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Kelly informed Blair that Eli's two previous wives had both been murdered. Blair confronted Eli who admitted the information was true. The couple fought over a gun, and Eli was shot. Eli was allegedly burned to death in a fire. Jessica worried that her unborn child might have the same blood disease as Chloe. Todd and Dani tried to accept that Téa had died before they had gotten to her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 30, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Shaun, Dani, and Todd arrived at the hospice in St. Kitts. Greg was surprised to see them, and he announced that they were too late because Téa had died. Todd didn't believe him, and he was sure that Greg was lying. He wanted to know where the body was, but Greg told him there was none. Todd accused Greg of hiding something, and he threatened to harm Greg if he didn't show them Téa's body. Greg assured them that Téa had died peacefully, and the last thing she had seen was a photo of Todd and Dani.

Dani began to hyperventilate as Todd accused Greg of setting things up. He grabbed Greg and shoved him into the wall. Greg and Todd continued to argue, and Shaun broke them up. Todd thought that Shaun was in on the deceit. Shaun denied it, and Todd declared that Greg was "playing us." He was sure that Téa was there. Dani had to sit down. She told her father that she believed Greg and Shaun. They were too late, and her mother had died alone. Todd continued to ask to see the body, but Greg finally disclosed that it had been Téa's wish to be cremated.

Greg was sorry for Dani and Todd's loss. He and Shaun left the room. Dani began to cry as Todd comforted her. Greg thanked Shaun for pulling Todd off of him, but Shaun told his brother that he had instincts. He believed that Greg was concealing something.

Clint paid a visit to Dorian's bedroom at La Boulaie. He announced that he had something for her from David. Dorian was disturbed that Clint was allowed into her home, but Clint confessed that Dorian's maid liked him better than she liked Dorian. He had heard that David left Dorian, and he was concerned. He proceeded to quote from memory, various paragraphs in David's letter. Dorian demanded to know how Clint knew details from her very private letter, and he claimed that Viki had told him about it, since she was worried about Dorian.

Clint revealed that he felt responsible for the entire ordeal, since he was the one who "blew the whistle" on his phony romance with Dorian. David had then gone back to Dorian. It was because of Kimberly that Clint had pushed David and Dorian back together, Dorian believed. Clint handed her a box from Logan's Department Store. It contained a ring that David had wanted to give Dorian on their honeymoon. Clint had it because David had charged it to Clint's account, he said. The store had called Clint about it.

Dorian denied that she wanted it, but he left it on the desk for her as he walked towards the door. He confirmed that his name would still be on the stadium. He confided that he would want to "skin him alive" for what David had done if he were Dorian. He offered to take Dorian to lunch, but then mentioned that she was the popular subject of the early morning talk radio shows that day. "People are cruel," he uttered. Dorian headed back to bed, and Clint declared he would tell the maid not to let anyone disturb Dorian. He chuckled on his way out. Dorian got out to look at the ring again, but she put it down abruptly and climbed back into bed.

Matthew ran into Destiny at the country club, and she advised him to look for her if he needed anything. She didn't want him to accost Nate when Nate was worried about Dani. She wanted Matthew to leave Nate alone. She pointed out that Matthew had changed, and it wasn't in a good way. He asked what she meant, and Destiny stated that Matthew seemed to have gone over to the "dark side."

Matthew swore he had just had a few bad days and had been dumped, but Destiny warned him to be careful. She thought the trait could be genetic, and she pointed out the attributes of both Asa and Clint. Plus, David had just deserted Dorian at the altar for the second time, she added.

Matthew inquired if he and Destiny were still friends. Destiny assured him they were but to "beware of the dark side." Matthew promised he would only "use it for good." Later, he lay on a chaise longue but realized there was someone standing over him. It was Clint, and he thought it was time that he and Matthew had a talk.

Cristian and Layla tried to figure out when they should have their wedding, especially since Layla wanted to be sure that her mother enjoyed it. When there was a knock at their door, Layla assumed it was the sample invitations she had been waiting for. Cristian was astonished that the package delivery was for him instead. It was from the Llanview University art department and they had extended him a grant, use of a private studio, and the ability to display his artwork. He would also be able to teach. Layla admitted that she had been the one to apply for the grant, since she had experience in that area.

Someone knocked at the door again, and Layla was sure it was her invitations. It was her turn to be stunned as she looked at a huge box with a return address in Paris. It was from Layla's favorite designer, and it turned out to be her wedding dress, the one she had designed and never believed she would have. It was entirely too expensive, but it was her dream dress. Cristian confessed he had found the sketch and sent a copy to Adriana, who had gotten a good deal on it. He just had to see the finished dress on Layla.

The couple couldn't believe the steps they had taken for each other. They made love, and Layla announced that they had to get married before all of the college co-eds had a look at Cristian. She wanted to call Adriana, and she urged Cristian to jump in the shower. When he returned, Layla told him about her phone call to Adriana. The designer had loved Layla's work and wanted her to work with him. She would be able to create her own designs and would be his first assistant. Cristian knew it was her dream job, and he was ecstatic. She would have to move to Paris, Layla told him reluctantly.

John, Rex, and Kelly stood in John's office at the police station. They had all arrived at the conclusion that Blair and Eli were in Tahiti, but no one had been able to reach her on the phone. Kelly was certain that Eli had sabotaged Blair's cell phone. John assumed that Eli had a plan and wouldn't remain there for any length of time. He had probably already chosen another identity for after he killed Blair. A worried Kelly steadfastly believed that they had to move quickly.

A female police officer interrupted the trio and handed John a document. John noted that Ross was apparently still alive, and the utilities had been in use at his house in Tahiti. There were cancelled checks, and someone had been paying the bills. He explained that they had never found Ross's body. John thought it was time he had a discussion with Bo, and he warned Kelly and Rex not to touch anything when he left the office. While John was gone, the police officer returned and placed a file on John's desk. It had additional information on Ross along with his cell phone number.

Kelly, worried that they would be too late to save Blair, asked Rex to get her some water. As soon as he was gone, she rushed to the file and dialed Ross's telephone number.

In Tahiti, the wedding ceremony concluded, though Blair hesitated before repeating the vows. Ross snapped a photo of the happy couple and made a toast. He hoped Blair made Eli happy for as long as they lived. Blair couldn't wait to get home to check on Dani, and Eli promised they would be on the next flight out of Tahiti. The only problem was that the flight wasn't until later in the evening, he revealed. Ross handed his brother the photo and told the newlyweds to enjoy the house for their brief honeymoon. He wanted Blair to tell Dani he loved her, then gathered his belongings and headed outside. He didn't see his cell phone laying on the floor.

Outside of the house, Eli thanked Ross for his help in the marriage plan, because he hadn't thought Blair was going to go through with it. Ross believed that one had to "go for the gold" and "pull out all the stops" to get something they wanted. Eli declared that Blair would not be stepping onto the plane, and he was certain that he had things "smoothed out." Ross was ready to leave but realized he had misplaced his phone.

