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Clint had David imprisoned in Morocco for ruining Clint's relationship with Kim. Eli fled to Tahiti. Ross witnessed Blair and Eli's wedding. Marty was upset that John and Natalie were expecting a baby. Hannah admitted that she had overdosed in order to save Cole's life. Shaun knew where Téa was and agreed to take Todd and Dani to the hospice. Greg announced Téa's death.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 23, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Starr and Cole entered the country club as Dorian supervised the country club employees. Dorian expressed her happiness that they were there. Langston and James entered and Dorian pulled both of her girls aside to tell them to "come to [her] cabana" soon. As Cole and James went to get drinks, Starr reminded Langston that Ford wasn't there to see Langston with James. Langston told her friend that she was taking advantage of Starr's disinterest. Starr told her to have fun, since James was a decent guy.

At the table of refreshments, Cole grabbed James's arm and informed him that Starr would never leave him for James. James related that Starr had said she'd be with Cole forever, but likened it to a prison sentence. Cole demanded that James stay away from his girlfriend and compared James to Ford. As they argued and began to push each other, Shaun pulled them apart and changed the subject. The girls wondered what was going on, but Cole claimed that he and James couldn't agree on what drinks to get.

Starr pulled Cole aside, and he assured her that nothing was going on. Shaun watched as Cole and James shook hands. They agreed on a truce, and that they didn't want to fight. Cole reminded James to stay away from Starr. James countered that he would just sit back and watch Cole ruin the relationship all by himself.

Dani talked to Shaun about finding Téa. Shaun refused to help, and Destiny walked away, disgusted with her brother. Shaun told Dani that he wasn't a detective. Dani wondered how he could let Téa die alone. Shaun wished things were different. Dani did, too, but knew they would never be, and walked away.

In a cabana at the country club, Blair admired her dress. Eli entered and told Blair that they weren't going to get married. Eli explained that he thought a bride shouldn't have to share her special day with another. He still wanted to get married that day, just somewhere else. He wanted to elope. Blair wondered if it was because of John and Kelly, but Eli informed his fiancée that John had apologized for everything and arrested Kelly for breaking and entering in Eli's hotel room. Blair said that they could make plans as soon as Todd returned to town because she had promised him that she would watch over Dani.

However, a persistent Eli convinced Blair to leave "right now." Eli left and, as Blair began to pack, Dorian entered. Blair caught Dorian up on what was going on with her and Eli. Langston, Starr, and Dani entered and wondered why Blair wasn't dressed. She brought them up to speed, and they protested. Blair promised that they would have a huge party when she returned. She told Dani to call if she needed her and said that all the women in the room could always count on one another.

The women all grabbed drinks from the table and toasted to Blair and Eli, David and Dorian, and the Cramer women. They shared a group hug, and the younger girls left the women to get ready. Blair made Dorian promise to take lots of pictures. The women were excited that, the next time they saw each other, they would both be married.

Starr explained the wedding situation to Cole and said that they should enjoy the day. They agreed that there would be no talk of Hannah or James and kissed. James caught a glimpse of the kiss, but Langston assured him that Starr and Cole were going to be a solid couple for a long time. James said he was just thinking about his beautiful date and said that they should just enjoy the day too.

Detective Price, who was following Eli, was on the phone with John. He informed his boss that Eli was with Blair. He got off the phone and bumped into Darren, his younger brother. Darren asked question after question, which prompted his brother to tell him to stop watching so many cop shows. He warned Darren that there would be trouble if his cover were blown. Darren left, and Eli exited the cabana, followed by Price.

David was getting ready for his wedding in one of the cabanas when there was a knock on the door. It was a country club employee checking on him. David promptly ordered champagne, caviar, a full-length mirror, and embroidered napkins. As the employee walked away, Viki entered, assuring David that Dorian had invited her. She informed a surprised David that Dorian had thanked Charlie and Viki for helping her and David. Viki wondered if David would forgive her as well.

David forgave her, but knew there was some truth in Viki's scheme to get him into bed. Ignoring him, Viki reminded David that he had devastated Dorian at their last wedding by deserting her. David promised he was in it "for the long haul." A proud Viki hugged her friend as Dorian entered. Viki gave the couple her best wishes and left. David thought it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding, but Dorian confessed that she was checking to see that David was still there. David kissed her and assured her that someone would have to kill him to keep him away.

John wanted Eli locked up but needed Ford's statement and Kelly's help. Kelly was worried about ruining Blair's wedding, but John thought that Blair would thank her later. Kelly agreed to help. As John pushed Kelly into the same interrogation room as Ford, she screamed for a lawyer. John slammed the door, and Kelly told a curious Ford that she was waiting to be processed for breaking and entering. Ford observed that Kelly liked to "stick her nose" where it didn't belong.

Kelly informed him that Jess had asked for Kelly's help, and that he should understand wanting to protect someone he cared about. Ford told Kelly that he was in for obstruction of justice, which was "bogus," just like her charges. Kelly nonchalantly maintained her guilt, but justified it by explaining to Ford all of the crimes Eli had committed. Kelly told Ford that he was the only one who could help put Eli behind bars. Kelly asked Ford if he was tired of people treating him like a "bad smell," which he was. Kelly reasoned that if he gave a signed statement, he could be a respected hero.

John knocked on the judge's door and entered. He gave the judge case files and made a case for the judge to sign an arrest warrant for Eli. The judge thought that the case was too personal for John to be on. Changing the subject, John informed the judge of Eli's wedding. John was convinced that something bad would happen to Blair if she married Eli.

The judge couldn't give an arrest warrant without probable cause, and asked for a signed statement. John said he was working on it. John decided that he would make up charges just so he could pick up Eli. The judge reminded John that it would mean he would go to jail. Kelly entered with a court clerk, carrying Ford's signed statement.

Kelly returned to Ford and informed him that he'd done the right thing, and that Eli was being arrested as they spoke.

Darren complimented Destiny on her dress, but quickly realized something was wrong. Destiny explained to Darren how disappointed she was with Shaun. Darren offered to help find Dani's mother. Darren left a confused Destiny and found his brother. Darren asked for his brother's help. Detective Price said he wasn't a detective, but John McBain's right-hand man. As Price explained to his brother that he was following someone, Eli listened in. Darren and Destiny reunited, and Eli "stumbled" upon them, telling them to have fun at the wedding.

Eli went into the cabana, and Price reappeared, telling Darren and Destiny to leave and not return until they heard from him. On her way out, Destiny found Dani and apologized for her brother's behavior. She knew that Shaun was hiding something. Back in front of the cabana, Price told someone on the phone that he thought Eli had overheard some information. He said that he was in front of the only door of the cabana and wasn't going anywhere.

Eli greeted David and said that he and Blair were eloping and giving David and Dorian their own day. As David looked into the mirror and babbled about having to look good, Eli pulled a gun out of his briefcase.

