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Sabrina and Victor got married. Zara tried to sell wedding pictures to the tabloids. Adam and Heather went public with their relationship. Michael found out that his biological father was wanted for murder. Chloe crashed Lily's birthday party. Gloria accepted Jeffrey's proposal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 23, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, June 23, 2008

In a barn on the Newman estate, Victor and Sabrina exchanged vows. Victoria and Nick attended the ceremony, along with other family members and dear friends. As part of their vows, Sabrina told Victor that she had wandered her whole life as if she were chasing a long-lost dream. "I only hope that as the years go by, I'll be to you everything that you are to me," Sabrina pledged. Victor, as he gazed deeply into Sabrina eyes, vowed, "You make me very happy. I think you meeting Victoria and becoming her best friend was fate's hand at work. I love your exuberance and love for life. I love the fact that I can talk to you about almost anything. You're so bright. I adore you." After the minister pronounced the couple man and wife, Victor and Sabrina kissed. Victoria, Nick and Phyllis winced but remained reverent.

Before, during and after the ceremony, Zara snapped photos of everyone and everything. Victoria approached Zara and told Sabrina's estranged mother that she was surprised to see her. Victoria explained to Zara that Sabrina had clearly stated in the wedding invitation that guests were not allowed to take photos. Zara replied that she wasn't just a guest; she was the bride's mother. After Victoria walked away, Zara phoned a man named Richard and boasted that she had dozens of exclusive photos of Victor Newman's wedding up for auction to the highest bidder. Victoria was seated nearby and overheard Zara's phone call. Victoria shook her head in disgust at Zara's crudeness. After Victoria told Phyllis and Nick that Zara planned to sell photos of the wedding, they hatched a plan to distract Zara and steal her camera's memory card. When it was time for Sabrina to throw her bouquet, Victoria urged Zara to join the other single women for a chance to catch the prize. Victoria offered to take a photo of the event with Zara's camera. While Zara waited for her daughter to toss the bridal bouquet, Victoria managed to retrieve the memory card from Zara's camera. Zara was none the wiser, and she managed to catch the bouquet.

After the official wedding photographer captured a family photo, Victor approached Victoria and thanked her for coming. Victoria was polite but cold when she wished Sabrina a life full of happiness. When Adam and Heather offered best wishes to the newlyweds, Victor was not pleased to see that Adam was chummy with Jabot's legal counsel. Victor told Adam that he would speak to him about the matter later, but Victor also warned Neil to keep an eye on Adam. Victoria, J.T., Phyllis, and Nick also noted that Adam and Heather's hook-up might pose a conflict of interest, since Adam represented Newman Enterprises when the company was sued by Jabot. Victor took Michael aside and mentioned that he would need to make more changes to his will after he returned from his honeymoon.

Adam announced the newlywed couple's first dance, but when it was time to offer a toast, Adam deferred to Nick. Nick stepped up and offered a gracious toast to his father and Sabrina. When Victor danced with Victoria, she told her father that she knew he would have been hurt had she not come. Kay spoke with Victor after Sabrina expressed her desire to have children. Victor was evasive when Kay mentioned that Sabrina glowed like a mother-to-be. Kay added that she knew that Sabrina was having Victor's child. Victor laughed and told Kay that Sabrina would announce the news at a later time. Kay advised Victor not to forget his old family while he built a future with his new family. Before Sabrina and Victor rushed off to honeymoon in Paris, Zara told Sabrina that she felt she should have received a formal invitation to the wedding. Sabrina tolerated her mother's unwelcome presence, but Victor sensed that Sabrina had endured enough, so he politely urged Zara to leave.

Nikki rushed over to David's suite at the club after David told Nikki that he was leaving her. David wasn't there, so Nikki frantically phoned him and left a message. After Nikki left, David emerged from a dark corner in the hallway and entered the suite. David grabbed a suitcase and hastily stuffed it full of clothes. Before David could make his escape, Nikki returned and demanded an explanation. David seemed exasperated as he told Nikki that he had never quit gambling and had lied to her repeatedly about calls he had made to place bets and arrange loans. Nikki pleaded with David to reconsider, and she asked him how much he owed. David told Nikki that he had just won $200,000 and had no desire whatsoever to stop gambling. Dejected, Nikki replied, "Oh, I see. I am such a fool. You're not leaving me because some loan shark is after you. You're leaving me because now, for the moment, you have money, which means that you don't need my money, which means that you don't need me." David was stoic when he told Nikki that the life she thought they had was not real. Nikki cried that her feelings, however, were real.

