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Victor threatened to dismantle Abby's trust. Just as Victoria and Billy finished their vows, Victoria was arrested for breaking international laws in Japan. Ronan shot Chance. Chloe told Nina that Ronan was Nina's son. Chance was found dead.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 6, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, CBS preempted its usual daytime lineup and no episode of The Young and the Restless was shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 7, and pick up where the Friday, September 3 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jack arrived home and discovered Ashley sitting in the dark, complaining of a headache. Ashley said that she was upset that Abby had filed a lawsuit against Victor for mismanagement of the Newman trust fund. Jack felt that Abby was justified in doing whatever was necessary to get her funds. Ashley was shocked that Jack had advised Abby to hire Vance.

Ashley told Jack that because of Vance, Victor was threatening to dismantle Abby's holdings. Jack said that Abby might be onto something by challenging Victor's authority to handle the trust. Jack believed that Vance knew what he was doing. Ashley didn't want Abby to be at war with her father, but Jack defended Abby to Ashley and said that Abby was a smart young woman.

At Crimson Lights, Abby met with Vance Abrams and learned that the lawsuit was progressing, but that her father had been very upset by Abby's actions. Vance explained that Victor knew that Abby was serious this time around because Abby had hired Vance to represent her. Abby said she didn't want to get her father in trouble.

Abby asked what the next step would be in the suit. Vance explained that Victor and Michael might countersue. Another possibility, though, would be for Victor to offer Abby a settlement. Abby was interested in a settlement. Vance warned Abby that if her father chose to battle, Abby had to allow Vance to go for the jugular in court. Abby wondered what that meant, and Vance told Abby that he had to be free to act in her best interests. Vance told Abby to decide how far she was willing to go to win the case.

At Billy and Victoria's new house, Victor and Nikki were stunned to learn that Victoria and Billy were going to have a baby. Victoria also showed her parents the engagement ring that Billy had given her. Nikki embraced her daughter, but Victor glowered at Billy with displeasure.

Victor asked if Victoria was wearing the ring because of the pregnancy. Billy explained that it wasn't like that. Billy had proposed before Victoria told him that they were having a child. Billy said that he loved Victoria. Victor declared that Billy was only pursuing Victoria as a way of getting back at Victor. Nikki urged Victor to have an open mind.

Billy announced that Victor inspired him, and he wanted to marry Victoria as soon as possible. Victoria was overjoyed. Victor said that their engagement was a farce, and Victor would not be a part of it. Billy told Victoria that they couldn't get married the next day because of the mandatory the waiting period. Nikki tried to make peace, reminding Victor that peace was why they were visiting Victoria. Victor refused to approve of Victoria's plans with Billy, and he marched angrily out of the house. Nikki followed him out the door.

Billy remained excited about his impending wedding to Victoria. Billy suggested that since there was a waiting period, they could elope to Las Vegas the next day. Victoria liked the idea.

Back at the ranch, Victor told Nikki that Billy and Victoria didn't need to be married just because Victoria was having a baby. Victor said that he would never accept Billy and Victoria as a married couple. Victor asked Nikki to convince Victoria that marrying Billy would be a mistake. Victor left to deal with Abby and the lawsuit.

Nikki called Victoria to check on her. Victoria told Nikki that Billy was making reservations online for Billy and Victoria to fly to Las Vegas to get married the next day. Victoria also confessed to her mother that she truly wanted another baby and was very excited about having a child with Billy.

Nikki approved when Victoria told her how Billy wanted to be involved in every aspect of the pregnancy. Nikki offered to help Victoria if she wanted to plan a wedding in Genoa City rather than fly to Las Vegas. Billy said that he didn't want to wait. Nikki regretted that she wouldn't be a part of Victoria's wedding. Victoria sympathized with her mother, but she and Billy were determined. Victoria asked Nikki not to tell Victor about the Vegas nuptials.

Nikki placed a call to a friend named Marie with a request. Later, Nikki received a call back from Marie, and Nikki was very grateful to her friend. Nikki had arranged for the wedding waiting period to be waived. Nikki called Victoria and told her daughter that Judge Anderson had agreed to waive the waiting period so that Billy and Victoria could be married the next day without having to fly to Las Vegas.

