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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 23, 2010 on GH
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Robin and Patrick arrived home from the hospital to find that the nanny had allowed Lisa to take Emma out for ice cream. Patrick was angry because the nanny had not called to make sure Lisa had permission. Robin smoothed things over and sent the nanny on her way. Patrick wanted to call the police, but Robin said that since Emma had only been gone 30 minutes, they worked with Lisa at GH and appeared to be friends, they would have to explain their reasons for believing that Lisa had kidnapped Emma.

Patrick calmed down. He and Robin decided to look for Lisa and Emma at local places where they might get ice cream. They split up and agreed to meet back at home to call the police if they did not locate Emma. After going to Kelly's, Patrick went to GH, looking for Lisa. When he told Steve what had happened, Steve said that Lisa would not hurt Emma, but she was trying to freak him out and was obviously succeeding. He advised Patrick to go home and keep calling Lisa's cell phone.

When Patrick got home, Lisa was sitting on the couch with Emma. Patrick accused her of kidnapping, but Lisa laughed at him and told him what a good time she had with Emma and how much Emma had enjoyed the outing. Patrick seemed stunned when Lisa said that she was just trying to show him what a cozy family the three of them could be if Robin were not around. Before Patrick could reply, Robin walked in.

Sam managed to hide in the Lopez's van before they left to make a drug deal. She called Jason, who had just been released from police custody, to tell him what had happened. Jason located her using the GPS in her phone. Jason told Sam to get out of the van as soon as it stopped and he would pick her up. As soon as the Lopez gang got to their destination, Sam escaped the van and ducked behind a dumpster, where Jason found her. She and Jason almost got away, but were caught before they could get out of sight.

Tomas Lopez smashed Sam's cell phone, which had the evidence Sam had gone after in order to clear Jason. Lopez raised his gun to shoot, but Sam and Jason were quicker. They overpowered Lopez and his thugs, jumped in Lopez's van, and sped away. Sam was upset because the evidence to clear Jason had been lost. Jason laughed and said it was not needed because Diane had taken care of the problem. Jason said their big worry was that they were driving a van, which was probably filled with illegal contraband.

Jason said that they needed to ditch the van as soon as possible. When they pulled the van over and parked it, each told the other how much they cared. As Jason and Sam shared a warm kiss, police sirens and flashing red lights closed in on them.

Franco's representative, Von Schlegal visited Brenda in her hotel room and offered her a contract to pose for Franco. Brenda said that she did not want to be associated with a potential serial killer. Von Schlegal said that Franco was a genius whose last exhibition had been a seminal work in performance art.

When Brenda said no again, Von Schlegal showed her a check for a large amount and said that twice as much would be given to her charity. Brenda said that she was not interested. Von Schlegal said that Franco was not accustomed to hearing the word no. Brenda said that she did not want to be associated with violence as she showed Von Schlegal the door.

Brenda phoned Murphy and left a message. She told him that she would call him back when she finished her workout. After Brenda turned out the lights and left, noises that sounded like something breaking sounded from the terrace.

Back from working out, Brenda went out on the terrace to call Murphy. As she left another message, a man wearing a black body suit silently crept up on her.

A shaken Sonny found Dante waiting for him when he got home. Sonny wanted to know if Dante was there as a son or a cop. Dante said he was both. Sonny told him that he had just shot Johnny. Sonny told Dante that he could either be a cop and arrest him or be a son and hear him out.

Dante called the station and found out that Johnny was alive. He agreed to hear Sonny's side of the story. Sonny told Dante that he finally understood that what he did had effects on Morgan, Michael, and Kristina. Sonny told Dante that he was not justifying his actions; he was just asking Dante to listen.

Sonny said he shot Johnny in self-defense. He told Dante that he did not deny that his actions had set Johnny and his plans for revenge in motion. Sonny said that in the beginning, when Johnny had started going after him, he pushed Johnny back. Sonny said that when he saw the cost to his children, he realized that he had to make peace so that he could get his children back in his life.

Sonny said his only purpose in meeting Johnny was to make peace. He told Dante the exact truth of what had happened. He swore to Dante that if he had not pulled the trigger, he would be dead, and Dante would be wondering whether or not to attend the funeral.

Sonny told Dante that he was not a cold-blooded killer. He said that if he had wanted Johnny dead, he would have shot him several times to make sure, then called in his crew to clean up and dispose of the evidence. Sonny said that he had left Johnny alive and had given him a fighting chance.

