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Victoria accepted Billy's proposal, and they were elated to learn she was pregnant. Abby sued Victor for mismanaging her trust. Chloe told Chance that Ronan was his brother. Owen and Meeks ordered Ronan to kill Chance. Nikki craved alcohol.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 30, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, August 30, 2010

At Billy's trailer, Victoria kissed Billy and distracted him from his intention to have a workout at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Noticing Billy's misspelled tattoo, Victoria suggested Billy change into a shirt with sleeves. Billy complained that other shirts chafed his skin. Gloria phoned and told Billy that he could pick up the keys to his and Victoria's new house. Victoria told Billy that she was on her way to meet with Nikki. Billy asked Victoria if she planned to tell Nikki about the house, so in turn, Nikki could break to the news to Victor. Victoria thought for a moment and replied, "You know what? I don't really care about my father's reaction anyway. He's probably just going to bite my head off, but I've dealt with that before, so no big deal."

At the Newman ranch, Victor asked Nikki why she'd had trouble sleeping. Nikki explained that perhaps she was stressed over Adam and his lawsuit. Her brow furrowed, Nikki admitted that she'd suffered an overwhelming urge to drink. Victor assured Nikki that Adam had dropped the Newmans from his lawsuit. Nikki asked Victor if he planned to tell Jack that Skye had convinced Adam to drop the Newmans from the suit. Victor said that the last person he wanted to talk to was Jack.

Still reeling from her sudden and unexplainable craving for alcohol, Nikki said, "I think I'm going to call Katherine. I will call her today, and we'll talk about this whole thing, and I'll be okay." Meggie lingered nearby and overhead Nikki and Victor talking. In a flashback, Meggie recalled ordering drinks for herself, Katherine, and Nikki after Nikki requested a plain ginger ale with a straw. Meggie had told the bartender, "Three ginger ales, and make one of them a vodka and ginger ale, and put a straw in that one." Meggie smiled when she remembered watching Nikki unwittingly sip the mixed drink.

Later, Victoria stopped by the ranch and reminisced about old times with her mother. Nikki showed Victoria a photograph taken the day Victor had surprised his daughter and showed up at an equestrian event. Victoria, in a singsong voice, recalled how proud her father had been to learn she'd won a blue ribbon. Nikki reminded Victoria that her father had even chartered a jet, so he could attend the event.

Victoria told Nikki that she and Billy had purchased a house. Sounding exasperated, Nikki told Victoria that she didn't know what her daughter was trying to prove. Nikki added, "You had sex with him before you liked him, you married him before you got to know him, and you're buying a house before you even have a commitment!" Victoria said if it didn't work out, they'd just sell the house. Nikki threw her hands up in the air to express her displeasure. Victoria explained that instead of shutting down after all she had been through, she was moving on with her life and having fun with Billy. Nikki offered to tell Victor, but Victoria said she didn't care one way or the other.

After Victoria left, Meggie admired the photographs of Nikki, Victor, and their children when they were youngsters. Meggie explained that she'd never had kids and added that she mothered the lushes at her bar. Nikki admitted that bartenders with maternal instincts had helped her avoid trouble during her difficult years. Nikki eyed a decanter of vodka on a cart nearby, and sleepily rubbed her eyes. Meggie persuaded Nikki to go upstairs and take a nap. Nikki agreed.

After Nikki went upstairs, Meggie spied the decanter of vodka and said, "And I know just what you'll want when you wake up." Later, Meggie sat two fruity drinks on the bar cart and poured vodka into one and mixed the booze in with a straw. Nikki returned, and Meggie offered her a smoothie. Nikki took the drink, sipped it, and marveled at how good it tasted.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor was working out in the gym when Billy entered. Victor noticed Billy's tattoo and asked if he'd lost a bet. Victor said, "You have a damn tattoo with my name on it? Why?" Billy quipped, "Because I love you, big guy!" Billy explained that the tattoo artist had suffered a heart attack before he completed the tattoo. Victor laughed, but he seemed intrigued when Billy admitted giving the tattoo artist first aid.

After Billy left, Victor donned his gloves and boxed a punching bag. Victor recalled Ashley telling Adam that he'd been gaslighting her for months. Adam had responded, "You have false memories and hallucinations." Victor punched the bag with added vigor. Victor was breathing hard as he recalled Ashley sadly reporting that Adam hadn't told her anything when she had begged him to explain what had happened. Victor removed his gloves and phoned Ashley. In a message, he begged her to return his call because he had something to discuss.

After Billy and Victoria returned home, Billy admired the photo of Victoria sitting atop her horse with her proud mom and dad standing alongside. Victoria said that her mom had given her the photo as a housewarming present. Victoria added that her mother had urged her to make up with her father. Billy told Victoria about running into Victor at the club, and he said that Victor had laughed about the tattoo. Billy heard a knock at the door. A tattoo artist entered and explained that Victor had sent him to finish a tattoo. Billy gave the man some cash even though he said Victor had covered his fee. Victoria seemed pleased and said her dad often surprised her. Billy kissed Victoria gently.

At Jack's office, Jack told Ashley that Victor had most likely cut a deal with Adam. Ashley insisted that Jack would never negotiate with Adam. Jack scoffed and said, "I'm sure Victor just loves the fact that the Abbotts are still out there swinging in the wind." Jack suggested they question Skye. Jack noted that Adam hadn't included Sharon in the suit because he wanted to curry favor with her, therefore, Skye couldn't be happy.

Jack added that he'd had a few interesting conversations with Skye since he'd invested in her hedge fund. Ashley volunteered to occupy Adam while Jack questioned Skye. Jack warned Ashley to stay away from Adam for her own safety, and he cited the unfortunate instances when Adam had caused her to miscarry and the night he had abducted Faith. Ashley ignored Jack's advice and ordered him to call her after he spoke to Skye.

Ashley showed up at Adam's suite and blasted him for suing her after taking two daughters from her and nearly taking her sanity. Adam explained that he wanted to salvage what was left of his reputation. Tears welled in Ashley's eyes when she mentioned the daughter she'd lost through miscarriage. Ashley gazed directly into Adam's eyes and told him she could see right through him because she was no longer the same pathetic woman she'd been. Adam swallowed hard and suggested they should communicate through their lawyers. Raising her voice, Ashley warned Adam that she would find out what Victor knew and use the information to nail his ass to the wall. Ashley left after Jack called and told her to meet him at Gloworm.

At Gloworm, a depressed Kevin updated software on Gloria's computer system. Chloe arrived in a festive mood and proudly displayed the latest issue of Restless Style that featured her and Kevin on the cover. Kevin told Chloe that he'd just received his divorce papers. Chloe advised Kevin not to put off the inevitable and to sign the papers. Gloria saw the papers and urged Kevin to sign them, shut the door on Jana, and open his mind to new things.

After Chloe left, Gloria waved the commission check she'd earned from selling a house to Billy and Victoria in Kevin's face and offered to cheer him up with a shopping spree. Jack, who'd just arrived, overheard and snatched the check from Gloria's hand. Jack was surprised to hear that Billy and Victoria had purchased a house, and as he read the amount on the check, he reminded Gloria that she still owed him a small fortune from their settlement. Gloria retrieved the check and slipped it down into the front of her low-cut, leopard-print dress. Gloria ordered Jack to fight her for it. Jack saw Skye enter and told Gloria he'd contact his lawyer, instead.

