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Billy and Victoria bought a house together. The ICE ruled that Cane could remain in the United States. Heather was fired. Meggie secretly put alcohol into Nikki's drink. Jack invested in Adam and Skye's hedge fund with Victor's money.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 23, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, August 23, 2010

In the gym at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor was pounding a punching bag when Adam approached. Adam told Victor that the process server must have visited him because of the way he was venting his frustrations. Adam tapped his forehead, insisting that he was always a step ahead, and gloated that he would have the last laugh. Adam announced that he was ready for court. Adam suddenly changed the tone of his voice and the expression on his face and said, "No amount of restitution or retribution is going to erase the memories of the cabin that night." Victor replied that Adam's act wouldn't work. Victor stepped toward Adam and insisted that his son was a psychotic, crazy man, who'd nearly scared Sharon to death and gaslighted Ashley.

Victor also reminded Adam that his actions had caused Ashley to lose her and Victor's baby. Victor added, "Be a man. Don't hide behind a high-priced lawyer and the skirt of a woman." Adam asked, "Them fightin' words, Dad?" Victor calmly unfastened the straps on his boxing gloves and slipped them off. Adam advised Victor not to become the crazy old man who punched everyone, and warned that he'd have assault added to the charges against him.

Victor manipulated the tape wound around his hand and through his fingers as Adam warned that his father was about to lose money and power, which he claimed were the two things Victor loved the most. Victor suddenly and unexpectedly landed a blow to Adam's face that sent him tumbling over a weight bench. Adam regained his footing and used his tongue to probe the inside of his mouth. Victor said calmly, "Why don't you add that to your charges?"

Jack later showed up at the gym, approached Victor, and mentioned Adam's bruised eye. Victor admitted that Adam had gotten what he deserved. Victor was livid to learn that Adam was also suing Phyllis. Jack asserted that Victor should have given his son a few hugs when he needed them. Jack gloated that Adam and Skye were using the Newman name to lure investors, including him, to invest in their hedge fund.

Victor told Jack that he would supply the money for Jack to invest in Adam's hedge fund. Jack wasn't initially receptive, but Victor entreated him to participate. Jack phoned Skye and said he wished to invest in her hedge fund. Jack claimed that it was a win-win situation because he'd be using Adam to make money and give Victor "agita" at the same time. Skye commended Jack's pragmatic decision. After he made the call to Skye, Jack asked Victor if the plan would work. Victor claimed that when they were finished with Adam, he'd have nothing.

At Gloworm, Jack sat Phyllis down in a booth and questioned her about slapping Deacon. Phyllis insisted that she had merely put Deacon in his place after he said something he shouldn't have. Jack didn't buy Phyllis' explanation and reminded her that she'd earlier admitted to making out with Deacon. Jack warned Phyllis that she was spinning out of control and would likely do something she would later regret if she didn't get a hold of herself.

Phyllis told Jack she thought he'd be glad to see another Newman get screwed over. Jack explained that he was able to work with Victor from time to time for the right reasons. Phyllis announced that she'd seen Nick at Jimmy's bar kissing some blonde. Phyllis chided Jack for advising her to control her emotions. Phyllis added that Nick was probably rescuing his favorite damsel in distress, Sharon.

At the tack house, Nick, carrying a snoozing Summer, and Sharon, cradling Faith, arrived. Nick asked if Summer could spend the night in her own bed. Sharon eagerly agreed to let Summer stay. Summer raised her head from Nick's shoulder and asked if they planned to live at the tack house with Mommy and Sharon. Summer added, "We can have one house, but not three." Sharon changed the subject and asked Summer to accompany her upstairs to tuck Faith into bed.

After Faith and Summer were tucked into bed, Nick asked Sharon if she'd considered his suggestion to move back into her house on the ranch. Sharon agreed to the move, and Nick offered to phone Victoria to let her know. Sharon and Nick settled comfortably on the sofa and enjoyed soft drinks. Sharon smiled demurely at Nick. After Nick left, Adam stopped by. Sharon jumped when she opened the door. She asked Adam how he'd gotten a black eye. Adam told Sharon that she was the only one he could count on not to attack him. He explained that he knew Sharon would be where she felt safe and admitted he knew how to skirt security at the ranch.

Adam begged Sharon to forgive him and mentioned that his wife never even asked about his bruised eye. Adam said, "Every painful day I am without you, I die just a little bit at a time." Adam mentioned their kiss at Gloworm, but Sharon said she didn't want to discuss their kiss. Adam said that Sharon must find it difficult to hear everyone tell her she must hate him when she didn't. Nick returned. Nick was incensed and asked Sharon why she let a sociopath into his house while his children were upstairs sleeping. Adam told Nick that Sharon didn't have to answer to him. Adam announced that he was leaving and advised Nick to back off Sharon.

After Adam left, Nick was miffed at Sharon and asked what kind of sick hold Adam had over her. Sharon maintained that she detested Adam, and she reminded Nick that he had promised not to direct her life. Nick demanded that Sharon not allow Adam, a bona-fide psycho, within a hundred yards of his daughters. Sharon glared at Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Abby loaded herself up on caffeine and announced to Daniel, who was nearby sipping a cup of java, that she planned to repeat her burlesque show at Gloworm in order to keep her star shining brightly. Daniel first turned down Abby's offer to accompany her because Deacon tended bar there. Daniel, feeling protective, later relented and followed Abby as she walked out of the coffeehouse.

After Abby and Daniel arrived at Gloworm, Abby stopped to cavort with a couple of fans. Daniel marched to the bar and ordered Deacon to pour him a beer. Deacon urged Daniel to call a truce to their ongoing feud. Daniel nearly spewed a gulp of beer in Deacon's face when Deacon asked Daniel to put in a good word for him to his hot mom.

Abby joined Daniel and told Deacon that she already knew all about him. Deacon quipped that he and Daniel both liked blondes that enjoyed posting naughty videos of themselves on the Internet. Abby stripped off her jacket and announced that she was about to stage another show. Daniel pulled Abby's jacket back on and told her that there'd be no show. As Daniel whisked Abby away, he pointed at Deacon and quipped, "You're a funny guy."

Daniel later joined his mom at her table and told her that Deacon seemed to have feelings for her. Phyllis seemed intrigued, which visibly annoyed Daniel. A woman approached Phyllis to serve a drink. When Phyllis answered to her name, the woman handed Phyllis an envelope and said, "You've been served." Phyllis disgustedly tossed the envelope onto the table.

Jack sat at a table with Abby, who pleaded with her uncle to get rid of Adam. Skye walked by and entreated Jack to invest in her hedge fund. Abby rudely snubbed Skye and told her she hadn't been invited into the conversation. Skye took a seat at a nearby table and had time to take one sip of her drink before Adam joined her. Skye noticed Adam's blackened eye, but she said they'd discuss who'd popped him later.

Skye proudly announced that she'd signed on two major investors and intended to celebrate. Adam interjected that he planned to celebrate with his own money after winning his lawsuit. Jack noticed Adam's eye, but Adam claimed he had an accident at the gym. Phyllis suddenly appeared and flung her drink into Adam's face. Phyllis yelled, "You screwed with the wrong person. I'll take you and your mousey wife down!"

Adam later told Skye that Victor had hit him. Skye told Adam that it was time to put his issues with Victor to bed because she was trying to improve his image. Skye again advised Adam to drop his lawsuit. Adam said he was sick of the hedge fund and added, "It's not just about money, Skye; these people kidnapped me and tortured me mentally and physically."