Dante said leaving Johnny alive did not make him sound like a stone-cold killer, but it did not make him sound like a saint either. When Sonny asked if Dante believed him, Dante said that he believed that Sonny loved his kids and would lay down his life for them. Dante said that he thought that Sonny had told the truth because of his reaction to the drive-by that could have killed Michael.

While Sonny and Dante talked, Ronnie stood on the docks with Johnny's gun. He wiped off the fingerprints and tossed it into the water.

Dante told Sonny that he should turn himself in. Dante said that would go a long way in helping Sonny to convince people that he was telling the truth. Sonny seemed about to agree when Ronnie pounded on the door and burst in to arrest Sonny for attempted murder. Dante told Ronnie that it was self-defense, but Ronnie told Dante that no gun had been found at the scene, which surprised both Sonny and Dante.

At GH, May a confided in Steve that she was worried that she might freeze up again. Steve said that he had every confidence in her as they were paged to a gunshot wound. Maya did not falter when she saw that Johnny was the victim.

After getting Johnny stabilized, Steve told Maya that since Johnny had no next of kin, she should call Ethan. He also said that Ethan should get another job. Maya said that both the risk and money attracted Ethan. Steve said that Ethan couldn't spend the money if he died.

When Ethan arrived, he wanted to know if Johnny would make it. Maya said that he had a fifty-fifty chance. Lucky arrived on the scene and questioned Ethan, who pointed the finger at Sonny. Lucky wanted to know what had happened, but Ethan hedged. He said that Johnny was a friend and that he had seen that day coming. Ethan said that Johnny had been framed for murder and almost killed in a car bomb. He asked Lucky when Johnny got to fight back.

Lucky wanted to know if Johnny had gone gunning for Sonny or if Sonny had gone gunning for Johnny. Ethan told Lucky to go ask Sonny. Johnny woke up while Maya was taking his readings. She told him he was in the hospital, and they were going to fix him. "Good luck with that," he told her. Johnny asked Maya to let Ethan in and to call Olivia.

Alone with Ethan, Johnny said he was dying to say, "I told you so." Both were laughing. Ethan said he thought the plan was to kill Sonny. He asked Johnny how he had screwed that up. Neither noticed Lucky lurking in the doorway.

Jax met Claire for drinks at the Metro Court. He demanded an update of her investigation of Sonny. She said that she did not work for him. Jax then accused Claire of falling for Sonny. Claire scoffed and said that she needed proof to convict Sonny. She said she needed more than Jax's desire to get Sonny out of his life.

Jax continued to belittle Sonny and bemoan all the women who had fallen under Sonny's spell. Claire said that she was not one of those, but Jax remained unconvinced. Claire said that while Sonny thought he was playing her, she was actually playing him and had good evidence against him.

Jax wanted to know what it was and why she did not use it. Claire said that Diane was a good lawyer. Claire said she would use her evidence when a charge was made against Sonny that would stick. Claire said she would then use her evidence to bury Sonny.

Jax was still grousing when Claire received a phone call. As she listened, she started smiling. When she got off the phone, she told Jax that Sonny had just been arrested for attempted murder and that she would use her evidence to see that Sonny spent the rest of his life in prison.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jason and Sam were pulled over after they had fled the Lopez compound. Jason and Sam were nervous until the policeman explained that the van, that they had been driving, had a flat tire. The policeman offered to change their tire, but he was curious what Jason and Sam were doing in the middle of nowhere. Sam immediately began spinning a story about how Jason had driven around for hours because he had refused to stop to ask for directions. The officer chuckled as he confessed that he had similar arguments with his wife and that she had given him a GPS device for Christmas, which was still in the box.

The police officer wondered where they were headed. Jason named a nearby town, so the officer offered to change the tire and then give Jason directions. Jason panicked when the officer started to open the van door to fetch the spare tire. Jason immediately held it closed and then explained that he would never hear the end of it if he didn't change the tire himself. Sam quickly confirmed Jason's claim.

Jason and Sam breathed a sigh of relief when the police officer received a request for backup after a tractor trailer had overturned on the highway. The officer gave Jason directions and then left. Sam and Jason quickly checked the van for essentials. After Sam found some water and chocolate, Jason rigged the van to explode. Unfortunately for Sam, she twisted her ankle as they started to flee into the woods. Jason was forced to hoist Sam over his shoulder as they began their trek.

Jason stopped when he found a secluded area for them to rest in for the night. Sam felt terrible that she had made such a mess of things, but Jason reminded her that she had saved them when the cop had questioned them about the van. Sam pointed out that she would likely have had more than a busted up ankle if Jason hadn't rescued her from the Lopez compound.

