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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 26, 1998 on GL
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Monday, January 26

Annie's wedding comes to a screeching halt when Eddie Banks pops up and announces that she is still married to him. Though Annie denies ever meeting the man before, Eddie pulls out a marriage certificate which proves they were once husband and wife. Annie continues to deny it and claims that Reva is setting her up. Eddie then shocks the crowd with the news that Annie faked her own death. Alan apologizes to the gathered crowd and then takes his leave only to warn Annie to leave Reva alone. Cassie heads to the closet and before freeing Dinah from her ropes, she explains that Annie's wedding plans were foiled. Hart is amazed to find Dinah standing up for Annie and warns her that she's beginning to sound and look like her deranged friend. Phillip lays into Harley for using him in the plan to embarrass Annie and when she claims that she was simply trying to protect his father, Phillip explains that his father doesn't need protecting from the woman he loves. When a snooping Beth misunderstands the argument between Phillip and Harley, she jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that she is now free to have a future with Phillip. Matt stuns Ross with his request to take Vanessa to court to force her to undergo the C-section to save her life. Meanwhile, feeling weaker and more pain every minute, Vanessa turns to Jenna for support. She asks her friend to take her to a place where she can live long enough to bring her baby to term. Jenna refuses and admits that she thinks Matt is right. Annie finally confesses to Alan that Eddie's story is true but begs him not to allow Reva to win.

Tuesday, January 27

Brought down to the station house and thrown in jail because of her crimes, Annie is devastated when she calls Alan over and over again to no avail. When he finally does take her call, Alan asks Annie not to call him again. She threatens to kill herself if he doesn't help but Alan announces that her days as an emotional terrorist are over. Annie becomes frantic until Dinah arrives and assures her that she will help her. But when Dinah seems more concerned about Hart and Cassie, Annie orders her to concentrate on her instead. Fed up, Dinah says goodbye and leaves Annie to cry in her cell. She's surprised when Eddie pays her a visit. Explaining why she faked her suicide years ago, Annie claims that she intended to kill herself to keep from going to jail but found she couldn't do it. She then turns on the charm to try to get his help. Phillip is taken aback when Beth suggests that Annie's not completely to blame for what has happened. Phillip tries to give his father the support he thinks he needs and finds himself drawn closer to Alan. He urges Alan to forget trying to seek revenge against the Lewis family. Helping Hart out at the farm, Cassie is caught off-guard when he suggests that the two of them get away for a while. Though she claims that it's too early in their relationship, he insists that the trip will be an innocent one. Dinah is caught off guard when she overhears Hart and Cassie making plans to go away together. Now that Annie is locked up, Reva and Josh make their own plans for the future as she reveals that she had some of her eggs removed and frozen. When Beth tries to assume a place in the Spaulding family because of Phillip, Amanda sets her straight.

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

Reva went to visit Annie in jail where Annie was busy trying to convince Eddie that she still loved him. After listening to both of them, Eddie kissed Annie and said goodbye. After he left, Reva told Annie she would not rest until she saw her in jail and away from the people she loved. Reva then showed her a folder of all the information she had collected on Annie - including proof of kidnapping, industrial espionage, bigamy, and attempted murder. She told her she would make sure that Annie wouldn't slip through the cracks again. When Reva left Annie fell down on the bed and cried. A prison guard came in to check on her and asked if she was ok. She looked up and said "I am now".

Dinah went to the farm and saw Cassie and Hart kissing. She then confronted them. After Cassie left, Dinah tried to kiss Hart but he didn't respond. When she left, she called her secretary and told her to begin a search for Rob Lane - Cassie's ex-husband.

Vanessa told Matt of a dream she had where Maureen told her she would watch over the baby. Vanessa took it to mean that she should carry the baby as long as she could and then she would help. Matt thought it meant that Vanessa should have a C-section and the baby and Vanessa would be ok. A argument erupted between the two and Matt showed Vanessa the papers he had Ross draw up declaring Vanessa mentally incompetent. She said if Matt went through with it, she would always hate him and fight him every step of the way. Matt plans to go through with it saying he would rather have her alive and hating him than dead.

Phillip went on television defending Spaulding and his father about the developments with Annie Dutton. In the process, he declared his love for Harley. After everyone left the room, they made love.