John arrived at the country club and told Detective Price that backup was on the way. John knocked at the locked cabana door and yelled that he had an arrest warrant for Elijah Clarke.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Natalie and Jessica ran into each other at the hospital when they both had appointments to see Dr. Wright, their obstetrician. Jessica found it amusing that they had so many coincidences with their pregnancies, like the fathers of their babies. Natalie was taken aback, but Jessica clarified that both fathers-to-be were cops. Both she and Natalie were sick at the same time and had found out they were pregnant the same day. They had the same doctor, and they were there at the same time. The girls had a laugh, and then Jessica was called to see the doctor first.

Natalie gasped as she remained in the waiting room and filled out forms. In the space for the name of the baby's father, she had imagined Brody's name written in. Jessica spoke with the doctor and explained that she wasn't sure about the date of conception. It was one of two dates. The doctor asked for some information on the father, and Jessica was hesitant. The doctor noted that Jessica had lost a previous baby to Rh disease, and she told Jessica that whatever Jessica had to say would remain confidential.

Jessica confessed that she was 99% sure that the baby was Brody's, but she wasn't completely positive. The doctor confirmed that Jessica would be unable to have a paternity test until the second trimester. Jessica was afraid of putting the baby at risk, but Dr. Wright advised her that treatment for a possible Rh disease wouldn't be conducted until later in the pregnancy, so there was no danger right away. She thought that Jessica should concern herself with having a healthy baby, and Jessica agreed.

Jessica was finished with her examination, and Natalie was called to see the doctor. The doctor suggested genetic counseling for the baby's father, and she asked Natalie the same questions she had asked Jessica. Curiously, Natalie's answers were the same. She confessed that she was 99% sure that the father of her baby was her boyfriend, and she had two possible dates of conception. Dr. Wright advised Natalie about the paternity test, and as Natalie went to undress, she mumbled that the baby had to be John's. She didn't think it would be fair for him to lose another one. Both young women learned that their due dates were in February.

At the country club, many of Llanview's finest citizens were gathered for the double wedding. John knocked on the door of David's cabana after being informed that Eli was inside. There was no response, and after Brody arrived, John kicked in the door. The place was empty. Detective Price arrived and advised the men he had been jumped from behind. He had found himself lying in the bushes.

Destiny apologized to Dani for Shaun's refusal to help find Téa, but she knew he was hiding something. She suggested that Darren's brother might be able to help instead, since he was a cop. Dani told Darren and Destiny that she had heard from Todd. He wanted her to know that he hadn't had any luck in locating Téa yet. Destiny thought that Todd always got whatever he wanted.

Starr told Cole that he should "enjoy the show" of the day, and she kissed him as James looked on. She thanked Cole for "setting James straight," though she was unhappy that the two young men had been about to fight. Langston informed James that Starr was with Cole. "End of story," she added. James claimed that he just wanted to have a good time at the double wedding. Starr and James couldn't keep themselves from looking at each other. Starr wanted to check with the babysitter, and Cole went to get refills for their drinks.

Langston assured James he could drop her hand after Starr looked away. She advised him to stay away from Starr, and she threatened him if he didn't follow her advice. James admired her loyalty. Langston had wedding duties, and she left James alone. He sent Starr a text message that read, "Having fun yet?" "Shouldn't you be asking your own date?" Starr replied. "I'm asking you Twinkle," James wrote back.

Bo hoped to give David some fatherly advice, he told Matthew and Nora. After Matthew wandered away, Bo confided that he was looking forward to hearing that John had placed Eli under arrest.

Cole and Matthew empathized with each other regarding the women and situations in their lives. Cole returned to Starr as she texted back to James, "Don't you Twinkle me." She admitted to Cole that she hadn't called the babysitter because she had been receiving text messages from James. Cole read the latest one that stated she was beautiful when she was angry. Cole wanted to put an end to James's latest undertaking, and he promised that he wouldn't "lose it." He knew James wanted that to happen, and Cole was not about to look like the bad guy. Starr asked Cole to behave. He stated that he was "a lover, not a fighter." He began to kiss her passionately as James watched.

Matthew ran across Darren and Destiny, and they explained they were trying to catch all of the garters and bridal bouquets at any wedding they attended. Matthew compared himself to his brother and admitted that he had been a jerk to Dani and Nate. Destiny didn't disagree, and she thought that Matthew should talk to Dani about her mother.

Shaun called his girlfriend, Dr. Vivian Wright, but she informed him that she was unable to get away for the wedding. She had several appointments in her busy office, and she was enjoying the rotation in the field. Shaun confessed that he thought something was bound to happen. Dani found Shaun and begged him again to help her find her mother. Shaun stressed that Téa didn't want to be found, though he wished he could help.

Matthew located Dani and told her how sorry he was about her mother. He mentioned how Téa had been a great help to him, but he remembered how special it was when he and Dani turned out to be such good friends. He admitted he had been a jerk, and Dani agreed. She wondered if he would have apologized if her mother weren't ill. Matthew acknowledged that he would have done so "eventually." He still cared about Dani, and he wanted her to know he was there for her.

Charlie and Viki couldn't believe that Dorian had thanked them for their success in getting her and David back together. Viki thought there was no one around more perfect for each other than David and Dorian, but Charlie took exception to that. Viki smiled, and the pair embraced.

Dorian looked at herself in the mirror in her cabana and admitted that she was "the happiest woman." She tried to practice her vows, but Langston arrived to find out about any last-minute errands. She urged her mother to "speak from your heart." Langston was happy for Dorian, but Dorian thought that Langston was "remarkable." She hoped that Langston would be able to find a man to make her as happy as Dorian was.

Langston learned that Blair and Eli would not participate in the wedding ceremony, and she left to announce it to the assembled crowd. As the muttering ensued, Nora chased after Langston for further information. Langston assured her she didn't know where Blair and Eli had gone, and Starr didn't know anything either. Nora ran off to find Bo. Viki was worried and hoped there wasn't a disaster. Langston retrieved Dorian's bouquet and delivered it to her mother. Langston headed back to James and found him watching Cole and Starr kiss. "Do you get it now?" she asked him. She couldn't stay because she was still trying to find David.

Bo arrived at David's cabana and learned that Eli had escaped when Detective Price was knocked out. Bo picked up an envelope that was left behind, but he informed the others the note inside had nothing to do with Eli's escape. Nora arrived and filled the cops in on Blair and Eli's departure. Bo sent out for an immediate search for Blair and Eli, and he handed Nora the envelope. Brody learned that Eli had picked up his car, and the attendant had overheard Eli telling Blair that she would have "a wedding to end all weddings."

Nora went to search for Dorian, and when she found her, asked to speak to her alone. Dorian was annoyed and suggested all manner of ways for Nora to get a message to her because Dorian was about to be married. Nora noted that it wasn't official business. She handed the note to Dorian, but the mayor refused to look at it. Dorian admitted she had Langston looking for David. Nora was adamant, and Dorian finally acquiesced to read the note. "Oh David, not again," Dorian muttered. She told Nora she was fine and walked away.