Jack joined Skye and asked how Victor had convinced Adam to drop his lawsuit against the Newman family. Skye said she wouldn't discuss the matter unless there was something in it for her. Skye demanded that Jack encourage his country club friends, tennis buddies, and fellow executives to invest in her hedge fund. Jack warned that he couldn't solicit without running afoul of the SEC. Jack demonstrated his willingness to reciprocate by phoning a friend and suggesting he invest in the Newman fund.

After Jack ended the call to a prospective investor, he demanded to know what influence Victor had over Adam. Skye explained that she was the one with the influence. Skye told Jack that she'd threatened to testify that Adam had helped her fake her death, among other dastardly things. Skye added that Adam understood it was in his best interest to drop the suit against Victor and the Newmans. Skye added that she needed to focus Adam's attention on the hedge fund. As Skye rose to leave, she told Jack that she'd need firm commitments from his friends by the end of the day.

After Skye left, Ashley joined Jack. He explained that Skye would help them in order to keep Adam in line. Victor arrived and sat at a table with Ashley and Jack. Victor explained that Adam had forced Skye to write a phony diary accusing Dr. Taylor of harassment. Ashley realized that Adam had blackmailed Dr. Taylor with the fake diary, so the doctor would convince Ashley that she was still pregnant after she'd suffered the miscarriage. Victor admitted that he was sharing the information with Ashley to give her a sense of closure. Ashley said she didn't have closure yet, but she would, as she rose abruptly to leave.

After Ashley left, Victor saw Billy and Victoria talking animatedly with Gloria. Jack explained that Billy and Victoria had bought a house. Gloria gave Victoria and Billy their house keys, but Victor stood up and blocked their way out of the club. Victoria begged her father not to cause a scene as he loomed menacingly before the couple. Billy chuckled when Victor asked if the tattoo had turned out all right. Victor quipped that he'd done it for his own peace of mind.

Billy said he understood and thanked Victor. As Victor tuned to leave, Victoria was surprised and asked, "That's it?" Victor told Victoria that he wouldn't intervene in lost causes, so she could do whatever she wanted.

At their suite, Skye and Adam argued about her interference in his lawsuit after she pressed him to lure more investors into the Newman hedge fund. Adam claimed they could have had millions. Adam said, "Jack's not going to get off that easily after what he did to me." After Skye returned from her meeting with Jack, she told Adam that Jack would have done most anything to make the suit go away. Adam clenched his jaw and asked Skye how much she'd told him. Skye responded, "Hardly anything, but if you don't call Vance and drop the suit against the Abbotts, I am going to spill my guts."

Adam phoned Vance and told him to drop the Abbotts from his suit. Skye heard a knock and opened the door. In a rage, Ashley entered and told Skye that she was just as twisted as Adam was. Ashley mentioned the fake journal. Skye threatened to call security. Ashley told Adam that she wanted to put her nightmare behind her, and she warned him that she wouldn't rest until she took everything away from him.

At Crimson Lights, Jana arrived looking nervous. She asked a server if Kevin would be there. Jana managed a feeble smile when the server answered that Kevin would be in after doing a favor for his mother. Jana noticed a copy of Restless Style with Kevin and Chloe's photo on the cover. She quietly ripped the cover off and tore it into pieces. Chloe stopped by the coffeehouse, and Jana intercepted her and cried that she had no one else to talk to about Kevin. Chloe insisted that she wasn't in a relationship with Kevin. Jana admitted that she'd made a mistake leaving him.

As Chloe fidgeted, Jana rubbed her head and sobbed that if she had allowed Kevin to help her, she could have had her life back. Desperate, Jana pleaded with Chloe to share what Kevin had confided to her. Chloe maintained that she always did all of the talking. Kevin arrived, and Chloe left hurriedly. Kevin sat across from Jana, and she reached across the table to touch his hands, but Kevin retracted his arms.

Kevin stammered before showing Jana the divorce papers. Jana began crying, rose from her chair, and ran out the door to the patio. Kevin followed her and explained that there wasn't much left of their assets to split. Jana sobbed and begged Kevin for another chance. As he signed the papers, Kevin explained that trying again would cause more pain. After Kevin stood up, Jana gently caressed his face and hugged him tightly. Kevin pulled away and said, "Goodbye."

Chloe later returned to the coffeehouse, and Kevin told her that he'd signed his divorce papers and wanted to be alone. Chloe teased that she and Kevin had reached stardom with their cover photo; therefore, they were cool and sexy. Chloe was bantering happily with Kevin when Jana returned. Jana stood in the doorway and warily watched Kevin and Chloe jovially interacting with each other.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was set up with her laptop, writing her blog, "A Woman Scorned." Phyllis wrote that she was going to expand her vision so it wasn't "just all about" Phyllis. Phyllis renamed her blog, "The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City."

At the spa, Lauren walked in just as Ashley had finished with a manicure. Lauren heard about a new Jabot color that was being launched, jungle rouge. Lauren wanted to get the polish into Fenmore's, which Ashley promised would happen after a brief exclusive in some other shops. Lauren worried that Jill might interfere with the deal, since Jill was an equal partner in Fenmore's. Ashley suggested that perhaps Jill would be more amenable because she'd gotten what she wanted. Lauren wasn't so sure.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill was on the phone, learning that her instructions had been followed.

At the ranch, Nikki was drawn to the liquor bottles. Nikki smelled the decanter, then poured a shot into a glass and put it to her mouth. Tears streamed down her face as Nikki fought the urge to drink. Suddenly, Nikki woke up on the couch. The drinking incident had been a dream.

Meggie appeared in the living room and asked if Nikki had slept all night on the couch. Nikki explained she had dozed off while reading. Meggie offered Nikki some tea or a smoothie, but Nikki declined because she had an appointment. Nikki walked out of the living room.

In the sauna at the spa, Nikki found Ashley there alone. Nikki mentioned that she was a bit tired from dealing with the children and making plans for the wedding. Ashley wished the best for Nikki and Victor. Ashley felt grateful that she had survived the past year, including her marriage to Victor. Ashley saw her time with Victor as a disease. Ashley commented that Nikki's love for Victor was selfless and special. Ashley apologized for not being very nice to Nikki after Sabrina's death. Nikki appreciated Ashley's words. Nikki complained about the heat, and Ashley agreed that a sauna in August might not be a great idea. They walked out of the sauna.

Ashley told Nikki that it was her hope that Victor had changed and would make Nikki happy. Nikki thanked Ashley, then walked off. Phyllis was at the manicure table and overheard the last of Nikki and Ashley's conversation.

At Lauren's office in Fenmore's, Lauren walked in to find that Jill had rearranged the furniture and added a new desk for Jill directly opposite Lauren's. Jill explained that as half-owner of Fenmore's, she was entitled to an office. Lauren suggested that Jill get an office at corporate headquarters. Jill said that she wanted half of everything Fenmore, including Lauren's office.

Lauren returned to the spa and wondered why she had ever gone to the office. Lauren made a call to confirm a management meeting. Lauren learned that it had been cancelled. Lauren looked up and saw that Jill was fixing a cup of tea in the lounge and watching Lauren.

Lauren confronted Jill and warned her not to mess with her or the company. Lauren began texting messages, which Jill then texted in opposition. To get back at Jill, Lauren filled her manicure bowl with green gel. Jill looked over and saw that Lauren was smiling over her chicanery. Later, in the sauna, Jill and Lauren got into a competition over who could steam up the room the most.

Back in the lounge, Lauren swiped Jill's copy of Restless Style. Jill called Lauren greedy. Lauren ripped the magazine in half and gave her sister half the magazine.