Skye reminded Adam that she knew about him jabbing needles into his eyes and milking his so-called blindness for all it was worth, and about having her forge Dr. Taylor's diary to use as blackmail. Adam reminded Skye that he planted her class ring on a body in the stable, so she could jet off to Brazil. Adam rolled his eyes when Skye said she realized he was counting on the lawsuit to get him out of their marriage. Skye told Adam that his total lack of ethics was his best quality and claimed they'd be pulling cons even after they ended up in a nursing home. Adam glared at Skye.

After Phyllis attacked Adam, Jack grabbed her and took her outside. At a nearby table, Daniel and Abby saw Jack escort Phyllis out of Gloworm. Daniel quipped that with Deacon and Adam present, perhaps the club should be renamed Bloworm. Abby was sullen and complained that Phyllis had created all the drama for the evening. Daniel tried to console Abby and reminded her that no reporters or photographers had been present to capture her lackluster evening. Abby told Daniel that she might have to repay his kind remarks with after-lunch bonus activities, just as she had the previous day.

Nick ran into Phyllis while she cooled her heels at Crimson Lights. The estranged couple conversed awkwardly, and Phyllis announced that she planned to improve her behavior for Summer's sake. Phyllis explained that she had been included in Adam's civil suit and admitted that she'd thrown a drink in his face.

After Phyllis learned that Summer was staying with Sharon and Faith at the tack house, she was livid and asked Nick how he could be so insensitive. Nick seemed deflated when Phyllis asked, "How could you move that whore into our home?" Before Nick could explain, Phyllis reamed him out and said it was pathetic how he could quickly interchange his ex-wives. Nick bristled and told Phyllis that he was only interested in protecting his children. Nick added that after Phyllis' tantrum, she no longer had a say in the matter. As Nick turned to leave, Phyllis threw a glass of water, which hit a nearby table.

After Phyllis' unfortunate encounter with Nick at Crimson Lights, she returned to Gloworm and met Deacon in the club's darkened, secluded alley. Phyllis told Deacon that she needed someone to help relieve her pent-up aggression. As if reading Phyllis' mind, Deacon grabbed her, ripped off her top, and pressed her against the dumpster as he kissed her forcefully.

At Billy's trailer, Victoria, giddy, said she felt free and powerful. Victoria claimed she had the courage to jump out of a plane or swim with sharks. Billy furrowed his brow and said that Victoria was scaring him a bit with her over-the-top sense of euphoria. Victoria looked Billy in the eyes and demanded he come up with a way to make her feelings last.

Later, Victoria, lying on her stomach, braced herself when Billy said, "We can stop if this wasn't what you had in mind. It won't hurt as bad if you're not so tense." Victoria took a deep breath and reminded Billy that he was next. A sudden buzzing sound filled a purple-walled cubicle as a bald man named Snake began injecting ink into the small of Victoria's back. Victoria cried out and whimpered. Snake paused, belched loudly, and complained that the gas-station food he'd consumed had given him heartburn.

Billy, watching the design on Victoria's back take shape, suggested she choose a less-threatening design. Victoria insisted she was happy with the tattoo she'd chosen. As Snake later applied a tattoo to Billy's upper shoulder, he said he wasn't feeling well and needed to take a short break. After Snake stepped aside, Victoria showed Billy her tattoo, which read, "Billy Forever."

Snake later returned and took his seat behind Billy. Suddenly, Snake became ill and fell to the floor. Billy sprang into action and administered first aid. Victoria summoned an ambulance. As Billy tried to revive Snake, he yelled that the artist had to wake up and finish his tattoo, which was a heart that enclosed the name "Victor."

After paramedics arrived and wheeled Snake into an ambulance, Billy tried to coax Victoria into adding the two missing letters of her name to his tattoo. Billy cried, "This is horrible." Back home, Billy and Victoria used mirrors to admire their new tattoos. Billy threatened to remove his misspelled tattoo with an oversized lemon zEsther. Victoria kissed Billy and told him he was sweet to get a tattoo with her.

At the Abbott pool house, Tucker stopped by and asked Ashley why she hadn't returned his messages. Ashley admitted to Tucker that she'd been avoiding him because she didn't want to see him anymore. Ashley argued with Tucker and claimed that they hadn't truly been involved in a relationship. Tucker disagreed and reminded Ashley about their first serious encounter at the airport when she had planned to run away with Faith.

Tucker also reminded Ashley that he'd helped her film the video for Faith. Ashley remained indifferent. Tucker, desperate, recalled their so-called business dinners and making love for the first time while they were in Japan. Tucker insisted he wasn't a hit-and-run guy, and he asked Ashley why she was afraid of their relationship. Ashley blurted out that she'd based her actions on a total lack of interest in him. Tucker seemed crushed.

Tucker insisted that his relationship with Ashley wasn't a game. He held Ashley in his arms and claimed that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Ashley pulled away, rushed into the pool house, and closed the door. Ashley slumped against the door and sighed heavily. Ashley sobbed after Tucker left.

Later, Tucker returned and demanded Ashley let him in. Ashley refused. Tucker picked up a patio chair and smashed it through the French doors. Ashley seemed frightened. Tucker told Ashley that she couldn't hide behind walls from him. Ashley rushed to Tucker, ripped off his shirt and kissed him passionately. Tucker removed Ashley's blouse, and the two kissed feverishly. Once on the floor, Ashley slithered out of her skirt, revealing lacy lingerie, which she promptly removed and threw atop a heap of discarded clothing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lily was busy at home preparing for the twin's christening. Cane entered and asked Lily to take it easy. Cane was concerned that Lily was doing too much, including taking care of the babies at night. Lily agreed to let Cane take over the cleaning. Lily mentioned to Cane that she had an appointment at the salon where she would be able to get extensions since her hair had grown long enough after chemotherapy.

Lily was pleased that Matilda would be wearing the same christening gown Lily had worn. Lily wondered if Cane felt bad that he had no connection to his childhood. Cane was thrilled to have a new family with Lily. Cane said that love made a family, not blood.

At Fenmore's, Michael told Lauren that he wished her father had resolved the situation regarding Jill before his death. Lauren asked about the papers dividing the company in half. Michael said he'd sent copies to Jill and once she signed them, half of Fenmore's would be Jill's.

Lauren asked what would happen if Lauren chose not sign. Michael said Lauren would be jailed for contempt of court. Lauren said she was still considering an appeal. Michael advised against it. Michael said that unless Joanna recanted her statement, the results would be the same.

Lauren noted that her mother had enjoyed hurting Lauren. Lauren knew that Michael was giving her sound advice, but Lauren was loath to hand over half her legacy to Jill. Lauren wasn't sure she could do it.

Michael told Lauren that she could take a few days to think things over. Lauren decided not to drag it out. Lauren decided to focus on what was good in her life, like Michael, Fen, and Scott. Lauren told Michael to call Jill. Lauren was ready to sign the papers.

At Malcolm's studio, Jill was posing for new executive photographs. Later, Jill was very happy with Malcolm's results. Cane and Lily showed up and Jill assumed they were busy with the christening. Lily said they were, but Lily was hoping that the photos of Charlie and Matilda were ready.

Cane asked what Jill was doing in the studio and Jill explained she was having photos taken for Fenmore's. Jill said she hoped it was all right that she considered the twins her grandchildren. Lily and Cane were honored.

Jill's phone rang. It was Michael inviting Jill to Lauren's office to sign the Fenmore papers. Jill said she would be right over. Jill asked Malcolm if she could get her headshot right away. Malcolm offered to deliver the photo personally to Jill.