Nearby, Viki and Charlie watched. Viki still had a bad feeling about the day's events. Cole wanted to make his point again, and as he and Starr began to kiss, Starr looked over his shoulder. She realized that something was wrong and left Cole to find out what. Cole received a text message from James that said, "We kissed like that for show too."

Viki and Starr joined Nora and read the letter. Langston stood with them as Viki announced to the crowd that there would be no wedding. A shocked Dorian was back in her cabana. She wondered how he could do that to her as she cleared a table of all of its items in one swift motion, knocking them all to the floor.

Back at the police station, Bo asked Price to look at some mug shots. Brody revealed that all plane, train, and bus routes had been covered, and it was apparent that Blair and Eli had not left town via any of those modes. John suggested that all toll roads, and everything pertaining to travel by car, be checked out. Price was unsuccessful with the mug shots. Bo decided that he couldn't let any of the Cramers learn about the crisis yet.

Natalie and Jessica stood at the front desk of the doctor's office to make their next appointment. The clerk was confused and thought that Brody was the father of Natalie's baby. Natalie corrected her, and the clerk laughed. Obviously the women knew who their babies' fathers were. She had looked at the wrong file.

Vivian called Shaun and advised him she'd be able to make the wedding after all, since she had a cancellation. Shaun admitted he had lots on his mind, and the wedding had been postponed. He would see her later, he told her. Their connection was broken abruptly. Shortly after, an unseen assailant dragged an unconscious Shaun across the ground. His phone lay nearby.

Everyone at the country club was stunned at the latest turn of events. Nora told Matthew that David was gone, and she confirmed that Bo had gone to look for the groom.

The police were able to determine that a couple fitting Blair and Eli's description had been seen boarding a plane at a small airfield. There was no flight plan, and the couple's destination was unknown. John proclaimed that they needed to find the couple before Blair was Eli's next victim.

Viki advised Charlie that she wanted to stay to support Dorian. She urged him to go home. Charlie was proud of her and noted that was one of the things he loved about her.

Starr felt sadness towards Dorian, but she thought it was better than being with the wrong person. Cole felt that was a good reason to be able to hold onto the right person when someone found them. James was still busy sending text messages. Cole texted "Go to hell."

Langston approached Dorian's cabana and heard screaming and crying as Dorian destroyed the interior. Finally finished, Dorian held a pillow to her mouth and screamed her lungs out. Langston called out to Dorian and walked in gingerly when she heard silence in return. She found Dorian curled in a fetal position as she sobbed on the floor.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At the police station, John stormed back into the reception area and threw his arrest warrant on a desk. He stunned Kelly and Ford when he told them that Elijah had disappeared and taken Blair with him for an elopement. Ford was livid at the thought that he'd put James's safety at risk while Elijah remained at large. John promised that he'd find his quarry, but Ford had his doubts. Noticing all the text messages James had sent him, Ford hurried out after ordering John to stop Elijah before anyone else got killed.

Retiring to his office with Kelly, John began burning up the phone lines and dispatched a sketch artist to take an eyewitness' description of the person who'd assaulted Detective Price at the country club. Kelly didn't understand how Elijah could've accosted Price and still found time to escape with Blair, and wondered aloud if the nefarious legal eagle could have accomplices in his scheme. John admitted it was a possibility, but felt there was still an element of the case that he hadn't yet cracked.

As John continued with his work, he noticed Kelly feverishly making a list. Kelly was attempting to catalog her every encounter with Elijah for the record, but she couldn't keep it all straight and broke down. She wept as she told John that her mother hadn't had much of a life, but that Melinda had been a good, kind person who deserved justice; Kelly felt that she'd failed her. Taking Kelly in his arms, John told her that without her help, they'd never have caught on to Elijah's dirty deeds. He said she'd done well. "What if we never find him?" Kelly asked as she hugged John. "Or Blair?"

Pulling away, Kelly apologized for losing her composure and made light of her tears. Still solemn, John told her he'd find Elijah, and that Melinda's death would count for something -- Elijah would pay for all his crimes. "Now let's go find your cousin," he declared, and led her out of the office.

At the hospice, Greg tested Téa's eyesight, but was dismayed when the ailing attorney told him that she could only see through a haze. Greg suggested her drug regimen was at fault, but Téa suspected she was losing her sight permanently. She wanted him to give it to her straight: "How much time do I have left?" After hemming and hawing, Greg told her she only had a few days.

Greg asked Téa if he could get her anything. "Todd and Dani," she replied. "I want to see them -- my husband and my daughter." Greg reminded her of the decision she'd made to say her goodbyes on her own terms, and asked if she was prepared for her family to see what she'd become. "I know it ain't pretty," Téa admitted, but said she couldn't stop thinking about Shaun keeping her secret, and what he'd said to her about how he'd fight to spend every last second with his mother if he was in Danielle's position. "That's what Dani wants," she realized.

Téa told Greg she'd been wrong to push Todd and Danielle away, and admitted she was scared to face her final hours alone. "I want to hear my daughter's voice," she sobbed. "I want to see my husband's face. They have to be the last sounds, the last things I see and hear." Suddenly on edge, Greg told Téa it was a late date to change her arrangements, but Téa clung to him and begged him to summon Todd and Danielle to her, whatever it took. "I'll hold on," she vowed.

In sunny Tahiti, Elijah carried a giddy Blair over the threshold into Ross Rayburn's cottage. Blair reminded him they weren't married just yet, and reminisced about her last visit to the South Pacific, as Ross's co-conspirator against Téa. Elijah told her that Ross wouldn't be there until the following morning, while Blair struggled to get a cellular signal for her phone. She remembered being able to call out the last time she'd been there, but Elijah pleaded ignorance and blamed the remote location of Ross's island hideaway.

Elijah thanked Blair for allowing them to visit Ross despite his fugitive status, but Blair recalled that Elijah and Ross weren't very close, and asked her betrothed why they were really there. Elijah claimed he hadn't cared much for his ne'er-do-well clan until he'd grown close to Blair and the Cramers and seen the "value" in it; he wanted a family who could be happy for him. Remembering how Ross had taken her and Danielle hostage, Blair doubted the con artist would greet her with open arms, but Elijah said that Ross had been pushed to the brink, and mused that he might have snapped worse than his brother if put in a similar corner.

Blair couldn't believe that Elijah could ever be anything like Ross. Elijah wasn't so sure, and recounted how Danielle hadn't wanted to return to Llanview after finding her foster dad alive in Tahiti; if not for Ross's insistence, Danielle would never have gone back to the States and grown close to Todd at all. As Blair prepared to take a shower, she reminded Elijah that they needed to head back to Llanview immediately after their morning wedding, and said she wanted to be there for Danielle in her time of need. Elijah promised her they'd take the first flight back.

As Blair headed for the shower, Elijah quietly produced a pistol from a concealed ankle holster and placed it in his briefcase, along with a copy of Téa's last will and testament. Just then, his phone rang. It was Greg, calling with bad news: Téa wanted Todd and Danielle to join her at the hospice.