At the club, Paul told J.T. that David had booked a flight to Las Vegas. J.T. advised Paul to alert Nikki even tough Nikki had warned Paul to stop prying into David's life. Nikki and David were still arguing when Paul attempted to call Nikki, who ignored her ringing phone. Nikki again pleaded with David to stay with her and work out his problems, but David insisted that Nikki would be better off without him, and that he would be better off without her. David picked up his suitcase and walked out. Nikki slumped onto the sofa and sobbed. Paul knocked, and Nikki opened the door because she thought it was David. Paul told Nikki that David was on his way to Las Vegas. Nikki informed Paul that she already knew where David was going. Paul attempted to comfort Nikki, who was obviously distressed, but Nikki yelled at Paul and told him to stay out of her life.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cane called Lily and wished her a happy birthday. When she told him that she had a final the next day, Cane told Colleen, Kevin, and Jana that they had to change their plans. Instead of going out of town, they would have to figure out something special to do in Genoa City. Jana saw Chloe and wondered why she wasn't sitting with them. Chloe went over to Cane and thanked him for finding her a new place. Chloe asked Cane what he and Lily were doing for the night. Cane was nonchalant. When Chloe mentioned that she knew it was Lily's birthday, she insisted on coming by.

Adrian showed up at the coffeehouse and watched Colleen talking to Cane. Colleen told Cane that they she kept running into Adrian. She'd wondered how Cane and Lily dealt with their age differences. She said that was the reason she and Adrian had broken up.

Karen told Adam she was back in town and hoped she could get her old job back. Adam said that could be a problem. He asked Karen how he could trust that she wouldn't just quit again. Karen promised that she wouldn't and Adam decided to give her another chance.

Neil and Devon showed up at Lily's with balloons and a teddy bear for Lily's birthday. They told her they were kidnapping her from studying and taking her to lunch. When Lily left with Neil, Devon called Cane to say the plan was in effect. At lunch, Neil and Devon toasted to Lily's birthday. Karen stopped by and wished Lily a happy birthday. Lily asked her to sit down with them. Karen told Neil that Adam had rehired her at Newman, but with a stipulation.

Chloe went to Jabot and told Jill they needed approval on some pictures of Lily. Jill asked Chloe to look through some swags for Lily. Chloe happily put some sunglasses on herself. She took them to the club and told Lily that she'd bought them for her. Chloe asked if she could come back to the house to pick up some things. When Lily came home everyone happily yelled, "Surprise!" They were annoyed when they saw that Chloe had tagged along.

Brad overheard Gloria on the phone saying that David was out of the office. He teased her about working as a receptionist. Gloria said she was on her way to the top. Jeffrey told her not to jump to conclusions and asked if Jill was around. When Nikki asked Gloria if she'd had any calls, Gloria tried to sell her an idea for a new cosmetics line; Nikki abruptly told her that she was a receptionist, nothing more. When Jill asked Jeffrey into her office, she wasn't happy to hear that Jeffrey had slept with Gloria.

Nikki replayed David's words, "I want a divorce," over and over again in her mind. When she picked up the daily paper and saw the news of Victor's marriage, she angrily threw the paper down. Victoria visited Nikki and wondered what was going on. Victoria thought Nikki was upset about Victor's wedding. Nikki said it wasn't about Victor-David had asked for a divorce. She said that she'd made the biggest mistake of her life. Victoria told Nikki that it wasn't Nikki's fault. Victoria admitted that she'd seen David give Brad a check and had wondered if David had been gambling again. Jill interrupted and asked where David was. Victoria said that it wasn't a good time. She stepped out and asked Brad if he'd loaned David money. Brad said that he'd loaned David money to buy a horse for Nikki. Victoria was unable to continue the conversation when Nikki came out of the office. She told Gloria that Nikki would be unreachable for the entire day. When Victoria took Nikki home, Nikki asked to be alone. David entered their hotel room and asked Nikki for another chance.