Victoria was thrilled and thanked her mother. Nikki asked Victoria to call her as soon as she had her wedding plans set. Victoria hung up the phone and told Billy what her mother had done for them. Billy cancelled the airline reservations and told Victoria that because of the circumstances, the airline had refunded their money. Victoria was grateful that Nikki was being supportive of their plans. Victoria was also freaked out by the things to do on her wedding list.

Billy offered to go to city hall with just Victoria and the children if that was easier for Victoria. Victoria explained that she wanted something more than just city hall. Victoria wanted to be married in their new house. Billy approved of the notion. Victoria picked up the phone to call Nikki and begin making preparations, but Billy asked Victoria to kiss him instead.

At the Abbott house, Victor confronted Jack and Ashley about Abby's lawsuit. Victor blamed Jack for instigating the lawsuit and suggesting that Abby hire Vance to represent her. Victor was confident that he and Michael Baldwin would squash the lawsuit and that Abby would not succeed in gaining control of her trust fund. Ashley asked Victor to keep things civil, but Victor was furious with Abby.

Victor told Ashley and Jack about Victoria and Billy's engagement. Victor also revealed that Victoria and Billy were having a baby. Jack and Ashley were surprised. Victor said the law was against Billy and Victoria getting married immediately; they had to wait a week. Victor and Jack agreed that it was a mistake for Billy and Victoria to be married. Ashley believed that Victoria and Billy were adults and should be allowed to do what they wanted to do.

After Victor left the Abbott house, Ashley blasted Jack for his part in all the fighting between the families. Ashley pointed out that for the sake of Billy and Victoria's children, the fighting between the Newmans and Abbotts had to stop.

On the coffeehouse patio, Paul and Nina looked at the aged computer photo of Nina's long-lost son on the computer screen. Nina was very impressed with the detail, even though she didn't recognize the face. Nina searched the image for some recognizable feature, but nothing clicked for her. Nina asked Paul what they should do next. Paul cautioned Nina to be patient because the search for her son was a marathon, not a sprint. Paul suggested using television to find Nina's son.

At Kevin's, Chloe told Chance that Ronan was his brother. Chance declared that it wasn't possible that Ronan was his brother. Chloe explained how she had done research online and had put the pieces together to come to that conclusion. Chloe said that when she'd confronted Ronan with the information and threatened to publish the story in Restless Style, Ronan had admitted that Chance was his indeed his brother. Ronan had sworn Chloe to secrecy.

Chloe made arrangements on the phone for Delia to be cared for by her mother, so Chloe could continue speaking with Chance. Chance questioned Ronan's motives in being in Genoa City. Chloe said that Ronan had never wanted anyone to know about the family connection. Chance felt it was too great a coincidence that he was simply there on a case. Chance was determined to confront Ronan and find out why he had targeted Chance.

Chloe was relieved that Chance finally knew the truth about Ronan being his brother. Chance asked Chloe not to tell Nina what she knew. Chloe agreed, but she felt that Nina deserved to know that Ronan was her long-lost son. Chance left, saying he was going to a family reunion.

In Jimmy's alley, Owen ordered Ronan to kill Chancellor. Ronan had no objection about killing Chance, but Ronan wasn't sure he could pull it off in 24 hours. Owen insisted that Ronan act quickly, or Owen would put another cop on the assignment. Ronan agreed to kill Chance within 24 hours as Owen demanded.

A short time later, Ronan broke into Owen's office. While he was searching for evidence, Heather entered and was shocked when Ronan confronted her. Heather said that she was there to tell Owen everything that she knew about the case. Heather believed that Owen was the only person she could trust.

Ronan told Heather that Owen might not be trustworthy. Ronan urged Heather to remain silent. Heather wanted the investigation to be over. Ronan explained that he couldn't tell Heather everything that he knew about the investigation, but that he was close to cracking it wide open. Ronan asked Heather to trust him and give him 24 hours to wrap up the loose ends.

After leaving Owen's office, Heather ran into Owen and Meeks at the elevator. Owen said he was there for their meeting. Heather said that she had been drinking when she'd called to set up the meeting with Owen, and was having second thoughts. Heather asked Owen to forget that she had called him. Heather took the elevator down. Meeks and Owen were curious about Heather's odd behavior.

