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After the DNA test, Bill Spencer, Liam, and Thorne discovered that Bill was Liam's father. In a tender yet awkward conversation, Liam and Bill shared information about Liam's mom. Bill vacillated between being thoughtful and sarcastic. At one point, Liam punched his father in the jaw. Bill was impressed. Steffy confessed to Oliver that she felt everyone hated her, especially Thomas. Oliver said he was leaving Forrester because Brooke had been banished, and Oliver felt he deserved the same treatment. Hope returned home to an elated Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie discovered that Owen was the father of Bridget's baby. Stephanie visited Jackie to say that Jackie was only going to get hurt once the baby was born. Jackie insisted that her relationship with Owen would survive because of their love. Jackie referred to Bridget's unborn child as ''our baby.'' Stephanie told her the entire situation was just weird. Bridget had gone to Big Bear, and Owen visited to deliver design sketches. Bridget went into labor, and Owen delivered a healthy baby boy. Owen and Bridget bonded over their miracle baby, and they kissed.
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A DNA test showed Bill, not Thorne, was Liam's father
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Monday, August 30, 2010

In Thorne's office, Stephanie advised Thorne against jumping to conclusions about Liam's paternity, but Thorne couldn't ignore the possibility that he might have a son. Ridge entered, and Stephanie announced that Thorne thought he'd found his long-lost son, Liam. "Don't sweat it. You're not Liam's father. He tried to pin that one on me, too," Ridge said. Thorne explained his history with Kelly and guessed she'd mysteriously left town because she'd been pregnant. Stephanie doubted that it was Thorne, but Thorne was anxious to find Liam.

In Bill's office, Bill and Liam denied having any relation to each other. Liam declared that his father wouldn't wear a toy sword around his neck, and Bill agreed, because he wasn't Liam's father. Katie and Hope urged the men to calm down and get to know each other over beers, but the men quickly squashed the idea.

Just then, Thorne called Hope and said that Liam could be his son. Hope repeated the revelation, and Bill chuckled, saying, "Hey, Forrester, congratulations! It's a boy!" Thorne asked who'd just spoken, and Hope explained that Liam and she had gone to see Bill, Liam's other candidate for fatherhood. Thorne decided to settle things with a DNA test. He asked Hope and Liam to meet him at the hospital.

Hope ended the call and conveyed that Thorne wanted to meet at the hospital for blood tests. Bill said to run along, but Katie and Hope announced that Bill would go, as well. "I'm not going to waste a drop of blood on this kid," Bill declared. Katie reasoned that Thorne had just cut the odds of Bill being the father in half. Bill agreed to go-just to prove that he wasn't Liam's father. Liam wished Bill all the luck in the world.

Back in Thorne's office, Stephanie laughed when Thorne stated that Bill could also be the father. Ridge noted that Liam "just happened" to target Los Angeles' most famous families. Stephanie cautioned Thorne that it would change his whole life if Liam were his son. Thorne understood that, but he felt that Liam deserved to know who his father was. Ridge and Stephanie offered to accompany Thorne to the hospital, but he opted to handle it alone.

After Thorne left, an anxious Stephanie still wanted to be at hospital with her son, but Ridge reminded her that Thorne was a big boy. Ridge figured that they'd be in the way at the hospital, but if Liam turned out to be Thorne's son, they'd certainly help Thorne cope with it. Ridge disliked Hope hanging around Liam, the troublemaker, and Ridge grimaced at the thought of welcoming a new member into the family.

At the hospital later, Bill and Liam exchanged insults. Bill said that Liam should just admit that he'd kill to be Bill's son, and a scoffing Liam wondered why. "For one, because I'm me. Two, I have more money than God," Bill bragged. Liam replied that he didn't care about money, and Bill decided that Liam definitely was not Dollar Bill's kid.

When Dr. Steele and Thorne arrived, Bill offered to save everyone time by conducting a test of his own. He asked Thorne and Liam what they'd do if a homeless man asked for money. Thorne and Liam answered that they'd offer some cash, but Bill said they were wrong because the homeless guy would just buy booze or drugs. Thorne called Liam into the corridor to talk, and Bill quipped that the father-son bonding had begun.