Jill knew that Lily and Cane were going to Fenmore's and asked if they would meet her there after her meeting with Lauren because Jill had a gift for the twins. Cane and Lily agreed. Cane spoke privately to Jill and reminded her that it would be difficult for Lauren to give up half her company. Cane advised Jill to remember that it was not just about money; it was about family.

Later, Lily, Malcolm and Cane were eating at Crimson Lights. Lily imagined the twins' first birthday. Cane laughed since they still hadn't had the christening. Malcolm said he was looking forward to being there for all the kids' events. Lily assumed Malcolm and Sofia would be traveling. Malcolm said traveling no longer mattered to him. Malcolm said that since he'd nearly lost Lily, what mattered most to him was family.

At Lauren's office, Michael told his wife that she was doing the right thing by settling with Jill. Lauren was still unsure about giving up half of Fenmore's. Lauren said that she still heard her father's voice in her head everyday. Michael said that Jill's involvement in the company wouldn't change that.

Jill walked into Lauren's office and said hello to Michael and Lauren. Michael handed Jill and Lauren pens and asked them both to sign the documents. After signing, Jill declared she was half owner of the family company. Jill told Lauren that she appreciated how Lauren had handled things.

Jill hoped in the future that the Fenmore sisters would be more than just business partners. Lauren said they were sisters in name only. Jill was disappointed that Lauren had nothing positive to say to Jill. Jill walked out of the office. Lauren started to cry and Michael told his wife to take a deep breath and count to ten.

Outside the office, Jill saw Lily and Cane. Jill assured them that she had behaved herself at the signing. Jill looked at Charlie's christening gown. Jill liked it, but offered Lily an option. Jill showed Lily and Cane the christening gown that Philip had worn. Jill offered it to the Ashbys. Lily was touched. Cane and Lily were overjoyed to use Philip's gown.

Paul arrived at the Chancellor mansion and told Nina that he had been to Lakeside. Paul went to the neighborhood where her long lost son, Aiden Lansing, had lived. Paul reported that Aiden's adopted parents were both dead and there was little known about the family. Paul told Nina that there had been a reason for them to be quiet and reserved because they had bought Aiden.

Paul told Nina that he learned that the Lansings had doted on Aiden. Nina was grateful that her son had been raised in a good home. Paul said that nobody in Lakeside had known where Aiden had moved. The alumni association was closed for the summer, so Paul hadn't been able to track Aiden in that way.

Nina was frustrated that she was no closer to finding her son. Nina asked how Aiden could have just vanished after graduating from high school. Paul told Nina some possible explanations, like Aiden having changed his name. Nina suggested that perhaps Aiden had died. Paul told Nina not to think like that.

Nina felt she was getting closer, but each year she suffered the same disappointment. Paul comforted Nina with a hug. Paul told Nina not to give up hope. Paul was confident that they would discover what had happened to her son. Paul checked his phone and learned that one of his researchers working on the case had found a photo of Aiden. Nina asked for the picture to be faxed to the house.

Nina and Paul looked at the faxed image. It was a photo of the entire football team. Nina said she couldn't see the faces. Paul said he knew someone who could enhance the image for them.

At Crimson Lights, Ronan ran into Chloe. Chloe had Nina's book in her hands. Ronan was upset that Chloe wasn't being discreet. Chloe asked Ronan why he wouldn't tell Nina that he was her long-lost son. Ronan didn't want to discuss it with Chloe.

Chloe wondered why Ronan went to the effort of moving to Genoa City and getting familiar with his family if he didn't want to reveal the truth to them.

Ronan said Nina and Chance were strangers to him. Ronan was in Genoa City to get facts so he could make a decision. Ronan said he had made his decision. Chloe assumed that Ronan had tested Nina and Chance.

Ronan told Chloe that he thought that Chance was a jerk. Chloe pointed out that Ronan always defended Nina and Chloe believed that Ronan liked his mother. Chloe said that Nina needed Ronan. Chloe told Ronan that Nina's book had been heartbreaking. Ronan didn't feel the need to justify his decision to Chloe. Ronan asked Chloe to stay out of his business.

Meeks was guarding Heather's apartment when Chance arrived. Meeks explained that Ronan had the day off and he was covering as Heather's security. Chance said he was there to visit Heather. Heather let Chance into the apartment. Before closing the door, Chance assured Meeks that Chance would find the dirty cops on the Genoa City police force.

Heather told Chance that she believed that Ronan took the drugs from her office. Chance was furious. Heather trusted Ronan would do the right thing. Chance believed that Ronan was going to use the drugs to make a deal for Ronan. Chance wanted to go with Heather to Owen's and force Ronan to tell the truth.

Heather asked Chance not to go with her to Owen's. In a flashback, Heather recalled Ronan assuring her that Ronan would clear everything up for Heather with Owen.

Chance wanted to go with Heather so Chance could prove to Owen that Ronan was the bad one, not Chance. Heather thought Chance was overemotional. Heather said that Chance might make things worse.

Chance couldn't see how things could get worse, but Heather pointed out that she could lose her job. Heather reminded Chance that he'd had had no authority to acquire the drugs the way he did. Chance said he didn't care if they fired him from the force. Heather did care. Heather told Chance that she wanted to keep her job.

Chance said he would explain everything rationally to Owen. Heather said she could do that herself. Heather asked Chance to stay in her apartment and let her handle it. Chance agreed, but said that if things didn't work out, he was going to act.

A while later, outside in the hallway, Chance helped Chloe when she dropped her grocery bag. Chance noticed that Chloe was still wearing his engagement ring. Chance asked to speak with Chloe in Heather's apartment. Chance explained to Chloe that Heather was meeting with Owen about Ronan. Chance hoped to apply some pressure to get a break in the case.

Chloe told Chance that Ronan never hid the fact that he disliked Chance, but Chloe didn't believe that Ronan was a dirty cop. Chloe said that both Chance and Ronan had a knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Chance asked about Delia. Chloe told Chance that at "Mommy and Me'"classes, Delia loved to visit with the other kids and ignored Chloe. Chloe said that was probably because Delia was an only child, like Chance was an only child. Chloe asked Chance about his long-lost brother.

Chance was curious why Chloe brought up his brother. Chloe explained she had read Nina's book. Chloe assumed it had been difficult for Nina as a mother, but Chloe also assumed it was hard on Chance knowing that he had a brother somewhere. Chance said he never thought about his brother.

Chloe reminded Chance that he was a detective and assumed he'd be curious. Chloe then asked what Chance would do if his brother ever showed up out of nowhere. Chloe thought that would be cool, but Chance was skeptical.

Chance asked Chloe not to mention his brother to Nina. Chloe wondered why Chance wasn't curious, but Chance said his mind was focused on the case.

Heather arrived at her office and Owen was waiting for her. Owen sent Meeks away. Owen asked about the missing evidence. Heather said that Ronan had taken the heroin and had been tracking it to see if it had come from the evidence room.

Ronan knocked on the door and Heather let him in. Owen asked about the origin of the drugs. Ronan said that Heather had been completely wrong and Heather had no idea what she was doing. Heather was shocked.

Ronan presented the packet of heroin that he said Heather had had in her desk. Ronan said it had not come from the evidence room. Ronan said Chance had compromised Heather's objectivity. Ronan and Owen agreed that the evidence would have been inadmissible because neither Chance nor Heather had the authority to seize it.

Ronan said that Chance had bungled the investigation. Heather accused Ronan of sabotaging Chance's investigation. Ronan said that Heather and Chance were out of control. Heather appealed to Owen, but he told Heather that she was fired.

Heather was shocked. Owen accused Heather of being insubordinate. Ronan was excused. Heather contended that there were cops in the department who were dealing drugs. Heather pointed out that Ronan had accomplished nothing in his investigation.

