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Jack was called before the ethics committee to explain his questionable acquisition of Jabot. Gloria received what appeared to be a letter from John, stating that she was entitled to half his estate. Jack vowed to prove that the letter was a fake.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on Y&R
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Kevin persisted in his quest to make Jana his bride even though Lauren and Michael don't approve. Later at dinner, Michael and Lauren discussed how misguided Kevin is by insisting on marrying his erratic girlfriend. However, at the prison, Kevin was elated when he learned that Jana is considered to be tumor-free, although the surgeon was unable to remove a very small portion of the tumor. Kevin celebrated, but Jana reminded Kevin that she couldn't marry him because she faced trial, a certain conviction and a long prison sentence. Kevin, however, was convinced that Jana would surely be declared innocent after doctors testify that her tumor was to blame for her wayward actions. Later, Kevin told Lauren that he was certain that Jana wished to marry him even though she said she wouldn't, and he also told his exasperated sister-in-law that he'd go through all he has endured with Jana again, just so he could be with her. To drive his point home with Lauren, Kevin also produced a stack of research proving that patients like Jana could go on to live normal lives. Michael, however, explained that Jana would have to stand trial without consideration of her mental state at the time. Kevin, however, refused to listen to reason. Kevin later announced to his worried brother and sister-in-law that Jana would soon be free, even if he had to break her out of prison himself.

J.T. and Brad talked to the still-comatose Victoria about her tiny baby, fighting for his life. Victor and Nikki kept vigil at the nursery window. Nick and Phyllis, along with baby Summer, stayed at the hospital, too, waiting for Victoria's condition to improve. Nick, however, was becoming discouraged about Victoria's prolonged coma and worried that her baby is so tiny and dependent on a high-frequency ventilator, but Phyllis remained optimistic that Victoria and her baby would soon take a turn for the better. While peering into the nursery window, Nikki snapped photos of Victoria's tiny newborn baby, while Brad worried about paternity issues. However, Brad assured Nikki that he'd hold off on DNA tests for the time being. Later, Nikki displayed the photos she'd taken of the baby in Victoria's room. Victor quietly and sweetly told Victoria that he now regretted that he was away working so much of the time when she was child. Later in the waiting room, Victor, exhausted and distraught, was incensed when Maggie showed up at the hospital. When Maggie announced that she had come on official police business, Victor threatened her and told her he could easily have her demoted. When Victor ordered Maggie to leave at once, she quietly complied.

Waiting for his hearing to begin, Jack apologized to Sharon for having given the tape of Victor threatening Ji Min to the authorities. Sharon said that she didn't disapprove, but she thought it was lousy timing for Victor. Jill and Gloria couldn't wait for Jack to be grilled by the council. Just as the council chairperson began probing Jack about his involvement with Jabot, Jack noticed John standing in the back of the courtroom. Jack turned to stare at his father's ghost, but the chairperson directed Jack's attention back to the council members seated before him. When Jack was asked whether or not he'd acquired Jabot in direct violation of an agreement he'd signed. Jack, at first, attempted to defend his actions, but John goaded Jack to answer the question forthrightly. Jack responded that he had, in fact, acted in breach of contract. The council chair, Ms. Kwan, pointed out that Jack had only confessed to his misdeeds after he'd been caught. Fearing that his responses might provoke his father's wrath, Jack peered over his shoulder, where John stood, stroking Gloria's shoulder. Gloria noted to Jill that she felt a chill in the room. Jack offered that he'd only acted to save the company that his father had built. Jack denied having used his office for personal gain or as a mean to influence the D.A. not to charge him. At that point, Ms. Kwan was summoned by an aide, after which she called a recess. John approached Jack and admonished him to tell the whole truth, that he'd taken control of Jabot just to show that he could. Meanwhile, Jill and Gloria eagerly awaited an opportunity to testify. However, when Gloria learned that time limitations could preclude their testimonies; Jill decided to manipulate the process in order to ensure that they'd have their say in Jack's undoing.

When the hearing reconvened, Ms. Kwan began questioning Jack about Clear Springs. Jack assured the council that he was doing all he could to assist in the aftermath of the disaster, but he pointed the finger of blame at Victor, for his drilling activities. When Ms. Kwan asked Jack about his business interests at Clear Springs, which she suggested may be linked with corruption, since Jack kept his acquisitions quiet, Ben quickly warned Jack not to take the bait. But Jack, in measured anger, snapped back that he broke no laws and that he did what he thought was right at the time. During a brief recess, Daniel and Sharon commiserated, while Jack met with Ben. During the break, Jill approached Tommy, a member of the council, and suggested that she was considering greatly boosting one of the official's community projects. Jill also mentioned that the committee wasn't getting the whole story about Jack and strongly suggested that both she and Gloria should have a chance to testify. As Jack and his team mapped out their next move, Ben suggested that it was time to move forward and implicate Victor with the tape, which Ben had given to the police. Sharon was not pleased. But when Ben phoned Maggie about the matter, she hung up on him. Ben, however, assured Jack that he could ride out the hearing, but John urged Jack to come clean. Daniel, however, announced that Gloria and Jill were clamoring to testify.