In the yoga class at the spa, Victoria was on a mat when Mac joined her. Victoria asked Mac how the move into J.T.'s had gone. Mac said it was fine and inquired about Victoria's new house purchase with Billy. Victoria described the retro house to Mac. Victoria thought it was strange that Victoria was moving in with Mac's ex, while Mac was moving in with Victoria's ex. Chloe arrived and saw Victoria and Mac, noting that it looked like a meeting of the Billy Abbott fan club. Chloe noted there hadn't been a good cat fight in Genoa City since her wedding; she was clearly trying to instigate a spat between Victoria and Mac over their significant others.

When Victoria bent over into a yoga pose, Chloe saw the Billy tattoo and asked Victoria about it. Chloe got down on a mat and needled Victoria, saying that the tattoo was a tramp stamp and Victoria looked desperate with Billy's name inked on her butt. Chloe declared that Billy would dump Victoria in time. Mac intervened and defended Billy to Chloe, pointing out that Billy had gotten a tattoo, too, and that Billy and Victoria had bought a house together.

Chloe was surprised. Mac defended Billy's love for Victoria. Victoria appreciated Mac's intervention, but asked her to stop. Chloe took another shot at Billy by saying that Delia would need therapy from all of her father's girlfriends. Victoria brought up the Restless Style cover with Chloe and Kevin; Victoria said that if Kevin were a Chancellor, Chloe would have forced him to propose. Mac and Victoria got up and walked out. Chloe followed them.

In the hallway, Phyllis hid behind a copy of Restless Style, having eavesdropped on everything they'd said.

Heather entered Crimson Lights and called out to Chloe as she was passing by. Heather asked Chloe for help in convincing Chance to stop pursing the case because Chance was in danger. Heather believed that Chloe could make Chance listen. Heather asked Chloe why she'd returned the engagement ring by slipping it under Heather's door. Heather surmised that Chloe did it because of Ronan.

Chloe said she'd returned the ring because Chance was screwing Heather. Heather dissed Chloe's engagement, saying that Chance would have never been happy with Chloe. Chloe lashed out at Heather for being a moron because Heather believed that Ronan was a dirty cop. Heather said as a man, Ronan was a pig. Heather thought Ronan was perfect for Chloe because they were both seriously flawed. Chloe defended Ronan to Heather. Heather realized that Chloe had feelings for Ronan.

Back at the spa, Victoria was texting when Ashley approached to tell her that there was no work allowed there. Victoria said she wasn't working; she was having fun by ordering stuff for her new home. Ashley hadn't heard that Billy and Victoria had bought a house together. Victoria invited Ashley to visit. Victoria said that Ashley probably had doubts about an Abbott and a Newman working out together. Ashley said buying the house was a bold move. Ashley knew that Victor's shadow loomed large over his relationships, but once out of the shadow, a person could feel free. Victoria appreciated Ashley's support. Victoria said she would have an incredible future, and Victoria wasn't going to squander the chance.

Abby met her mother in the lounge after receiving a massage. Ashley said she was there for a full day of treatments. Abby asked if Ashley was doing it for Tucker. Ashley said no, but wondered if Abby would do a day of beauty for Daniel. Abby said no, adding that because of her mother's example, she would never do anything just to please a man.

Ashley realized that what had happened at the ranch after Ashley married Victor had upset Abby. Ashley said Adam had been the cause of her mental breakdown, not Ashley's relationship with Victor. Abby mentioned how Ashley had followed Victor to Paris and other places around the world just to be with a man or to get away from one. Abby said she would never make a decision based on whether a man loved her or not. Ashley admitted she had done some extreme things in the name of love. Ashley didn't regret her decisions because good came out of them, like Abby.

Abby was not convinced. Abby would never succumb to being a slave for any man. Ashley felt she and Abby were of the same mind. Ashley said she would never, ever be secondary to a man again. Ashley was confident that she could have a relationship with a man without losing herself. Abby wondered what would happen if the man didn't deserve Ashley. Ashley assured her daughter that Ashley was strong enough to deal with whatever happened in her life.

Jill and Lauren's fight spilled over from the sauna into the lounge, where Mac and Victoria were resting. Lauren accused Jill of trying to destroy Fenmore's. Ashley and Abby were there, too, and Abby wished she had her video camera to capture Lauren and Jill fighting. Mac and Victoria wondered if they should intervene. Abby and Ashley thought they should sell tickets.

Phyllis and Summer strolled into the park. Summer saw Sharon and rushed over to say hello. Phyllis sent Summer to chase butterflies. Phyllis told Sharon that if Sharon wanted to play house with Nick, it was all right with Phyllis just as long as Summer was not included in the arrangements. Sharon said that she had been at the tack house for safety reasons, but Nick had stayed at the club. Sharon explained that she had moved back into her house without Nick. Phyllis said that Nick had not told Phyllis that he was at the club.

Sharon claimed that Nick was a good man, but Phyllis told Sharon that Nick had been at Jimmy's Bar, sucking face with an unknown blonde recently. Later, Sharon was on the swings with Faith while Phyllis pushed Summer. Phyllis was telling Sharon about Nick's blonde friend at Jimmy's. Phyllis had thought the blonde was Sharon, but then Phyllis had run into Sharon at the coffee house. Sharon recalled that Phyllis had urged Sharon to call Nick that night so Sharon would find out about the blonde herself. Sharon also recalled that Summer spent that night with her father.

Sharon told Summer that her mommy had jumped to a wrong conclusion. Sharon didn't believe that Nick had been with another woman. Phyllis said it was his style. Phyllis thought that Sharon was upset by the story but wasn't letting Phyllis know how much. Sharon said she was grateful for the good things in her life. Sharon walked away with Faith. Phyllis mocked Sharon for being a Pollyanna.

Back at Crimson Lights, Heather again asked Chloe to reach out to Chance, but Chloe told Heather to do it herself. Chloe's credit card was missing, and Chloe implied that Heather had stolen it like Heather had stolen Chance from Chloe. Heather concluded the conversation by saying Chloe would be happier with Ronan. Heather exited the coffeehouse and Chloe walked off to find her credit card. At a table, Phyllis had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Phyllis walked over to Chloe on the Crimson Lights patio and mentioned that she'd heard Chloe and Heather's heated conversation. Phyllis sympathized with Chloe's broken engagement. Chloe said some nice guys couldn't be trusted. Phyllis advised Chloe to go for the heartless guy, but not to cry and whine about it afterwards. Phyllis said she hated women like that. Phyllis said she was fed up with patsies and Pollyannas. Phyllis announced that it was time to put on the big girl pants and do something important. She walked off, and Chloe found herself agreeing with Phyllis. Chloe called Ronan and asked him to call her back because Chloe wanted to see him.

Phyllis returned to her laptop and, despite chipping a nail, she sent an email to everyone on her contact list urging them all to read her juicy, new blog.

At the manicure table, Heather was finishing her nails when Chloe walked in. Chloe said she was there for her credit card. Chloe accused Heather of even stealing her nail color. Heather told Chloe to get out of her face.

Lauren and Jill were still fighting in the lounge. Sharon walked in and saw that everyone was watching the Fenmore sisters go at it. Jill called Lauren a sheep for following the herd. Lauren called Jill a rat. Sharon asked Mac and Victoria about the fight and they gave Sharon the lowdown.

All the cell phones rang at the same time, and the women in the spa checked their messages. Victoria was surprised to read that Phyllis had a blog. Chloe commented that Phyllis had not said a word to her about a blog. Sharon read the title, "The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City."