Alone with Katie, Bill felt more certain than ever that Liam was a Forrester, not a Spencer. Bill stated that if the "Dungeons and Dragons fanatic" were his son, Bill wouldn't know what to do with him. Katie assumed that he feared failing as a father, but Bill asserted that Kelly had directed Liam to find his father at Forrester for a reason. "That is Thorne's kid!" Bill insisted.

In the corridor with Hope and Liam, Thorne explained how he'd met Kelly, and he offered his condolences for her death. Thorne revealed that he had a daughter, who'd lost her mother, too. Though Alexandria was his greatest joy, Thorne had always wanted a son. He hoped that Liam could be Alexandria's big brother, and Liam liked the sound of it. Realizing that they'd soon have the answer, Liam and Thorne seemed hopeful, but nervous.

As Hope and Liam waited together, Liam said that he'd wondered about his father, but it had never been a priority to find him. He assumed that his mother had sent him on the search because she'd felt guilty about leaving him without a family. He wished she'd at least warned him that his father could be "Dr. Evil or Mr. Nice Guy." Hope assured Liam that Thorne would be a wonderful father. "Then there's...Bill," she dubiously added.

When Dr. Steele led Liam into an exam room to draw blood, Liam and Hope saw that Bill and Thorne were already inside with their sleeves rolled up. Bill insisted that the choice between Bill, the "Prince of Darkness," and "Prince Charming" Thorne was obvious; however, Dr. Steele drew their blood anyway. Liam became squeamish at the sight of the needle. "There is no way you're my son," Bill declared as the doctor drew Liam's blood.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

by Pam

At the hospital, Bill, Thorne, Katie, Liam and Hope waited for the DNA results that would identify Bill or Thorne as Liam's father. Bill was convinced that Liam was not his son and wanted to leave the hospital. Bill said the doctor could send him a text message, but Katie refused to allow him to leave. Bill sat on one side of the waiting room and started making business calls.

On the phone, Bill was chastising employees in condescending tones that Liam, Katie and Thorne easily overheard. Liam asked Katie how she wound up with Bill. Katie explained that Liam was not seeing the best side of Bill. Katie said that Bill had a very thoughtful side, but he was in denial that he could be a parent because it would so drastically change his world.

Thorne sat on the other side of the room, but when Bill was pacing, Thorne told Bill that he was being rude and callous to Liam, and that he might regret it. Thorne reminded Bill that Liam could be Bill's son. Bill insisted that Liam was clearly a Forrester with his coloring and personality.

At Forrester, Eric entered Ridge's office and interrupted Ridge and Stephanie's conversation about the possibility that Thorne could be Liam's father. Ridge and Stephanie dished to Eric that Thorne had been intimate with Liam's mother, Kelly Hopkins. Eric remembered Kelly as a Forrester model who had later become a super model.

Eric suspected that Liam was up to something. Eric noted that Liam had been responsible for tampering with Steffy's tribute to Brooke, but Ridge and Stephanie said that Liam had nothing to gain by lying. Ridge and Stephanie believed that Liam was sincere because he had told them that just before his mother died, she told him that he would find his father at Forrester Creations.

Ridge added that Liam offered to testify against Bill and Justin. Eric, Ridge and Stephanie realized that Thorne's life would drastically change if he discovered that he was Liam's father.

Thorne called Ridge from the hospital, and when Ridge put him on speaker, Thorne told his parents and brother that Bill had not taken the news well that he might be a father. Eric was surprised to hear that Bill had anything to do with Liam, but Ridge and Stephanie explained that Bill was also being tested to see if he could be Liam's father. Stephanie explained that Bill had also been intimate with Kelly Hopkins.

After the family hung up with Thorne, they discussed Brooke leaving Forrester. Ridge said that he felt a temporary leave of absence was the best solution until the scandal died down. Stephanie told Ridge that she was surprised that Thomas was upset about the family pressuring Brooke to leave. Stephanie and Eric worried about what would happen to the company's image if Thorne were Liam's father. They worried it would be another scandal, but they promised to stand by Thorne and welcome Liam into the Forrester family.

