't so unusual between best friends. She refuses to tell Nick what the argument was about, so he guesses it must have been about Sharon's need for another baby. He promises her that as soon as things get more settled for him, they will have as many babies as she wants.

DRU arrives at Malcolm's studio for a shoot with another model, Chloe. They are doing a deodorant commercial by riding a bicycle built for two. Dru is unenthusiastic until she gets into the commercial; then she comes alive for the camera.

After the shoot, she reverts to her blue mood. Malcolm questions her and she tells him that she hasn't heard from Neil since telling him about the fertility doctor. At least he is thinking about it, encourages Malcolm. Don't give up.

I'm not giving up, Dru tells him, and I do want my husband back. But tonight has shown me how much I love this work. To get my husband back, I have to give all of this up, but that doesn't mean I have to like doing it.

JACK arrives at Jill's office at her summons. She tells him that she needs to talk to him about his father. She is about to do something that he won't be pleased with her about. She wants to undo a mistake she made; she wants to bring Billy back to Genoa City. He isn't happy in boarding school, and his grades aren't improving. Besides, she misses him terribly.

Jack thinks that is a good idea. Why would his dad not agree with this decision? Oh, yes, Jack says. You are afraid that Dad is going to get into another custody battle with you, aren't you? Maybe he is going to question your judgment for putting the kid in a boarding school in the first place. And you know what? He has a good case against you! Believe me, you have reason to worry!

JOHN calls John Silva at his office and asks him to come to the house. He has an urgent problem to talk to him about.

When John Silva arrives, John tells him it is about his son Billy. Silva warns him that this is a conflict of interest since he is Jill's attorney, but Abbott won't take no for an answer. He tells him that he questions Jill's commitment to his son and she isn't considering Billy's best interest. He wants Billy back!

Silva tells John that he knows that Jill loves the boy; she calls him everyday.

So do I, John tells him. But Jill didn't even ask him about this school before enrolling Billy in it. He knows his son is unhappy in this school, but Jill has him brainwashed into believing that it is unmanly to complain. He doesn't belong there; he belongs here at home. He is an inconvenience for Jill---living with a man and not married to him. She doesn't deserve custody.

He demands that Silva talk to her and convince her to give custody to him. He is prepared to give liberal visitation, but make her understand that if she doesn't agree to his terms, she is in for the fight of her life!

NEIL fakes an illness just so he can get to see Olivia. She tells him that he didn't need to do that just to talk. He tells her about Dru's visit to the fertility doctor. After all the betrayal and lies, he doesn't know if he can ever trust her again.

Olivia tells him that she understands, but she knows that Dru really wants to save the marriage. Is he interested in saving the marriage?

Neil doesn't know. What he does know is he does not want a wife who is traveling all over the country. Lily doesn't need a part-time mother and he doesn't deserve a part-time wife. "I am asking you, Olivia, has Dru really changed? Has her priorities changed?"

Olivia doesn't know what to tell him. This is something he needs to talk over with Dru. You just have to trust her, she says.

How can I trust her? he asks. "I don't know what to believe. Dru talks a good rap, but what if it is all just talk. I refuse to set myself up again. I don't deserve to be hurt again."

VICKI arrives at the tack room. "So, what is the special occasion?"

How often does a man's wife become president of her company and sit on the board of Newman Enterprises? Cole announces as he pours champagne. "Relax, Madam President, tonight we are going to celebrate."

When they get to the bottom of the bottle of champagne, Vicki wonders that this evening is all about. Do I have to have something in mind? Cole asks.

No, but you do, Vicki tells him, seductively. I think you want to be with me. I think you took a long look at our marriage and decided it wasn't bad. That is why I didn't hesitate when I got your invitation. It was the perfect opportunity to melt the wall between us.

Cole thinks this is an odd conversation for a married couple to be having, but Vicki says it might not be so odd when the party is over.

Vicki admits that she is having fun and Cole agrees that he is also. Does she have to get another promotion for them to celebrate like this in the future? Cole is sure that between them they can come up with many other excuses to have fun.

They speak at the same time, then laugh at themselves. You first, Cole tells her.

Let's make love, Vicki says. "Now what were you going to say?"

Do we really want to be married? Cole asks quietly.

GRACE is scared to stay in GC. She cannot trust Sharon, she says. The next thing you know, the Newman's will be at the door with all their money and lawyers. The only thing to do is to move away.

Tony says he can see why she is so worried. "Are you really willing to marry me?"

Yes, Tony. Let's leave now. We can tell Cassie we are going on a surprise trip; we will go as a family.