In Italy, someone, dressed from head to toe in black, lurked inside Brenda's suite while she stood on the balcony. The mystery person slipped out of sight when Murphy knocked on Brenda's door. Murphy explained that his manager had arranged for Murphy to take some time off when the filming of his latest spy movie had hit a snag. As Murphy talked about how his character, who was able to kill someone with his bare hands, Brenda admitted that she knew someone like that in real life. Brenda explained that she couldn't stand the man because he barely said a work and always made her feel as if he could snap at any moment. However, Brenda offered to give Murphy a few tips on how to play such a character more convincingly.

Later, Brenda wrapped up a call with someone who had designed a special gown for her to wear at a gala for Cartullo. Murphy took the opportunity to invite Brenda to go to Lake Cuomo for a few days. Brenda explained that Suzie wanted her to do a photo shoot, so she couldn't get away. Murphy was disappointed; he reminded her that he wanted her to share her life with him. Brenda hugged Murphy and then explained that she wasn't ready to give up her life to someone.

Murphy clarified that he wasn't asking for Brenda to give him her life; he just wanted to share his life with her. Brenda argued that Murphy deserved to find someone who was ready to give over to the crazy kind of love where she was willing to give up everything for him. Brenda didn't think that she could ever be that person for him. Eventually, Murphy managed to persuade Brenda to go away with him. She quickly threw some things together and then left with Murphy. Afterwards, a dark figure stepped out of the shadows and then slipped out of the hotel via the balcony.

At the Drake residence, Lisa apologized for the "mix-up" with Emma. Lisa didn't think that it was a big deal because she had left a message with a nurse. Lisa insisted that she had been trying to do something nice for Patrick and Robin. Lisa once again apologized for the misunderstanding and then tried to leave, but Robin blocked her way. Robin claimed that Lisa had known exactly what she had been doing when she had taken Emma.

Robin accused Lisa of trying to hurt her and Patrick out of jealousy and spite. Robin suggested that it was written all over Lisa's face. Lisa fired back that she knew that Robin had suffered from postpartum depression, so she advised Robin to consider mentioning her paranoia to her therapist during the next session. Robin warned Lisa to stay away from Patrick and Emma. Robin then suggested that Lisa was the one who needed to get help.

Lisa once again apologized for the confusion with Emma and then left. Robin was furious that Lisa had lied to their faces about Emma. Patrick apologized for Lisa's behavior, but Robin insisted that it wasn't his fault. Robin threatened to call Mac to file a restraining order against Lisa, but Patrick stopped her. Patrick's expression filled with remorse as he admitted that he was to blame for Lisa's stalking behavior. Robin was stunned when Patrick quietly confessed that he had slept with Lisa while Robin had been in Africa.

Robin asked Patrick to repeat what he had said, so that she could make certain that she had heard him correctly. After Patrick admitted he'd had too much to drink one night and had slept with Lisa, Robin dropped into a chair and then took a moment to absorb the confession. Robin realized that Patrick's betrayal with Lisa had explained a lot of the things that had happened in recent weeks. She felt like an idiot for allowing Patrick to write her concerns off as nothing. Patrick felt terrible for misleading his wife. He assured her that she and Emma meant everything to him.

Robin's lack of anger concerned Patrick, so he begged her to let him know how what she was thinking. Robin reminded Patrick that he had asked her if he and Emma had been enough for her just before she had left for Africa. Robin wondered if Patrick had asked himself the same question before he had slept with another woman. Patrick insisted that Robin was enough for him. "Obviously not," Robin shot back as she demanded to know the details of his affair with Lisa.

Patrick was reluctant to share them, but Robin pushed for answers. She explained that her imagination would get the best of her. Patrick insisted that he had only slept with Lisa once, but Robin didn't believe him. She realized that they had had their problems, but she thought that they would be able to work things out. Robin was curious if his affair with Lisa had been a way for Patrick to get back at Robin for going to Africa. Patrick insisted that he loved Robin and always had.

Robin didn't think that Patrick understood the true meaning of love, or else he wouldn't have trashed their marriage. Robin wondered if he had given Lisa a key to their place. Patrick explained that he had no idea how Lisa had gotten her hands on his key. Robin realized that Lisa likely threw away her life-saving HIV medications. Patrick conceded that Robin was probably right. Robin couldn't believe that Patrick had remained quiet, about how unbalanced Lisa was, after she had taken their daughter.

Patrick started to explain, but Robin didn't want to hear his excuses. Robin picked up their wedding picture and then flung it with all her might at the door. As the picture shattered into pieces, Robin ordered Patrick to get out. She refused to look at his pouting face any more. The moment that Patrick left, Robin collapsed into a chair and then gave into tears of grief. Patrick watched his heartbroken wife for a few minutes through the window and then walked away.