At the hospital, Katie took Bill's phone away from him, and she told him that he was behaving badly. She reminded him that Liam had to be terribly uncomfortable about the entire situation. Katie said that Liam was only doing what his dying mother had asked him to do look for his father at Forrester Creations. Katie said that she understood that Bill was uncomfortable because he had absolutely no control over what had happened, but she told him to stop picking on Liam. Bill and Katie kissed.

Hope and Liam held hands and discussed Bill's rude demeanor. Hope promised Liam that everything would be all right. She reminded Liam that it was possible that neither Bill nor Thorne were his father.

The doctor returned with the DNA results, and he informed Thorne that he was ruled out as Liam's father. Bill, however, was a match in 99 percent of the genetic markers. At first, Bill insisted that the test had to be run again, but the doctor said they had already run it twice. He said it was very clear that Bill had only a 1 percent chance of not being related to Liam. Bill was speechless.

Thorne hugged Liam and wished him luck. Thorne told Liam that he had very fond memories of Liam's mother and that she was a wonderful lady. Bill, Hope, Thorne and Katie all stared at one another and Hope begged for someone to talk.

Katie said that everyone was clearly shocked by the news, but she noted that Liam was a form of the name, William. Liam had tears in his eyes, and Bill stared at his son, but seemed detached and shocked.



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill, Liam, Katie, and Hope had an awkward celebration in Bill's office to toast Bill and Liam as father and son. Liam was not in a party mood, but Bill told Liam that he had found his father and had to live with the results.

Bill was cocky and admitted that he was not ready to become a father, but said they would work it out. Liam asked what Bill knew about Liam's mother. Bill appeared bitter. Bill answered by telling Liam that his mom was beautiful and very successful in a cutthroat business. She made a conscious decision not to tell Liam about his father -- it was no accident.

Bill remembered that he'd wanted to get back together with Liam's mom, but they lived on opposite sides of the country. Bill said that she never returned his calls. Bill added that Liam's mom clearly knew exactly what she wanted. Bill sounded regretful that she had decided against ever telling Liam about his biological father.

Bill asked about Liam's stepfather, and Liam said that he was a nice guy. Bill asked Hope and Katie to leave them alone. Katie looked doubtful, but Bill said that all the glass in the office was unbreakable, even earthquake- and bullet-proof, so no one would go flying out the window. Hope asked if Liam wanted her to wait, and he said that it was up to her.

After Katie and Hope left, Bill told Liam that his mother had said the very same thing to Bill years before -- that it was up to him if he wanted to wait for her.

Bill told Liam that he would be well taken care of, and Liam was insulted. Bill wanted to know more about Liam's mom. Bill wondered why Liam's mom had waited so long to tell him anything. Liam said that when he asked his mother about his biological father, she dismissed him when he was younger. Finally, in her dying days, she'd handed him a file folder and told him that he would find his father at Forrester.

Bill insisted there had to be more, and Liam agreed there was, but it was very emotional for him. Liam said that in her dying breaths, his mother ran her fingers through his hair. She smiled and said, "Handsome is as handsome does."

Bill looked shocked for a moment, and then Liam asked what it meant. Bill said that his mother loved him very much and it was just her way of saying it, but he was clearly hiding something. They talked more about Liam's mother, and then Bill told Liam that he hadn't been there for him before, but he expected to help Liam as an adult.

Bill told Liam that he would be working in the IT department at Spencer and wearing a suit and tie everyday. He promised that Liam would not receive any special treatment, and Bill expected him to work harder than anyone else. Liam said that he didn't want a job or a handout from Bill, but Bill noted that Liam didn't have many choices, since he had no job.

Bill told Liam that he couldn't make up for all the lost years, and Liam angrily said that he didn't want Bill to make up for anything. Bill snidely asked, "What do you want? Do you want me to come over and read you a bedtime story?" Liam threw a quick right cross, catching Bill squarely in the jaw.