Phyllis walked back into the spa. The women turned and stared at her. Phyllis explained that she had chipped a nail. Ashley began to read from Phyllis' blog. Phyllis said that the woman Phyllis described wasn't Ashley. Jill read about a woman who stole "the whole damn store." Phyllis claimed that was just a figure of speech. Chloe read a passage about a patsy and Sharon inquired about a line in which Phyllis wrote about Prince Hunkalicious.

Mac and Heather were irked by portions concerning Miss Do-Gooder, who was really Hussy McTrollop. Abby took exception to the words about a girl who had a crush on herself. Abby wanted Phyllis to use her name in the future and add a link to Abby's web site. Sharon said her favorite part was how a woman who'd been wronged would bleed jungle rouge nail polish. Sharon told Phyllis she was shameless.

Phyllis said the blog had not been about the ladies and if they thought it was, that was just their guilt kicking in. The ladies all verbally attacked Phyllis for putting the blog on the Internet, but Phyllis was thrilled by their reaction. After getting their comments off their chests, the ladies all departed and left Phyllis alone in the lounge. Phyllis remained until the staff began cleaning up for the day. Phyllis walked out.

Kay led Nikki into the living room at the Chancellor mansion and asked Nikki what was wrong. Nikki told Kay about her dream where she had the urge to drink. Nikki described how vivid the dream had been. Kay understood the urge. Nikki felt like the alcohol was in her. Kay told Nikki not to feel that way. Kay reminded Nikki that it had been a dream, and Nikki was still sober. Nikki feared that the dream was a sign that she should not marry Victor.

Kay wondered why Nikki felt that way and Nikki recalled that her last experience falling off the wagon had been in Mexico after Victor had ripped her heart out when he was grieving over Sabrina. Nikki wondered if her dream had been about the fear that Victor would do that to her again. Nikki said she loved Victor, but without him, Nikki didn't feel whole. Nikki worried that she might have to choose Victor or sobriety. Kay said Nikki could have both. Kay demanded that Nikki embrace staying off the bottle as an imperative.

Kay conceded that Nikki and Victor had been through their ugly moments. Kay still felt Nikki and Victor had a great devotion for each other. Kay didn't believe that Victor was a threat to Nikki's sobriety. Kay said she had asked the two of them to have the wedding at her house so they could finally get married and stay married. Kay told Nikki to find a hobby other than getting divorced. Kay told Nikki to not let a dream spoil her chance for happiness with Victor.

At the ranch. Meggie poured herself a cup of tea. Meggie lifted her cup as she looked at Victor's photo and said, "Cheers, lover."

Nikki returned to the ranch. Meggie asked how Nikki was feeling, and Nikki said she was energized and planned on going horseback riding before making more wedding plans. Nikki asked Meggie to make her a smoothie like she'd made her the night before. Meggie agreed.

Kay read "The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City" on her phone. "As if Genoa City isn't bitchy enough," Kay said to herself. Kay read about a minx with brains, looks, and a good family who was playing with fire. Phyllis had written that the minx might finally be burned. While reading the passage, a woman's hand, wearing a fresh coat of jungle rouge polish, reached for a pregnancy test from the pharmacy shelf.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Billy and Victoria moved into their new home. They were both excited about the experience, but also shocked that they were really doing it. The movers carried in the boxes, and Billy and Victoria directed them. Billy and Victoria anticipated how the house would feel when their kids were there to make the house a home. It was the first day of school and Billy and Victoria marveled at how fast the summer had flown by. Victoria was sad that she hadn't been able to get Reed ready for school that morning.

At J.T.'s, Mac prepared Reed's backpack for school. J.T. watched Mac caring for his child. Reed told his father that wanted his special breakfast before school, French toast with bananas. Mac offered to fix it for him. Reed went into the kitchen to get started. J.T. thanked Mac for taking care of Reed. Mac told J.T. she was happy to help, but Mac warned J.T. that he hadn't tasted her French toast.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin posed with Delia for a photo, since it was Delia's first day of school. Jana walked in and when she spoke to Kevin, Jana asked about the picture. Kevin told Jana that it was Delia's first day at Tiny Tots. Kevin said he was filling in for Billy, who would be meeting Delia and Chloe later.

Jana said she was there to pick up her last paycheck. Kevin offered to let Jana continue working at the coffeehouse until she found another job. Jana declined. Kevin asked Jana if she'd signed the divorce papers. Jana explained that she wasn't able to make herself sign the documents. Kevin told Jana that Chloe said that life was like a closet, and some things had to go when they no longer fit. Jana understood the message. Kevin left to get Jana's check.

Victoria and Billy showed up at the coffeehouse. Billy was happy to see Delia and hugged his daughter. Chloe was upset with Billy for being late. Chloe said Kevin had been forced to fill in on the family photos. Billy said that he and Victoria had been busy moving into the new house. Victoria saw Mac and J.T. arrive with Reed. Reed mentioned that he had eaten French toast for breakfast. Victoria was happy for Reed and reminded her son that he was going to her new house after school. J.T. looked on without smiling.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance asked his father how long he was staying in Genoa City. Philip said he wasn't sure because he had some business to work out with Cane. Nina suggested that Chance visit Philip in Australia to get to know his father better. Chance knew that Nina wanted Chance to be far away from the drug investigation. Nina admitted that she was concerned. Chance said he'd found a way to bring the case to a close.

Nina was still worried that Chance was in danger. Philip asked if Chance and Chloe were likely to reconcile after the case closed. Chance said that Chloe had returned his engagement ring. Murphy and Kay offered Chance their support.

Paul arrived with news about the investigation into Nina's long-lost son. Nina explained to the group that Paul had found a lead. Paul explained that Nina's son was named Aiden Lansing and that they had found a photograph of Aiden. Paul was having a forensics expert age the image so they could try to identify Aiden. Chance, Kay, and Murphy were supportive of Nina's desire to find her first son. Nina was relieved that they didn't think she was insane to try to find her long-lost child. Philip believed that when Nina found Aiden, her son would see what a great job Nina had done with Chance. Kay encouraged Nina to look forward to finding her son and not regret the years that she had missed with him.

At Crimson Lights, Meeks offered Ronan a chance to make a score. Ronan was anxious to meet the other cops involved. Heather walked in and interrupted Ronan and Meeks. Meeks walked away. Ronan said he needed Heather's help. Heather was loath to help Ronan because of how he'd treated her. Ronan wanted Heather to spy on Chance for him. Heather laughed at the idea.

Ronan tried to convince Heather that he needed her help and that Ronan's life might be on the line. Heather said she didn't care. Ronan said mistakes had been made, especially by Chance, but the investigation had to continue. Ronan declared that a two-year Federal investigation was on the line. Ronan thought that Heather was sharp enough to see that Ronan was right to have done the things he did. Heather refused to spy on Chance.

Ronan insisted that Chance was a problem, and Chance could be walking into danger. Heather didn't buy into Ronan's doom and gloom projections. Heather thought Ronan overplayed the danger. Heather told Ronan to take his FBI badge and vast experience and return to Washington. Heather never wanted to see Ronan again.

Ronan insisted that Heather would help him because it was necessary. Heather said the only side she was on was Chance's. When Ronan implied that Chance would repay Heather's loyalty with sex, Heather tried to smack Ronan's face. Ronan caught her hand to stop the slap.

Chance went to Kevin's apartment to ask Chloe about the way she had returned his engagement ring. Chloe let on that she had heard Chance and Heather making love, which was why she hadn't knocked on the door. Chance told Chloe that he still loved her. Chance asked her to take the ring back. Chloe wasn't interested.