Cassie enters and wants to watch some television before bedtime. They tell her she has to get a lot of sleep, because they are getting up real early in the morning. They are going on a surprise trip. Like a vacation? Cassie asks. Oh thank you Mommy; thank you Daddy.

When she goes to bed, Grace observes that Tony liked having Cassie call him daddy. He admits that he liked it; he loves the kid too, he tells her. He cares about both the kid and Grace. He loves her so much. They kiss and it turns serious. However, Grace pulls back and tells him they haven't time for this; they have to pack. She wants to leave first thing in the morning.

They are almost finished packing. Tony asks Grace if she is sure she wants to do this. She is leaving a great job and Cassie likes her school.

I have no choice, she tells him. "Sooner or later, Sharon is going to be here with a lawyer and a court order. She will drag Cassie out of her kicking and screaming."

Don't get worked up, Grace, Tony tells her as he holds her. "I'll take us someplace safe where no one can find us."

Just then, there is a knock on the door.

Grace, Sharon calls out. "Open the door. I have to talk to you."

Thursday, January 29, 1998

NICK stops by for a short visit with his mother after having to go into the office for a while. He wonders how Sharon was when she dropped off Noah. He tells her that she has been on this incredible high for days now, but tonight, he came home to find her in tears. She tried to lay it off to "woman's moods." Nikki assures him that this is true about women-one moment you are up and the next you are crying your eyes out.

Nikki suggests that Nick show Sharon how much he loves her; he should plan a romantic little get-away just for the two of them. When she hears that Sharon wants another baby, she is sure that she is feeling insecure about his love and really pushes the get-away. Nick promises to think about it.

SHARON stands outside Grace's door. "I have to apologize," she tells herself. "I can not risk losing my daughter! I can not risk them taking off with her." She knocks at the door and begins to call out to Grace.

GRACE and Tony are startled by Sharon's knock. They hurriedly take the suitcases into the bedroom. Grace goes to the door and opens it only a crack. "What do you want?" she snarls.

"We have to talk, Grace," Sharon tells her. "We have to settle something.

Tony comes up beside Grace and stares belligerently at Sharon. Grace asks if she is here alone.

"Why?" questions Sharon. "Oh, I see. You think I am here with my lawyers? Relax, I would never put Cassie through something like that. Come on, let me in."

Once inside, Sharon apologizes for the words they had earlier. She shouldn't have said all the things she did; she was out of line. It is just that she is so overwhelmed by learning about Cassie. She promises that she will not let it get out of control again.

Tony wonders why they should believe her.

"We have to trust each other," Sharon quietly tells Tony and Grace. "I had to tell my mother. Can't you understand, I was so full of joy that I just had to tell someone. But, I will not tell anyone else. I will wait until the time is right for Cassie.

"I have been thinking," she continues, "maybe there is a way you can create a separation so I can start to bond with Cassie. Maybe you could tell her you have to go on a little trip. Then you could leave her with me so that . . ."

"You want me to back away from my daughter!" Grace exclaims, horrified. Tony casts a startled look in her direction.

"Not your daughter," Sharon tells Grace, firmly but softly. "She is my daughter. We have to find ways to help her through this. We don't want her to be scarred in any way by this situation."

COLE is busy typing away while Victoria lies seductively on the bed. He is sorry to interrupt her celebration, but when the publisher called, he had no other choice but to do this rewrite. While Cole is busy at the computer, Vicki checks her calendar. The timing couldn't be more perfect she smiles to herself.

The phone rings and Cole answers it. It is Ashley. She wants to come over, but he puts her off. As he is trying to make excuses why she shouldn't come, Vicki loudly asks if the call is for her. A crushed Ashley hangs up the phone.

Cole asks Vicki why she did that. Vicki tells him that this is her night to celebrate. And speaking of celebrating, she urges him to hurry and finish so they can get started again. As he finishes up, she mixes a shaker of martinis.

As they are finishing their first martini, Vicki suggests that they dance. To slow music, they dance a slow, sexy dance. Vicki interrupts the dance to push for more martinis. They dance and drink, until Cole starts to feel a little woozy. He has to sit down, he says, but he ends up laying on the bed. Vicki lies beside him and begins to kiss him.

"This isn't a good idea," Cole slurs.

NINA stops by Legal Aid to see Chris. She wonders if Chris has decided what to tell Paul about a baby, but Chris has no idea what to say. As Nina is saying that she still hasn't heard from Ryan's attorney about the divorce, John Silva comes in with some papers for Chris. What a lucky break to find you here, he tells Nina, as he pulls out the preliminary divorce papers for her. Nina accepts them, but she looks a little sad. Later she tells Chris that this is what she has wanted for so long, but now that she has them, it is sad. However, it is for the best. She intends to personally see to it that Phillip and Ryan get close again.