Bill was caught off-guard and faltered slightly off-balance for a second. Liam looked angry but sorrowful. Bill stared at Liam with a combination of surprise, anger, and pride. "You have a decent right," Bill said with a smile. "You could be a Spencer after all."

Outside Bill's office, Katie and Hope took turns eavesdropping near the door. Hope shared that she couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have her biological father suddenly appear. Katie asked what Hope might say to Deacon, or if she would even recognize him. Hope said that she had seen pictures. She admitted that she might tell him to go away, but she also said that she might ask him to take her with him.

Katie wondered why Hope had agreed to help Liam, since he was involved in tampering with the video that had been so embarrassing to Hope and Brooke. Hope said that she understood Liam did not intend to hurt anyone, and then she added that they shouldn't be talking about it, since Forrester and Spencer were in litigation. Hope told Katie that Katie always handled the corporate world better than Brooke did.

At Forrester, Thorne joined Ridge and Stephanie and sadly told them that Bill Spencer was Liam's father. Ridge and Stephanie noted that Thorne was upset, and Thorne admitted that he was disappointed that he wasn't the father.

Stephanie could not recall meeting Liam's mom, but Thorne said that she was a wonderful woman and he'd loved her. Thorne said that he had been searching for a purpose ever since Darla had died. He said he loved Allie with all his heart, but he realized as she grew older that she needed him less and less.

He said that for a few hours in the hospital, he felt like he had a purpose. He was supposed to be a father to young man who had never had one. Then, he said he realized that his chance to have another child had vanished.

Stephanie tried to persuade Thorne that he still had plenty of time to remarry and have more children, but Thorne was despondent. Ridge teased that they had all planned to welcome Liam to Forrester and make room for him in the basement with another office.

In Thorne's office, Steffy was hiding out when Oliver found her. He wondered why she was hiding, and she said that everyone hated her. Oliver disagreed, but Steffy said that her brother hated her. Oliver again disagreed, but when Steffy asked if Oliver thought she was controlling, Oliver was tongue-tied.

Steffy smirked and said that there were times that she figured she should just let Forrester go because if Bill Spencer ran the place, she would have all the time and money in the world to do the things she loved. Oliver wondered what would make Steffy happy, and she changed the subject to Hope and how things were going between Oliver and Hope. Oliver said things were going well. Steffy then asked why he was packing up a box of his stuff.

Oliver told her he was leaving the company before he got fired. Oliver said that he was the other half of the scandal that Steffy had decided was so detrimental to the company that Steffy had wanted Brooke to be fired. Steffy argued that Brooke was taking a leave of absence until all the scandal died down. Steffy didn't want Oliver to leave.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

At Jackie M before their staff meeting, Jackie and Owen made out in the office, and she relayed that Bridget and Stephanie had gone to Big Bear to relax. Owen worriedly noted that Bridget's delivery date was fast approaching, but Jackie assured him that things would be fine.

Amber, Whip, Nick, and Aggie arrived to discuss Amber's new designs, which were due in the cutting room the next morning. The team worried that they'd miss their deadline because Bridget wasn't there to give her final approval. Nick scowled when Owen decided to personally currier the designs to Big Bear for Bridget's opinion.

At Big Bear, Stephanie expressed concerns about Bridget's broken marriage. Stephanie assumed that Jackie was angry with Nick for leaving the mother of his child. "I'm not, Stephanie," Bridget replied. She reluctantly revealed that she was carrying Owen's baby, not Nick's. Bracing herself, Bridget expected to hear Stephanie say, "Like mother, like daughter."

Stephanie was disappointed that Bridget thought she'd be judgmental. After hearing why the indiscretion had occurred, Stephanie claimed to understand that Bridget's grief had hampered her judgment. She assumed that it was hard to keep the truth from Jackie and Owen; however, Bridget conveyed that the couple had been incredibly supportive of her pregnancy.

Stephanie was amazed to learn that the threesome planned to raise the baby together, and she wondered if Jackie were worried that Owen would stray again. Nervously laughing at the thought of it, Bridget stated that Jackie had been very forgiving, and Bridget hadn't known what she would have done without the couple's support.