Heather approached Nina and Paul at Crimson Lights. Paul asked Nina to get Heather a cup of tea. Heather told Paul that she had been confused by Ronan's intensity, and she wasn't sure who to trust anymore. While Heather was off with Nina, Paul called Christine. Paul asked Christine if she was completely sure that Ronan Malloy could be trusted.

Heather returned to Paul's table and told him about her aborted meeting with Owen. Paul reminded Heather that it had been a risky idea to confide in Owen. Heather said that she hadn't told Owen anything because she'd heard Ronan's voice in her head asking her to trust him. Paul explained to Heather that he'd called Christine, and she had vouched for Ronan.

Nina overheard that Paul had been talking with Christine about Ronan. Nina was baffled that Paul would consult with Christine about Ronan. Paul quickly covered, saying that Christine was anxious to see the photograph of Nina's son.

As Ronan was opening the door to his apartment, Chance approached Ronan from behind and called him "brother." Chance asked Ronan if it was true that they were brothers. Ronan said that the DNA test had been positive. Ronan said he was not in Genoa City as Chance's brother. Chance was suspicious of Ronan's motives, and the two started fighting. Chance demanded that Ronan tell him truth about why he had gone to Genoa City.

Ronan told Chance what he could. There was a knock on the door, and Chloe appeared. Ronan was angry with Chloe for spilling the beans to Chance about the two of them being brothers. Chance told Ronan not to blame Chloe.

A short time later, Chloe and Chance were leaving Ronan's. Chance said that it didn't matter to him that Ronan was his brother because Ronan was involved in the drug ring. Chance was determined to expose Ronan. Chance knew that there was a big meeting planned for the following night, and Chance planned to show up and break the case wide open.

In his apartment, Ronan called Owen to say that he had set the trap for Chance. It would be sprung the next night. Owen told Meeks that Ronan had set the trap. Owen told Meeks that if either man betrayed them, Meeks should shoot both Chance and Ronan.

Back at the ranch, Victor was furious with Nikki for helping to arrange the wedding for Victoria and getting the waiting period waived. Nikki insisted that her love for her daughter was more important that Victor's concerns. Nikki walked out to make calls for Victoria's wedding.

Victor made a call and said that even though he didn't want to, Victor had decided to go after his daughter, Victoria.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At her home, Phyllis was composing a new entry for her blog, "A Woman Scorned." Phyllis reminisced how life was once simple in television shows like Father Knows Best, where all problems were resolved in 30 minutes. Phyllis wrote that in Genoa City, there weren't always Happy Days among the young. Phyllis made references to herself as the wacky redhead who didn't live happily ever after with her husband, and characterized Nikki and Victor as far from The Brady Bunch.

At the new house, Victoria raced downstairs filled with excitement about the wedding. Victoria said that she had a million things to do. Billy took Victoria's list and cut it in half. Billy offered to do his half of the list while Victoria handled hers. Billy left to prepare for the wedding.

At Sharon's house, Nick opened the door and welcomed Summer and Phyllis. Nick sent Summer upstairs to retrieve a present he'd bought for her. Phyllis told Nick that they had a parent-teacher conference the following week. Nick wondered why Phyllis hadn't told him sooner, but Phyllis pointed out that Nick hadn't told her that he was living with Sharon. Nick criticized Phyllis for the blog she had written ripping everyone in town. Nick also thought that if Phyllis cared about Summer, Phyllis wouldn't be dating Deacon.

Phyllis commented in her blog that it would be wonderful if father really knew best like in the old television show. Victor was at the ranch and Phyllis' words were an indictment of Victor's meddling, autocratic ways. Victor remembered a phone call in which he reported Victoria to the authorities. Nikki entered the room and suggested that she and Victor prepare for the wedding. Victor said he had a meeting with Michael and left the ranch.

Meggie entered the room and asked if Nikki was concerned about the wedding. Nikki complained that Victor was incapable of being happy for Victoria. Meggie offered Nikki a smoothie, and Nikki said she'd love one. In voiceover, Phyllis commented that unlike The Brady Bunch, where Alice never pursued Carol's husband, Nikki had to worry about Meggie trying to steal Victor.