Heading outside the cottage, Elijah hoped to conceal from Blair that he'd disabled her phone. Speaking in hushed tones, he ordered Greg to talk Téa out of her change of heart. "You know the woman!" Greg said, exasperated.

Elijah warned Greg that if Todd and Danielle found Téa, "it's over for us." "It's already over for me, Eli," Greg replied, and said he'd taken a Hippocratic Oath to "first do no harm" -- he felt that keeping Téa from her family was wrong. Elijah said that Todd and Danielle would do Téa harm, and told Greg not to "grow a conscience" when their plans were so close to reaching fruition. He'd thought he was backed up against the wall, as well, but explained to Greg how the random goons who'd abducted "the guy next to me" at the wedding had helped him escape Llanview and evade the police. Elijah told Greg that his random luck and flight from justice was a sign, and that if they kept Todd and Danielle away from Téa, they'd both get what they wanted.

Elijah warned Greg that if he were caught, he wouldn't go down alone, and promised the police would hear all about Greg's involvement in his scheme before he headed to prison. Just then, Blair stepped outside, and asked Elijah why he was talking about going to prison. Hanging up on Greg, Ross claimed he'd caught a local call from Ross, and that they'd been joking about his brother's shady record and Kelly's wild accusations. Embracing Elijah, Blair reminded him that Kelly was a thousand miles away, and they were finally alone together. As Elijah escorted her back inside the cottage, he told Blair that nothing would get in their way anymore -- he wouldn't let it.

At the hospice, Greg returned to Téa's room and lied that Todd and Danielle were on their way. He injected Téa with a drug and said it was something that would help her sleep. Téa asked if her family would be there when she woke, and Greg cryptically replied that Todd and Danielle were likely to be the first faces she saw. Téa thanked him for his help, and Greg told her to sleep well. As Téa curled up under a blanket, she asked Greg to send Todd and Danielle to her safely, and soon.

Back in Llanview, in the bridal cabana at the country club, Langston rushed to comfort the brokenhearted Dorian, who was curled up on the floor. Dorian told Langston to go away, but Langston refused to leave her foster mother's side. There was a knock at the door, and Langston assumed it was David, but Dorian was sure it wasn't -- "David is not here." She insisted Langston leave and take the visitor with her, as she didn't want anyone seeing her in such a state.

The knocking continued, and Langston asked who it was. When Viki responded, Langston said she'd get rid of her, but Dorian asked the teen to let Viki in. Langston helped Dorian fix her makeup and wipe her tears, then opened the door and left Viki and Dorian alone together. Surveying the wrecked room, Viki told Dorian she was so sorry. "You should be," Dorian replied softly, her face frozen in a wan smile. "This is all your fault. You spiteful bitch."

Picking up the scattered furniture and pillows, Viki asked how Dorian's wedding fiasco was her fault. Dorian explained that Viki and Charlie were responsible for her and David reuniting. "I knew better," she said. "I was through with the man. I knew if I ever gave him a second chance, he'd hurt me again." "See, I don't think that David did this," Viki replied, but Dorian insisted that David's latest failure was right on schedule with Viki's "plan." "I'm running this town," Dorian murmured in a shaky voice. "I'm the mayor. I'm doing good things. People look up to me. I was a happy, strong woman...and you couldn't stand to see that."

Viki said that Dorian was wrong about her, but Dorian couldn't get over the fact that Viki had pushed her and David back together despite David's past history -- thanks to Viki, he'd left her at the altar not once, but twice. Viki couldn't believe that was the case, and said she thought something had happened to David; she knew he loved Dorian more than anything.

Retrieving the letter Nora had given her, Dorian read it aloud to Viki. In it, David told her that he couldn't marry her because he couldn't commit to one woman "'til death do us part," and that it wasn't her fault, but his. He signed off with "lotsa love." "The man makes himself very clear," Dorian spat.

Viki remained skeptical that David had written the letter, and asked if it was in his handwriting. "It's his spelling," Dorian replied, noting David's many typos. She suggested Viki gloat and bask in her misery, but Viki told Dorian that she was terribly sad for both Dorian and David- - she was sure that even if David had left Dorian, he'd regret it, because he loved Dorian and always would. "So what?" Dorian asked, her voice choked with bitterness. "It doesn't matter because he doesn't love me enough. He doesn't love me enough to make a commitment to me -- me! And that is all that matters. David will always be the man who did not love me enough."

As Dorian attempted to fix her lipstick in the cabana mirror, Viki promised her that she'd eventually learn the truth behind David's sudden disappearing act, but Dorian insisted it didn't matter. Viki asked her what she was going to do next, and Dorian half-joked that she'd move into the cabana for good to avoid the ensuing public ridicule of her latest rejection at the altar. Viki told Dorian she had no reason to hide: "You are Dorian Cramer...Lord, and you can walk out of here with your head held high."

Viki reminded Dorian of what she'd told Viki after Viki had put her own heart on the line to reunite with Clint, only for him to marry Lindsay Rappaport. "Yes, that was humiliating," Dorian burbled, but Viki cut to the heart of the issue -- back then, Dorian had told her that the important thing had been that Viki had learned to trust again, and give her whole heart, and that in itself was a victory. "So you can hold your head up," Viki explained, "because you are the strongest, toughest, bravest person that I know." Touched, Dorian gave Viki a weak smile.

Viki told "Mayor Lord" that it was time for her to go out and face the world. She told Dorian that she'd sent the guests home, and would help her get a clear path to her car. Struggling to collect herself, Dorian thanked her archrival for the help. "Anytime," Viki replied, and exited the cabana.

Alone in the cabana, Dorian began to rend and tear her wedding bouquet. "David Vickers can rot in hell for all I care," she hissed to herself. "I never want to see that man again."

In a darkened and forbidding prison, a bruised and battered David was dragged into a grimy cell by a pair of burly goons in uniform. Alone in his cell, he warned the men that they'd made a big mistake by trifling with the son of the police commissioner. The head guard approached the cell and told David that his father couldn't help him "there. David asked where there was, and the guard replied that they were on the other side of the world from Llanview.

David pleaded with the guard to tell him where he was, and the guard told David he'd been there before -- "think back." Taking a few steps backward, David examined the cell, and a horrifying realization struck him. "Oh, no," he moaned. "Not again! I'm in Morocco!" The head guard laughed and walked away.

Screaming at the unseen guards, David told them that his fiancée was the mayor, who loved him and would find him. "Dorian knows there's no reason I'd ever leave her at the altar again," he reasoned to himself. He told the men in the shadows that they couldn't keep him prisoner, because he knew people -- "Hell, I am people! I'm a Buchanan!" He warned them that Bo would bring the might of the Buchanan empire down upon them, and wondered who would dare go against the family by taking him hostage.