To Bridget and Stephanie's surprise, Owen arrived with the designs. Stephanie congratulated Owen and decided to go home. She didn't like leaving Bridget alone, so Owen offered to stay for a while. Bridget said she didn't want to pull him away from Jackie, but he figured that Jackie wouldn't approve if he left Bridget and the baby by themselves.

Stephanie left, and Owen asked how Bridget was doing. Staring endearingly at him, she replied that everything was great. Bridget reviewed the designs, and Owen asked if Stephanie had been hard on Bridget about the pregnancy. Bridget noted that Stephanie had reacted unpredictably, just as Jackie had.

Owen called Amber with Bridget's approval for the designs, and a nostalgic Bridget recalled that Ridge had delivered her at the cabin. Taking Owen's hand, she thanked him for deciding to stay. Bridget felt a pain and assumed that she was hungry. Another pain hit her, and as she doubled over, she realized that she was going into labor.

When Stephanie returned to Los Angeles, she went straight to Jackie's office to announce that she'd left Owen at Big Bear "to take care of" Bridget. Jackie expressed her relief that they'd have Bridget's approval on the designs. "Did you hear what I just said?" Stephanie asked. She clarified, "Your husband is up at the cabin in Big Bear with the mother of his child."

Dumbfounded by the "Three Musketeers routine," Stephanie cited that it was unlike Jackie to accept second place in her husband's life. Jackie insisted that it wasn't like that. She cooed that she, Bridget, and Owen were just very excited about "their" baby. "Our baby?" Stephanie replied.

In Ridge's office, Ridge informed Hope of Brooke's leave of absence from the company. He explained that Brooke's absence would help Hope regain balance in her life and give Ridge a chance to restore his relationship with Steffy. A displeased Hope stated that the company needed Brooke, and Brooke loved her work. Hope assumed that Steffy had forced Brooke out; however, Ridge explained that he'd made the decision, and Brooke had agreed with him.

Ridge said he didn't intend to pressure Hope, but he wished she'd return home. Hope tried to avoid the discussion, but Ridge explained that the mistaken identity had enabled him to forgive Brooke. He cited that it had also helped Hope to forgive Oliver. Hope clarified that she and Oliver were still working things out. Reasoning that she'd at least given Oliver a chance, Ridge asked if Hope would give Brooke one, as well.

At home with her sisters, Brooke announced her hiatus from Forrester, and Katie and Donna wondered if Brooke had volunteered to go. Brooke revealed that it had been Ridge's decision, and she'd stood behind it, because the scandal wouldn't die down any time soon. When Brooke requested that they change the subject, Katie revealed that Bill had a son. "And you'll never guess who he is," she added.

Later, Brooke straightened up the living room after her sisters had departed. Ridge entered and said work hadn't been the same without her. Brooke murmured that she was at loose ends, and she'd text-messaged Hope. He replied that Hope had gotten the text message, and she'd been concerned about Brooke's leave of absence.

Brooke seemed doubtful when Ridge conveyed that Hope had been worried about her mother. He added that Hope had been unhappy that he'd made the decision for Brooke to leave Forrester. Brooke sighed, guessing that Hope had become angry with both of her parents. Ridge encouraged Brooke to hang in there, and she uttered that she missed her daughter.

Friday, September 3, 2010

At Brooke and Ridge's house, Brooke entered the living room to find a special dinner set up near the fireplace. Ridge bragged about making the salad himself, but a tearful Brooke couldn't lift her own spirits. Though she knew taking a break from Forrester had been a good decision, she couldn't stand that her estranged daughter was still living at Stephanie's house.

Ridge handed his distracted wife a glass of wine and toasted to his determination to return the joy to her life. He revealed that he'd tried to organize a surprise for her, but it apparently hadn't worked out. A sullen Brooke wished that the whole party incident hadn't happened, and she figured that Hope would never forgive her.

The doorbell rang, and Ridge said that his surprise was happening after all. He opened the door, and Hope entered the house. Brooke gasped, and Hope said she'd heard about a special dinner being held there that night. "Got room for one more?" Hope asked.