Phyllis commented on the younger set in Genoa City, learning about Billy and Victoria's wedding. J.T. walked into Crimson Lights with Reed. J.T. received a cold shoulder from Mac about his new job with Tucker. Daniel entered with his camera. Daniel approached Jana and said that even though Kevin and Jana were divorcing, Daniel and Jana could remain friends.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe was busy with Delia while Philip, Murphy, and Kay were meeting with Chance and Jill. Chance asked Kay about Liz Foster's belongings in the attic. Chance wanted to see the items. Murphy and Kay went to retrieve them. Jill asked Chance if he was okay. Chance regretted that he hadn't seen Liz before she passed away. Jill sensed that Chance was worried about something. Philip walked Jill out of the house.

Phyllis wrote that while television situation comedies had happy endings, no matter how happy the newlyweds wanted the day to turn out, the end result would be tragic.

Chance and Philip built a tricycle for Delia. Chance hoped he would be around when Delia began riding it. Philip suggested that Chance could remain in Delia's life even if Chance and Chloe weren't a couple. Chloe overheard Philip and Chance speaking. Philip admitted that he and Chance had missed out on a father-son relationship. Philip said they still had time to catch up.

Victoria arrived at Sharon's and told Phyllis and Nick about her wedding to Billy. Nick was stunned and suggested that his sister wait a while before getting married. Victoria explained that she was having a baby. Nick still wanted Victoria to hold off on marrying Billy. Victoria asked Phyllis if Summer could be a flower girl in the ceremony. Phyllis was thrilled and thought Summer would be overjoyed. Phyllis left to tell Summer.

Victoria asked Nick if he would be her man of honor at the wedding. Nick said that he loved Victoria too much to watch her throw her life away. Nick could not support Victoria's decision to marry Billy. Nick told Victoria that she was making a mistake.

Billy entered the Abbott house to tell Jack, Ashley, and Abby about the wedding and the baby. Jack and Ashley already knew. Abby assumed that Victor was furious about Victoria's plans. Billy explained that the wedding would be in a few hours at the new house.

Billy asked Jack to be his best man. Jack turned him down. Jack believed that Billy was taunting Victor by marrying Victoria and that the marriage would be a disaster. Billy declared that family meant as much to the Abbotts as it did the Newmans. Jack said he would be out of town on business and couldn't be Billy's best man. Billy was astonished that Jack wouldn't attend his wedding. Billy wanted his entire family's support on such an important occasion.

Later, Ashley was dressed for the wedding. Ashley was surprised that Jack was sticking to his plans to go out of town on business. Ashley reminded Jack that Billy was their little brother, and Billy deserved their support. Ashley believed that if the situation were reversed, Billy would be there for Jack.

At the ranch, Victor met with Michael. Michael wondered why Victor was so calm about the wedding. Michael reminded Victor that it was Victoria's wedding and Victor should be there for his daughter. Nikki walked in and blasted Victor for refusing to attend the ceremony. Victor was determined not to change his mind.

Nikki asked Victor how he could treat Victoria so dishonorably. Nikki accused Victor of being controlling. Nikki was fed up with Victor's need to control. Victor asserted that he was a rich man because he was always in control. Nikki said she didn't care, and Victor wondered if Nikki still wanted to marry him.

Nikki reminded Victor that he was going down the same road he'd been down before and that somebody would be getting hurt in the end. Nikki believed that Victor was alienating Victoria. Victor said he was trying to save Victoria from a lifetime of heartache.

Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and Jill, Kay, Chance, Murphy, Chloe and Philip greeted him. Billy said he had news to share. Billy explained that he and Victoria were getting married later in the day. Jill said that Billy must have a death wish. Jill then surmised that Victoria was having a baby. Kay and Murphy congratulated Billy. Jill worried that Victor would make Billy's life miserable. Jill declared that she would not be attending the wedding. Kay told Billy that she would convince Jill to go.

Philip offered to help Billy with wedding plans. Billy asked Philip to make sure that Gloria was handling the food and beverages. Philip said he would take care of it and walked out. Billy noticed that Chloe was drinking. Chloe thought it was ironic that Billy was marrying Victoria. Chloe speculated that his marriage to Victoria would be as much a debacle as Billy's marriage to Chloe had been.