Sabrina's mother tried to create a video tour of Victor Newman's ranch, but Adam stopped her. He asked her why she was still there. She said she had booked a one-way ticket; she wasn't going anywhere. When Adam saw her again after a spa treatment, he told her there was a limo waiting for her outside ready to take her to London. Sabrina's mother was furious. She asked Adam who he thought he was. He said he was his father's son. Victoria overheard the conversation and cheered. She said he couldn't have given Sabrina a better wedding present.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Victor and Sabrina honeymooned in France. Sabrina told Victor that she had dreamt about her honeymoon many times-but the reality of the Parisian vacation was even better than her dreams. Victor arranged a massage for Sabrina, to be given by the best masseuse in Paris. The masseuse intuited that Sabrina was pregnant. Sabrina was surprised, and Victor insisted he hadn't told the masseuse. The masseuse whispered the sex of Victor and Sabrina's child into Sabrina's ear-Victor decided that he would rather wait and be surprised.

After Sabrina's massage, Victor told his new wife that he had arranged to go to an art show opening that evening-then dinner at a four-star restaurant. Sabrina appeared troubled. Victor asked her if everything was okay. Sabrina told him that she wanted to stay in their hotel suite that night-she wanted Victor all to herself. Victor cancelled the dinner reservation and then presented Sabrina with yet another gift-a giant skeleton key. When Victor told her that it was for their chateau, Sabrina assumed that he had rented one-but was thrilled when she learned that Victor had actually purchased the chateau.

At the Winterses', Karen told Neil that it felt strange to be back in Genoa City. Neil replied that it felt right. Neil challenged her to a game of chess. After she won, the couple began making love.

At the campus house, Lily was surprised by her friends-they had all gathered to celebrate her 21st birthday. When Chloe followed Lily in, Colleen told Chloe that attendance was "by invitation only." Lily told Colleen it was okay for Chloe to stay for the celebration.

With the birthday party in full swing, Devon was shocked when his Aunt Tyra and cousin Ana showed up. When Ana went off with Lily, Tyra told Devon that Yolanda, Devon's mother, had told Tyra that he was living in Genoa City. Devon told Tyra that he hadn't talked to his mother in two years. Tyra told him that Yolanda was still using drugs.

Cane introduced himself to Tyra. She told Cane that she had come to Genoa City because it was time that Ana got to know her cousin, Devon. Tyra looked distressed when Devon called a hotel to reserve a room for his aunt and cousin.

Cane walked over to Lily, Chloe, and Ana. When Cane told Ana that he was Lily's boyfriend, Chloe stormed out of the living room. Colleen told Chloe to start acting like a guest. Chloe said that she loved Lily like a sister-adding that she and Lily had become very close while Colleen was in China. Reminding Chloe how she acted when she drank, Colleen warned her not to have a beer.

Lily opened Cane's gift and found a note, which read, "Above the crisper, below the milk, your gift is wrapped in very cold silk." Unseen by the guests, Chloe rolled her eyes in disgust. Lily realized that her gift was in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, a thrilled Lily found an itinerary for a vacation for two to Cabo San Lucas. Cane promised Lily sun by day-and margaritas by night. Colleen observed that Chloe looked very unhappy.

Cane toasted Lily's birthday, and proclaimed his love for her. When Lily walked away, Cane overheard Ana asking Tyra where they were going to sleep that night. Tyra told Ana that she would figure it out. A few moments later, Cane and Tyra started talking. Tyra told Cane that she wished she had been a better aunt to Devon. He told Tyra a bit about himself-that he had come to Genoa City flat broke, hoping to find his family. When Cane told Tyra that he had prepaid for the hotel room that Devon had reserved for her and Ana, Tyra at first said she couldn't let him do that, but then accepted his offer and hugged him. Cane asked Tyra not to tell Lily or Devon that he had paid for the room. Tyra told Cane that Lily had a very special boyfriend.

Devon presented Lily with her birthday cake. Before Lily blew out the candles, Ana beautifully sang a birthday song. Later, Roxanne tried to get Devon to talk about his biological family, but he was clearly uncomfortable with that subject. Devon called Neil and invited him to the party-mentioning that he had a big surprise.

Neil brought Karen to the party, and Lily was thrilled to see them. Devon told a stunned Neil that his aunt and cousin from Seattle had come to Genoa City to visit him. After introductions were made, Tyra thanked Neil for doing such a great job raising Devon. Neil told Tyra that she and Ana should consider themselves part of Devon's Genoa City family.

Amber and Katherine had coffee at Crimson Lights. Amber told Katherine that Daniel had called her, but they'd had a bad connection and couldn't speak long. Katherine sympathized with Amber's frustration, and told her that she would fly Amber to Europe to visit Daniel. Although thrilled with the offer, Amber told Katherine that she was throwing herself into her work at Restless Style, as well as helping Katherine write her memoirs.