Brooke and Ridge eagerly invited Hope to stay. Hope stated that Brooke was the craziest person that Hope knew. Hope said Brooke got herself into strange messes, but Hope hadn't been able to accept what Ridge had already known. "Until today," Hope continued. She finally understood that Brooke would never maliciously hurt someone that she loved. Hope admitted that she'd really missed her mother, and Brooke smiled through her tears.

As Ridge checked on dinner, Brooke wondered what to say to Hope. "First, that you're the worst chaperon ever," Hope replied. They laughed a little, but Brooke said she might never forgive herself for what had happened. Hope sometimes wished that her mother was different, but Hope knew that if it weren't for Brooke, Hope wouldn't have become the person that she was. Hope aspired to marry a man that would stand by her the way that Ridge stood by Brooke. Hope felt that if Ridge could forgive Brooke, then so could she.

Ridge returned to the room, and Brooke thanked him for making the night happen. Hope asked if she could return home, and Brooke cried for joy. Hugging Hope, Brooke exclaimed that it was what she'd been praying for. Ridge smiled as he watched the women.

At Jackie M, Jackie asserted that she, Owen, and Bridget were a family. As a friend, Stephanie felt required to say that the situation was disastrous. Jackie stated that Stephanie's concern was misplaced. Excited to become a stepmother, Jackie exclaimed, "Oh, thank you, Owen!" Stephanie still worried that Jackie was putting too much faith in her young husband, and Stephanie asked how Owen felt about Bridget.

Jackie stated that her husband loved her, and he loved Bridget-in a different way. Jackie explained that she hadn't wanted to birth another baby, and the scenario was perfect, because Bridget would do all the heavy lifting. Stephanie's brows raised as Jackie concluded that Owen would get the baby that he desired without losing the wife he adored.

Stephanie reasoned that Jackie wouldn't raise the baby, because it wasn't hers. Rolling her eyes, Jackie stated that Stephanie sounded like Nick. Jackie insisted that it would be a shared experience, and nothing was going on between Owen and Bridget. Jackie explained that the pregnancy had happened because Owen had helped Bridget through a tragic night. "I'd say he helped her through it," Stephanie wryly replied.

Jackie believed that the situation was "tidy." She said it was simply a husband, a wife, and a sweet little thing who was giving them all a tremendous gift. She believed that the baby would have a father and two mothers. Stephanie supposed that the bizarre situation could work out, but she wondered what would happen if Bridget ever got married. She asked if the husband was supposed to move in with the three of them. "That is such a good idea!" Jackie proclaimed.

Stephanie said it wasn't the sixties anymore, and the three of them didn't live in a hippie commune. Having a bad feeling, Stephanie feared that, in the end, Jackie would lose. Jackie appreciated the concern and noted that she and Stephanie had come a long way. Jackie assured Stephanie that the situation would work because of her and Owen's love for each other and because of the love that she, Owen, and Bridget had for the baby.

At Big Bear, Owen settled the perspiring Bridget onto the sofa, and she affirmed that she was in labor. Owen urged Bridget to head for the car with him, but she said that the baby would arrive at any moment. He grabbed the phone to call for medical services, but Bridget ordered him to put the phone down and help her deliver the baby.

Bridget focused on her breathing and screamed as she pushed. Owen directed her to keep pushing. He saw the baby's head, and when the baby finally slid into his arms, he cried out that it was a boy. Bridget panicked, wondering why they didn't hear any crying. She sobbed and implored the baby to cry. Suddenly, she and Owen heard whining, and they sighed in relief.

Owen handed Bridget the baby, and the three of them huddled together on the sofa. Bridget adored their perfect baby and called Owen amazing. He remarked that she'd done all the work. She said she could never have imagined that something so perfect could be born from their mistake. "We created him together. Owen, this is our baby," she uttered. Bridget explained that she'd wanted a baby for a long time, but no one had been able to give her one until Owen. "I love our child, and I love you," Bridget said. She kissed Owen, and he kissed her back.

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