Jack, back in the hot seat, was asked by Ms. Kwan about his recent involvement with law enforcement. Jack admitted that he was indeed a suspect in a murder case but flatly denied involvement. At that point, the tape of Ben and Maggie discussing Victor was played. Jack identified the speakers, but he angrily denied an attempt to deflect the heat of the investigation. Ben warned Jack not to show anger, but Jack had to bite his lip in order to control his temper when Tommy announced that Gloria and Jill were about to testify. During another break, John approached Jack and again urged him to tell the whole truth.

Gloria told the committee that she was married to John Abbott at the time Jack was forced to resign. Gloria testified that Jack, by illegally buying back Jabot, had put the employees and family-friend Katherine Chancellor at risk by doing so. She said that John would never have condoned what Jack did. Jill testified that Jack's termination contract precluded him from any involvement with Jabot. Jill hinted that Ji Min's involvement with Jack may have even led to his death. Jill maintained that Jack's intent was to prove that he was in total control of the company. Jill ended her testimony by proclaiming that Jack's role in the senate is a travesty. After Jill and Gloria finished raking Jack over the coals, Daniel announced to Jack that his office had been flooded with calls and emails that are nine-to-one against him.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Phyllis finally arrives home. She and Nick make love immediately. They order pizza and have a great time with each other. Neil, Karen, Cane, and Heather all make small talk at the "Go Green" Chamber of Commerce fundraiser. Adrian and Heather get up to look at the art and talk about Heather's former roommate, Macey. Lily (who is filling in for Colleen) and Adrian notice that they are placed at the same table with Cane and Heather. Everyone is uncomfortable but they try to hide it. Through the conversation, Heather and Cane realize they don't have much in common, but that Cane and Lily do. Heather and Adrian talk about the fundraiser. Cane and Lily have their own conversation. Heather and Cane agree to just be friends. At the dinner benefit, Karen surprises Neil and Cane when she wins the concert tickets they were all bidding on. Karen gives them to Neil and Lily. Dr. Webb informs Victor and Nikki that because Victoria's condition is stable, he suggests to move her out of the hospital and into a long-term care facility. Neither of them wants Victoria to be separated from her baby, but since they know that she can't stay at the hospital, they agree to have her moved into the Newman ranch. They call Nick to start making arrangements to get her room set up. Nikki tells Victor that she'd like to move back into the ranch to be near Victoria. He questions if she is still with David. Nikki replies that the only important thing in her life right now is for Victoria to get better. Victor welcomes her back. Brad, J.T. and Colleen all look at the baby and wish he had a name. Brad asks Dr. Okamura if he can know the baby's blood type. They do a test and reveal that the baby is O-positive, the same type as Brad. J.T. overhears and confirms that is also his blood type. Privately, Brad tells the baby that he's going to name him Arthur, after his father.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nick finds a shocking article about Victor being responsible for the mining tragedy at Clear Springs. The article also mentions the allocations of Victor's involvement in Ji Min's death. Later in the day Phyllis and Nick meet up with Nikki who is still at the hospital. Phyllis and Nick are surprised when Nikki informs them that she will be moving back home, to be there for Victoria. Phyllis then gets a phone call from Daniel who is at the hearing with Jack. Phyllis feels the need to be there for Jack. Nick supports her decision. Nikki calls David and informs him of Victoria and the baby's condition but gets off the phone when Victor walks into the room. Later Nikki breaks off her relationship with David. David calls Nikki to encourage her to make the relationship last. Nick finds Victor with Victoria and voices his concern about Nikki moving back into the ranch. Victor reminds Nick that the only concern at this point is Victoria. Nick and Victor are at the Newman ranch when the hired nurse arrives. When Nikki arrives, Victor takes Nikki's belongings and thanks her for coming to stay at the ranch. Soon after, a reporter calls asking for any comments on the story about Victor. Victor is convinced that Jack is behind Ji Min's death. At the hearing, the committee begins to question Jack about the Clear Springs Casino and the death of Ji Min Kim. Jack denies that he had anything to do with the death of Ji Min. The committee ends by asking Jack whether there was more to the audiotape of Mr. Hollander and the law enforcement officer. Jack declines to speculate. John is proud of his son. Kevin finds Gloria in the conference room. She is happy about Jack's hearing and the possibility of Jack being thrown out of office. However, Gloria is mad that she did not say more negative things about Jack during her testimony. Kevin and Gloria watch the hearing online. Gloria reminds Kevin that she needs his help in finding John's prison friend and the supposed letter. Gloria is surprised at the jury's reaction to Jack's speech. Later, Kevin finds John's cellmate, Todd Scheller, and delivers the letter to Gloria.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sharon tries to make Jack feel better about the hearing. Jack tells her that she supports him because she's the Senator's wife. Jack receives a phone call from a trusted source telling him that things are looking good for him with the Ethics Committee. Sharon wonders if they should break out the champagne and visit the spa in their hotel room. Ben gleefully enters the courtroom and tells Jack and Sharon that Maggie and Heather were granted a search warrant to search Victor's ranch. Sharon is upset by this news, and decides that she would rather go home than spend the night at the hotel.