At Greystone Manor, Ronnie took the opportunity to goad Sonny while Dante tried to insist that Sonny had shot Johnny in self-defense. Ronnie argued that the evidence didn't corroborate that, since a gun hadn't been found near Johnny. Dante couldn't believe that Sonny had lied, but Sonny claimed that he had told the truth about the shooting. Sonny reminded Dante that he had known that the cops would knock on the door, so it didn't make sense for Sonny to lie about a gun when it could easily be disproved. Ronnie suggested that Sonny was arrogant enough to believe that he could get away with murder because Sonny had done it countless times before.

"Shut up," Sonny shouted at Ronnie. Sonny was certain that Dante believed Sonny, so he urged him to hold onto the truth. Sonny pointed out that Johnny wouldn't have been alive if Sonny had truly wanted to get rid of him. Sonny believed that the facts would prove that Sonny had told the truth. Moments later, Sonny was led away in handcuffs.

Diane was waiting when Sonny arrived at the police station. Diane was confident that she would have Sonny home by dinner because of Ronnie's questionable arrest record. Ronnie smugly informed Diane that Sonny had confessed to murder. Diane reminded Ronnie that Sonny knew better; besides, she was confident that even if they had evidence that Sonny had murdered someone, there wasn't proof that it was premeditated. "Actually, there is," Claire calmly announced.

Ronnie smiled like a Cheshire cat as Claire played a recording of Sonny explaining that the best way to get rid of Johnny was to push him until he went after Sonny. On the tape, Sonny explained that the key to proving self-defense would be to get Johnny to shoot first and then fire back because the law permitted self-defense. Ronnie was satisfied that the tape established premeditation. Diane argued that the tape wouldn't be admissible in court, but Claire insisted that Sonny had known that he had been talking to a Federal Prosecutor and that their conversations could be recorded.

Claire was determined to show that Sonny had shot Johnny with malice and forethought. Sonny was taken to an interrogation room where he immediately instructed Diane to arrange for him to talk to Claire. Diane reminded Sonny that talking to Claire had landed him in hot water, but Sonny insisted that Diane worked for him. Reluctantly, Diane fetched Claire. Sonny wanted to speak to Claire privately, so Diane left the room.

Sonny immediately insisted that he was innocent of the charges because Johnny had pulled a gun on him. Claire reminded Sonny that he was talking to her without his attorney present, so she could, and would, use anything that he said to her against him. Sonny didn't care; he was adamant that he hadn't shot Johnny in cold blood. Claire wondered why Johnny had ended up in the hospital if he had gone gunning for Sonny.

Sonny suggested that Johnny had simply been too slow to pull the trigger. Claire didn't buy the excuse. Sonny argued that he was being framed, but Claire refused to be played by him. She informed him that the game was over and that he had lost. Claire left the interrogation room, took a moment to gather her composure, and then walked away. Sonny watched her through the window.

At the hospital, Lucky listened as Ethan stepped into Johnny's examination cubicle to visit with Johnny. Johnny conceded that Ethan had been right. Ethan joked that Johnny was getting sentimental over a flesh wound. Johnny's laughter faded as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and then the alarms on his monitors sounded. Maya rushed into the examination cubicle and then ordered Ethan to leave. As Ethan passed Lucky he asked, "You still think it was self-defense?"

Johnny was rushed to surgery a few minutes later. Lucky was curious what Johnny had meant when he had insisted that Ethan had been right. Ethan pointed out that everyone knew that Sonny and Johnny had wanted each other dead. Lucky wondered if Johnny had carried a gun. Ethan admitted that Johnny was usually armed, but Johnny never advertised it by waving his gun around. Lucky was curious why a gun hadn't been found on Johnny.

Ethan suggested that perhaps it was one of the few times that Johnny hadn't armed himself. Lucky didn't think it made sense for Sonny to walk up to Johnny on a busy street corner with witnesses and just shoot Johnny without any attempt to cover it up. Lucky realized that it was in Sonny to murder someone; however, Sonny wasn't the careless type. Ethan reminded Lucky that Sonny had been getting away with murder for years, so he wasn't surprised that Sonny had gotten bolder.

A short time later, Ethan spotted Maya. He wondered why she wasn't in surgery with Johnny. Maya explained that her job had been to prepare Johnny for surgery, not to assist Dr. Webber during the operation. She assured Ethan that Johnny was in good hands. Ethan was grateful for all of Maya's help. Maya believed that she had been able effective because Ethan had helped her to get past her "crisis of confidence."