Inside, Ross's phone began to ring, and a shocked Blair answered it. She had believed that there wasn't any phone service available. It was a poor connection at first, but Blair heard Kelly on the other end. Kelly spoke quickly and urgently and tried to update Blair on the fact that whatever Kelly had told her previously about Eli was true. They had proof. Blair told her to "give it up," but Kelly was adamant. John was prepared to get the warrant thanks to Kelly's finding a mug shot of Eli with a different name on it.

Kelly explained that Eli, known as Craig, had murdered his first wife and then changed his name to Bennett. Olivia was his second wife, and she had disappeared and was presumed dead. He then changed his name to Eli. Kelly had obtained the phone number from the police. Rex returned and found Kelly on the phone, but just then, the transmission ended.

Eli found Blair with the phone and asked about the call. He assumed it was a local call for Ross. He grabbed the phone and looked at it. Back outside with Ross, he saw it was a restricted call and figured it was an international call. Ross declared that he knew lots of people overseas, but Eli knew that they couldn't take any chances. "You know what we have to do," he said. He returned to Blair and asked her who called.

"Olivia Thompson, your wife," Blair retorted. Eli was calm and looked properly confused, but he articulated that Blair was his wife. He hadn't even been married before, he reminded her. He thought that Kelly was crazy, and Blair was listening to what Kelly had said. Blair asked about Craig instead, but Eli asked brusquely who had been on the phone. Blair revealed it wasn't Oliva or Eli's first wife, because he had killed them. "Now you're gonna kill me, too, aren't you?" she asked.

John returned to his office with the news that the cops in Tahiti were on the way to Ross's house. He saw the open file on his desk. "Tell me you didn't call Rayburn's number," he shouted. Kelly admitted that she had and had spoken to Blair. John asked for details of the call, and Kelly pronounced that she had told Blair everything, but the phone went dead. John wondered if Eli had heard Blair on the call. John answered his phone, received the word, and hung up. He advised Rex and Kelly that the cops were at the house and had arrested Eli.

In Tahiti, the cops were face-to-face with Ross. They asked for Eli. "You got me," Ross replied.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

James and Ford walked into the steam room after a heavy workout at the gym. Ford wanted to bond with his brother, and he wanted them to be too tired to think about Starr and Langston. James was in a lot of pain, but he thought he already had enough to worry about without the girls clouding his mind. He revealed that he wouldn't go out with Langston again if it hurt Ford too much.

Ford claimed not to care. "Who am I kidding?" Ford asked his brother. He still regretted leaving James behind at home when he was young, but James swore he was okay with it. He thought the brothers were on track to being friends, and that nothing would break them apart. Just then, Nate walked into the room. In an awkward moment, Nate advised the pair that he hadn't realized they were there. He offered to leave, but James wanted him to stay. He wanted to get to know Nate. Ford darted evil looks in James's direction, but James insisted that anything that had happened was not Nate's fault.

Nate knew why Ford didn't like him. Nate confronted his brother and said Ford thought that their mother had chosen Nate over Ford. "She did," Ford responded. James pointed out that it wasn't Nate's fault because he hadn't even been born. Ford noted that Nate had still been the reason their mother had left. James reminded Ford that their father had been involved and had kicked their mother out of the house. They argued over the past, and Nate was upset too. He told them that his mother wasn't a bad person, and things had been difficult for them also.

Ford and James were entitled to their opinions, but they were brothers, Nate added. He had been lonely, and it was a huge thing for him to find out that he had siblings. He wanted a chance, and James was willing to be friends. Nate held out his hand to Ford, but Ford refused to shake it. He claimed that his hand was sweaty. Nate had to leave, and James suggested they hang out together another time. Nate agreed, and after he left, James called Ford a jerk.

"Would it have killed you to shake our brother's hand?" James asked his brother. Ford meekly stated that his hand was sweaty, but James was annoyed. He supposed it was, considering they were in a steam room, he growled. Ford had to leave to go to the university freshman orientation, and he suggested that James go with him to sign up for classes. Scornfully, James mentioned the fact that he hadn't graduated, and he couldn't afford it anyway. Ford knew that James only needed to take the test for his GED, and since Ford had been appointed a full professor, he had a discount. Ford thought that he might be able to pull some strings and get James a "full ride."

Starr and Langston found themselves at the Llanview University freshman orientation. They discussed David because they felt bad they had left Dorian at home alone. Langston didn't believe that David had left Dorian, and she thought there was more to the story. She didn't think that David would actually desert Dorian since he loved her so much. She thought that either David had been blackmailed like the first time he'd left Dorian, or someone had interceded because they didn't want Dorian to marry David. Both of them had enemies. Starr could only laugh.

Langston was glad she and Starr were friends again, because she hated when they argued. She confessed that she wouldn't see James again if it upset Starr so much. As the girls walked around and picked up flyers, Starr admitted that she had been slightly jealous. Langston thought that was funny and compared it to the Pope being slightly Catholic. Starr explained that she had gotten close to James while they were on the run, and when Cole wasn't in the picture. She and Cole were together, and they were back on track, Starr concluded. She was only interested in Cole.

The girls retrieved their class schedules, and Starr was thrilled to see that she had been admitted into the entomology class. She recalled her obsession with snakes as a youngster. Langston talked about a writing class that she hoped to take, especially since the class description portrayed her so accurately.

Clint found Matthew at the country club and suggested they talk about Matthew's future. It was a fact that Asa wanted Matthew to run Buchanan Enterprises someday, Clint told his nephew. Matthew hadn't thought his grandfather was serious, but Clint assured him that Matthew was the only Buchanan with the "stones" to do the job, other than Clint. Matthew thought that David was a possibility, but Clint guffawed, though he admitted that he knew how Matthew felt about David. He pointed out that Matthew had the "killer instinct."

It was the Buchanan family trait, Clint pronounced. He hated David because David had sent away the woman he loved, and he intended to pay David back some day, Clint declared. He didn't do it previously because he hadn't wanted to ruin Bo and Nora's wedding. He knew that Matthew was familiar with paybacks after what he had done to Nate.

Matthew pretended to be innocent, but Clint called him on it. He knew all about what Matthew had done after Nate found the money. Matthew was worried that Clint would tell Bo, but Clint promised that he wouldn't expose Matthew. He thought that Nate deserved whatever Matthew had given him.

Clint enlightened Matthew that Bo didn't have the "killer instinct," and they saw things differently. Bo and he both believed in justice, Clint explained, but Bo had faith in the system while Clint wanted "an eye for an eye." He thought Matthew was just like him and would go far in the family business if he made the right choices. Matthew could start his training right away, and it was possible he would be the next company CEO.