Chloe said that her heart went out to Victoria because Victoria had no idea what it would be like to be married to Billy. Chloe wondered why Billy was so crazed to be married. Chloe thought it was Billy's way to be like his father.

Chance walked downstairs with Delia. Billy wanted Delia to be a flower girl in the wedding. Chloe walked out to get Delia's dress. Chance said that he wouldn't be able to go to the wedding because he had an appointment. Chance apologized to Billy for having never given him a chance. Billy realized that compared to Chance, Billy had been a screwup. Chance admitted that he'd made mistakes, too. Chance urged Billy to be happy. Chance then handed Delia to Billy.

Jill was in the living room at the mansion, admiring Liz's lace work. Jill realized that Liz had left Jill memories, while Neil Fenmore had only left Jill money. Kay pointed out to Jill that Billy would remember his wedding day, especially those who were there and those who weren't.

Nina arrived at the mansion and told Chance that Paul had been speaking with Cricket about Ronan. Nina couldn't understand why Christine supported Ronan when Nina was certain that Ronan was a dirty cop. Chloe listened from the other room as Chance stopped Nina from calling Christine.

Chance remembered that Nina had always been overprotective of him. Chance wanted Nina to enjoy life more and worry less. Chance sent Nina out of the house to watch the leaves change color.

Chloe walked in and told Chance that her suspicions were confirmed. Chloe believed that Chance was walking into a trap set by the drug dealers. Chloe feared that Chance was saying goodbye to everyone because he was afraid that he would not be returning. Chloe suggested that Chance skip the meeting entirely.

Chance explained why it was imperative that he attend the meeting. Chloe feared that the bad cops would kill Chance. Chance apologized to Chloe for having hurt her. Chance admitted that he'd been a jerk. Chance kissed Chloe's hand. Chloe said she would not forgive Chance if he wound up dead. Chance opened the front door and despite Chloe's request that he stay, Chance left.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria confirmed by phone that Judge Anderson would be presiding over the ceremony. Victoria was looking for J.T. Victoria told Jana and Daniel that she was marrying Billy in a few hours. Victoria asked for their help. Jana agreed to help Victoria find a dress.

Victoria said she needed a photographer and Daniel said he would do it as long as it was a paying job. Victoria was touched by their willingness to help, when the Newmans were giving Victoria such grief. Victoria asked if Jana would stand up for her at the ceremony. Jana grew emotional and said yes.

Daniel pointed out to Victoria that Billy had smeared every Newman in the pages of Restless Style, and yet Billy was marrying a Newman. J.T. overheard Daniel's comment and questioned Victoria about her plans. Victoria explained why she was marrying Billy.

Victoria wanted Reed to be at the wedding. Mac approached and agreed with Victoria that Reed should be there. Mac said that everything J.T. and Victoria did affected Reed, and Mac was on Reed's side. J.T. agreed to take Reed to the wedding.

Billy walked into Crimson Lights with Delia in his arms. Billy thanked Rafe for meeting him there. Billy explained that he was marrying Victoria and needed a best man. Rafe said he would be happy to stand up for Billy. Rafe said he couldn't pretend to understand Billy, but he was happy to be his friend.

Victoria showed up at the ranch and asked Victor if he would reconsider and attend the wedding. Victoria said that nothing Billy could ever do would be as hurtful as Victor refusing to support her on her wedding day. Nikki and Victoria turned to leave. Nikki told Victor to enjoy himself at home. Meggie walked into the room and saw that Victor was angry.

At the new house, Victoria was still in her robe, worried because Jana had yet to show up with wedding dresses. Nikki calmed Victoria down. Victoria was concerned that Billy wasn't home yet. Nikki assured her daughter that everything would be okay. Victoria wondered if Victor might appear at the last minute, but Nikki wasn't sure.

The door opened, and J.T. and Mac arrived with Reed. Reed rushed into Victoria's arms, excited that his mother was going to get married.

