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Victoria's family became divided about whether to deliver her baby early. When Victoria's condition took a turn for the worse, everyone agreed to allow the C-section. Amber decided to enter the Fresh Face of Jabot contest in disguise.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Jack, plagued by bad press, learned that a state newspaper had published the email addresses of the ethics committee members and suggested that citizens contact members of the committee with complaints about Jack. Working from Kevin's office at Jabot, Gloria needed no encouragement to submit multiple complaints against Jack. Gloria used various aliases to sign her email complaints, each of which strongly suggested that Jack be punished to the full extent of the law. While Gloria composed her various email complaints, Molly, a secretary, came through the door several times and overheard Gloria reading aloud as she composed her email complaints. Gloria not only suggested that Jack was responsible for the events at Clear Springs, she also requested that Jack be investigated in connection with Ji Min Kim's death. Gloria greatly enjoyed sending her vicious emails attacking Jack until Kevin reminded her that the emails could be traced to her IP-address. Gloria brushed away Kevin's fears, basking in the knowledge that they'd cleverly used a stolen laptop to send the emails. However, Molly again came through the door, overhearing Gloria's comment about using a stolen laptop. However, Gloria still celebrated the fact that Jack was being raked over the coals by the press.

Consoling an angry Jack, Sharon reminded him that, as senator, he wanted to do good and advised him to never let his detractors know that they got to him. Jack was rebuffed by the newspaper editor when he called wishing to offer a rebuttal to what he deemed as unwarranted criticism. When Jack read Gloria's anonymously-sent, scathing emails aloud, Sharon proclaimed them to be garbage and closed Jack's laptop, but Jack couldn't stop reading the emailed verbal attacks. When Jack read the email implying his connection to Ji Min's death, Jack admitted that he'd hired an outside agency to investigate Victor's possible connection. Sharon, however, warned Jack that it would be dangerous for him to point a finger at Victor if, in fact, he was not involved. Later, while dining at the club, Jack again insisted that Victor, who has a volatile temper, could certainly be responsible for Ji Min's death. Still pumped by her barrage of email attacks against Jack, Gloria took pleasure in stopping by Jack and Sharon's table and telling Jack that she'd contacted the ethics committee. Later, Jack had convinced himself that the newspaper tirade against him would soon fade, but his premature sigh of relief was met with a phone call informing him that he was being called before the senate ethics committee.

At the hospital, Nick and Phyllis continued their vigil at Victoria's bed side, while Victor, Nikki and Brad waited for the court-appointed mediator to decide Victoria's and her baby's fate. Victor vehemently pushed for Victoria to undergo a C-section as soon as possible. J.T. also supported the doctor's suggestion that Victoria's baby be taken early to spare harm to Victoria. However, Nikki, still pushing for the baby to have more time to develop in the womb, discussed ways to stall for time. Brad offered his support to Nikki. After Nikki learned that she'd be summoned to court, she felt that making it difficult for the court to locate her could buy more time for the baby, but David strongly advised against such a plan. Brad, however, suggested that Nikki make herself scarce at least until the courthouse closed at the end of the day.

When the hospital's administrator spoke with Victor, Michael had to run interference when Victor threatened the hospital with lawsuits if Victoria should die. Michael softened Victor's language, but he essentially restated Victor's threat. Ms. Morton, the administrator, promised Victor and J.T. that the hospital was doing everything possible to speed the process that will allow the surgery to take place. Again, Michael had to clean up Victor's mess when he phoned the judge, demanding immediate action. The judge was understandably angered that Victor had broken protocol, but Victor was pleased when he realized that the judge understood that time is a critical factor for Victoria. Nick and J.T. also butted heads over what seems best to decide for Victoria. J.T. accused Nick of being willing to let Victoria die, but Nick explained that he was putting aside what he wants by trying to consider what Victoria would want.

Dr. Webb informed Victor that Victoria's condition is worsening and that he would testify that he recommends delivery even though the fetus may not be viable. However, when the court process server came to the hospital, Nikki was nowhere to be found, and David feigned ignorance about Nikki's whereabouts. Victor was livid when he learned that Nikki couldn't be located. Victor ordered Michael to again call the judge immediately. Phyllis told Nick that she understood why Nikki wants the baby to have more time to develop, but Nick feared that he'd lose his sister. Phyllis reminded Nick that when Summer was born breech, she would have done anything to make sure that her baby lived. Nick told Phyllis that at least she got to make the decision for herself, but Victoria cannot. Perhaps, Nick theorized, it would be best for a mediator to make the decision regarding his sister.

When Victor later found Nikki working in her office, he was furious. He scolded Nikki and told her that a court date had been set. Nikki calmly told Victor that she hadn't been informed by the court and that it wasn't Victor's job to summon her to court. Victor's rage boiled over as he yelled at Nikki, telling her that Victoria's condition was worsening, and he asked Nikki why she was avoiding the hearing. Nikki, seemingly serene, advised Victor to stop yelling and explained that she didn't have to answer his questions.