Chance was sorry that he had ever hurt Chloe. Chance was grateful for how Chloe had changed his life. Chloe knew that Chance was sincere, but Chloe was no sucker. Chloe was glad that she had been Chance's first, but she was sure she wouldn't be his last. Chloe was letting Chance go.

Back at the coffeehouse, Heather pushed Ronan away from her and said Ronan couldn't force her to cooperate. Ronan said that the triangle between Heather, Chloe, and Chance was irrelevant to him. Heather said they weren't living in a police state, and Heather couldn't be compelled to do what Ronan asked. Heather said she wanted nothing to do with helping Ronan. Heather stood by her principles and refused to help in any way. Ronan said it would be on Heather's conscience when something happened to Chance.

At Kevin's apartment, Chloe answered the cell phone, not realizing it was Chance's phone. Chance had left it behind. Chloe read a text message from a reporter named Harding. It said that Chance would be meeting with Harding. Chance showed up looking for his cell phone. Chloe handed it to Chance and said that she knew Chance was going meet with Harding. Chance admitted that he planned to tell Harding about Ronan being dirty and how Chance had been set up by other corrupt figures in law enforcement.

Chloe asked Chance not to follow through with the meeting because it might be dangerous. Chloe believed that Ronan was right about Chance being in jeopardy. Chance didn't care what Ronan thought. Chance added that Ronan would never know about Chance's meeting with Harding. After Chance left, Chloe placed a call and told someone that they had to meet.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin handed Gloria a cup of coffee and she paid Kevin. Kevin was surprised because Gloria had never bought a cup of coffee before or left him a tip. Gloria asked how Kevin was doing financially with the coffee house. Kevin said that on a scale of one to ten, his troubles were a twenty. Gloria blamed Jana for Kevin's financial troubles. Gloria thought Jana should be bailing out the Crimson Lights debt by getting a job and contributing. Kevin didn't blame Jana.

Gloria said that Jeffrey wanted Kevin to work for Gloworm as the head of computer support and accounting. Kevin suspected that Jeffrey and Gloria had created the job for him. Gloria said that wasn't the case. Gloria wanted Kevin to consider the offer.

A woman named Miss Morton interviewed Jana for a job involving art. Miss Morton read Jana's resume and believed that Jana was overqualified for the position. Jana offered to volunteer for a week on the job, and if Jana proved herself, Miss Morton would hire her. Miss Morton agreed to that arrangement.

At Tiny Tots, Miss Morton greeted Reed on his first day back at school. Miss Morton welcomed Delia, too, and thought Reed would show her around. Reed and Delia were introduced to the new art teacher. It was Jana.

Back at J.T.'s, J.T. and Mac were surprised that Jana was working at the school. Mac said sometimes people ended up exactly where they belonged. J.T. admitted to Mac that he'd screwed up with love in the past, but J.T. was committed to not making mistakes with Mac. J.T. had a present for Mac. Mac was surprised. J.T. said it was a welcome gift. Mac opened the box and found towels. J.T. mentioned that Reed didn't need to be picked up for an hour. J.T. asked Mac to take a shower with him.

At the new house, Billy announced that all the empty boxes had been placed in recycling. Billy said he wanted to take pictures of the new house. Victoria tried to reach for her purse to get the camera, but Billy grabbed it first. Billy found a pregnancy test kit in the pocketbook and held it up to show Victoria. Billy asked Victoria if she was pregnant. Victoria said she wasn't sure, and she hadn't mentioned it to Billy because she didn't want them to get their hopes up. Billy said that they should find out immediately. Victoria agreed.

Paul answered a call from the forensic expert working on the photo and walked out of the room. Nina was excited about the prospect of seeing a photo of her long-lost son. Philip told Nina that he was sorry that he had missed Christine's visit. Philip hoped that Paul was treating Nina well. Nina laughed and asked if Philip would beat up Paul if he weren't treating Nina well. Philip said he would.

Jill showed Kay and Murphy the photos of the children she'd taken that morning. Jill mentioned that she remembered taking Philip to school, but that was when she thought he was a Chancellor, and Jill had learned that she had always been a Fenmore. Kay and Murphy were fed up to hear Jill mention the name Fenmore.

Heather returned home and found Chance waiting for her. Chance explained that he had met with Chloe. Chance said he and Chloe had officially ended their relationship. Chance said he was okay about things, but he was determined to crack the case. Chance refused to tell Heather about his plan. Heather asked Chance not to leave, but Chance said he had to clear his name. Chance kissed Heather. Chance said that he trusted Heather to support him.

Chloe returned to Crimson Lights to meet with Ronan. Chloe wasn't sure whether to tell Ronan about Chance's plans. When Chloe sat at Ronan's table, Ronan listened as Chloe apologized for her overreaction at her apartment the other night. Chloe said she hadn't liked the idea that Ronan was using her to keep tabs on Chance. Ronan said that he really enjoyed spending time with Chloe.

Ronan confessed that he'd avoided romantic relationships in the past because of his police work. Chloe was sure the right woman was out there for Ronan. Chloe seemed reluctant to speak, and Ronan thought Chloe wanted to say more than just "I'm sorry." Ronan told Chloe that if she knew something about Chance, Chloe could trust him.

At Tiny Tots, J.T. and Mac picked up Reed, and Jana said goodbye to them all. Esther arrived to retrieve Delia. Jana was surprised that Chloe wasn't there and assumed Chloe was with Kevin. Esther said Chloe had gone to an appointment. After Esther left with Delia, Jana placed a call to Kevin. Kevin looked at the cell phone and saw that it was Jana calling. Gloria asked Kevin if he was going to answer the phone. Kevin said no, but he told Gloria that he would accept the job at Gloworm.

Heather went to see Chloe at Kevin's. Heather asked if Chance had confided in Chloe about his plan. Heather asked Chloe to tell her where Chance had gone because he was in grave danger.

Chance walked into an alley behind Jimmy's, looking for Harding.

Back in her apartment, Heather called Ronan to say that she knew Chance's plan. Ronan listened to Heather's information, then walked out of Crimson Lights. Meeks called someone to say that Ronan was on the move. Meeks followed Ronan.

At the new house, Victoria walked downstairs and announced that the pregnancy results would be ready soon. Billy wasn't there, however. Victoria wasn't sure where he'd gone.

Billy sat at Jimmy's Bar and when the bartender poured him a shot, Billy asked him to leave the bottle.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Victor entered Crimson Lights while speaking on the phone with Jack. Victor asked Jack about their plan to entrap Skye and Adam. Victor was pleased to hear about Jack's progress. Jack and Victor both agreed that destroying Skye and Adam by using their greed against them was sweet justice.

At Gloworm, Abby watched as Jack ended his call to Victor. Abby asked Jack what the next step was in their plan to get Abby access to her trust funds. Jack said he'd been working on her case and had hired an attorney for Abby. Just then, Vance Abrams joined them at their table, and Abby was stunned. Abby disliked Vance for what he'd done to Ashley in Adam's hearing. Jack told Abby that Vance was an excellent attorney, and Abby should work out her differences with him. Jack advised Abby to engage Vance and make sure there was no connection to Jack. Jack left the two of them at the table.

At the coffeehouse, Ashley approached Victor and informed him that Abby claimed she wanted to take some college classes. Victor was skeptical about Abby's intentions. Tucker walked up and joined Victor and Ashley. Victor criticized Tucker's plans for a particular cosmetic company acquisition. Tucker didn't respond to Victor's zinger. Victor walked away, and Tucker told Ashley it was time for them to proceed with their plans to get Beauty of Nature from Victor.