Lucky approached Maya and Ethan to ask if he could talk to Maya about Johnny. Ethan pointed out that Maya hadn't witnessed the shooting, but Maya assured Lucky that she didn't mind answering his questions. Maya asked Ethan to fetch them something to drink and then turned to answer Lucky's questions. Unfortunately for Lucky, May a wasn't able to provide Lucky with any valuable information about the shooting.

Later, Dante showed up at the hospital to get an update from Lucky. Lucky suspected that Ethan was hiding something, but Dante was certain that Sonny had shot Johnny without justification. Dante argued that Sonny was trying to lie his way out of an attempt to murder Johnny.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax let Michael know about the shooting and Sonny's arrest. Michael wondered if Johnny were dead. Jax shook his head, but explained that Johnny was in critical condition and undergoing surgery. Jax suspected that the tension between Sonny and Johnny stemmed from Johnny's relationship with Kristina. Michael didn't think that made sense because Sonny knew that it had been a farce.

Michael spotted Dante when he arrived at the hospital. Dante explained that Johnny was out of surgery, but he remained in critical condition. However, Dante didn't think that it was a good idea for Michael to be seen at the hospital. Michael had saved Johnny's life a week earlier, so he wanted to stick around to talk to Johnny when Johnny woke up. Dante wondered if Michael thought perhaps Johnny would feel obligated to vouch that Sonny didn't have a gun. Michael was annoyed that Dante refused to give their father the benefit of the doubt. Dante corrected his little brother; he had believed Sonny's claims until the evidence had proven otherwise.

After surgery, Steve saw Lisa approach the nurses' station. Lisa was in high spirits as she complimented one of the nurses and then invited Steve to have some beer at Jake's. Steve wondered if Lisa had heard from Patrick; he explained that Patrick and Robin had been beside themselves with worry over Emma's disappearance. Lisa insisted that Robin had overreacted and that it had all been a big misunderstanding. Lisa didn't understand why everything had to be such a big drama with Robin. As Lisa turned away, she smiled to herself.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At the loft, Dante had a dream about waking up to find that he wasn't alone in bed. In the dream, Dante began to kiss Lulu's shoulder, but he freaked out when he realized that it was Brook, not Lulu. Dante woke up with a start, which awakened Michael, who had been sleeping on the sofa. Michael wondered if everything were okay. Dante assured Michael, "Yes," and then explained that he'd had a nightmare. Moments later, someone knocked on the door.

Dante opened the door to find Lulu standing on his doorstep with two cups of coffee: one for herself and the other for Michael. Michael took the coffee, straightened up, and then started to leave, but Dante wanted to clear the air first. Lulu admitted that she couldn't get past the fact that she had found Dante with his tongue down Brook's throat. Michael admitted that Dante had been genuinely surprised when he had learned about the incident with Brook, so it was clear that Dante had been drugged. After Michael left, Lulu confessed that she didn't think that Dante should have been out drinking with Brook in the first place.

Dante promised that he had not cheated on Lulu. Lulu believed him, but she couldn't forget what she had seen. Dante insisted that he loved Lulu. Lulu began to soften toward Dante. She started to respond to his kiss until Brook pounded on the door, demanding to talk to Dante. Dante wanted to ignore Brook, but Brook explained that it was important. Lulu marched over to the door and then threw it open.

Brook didn't appreciate Lulu's hostility. According to Brook, Brook had been as much of a victim as Dante had been. Lulu was outraged because Brook had taken advantage of Dante's drugged state. Brook claimed that she had been drunk, so she had believed everything that Dante had told her. Brook claimed that, drugged or not, Dante had made it clear that he was attracted to Brook.

Dante quickly interceded. He made it clear that Lulu was the woman that he wanted to be with. Dante didn't want to hurt Brook, but he needed her to understand that he was in love with Lulu. Lulu smugly offered to write it down for Brook, so that Brook would be able to understand it better. Brook valued Dante's friendship too much to continue arguing, but she let Dante know that she would be waiting when Dante grew tired of Lulu.

After Brook left, Dante could tell that Lulu was upset, so he reminded her that he loved her. Lulu wanted to believe him, but she acknowledged that Brook and Dante had a long history together. Dante insisted that Brook was like a sister to him. He argued that his drugged state hadn't been any different than when Lulu had been drugged. Dante reminded her that she had begged him to have sex with her, but he hadn't because he had known that it wasn't what Lulu had truly wanted.