Clint wanted Matthew to start working part-time and learn the company from the bottom up. He suggested that Matthew work after school and some weekends. His first lesson would be to make sure no woman ever hurt Matthew again. Matthew hesitated, believing that his parents wouldn't allow it.

At the police station, John informed Bo that Eli had been taken into custody in Tahiti. He confirmed that both Kelly and Rex had been in his office at the time of the news, so they were aware of it. Bo assumed that Kelly was relieved, and John agreed, but he wasn't too sure that Blair was safe. No one had been able to talk to Blair on the phone after Eli was captured, and John had received a runaround from the cops. He wished that Eli were imprisoned in Llanview.

John confided that he would like to fly to Tahiti to get Eli, even if it were not practical. Bo knew that Eli had been "jerking" them around, and he was tired of it. "You go get the bastard," Bo advised John. Bo would start the extradition proceedings, and he wanted John to leave for the airport immediately.

In Tahiti, Blair confronted Eli and asked if it were true that he had killed two previous wives. She wondered if he planned on killing her next. "You think you've got it all figured out, don't you, Blair?" he asked. He professed that her accusations hurt him, and he blamed it on Kelly's crazy ideas. He thought that Blair knew him better than that, he declared. He couldn't believe that she trusted Kelly more than him, and he didn't understand why John had it in for him as well.

Blair suggested that perhaps it was because Eli killed rich women for their money. Eli's face darkened, but he controlled his thoughts. He indicated that maybe it was because he represented Hannah, and because both John and Kelly were obsessed with him when they had no evidence. Blair advised him there was enough evidence for a warrant. She wanted to know why he had insisted on eloping. She wondered if he had been on the run from the cops.

Eli maintained that the only reason for the trip to Tahiti was his desire to marry Blair. Llanview had turned into a circus with Dorian's wedding. Blair stressed that Craig Pattison's mug shot looked like Eli, even though Eli insisted he didn't have a mug shot. Blair agreed that he didn't have one because he had tossed it out, and Kelly had retrieved the shredded photo after she broke into Eli's room. The photo had been reconstructed, Blair yelled.

Eli was unable to hide his alarm as Blair continued with the story of Craig, who turned into Bennett, who was then Eli. She wondered who else he had killed besides his two wives, Melinda, Rodney, and the clerk in Boston. "You got me. I confess," Eli uttered. Blair was shocked and asked what Eli wanted to confess to. He wanted to talk, and he felt she deserved the truth.

He had been lying to her for a very long time about everything, Eli confessed. It wasn't him the cops had been searching for. It was Ross. He was the one with the multiple identities, and he was the one who had committed all of the murders. Eli had found out after he learned that Ross was still alive, Eli continued. Blair wondered why Eli had covered for his brother, and Eli admitted he had been wrong to do so. He didn't want to lose his brother after he'd found him again, Eli confessed. He wanted to get his brother help. Blair was angry and wanted to know why Eli had put her in the middle of danger when his brother was so unstable.

Eli was certain that Ross would never hurt Blair, especially since he still carried a torch for her. Blair mentioned previous encounters with Ross, but Eli insisted his brother had regretted his past actions. Eli's plan was to fly to Tahiti to warn Ross, and he had Blair with him so as not to raise any suspicions with the police. He also wanted a perfect wedding, and Blair couldn't deny that it had been anything less than perfect. She agreed, but thought of herself as a "smokescreen" for Eli. He insisted he loved her, but it had been important for him to help Ross. She of all people knew what it was like to protect people she loved, he added.

At the hospice in St. Kitts, Shaun demanded that Greg tell him what was going on. Greg insisted there was nothing, and Shaun knew everything there was to know. Shaun was not convinced. Greg challenged his brother and asked Shaun what he thought Greg was hiding. Shaun just thought it was curious that Greg did his best to keep Dani and Todd away from Téa. Greg contended he was only following Téa's wishes.

Shaun felt he knew Téa quite well, and he wondered if she had changed her mind about seeing her family. Greg maintained that Téa was headstrong and stubborn, and she'd never changed her mind. Téa had not been alone, though, because he had been with her at the end. Shaun asked why it was Greg who had been with her.

Greg stated that he was her doctor, and he had been abiding by her wishes. Shaun knew that his brother had made his patient comfortable, but Dani had not been able to say goodbye, and he still suspected that Greg wasn't hiding anything. Greg wished he had been able to do more for Dani.

Inside Téa's room, a distraught Dani cried that she hadn't been able to say goodbye to her mother. She had wanted to see her one last time. Todd did his best to console his daughter. He told her that he wanted to see Téa again and would have given anything to have one more day with her. He thought it best if they moved on with their lives and went home. Dani wondered about Téa's belongings, and Todd agreed they could pack them and take them along. He showed her the photo of him and Dani, while Dani picked up a blouse and sniffed it. She could still smell her mother, she told Todd.

They packed Téa's things, and Greg and Shaun returned to the room. Shaun advised Todd he'd escort them back to Llanview. Greg planned on staying in St. Kitts to wait for Téa's remains. He apologized for not doing enough for them. Shaun darted a dirty look at Greg, who didn't see him.

After John left Bo's office, Nate arrived looking for his mother. Bo told him that Inez had gone out for a while, but he invited Nate in. Bo asked how the teen was doing, and Nate mentioned wryly that he had two new brothers, but only one of them hated his guts. Bo noted that Nate's mom had been in a "real tough spot." Nate thanked Bo for giving his mother the job. Just then, Matthew walked in. He asked "what the hell" Nate was doing there.

Nate explained he had been searching for his mother, and a sarcastic Matthew asked what she had been busted for. Bo interceded and told Matthew that Inez was his new assistant. Matthew was shocked and inquired how his dad could do such a thing after what Nate had done to Matthew.

Nate left Bo's office, and Matthew gave Bo grief for hiring Inez. Nate had stolen his girlfriend, Matthew snapped. Bo told his son that the hiring had nothing to do with Matthew. He protested that Dani wasn't only his girlfriend, but she was there for him during his surgery, and when he took his first steps. He blamed Nate for that, and he demanded that Bo fire Inez. Bo refused, and he cited the fact that everyone had the right to work. Matthew retorted that Bo shouldn't have a problem then, if Matthew were to work with Clint.

John left a phone message for Natalie, and explained that he had to go out of town on police business. He missed her, he said.

Langston was ecstatic when she learned she had been assigned to the writing class she wanted, and she tried to convince Starr to take the class with her. Starr explained that she planned on going into pre-med, but Langston was sure the class would fill one of Starr's liberal arts requirements. Starr finally gave in, and the girls went to the table so that Starr could sign up. She wondered who would be teaching the course, "Imitation of Life-Shaping Reality into a Narrative Fiction." "I am," said a voice behind them. It was Ford, with James in tow.