Owen suggested that Heather was not cut out for the position she had been given. Owen asked for Heather's ID and badge. Heather handed them over. Owen asked her to clean out her desk and leave the building. Owen told Meeks that he was off-duty because Heather no longer needed protection. Meeks and Owen walked away.

Heather was alone in her office when Ronan returned. Heather accused Ronan of throwing her under the bus. Ronan told Heather that she was getting too close. Heather asked if Ronan had switched the drugs. Heather was astonished by Ronan's arrogance. Ronan told her he had saved her life and he suggested that she should go home.

Ronan told Heather to stay out of trouble and tell Chance to do the same. Heather told Ronan to go to hell. Ronan grabbed her by the arm and told Heather that nobody would be stalking her anymore. Ronan expected Heather to thank him, but Heather slapped his face instead. Heather walked out of the office.

Heather returned to her apartment, interrupting Chloe and Chance's conversation. Chance asked if Ronan was on Heather's detail. Heather explained that she no longer had police protection because Owen had fired her. Heather was upset and Chance embraced her. Chloe watched for a moment, then walked out of the apartment. Chloe took Chance's engagement ring off her finger.

Chance told Heather that he believed Ronan had convinced Owen to fire Heather. Heather said that Ronan wanted to take over the investigation himself. Chance believed that Ronan was covering up Ronan's part in the corruption.

Heather declared that they had lost and it was over. Chance refused to give up on the investigation. Heather said they had already trashed their careers and there was nothing left to do. Chance was determined to clear his name. Heather urged Chance to let it go, but Chance said he would welcome the opportunity to face them down.

Heather said that if anything happened to Chance, Heather would kill him! Heather touched Chance's face, and Chance kissed her passionately.

Ronan met Meeks at Crimson Lights. Meeks was relieved that he no longer had to guard Heather. Meeks said Heather was not a threat. Ronan showed Meeks the packet of heroin that Chance had given Heather.

Meeks thought that Ronan had given the dope to Owen. Ronan said that the packet he'd given Owen was from the street, not the evidence room like the one in Ronan's hand. Meeks asked why Ronan had switched the packets.

Ronan said he'd done Meeks a favor. Ronan offered to let Meeks put it back in the evidence room. Ronan told Meeks that he expected to be rewarded for protecting Meeks. Chloe walked up to the table and greeted Ronan. Meeks excused himself, telling Ronan that he would be in touch.

Ronan told Chloe that he wasn't in the mood for her. Chloe said she wouldn't bring up his family. Chloe invited Ronan to lunch at her apartment.

Chloe and Ronan returned to her building and Chloe proposed a taste test, comparing his expensive bottle of wine to her simple pinot noir. Ronan agreed to a blindfold test on the first date.

Back home, Cane told Lily that the tables were set up for the christening party. Lily and Cane both reflected on how well everything was going. Lily was very happy.

At Fenmore's, Jill was having her framed executive photo hung on the wall beside Lauren's and her father and grandfather's. Malcolm and Jill admired how Jill's image looked beside the others.

Lauren and Michael approached and Lauren asked Jill what she had done. Jill explained that as half-owner, she had the right to share the wall space. Jill said she would have her picture put in every Fenmore's boutique and department store around the country. Malcolm reminded Jill they had to leave for the christening and they departed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At Lily and Cane's house, Roxy and Devon decorated for the christening. There was a knock on the door and Cane welcomed Neil into the house. Traci appeared at the same time, and Cane thanked Traci for agreeing to be the babies' godmother. Traci said she was honored, even though she hadn't met the children yet.

Jill and Lily emerged from the bedroom, holding the babies. Jill and Traci said hello, and Lily introduced Charlie and Matilda to Traci. Traci admired the christening gowns and learned that one had been Lily's and the other had been Philip's. Neil asked to hold Charlie, and Lily offered Traci the chance to hold Matilda. Traci began to get emotional as she recalled the first time she had held Colleen. Devon asked everyone to gather around, then he took a picture.

At Crimson Lights, Malcolm shot a photo of Sofia and admired how pretty she looked. Malcolm said he should take Sofia out dancing. Sofia wondered if Malcolm would prefer dancing to watching Neil celebrate as the twins' grandfather. Malcolm wouldn't admit to being jealous of his brother. Sofia said someday she'd be an important part of the Winters family.

A short time later, Sofia and Malcolm arrived at Lily and Cane's. Malcolm introduced his fiancée to Jill and Traci. Sofia met Olivia, and Olivia said it was nice to meet the next Mrs. Winters, but Sofia said she would not be changing her name. Malcolm was surprised.

Cane announced that he needed to get to the church with Traci, Lily, Devon, and the babies for a rehearsal. Before Cane could leave, however, Michael arrived. Michael told Lily and Cane that the immigration department wanted to see Cane immediately.

Michael explained that because Lily's cancer was in remission, ICE wanted to follow through with the deal Cane had struck with the government months before. In that deal, Cane had said he would return to Australia once his wife's health had stabilized. Lily asked if the ICE officer was aware of the christening. Michael said he was, but it didn't matter to the government.

Jill claimed that Cane had more than paid for the rules he'd broken. Roxy claimed that bureaucrats were heartless. Sofia thought that there had to be a solution to the problem. Cane suggested that everyone go to the church while Cane and Lily met with the ICE officer. The others offered to accompany Cane and Lily, but Michael advised them all to let him handle the situation rationally.

Traci disagreed with Michael. Traci put Matilda in Michael's arms. Lily handed Michael the other baby. Traci suggested that Michael go to immigration and argue that a family would be torn apart if Cane were deported. Traci told Michael that passion, not reason, would be more effective with ICE.

At the church, Jill and the family explained to the minister why Cane and Lily were not there. The minister had another ceremony after the Ashby christening, so he hoped Lily and Cane showed up soon. Traci suggested they go ahead with the rehearsal. The minister agreed.

Roxy told Devon that she liked the church. Devon complained that he had a bone to pick with the boss. Devon believed that Cane and Lily deserved a break. After cancer, premature babies, and immigration issues, Devon wondered what God would do next to Lily and Cane. Roxy looked at Lily and Cane's problems from a positive point of view, and told Devon that life could knock you down only if you let it. Roxy offered to be there for Devon and urged Devon to be there for Lily.

In the foyer, Neil kicked himself for letting Michael go to the ICE meeting without him. Sofia didn't think Neil could have helped. Neil was offended, and Malcolm tried to calm the situation. Olivia changed the subject by asking Sofia about her background. Sofia explained that she had worked her way through college. Sofia had landed a job as a file clerk with Tucker's firm and moved up the ladder. Olivia was impressed by Sofia's success. Malcolm said Sofia had worked her way to the top like someone else Malcolm knew, and Malcolm looked at Neil.

Neil told Sofia that it was fortunate Malcolm had found Sofia because Malcolm always needed others to look after him. Sofia defended Malcolm, and Neil began to argue the point. Olivia intervened to stop them from fighting. Sofia and Malcolm suggested that Neil attend the ICE meeting after all. Neil agreed and walked out of the church.

At the ICE office, Cane wondered if his being a father of two mattered to the government. Michael thought the work visa with McCall was even more of a reason for ICE to allow Cane to remain in America. Lily was disconcerted to learn that if Michael's arguments were not persuasive, the U.S. government's decision was final. There would be no more appeals available to Cane. Lily refused to believe that God would be so cruel to the two of them.

Olivia left a message for Neil, asking if he had any update about Cane's hearing. The minister asked Olivia if the parents were on their way. The minister said that the christening might have to be postponed.