Lulu suggested that they might need some space to reevaluate their relationship. Dante begged Lulu to reconsider; he didn't think that he could live without Lulu. Dante knew that he'd fall in love one day, but he had expected it to hit him out of nowhere instead of building slowly over time. Lulu had made him work for it, so she had taught him an important lesson. Dante cherished her because he had gotten to know and trust her, which was why he couldn't imagine losing her.

Dante feared that losing her would kill him. "So, there was no lightening bolt?" Lulu wondered as she started to smile. Dante began to relax as Lulu admitted that she had liked what he had told her, but it hadn't been enough for her to forgive him. Dante promised to do anything, so Lulu whispered a suggestion in his ear. Dante's smile deepened as he admitted that it would give him pleasure to accommodate her. Lulu and Dante kissed and then began to make love.

Brook wrapped up a call as Michael entered Kelly's. Michael joined Brook at her table and then explained that he had a question for her. Michael confessed that Carly had been furious with Lulu following his arrest, but then Carly had invited Michael and Lulu to dinner recently. Brook suggested that perhaps Carly had forgiven Lulu, but Michael argued that Carly tended to hold onto grudges. He also questioned Brook's sudden attraction to Dante. Michael was certain that Carly was paying Brook to break up Dante and Lulu.

In the woods, Sam woke up in Jason's arms. Sam's ankle remained injured, so Jason had to carry Sam through the woods until they found an abandoned cabin. They quickly determined that the cabin didn't have electricity or phone service, but there was food. Jason ordered Sam to rest her foot while he scrounged together a meal. A short time later, Sam had to admit that she was impressed with Jason's skill in the kitchen.

As they ate, Jason revealed that he had spotted a Jeep in the garage. Jason planned to check it out, to see if he could get it started. Sam admitted that she was disappointed at the prospect of returning to Port Charles because she had enjoyed spending time alone with Jason. Jason confessed that he had thought of her every moment while he had been in jail. Jason was determined not to lose her again, so he promised to take her on a vacation after they returned home.

Jason handed Sam a gun and then left to check out the Jeep. A short time later, Jason returned with news that he couldn't start the Jeep. Sam suspected that it might be the distributor, so she insisted on looking at the Jeep herself. Jason was reluctant to agree until Sam suggested that he was just intimidated because he knew how to cook, but she knew how to fix things. Jason hoisted her onto his back and then opened the door. Jason took one step as shots rang out. Under a hail of bullets, Jason retreated back into the cabin.

At Wyndemere, Liz, Nikolas, and the boys enjoyed breakfast while they made plans for the day. Nikolas offered to take the boys to the stable to groom Nipit and then take the boys riding. Afterwards, Nikolas planned to take everyone swimming. The boys were excited, but Liz decided to stay behind, so that she could take a short nap with Aiden. She promised to meet them at the stables before Nikolas took the boys swimming.

After Nikolas and the boys left, Liz rocked Aiden and talked to him about Wyndemere. She was unaware that Nikolas had returned. Nikolas listened as Liz quietly confessed that Aiden's brothers loved Wyndemere and seemed to be having a wonderful time. She vowed that she would do everything in her power to make it work for them. Liz just wished that she didn't feel so out of place in the castle.

Robin was lying on the sofa with a despondent expression when Maxie knocked on the door. After several minutes, Robin finally answered the door. Maxie immediately noticed that Robin had been crying, so Robin told Maxie that Patrick had slept with Lisa while Robin had been in Africa. Maxie sat down on the sofa to hear the rest of the story. Maxie tried to blame Lisa for everything, but Robin clarified that Lisa was a bitch; however, Patrick had been the one to betray their wedding vows.

Maxie was certain that Lisa had wanted the affair from the beginning, but that she had stepped things up after Robin had left for Africa. Robin pointed out that it didn't absolve Patrick of any wrongdoing. Robin realized that she had made a classic mistake of marrying a man whom she thought she could change. Maxie didn't think that Robin should give up on Patrick. Maxie explained that hurting someone didn't necessarily mean that one had stopped loving them.

At the police station, Lucky acknowledged that Ethan was loyal to Johnny and therefore unlikely to reveal anything useful about the shooting, but Lucky still had a few questions for Ethan. Lucky was curious what Ethan planned to do if Johnny survived. Lucky didn't think that Ethan would be able to continue flying under the radar as he had been. Ethan agreed, but he insisted that he hoped Lucky didn't expect him to suddenly turn into a law-abiding citizen. Ethan admitted that it was a shame that he and Lucky were on opposite sides of the law.