Eli begged Blair to understand. Ross was the person the cops were after. As he walked towards her, Blair backed up and grabbed the gun laying on the table. "You believe me, don't you?" Eli inquired. Blair pointed the gun at Eli. "Not for one damn second," she replied.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

At the country club, Inez ran into Clint while searching for Nate. When Inez explained Nate's job at the club and mentioned her work at the police station, Clint cracked that she was "the prettiest cop I've ever met." He was surprised when Inez corrected him and said she was Bo's new assistant, and promptly introduced himself as the elder Buchanan brother.

Inez sang Bo's praises, relating to Clint how the commissioner had saved her and Nate from life on the streets. She told Clint that she was heading to the office -- she needed the overtime, and wanted to be there to help bust the man who'd assaulted her oldest son. Clint was intrigued to learn she was Ford's mother. Just then, Inez received a text message from Nate telling her he was already at the Buenos Dias, at his other job. On her way out, she told "Mr. Buchanan" that it was nice to meet him, and left an admiring Clint in her wake.

At the police station, Nora met Cole in the reception area. Cole was anxious for news on Hannah and assumed she'd be released from St. Anne's, but Nora told him it wasn't that simple; due to her involvement with Elijah's scheme, Hannah faced obstruction charges that held a maximum penalty of prison time. Cole insisted that Hannah was Eli's victim, who'd almost died protecting others. Nora reminded him that Hannah had lied to him and Marty, and almost gotten Cole sent back to prison after he'd jumped bail. "What is your interest here?" she asked.

Cole said he knew what Hannah had done, but felt she'd suffered enough. Nora agreed that Hannah needed psychological help and treatment, and promised to keep him posted on her case.

In Bo's office, Matthew explained that Clint had offered him an internship at Buchanan Enterprises in order to learn about the family business, just as Asa had always wanted. He noticed that his father didn't seem happy about the offer. "I'm not," Bo replied, and told Matthew he needed to be focusing on his studies during his junior year of high school. Matthew complained that he always got good grades, but Bo told the boy he'd have plenty of time to work at B.E. in the future and suggested he explore all his other options. "Like you did with Inez?" Matthew replied sarcastically, and asked his dad if the best choice for his assistant had really been the mother of the boy who'd taken Danielle from him.

Bo gently told Matthew that no man could steal a woman who didn't want to be stolen. "Like you stole Mom from Clint?" Matthew shot back. Bo warned Matthew that he didn't appreciate his son's attitude, but Matthew remained heated at the insinuation that losing Dani was his own fault. Bo insisted that wasn't what he'd meant, and told Matthew that perhaps it hadn't been the right time for him and Dani, or "the right fit" -- he couldn't force love. He stopped Matthew from walking out on him and asked if they could start the conversation over. He began by asking for the reasons Matthew really wanted the job at B.E.

Matthew wanted one good reason why he shouldn't take the internship, and wondered if Bo and Nora felt weird about him working with "Uncle Clint" after everything that had happened between them. Bo said he didn't have a problem with Clint, nor did Nora, and said they'd gotten past their differences. Nora entered the office mid-conversation, and Bo and Matthew filled her in on their disagreement. Bo reiterated that he was concerned about Matthew's schooling, but Matthew told his parents that he needed to know if a career in business was what he wanted. The Buchanan family mantle was what Asa had wanted for him, and he wanted to honor his grandfather's wishes and give Buchanan Enterprises a fair chance.

Nora agreed with Matthew's assessment, and told Bo it seemed as though Clint was extending them an olive branch of peace. Bo remained concerned, but finally relented when Matthew said he could handle his schoolwork. As Matthew stalked out of the office without a show of gratitude, Nora was astounded by her son's attitude. Bo explained that Matthew was sore that Bo had hired Inez Salinger. "Oh, yes, well, I was waiting for that to land," Nora mused, and asked Bo the same question as Matthew -- if there no one else he could have hired to be his assistant.

As Bo and Nora discussed Ms. Salinger, Inez approached her desk and overheard their conversation behind the closed doors. Bo defended Inez to Nora, and told his wife that Matthew needed to learn responsibility and get over Dani instead of being coddled in his misery. He didn't want Matthew nursing a grudge, but Nora suggested that Matthew could think that Bo was supporting Nate and Inez over him. "What, you think I should fire her?" Bo asked incredulously. "Of course not," Nora replied, but as a mother, it was hard for her to see Matthew hurting.

Bo told Nora that Matthew would have to get over his hiring of Inez, and that Inez was only caring for her son as well. He was sure Matthew would recover from his heartache. "Did you ever get over your first love?" Nora asked, then pecked Bo on the cheek and told him she was late for court. As Nora exited Bo's office, she found Inez at her desk. The women shared awkward greetings as Nora left the station.

At the country club, Matthew hurried back to the pool area, where he found Clint and informed him that he'd be taking the internship at B.E. Clint was pleased, and told Matthew, "You'll be a real asset."

Across town, Rex and Kelly arrived at Rex's loft, fretting over John's hard-nosed approach to their assistance in the Elijah case. Kelly didn't understand why John was giving her grief over "bending the rules" to get the truth, and said that as a reporter and a Cramer, she'd done what she'd had to do to both get the story and help Blair; in her view, John should've expected nothing less. Rex assured her that it was because of her that Elijah was in custody and Blair was safe, but Kelly reminded Rex that he'd put his life in danger in Chicago, and said that he'd found her mother's killer and she owed him one. She pulled him into a sudden hug, which Gigi walked in on. "Am I interrupting?" she asked.

Pulling away from Rex, Kelly told Gigi she was thanking her favorite private investigator for all his help, and told Rex to call her if he needed a recommendation. As Kelly dashed out of the loft, Gigi played off her irritation at Rex and Kelly's rapport. She told Rex she'd understand if he wanted to see someone else while they were "taking things slow." "You're the only woman for me, Morasco," Rex promised. "You know that." He teased Gigi and told her it wasn't his fault he was "irresistible," and Gigi responded by playfully smacking him in the chest.

Gigi admitted that she was unsure of where their rehabilitated relationship was at, and Rex told her he hoped they were at least "going steady." "Gee, big step, Balsom," Gigi quipped, and agreed that they were definitely "going steady." Suddenly, she remembered that she needed to head to Llanview University to register for fall classes, and asked Rex if she was stupid to attempt to go back to school at her age. After all, everyone would be much younger than her, and the expenses were piling up; Gigi didn't yet know what she wanted to do with her life, or what she was good at. Rex told her she was a great person, a wonderful friend, "and not a bad kisser," then drew her into a kiss.

Rex told Gigi she was doing the right thing pursuing her education, and promised to help with the bills and Shane's college fund in the meantime. He offered to drive her to the campus, but Gigi told him she'd go alone, and informed Rex that after his long hours on the job, he needed a shower. "Yeah, Kelly dragged me out of the steam room," Rex said. Seeing Gigi's stunned expression, he mumbled that it was a long story, and told her to go to school and register; he was proud of her.