When the head guard returned, David warned him to "hold the couscous," because when Dorian and Bo found out what had happened to him, all his captors' days were numbered. "Nobody comes for you, Vickers," the guard replied, stalking off, as David insisted his last name was Buchanan.

"I gotta get back to my bride!" David howled into the darkness. He feared that Dorian was crying her eyes out, worried sick about him. Sinking onto the bench of his cell, he bemoaned how his jailers had forced him to leave Dorian again. Hearing footsteps in the corridor, David rushed to the cell doors, and begged the figure stepping out of the shadows to help him make a phone call to Dorian. When he saw the identity of the person behind the bars, his eyes went wide: "You?"

Back in Llanview, in the country club courtyard, Starr and Cole waited for word on Dorian as James lounged in the rows of empty chairs, texting away. Cole was anxious to head home and relieve Hope's babysitter, but Starr insisted on waiting for Dorian or Langston. As she spoke, she seemed to keep one eye on James.

Langston entered the courtyard and told her friends that Viki was with Dorian. Cole assured Starr that Dorian would be fine and suggested they leave, but James sauntered up and told the teens he had a better idea -- he wanted to take advantage of the club's amenities and have a good time. Cole immediately shut him down and said that he and Starr were leaving, and Langston told James she was tired and not in the mood. Just then, Ford entered the courtyard, and Langston's train of thought ground to a screeching halt.

James asked Ford where he'd been. Langston assumed Ford had been with his latest conquest, but Ford replied that he'd been in police custody and that it was a long story. He asked why James was out with Ford's ex yet again, and Langston gloated that James had been her "plus one" at not one but two aborted weddings.

Ford was relieved to hear that Elijah and Blair had disappeared to parts unknown, and asked James to accompany him back to their apartment. Before James could get a word in edgewise, Langston told Ford that she and James were about to hit the pool. Calling her bluff, Ford said that he was up for a swim as well.

Near the pool area, Nate continued his rounds with Danielle by his side. Danielle told him that Todd was still searching for Téa, and asked if he'd seen Shaun. She was sure that Shaun knew where her mother was and wanted to help, but wouldn't talk. She despaired at her dwindling chances of finding Téa still alive. "For all I know, my mom's already gone," Danielle whispered.

Nate kissed Danielle's forehead and offered to drive her home. Before they could leave, however, Ford, James, and Langston burst onto the scene, ready to take a dip. Langston began to make introductions, and asked James if he knew Nate. "No," Ford shot back. "He's our brother."

Taking the revelation in stride, Langston focused on needling Ford; she told Nate that James was her guest, but Ford wasn't a club member, and suggested Nate eject the elder Ford from the premises. Nate refused to get involved, and told the trio to enjoy themselves. Langston sneered that Ford still couldn't enjoy the pool, since he had no suit. In response, Ford promptly began to strip. "Let's get outta here," Nate told Danielle, and the young couple hurried away.

Back in the courtyard, Cole asked Starr why she insisted on staying at the club with Dorian being looked after. Starr said she'd get a ride home from Dorian's driver, and claimed that it was Langston she wanted to watch over. She told Cole she feared that Ford would hurt Langston again if Starr weren't there to watch her friend's back.

Cole told Starr he did want to go out and have fun, and Starr promised him they'd have time alone soon. Cole kissed her goodbye, and told her Langston was lucky to have Starr looking out for her. As Cole left, Starr murmured that she wasn't sure Langston saw things the same way.

In the pool area, Langston had stripped to her bikini, taunting Ford as she asked James to help her adjust her straps. James was flustered, but when Langston noticed Ford's eyes on her, she planted a passionate kiss on the younger Ford brother. Infuriated, Ford launched himself into the pool with a yell. Starr entered the pool area just in time to see Langston and James making out. Mortified, she loudly cleared her throat, and Langston pulled away from James.

James removed his bullet necklace, and asked Starr to hold onto it while he and Langston swam. "Reminds me of you," he told her with a smile, then dashed into the water with Langston on his arm, leaving Starr alone and confused.

As Langston and the Fords emerged from the pool, Starr gave James back his necklace. After an intense moment passed between them, she hurried away to check on Dorian. Meanwhile, Ford put the moves on Langston, urging her to drop the act and leave James alone. Turning cold, Langston told Ford it was no act; he'd had his chance with her and blown it. As she headed away with James to find a snack, she alerted one of the club staff to the fact that Ford wasn't a member.

At Todd's, Shaun was bound and gagged to a chair with duct tape. As Todd tore off Shaun's blindfold and gag, he ordered Shaun to reveal where Téa was. "I can't help you," Shaun muttered. Todd said he knew Shaun and Greg knew Téa's whereabouts, because Todd noticed Greg's leave of absence from the hospital; he asked if the Evans brothers were splitting Téa's payment. Shaun said he hadn't helped Téa for money, but because he genuinely liked her and cared about her.

Shaun explained that Téa had only wished to be left alone in peace in her final days. Todd replied that he, too, had one wish, but warned Shaun that if his was not granted, five large men were waiting outside with pliers to give Shaun an extreme manicure. "Go to hell," Shaun spat, and said he could handle Todd's goons, because he didn't go back on his word.

As Todd left to summon his minions, Shaun broke free from his bonds. When Todd returned to the living room, Shaun confronted him at the door, thoroughly put out. "Don't ever try to hold me down," he growled, advancing on Todd. He asked if Todd was enough of an ass to deny a dying woman's last wish. "Yes!" Todd replied, and blithely admitted that he often thought he was the last thing Téa would ever want to see before departing the earthly plane.

While Todd cowered from his former bodyguard's massive frame, Shaun turned on his heel and stalked into the foyer, warning Todd to leave him alone. Undaunted, Todd pursued him, and asked Shaun to forget about him and think of Danielle's need to say goodbye to Téa. He knew how much Shaun's family had done to help him during his coma the year before, and how their love and support had helped him back from the brink, and asked Shaun if Danielle didn't deserve the same chance to be there for her mother.

Outside, Nate escorted Danielle to the front door. He asked her to call him with any news on her search for Téa, and gave her a kiss and a hug.

Inside, Todd and Shaun had reached an impasse, but their silence was broken as Danielle entered the house. Danielle asked the big man if he was there to help her find her mother, and before Shaun could speak, Todd told her that Shaun indeed knew where Téa was. Overjoyed, Danielle embraced Shaun, babbling about how great he was and how she'd known he would help her find Téa. Stymied, Shaun told Danielle he wasn't sure of Téa's condition, but he'd take her to her mother just the same.

As Danielle rushed into the foyer, Todd stopped Shaun and thanked him for his help. "I didn't do this for you," Shaun snapped, but Todd thanked him anyway, for Danielle. "Let's go," Shaun said, leading Todd and Danielle out the front door.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Held in a Moroccan prison, David was confused but happy to see Clint standing on the other side of the bars. "Peace be upon you," Clint said in Arabic and then English. He urged David to learn it because peace would be scarce behind bars. David reflected on a movie he had seen called Midnight Express because he thought the entire scenario reminded him of the film. Clint noted that there had been a big escape in the film, but there would be no escaping the Moroccan jail cell.