At the ICE office, Lily was frustrated that Cane was being threatened with deportation. Cane explained that he had broken the rules when he misrepresented himself. Lily pointed out that Cane was married to an American citizen. Lily felt that Cane had more than paid for his mistakes by taking care of her when she was sick with cancer. Lily told Cane that if he were deported, she would move to Cambria with him.

Cane protested that they could live anywhere else in the world outside of the United States, and Cane would not move back to Australia. Neil appeared in the waiting area and asked Lily and Cane if ICE had ruled. Cane explained that the interview had been delayed. Neil apologized for being unable to remain with the family at the church.

Michael returned and said the supervisor was still unavailable. Lily said that they had been discussing the options if ICE ruled against Cane. Michael said that Cane would be deported to Australia. Neil criticized Michael for being so pessimistic. Michael walked away to "rattle some more cages." Cane assured Lily that no matter how the ruling went, Cane and Lily would remain together.

Neil pointed out to Lily that she nearly died a year before. Neil was proud of Lily for being so strong. Neil was also grateful to Cane for being Lily's rock. Lily said that wherever she and Cane wound up, home for them would always be wherever Neil was. Neil embraced his daughter.

Neil offered to get some coffee and left Cane and Lily to wait for Michael. Lily felt that the situation was difficult for Neil because at least Lily and Cane would remain together whatever the decision. Cane told Lily that they were lucky and could get through anything together. Cane kissed Lily.

Back at the church, Traci suggested that perhaps they should all pray for a positive outcome for Cane. The minister asked them all to join hands. Devon's cell phone rang and he put Lily on speakerphone. Lily said that Cane was about to meet with the immigration officer. Everyone wished Cane well and said they were praying for them. The minister led them all in a prayer for Lily and Cane.

At ICE, Cane was called into the meeting with the officer. Michael and Cane walked into the office together, while Neil and Lily remained in the waiting room.

At Billy's trailer, Victoria told Billy her schedule for the day, but Billy was preoccupied with the unfinished tattoo on his shoulder that read "Victor" instead of "Victoria." Billy was upset that he couldn't find an artist to finish the job until his back healed. Victoria thought her father would be amused by the tattoo.

Billy's curiosity was piqued when Victoria mentioned that she would be taking Reed to the ranch. Victoria said she was only going to the ranch for her son's sake. Billy asked Victoria if she had told J.T. about her new living arrangements. Victoria said she hadn't told her ex-husband. Victoria said she hadn't had a chance to talk with J.T. Billy suggested that Victoria place a call to J.T. and get it over with, but Victoria said she wasn't interested in getting into a squabble with J.T.

Billy told Victoria that she didn't have to choose between happiness and being a good parent. Victoria asked if Billy would be showing her how to be the black sheep. Billy offered to teach her how to be free. Billy promised to stick with Victoria no matter how her family treated her.

J.T. and Reed were at their apartment awaiting Mac's visit. Reed corrected his father, saying that Mac was moving in and was no longer a visitor. The doorbell rang and Mac arrived with her suitcases. Reed told her not to bother ringing the bell anymore because it was her home.

J.T. told Mac that Reed would be spending the day with Victoria and then Reed was going to a friend's house for a sleepover. J.T. explained to Mac that Reed was happy about Mac moving in. Mac was surprised when J.T. admitted he had not told Victoria about their living together. J.T. explained that once Mac had moved in, J.T. could avoid a series of arguments with Victoria and just have one. Mac thought J.T.'s course of action might mean he was having second thoughts about Mac living with him.

Mac pointed out that many couples could live together without a commitment, but Mac needed one. Mac asked J.T. to assure her that he wasn't just trying their arrangement on for size. J.T. said that he loved Mac and that would not change. J.T. wanted Mac to live with him and Reed. J.T. said he would speak with Victoria if that would make Mac feel better. Mac said that it would.

J.T., Reed, and Mac walked into the church lobby for the christening. Billy and Victoria appeared together. Victoria rushed over to hug her son. When Victoria knelt down, J.T. saw Victoria's tattoo. Reed told Victoria that Mac had become a permanent fixture in their house. Victoria turned to J.T. and asked about the permanent fixture.

Mac accompanied Reed into the church, and Billy followed them. Victoria realized that Mac had moved in with J.T. Victoria said J.T. would be hearing from her lawyer because Victoria wanted to revisit the custody arrangement for Reed. J.T. called Victoria "tattoo girl," and suggested that Victoria let a judge read her "ass" to determine how stable Victoria was.

Traci and Jill were holding the babies near the altar. Jill told Mac and Billy that if ICE ruled against Cane, Cane would be flown to Australia immediately. Billy wondered if there would be a christening or not.

In another part of the church, the minister said that rescheduling the christening seemed to be a necessity. Just then, Lily and Cane walked in, announcing the good news that Cane wasn't leaving the country. Everyone was excited and congratulated Cane and Lily.

At Heather's, Chance and Heather's kiss turned passionate. Through the window, Heather noticed a car on the street, and Chance recognized it as Malloy's. Chance assumed Ronan was following him. Chance told Heather that he had to leave. Chance was determined to prove that Ronan was on his tail. Heather asked Chance to be careful.

Chance told Heather it might be a good thing that they had refrained from making love. Chance said he needed to be focused on flushing out Ronan and nothing else. Chance left the apartment.

In Kevin's apartment, Chloe poured Ronan a glass of wine. Chloe said she saw no resemblance between Ronan and Chance. Ronan reminded Chloe that they were not going to speak about his brother. Ronan also reminded Chloe that she said he would be getting lucky with her. Chloe left the room to slip into something more comfortable.

Ronan placed a call to Christine. Ronan said that Sid's dossier had been filled with lies. Ronan said that Meeks was up to his neck in the drug ring. Ronan cut off the call before Chloe returned to the room.

Chloe said she was comfortable and asked Ronan to loosen up. There was a knock on the door, and Chloe opened it to find a man asking for Ronan. Ronan told Chloe he needed to take care of business and would be back. The man told Ronan that Chance had left the building. Ronan and the man left to track Chance.

Unbeknownst to Ronan and his cohort, Heather overheard them talking. Heather called Chance to tell him that Ronan had been in her building, but not to trail Chance. Rather, Ronan had been alone with Chloe.

Ronan entered Heather's apartment, complaining that Chance had eluded him. Ronan believed that Chance had doubled back and was hiding in Heather's apartment. Heather resented that Ronan claimed to be protecting Heather and Chance, when all he'd done was hurt their careers. Heather threw Ronan out of her apartment and declared that she would never help him again.

Chance knocked on Chloe's door and told her he needed to speak with her. Chloe admitted that she and Ronan had been having a drink earlier. Chance believed that Ronan had been following him. Chloe told Chance that he had Ronan all wrong. Chance accused Ronan of duping Chloe.

Chance told Chloe that Ronan was a dangerous man. Chance urged Chloe to stay away from Ronan. Chloe was ticked that Chance only cared about Chloe's safety, not whether or not she and Ronan were romantically involved. Chance said that it would bother him if Chloe were involved with Ronan. There was a knock on the door and, despite Chance asking her to ignore it, Chloe opened the door and let Ronan into the apartment.

Chance accused Ronan of following him. Ronan said that Chance had to be followed because he continued to be a screwup. Chloe suggested they all sit down and have some wine. Chance was offended by the way Ronan spoke to Chloe. Ronan told Chance that Heather was waiting for Chance across the hall. Chloe asked Chance to leave. Chloe told Ronan to stay. Chance was ticked off, but walked out.