Jill sent Gloria to Crimson Lights to pick up ten coffees for a Jabot meeting. Katherine told Gloria that Jill was on a power trip-the coffees could have been delivered to Jabot. Jeff showed up and offered Gloria a hand bringing the coffees to Jabot-but Gloria refused his offer, telling him that the only reason he wanted to go to Jabot was to see Jill.

At Jabot, Jill chastised Gloria for taking so long with the coffees. When Jill became angry because Gloria had messed up the order, Gloria offered to give Jill a "lo-fat smoka mocha facial." Before walking off, Gloria added that she wasn't being paid enough to put up with Jill. Katherine observed the incident.

In the Jabot boardroom, Katherine told Amber about the time when she and John Abbott had gone skinny-dipping. Amber and Katherine laughed as Jill walked into the room-Jill incorrectly assumed that they were laughing about her. Before Jill stormed off, she asked her mother how she would feel if Jill wrote a book about Katherine.

Katherine told Amber that Jill was a viper-and certifiably insane. She told Amber about an argument Katherine and Jill had regarding Katherine's granddaughter Mackenzie. Katherine had ended that argument by knocking Jill out with a vase. Katherine told Amber that Jill had turned revenge into an art form-and once Jill held a grudge, she never let it go.

Jill went through Gloria's desk drawers and found a photograph of Gloria and Jeff. To herself, Jill said, "You won't be smiling for long."

Jeff and Gloria ran into each other at Indigo. Gloria told Jeff that she saw him kissing Jill. Jeff told Gloria it was a goodbye kiss, and asked Gloria if they could rekindle their relationship-he said that the night he and Gloria made love was the greatest night of his life. Before kissing her, he told Gloria that he loved her. Jill walked into Indigo and saw the couple kissing passionately.

In her room at the club, Nikki told David she was shocked that he left her to gamble, and had now returned begging for her help. She asked David why she should believe anything that he said. David told Nikki that he was "two people." One of them was the person Nikki fell in love with, the other was the one he had been hiding from her. He told Nikki that the David who returned to her was the David she fell in love with. Nikki initially did not believe David when he told her that he had been up until 5:00 a.m. getting advice from his Gamblers Anonymous sponsor. Nikki called David's sponsor and learned that David was telling the truth. David said that, from that point on, he would always tell Nikki the truth, although he couldn't promise that he would never gamble again.

When David's cell phone rang, Nikki correctly guessed that it was David's bookie calling. David admitted that he would have answered the phone if Nikki weren't there. When David said that he didn't know why Nikki wouldn't take him back, she said that he had betrayed her-and that she didn't know if she could get past that.

David decided that it would be a good idea for them to spend some time apart. He said that he needed time alone to focus on himself-he had a lot to think about. Nikki warned David that he had better not be lying. David said he thought it was for the best, then left.

Alone, Nikki opened the mini-bar and removed a small bottle of liquor. She opened the bottle, smelled it, and before she took a sip she threw the bottle across the room. She began sobbing uncontrollably, and looked very much alone.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

As Sharon was redecorating, Gloria asked if she could have a statue. Jack was reluctant to see it go. Sharon promised Jack that he would love the place when she was finished with it.

When Amber wondered why Daniel hadn't spoken to her, Phyllis said she'd recently talked to him.

Phyllis worried when Restless Style's sales began to drop. Sharon and Phyllis began to argue about the magazine. They tried to come up with an idea to help sales. Sharon thought about including a teaser so that people would want to come back to look at the next magazine. Phyllis reluctantly agreed that the idea had potential. Nick and Sharon realized that Amber might be a good fit for their new character. Phyllis thought they were crazy to want to use Amber. When Phyllis asked Nick and Sharon to take a vote, she was furious with Nick that he didn't support her idea.

When Nikki came to work David tried to talk to her. She told him that she would see him at the next meeting. David admitted at the meeting that he hadn't completed his work. Jill asked Nikki if there was a problem with her and David, but Nikki said no. When David called Nikki from a bar, he said he couldn't come back to work. Gloria listened to them argue on the phone.

David told Paul that Nikki had learned everything about him. Paul said that he would still be watching over Nikki.