Later, Michael told Nikki that avoiding the summons was neither in her nor Victoria's best interest and that a hearing seems to be the only solution at this point. Victor, smug that he would soon have his way, was incensed when Nikki mentioned that fact that she and Brad had been consulting with attorneys. Brad walked in and announced that he has petitioned the court in order to be appointed as guardian for the fetus.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Phyllis confides to Daniel that she suspects Heather is the one trying to bring down Jack from his senate seat. Heather reassures Phyllis that when the D.A.'s office retries her case, if she pleads guilty to a lesser charge Heather will see to it that she has a reasonable probation period. The only condition is that Phyllis will get Daniel off her back. Heather invites Cane to ride with her to a charity dinner. Lily divulges to Colleen that Cane came to Thanksgiving at her house but he barely talked to her. Colleen reassures Lily that Cane probably didn't want to act improper in front of her dad. Jill and Gloria have lunch to discuss ways to disassociate Jabot Cosmetics from Jack Abbott's name. They see Lily and call her over to inquire about why women her age wear makeup. Cane comes over and remarks to Lily that she's a knockout, or natural beauty. Lily becomes embarrassed. Later, Lily is about to ask Cane if he likes her but Heather interrupts. Crushed, Lily lies to Cane and instead asks him to donate to a charity she volunteers for. Jana calls Kevin to let him know that she's going to the hospital for another CT scan. Kevin rushes to meet her. Gloria wishes that Kevin would move on from Jana. Kevin requests that Gloria give Jana a chance because she may be her daughter in law one day. Phyllis sees Jana in the hospital and Jana divulges to her about Kevin's proposal. Jana decides that she'll only agree to marry him if she is going to die soon. If that is the case, then she wants Phyllis to be her maid of honor. Gloria and Kevin meet Todd Scheller at the coffeehouse. However, they soon learn that the man they are looking for is his father, Todd Scheller, Sr., and he has no idea where he is. Todd Scheller does reveal that he found a letter addressed to a Gloria Abbott in his dad's duffel bag and will look for it. Jack gives Daniel a phone number and wants him to call and to set up an appointment with a woman before the press conference. Daniel then delivers her an envelope. Jack reaffirms that this is a top secret confidential operation. At the press conference, Jack's plant asks what he thinks about Victor Newman also being a suspect in Ji Min's homicide investigation. The reporters go abuzz with that new conjecture.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gloria accepts a dinner date with Jeff. Kevin warns Gloria that she's playing with fire. Gloria is going to persuade Jeff that the "her" in the Jeff's letter was Jill, whom William dated first after his wife died. When Jeff comes to dinner, Kevin makes a show of complaining how difficult his boss, Jill, is being to him. Jill asks Gloria what she thinks about holding an internet contest to get younger women interested in Jabot products. They can call it the "Fresh Face of Jabot". Jill and Cane encourage Lily to enter the "Fresh Face of Jabot" contest. Later, Jill advises Cane that she doesn't want anyone associated with the company entering the contest. Cane informs Jill that the figures for the Clear Springs clean-up will run in the hundreds of millions. Cane calls Neil to discuss who is going to be paying for it, but Neil says that Newman Enterprises isn't being named as responsible yet. The Newmans and J.T. go to court to decide if Victoria will have a c-section or not. At the courthouse, everyone starts to yell over everyone else. Phyllis breaks up the verbal fight when her phone rings. The phone call is Nick, with news about Victoria. Phyllis hangs up and relays that there is more protein in Victoria's urine, so the doctors are monitoring her for kidney failure. The Newmans and Dr. Webb present their cases about Victoria's health to a judge, in order to determine who Victoria's official guardian should be. Victor wants to save Victoria, but then Nikki's lawyer asks if he'd give his life to save Victoria. He hesitantly says he would. In court, Michael makes Nikki state that she has no hard proof that Victoria would want her baby to live instead of her. Brad speaks in court about how he and Victoria lost a baby and how much it devastated her. Brad leaves and then rushes back in to the courtroom. Brad holds up a letter that he says will prove Victoria would want her baby to live. As Nick sits with Victoria, alarms go off signaling that her blood pressure is rising up a little more.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jack and Ben Hollander discuss how to get the focus off of Jack and onto Victor. When Sharon overhears them talking about Victor, she tells Jack that she will not let Jack blame Victor for Ji Min's death. Sharon says that if Jack goes through with it she doesn't know him, and will not support someone that she doesn't know. Jack tells Ben not to go through with it, for Sharon's sake. When Sharon leaves, Ben tells Jack sarcastically that Sharon should be on the ethics committee.

Ben sees Maggie and asks her when she's going to drop the suspicions she has about Jack and focus on Victor. Maggie asks Ben what he's getting at. Maggie says that the Senator is his own worst enemy. If Ben wants a statement, here it is: "While no charges have been filed, Senator Abbott was questioned in the probably homicide of Ji Min Kim." Ben angrily tells her if he hears anything about slander he's going to file an immediate lawsuit. Maggie says to tell it to her lawyer; she doesn't speak to people's monkeys. Meanwhile, someone is video-recording the conversation from their cell phone.