Chance returned to Heather's apartment, complaining that Chloe couldn't see that Ronan was a jerk. Heather reminded Chance that Chloe was capable of taking care of herself. Chance was unable to articulate his feelings for Heather and Chloe. Heather wondered if Chance doubted their relationship was real. Chance admitted that he was confused about what he was feeling. Heather admitted that she hadn't been looking for romance until Chance entered her life.

Chloe told Ronan that she hated lying to Chance. Chloe said she felt used, and Ronan admitted that he had been using Chloe. Ronan said that Chloe had been using him as well. Ronan pointed out that Chloe's invitation for wine and the promise of Ronan getting lucky was a charade. Ronan told Chloe that she was still hung up on Chance.

Chloe returned the bottle of wine to Ronan and told him to leave. Ronan opened up to Chloe about his experience being undercover. Ronan said that he had enjoyed giving up his identity, but Ronan said the trade-off was not having a personal life. Ronan admitted that Chloe's invitation for lunch appealed to him, not because of the possibility of sex, but because Ronan liked the idea of getting to know her better.

Chloe said she nearly believed Ronan. Ronan said that he had tried to be real. Chloe opened the door and waited for Ronan to leave. After Ronan walked off, Chloe looked over at Heather's door. Back in Kevin's apartment, Chloe addressed an envelope to Chance, put the engagement ring inside, then walked back to Heather's door.

Chloe listened at the door and heard Heather talking about the relationship between Heather and Chance. Chance confessed to feeling the same passion for Heather that she felt for him. Heather realized that Chance might want to fight the temptation. Chance agreed, but he took Heather in his arms and they kissed. Chance and Heather began undressing each other. Through the door, Chloe heard the two of them moaning. Chloe put the envelope under the door and walked back to Kevin's apartment.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

At the church, Kay arrived just as Cane was telling everyone about his success getting ICE to let him stay in America. Neil thanked Sofia for getting the work visa for Cane. Michael said the visa had made all the difference to ICE. Cane and Lily held their babies and told them how hard Lily and Cane had worked to bring them into the world and make it to the christening.

J.T. and Victoria stepped out of the church to discuss Reed's custody situation. J.T. thought Victoria was delusional if she believed that a judge would grant her sole custody. Victoria countered that J.T. was living with Mac and that changed how J.T. would be viewed by a judge. Victoria was anxious to see J.T. thrown off his high horse. Billy interrupted their squabbling and suggested that they postpone the fight until later. Victoria returned to the church. J.T. followed, and Reed asked to sit with both his parents.

Lauren appeared at the church, and Jill confronted her. Jill accused Lauren of crashing the christening. Cane walked over, as did Michael, to calm the women down. Michael explained that Lauren was his guest. Michael whispered to Lauren that he hadn't expected her to join him. Cane asked Jill to put her differences with Lauren aside for the day. Jill told Lauren that she was welcome at the christening. Lauren and Michael took their seats.

The minister began the ceremony with Lily and Cane at the altar. Devon and Traci held the babies. Cane and Lily addressed the group. They said they were honored to share the day with family and friends. Cane and Lily were both thrilled to have not one, but two babies. Cane became emotional as he expressed his gratitude for all his good fortune.

Cane explained that Devon had been asked to be the godfather of the twins because Devon was an extraordinary person. Cane mentioned that Devon overcame many difficulties in his life, including being a foster child and losing his hearing. Cane admired Devon and thanked Devon for being the godfather to their children. Devon promised to always look after Charlie and Matilda.

Lily said that Traci was her choice as godmother because of Colleen. Lily said there were other reasons, too. Lily said she had had a close-up view of Traci. Lily believed that Traci had been a wonderful and loving mother to Colleen. Lily admired Traci's integrity. Lily felt that Traci would be a wonderful godmother to her children. Traci said she was honored to be the twins' godmother.

Traci and Devon presented the babies to accept the sacrament of baptism. The minister anointed one baby, then the other, with holy water.

Malcolm took photos of Cane and Lily with the babies, then Neil and Jill held the children and posed for more pictures. Billy introduced himself to Sofia. Sofia mentioned the Tucker cover story in Restless Style. Billy said he didn't like Tucker. Sofia said she'd heard that from other people. Billy said that he liked Sofia. Sofia warned Billy that her fiancé was the jealous type. Billy smiled and backed off.

Jill approached Billy and asked him about Victoria. Billy turned a cold shoulder to his mother because Jill had gotten him in trouble with Victoria by giving Tucker the information about the antique pistol. Jill apologized again for her betrayal. Billy urged Jill to stop screwing people over so she wouldn't have to continually apologize for her actions.

Kay was chatting with Michael and Lauren when Kay saw Jill approaching. Jill butted into the conversation and accused Lauren of appearing at the christening to get a rise out of Jill. Lauren said that whether Jill liked it or not, Lauren was part of Jill's extended family. Jill warned Lauren not to horn in on the big family photo. Jill joined the family for the photograph, while Michael asked Lauren to stop provoking Jill.

In the back of the church, Victoria told J.T. she didn't want to fight with him. Victoria asked J.T. to tell Billy that she was leaving. J.T. watched Victoria walk out of the church. When Traci asked, Billy explained to his sister that Victoria had left early. Lily suggested that Billy enjoyed challenging woman like Victoria.

Cane asked Mac where J.T. had gone. Mac said that J.T. had something to take care of and he'd left. Cane thanked Mac again for carrying the babies. Cane also apologized for initiating the lawsuit before the babies were born. Mac said that Lily and Cane had the family they always wanted. Mac said that she was happy for Cane and Lily.

Neil thanked Michael for going to ICE with Cane. Neil said it was nice to have an attorney as capable and understanding as Michael. Michael said some fights were too important to lose, like making sure Cane remained in America with his family.

Lily and Cane looked at the babies and imagined them growing up. Cane believed the boys would all be after Matilda. Cane thought that the boys would still be chasing Lily, and she'd be quite the cougar.

Lauren approached Lily and Cane with a gift and asked them to open it immediately. Lily unwrapped the box, and inside there were little hats for the babies. Lauren said the hats were in honor of Dru, Lily's mother. Lauren told Lily and Cane that the second part of her gift would be all the clothes for Charlie and Matilda until their 18th birthday. Lily and Cane were overwhelmed by Lauren's generosity.

Billy ran into Mac and asked if she was feeling all right. Mac said that she was doing okay. Billy assumed J.T. was helping. Mac asked if Billy was happy with Victoria, and he said he was. Billy and Mac agreed that if they had been able to remain good friends, maybe J.T. and Victoria could build a friendship, too.

At J.T.'s, Victoria and J.T. squabbled about keeping lies from each other. J.T. didn't realize that Billy and Victoria had gotten so serious. J.T. did not approve of the tattoo. J.T. said he had planned to tell Victoria about Mac after the christening. J.T. criticized Victoria for her relationship with Billy. Victoria told J.T. that she had made other changes in her life. Victoria said that she had quit Newman Enterprises and had moved from the ranch. Victoria told J.T. that she was moving in with Billy.

Cane served Lily a piece of christening cake. The two checked on the babies. Cane said he was going to be crazy while he was away working in Cambria. Lily said it was better than the alternative, which would have meant Cane being deported.

Olivia asked Neil why he disliked Sofia so much. Neil said he had to work with Sofia. Neil felt that Sofia was trying too hard to become part of the family.

Roxy mentioned that Devon had written a wonderful song about family. Malcolm asked Devon not to rush into a music career because Malcolm needed him as an assistant. Sofia told Devon that Tucker had ties to the music business. Sofia offered to help Devon advance his music career once Devon had a demo. Kay told Malcolm he might need to find a new assistant after all.