Lucky suggested that Ethan could always consider becoming a cop, but Ethan laughed at the absurdity of him joining the law enforcement community. However, Ethan could see some benefits to having a badge. Ethan admitted that he was surprised that Lucky had opted to become a police officer. He wondered if Lucky ever missed "coloring outside of the lines." Lucky didn't defend his decision, but he did warn Ethan that he wouldn't give his brother a free pass on murder.

Ethan assured Lucky that he would never resort to killing someone in cold blood. Ethan suggested that if Lucky became tired of being a cop, he and Ethan could work together. Ethan believed that there were endless opportunities for them if they joined forces. Shortly after Ethan left, Maxie entered the police station to find out if Lucky had checked into Lisa Niles's past. Lucky wondered if anything had happened to prompt Maxie's sudden urgency to know about Lisa's background.

Maxie quickly filled Lucky in on Lisa's odd behavior and Lisa's unauthorized outing with Emma. Maxie was eager to find out if there might be anything in Lisa's background to indicate that Robin and Emma were in danger. Lucky admitted that Lisa had led a quiet life before moving to Port Charles. He conceded that Lisa had a few citations in college for drinking, but nothing serious. Maxie was curious if any of Lisa's ex-boyfriends had mysteriously disappeared, but Lucky shook his head.

Lucky reminded Maxie that Patrick had participated in the betrayal, so it wasn't entirely Lisa's fault. Lucky was confident that Lisa would snap out of it once everything settled down, but Maxie was certain that Lisa would continue to cause more trouble for Robin.

Ethan arrived at the hospital, where he found Kristina standing outside of Johnny's hospital room. Kristina felt responsible for Johnny's fight for life because she believed that Sonny had shot Johnny because of her. Ethan assured Kristina that Sonny and Johnny had been at war long before Kristina had been in the picture. Kristina couldn't believe that her father had shot an unarmed man. Ethan confided that he wasn't too sure about that; however, it wasn't her place to judge or police her father.

According to Ethan, most people weren't all bad. He suggested that people could do bad things, but have good moments. Ethan then pointed to himself as an example. Kristina refused to believe that Ethan was a bad person because he had always been kind to her. Kristina confessed that he was like a hero to her.

Lisa eavesdropped while Steve suggested to Patrick that it couldn't have been comfortable for Patrick to have spent the night on the sofa in the on-call room. Patrick confided that Robin had thrown him out after he had told her about his one-night stand with Lisa. Patrick opened up about how Lisa had been behaving since Patrick had slept with her. Steve conceded that Lisa's behavior had crossed into stalker territory. Patrick admitted that Robin was devastated by his betrayal; he couldn't believe that he had invited Lisa into their lives.

Lisa walked up to the nurses' station with a big smile on her face as she cheerily said, "Good morning, boys." Patrick and Steve didn't acknowledge or look at Lisa. Later, Steve and Patrick reviewed one of Lisa's patient files. Patrick was disappointed that he couldn't argue that Lisa's mental state was affecting the way she practiced medicine.

Steve didn't condone what Patrick had done to Robin, but he pointed out that there had never been any indication that Lisa would react as she had. Steve didn't blame Patrick for not realizing how unstable Lisa was. Patrick believed that he should have seen the signs, but Steve argued that he hadn't seen them either.

Robin arrived for work a short time later. Lisa was at the nurses' station with Epiphany when Robin approached. Lisa greeted Robin as if nothing had happened, so Robin asked to speak to Lisa privately. Lisa agreed, so she stepped away with Robin. The moment they were alone, Robin suggested that Lisa wipe the smile off of her face.

Lisa immediately dropped the act as Robin referred to Lisa as a "home-wrecking whore" and then vowed to kill Lisa if Lisa ever went near Emma again. Lisa reminded Robin that they were in a hospital, so she advised Robin to calm down. Robin explained that she was merely a mother who was trying to protect her child. Robin wondered how Lisa could live with herself. Robin acknowledged that women slept with married men all of the time, but Lisa breaking into Robin's house to steal her HIV medications and then taking Emma had been "sick."

Robin insisted that Lisa was deranged and in need of professional help. Robin promised to call the police if Lisa caused any more problems. Robin then clarified that her warning about Emma stood. "Are we clear?" Robin asked before she walked away.

Later, Patrick tried to talk to Robin at the nurses' station, but Robin was too infuriated to give him the time of day. She insisted that he leave her alone. Robin snapped when Patrick kept pushing to have a private word with her. Robin loudly demanded to know why he had married her if he would end up cheating on her with "that psychotic bitch." Steve and several other staff members stood nearby during Robin's rant.