After Gigi left, Rex began to undress for his shower. As soon as he stripped down to his boxers, Kelly burst back into the loft, calling out to him that she'd forgotten to give him his paycheck. Averting her eyes at the sight of the half-naked P.I., she blindly handed him the check. As Rex dressed again, he marveled at the monetary amount Kelly had written down, and told her it was far more than they'd initially agreed to. Kelly explained that Rex had done far more than she'd hired him for, and told him to consider it hazard pay for risking his life and finding Melinda's killer.

Rex was loath to take Kelly's exorbitant reward, but his resolve crumbled in the face of her playful nagging. Kelly asked him how he and Gigi were doing, and Rex told her they were taking things one step at a time; when he asked Kelly about her own romantic prospects, she said he loved her job but hadn't yet had a chance to think past their investigation. Rex told her she deserved to be happy, and Kelly replied that she at least had peace of mind, thanks to him. "You'd make a good P.I.," Rex admitted. "We make a good team," Kelly added.

At St. Anne's, Marty entered Hannah's room. Hannah was pleased to see her, and said she'd written her a letter explaining herself. As Marty took the letter and silently began to read it, Hannah told Marty how sorry she was for her cruel lies -- because of her, Marty and John had gotten no closure over the death of their baby. Considering her words carefully, Marty explained that John had told her that Hannah had been willing to die to save Cole from Elijah. "I am so sorry you were in that position," Marty told Hannah, "and I am truly grateful that you saved my son's life."

Marty said that she wanted to help Hannah, and would speak to her parents about getting her continuing psychiatric treatment. Hannah expressed skepticism that her "chilly," distant family would be interested -- they were great with a checkbook, but had yet to visit her. Sitting down beside the girl, Marty asked Hannah if she wanted her to contact her family instead. "I'm an embarrassment," Hannah muttered. "They don't want anything to do with me."

Marty promised Hannah that she could still have a wonderful life with the right kind of help. "Why are you being so nice to me?" Hannah asked. "Because I understand that what you did didn't happen in a vacuum," Marty replied, and said that deep down, Hannah's actions had probably had very little to do with Cole. Hannah agreed; she said that Cole was a great guy, but he could've been anybody -- "just somebody to love me." She said she'd worked hard to win his love, "but nobody can break up Starr and Cole."

In the Llanview University commons, Starr and Langston were shocked to learn that Ford was teaching their new class. They immediately refused to sign up, while James suggested they take it and said he'd withdraw, as he didn't want to make Starr uncomfortable. Ford refused to allow his little brother to step aside, and warned that James needed to be enrolled in the course when he passed his GED exam in order to convince the admissions department to take him on as a full-time student. As Ford counseled James, Starr reminded Langston that Ford's class was a prerequisite for all her future writing courses.

Relenting, Langston said she'd take the course but move to another section, only to be stymied when Ford informed her that the course only had a single section -- his. Langston told "Bobby" she'd already learned everything she'd wanted to from him. Ford informed Langston that she needed to put her high school grudges aside, and that his course was mandatory for her career track; "You need to take classes with me, or change your major."

The girls stepped into an alcove, and Langston realized she was stuck; she had to take Ford's class. She asked Starr to join her in the course, and admitted it would be easier to handle her ex with her best friend by her side. Langston insisted she wanted nothing to do with Ford, and wondered if taking his class as a student would make it easier to deal with him; after all, as her teacher, he'd be forbidden to make advances on her. "That didn't stop Hannah," Starr noted, but Langston huffily reminded Starr that Hannah hadn't been one of Ford's students, and she didn't want him anymore, so it was a dead issue.

As the girls rejoined the Ford brothers, James again offered to drop the class. He told Starr he knew he'd been "coming on pretty strong," but he promised to never call her "Twinkle" again, and he knew she was "taken" by Cole. Starr told James it was okay, and he was welcome in the class; she knew what his education meant to him, and promised the situation wouldn't be weird. James asked if that meant he could say hi to her in the halls, and Starr smiled and said he sure could. Noticing Cole across the commons, she told James she had to go and hurried to her boyfriend's side.

As James watched Starr walk away, Langston walked up to him and told him they couldn't see each other anymore. When James asked her why, Langston glanced at Starr and Cole together. "It wouldn't be a good idea," she said simply.

Across the commons, Starr and Cole exchanged greetings, but their cozy moment was extinguished when Cole noticed Ford and rushed over to confront him about Hannah. He blamed Ford for allowing Eli to frame Hannah for all his crimes and leaving her to rot in St. Anne's. Starr and Langston were stunned to hear the truth about Eli, and Starr remarked that he was her mother's fiancé. "Yeah, he's a pretty swell guy when he's not killing people!" Ford snapped. He told the girls that Eli had done everything that Hannah had confessed to, and said he'd had no choice but to go along with the sinister attorney's scheme -- if they didn't believe him, all they needed to do was call the Llanview police.

Starr was horrified to realize that Cole had learned the truth about Eli and failed to inform her before Eli and Blair had left the country and eloped. She wanted to call Blair, but Cole took her aside and assured her that John had the situation well in hand. She asked Cole why he hadn't told her earlier, and he said he hadn't wanted to panic the family; after all, it was over, and the Tahitian authorities had arrested Eli.

Nearby, Ford stopped Langston from pursuing Starr and Cole and asked her if she was in or out of his class. Langston told him she'd take his course because she had to. Ford reminded her that it was a lot of work to stay angry at him forever. "Not when it's you," Langston shot back, and told him how disgusted she was that he'd let Eli frame Hannah for his crimes. Ford told her that he'd only cooperated with Eli because Eli had threatened not just James's life, but hers as well.

In a neighboring corridor, Gigi arrived in the commons and noticed a bulletin board advertising the Roth-Logan "Live & Learn" Grant, which awarded grant money for "life experience" outside the classroom. Gigi was taken with the proposal, as was James, who walked up and immediately took a flier. "What the hell?" Gigi figured, and took one as well.

In the main commons, Starr told Cole that she'd had a right to know about Eli sooner in order to keep Blair safe -- "Look what he did to your mom!" Cole said he'd only done as John had told him to, and Starr accused him of siding with the police over her. She rejected his embrace and told him not to touch her, then rushed out, stalking past James in the corridor.

In Tahiti, in Ross's cottage, Blair aimed Elijah's gun square at her new husband's chest. She told him she knew that the gun was his and not Ross's, and that he had been planning to use it on her. "Let me return the favor," she hissed, narrowing her eyes. Eli asked her to put down the gun, and said she couldn't seriously believe he was a serial killer -- he didn't blame Kelly and John for assuming the worst, but Ross was the man behind all the "Bennett Thompson" madness. Blair laughed off his excuse, and said she knew Ross had been lost in the South Pacific with Todd and Téa during "Bennett's" earliest crimes -- "You did it all."