Lauren asked Traci how she was doing. Traci said she had good days and bad because Traci still missed Colleen. Lauren said she understood because Lauren still missed her father. Lauren said that Traci was the perfect choice of godmother. Lauren believed that Traci was a lot like John Abbott, Traci's father. Lauren said she thought about John a lot. Traci appreciated Lauren's words.

Kay confronted Jill about being upset by Lauren's presence at the party. Jill felt that Lauren was only there to provoke Jill. Kay thought Lauren had given the children a beautiful gift. Jill accused Kay of taking Lauren's side. Kay criticized Jill for suing Lauren. Jill claimed that she had been entitled to half of Fenmore's and her lawsuit was just. Without warning, Philip arrived at the party and, hearing Kay and Jill fighting, he asked if anything had changed since he'd gone away.

Cane entered and was surprised to see Philip. Philip said his decision to go to Genoa City had been a spur-of-the-moment thing. Jill told Philip about Cane's immigration scare. Philip said it was great news about Cane's job.

Lily assured Malcolm that he would be a big part of the twins' lives. Devon and Roxy discussed the family, and Devon worried that Roxy felt like an outsider. Roxy admitted that she had been very hurt when Devon cheated on her with Tyra. Roxy said that in her future, she wanted to have Devon by her side. Devon promised that in the future, it would be just the two of them. Devon and Roxy said goodbye to Lily and left the party.

Mac said goodbye to Lily. Mac said she was very happy for Lily and Cane. Lily invited Mac to visit the babies any time she wanted, but Mac wasn't sure she could handle that. Traci and Billy said goodbye to Lily, too. Traci said she was heading back to New York and still needed to pack.

Billy asked Mac if she had heard from J.T. because he hadn't heard from Victoria. At J.T.'s, Victoria and J.T. continued their argument. Victoria admitted that she had let Victor dominate her life. Victoria admitted that Victor had a hand in destroying her marriage to J.T. Victoria was sorry about that.

Victoria said she was determined to change her life. J.T. thought that Victoria was acting impulsively with all the changes. J.T. said that Victoria had done impulsive things before, like when she ran off to Italy.

Victoria said her focus was on herself and Reed. J.T. scoffed at Victoria's unstable relationship with Billy. Victoria said that Billy was a good man. Victoria offered to settle the custody situation with J.T. outside of the legal system, just between the two of them. J.T. refused her offer. Victoria said that she would see J.T. in court and walked out.

Back at the trailer, Billy asked Victoria what had happened with J.T. Victoria explained their fight and when Billy asked if Victoria had second thoughts about moving in with Billy, Victoria declared that she was sure of her love for Billy. Victoria left the trailer to go pick up Reed from his friend's house.

J.T. told Mac that Victoria was determined to take him to court over Reed's custody. J.T. asked if Mac had enjoyed the christening party. Mac said that it had been rough on her, but she was happy to be home with J.T. Mac trembled when J.T. kissed her. Mac admitted it was a big step for her to move in with J.T. The two kissed passionately. J.T. promised to take it slowly. Mac and J.T. undressed and began to make love.

At Lauren's office, Michael told Lauren he had to return to work. Michael asked why Lauren had wanted him to be in the office. Lauren took off her top and kissed Michael seductively. Michael ripped off his shirt and responded. When the phone rang, Michael ignored it.

Olivia asked Sofia what she thought of her first Winters family event. Sofia said she liked the family. Olivia told Malcolm that Sofia was a keeper. Jill and Philip walked in carrying the babies. Philip handed Neil the baby he was holding, then he followed Cane into the kitchen. Philip told Cane that the guys in Cambria who Cane had turned in knew about Cane's new job. Philip said that if Cane set foot in Cambria, those thugs would be after Cane. Philip wasn't sure if Cane would make it home alive if he flew to Australia.

Friday, August 27, 2010

In Billy's trailer, Billy made breakfast for Victoria. Victoria emerged from the bedroom. As she looked around the tiny trailer, Victoria suddenly began crying. Victoria said she'd had a dream about Reed. Victoria was worried about where her son would sleep when he visited her in the trailer. Victoria complained that the closets were too small for all her clothes, as well. Billy was amused and let Victoria vent. Victoria admitted that she really wanted a closet and a big bathroom.

Victoria apologized for being such a princess. Billy said that when Delia visited, he realized that the size of the trailer was a problem. Billy suggested that there was a solution to the problem. Billy asked Victoria if she would like to buy a house with him. Billy said they could find something big with a backyard for the children. Victoria said that buying a house would be a huge step. Billy urged Victoria to be spontaneous. Victoria agreed.

Billy had made an appointment with a realtor, someone new to the field who was anxious to break into the business. Billy and Victoria would have to meet with the realtor at Crimson Lights to get started immediately. Victoria worried that she and Billy wouldn't have the same taste in homes. Billy teased Victoria, saying that he would want a house with a man cave and a stripper pole. Victoria laughed, but said that the new Victoria would let Billy have a man cave if he really wanted one.

At the ranch, Meggie finished on the phone. Meggie then told Victor that she had been making arrangements for Nikki's latest charitable event. Victor was please that Meggie was doing so well with Nikki. Nikki overheard Meggie saying how much she enjoyed her new job. Nikki said that she liked Meggie's attitude. Nikki asked Victor if they could begin planning their wedding. Victor said he would make time to do that, then left for work.

Katherine called Nikki and asked Nikki to meet her at Gloworm to begin making plans for Nikki's wedding to Victor. Nikki wondered if Kay was psychic. Nikki said she'd be happy to meet Kay. Nikki explained to Meggie that her plans had changed for the day. Nikki said she was meeting Kay at Gloworm. Meggie volunteered to accompany Nikki, and Nikki said yes.

At Gloworm, Meggie met Katherine. Meggie said it was an honor to meet Mrs. Chancellor. Gloria intervened to say that it was her son, Kevin, who had rescued Kay. Meggie told Kay that she had read both of Katherine's books. Kay was happy to meet Meggie. Kay asked Nikki what type of wedding Nikki wanted. Nikki said she imagined something elegant and intimate. Kay suggested that Nikki be married in the Chancellor mansion. Nikki said that she wouldn't want to impose on Kay, but Kay said it would give her great joy to do that for Nikki and Victor.

As Nikki and Kay talked specifics, Nikki liked the idea of using the gazebo on the Chancellor property for the ceremony. Kay asked Nikki if she wanted the reception around the pool. Nikki claimed that she didn't care as long and she and Victor were married again. Nikki assured Katherine that this time it would be forever. Meggie was curious how many times Nikki and Victor had been married. Katherine diverted the question with a joke.

On the subject of flowers, Nikki said she loved white flowers and wanted calla lilies. Kay asked Nikki to set a date. Meggie interrupted to suggest that they all have a drink. Nikki reminded Meggie that she was an alcoholic. Nikki also revealed that Kay was an alcoholic. Meggie apologized for not remembering that fact about Nikki. Meggie went to the bar and ordered three ginger ales, but purposely arranged for Nikki's to have some vodka added.

Abby was at Crimson Lights and called Jack. Abby left a message saying that she needed money for an opportunity in Paris. Abby asked Jack to call her because Abby had an idea of how to wrest some of her trust fund money from her folks.