Abby told Vance that Ashley could not be named in any lawsuit to get Abby's trust fund assets. Vance had been informed about Abby's wishes, and he was leaving Ashley out of the suit. Vance asked Abby if she would be ready for the avalanche of publicity the lawsuit would generate because of his fame and Abby's notoriety. Abby welcomed the publicity. Vance explained to Abby that her Newman trust fund had suffered significant losses because of Victor's mismanagement.

Vance asked Abby to sign a motion asking the court to put Abby in charge of her holdings. Abby took the pen and signed the document. As Vance stood up to leave, he turned to see Victor. Victor asked Vance what a shark like Vance had been doing with Victor's daughter. Vance smiled and exited.

Victor sat at Abby's table and asked her why Vance had been speaking with her. Abby claimed that Vance had made a pass at her, but that Abby knew how to handle the situation. Victor asked Abby if she was serious about attending college classes. Abby said she was, but Victor informed her that the semester had already commenced. Abby countered that she still had time to sign up for some business classes. Victor told Abby that Vance Abrams did not have Abby's best interests at heart. Victor warned Abby that it would be a mistake for Abby to cross her father.

In the alley behind Jimmy's, Chance prepared for his meeting with Harding. Ronan appeared and called out to Chance. Meeks showed up unexpectedly and Ronan drew a gun on him. Meeks said that he would take care of the Boy Scout himself. Ronan and Meeks overheard Chance speaking. Chance said that he was going to name names and blow the lid off the corruption in the Genoa City Police Department.

Meeks pulled his gun and looked for Chance. Ronan watched, unsure what to do. Meeks discovered a boom box playing a recording of Chance offering to name names. From a car at the end of the alley, Chance photographed Meeks and Ronan with their guns drawn. Meeks said he was sick and tired of Chance. Meeks wanted Chance dead.

Heather ended a call on her cell phone and was surprised when Chloe walked into her apartment unannounced. Chloe asked Heather whom she had been speaking to on the phone. Chloe had overheard Heather reveal Chance's whereabouts to that person. Heather told Chloe that knew what she was doing. Chloe suspected that Heather had called Ronan. Chloe told Heather that if anything happened to Chance because of Heather blabbing to Ronan, Chloe would hold Heather responsible.

Chance appeared at Chloe's doorstep and he accused Chloe of tipping off Ronan about Chance's meeting in the alley. Chloe denied telling Ronan. Chloe was offended that Chance believed she would do that to him. Chance said that part of his plan was that Chloe would betray him. Chance took Chloe's cell phone and saw that Chloe had called Ronan several times. Chloe told Chance to get out of her face and check with Heather, the woman who had broken up their engagement. Chloe implied that Heather, not Chloe, had called Ronan.

Meeks and Ronan met with a couple of other cops in Jimmy's. Meeks said the boss wanted Chance taken care of right away.

Alone in the living room of the new house, Victoria called Billy and left a message on his phone saying that she was upset that he'd disappeared while Victoria was taking the pregnancy test. J.T. and Reed appeared at the door. J.T. reminded Victoria that she had had a visit planned with Reed. Reed showed his mother a picture that he'd drawn for Victoria. Victoria promised to display it in the house. J.T. asked about Billy whereabouts, but Victoria dodged his question.

Victoria encouraged Reed to explore his new room. J.T. thought that Victoria was a fool to trust Billy. J.T. didn't think a new home would convince the courts that Victoria was a more stable parent for Reed that J.T. was. Victoria was happy with Billy and asked J.T. to be happy for her, since Victoria had moved on with her life. Victoria asked J.T. not to judge her. J.T. said he had moved on with Mac, as well.

Billy was at Jimmy's Bar, getting drunk and babbling about becoming a father again. Mac approached and took the bottle away from Billy. Mac asked what Billy meant about having another baby. Mac asked if Victoria was pregnant. Billy said he wasn't sure. Billy told Mac that he had left the house before Victoria had taken the pregnancy test. Mac insisted that Billy return to Victoria right away.

At the coffeehouse, Ashley suggested to Tucker that J.T. might be a valuable asset in their plan to get Beauty of Nature from Victor. Tucker said that J.T. had turned down his offer to work for them in the past. Ashley said that J.T. no longer had a conflict of interest because J.T. and Victoria were divorced. Ashley said that she'd asked J.T. to meet them at Crimson Lights. J.T. arrived a moment later and said hello to Tucker and Ashley.

Ashley asked J.T. to do security work for Jabot. Ashley wanted J.T. to head up their investigation into Beauty of Nature and the Newman lock on the Japanese market. Tucker and Ashley asked J.T. if he would work for them as a security specialist. J.T. said he would not hack into computers or break the law. Ashley assured him that was not why they wanted him. Ashley and Tucker offered J.T. a future in the company after they acquired Beauty of Nature. J.T. wanted guarantees that protected his activities. J.T. and Ashley agreed to his conditions, and J.T. agreed to work for them.

After J.T. left, Jack greeted Tucker and Ashley. Jack approved of Ashley and Tucker hiring J.T. to work on Beauty of Nature. Ashley walked away to get her briefcase, and Tucker asked Jack how things were progressing with his angle on Beauty of Nature. Jack told Tucker that Jack had convinced Abby to hire Vance Abrams to be Abby's lawyer. Tucker wondered how Victor would react. Jack anticipated that the mustache would be furious. Tucker worried that Abby might not be able to handle her father's wrath, but Jack said that Abby was a strong woman.

As Billy was walking home, he stopped when he saw Reed and Victoria playing together in the park. Billy's father, John Abbott, appeared and asked Billy if he planned to run away. John asked Billy if he loved Victoria. Billy said that Victoria wanted different things from life than Billy did. Billy said that life was not like Father Knows Best. John said that he learned to be a father from shows like Father Knows Best, and by putting his own spin of things. John warned Billy that he would miss a lot if he only wanted an adrenaline rush.

Billy said that he loved his daughter, Delia, but with Victoria, life would be about settling down. John shared his memories of the positive side to fathering with Billy. John said that as much as he had loved his work, nothing compared to hearing his kids say they loved him. Billy feared that he would screw up the family life with Victoria. John said that Billy had already turned his life around in a positive way. John believed that Victoria was the next step for Billy. John asked if Billy was ready to step up and be the man for Victoria.

While Victoria was playing in the park with Reed, Mac appeared to take Reed home to J.T.'s. Victoria hugged and kissed Reed goodbye. As Victoria headed back to the new house, John urged Billy to follow Victoria. John reminded Billy of how Victoria had walked away from her family and given up her career for Billy. Billy wasn't sure what to do. When Billy said that he loved Victoria, John told Billy that he'd already answered his own question.

Chance confronted Heather about tipping off Ronan. Chance was furious with Heather for telling Ronan his whereabouts. Chance reported that Meeks and Ronan had been in the alley with guns drawn. Chance might have been killed. Heather said she wouldn't do anything to hurt Chance. Heather asked Chance to have faith in her. Chance said he couldn't trust Heather.

Ronan knocked on Chloe's door. Chloe asked him why he was there. Ronan asked Chloe why she was crying. Chloe said that Ronan had destroyed her happy life with Chance. Chloe believed that if Ronan had told Chance the truth about the two of them being brothers, things would have been different for all of them.

Chloe accused Ronan of putting up walls that kept people from connecting to him. Chloe said that Ronan was scared. Chloe asked Ronan what mattered to him because Ronan had nothing in his life but his police work. Chloe accused Ronan of being a coward who would rather and hide when things got personal than deal with the truth. Chloe dared Ronan to prove her wrong or make a move. Ronan kissed her passionately.