Gloria shows Lauren the letter from John. As she reads Lauren the letter, Gloria's eyes well up with tears. Gloria says that at one point she thought maybe John had changed his mind about her, but with this letter, she now knows that John was always the man of her dreams, and she was always the woman of his dreams. When Michael comes home, Gloria tells Michael that they must return to Madison to speak in front of the Ethics Committee. Michael tells Gloria not to get ahead of herself. The Ethics Committee may not want to let Gloria speak again at the trial. Gloria wants to give it a shot, and shows Michael the letter. They decide to book a private jet to Madison.

As Sharon and Jack prepare to head back home to Genoa City, Ben stops them. He says that the Ethics Committee is returning due to some new evidence. When Jack finds out that Gloria, Kevin and Michael are at the bottom of it, he is not surprised. As they all reenter the courtroom, Ben asks the Ethics Committee if he too, can speak. Ben and Michael are allowed to speak, and Ben sits down to testify. Ben says that Gloria has always had animosity toward Jack, and that she would stop at nothing to see him suffer. Michael says it's true, there's no question that Gloria and Jack do not like each other, but this is about new evidence that will shed a new light against the Senator's trial. When the Ethics Committee allows Gloria to speak, Gloria reads the letter. John's letter tells Gloria that he was tricked by Jack into signing a new will, and in his confused state of mind he thought that he was writing his will about his late wife Dina. The letter states that John would want Gloria to have half his estate and all assets, with his surviving children and grandchildren splitting the other half. Upon reading this news again, Gloria becomes outraged. She tells the courtroom that finally everyone knows the truth, John always loved her.

David tries to call Nikki, but Nikki tells him that she is busy and will call him back. Neil walks into the conference room and can tell that David is upset. When Neil leaves the conference room, he finds the police there with a search warrant to search Victor's office. Neil immediately calls Victor at his home to tell him about it.

Victor tells Nikki that he is very happy to have Victoria home. Neil knocks on the door. He says that the police will be there shortly to search the ranch. Victor and Nikki are outraged. When Maggie and Heather show up at the door, Victor asks if they are going to roll over a comatose Victoria to search for evidence against him. Maggie and Heather apologize, but say that they will be as respectful as possible. As the police begin searching the ranch, Victor calls Michael. He isn't happy to hear that Michael is in Madison and cannot be at the ranch immediately. Michael says that by the time he got back, the police would be gone. Michael tells Victor not to say anything to the police.

Nikki calls David back and apologizes for being so short with him. She says that she had an unexpected problem and will not be able to come to work. She asks David if he can bring by her things. As David is getting together Nikki's work materials, he finds a letter that he once wrote to her. The letter says that he can't imagine not having Nikki in his life. David puts the letter in the box with Nikki's things.

Victor and Nikki talk about how disappointing it is having police in their home when Victoria is ill. Victor says that he's sure he knows who is responsible. Nikki can't believe that Jack would do this to them at such an inopportune time. Victor says that Jack is his own worst enemy. When a courier from NVP drops off Nikki's things, Victor takes Nikki's box and finds a letter on top. He secretly puts it in his pocket. When Nikki is checking on Victoria, Victor reads the letter. When Nikki comes back downstairs, Victor is obviously uncomfortable. He says that he's going to go for a walk.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Senate hearing room is abuzz with the revelation that Jack took advantage of John when he was sick. Michael and Lauren praise Gloria for a job well done on the witness stand. Lauren and Michael show Sharon that, no matter how hard it is for her to see, Jack treated Gloria horribly and John's letter to Gloria is real. Gloria and Kevin celebrate her good fortune at the GCAC. Jeff comes over and informs Gloria that with all the money she will inherit from John, she's quite a wealthy woman; Gloria can now afford to buy all the moisturizing creams she wants. Sharon tries to get a minute to talk with Jack but he blows her off. Jack thinks that dealing with the press is more important right now. When Sharon finally gets Jack alone, she asks him if really did take advantage of John and get him to change his will. When Jack won't deny it, Sharon is shocked. Sharon doesn't know if she can believe in him any longer. Michael calls Heather to find out what evidence the police had to search Victor's house. Michael learns that there is another audio tape of Victor pressuring Ji Min to turn in Jack. When Michael enters his apartment he is floored to see that Lauren has set up a mini casino room, reminiscent of when Michael proposed to her. They have a great time playing "strip-craps." Phyllis and Nick hope that Nikki and Victor can get along under the same roof for Victoria's sake. They go to see them and overhear them arguing. Phyllis suggests that Nikki stay with her and Nick stay with Victor. Phyllis suggests to Nikki that maybe Victor's acting out toward her because he's trying to get her attention. Nikki doesn't disagree, but says that she doesn't think she can ever live with him again. Nikki reveals to David that Victor found his letter. David reminds her that she still has the key to his GCAC suite if she needs to get away from the ranch. Nikki apologizes to Victor. Victor informs her that she can come and go as she pleases but to warn him so that he won't be there.

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