David believed Dorian to be worried about him, and he was sure she would be desperate enough to search him out. Clint laughed that Dorian wouldn't be worried. That was because David had dumped her again. Clint handed David a copy of the same letter that had been left behind for Dorian and called it "vintage Vickers." David admitted it was his handwriting, but he hadn't written it. Clint pointed out that Dorian wouldn't know that, because Clint had hired a professional to write the letter. David understood that it had been Clint who had kidnapped him.

Clint hoped that Dorian would realize that David loved himself the most. He thought that the Cramer women always made the same mistakes with the same men. Clint revealed that he'd had David imprisoned because David had sent away the woman Clint had loved. David pleaded to be let out, and he offered to help Clint find Kimberly. Clint wanted revenge, and he was joyful that David would lose Dorian.

He also advised David that he would never share in Asa's fortune, especially with Dorian by his side. Dorian had stolen Clint's company, and Clint held her responsible for his son-in-law's death. Clint had asked the Moroccan authorities for David's old cell, and they had been happy to oblige. David would be imprisoned for 20 years, Clint rejoiced.

David was dumbfounded and accused Clint of being worse than Asa ever was. Clint proclaimed that he was his father's son. "Get used to it," he growled. David said he was the same to Bo, and Bo wouldn't let him rot in prison. Clint wondered who would tell Bo that David was in jail, and David replied that Bo would know. Clint retorted that Bo was aware that David was a loser who always took the easy way out. David's MyFace status would reflect that, he added. David couldn't believe his page had been hacked, and Clint told him there would be proof of David with other women.

Clint advised David he'd be freed in 2030, and he should stay away from Llanview. He repeated his earlier phrase, "peace be upon you." David vowed to "kick [Clint's] ass" in order to get back to Dorian. "As God is my witness," he stated. Clint crumbled the letter and tossed it into the cell before he left.

As darkness fell, Dorian re-read David's letter as she remained in the country club cabana. She crumpled it up and tossed it on the floor as Langston walked in. Dorian wanted her daughter to stop feeling sorry for her. Langston stooped to retrieve the letter, and hid it behind her back. Dorian was certain that David would never return. Outside, Starr called for a car and told James that she thought he should leave the property. James wanted to thank Langston for inviting him to the wedding.

Just then, Langston emerged from the cabana. James thanked her and asked to see her again. Langston agreed. Starr mentioned that the Cramer household wasn't exactly a "man-friendly zone." After James left, the girls put their arms around Dorian protectively as she hid behind a pair of sunglasses. The coast was clear for her to leave.

At the police station, John told Brody and Natalie about the events at the country club and sent them to the premises to look for clues in the disappearance of Blair and Eli. Marty arrived to see John as the pair left. Brody thought that things seemed pretty good between Marty and Natalie. "Ya think?" Natalie retorted. She suggested he "rethink the whole detective thing." Inside of John's office, John told Marty that Hannah had not been her attacker and was innocent. Cole walked in and heard what John had to say. John was annoyed, because he had asked Cole to wait outside.

Cole had known all along that Hannah was innocent, he proclaimed. John revealed that Eli had forced Hannah to swallow the pills, and Cole turned to rush out the door. John stopped him first. He wanted Cole to understand that the police were looking for Eli and Blair, and he didn't want Cole to say anything to Starr. He couldn't have the Cramers involved yet, and he wanted Cole's word. There was a reason he had asked Cole to wait outside. Cole promised to stay mum, and he left.

Marty insisted she was fine, but John knew better. Marty thought maybe the truth would help her to heal. John wrapped his arm around her as they sat side-by-side. John wasn't certain about Eli's motive, but he thought it might have been Eli's way of getting John off of another case when John got too close to finding out about Eli. John blamed himself for not realizing it sooner, but Marty told him he couldn't be responsible for everything bad that happened. She had tried to make him see that before, but maybe Natalie would have more success. John took a deep breath and told Marty that Natalie was pregnant.

Ford arrived home to find Jessica sitting in his apartment. "Go home," he told her, not understanding how she even got into his apartment in the first place. He claimed to be expecting visitors. Jessica insisted that she needed information from Ford. She wanted to know about his Rh factor, because there was a small chance that he was her baby's father. Her baby could be in danger, and she had lost a baby previously due to the incompatibility of the Rh factor. Ford was visibly concerned, and he grabbed a folder that contained several papers.

He perused them quickly and advised her he was Rh positive. Jessica was comforted since she knew she would be able to protect her baby with that information. James returned as Jessica left. He cited his brother's ability to not waste time. Ford displayed his annoyance at James for borrowing his jacket for the wedding without asking first. James accused Ford of being touchy because the blonde girl had rejected him, though Ford made it clear that he didn't plan on spending any more time with the woman, especially if he didn't want an STD. James joked that Ford probably had a clinic on speed dial, but Ford wasn't laughing.

He demanded that James give him half of the rent money. James protested that Ford had promised to take care of him after deserting him, but Ford announced that he had changed his mind. He didn't appreciate James taking things that weren't his. James asked if Ford meant Langston, but Ford asked James for cash instead. James wanted Ford to admit if he didn't want James dating Langston. Ford obliged and stated that he didn't want James to go out with Langston.

James made fun of his brother and accused him of caring about Langston after all. Ford defended his request and pronounced that they shouldn't be dating each other's ex-girlfriends. James agreed not to ask Langston out, but he didn't think it meant that Langston would return to his brother. Ford wanted to discuss James's future, and he suggested that James take the GED in order to attend college. James realized that Langston attended Llanview University.

Brody and Natalie proceeded to do some forensics work in the cabana. Brody wondered about Jessica's doctor's appointment, and Natalie advised him she had been there for hers at the same time. All had gone well, she told him. She reiterated that he was not the father of Natalie's baby because John was, and she had written John's name down on the doctor's form. As Natalie continued searching for clues, Brody suggested that she was taking a long time in order to avoid Marty at the station. Judging by Natalie's reaction, Brody announced that his detective skills were excellent.

Natalie explained that she hadn't seen Marty since the night Marty had taken the letter that Natalie had left for John. It was also the night Natalie had gotten drunk and slept with Brody. She blamed the chain of events on Marty, and she knew things wouldn't get any easier when Marty found out that Natalie was pregnant. Natalie recapped that night and ended with the fact that Brody could be the father of both babies from twin sisters. Jessica walked in as Natalie concluded.

Startled, Natalie clarified that she was telling Brody about the incident in the doctor's office when the clerk erred and thought that Brody was the father of Natalie's baby. Jessica laughed and apologized for showing up at the scene. She wanted to tell Brody about the appointment. Natalie headed for the station, and Jessica asked Brody about his Rh factor. Brody knew it was negative since all soldiers had that fact on their tags. He knew the baby would be okay, since Jessica was also negative. Brody wanted to be sure to attend the next doctor's appointment with Jessica. He wanted to see their baby on the sonogram.