Michael told Lauren he'd decided to start reading his mother's diary again. Lauren said she would support him through it. Michael admitted that he'd hired Paul to help him find his relatives. Paul told Michael that finding some of his relatives was a long shot, but that he would try. Paul later returned to meet Michael and Lauren, and had some news about an apparent relative. Paul said that the man's name was River Baldwin. He said that the bad news was that he was wanted for murder.

Jill told Gloria that if she made one tiny wrong move her position at Jabot was over. Nikki stuck up for Gloria and told Jill to leave her alone. Gloria offered to help Nikki in any way she could. Jack teased Gloria about her new position at Jabot. He told her that he needed a cup of coffee for his meeting with Nikki.

As Jack waited for Nikki, he sat down in Nikki's chair and imagined being at the head of Jabot again. His thoughts were interrupted by Nikki asking for her chair back.

Lily told Neil she was impressed with his niece. Neil wondered why Devon's relatives had showed up after such a long time. Neil asked Devon if his aunt had ever tried to contact him when he was in a group home. Devon didn't understand what Neil was getting at. Neil offered to take Devon's aunt and niece out to lunch. At lunch, Neil asked Devon's aunt what she'd been up to. She assured him that she'd been working hard to take care of her daughter. Devon told Lily that he was irritated that Neil didn't trust his family. Lily let Neil know that Devon was upset that he didn't initially trust his family.

Friday, June 27, 2008

At Jabot, Jill asked Gloria to send Nikki and David to her office. Gloria told an irritated Jill that neither of them was there-they were at the club, meeting with a Hollywood producer about the Jabot film tie-in.

At the Athletic Club, David met with Harrison, the film's producer. As David and Harrison went up the stairs to the conference room, Nikki entered the club and joined them. David looked extremely unhappy.

After David's presentation, he told Nikki that she had embarrassed him by showing up-he could have handled the presentation just fine without her. Nikki said she felt that Harrison liked the extra attention-and that David had done a great job with the presentation. Harrison rejoined them with the news that the studio was excited about the tie-in. He wanted David to fly out to Los Angeles to pitch the idea to all of the studio bigwigs. Nikki and David were thrilled.

With Harrison gone, David asked Nikki if he had to worry about her barging into his meeting with the studio chiefs. Nikki said that she would never do that, adding that she had shown up for his meeting with Harrison to support him. David told Nikki that he wanted a future with her, but she needed to trust him completely. David said that he had to pack. He walked away, leaving a sad Nikki alone.

Later, on his way to the airport, David left a message for his loan shark Walter: "I'm off to a meeting in LA ... then I'm going to Vegas. Meet me at the casino."

At Crimson Lights, an excited Kevin hung up the phone. He told Jana he had just spoken to Daniel-Danny had procured airline tickets so that Kevin, Jana, and Amber could see Danny's concert in Dublin. Jana told Kevin she couldn't go because of her job commitments. Kevin was relieved when Jana told him that he could go to the concert without her. Kevin told Jana that Daniel wanted them at Restless Style when he called to tell Amber the good news.

Gloria showed up at Crimson Lights. When Kevin left to get her a sandwich, she told Jana that Jeff had broken up with Jill, and that Jeff still loved Gloria. Jeff called Gloria and ordered her to come over to his suite at the club-he told her he was leaving town. When Gloria asked what would happen if she didn't come over, Jeff said that she would be making license plates. After hanging up, Gloria told Jana that Jeff had used her yet again.

At the Athletic Club, Paul told Michael and Lauren that apparently River Baldwin, Michael's father, had planted a bomb that killed a bank janitor. Michael read the police report. His father had been a member of the Weathermen-a radical group back in the 1960's. When Lauren asked if there was any concrete evidence that River was involved in the bombing, Paul told her that the police had found River's fingerprint on a piece of the bomb. Paul told the Baldwins that River never went to trial-he had jumped bail, and, at that point, Paul lost River's trail. Michael lamented the fact that his father was worse than Terrible Tom Fisher.

Michael told Lauren that he was an idiot for believing Gloria's story that his father was a draft-dodging hippie who had fled to Canada. When Lauren suggested that perhaps Gloria didn't know what River had done, Michael pointed out that "Gloria Simmons"-his mother-had bailed River out. When Gloria entered the club, Michael grabbed her and asked her why she had neglected to tell him that his father had been arrested for murder. Gloria told Michael that it was ancient history-and she had lied because she wanted to protect Michael. She told Michael that when she bailed his father out, the janitor had merely been wounded-he didn't die for another four months. Gloria continued that River jumped bail and never told her where he was going, and that River had used her, just as Jeff was using her. She told Michael that she had paid plenty for her stupidity-and, before she walked away, told Michael to get over it.