"You're not gonna shoot me," Eli told Blair, and Blair agreed; first, she wanted him to confess to his crimes in gory detail. She grew emotional as she told Eli she deserved answers to her questions -- why he had made her fall in love with him, why he had married her, and why he had murdered so many people. She wanted his answers, or hers would be from the barrel of his gun. When Eli remained silent, Blair told him goodbye and took careful aim.

"You can't shoot me, Blair," Eli repeated. "You love me, you just said so." "I'll get over it," Blair replied. Eli reminded her that she was his wife, and Blair told him she was only the third, after the other two women he'd killed. "It's different with you," Eli said. "I really, really love you." He admitted that he had been married before, he had been Bennett Thompson and Craig Pattison, and he'd done everything John and Kelly said he had done.

Growing manic, Eli told Blair he'd married her out of love. He was ashamed of what he'd done before, and wanted to become a new person. Then, he'd met her, and she'd been free, loving, and kind -- he'd fallen for her, but then Rodney had recognized the picture of the happy couple that Blair had sent to Melinda, and Eli had been forced to kill them both to keep his dark secret. He blamed Kelly for "sticking her nose into it," and dragging John into her solo investigation.

Blair was shocked to realize that Eli had pushed Marty down the stairs in order to distract John from the case. Eli insisted that Marty's miscarriage had been an accident; he'd only wanted to shake her up enough to pull John away from the investigation. Advancing on his gun-toting bride, Eli told her he'd done everything he'd done for her, and that he still believed in their future together. "This doesn't have to end badly," he reasoned. Eli's first wife had been a drunk who'd fallen to her death, but no one would believe him, so he'd fled, and his second wife had threatened him with the truth about his first, so he'd taken care of her as well; he'd started over many times, but he knew he and Blair could make a real life together in Tahiti, where no one could find them.

Raising the gun, Blair told Eli she'd never leave her family and children behind for a murderer. "You already have," Eli replied. "You chose me because you love me, and you have a thing for dangerous men." Talking over Blair's protests and moving closer, he said the danger was what really turned her on about men like him, Todd, John, and even Ross. Terrified, Blair warned Eli not to make her shoot him. Eli said she'd have shot him already if she really wanted to -- she needed to admit that she still wanted him, "now more than ever."

"Give in to what you want," Eli purred, stepping closer to Blair. "I will pull this trigger," Blair warned him. "And ruin a good thing?" he quipped. Rushing her, Eli began to wrestle with Blair for the gun. As they fell against the wall, still struggling, Eli forced her into a kiss. Just then, the gun went off.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

John arrived in Tahiti and went straight to the police station where Eli was being held. However, John found that the cops had taken Eli's brother Ross instead. John informed the nearest officer that they had taken in the wrong guy, but the cop insisted that he just did what he was told. John accused Ross of covering for Eli and wondered where Eli was. The cop told John they hadn't searched the premises. John asked where "the premises" was, and needed to get there as soon as possible. Ross told the cops to let him go, but they wouldn't since he was still wanted in the states.

Pointing a gun at Eli, Blair warned him that she would pull the trigger. Eli lunged at her and the two struggled over the gun. Eli pulled her into a kiss, but then a shot was fired. Eli fell to the ground unconscious, knocking a lit candle over. As Blair ran to Eli, she noticed that the candle had started a fire. She got a pitcher of water off a table and poured it on the fire. When that didn't work, she grabbed a blanket to cover the fire, but the blanket caught on fire. She threw the blanket, spreading the fire.

Blair implored Eli to get up and tried to lift him. John burst through the doors, pointing a gun. As John tried to get in, part of the ceiling collapsed. Blair yelled to John that Eli was unconscious, but she couldn't leave him. John promised he would come back for Eli, but she needed to get out. John pulled her out of the house and closed the doors, asking how hurt Eli was. Blair confessed that she had shot him.

As part of the ceiling collapsed on Eli, Blair brought John up to speed about the phone call from Kelly, how Blair had confronted Eli, and how the two had struggled over the gun. John gave her his phone and told her to report the fire as he ran into the house to get Eli. Blair begged him to come back out and he stumbled out of the house without Eli. He claimed that the fire was too hot and it had spread too much. Just then, Ross ran to the house and asked what happened and where his brother was.

At the hospital, Jess told Dr. Wright that she might need treatment for RH disease after all. She explained that her fiancé was compatible, but the other man wasn't. Dr. Wright informed her that there would be enough time to start treatment after the paternity test was done, but Jess wanted to wait to do a paternity test until after the baby was born. She wanted to take every precaution possible. Viki entered and asked if everything was all right.

Jess insisted everything was fine and Dr. Wright told her that they would talk soon. Viki again asked Jess what was wrong. Jess explained that she was just paranoid about RH disease and the fact that one of her personalities could surface again and affect the health of the baby. Viki's phone rang and she announced that it was Todd.

At the park, Starr received a text message from Cole, but yelled that she was mad at him. "Why are you mad at me?" James walked up and asked, thinking she was talking to him. Starr asked if he was following her, but he claimed that he had gone to the park to study for his GED. However, he had thought that he would run into her there. He asked her if she wanted to talk about what had happened with Cole.

Starr wondered why she would want to confide in him, but James claimed that they were friends. Starr didn't think that was a very good idea. James agreed, because then he'd have to tell her that she was wrong and Cole was right. James explained to a stunned Starr that Cole was trying to protect her and do the right thing. Starr stated that she didn't need protection. James assured Starr that if her mother was anything like her, Starr had nothing to worry about.

Starr told James that he didn't know her mother. "But I know you," he told her. He explained how amazed he was when she stood up to Bull. He began complimenting her and the two stepped closer together. Just then, Starr's phone rang and it was Todd. Starr had to go, but James wanted to go with her. Starr refused and left. James sat down at a table and began to study.

Langston couldn't believe that Ford would accuse Hannah of assaulting him when she was innocent. Ford explained that Eli had threatened James and Langston – "people I care about." He said that Eli had gotten to him before he could go to the police about his attack. Langston didn't believe him, but he insisted it was the truth. She told him that the guy that cared about other people wasn't him, it was James. She said that James gave her someone to compare Ford to. Ford wanted to prove to Langston that he had changed.

Langston wanted to know how Ford had put himself in position to mess with a killer. Ford informed her that he had found something out about Eli's past and blackmailed him. Langston was disgusted that he put his loved ones in danger for money. He explained that he did it because he wanted to get his brother away from their father. Langston admitted that everything Ford had seen happen between her and James was to make Ford jealous. He confided that it had worked.

Langston was surprised, but then told him that she never knew what was real with him. Ford admitted that she deserved someone better, like James or Markko, who put her up on a pedestal. He tried to convince her that he was different, and promised that things would be different if she trusted him. Ford explained that he knew what he was missing and he would do anything not to miss it anymore. He pulled Langston into a kiss.