J.T. returned home to Mac. J.T. apologized for not being there to pick up Reed. J.T. told Mac about the job offer from Ashley and Tucker. Mac was surprised that J.T. had accepted the job. J.T. said he'd taken the deal because he was offered autonomy. J.T. felt he could do what needed to be done without losing his integrity or compromising his principles. Mac was worried that J.T. was trying to get back at Victoria. J.T. said that wasn't the case. J.T. asked Mac to have faith in him. Mac said she did, but that J.T. was on his own in his decision.

At Gloworm, Tucker and Ashley ran into Victor. Victor called Ashley aside and told her that Abby had been meeting with Vance Abrams. Ashley didn't want Abby to have anything to do with that man. From across the restaurant, Vance approached Victor and served him with papers. Vance explained it was Abby's lawsuit against Victor over mismanagement of the Newman trust fund. Victor said that Abby had tried suing him before, and the suit had failed. Vance said that he hadn't been her attorney at that time. Victor glowered at Abrams. Ashley was shocked. Ashley told Vance that he was a disgusting lawyer. Vance said that he was a defender of the little people who were bullied by others.

Victor asked Ashley not to discuss the lawsuit with Abby. Victor believed that Jack had had a hand in Vance representing Abby. Victor told Ashley that he planned to dismantle Abby's trust fund.

Jack and Abby met at the coffeehouse. Jack was pleased that Abby had given Vance the go-ahead. Abby feared her father's retaliation. Jack told Abby that she was justified in suing for control of her trust fund. Jack also felt that Victor wouldn't have anything to hold against Abby. Jack advised Abby to use her father's answer when Victor did cruel things in the name of Newman, "It's only business."

Victoria walked into the house and called out to Billy. He didn't answer. Victoria recalled the empty feeling when she walked down the stairs after taking the pregnancy test and Billy wasn't there. A moment later, Billy entered the house. Victoria told Billy that he smelled like a brewery. Victoria asked if he'd returned to get his stuff. Billy asked Victoria to listen to him. Victoria asked Billy if he wanted to know whether she was pregnant or not. Billy said he had to speak to her first.

Billy said that he had believed that they had been having fun. Billy told Victoria that it was not fun to get his girl pregnant. Billy believed he was adult enough to know that he wanted the house and kid and the whole life with Victoria. Billy acknowledged his flaws, but he still hoped Victoria wanted him. Billy got down on one knee, offered Victoria an engagement ring, and asked Victoria to marry him.

Friday, September 3, 2010

At the ranch, Victor was discussing Abby's lawsuit on the phone with Michael. Nikki walked in and urged Victor to reconsider going after Abby. Nikki was also concerned that Victor had alienated Abby and Adam, and might be doing the same thing with Victoria. Nikki asked why Victor was taking such a strong stance against Victoria's romance with Billy. Victor was determined to separate Victoria and Billy.

Victor assured Nikki that he loved Victoria, but that she had ignored his warnings to stay away from Billy, and that was not acceptable. Victor recalled the terrible things Billy had done to the Newman family. Nikki understood Victor's feelings. Nikki showed Victor some photographs of Victoria as a little girl. Nikki said that Victoria was willful and might be making a mistake with Billy, but Nikki felt that Victor couldn't turn his back on Victoria.

Nikki continued showing Victor more photos of Victoria. Victor reminisced about Victoria's prowess as a horsewoman. Nikki told Victor how much Victoria had always adored him. Victor couldn't get past the fact that Billy was using Victoria. Nikki suggested to Victor that perhaps Billy truly cared for Victoria. Victor was not convinced. Victor felt that Billy was just like his brother, Jack.

Nikki wondered if Victor mistrusted Billy just because he was an Abbott. Victor declared that the only way to handle the situation with Victoria was by giving her tough love. Nikki disagreed. Nikki told Victor that that Victoria had been happier with Billy that she'd been in months. Nikki didn't believe that Victor would succeed in breaking up Billy and Victoria if they were truly in love.

A short time later, Nikki walked back to the living room and saw that Victor was still gazing at the photos of Victoria. Victor feared that Billy would ruin Victoria's life. Nikki said that if Victor believed that, it was imperative that they remain close to Victoria. Nikki told Victor that Victoria adored her father and that would never change. Nikki pleaded with Victor to remember that Victoria was their baby and they couldn't give her up.

At their new home, Billy was down on one knee, proposing to Victoria. Victoria was stunned and asked Billy to repeat the question. When Billy asked Victoria to marry him, Victoria gleefully said yes. Billy kissed her finger, then placed the ring on it. Billy said that he looked forward to calling Victoria "Mrs. Abbott" again. Victoria was anxious to call Billy "Mr. Newman," too. Billy assured Victoria that this time the marriage would be permanent.

Victoria and Billy talked about what kind of a wedding they wanted to have. Victoria said they might elope again. Billy suggested a wedding at the penny arcade while people played pinball. Victoria wondered if they should have a church wedding, but Billy thought that would be too boring for them. Victoria marveled at Billy proposing without knowing if Victoria was pregnant. Billy said he'd forgotten to ask. When Billy asked if she was having a baby, Victoria said she hadn't checked the results. Billy and Victoria decided to go upstairs and read the test strip.

Victoria and Billy ran downstairs with the pregnancy test strip wrapped in a towel. They wanted to see the results together. Victoria was excited, and Billy admitted that it would be huge if it were true. Billy said that he hadn't proposed because of the baby, and that was what mattered most. Billy began to unwrap the towel. Victoria was excited. Finally, Billy read the strip and announced, "We're having a baby."

Victoria and Billy were ecstatic about the positive results. Billy said they would have been disappointed if the results had been negative. Victoria was overjoyed, and Billy said he was very excited. Victoria recalled that she had taken the test hours before and left it on the sink because she was afraid to look at the results. Victoria suddenly realized that her test might be invalid because too much time had passed.

Victoria informed Billy that she'd bought a three-pack and was able to test again. Victoria said they would have the results in ten minutes. Billy admitted that he really wanted to have a baby with Victoria. Billy said that Victoria was a great mom, and Billy thought he was a pretty good dad. Victoria asked if he'd be disappointed if she wasn't pregnant. Billy assured Victoria that if she weren't pregnant, they would keep on trying.

While Victoria was upstairs, completing the pregnancy test, Billy paced in the living room. Billy yelled for Victoria to hurry. There was a knock on the door, and Billy opened it to find Nikki and Victor standing there. Victoria's parents walked into the house. Victor said they were there to see Victoria. Just then, Victoria flew down the stairs, laughing happily as she announced that she was pregnant. Nikki and Victor looked stunned, but Billy smiled with satisfaction.

After making love in Kevin's apartment, Chloe was disappointed by Ronan's reaction. Ronan said they shouldn't have done what they did. Chloe was insulted. Ronan said he it was wrong for him to get involved with anyone because of his work. Ronan said that they would never make love again.

Ronan dressed quickly and Chloe wondered if he had just used her. Ronan told her not to take it personally that he wanted to leave. Chloe assumed that leaving was Ronan's way of dealing with women. Ronan said he wouldn't be staying in town long enough to get romantically involved with anyone. Ronan said when the case was over, he would be gone.

Chloe reminded Ronan about Chance and Nina, his brother and mother. Kevin walked into the apartment, interrupting Chloe and Ronan's conversation. Ronan said he had to leave and walked out. Kevin questioned Chloe about Ronan, but before Chloe could speak, she began to cry. Kevin reached out and hugged Chloe to comfort her.