In front of the house, Billy buttoned his jacket and looked at the setup on the front lawn. Philip introduced Billy to Judge Anderson. Billy thought the judge looked familiar. Gloria was setting up the bar when she received a call that the bartender had cancelled. Gloria placed a call for a replacement.

Rafe appeared, and Billy introduced him to Philip. Billy left them to go into the house. Philip asked if Rafe had taken a date and Rafe explained that his boyfriend was out of town. Philip said that he had yet to meet his boyfriend, but was hopeful that he might find the right man at the wedding.

Billy knocked on the door to Victoria's room. Victoria said she wasn't ready. Billy tricked Victoria into thinking there was something wrong with the door by holding the doorknob as she tried to turn it. Billy said that the doorknob was a gift. Victoria was confused. Billy reminded Victoria that she had once bought him a doorknob. Victoria thought the doorknob was a sweet gesture.

Victoria asked Billy about the guests. Victoria was disappointed that her father and brother had yet to appear. Billy told Victoria that they had a lot of friends and a full bar. Billy asked if Victoria was ready to marry him, and Victoria said that she was.

In front of the house, Phyllis admired the surroundings. Phyllis wondered how many couples watched television weddings and imagined their own perfect weddings. Ashley appeared with Jack. Jack went directly to the bar for a drink. Murphy and Kay showed up with Jill in tow. Michael walked in alone, but approached Phyllis and showed her the printout of her blog. Phyllis smiled. Abby appeared with Vance Abrams, then smiled when she saw that Daniel was there to take pictures. Phyllis was surprised to see Nick appear.

Billy walked to the front lawn, and Rafe showed him all the guests who'd arrived. Billy smiled. In a voiceover, Phyllis commented that while Billy and Victoria might hope for a happy wedding day, the citizens of Genoa City had something else planned.

Upstairs, Victoria looked at a photo of Billy. At the ranch, Victor gazed at a photo of himself with Nikki and a five-year-old Victoria. Victor placed a call to be certain that everything was set for the wedding.

In a voiceover, Phyllis explained that unlike the happy situation comedies on television, father knows best in real life wasn't always a good thing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

At the ranch, Victor was alone in the living room, reminiscing about his daughter as a child. Victor remembered the time when Nikki was pregnant with Nikolas and how excited Victoria had been. Victor recalled how Victoria had offered to help change Nikolas' diapers. Victor also remembered a time when Victoria had asked him to never leave the family.

At the new house, Victoria was frantic on her wedding day. Victoria had a flashback memory, recalling that Victor had said that he would not attend the wedding. Victoria had told her father that his not appearing at the wedding would be more hurtful than anything Billy might ever do to her.

Gloria told Nikki and Victoria that the bartender she'd engaged for the wedding had backed out at the last minute. Gloria said she'd hired a replacement, and Deacon appeared at the door. Deacon told Victoria that she looked beautiful. Victoria was shocked at the sight of Deacon and told Gloria that Deacon could not be at her wedding. Nikki said that Gloria would have to serve drinks.

Victoria believed that having Deacon work the wedding would be bad luck. Gloria told Deacon he would have to leave. Deacon understood and walked out. Nikki and Nick both tried to get Victoria to calm down. When a waiter walked by with a tray of champagne flutes, Nikki refused a glass of champagne. Deacon noticed and also turned down a drink. Deacon sympathized with Nikki, recognizing that she was an alcoholic, too. Deacon said he struggled with his sobriety every day and it was particularly tough on him because he was a bartender.

Phyllis walked into Billy and Victoria's house. Phyllis was surprised that Deacon was there. Deacon said he had been hired to work the bar, but Victoria had asked him to leave. Phyllis offered to make Deacon her plus one for the wedding. Deacon wondered if Phyllis really wanted him to be her escort, or if Phyllis was just trying to tick off Nick. Phyllis thought she'd have fun with Deacon. Deacon agreed to be Phyllis' date.

Michael was stunned to see Deacon with Phyllis. Michael asked Phyllis why she was with Deacon. Phyllis smiled and urged Michael to relax. Michael wondered if Phyllis was trying to make Nick jealous by being with Deacon. Just then, Nick started towards Phyllis, but Michael stopped him. Michael told Nick that Victoria's wedding was more important than causing a scene over Deacon being Phyllis' date.