Destiny ran into Nate at his second job at the diner. They made small talk but then Shaun entered. Destiny wanted to know if Dani had seen Téa, but Shaun informed her that it was too late. Destiny was upset that Dani didn't get to see her mother again. Greg entered and Shaun asked why he was there, and where Téa's remains were, because Greg was supposed to escort them back to Llanview. Greg explained that he had business at the hospital and that the remains would be shipped securely.

An angry Shaun blamed Greg for Téa's death, but Destiny said that he was making things worse by blaming Greg. The brothers agreed to put their differences aside, but that didn't stop Shaun from glaring at Greg. Greg explained that Téa died peacefully and comfortably, but that Dani was hurting. Destiny came up with the idea of getting food for Dani and Todd since those that are grieving sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Greg thought it was a great idea and offered to pay the bill for it.

Later, Dr. Wright entered and Greg left, citing work at the hospital. Shaun explained that Téa had died and she hugged him. She believed that Greg had done all he could. Shaun wasn't so sure about that because he thought that Greg had been acting weird. Dr. Wright thought it was because Greg was used to saving his patients, not losing them. The two agreed to spend a little time together before she went back to work and left the diner.

Back at the hospital, Greg left a message for Eli. Greg needed to talk to him about Téa's death.

Dani opened Téa's duffel bag of things and pulled out the statuette of the Empire State Building. She reminisced about their trip to New York, and making wishes at the fountain. Todd entered as Dani was smelling one of Téa's shirts. She was sad as she realized that the smell of her mother would eventually fade away, just like Téa did. Todd asked if she wanted food, but Dani didn't want to see anybody. Suddenly, Dani threw all of Téa's stuff at Todd, saying she didn't need any more memories of her mother. The ones she already had "sucked." She hated her mother and always would.

Dani began to lash out and badmouth her mother. She ripped Téa's necklace off her neck and threw it. Todd grabbed Dani and shook her, telling her to knock it off. Todd admitted that he was angry too, but they couldn't bring Téa back to yell at her, so they would just have to live with things the way they were. They both agreed that they loved Téa despite their anger, and Dani became upset that she broke the necklace, and reminisced about the day her mother gave it to her.

Todd divulged that Téa knew they would hate her for what she did, but she was all right with it. She thought the hatred would bring Todd and Dani together, but Todd hoped it would be something better that brought him and his daughter together. The doorbell rang and Todd answered it to Destiny and Nate carrying bags of food. They knew Dani needed friends. Dani entered the foyer and hugged her friends who offered the food to her.

Dani thanked them for coming and for the food, and they expressed their sorrow at her loss. The doorbell rang again, and Todd answered it to Starr, Jess and Viki. They all comforted Todd and entered the living room. Todd thanked Starr for visiting because Dani needed her sister, and hoped that he didn't take her away from anything important. "Nothing could keep me away," she assured him.

Viki told Destiny what a good idea the food was, and that everyone was lucky to have her. Destiny explained that she wanted to help, but food was the only thing she could think of. She explained that her brothers did their best for Téa, but it wasn't good enough.

Starr wished Blair was there. Todd was annoyed because Blair promised to be there for Dani, but she'd rather be "honeymooning with Elijah Clarke." Starr disagreed with him and told him to sit down for what she was about to tell him.

Friday, September 3, 2010

At Llanview University, as Langston and Bobby Ford kissed, Langston pushed Ford away and asked what she was doing. Ford stressed that he was not the same person as before, and that he had learned what was important. "I know I've treated you really badly in the past. But if you...if you just give me a chance, I promise I can make it up to you." Langston stated that she did not trust Ford and never would.

Ford claimed that since his brother and mother had shown up in Llanview, he had a family, and that he realized that he "had to be better." Bobby insisted that since he had almost died, he knew that he had to change. Langston said, "It all sounds great, but somewhere between your near-death experience, your family showing up, your weeks in the hospital, you still managed to have sex with someone, who could have given you an STD."

Ford insisted that Langston was the only girl that he wanted, but Langston stressed that Ford "brought out the worst" in her. Bobby begged to know what he could do to change and claimed that the other girls had just been a way for him to forget Langston. After Langston revealed that she might believe that Ford was trying to break down his walls, she claimed to have walls of her own. However, Langston announced that she was not dropping Ford's class.

Bobby asked if it were true that they would still get to see each other a couple of days each week, and Langston answered, "Yes, but if you make another pass at me, I'll bring you up on sexual harassment charges, and you'll lose your job." Ford insisted that losing his job would not matter to him, and Langston remarked that Ford would soon be on to the next girl. As Langston walked off, Bobby begged for her not to leave.

In the Llanview Hospital, Dr. Wright told Nurse Sharon to put a note in Jessica's file about the Rh disease, and Brody claimed that she did not need to do that. Brody explained that he was Jessica's fiancé and asked why Jessica would need treatment. The nurse laughed and said that the doctor had confused Jessica with Natalie, as she had done earlier.

Brody claimed that he had told Jessica that they were Rh compatible, and Dr. Wright indicated that she would make a note of that in Jessica's file. Brody asked to know the chances that the baby could contract Jessica's hepatitis C, and Dr. Wright stated that the chances were excellent. Brody insisted that he was going to be with Jessica for all of her doctor's appointments. Just as Brody claimed that it was important for him to be a good father, Natalie walked into the hospital lobby.

As Natalie scheduled her sonogram, the nurse laughed at how she had thought that Natalie was having a baby with Officer Lovett. Natalie explained to Brody that she had just talked to John on the phone and stressed that John was her baby's father, no matter what. Brody told Natalie that he would let it go -- for the moment.

In the lobby at Todd's mansion, Kelly arrived and hugged Jessica. Kelly asked Jessica about Todd and Dani. Jessica informed Kelly that things had been tough for Dani, and that Todd was with Starr. When Kelly asked about Jessica and the baby, Jessica exclaimed, "Fine, we're fine...except I'm no closer to knowing whether the father's the love of my life, or the biggest mistake I'll ever make."

Kelly worried about "the Rh thing," and Jessica explained that Ford was not compatible, so that she would need to get the necessary shot. Jessica believed that Brody would know that Jessica had been lying to him, if she got the shot, and asked Kelly how she could explain that to Brody. Kelly voiced that Jessica should get the shot when Brody was not around. When Jessica asked, Kelly announced that Rex had saved the day when Kelly had broken into Eli's apartment. "I know he was amazing...especially when he took his clothes off."

At Rodi's, Rex asked Gigi if she got the classes that she had wanted. Gigi informed Rex that she had, but she was worried how she would pay for them. Rex showed a check that he had received from Kelly and said, "Your problem's solved."