Dorian, Starr, and Langston arrived at La Boulaie. Dorian wanted the girls to stop hovering over her, and explained that the worst had already happened. She told them that David had left, and that was what he always did. They walked into her bedroom, and Dorian recalled being in bed with David. Suddenly, she doubled over as if in pain and began to scream. The girls were frightened. "How could you leave me again?" Dorian wailed.

Dorian calmed down and told the girls that she hated the room. She said that it reeked of David and his things. She began to toss David's belongings around. Langston suggested that her mother take a hot shower while Starr and Langston cleared out the room. Dorian agreed and told Langston to destroy the letter she had picked up. Dorian began to laugh that she would "wash that man right out of my hair."

As Starr and Langston picked up David's things, the girls talked about how they thought that David and Dorian were one couple who "had it together," but looks could be deceiving. Starr pointed out that it was the same as when James looked at Langston, and Langston turned defensive. She asked what Starr meant by her remark. Starr told her to forget it, but Langston persisted. Starr didn't want Langston to believe everything James said, she finally answered. Langston countered that James hadn't lied to her yet. Starr couldn't believe that Langston planned on seeing James again.

The girls cleaned up some broken glass that was in pieces like Dorian. Starr believed that happened when someone gave their heart to the wrong person. Langston took it personally, even though Starr insisted that she hadn't been referring to Langston. The girls argued, and Starr maintained that she was merely looking out for Langston. Starr didn't want her friend to get her heart broken. Langston thought that there was something Starr wasn't telling her, and she suspected that Starr thought about James a lot.

Langston didn't want Starr to make a mistake like she had when she'd dated Ford behind Markko's back. She hadn't talked to anyone then, and she wanted Starr to be able to share her feelings about James. Finally, Starr admitted that she thought about James often, but she didn't love him. She had no right to be jealous of Langston, because she and Cole would work things out eventually. Langston promised to stay away from James, and she would find another way to make Ford angry. "Well done girls," Dorian said as she looked around her clean bedroom, and grabbed her computer.

The girls refused to allow her to update her MyFace status, but Dorian wanted to check David's page. The girls agreed as long as they were there to oversee it. Dorian clicked onto David's page and read his status, "single and loving it."

Hannah was surprised when Cole walked into her room at St. Anne's. He revealed that he knew that Eli had committed the crimes, and Hannah urged him to get out of town quickly after Cole admitted that Eli wasn't in jail yet. She was concerned that John had given the information to Cole. She acknowledged that she had swallowed the pills to protect Cole, and he was stunned to hear that. She avowed that she couldn't allow anything to happen to Cole because she had loved him. She realized she had been obsessed with him, and Starr had been right to warn him about Hannah. She had done awful things.

John apologized to Marty for telling her about the pregnancy. He hadn't planned it, but Natalie's name had been mentioned. Marty declared that she was happy for John, though she gasped for breath and looked upset. She maintained that she'd always known that John and Natalie were meant for one another.

Natalie returned to the station, and there was an awkward moment between her, Marty, and John. Marty urged them to be careful with a new baby on the way. She choked up and ran out of the office as she began to cry, and wished them congratulations on their new family.

A musical montage to "Holding Out for Love" by Ashtar Command played. Marty held herself up against the wall outside of John's office while inside, John gently placed his hand on Natalie's stomach. Cole grabbed Hannah's hand as he said goodbye. Starr and Langston lay in bed with Dorian in the middle as they all tried to sleep. Starr thought about James, and Langston thought about Ford. At Ford's place, James daydreamed about Starr, and Ford flashed back to being with Langston at the country club. David sank to the floor of his cell and vowed to get back to Dorian, "somehow, someday." He hoped she would wait for him.

Friday, August 27, 2010

At the Llanview Police Station, as Detective Theo Price and John McBain studied a map, Price indicated that he wanted to be the one "to get the guy," since he had let him get away. John informed the detective that Eli and Blair had left Llanview in a plane that had landed in Los Angeles. "Where they went next is anybody's guess." Price suspected that Eli had crossed the border, where "he's in the wind," to make it more difficult to find him.

John received a call and learned that Eli and Blair had boarded a plane with a 4,000-mile fuel capacity at the Los Angeles airport. John speculated that Eli and Blair had not traveled to Honolulu, since the distance was only 2,500 miles. John then ordered Price to return home, so that the detective could recuperate. Price insisted, "As soon as the doctor signs off, I'm coming back to take Clarke down."

In the men's steam room at the country club, Rex told Cristian that he knew about the file on Bennett Thompson and was working on the case with John. Rex informed Cristian that the first person who stole the file was Eli Clarke, and the second person was Kelly; just then, she stormed into the steam room. Cristian reported to Rex and Kelly that someone had broken into his apartment to steal the file on Bennett Thompson. Kelly revealed that Eli Clarke was Bennett Thompson and filled Cristian in on the whole story of what Rex, John, and Kelly had suspected about Eli. Kelly insisted that she and Rex needed to find Eli, before he hurt Blair. Cristian thanked Kelly for the update on the case and left.

Layla carried in another map to John and voiced that Evangeline would have wanted to know that her file had helped prove that Eli Clarke was Bennett Thompson. After Layla begged John to capture Eli, she walked into the lobby and found Cristian, who greeted Layla with a kiss.

Cristian told Layla that Eli Clarke was Bennett Thompson, and Layla admitted that it was true. "He knocked you out and stole the file. But you were one of the lucky ones. He's killed people -- including Evangeline." When Cristian asked how Eli had killed Evangeline, Layla said that her mother had called Bennett Thompson to get his advice, and the attorney had told Lisa to remove Evangeline from life support. Layla yelled that Eli had made her family kill Evangeline for him.

Cristian reminded Layla that Eli had not put Evangeline in the coma, however, Layla remarked that thanks to Eli, her sister was gone, and that she missed her. "It makes me so angry that someone could use the condition of a dying woman to suit their own evil needs." Cristian felt that Evangeline was "resting in peace" and would want Layla to find her own peace. Layla agreed and decided to let John take care of Eli.

Still at the country club, Rex reminded Kelly that she was in the men's steam room, and Kelly stated that she was desperate to find Blair, before Blair ended up as Eli's next victim. When Kelly begged Rex to help her locate Blair, Rex said that he would. Rex asked Kelly if she knew of any places that had been significant to Blair, such as "a chateau in France, a village in Montego, a hut in Timbuktu," but Kelly was not sure.

However, Kelly knew that Eli had been to Boston, where he had "killed the poor records clerk, Glen," and to California, where he had killed her mother, Melinda. Rex commented that those were unlikely honeymoon places. Kelly then revealed that before Eli was Bennett Thompson, he had been married to a lady, who had died under suspicious circumstances, and that when Eli was Bennett Thompson, his wife had "vanished off of the face of the earth." Kelly pondered, "Blair has no idea that she is in way over her head."