TRICIA and Ryan are out for a fancy dinner. As they drink wine and toast each other, she reaches into her handbag and pulls out a key. It is to room 840 of the Genoa City Hotel! They are going to celebrate their anniversary.

"Anniversary?" Ryan asks, confused.

"Silly, it has been one month since we shared so much in that condo in Aspen," Tricia tells him. She has told her father that she will not be home tonight. She is an adult and can spend the night with the man of her dreams if she wants to, she assures him.

JACK walks into the lab to find Ashley in tears. She tells him that she has made a fool of herself -again. She has interrupted him and his wife. Vicki knew it was her on the phone and she sent a message-one that she received loud and clear. She doesn't think Cole will ever get Victoria out of his system. "I know, you warned me," she cries. "But, I love him so much. And I know Vicki. If something hasn't happened already, it will."

DANNY comes by Legal Aid to see Chris. He says that Joanie is still deciding whether she will work for him or not. Phyllis is treating her like a paid companion these days, he adds. But that isn't why he is here. He had to see her!

"I needed to be with you," he pleads, desperately. "I cannot pretend any longer. Now that you know I never betrayed you, it changes everything."

"Not for me," Chris tells him. "I can't just walk away from my husband."

"Please, Chris," Danny continues. "Let us spend time together-have dinner with me. You are married, but I know you love me. You love me, Chris."

"No," Chris tells him. "I love Paul. I have a commitment to Paul. You can not expect me to pick up with you where we left off. Maybe you didn't betray me, but you married her. And you have told me in the past that there were times when you loved Phyllis."

"That wasn't love," Danny objects. "I only married Phyllis because I thought she was having my baby. She tricked me. I always loved you. I have suffered so much."

"I have suffered too," Chris reminds him. "It is only because of Paul that I have put my life back together. I have moved on. Now if you will excuse me, I am late for a meeting."

After she leaves, Danny says that it isn't that simple. Nothing about this situation is simple.

SHARON tells Grace that sooner or later, Cassie will be living with her. She must have known it would happen. Otherwise, why did she tell her about Cassie?

"She calls me mommy," cries Grace.

"That does not change the fact that she is my daughter and we are going to be together," Sharon answers quietly. "I will always be grateful to the bottom of my soul that you found her for me. It is the greatest gift anyone could give. You did it because you are my friend-my best friend-and we are in this together. I know you are a big part of Cassie's life. Just help her to understand who her real mother is. Help me with Cassie."

PAUL tells Chris that he will not keep bugging her about having a baby. When she is ready, he will be ready.

GRACE wonders if they can work together. She does not know how to give Cassie up. Sharon tells her that they will make it possible. Neither of them want to hurt that beautiful little girl. And, she adds, you don't have to give her up. She can still be a part of Cassie's life.

Cassie wakes up and comes into the room. She would like a glass of water. She is happy to see Sharon there; can she stay a while? No! Grace quickly says. Sharon tells her that she is just leaving, but first, how about a big hug and kiss. "I love you," Sharon tells Cassie.

"Why was Sharon crying?" Cassie wants to know. Tony explains that women cry a lot because they are happy. As she is going back to bed, Cassie tells Grace that she loves her. I will always be here for you, Grace promises.

COLE awakes to find both he and Vicki are naked. What happened? Did I pass out?

"Not exactly," Vicki purrs. "You were, how should I say it, overcome." I have fallen in love with you all over again.

"Is that all that happened?" Cole asks.

"Time will tell," Vicki tells him with a mysterious smile.

CASSIE goes back to bed. Grace still wants to leave in the morning, but Tony feels that Sharon has her head on straight again. He reminds her that they would be on the run and it would be awful hard to escape the Newman power.

Grace finally agrees to stay-for now!

Friday, January 30, 1998

It's a new day in Genoa City as Victor arrives at the ranch at Nikki's invitation. She tells him that something is going on with Sharon. She noticed that Sharon is distracted, while Nick says that she is up and then down. She thinks she knows what is wrong, but Victor isn't going to like it.

Nikki tells Victor that his son looks up to him a lot. This doesn't bother her; in fact, she is happy that he has such a good relationship with his father. However, there is one aspect of Victor's personality that she would just as soon her son did not emulate and that is his habit of putting business first and family last. Victor agrees that he wishes he had spent more time with his children when they were growing up, but how does that tie in with what is wrong with Sharon?