At Ashley's office, Tucker sneaked up while Ashley was on the phone. Tucker kissed her seductively. Ashley ended her call and responded to Tucker's kiss. Ashley wondered why she had been afraid of falling for Tucker. Ashley suggested that they finish smooching after work. Ashley told Tucker that the Jabot numbers were up ten percent. Tucker was happy, but Tucker still wanted the company to acquire Victor's Beauty of Nature. Tucker wondered why Jack hadn't made any progress getting Beauty of Nature away from Victor.

Ashley had no idea how Jack was progressing, but Ashley warned Tucker that Victor would fight hard to keep Beauty of Nature. Tucker welcomed a dirty fight with Victor over Beauty of Nature. Ashley said the fight might get personal. Tucker was sure that he would win in the end.

Jack walked into the office and interrupted Ashley and Tucker kissing. Alone with Ashley, Jack teased Ashley about her new romance. Tucker returned, and Ashley needed to step out for a moment. Tucker told Jack that he was very fond of Ashley and had noble intentions where Ashley was concerned. Tucker wanted to know how Jack planned to get Beauty of Nature away from Victor. Before revealing his plan, Jack asked Tucker to sign a three-year deal making Jack co-CEO of Jabot with Ashley.

A short time later, Ashley walked into Crimson Lights and greeted Abby. Abby asked her mother if she might get some of her funds if she enrolled in college. Ashley reminded Abby that she and Victor had offered Abby a substantial advance. Ashley didn't believe that Abby needed money for her animal rights causes. Ashley agreed to discuss giving Abby some of her funds with Victor and then get back in touch with Abby. Ashley left the coffee house. Abby called Jack again and left a message saying that her plan had failed.

Tucker thought that Jack was asking a lot when he had yet to do anything. Jack said his terms were not negotiable. Tucker's phone rang before he signed the documents. Jack sat quietly and waited. When Tucker walked out of the office, Jack sat in Ashley's chair behind the desk. Tucker returned and noticed Jack in Ashley's chair. Jack told Tucker that Jabot was in Jack's blood. Tucker understood. Tucker signed the three-year deal making Jack co-CEO with Ashley. Jack was thrilled. Tucker welcomed Jack back to Jabot. Tucker asked Jack to reveal the plan to get Beauty of Nature.

Jack said that his secret weapon was Abby. Jack explained that Abby was willing to work with Jack to go up against Victor because Abby wanted to control her trust fund. Jack said that Victor and Abby's holdings were the same. Tucker surmised that Abby's trust fund holdings were all Newman Enterprises' firms. Jack said some of the investments in the trust fund had suffered significant losses. Jack would be advising Abby to challenge her father for control of the trust fund by citing Victor's mismanagement of the fund. Jack was certain that Newman's empire would blow wide open because Abby had a very large stake in Newman Enterprises.

Tucker was concerned about Ashley's reaction to Jack's plan. Jack said that Ashley wouldn't have to know, but Tucker believed that honesty was the best policy with Ashley. Jack explained that even if Ashley were informed, Abby would not be going after the Carlton trust fund, just the Newman trust fund.

Ashley returned just as Tucker and Jack were shaking hands on the deal. Ashley asked why they were shaking hands, and Tucker revealed that Jack had been reinstated as co-CEO of Jabot. Ashley was surprised, but happy for Jack.

After Tucker walked out, Ashley suspected that Jack had pulled something nefarious to get Tucker to agree to giving him the co-CEO's role when Jack had yet to get Beauty of Nature for Tucker. The phone rang, and Ashley spoke to the family attorney. Ashley told Jack that the lawyer had been trying to reach Jack with the news that Adam had dropped the lawsuit against the Newmans. Jack declared that Adam would be targeting only the Abbotts. Jack wondered how Victor had pulled it off.

Gloria greeted Victoria and Billy at Crimson Lights. Gloria explained that she was their realtor. Gloria said that she had her license and believed in diversifying. Victoria objected to Gloria as their real estate agent because Gloria was such a gossip. Gloria said she had fabulous listings and knew how to be discreet. Gloria led Billy and Victoria out the door.

The house that Gloria showed Billy and Victoria was old-fashioned on the outside. Gloria described it as retro. They walked inside and it was a complete re-creation of the set from the television show, Father Knows Best. Victoria recognized it immediately. Billy and Victoria were intrigued. Gloria explained that the owner was a television fan who had rebuilt the entire house in the style of the 1950s sitcom. The owner was selling because he had moved on to re-create The Brady Bunch house. Victoria reminded Billy that they had spent a date watching old episodes of Father Knows Best.

Victoria liked what she saw, but Victoria wasn't sure she could live in that kind of house. Gloria led Billy and Victoria on a tour of the house. Victoria was enthusiastic, but she wondered if they would be comfortable living there. For every positive, Victoria thought of a negative. Billy stopped Victoria's dithering and told Gloria that they would take it. Victoria was thrilled. Gloria was excited to make her first sale. When Gloria walked out of the house, Billy and Victoria looked around and were stunned to be standing in their home.

At Crimson Lights, Skye was gazing at a check from Jack for the hedge fund. Skye liked having Jack's check to invest in the Newman Fund. Adam was not pleased. Adam warned Skye not to cash the check because Jack could stop payment on the check after he learned what Adam had in mind for the lawsuit.

Jack arrived at Victor's office with news. Jack told Michael and Victor that his attorney had gotten a judge to divide the Abbotts and Newmans into separate entities in Adam's lawsuit. Michael wasn't pleased. Victor dismissed Jack and sent him out of the office. Michael realized that Victor had not shared their plan with Jack. Victor was certain that Jack would be kicking himself if Jack knew what Victor was going to do to Adam.

Adam and Vance appeared at Victor's office for a settlement meeting. Victor needled Adam about Skye controlling the hedge fund money. Victor disparaged Adam. Adam said that if Victor believed that Adam was a monster, then Victor had been his "Dr. Frankenstein." Adam wanted to know how much Victor would give him in settlement in exchange for Adam dropping the lawsuit. Victor offered Adam absolutely nothing.

Vance said that the meeting was over because Adam didn't need to be insulted. Adam and Vance stood to leave. Victor said he had invited someone to the meeting to illuminate the situation. Michael opened the door and Skye walked into the office.

Skye told Vance and Adam that she knew all of Adam's secrets. Skye urged Adam to drop the lawsuit, or Skye would testify for Victor's side in the lawsuit. Skye would reveal that Adam was a con artist. Adam thought that Skye was doing it because she was afraid of Adam controlling his own money. Skye said that Adam had always known that Skye loved money. Vance and Adam walked out to have a private meeting.

A while later, Vance returned and announced that Adam was dropping the lawsuit against the Newmans. Adam glowered at Victor from the doorway. After Adam and Vance left, Michael complimented Victor on how he had handled the meeting.

Vance returned to speak with Michael. Vance wanted the Abbotts to remain in the dark about Skye's claims. Michael wasn't sure what Victor might say to the Abbotts regarding Skye's allegations.

Later on, at Crimson Lights, Adam blasted Skye for selling him out. Skye told Adam to get a grip and concentrate on the hedge fund. Skye forced a kiss on Adam and told him that she was calling the shots from that point on.

Victor showed up at Gloworm, joining Nikki, Meggie, and Kay. Nikki told Victor about Katherine and Murphy's offer to host their wedding. Victor was appreciative. They all toasted to Victor and Nikki's wedding. Nikki was unaware of the liquor in her ginger ale.

Abby confronted Tucker at Crimson Lights, playfully calling him Friar Tuck. Tucker told Abby that he was wise to her plan to pretend to be a silly heiress while she plotted to get access to her trust fund. Abby kissed Tucker on the cheek and appreciated Tucker's confidence in her.

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Y&R EDITORIAL: Paris or bust
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