Kelly yelled at Rex that since he was the private investigator, he should be the one with all of the ideas. Rex recollected that when Blair had hired him to locate Ross, Rex had found Ross in Tahiti. But Kelly and Rex doubted that Blair and Eli would get married in Tahiti, since Ross was dead. Kelly wondered if Ross had established an estate, and if Eli would receive an inheritance. Rex stated that he would present the theory to John, as Detective Price entered the steam room. Rex grabbed his gun, and he and Kelly ran out. The detective shook his head and exclaimed to himself that he did not want to know what that was all about.

John checked out the distance from Llanview to Greenland and Llanview to Caracas on the computer but determined that the distance was too short. He then discovered that Tahiti was 4,005 miles from Llanview. Rex ran into John's office and exclaimed, "John, we had an idea, where Eli might have taken Blair." John simply stated, "Tahiti."

In Tahiti, Eli stepped out of the hotel room and called Greg at St. Kitts. Eli demanded to know if Greg had told Téa that she was right not to see her daughter, and Greg replied that he had told Téa that Dani and Todd were on their way to see her, even though he knew it was not true. Greg regretted lying to Téa, and Eli reminded Greg that he would never have to lie to Téa again. As Eli yelled, "This is going to work," Blair walked through the door.

Eli hung up the phone and kissed Blair, who realized that her phone should be working too. Eli insisted that what he had meant was that his phone was going to work, but that, alas, it still did not. Blair claimed that she had promised Téa to watch over Dani, therefore, Blair needed to get back to Llanview. Eli told Blair that they would leave just as soon as they did what they had set out to do, and that Ross was already on his way to the room. Blair pleaded with Eli to leave Ross a note, as she tripped over Eli's suitcase, which opened and revealed Téa's will, unseen by Blair. However, Blair saw a gun and demanded to know who owned it. Eli stressed that the gun belonged to Ross, and Blair asked why it was not put somewhere safe and claimed that it gave her "the willies."

Eli reminded Blair that he had wanted everything to be perfect when they got married, and Blair replied, "Eli, listen to me. You are perfect for me, and I'm going to love you no matter where we say, 'I do,' okay?" Eli and Blair decided to get married in Llanview, and as they kissed, Ross walked in.

Blair greeted Ross, and Ross stated that he was glad to see that Eli had arrived all right. However, Blair voiced that Ross already knew that Eli had arrived, since they had just talked on the phone the previous night. Ross asked about Dani and insisted that he still thought of Dani as his daughter, and that learning that he was not her biological father had been the hardest thing that he had ever had to go through. Eli told Ross that Dani was fine, but Blair revealed that Téa was dying.

Ross was shocked that Téa had a brain tumor and asked what would happen with Dani. When Blair informed Ross that Dani was with Todd, Ross related that he was glad that he had asked Dani to work on her relationship with Todd. After Blair told Ross that she was leaving for Llanview, Ross said, "No, no, no, Blair, I'm sorry. You're not going anywhere."

Ross showed surprise that Blair and Eli were getting married, since he did even know that they knew each other, but insisted that he was happy for them. "This is why you can't go. Uh-uh...not until you do what you came here to do -- which is to become Mrs. Eli Clarke." However, just as Eli insisted that "Blair's family comes first," a Tahitian municipality representative arrived to perform the ceremony. Blair agreed to get married in Tahiti and left to change.

For the ceremony, Blair made a grand entrance in a stunning white wedding gown. Eli expressed that he wanted to make Blair his "wife as soon as possible." The Tahitian representative read Eli the vows, and Eli responded, "I do." Once the representative read Blair her vows, all turned to look at Blair for her response.

On the plane, Dani and Todd were both anxious to see Téa. Shaun insisted that Todd's threats had not made him take them to Tea. Shaun believed that Dani needed to see Téa, and Todd was certain that Téa needed to see Dani. "Her last memory shouldn't be of some cold, heartless doctor."

Shaun revealed that he had asked Téa why she had stuck it out with Todd, and that Téa had replied that Todd wasn't so bad, and because Todd was scared and afraid to show the world who he really was. Todd laughed and said that Téa did not know what she was talking about.

Dani called Nate and announced that she was on her way to see her mother. Dani insisted that she would stay with Téa until the end, and Nate stressed that he would be there for Dani, when she returned. Dani hoped that Téa would not be mad at her and Todd for going against her wishes, and that Téa would be happy to see her. Nate exclaimed that Téa would be very proud of Dani. After she thanked Nate, Dani told him that she would call him later.

Outside of the room at the country club that had been destroyed by Dorian, Darren covered Destiny's eyes and asked, "Guess who?" Destiny refused to play and indicated that she was watching out look for Nate. As she started to clean the room, Darren told Destiny that his brother had an ice pack on his head, and that he hoped that Theo did not think that Darren had blown "his cover and tipped off the perp." Destiny assured him that the only person who had overheard them talking had been Eli Clarke.

Nate walked in, and Destiny informed him that he looked "awful." Nate revealed that Shaun was taking Dani and Todd to Téa. Destiny cheered, "Yes, I knew my brother would come through." Destiny only wished that her other brother, Greg, could help Téa, as much as Shaun had. "Greg's the big success -- our star. The rest of my family is pretty much blue collar." Darren claimed that his "folks" were white collar, except for Theo. However, Darren revealed that he preferred the good life to keep his lady in style. Destiny denied being his lady and called Darren a player. Destiny exclaimed that she wanted to be successful in her own right. Nate explained that even though he and his mother were going through tough times, Dani had it worse.

They finished cleaning, and Darren asked Destiny for a kiss, as they walked out of the room. Destiny allowed Darren to kiss her on the cheek, and Darren sauntered off. Nate thought that Darren was hilarious, and Destiny revealed that Nate was not the jackass that she had thought he was when he had stolen Dani from Matthew. "You're not so bad. I mean, you've really been there for Dani through all this." Nate sadly stated, "Yeah, I think she's going to need me more than ever when she gets home." Nate then hoped that the trip would give Dani what she was searching for.

Theo welcomed Darren in the country club steam room, and Darren revealed that he had told his "peeps" that he was proud of his brother, even if he could not understand why Theo had wanted to be a cop.

Dani rejoined Todd on the plane, and they fastened their seat belts to prepare for the landing. Later, Todd, Dani, and Shaun arrived at St. Kitts and demanded to see Téa. Greg informed them that it would be impossible. Todd yelled that Greg could not prevent Dani from seeing Téa, and the three of them stormed into the room. When they saw the empty bed, Dani and Shaun demanded to know where Téa was. Todd screamed, "Where is she? Where's my wife?"

Todd asked again, "Where's Téa?" Greg answered, "She's gone." Todd snarked, "Yeah, I can see that. Where is she?"

Todd demanded to know one more time, "Where's Téa?" Greg responded, "That's what I have been trying to explain. I'm sorry to tell you, but uh...Téa died last night."

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