When Jack receives a call that there is an online video of Ben talking to Maggie, Jack is furious. Ben tells him that he won't be so angry when he hears the latest news. Ben has found proof that Victor was bribing Ji Min into getting Jack to spill the beans about owning Jabot. Jack asks Sharon how she feels about Victor now, knowing that he was the one responsible for leaking the Jabot information personally.

Kevin shows Cane the launch of the new contest they are promoting for Jabot. Cane is impressed, and is excited to show Lily the new website. Amber sees Cane chatting with Lily and gives him a cold stare. When Kevin mentions to Amber about the Jabot contest, Amber thinks she would be an excellent candidate. Amber tries to sell her idea to Cane, who says that family isn't allowed to join. Amber doesn't understand why she would be considered family considering that her marriage to Cane wasn't real. Cane tells Amber that with all the trouble Amber got into on Extreme Catwalk, it's not such a great idea. When Amber tries to talk Jill into it, Jill has the same opinion. Jill tells Amber the contest isn't about outer beauty, it's about inner beauty. Amber gets an idea to disguise herself and enter the contest anyway.

Cane talks to Lily about entering the contest. He tells her that he thinks she would be perfect for the Fresh Face campaign. Heather interrupts them and asks Cane what time he wants to pick her up the next day. Cane says that he will probably pick her up later because usually people drink too much when they come early. Heather laughs it off, and says that Cane would have to take care of her if that happened. Lily rolls her eyes. When Cane asks Lily again if she will enter the contest, Heather asks about it. She says that she's jealous of girls as young and fresh as Lily. Lily happily says that she has decided to join.

In the Courtroom, Brad brings forth a letter that Victoria wrote to him when she was pregnant with their first child. In the handwritten letter, Victoria expresses "a love unlike any other she has known" and that she already "loves their child more than life itself." Michael asks the judge for a moment to talk to his client. Victor tells Michael that he must do everything in his power for the judge to rule in favor of saving Victoria's life.

Michael requests that in lieu of the new evidence, Victor be allowed to speak. Victor pleads with the judge that they decide to do what's right and save Victoria. Victor says that Victoria wrote that letter when she was happy and in love with Brad, which is a completely different situation than she is in now. Nikki states that the letter only proves what she believed Victoria would want; to save her baby by all means possible, even it were to take her own life.

Nick begs Dr. Webb to do everything he can to keep Victoria alive. As J.T. and Nick watch as Victoria's condition deteriorates, they agree that they must do everything in they can to save her. When Dr. Webb tells J.T. and Nick that Victoria's condition is even worse now, and they are having a hard time stabilizing her. J.T. calls Victor and says that if they don't do the c-section now, they will lose them both. When Victor and Nikki hear this news, they decide to make an agreement.

When the judge returns to make a verdict, Michael says that Victor and Nikki have decided to go ahead with the c-section to save Victoria's life. At the hospital, the doctors wheel Victoria away to surgery. Nikki and Victoria hold hands and pray for Victoria.

The doctor tells the Newman family that there have been complications during Victoria's surgery, and that she is in critical condition.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Jack continues to get beat down in the press from all sides over the Ji Min accusation. Ben wants to release the tape proving that Victor had a motive for getting rid of Ji Min too. Sharon insists that they wait as the Newmans are going through a horrible crisis. Ben argues that they shouldn't commit career suicide over Victor's feelings. He brought this all on himself. Sharon refuses to support Jack in this. Ben tells Jack he will take care of it and his hands will be clean. Jack gives him the go ahead but not to the press. They will give it to the DA. Daniel asks Jack if he can tag along on the fundraising trip to Madison. Sharon returns from the hospital and Jack tells her that Ben took the tape to the police under strict instructions to not leak it to the media.

The Newmans hold vigil in the hospital, waiting to hear on Victoria and the baby boy. Both are still very weak. Sharon arrives to give some support. She will always be his friend no matter what. Nikki worries Victoria won't forgive her if the baby dies. Phyllis & Nick assure her she will. Sharon and Nick try to assure J.T. that the baby has a chance as they tell him about Noah's birth but the fact that Noah was 5 weeks older at the time doesn't help J.T. much. The doctor is perplexed by the lack of change in Victoria's condition now that the baby has been delivered. J.T. sits by Victoria's side, begging for her to wake up.

Amber disguises herself to audition for the Faces of Jabot contest. She meets with Cane who seems to not recognize her. Lily doesn't think she has what it takes to win the contest but Colleen encourages her to channel her inner Dru. Lily bumps into the disguised Amber who drops her phone. She recognizes the phone as Amber's but Amber covers saying she found it. Back at Jabot Daniel is surprised to see Amber in disguise. She gets Kevin to tweak the wording in the contest to allow ex-members of the family to enter. Back at the club Cane and Lily talk about music tastes and find a lot of common ground.

Ben tracks down Maggie at the coffee shop and brings her the tape. She listens to the tape but can't make promises. She'll take it to the dept. She confides in Paul that Jack is not the only suspect now. The dog hair from Zapato is a closer match than Fisher and the tape casts even more suspicion on Victor.

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