Thursday, January 29, 1998

Beth asks Lillian to keep Lizzie overnight so she can try to seduce Phillip. Lillian agrees, but says she doesn't like Beth's mode of operandi. After Lizzie and Lillian leave and Phillip arrives, Beth orders a champagne tray for two in her room. Then she has Nettie send him up under the ruse that she is cold and needs him to build a fire for her. (She is wearing a fur coat when he comes in.) Phillip spots the champagne and asks her if she's planning to entertain someone in her room. She says yes, and he's already there! She drops her coat to reveal sexy lingerie just as Harley leaves the diner to meet Phillip.

Phillip surprises Harley with the contract on their new house. She is overjoyed. He tells her to meet him at the mansion when she gets off work so they can go furniture shopping together. At the diner, Frank expresses his concerns about Harley moving in with Phillip while Beth is still in town. He worries that her presence could spell trouble for the new couple.

Annie starts trying to win over one of the prison guards. Alan visits her, but it's not to forgive her. Rather, he wants to let her know that he has been subpeonaed to testify at her extradition hearing. Annie is unsuccessful at persuading Alan to help her. She tells him that she will fight the charges anyway, using the money from her Lewis Oil stock. Alan shocks her with news that her shares have reverted to him because of a morality clause he inserted in her stock purchase contract. In her greed, she didn't review the contract before signing it. The clause says that if she is ever arrested, commits a crime, or causes bad publicity for the company, the shares would become Alan's. Annie's plan then shifts to selling "Simply Annie" -- her line of perfume -- which she believes will make her a fortune. Alan stops that too, however, telling her that he had the chemist who created it destroy the formula. He pours the last bottle over her outstretched hand, saying, "Who would buy perfume anyway from a psychotic bigamist?" Annie gets furious and threatens to expose his darkest secrets, but Alan is not worried, figuring no one will believe her. "I hate you, Alan," she screams. "Believe me, Annie, the feeling is mutual," Alan replies. "I hate you," she continues, "and you're lousy in bed." After Alan leaves, the guard brings Annie supper and asks why she's crying. She finds out that his first name is Stanley and thanks him for caring enough to ask. Then when he brings in her food tray, she tries to look sexy, and kisses him....

Holly has dinner at Blake and Ross's house. Blake says she doesn't want Holly to go to Toronto, and Holly assures her that she's not going anywhere soon! Vanessa storms in meanwhile and slaps Ross because he's agreed to represent Matt in the case to have her forced to obtain an emergency C-section. Ross tells Vanessa he truly believes she has lost her mind, and that is why he's helping Matt. He will not watch her die "again," he tells her. Blake and Holly side with Vanessa, however. Blake asks Ross if he is playing God, and he says that God doesn't want us to take our own lives. Blake tries to get Ross to put himself in the same situation. Vanessa collapses in the midst of their argument and asks Holly to take her to the hospital.

Friday, January 30, 1998

Beth lures Phillip to her room with the help of Nettie. Phillip thinks all is innocent and doesn't realize Beth has nothing but sexy lingerie on under her Mink Coat. She drops her coat, which stuns Phillip. Beth explains that she heard Phillip & Harley's argument and she knows that they (she and Phillip) can finally be together. Phillip tries to tell Beth she is wrong, that he and Harley made up but Beth would not listen. Phillip finally had to blow up at Beth. He told her that he does not love her anymore and never will again. He told her that he waited a year and has had time to get over her and has moved on. Feeling hurt and ashamed, Beth runs from her room and the mansion into the path of an oncoming car.

Harley had gone to the mansion to pick up Phillip, but on the way to his room she ran into Alan. Alan told her she was not welcome in his home. Harley stood up for herself and told Alan not to make Phillip choose between the two of them because Phillip loves her and he would not like Phillips choice.

Roger and Holly take Vanessa to the hospital where they find she is in labor. Vanessa tries to get Rick to stop the labor but he says he can't and won't. Matt was at Josh's house and he had convinced Matt to trust Vanessa's decision to carry her baby. Matt went to the Hospital when Rick called Josh's house looking for him. Vanessa's labor had stopped by the time he made it there and she was ready to leave. Rick told her she shouldn't leave until she was stronger but Vanessa would hear none of it. She was going home. She got out of bed and outside of her room then fainted.

Annie is upset when she learns the only lawyer to take her case is an inexperienced 25 year old female. Ronnie, her lawyer tells Annie her chances of getting out of the extradition to Ohio are slim and she could spend 7 to 10 years in jail. Annie feels Ronnie will not be able to help her. She propositions one of her guards, Stanley. She tells him she knows where a big wad of cash is stashed, and if he helps her get out of jail, she will give him half and herself. She tells him to sleep on it and he leaves.

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