Mac questioned Billy about the wedding. Mac wondered if Billy was happy. Billy told Mac that he was marrying Victoria because Victoria was the right woman for him, not because of the baby. Mac and Billy agreed that they would always love each other.

Daniel took pictures of Jill, Murphy, Philip, and Kay before the wedding. Jill made cracks about Billy marrying Victoria. Jill thought their marriage would be a disaster because of Victor's attitude about Billy. Kay admonished Jill to speak nicely or not at all. Michael appeared and explained that Lauren wasn't there because she'd had an out-of-town trip planned to visit Scott. Jill said she was anxious to meet Scott.

Jack and Ashley were surprised that Abby had taken Vance to the wedding. Abby wondered if Victor would appear. Jack predicted an explosive wedding because of the Newman-Abbott combination. Abby reminded Jack that she was a "Newman-Abbott combo," and she was always interesting.

Nikki appeared on the lawn and seemed a bit shaky as the sun hit her eyes. Billy wondered if Nikki was all right. Nikki said she would be fine.

The wedding began. Reed and Summer walked down the aisle, and Jana carried Delia. Victoria appeared in a beautiful white gown, and everyone stood. Nick walked to Victoria's side and said he would not let his sister go through the wedding without his support. Nick escorted his sister down the aisle.

As the ceremony began, Billy and Victoria both agreed that they were ready to be married for real. Billy was thrilled to make Victoria an Abbott.

Judge Anderson began the ceremony by saying that the house reminded her of the home in which she had lived as a child. Judge Anderson hoped that Billy and Victoria would be living their dream by getting hitched. Billy encouraged the judge to skip the part of the ceremony when someone with an objection could speak up. Billy and Victoria also explained that there would be no rings because they were planning to get ring tattoos.

Victoria spoke about how Billy had once labeled her as an ice princess. Victoria liked that Billy had brought out the fun side of her. Victoria appreciated the freedom she'd found in her life with Billy, from trips to Jamaica to penny arcade dates and trips to tattoo parlors. Victoria looked forward to sharing an amazing ride with Billy.

Billy echoed Victoria's words. Billy said that while Victoria had been wound up when they'd first started dating, Billy hadn't been much fun either. Billy said he had not been happy until Victoria entered his life. Billy said that life was easy with Victoria, and they really worked well together. Billy said marrying Victoria was the smartest thing he would ever do.

Victoria thanked Billy for all the joy he'd brought to her life. Billy said she hadn't seen anything yet. Billy recited the marriage vows to Victoria. As Victoria started to speak her vows to Billy, two officers interrupted. The two officials announced that Victoria was under arrest for violating the laws governing foreign gifts. The officials handcuffed Victoria.

Before Victoria and Billy were separated, the judge declared them husband and wife. Victoria was dragged away and placed in a car. The car door was slammed in Billy's face. Billy said, "Damn you, Victor," realizing that his father-in-law had been responsible for Victoria's arrest.

At the ranch, Victor spoke on the phone. Victor was relieved that Victoria had been treated with respect. Victor said that he had done what was necessary to stop Victoria's wedding to Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Chance met Heather and tried to make amends with her. Chance admitted that he had been crazed about the case and that he'd treated her badly. Chance said that he hadn't been sure whom to trust and it had gotten to him. Chance assured Heather that he trusted her. Chance asked Heather to forgive him for hurting her. Heather was surprised to hear Chance's words. Heather thought it sounded like Chance was saying goodbye to her.

Heather asked if Chance had any backup for the sting. Chance said that he was no longer a member of the force, so Chance would be on his own. Heather offered to get Paul to go with Chance, but Chance said no. Heather asked Chance not to go. Heather admitted that her romance with Chance had been the real thing for her. Heather said that she loved Chance. Heather told him that it wasn't an easy thing for her to fall in love. Heather wanted Chance to know her feelings for him before Chance went to the drug bust.

Chance assured Heather that nobody was going to kill him. Chance asked Heather to trust him to be careful. Chance promised that he would return to Heather right after the meeting. Heather hugged him. Chance kissed her and said he would be back. Chance left the coffeehouse. Heather followed him out the door.