Nikki thinks that Nick should take some time and go away with Sharon. She hopes Victor will encourage this, but she doesn't want Nick to know that she and Victor had this talk. She doesn't want to be thought of as a "meddling mother."

Victor agrees not to mention their visit, but tells her she isn't a meddler; she is just concerned for her children. They look at each other for endless moments. He approaches and slowly kisses her. He walks toward the door. Just as he gets to the door, he stops and looks back at Nikki. They stare into each other's eyes for a few seconds, then he turns and walks out the door.

SHARON has a baby sitter come to the house while she goes to visit her mother. Once there, she tells Doris that she is very worried about the relationship between Grace and Cassie. She doesn't know what to do. Grace loves Cassie and treats her like a real daughter. The two of them mean the world to each other. She is afraid that Grace is not going to let go, but if she pushes too hard, she is afraid that Grace will take Cassie and run away. She may never see her daughter again!

VICKI, dressed in nothing but one of Cole's shirts, brings coffee to the bed where her husband is sleeping. He awakens to Vicki blowing in his ear. He is surprised to find her there. Did you sleep here last night? Oh, no! We didn't, did we? We did?

Yes, and it was wonderful, Vicki tells her shocked husband. So don't apologize. We are consenting adults as well as husband and wife.

Cole tells her that he didn't mean for this to happen, but Vicki doesn't believe him. If he didn't want this to happen, why didn't he invite her to a swanky restaurant for a celebration?

RYAN is awake in the bed next to Tricia. He looks a little uncomfortable with the situation, but when Tricia wakes up, he begins to make love to her again. She thinks it is so nice to wake up in his arms.

PHYLLIS asks Joanie if she has taken care of that personal problem she was talking about yesterday. Joanie admits that she has a decision to make, but hasn't made it yet. After much probing from Phyllis, Joanie admits that she has been offered another job. Phyllis guesses correctly that Danny made the offer. She is outraged that Danny would first steal Daniel from her and now he is going after Joanie.

Joanie thinks that Phyllis would or should want Daniel to be cared for by someone he loves and trusts. She says that Phyllis doesn't really need her now but Daniel does need her. Phyllis warns her that if she goes to work for Danny, she will have all the responsibility for Daniel. Danny won't be spending a lot of time with Daniel like she did. He will be gone all the time plus when he has a tour, he will be away from town for weeks and months at the time. She thinks Joanie should think long and hard about changing jobs, because it could be a really big mistake.

KEITH wakes up in a foul mood. He didn't get much sleep last night because he was thinking of his daughter sleeping with McNeil. After talking about it for a while, he heads for the door. He is going to the hotel and confront the couple. Jill tries in vain to stop him from going.

After he is out of the house, Jill calls the hotel and speaks with Ryan. She warns him that Keith is on the way. Does he have a shotgun? Ryan seriously asks.

MARY visits Paul at his office hoping for some good news. However, Paul dashes her hopes---for the present.

NICK returns home and dismisses the babysitter. Soon Sharon returns and is surprised to find him home. He wants to talk to her about something important.

He hates seeing her so down as she has been. He tells her that Mom can take care of Noah and they can fly away for a week alone together. Sharon is pleased that he would do that for her, but she can't possibly get away right now. She can't tell him why she can't leave town right now, so will he just trust her? Okay, he says, I won't push. Just know that I am here for you when you are ready, he tells her.

CHRISTINE is busy at work when Phyllis enters her office. Chris looks up and tells her that she is the last person she wants to deal with today---or any day for that manner.

Phyllis tells her that she has come to apologize---to wipe the slate clean. Maybe they can even be friends in the future. Why should we be enemies? She wants to know.

"Bull!" Chris answers.

"When are you going to give up?" Phyllis shouts. "You took my child and now you are taking Joanie away from me."

"I had nothing to do with that," Chris answers. "You can take your paranoid accusations and leave. If you had one ounce of maternal love in your bones, you would be spending time with your little boy. I have seen him. He is miserable. He wants his mother. You may have lost custody of Daniel, but that little boy wants to see you. How can you just cut him out of your life?"

"You have no idea what it is like for me," Phyllis counters. "How can I make an appointment to see my own son? I cannot even be alone with him; I have to have Danny there giving me the evil eye."

"Are you a mother or not?" Christine asks. "Can you just toss Daniel aside? Daniel is only a trophy to you."

"You have all the answers, don't you," Phyllis sneers. "It must be wonderful to be so perfect----;so self-righteous."

Christine leaves the office. "You haven't seen the last of me," Phyllis says with determination in her voice.

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