Kevin handed Chloe a beer and listened as she told him that she'd made love to Ronan. Kevin was surprised. Chloe beat herself up for being so foolish. Kevin wondered if Chloe was trying to get back at Chance by being with Ronan. Chloe had no idea why she had done it. Kevin understood how it felt to be cheated on.

Chloe said that after giving her heart to Chance, she had fallen back into the same pattern of being the girl who chose the wrong kind of guy. Kevin said that he didn't know the old Chloe, but he believed the new Chloe was funny and beautiful and great. Kevin said that if being with Ronan made her feel bad about herself, Chloe deserved a better guy. Kevin urged Chloe to find the right man to give her heart to, somebody worthy of Chloe.

Chloe remained fixated on her encounter with Ronan. Kevin continued comforting her. Chloe kicked herself for sleeping with Ronan. Kevin said it was over and Chloe should forget about it. Kevin compared Chloe's tryst with Ronan to his marriage to Jana. Kevin had signed the divorce papers and it was over.

Chloe said she felt bad for Ronan because she wanted to fix him. Kevin wondered if he should be that kind of guy, since girls seemed to fall of that type. Chloe laughed, and Kevin said he only cared about her, not Chance or Ronan. Chloe thanked Kevin for caring. Kevin offered to take Chloe to pick up Delia. Chloe hugged Kevin and said he was a good friend.

Across the hall, Chance blasted Heather for divulging information to Ronan. Chance reminded Heather that Ronan had worked against them for months. Chance demanded to know why Heather had done what she did. Heather said she was trying to protect Chance. Heather said she cared about Chance. Chance felt that if Heather really loved him, she would have supported him instead of selling him out to Ronan.

At Crimson Lights, Nina met with Paul and asked about the photo of her son. Paul said that his friend would be sending the image soon. Nina was excited about the prospect of seeing her son's face. Paul explained that computer aging a child's photo was an inexact science. Nina said she'd be grateful for whatever they saw. Nina promised to lower her expectations.

Paul arrived at Heather's apartment with a gift of chocolate croissants. Paul felt bad that Heather had lost her job. Paul noticed that Heather was crying, and she admitted that she had fought with Chance. Heather explained that Chance was upset with her for trusting Ronan. Paul understood that Heather was in a tough situation because she couldn't tell Chance that Ronan was a federal agent. Heather wished that she didn't know what she did about Ronan. Heather feared she'd lost her only friend, Chance.

Ronan entered Crimson Lights and approached Nina. Ronan asked Nina to convince Chance to get out of town for his own protection. Nina refused to listen to Ronan. Nina believed that Ronan was working against Chance because Ronan was afraid of what Chance would uncover about him. Nina told Ronan that Chance wouldn't stop the investigation. Nina warned Ronan that his days were numbered because Chance would succeed in bringing down the dirty cops. Chance walked in and told Ronan to back off of his mother.

Chance told his mother to steer clear of Ronan. Nina felt that Chance should avoid Ronan, too, especially if Chance knew that Ronan was a dirty cop. Chance left Nina at the table and confronted Ronan. Chance told Ronan that he had walked into Chance's trap in the alley. Chance suspected that Ronan and Meeks had been after him. Chance said he had proof against Ronan.

Ronan explained that he'd had just cause to pull his gun. Ronan warned Chance to back off. Chance said there was nothing Ronan could say to make Chance back off. Ronan said that he'd slept with Chance's ex. Ronan taunted Chance, saying that he'd been intimate with Chloe. Nina stepped between Chance and Ronan as they started going after each other. Nina told Chance not to let Ronan get to him.

As Ronan left, he ran into Meeks on the patio. Meeks said that he had orders to kill Chance. Ronan didn't think killing Chancellor made sense because he was too high-profile. Meeks said he had his orders from the man on top. Ronan asked to meet the top man.

After changing clothes, Chloe told Kevin she was ready to leave. There was a knock on the door, and Chance appeared. Chance asked Chloe if she had been trying to put herself in a casket by sleeping with Ronan. Chloe was surprised that Chance cared what she did anymore. Chloe was also surprised that Ronan had told Chance about his being with Chloe. Kevin walked into the room as Chance yelled at Chloe that she was flirting with danger. Kevin told Chance to back off of Chloe. Kevin asked Chance to leave, but Chloe said she wanted to speak with Chance. Kevin understood and said he'd pick up Delia.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin walked in with Delia in his arms. Kevin told the little girl that they were picking up some of Chloe's favorites because Chloe's day had been rough. Kevin told Delia that her mommy was a very cool lady, who deserved some nice things in life, like chocolate.

Chance reminded Chloe that Ronan was dangerous. Chance worried that Delia might be harmed. Chloe said that she was not stupid or na´ve about Ronan. Chloe knew things about Ronan that Chance did not. Chance asked Chloe to tell him what she knew about Ronan. Chloe said her information was personal and didn't involve the case.

Chance pressed for Chloe to tell him what she knew. Chloe explained that she had promised not to tell. Chance told Chloe he hated funerals and he didn't want anything bad to happen to her or Delia. Chance feared that lives might be at stake. Chloe finally relented and told Chance that Ronan was his brother.

Heather told Paul that she was tempted to expose the entire investigation. Paul declared that that was impossible. Paul reminded Heather that if she exposed what she knew, dozens of lives might be at risk. Heather wanted to tell Owen. Heather trusted Owen, and she hoped that the D.A. would reinstate her if she revealed what she knew.

Paul guessed that Heather had fallen in love with Chance. Heather confessed that it was true. Paul wasn't surprised that Heather was in love with Chance. Paul also realized that Chance was a great guy. Heather told her father that Chance had basically ended their relationship earlier that night because of Ronan. Heather didn't want to make any more sacrifices. Heather hoped going to Owen would solve the problem.

Paul's cell phone rang, and he spoke to Doug, the forensic photographer working on the picture of Nina's son. Paul thanked Doug for the work he'd done. Paul ended the call and told Heather that he had to leave. Paul told Heather that she should consider the possible downside before going to Owen. Paul warned Heather that while telling Owen might ease her burden, it might be a risk. Paul encouraged Heather to be strong. He kissed her goodbye and left.

Back at Crimson Lights, Paul sat with Nina and opened his laptop. Paul was expecting the photo to be in his email. While Paul set up the screen, Nina told Paul that Chance and Ronan had nearly come to blows in the coffeehouse. Nina said that they had been fighting about Chloe. Nina didn't like Ronan and said that he was a pompous jerk. Nina could understand why Chance had wanted to hit him. Paul announced that the photo was there. Paul turned the screen to Nina and they looked at the picture.

Heather tasted one of the croissants. She then picked up her cell phone and called Owen. Heather left a message, asking Owen to meet her at his office. Heather said she had something urgent to tell him.

In Jimmy's alley, Meeks and Ronan waited for the top man. Ronan thought it was an obvious place to meet. Owen appeared, and Ronan was surprised. Owen smiled at the fact that Ronan had never guessed that the D.A. was corrupt. Owen admitted that he was not one of the good guys. Ronan told Owen that he thought killing Chancellor would be a big mistake. Owen said that Ronan's plea to save Chance's life was proof that Owen was right not to trust Ronan.

Ronan declared that killing Chance would be a sloppy move. Owen ordered Ronan to kill Chance to prove that he was one of them. Owen showed Ronan a gun with no serial number. Owen told Ronan to take the gun and kill Chance within the next 24 hours. Ronan assured Owen and Meeks that he would follow through. Ronan said that Chance meant nothing to him.

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