Owen and Meeks were checking the suitcases filled with drugs for the meeting with Chance. Ronan walked in and saw the stash. Owen confirmed that the drugs were fake, but that Chance would think they were the real thing. Owen made sure that Ronan took the untraceable gun. Ronan showed Owen the pistol. Owen told Ronan that he and Meeks would be watching to be sure that Ronan killed Chance. Owen warned Ronan that if he backed out, both Ronan and Chance would be killed.

At the Chancellor mansion, Heather confronted Chloe about Chance's mission. Heather asked if Chloe had tried to talk Chance out of going on such a risky assignment. Chloe said that she'd done her best, but Chance was determined to take down the dirty cops. Nina overheard Chloe and Heather's conversation about Chance. Nina asked Chloe and Heather if Chance was being set up.

Nina was worried that Chance had no backup. Heather explained that Chance had refused her suggestion that Paul go along with him. Nina was determined to protect her son. Nina placed a call to Paul.

Owen questioned Ronan about killing Chance. Ronan was confident that when the time was right, he'd shoot Chance. Owen reminded Ronan that he'd been reluctant when Owen first gave him the assignment. Ronan explained that he could put Chance out of commission by wounding him, and that would be less controversial.

Owen disagreed because he felt that Chance had been an annoyance. Owen wanted Chance dead. Meeks stopped Ronan from walking away. Owen wanted to make sure that Ronan wasn't wearing a wire. Ronan pushed Meeks away and told him never to touch him again. Ronan walked out of the warehouse.

A moment later, Chance entered the warehouse. Chance told Owen, Meeks, and the other cop to put up their hands. Chance was surprised when Owen faced him. Chance told Meeks and company to drop their weapons. Chance declared that the drugs would be going to Internal Affairs.

Owen called Chance a Boy Scout and predicted that he'd get a merit badge for bringing the D.A. down. Chance was sure that Owen and Meeks would be convicted. Owen said that Chance would never get the opportunity to testify against them. At that moment, Ronan entered the warehouse. Ronan stepped behind Chance and pointed a gun at his brother.

Paul called a friend in the police department and asked if he could track Chance. Nina believed that Ronan had set up Chance. Nina said that she had never trusted Ronan. Paul, Heather, and Chloe were all stunned to hear Nina's words. Nina wondered why they were surprised by her feelings. Nina asked Paul, Heather, and Chloe if they knew something about Ronan that she didn't know. Paul announced that it was time that Nina knew the truth.

Paul told Nina that Ronan was an FBI agent working undercover in Genoa City. Paul assured Nina that Ronan would not let Chance be hurt in the sting because Ronan was there to protect Chance. Heather said that Ronan was in charge of a federal investigation and that they had not be allowed to tell Nina because they'd been sworn to secrecy.

Chloe revealed that she hadn't known that Ronan was an FBI agent. Chloe said that she had another secret about Ronan. Nina was dumbstruck. Chloe told Nina that Ronan was Chance's brother. Ronan was the child Nina had lost. Nina was stunned. Chloe explained that Ronan had never wanted Nina to know that he was her child. Paul was surprised that Chance had learned the truth from Chloe. Paul's friend contacted him with Chance's whereabouts.

At the warehouse, Chance told Ronan that they were all going to Internal Affairs. Ronan told Chance to lower his weapon. Chance turned the gun on Ronan. Chance said that he'd known all along that Ronan was a dirty cop. Ronan said that Chance didn't know what he was talking about.

Owen urged Ronan to shoot Chance. Meeks made a move for the gun. Chance pointed the gun at Meeks. Ronan's gun moved from Meeks to Chance. Ronan fired. Chance was hit. Just then, Nina and Paul burst into the warehouse. Nina watched as Chance collapsed from a gunshot to the chest.

Chloe and Heather arrived moments later. Both women were stunned as a medic knelt over Chance and pronounced him dead. Ronan was shocked. Nina cried. Nina turned to Ronan and asked how he could have shot his own brother. Paul comforted Nina.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, CBS preempted its usual daytime lineup. As a result, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns were not shown today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 7, and pick up where the Friday, September 3 episodes concluded.

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Y&R EDITORIAL: Paris or bust
The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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