Gloria went upstairs to Jeff's suite and was shocked to see packs of $100 bills all over the room. At first, she thought Jeff was pulling a sick joke to taunt her-but Jeff told her that if she couldn't marry him for love, that she should marry him for his money. Jeff began throwing the money up in the air. Gloria excitedly told Jeff, "Yes... 50 million times... yes!" When Jeff became amorous, Gloria told him there would be no hanky panky until she had a ring on her finger. Jeff told her that there was a private jet waiting for them at the airport-destination, Las Vegas and a wedding chapel.

Paul asked if Michael wanted him to stop searching for River. Michael and Lauren agreed that would be for the best. On their way out of the club, the Baldwins exchanged pleasantries with Victor and Sabrina, back from their honeymoon. As Victor and Sabrina entered the dining room, Sabrina noticed Nikki sitting alone at the bar and pointed her out to Victor. Victor approached Nikki and asked why she was by herself. Paul came to Nikki's rescue and pretended that he was there to meet with Nikki. When Victor walked away, Paul asked Nikki if everything was okay. Starting to sob, Nikki told Paul that everything was not okay.

At Jabot, Jill had good news for Lily, Cane, and Chloe. Forrester wanted to use Lily in an upcoming photo spread, to be shot in Los Angeles, featuring Forrester designs and Jabot cosmetics. Cane suggested that he go to L.A. with Lily and Chloe. Jill agreed, and left to call Eric Forrester.

Later, Cane told Lily that his budget meeting had been rescheduled for the following week, and that he wouldn't be able to join Lily at the photo shoot. Chloe, sitting nearby, commented, "What a shame-Lily in L.A. and Cane here."

Chloe suggested that Cane and Lily cancel their trip to Cabo so that Lily could rest before the Forrester photo shoot. Cane told Chloe he would make sure Lily got plenty of rest. Lily and Cane left to pack for their vacation. Chloe told Jill that she wanted to do more for Jabot-particularly, she wanted to work with the other Fresh Faces models. Jill thought the idea was interesting, and told Chloe they could discuss it further when Chloe returned from Los Angeles.

At the campus house, Cane called the motel where Tyra and Ana were staying. He told the front desk to continue to charge their room to his credit card. Entering the campus house, he found Lily all packed for their Cabo vacation.

Chloe barged into the campus house and found Lily and Cane nearly undressed on the sofa. An upset Lily and Cane asked Chloe to leave. Outside the front door, Chloe called Jill and suggested that, since Forrester had their own stylist, she stay in Genoa City and work with the other Fresh Faces models. Jill agreed with Chloe.

At Restless Style, the Newmans and the Abbotts looked over the second issue of the magazine. They hoped that it would sell better than the first issue. Sharon called Amber over to tell her about the "Restless Amber" avatar idea-Amber would be the inspiration for an animated character promoting Restless Style. Amber was thrilled. Privately, Phyllis told Nick that she still had reservations about using Amber. Nick temporarily allayed her fears, but Phyllis told him that when the idea didn't work, she would say, "I told you so."

Adrian showed up at the magazine office and gave Jack a progress report on his article about Sabrina and the art gallery. The professor told Jack that he had uncovered a rumor that Sabrina had arranged a big exhibit at a gallery in Paris-for a gentleman she was sleeping with. An intrigued Jack told Adrian to see what more he could find out.

Victor and Sabrina stopped by the Restless Style office. Adrian asked Sabrina for an interview for his article. When Victor questioned Adrian about the article, the professor told him it would be about Sabrina's career and the new art gallery. Jack told Victor he was confident that Adrian was the right writer for this article. Saying, "Everything should be okay then," Victor left with Sabrina.

Sharon and Phyllis lectured Amber about her work ethic-they told her that she needed to be in at 9:00 a.m. every day. Amber told them that nothing was more important to her than being "Restless Amber." There was a great deal of tension between Phyllis and Sharon as Sharon looked over Phyllis' shoulder while she worked.

At Crimson Lights, Amber commiserated with Jana and Kevin. She told them she was in a "lose-lose" situation she would either lose her job or lose Daniel. After returning to Restless Style, Amber called Daniel and told him she wouldn't be coming to Dublin.

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