Gigi questioned why the check was more than what Rex had requested, and Rex informed her that the case had been bigger than he had imagined. Gigi speculated, "Maybe Kelly's just tipping you for all those times she saw you naked." Rex insisted that the higher pay was because he was a good private investigator. However, Rex revealed that Kelly had walked in on him, just as he was preparing to take a shower, and Gigi speculated that maybe Kelly had planned it that way. Rex expressed his surprise that Gigi was actually jealous.

Gigi commented that Kelly was both rich and gorgeous. Gigi also insisted that she, herself, might get some attention from the frat boys, like Bobby Ford, at the college, because they were her type. When Rex questioned how Ford was her type, Gigi reminded Rex that he was a bad boy, and that Rex had been a bad boy too. Gigi realized that she had already missed her chance with Ford, since she was a hot coed, and Bobby would not be allowed near her, due to his job. Rex believed that would not stop Bobby Ford.

In Tahiti, John called Natalie, who was at the Llanview Hospital, as Blair sadly sat and stared into space. After Natalie asked, John told her that Blair was "not okay." John insisted that he wanted to be with Natalie for her first sonogram and asked her to back up the date of her appointment. Natalie claimed that she would "take care of it." Natalie held her stomach, as she sat down.

After John told Blair that Ross was in lockup, Blair revealed that Eli had tried to blame Ross for everything, and she wondered how she could fallen in love with a man who had killed someone as nice as her Aunt Melinda. John reminded Blair that she had a lot of people who loved her, as he comforted her in his arms.

In the living room at Todd's mansion, Starr wanted Todd to help Blair, but Todd refused. Todd reminded Starr that Blair had promised to "be there" for Dani. "And just when Dani needs her support the most, what does she do? She runs off with Eli Clarke." Starr then announced that Eli Clarke was a killer.

Todd insisted that if Blair could survive Todd, that she could survive anything. When John called Starr, and after Starr asked, John claimed that Blair was not hurt, but that she had been shaken up. John then put Blair on the phone. On the phone, Starr claimed that she had been scared for Blair, and Blair cried that she had been scared too. Starr stated that she had been shocked that Blair had married Eli, and Blair told Starr the story of how she had shot Eli. Blair insisted that if the shot had not killed Eli, the fire had.

Blair asked about Dani, and Starr told Blair not to worry about anything, and to just get home as soon as she could. Starr reminded her mother that she loved her, and Blair stressed that she loved Starr too.

Once Todd entered the lobby, Kelly expressed her regrets and sorrow over Téa's death. Starr walked into the lobby and announced that Eli was dead. Kelly expressed her regrets to Starr on Blair's behalf. When Kelly asked if there were anything she could do, Todd said, "Why don't you go write tomorrow's headline and go with 'the scum is dead.'" As Kelly left, she told Jessica that she was worried about Jessica and the baby.

Still at Rodi's, Rex maintained that he would want a date with Gigi every night, even if only to flip the pages of her textbook. As Rex and Gigi kissed, Natalie arrived and announced that Eli was dead. Rex wanted to know if Kelly knew about Eli's death, and Gigi declared that Rex could ask Kelly himself, since Kelly had just walked through Rodi's door.

After Rex left to talk to Kelly, Gigi asked about Natalie, and Natalie revealed that she had just scheduled her first sonogram at the hospital. Natalie feared that John, as a detective, would be able to figure out that the baby might not be his from the sonogram. However, Gigi believed that there would be no way for John to figure it out from the sonogram and stressed that Natalie needed to "ease up," so that John would not suspect that something was wrong.

Kelly told Rex that she wished that she could have faced Eli as her mother's murderer. Kelly believed that after all of the hard work that she and Rex had done, Eli had taken the easy way out. "My mom had to die all alone for no good reason at all." Rex hugged Kelly, as Gigi and Natalie watched.

Brody arrived at Todd's mansion and greeted Jessica with a kiss. When Brody asked how Todd and Dani were coping, Jessica declared, "Not good." Brody then questioned why Jessica would still need the Rh treatment, since he had already told her that they were compatible. Brody added that Dr. Wright had not given him an answer and had been very vague. Jessica falsely stated that Dr. Wright was just being careful. Brody insisted that he and Jessica would straighten that out with Dr. Wright when they saw her at Jessica's sonogram.

Back at the hospital, Nurse Sharon asked Dr. Wright if Jessica truly needed the shot, and Dr. Wright answered that Jessica did.

At Todd's mansion, Starr realized that Blair could have died, and Todd blamed himself. He explained that he had never liked Eli but had never told Blair. In fact, Todd had actually told Blair "to go for it." Todd claimed that he had not wanted to appear "controlling, jealous, stingy," and that Blair could have died because of him.

Todd revealed that he had not seen that Eli was a psycho, even though Téa had tried to warn him. Starr then announced that she knew how to say goodbye to Téa and told Todd that they should have a special ceremony for Téa. Starr exclaimed that they could have photos of Téa's life and tell all of the great Téa stories, but Todd did not want to do that. Starr still insisted on having the memorial for Dani, so that Dani would have a time and a place to say goodbye to Téa. Todd kissed Starr and told her to have the memorial. Starr left to prepare, and Todd sat on the living room floor and looked at a wedding picture of Todd and Téa toasting each other with champagne.

John informed Blair that the authorities had found Eli's body. When Blair asked if Eli was dead, John exclaimed, "We'll see." After Blair asked what John had meant, John declared, "It means 'I'll believe it when I see it.'" Blair announced that Eli had pushed Marty down the stairs, and John indicated that he had already known that. As the EMS attendants rolled in the body, John stressed that Eli could not hurt Blair anymore. Still, Blair insisted that she wanted to see the body. "I want to see if he is really gone."

When Blair saw the body, she gave a small cry and buried her face in John's chest. Blair revealed that the man's face had been badly burned, and that he could have been anybody. The EMS attendant gave Blair a plastic bag that contained a singed wedding picture of Eli and Blair that he had found on the body. Blair pleaded with herself, "Why didn't I see it?"

Blair cried to John that Eli had won her over with a lie, when he had claimed that Blair was the first woman that he had ever wanted to marry. John maintained that Eli could never hurt Blair again, and Blair pointed out that she thought that she was marrying someone who was unlike Todd, yet Eli had been worse than Todd ever had been. Blair observed that Kelly and Jack had tried to warn her, and she regretted that she had not listened to John when he had also tried to warn her. John said that Blair had nothing to be sorry about, however, Blair disagreed. "There are a lot of things to be sorry about. I fell in love with a man, who killed your baby. How could I have been so blind?" John and Blair hugged.

John insisted to the officials that he wanted a complete transcript of Ross's interrogation and demanded proof that the body belonged to Eli Clarke. When John walked back to Blair, she took her wedding ring off, as she looked at the supposedly blissful wedding picture.

Blair threw the picture into the trash, and John walked her out of the room. John said, "I'll buy you a drink." Blair responded, "Okay," as the picture laid in the trash can.

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