Lucky was surprised when Lisa entered the police station, introduced herself, and then explained that Robin had threatened to kill her. Lisa wanted to file a report because she believed that Robin had meant it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In the woods, shots rang out as Jason and Sam started to leave the cabin. Jason and Sam quickly retreated inside and then hit the floor as bullets zipped over their heads. Sam realized that Lopez and his men had found them. Sam blamed herself for their predicament because she had been determined to gather proof to keep Jason from going back to jail. Jason insisted that it wasn't her fault, but Sam refused to let him make excuses for her.

Sam confessed that she had been desperate to keep him with her, but she had never planned for them to become trapped in a cabin that was surrounded by their enemy. Sam tried to get up, in an effort to make a run for it with Jason, but her ankle was too badly injured. Jason instructed Sam to stay put. He decided to lure Lopez's men inside by letting them think that Jason and Sam had run out of ammunition or escaped out the back door. Jason hoped to pick the men off one by one as they entered the cabin to investigate.

As Jason and Sam hunkered down, Sam admitted that she hated waiting to die. Jason promised that she wouldn't be killed, but moments later, the shooting resumed. Sam wondered how long it would last as she covered her head from the flying debris. Jason didn't know, but he was concerned because the men hadn't entered the cabin yet. Sam found comfort in knowing that at least she was with Jason. "That's all that matters," Jason told her.

At Kelly's, Brook was offended by Michael's suggestion that Carly had hired her to break up Dante and Lulu. Michael apologized, but he explained that he knew his mother. He also admitted that he had overheard Brook ordering an expensive piece of furniture on the phone when he had first entered the diner. Michael pointed out that it raised questions because Brook was supposed to have been broke. Brook insisted that the idea of her working for Carly to wreck Dante's relationship with Lulu was farfetched.

Michael wasn't moved by the argument. He knew that his mother held a grudge for a long time, so he was certain that she had been plotting something with Brook. Lulu strolled into Kelly's moments later. Lulu immediately approached the table to warn Brook not to bother trying to manipulate Michael to further her agenda with Dante. Lulu warned Brook that she would still have to go through Lulu, and Lulu refused to budge.

Brook informed Lulu that Michael was her cousin as well as Lulu's, so Brook had every right to talk to him whenever she liked. Brook was curious why Lulu wasn't with Dante, if Lulu's relationship with Dante were so strong. Brook reminded Lulu that she was friends with Dante long before he knew Lulu, so Brook was confident that their friendship would continue long after Lulu disappeared from Dante's life. Lulu was curious if Brook had missed the part where Lulu had warned her that she wasn't going anywhere.

Brook smiled as she revealed that those were the famous last words of all of Dante's ex-girlfriends. Lulu's smile disappeared as she accused Brook of being a "two-faced bitch." Michael jumped up to intercede before things turned violent between Lulu and Brook. He suggested that Brook back off. Brook admitted that she had thought about it, but then decided not to.

In Johnny's hospital room, Dante questioned Maya about anything that Johnny might have said after the shooting. Maya explained that Johnny had only regained consciousness for a few moments. She revealed that Johnny wished her luck when she explained that they intended to operate on him. Johnny had also asked for Olivia to be notified, but then he had changed his mind. Dante wanted to know if Johnny had spoken to anyone else besides Maya.

"Ethan," Maya revealed. Dante wondered what her impression of Johnny was, since she had spent time with Johnny prior to the shooting. Maya clarified that she didn't know Johnny well, but he had seemed like a good guy with a soft side. Olivia entered the room moments later. Maya gently explained to Olivia that Johnny was in critical condition. As Maya left the room, Olivia approached Johnny's bedside.

Olivia held Johnny's hand and then began to blame herself for the shooting. She begged Johnny to fight for his life and then promised to remain by his side. Dante stood quietly near his mother as Olivia explained that Johnny hadn't given a damn about his life, but she insisted that he had good qualities. She told Dante that Johnny was an accomplished pianist who was sensitive and insightful. Olivia claimed that it was that side of Johnny that she had fallen in love with.

Dante became annoyed as his mother waxed poetic about Johnny. He realized that she loved Johnny and saw some wonderful qualities in him, but Dante argued that Johnny's life had been in total chaos. Dante warned her that once his death-match with Sonny was over, Johnny would find someone new to go to war with. Dante thought that his mother deserved better than that. Olivia insisted that there was no one better than Johnny.

Dante asked to speak to his mother in the hallway. She was reluctant to leave Johnny's side, but Dante pointed out that Johnny would still be there when they were done. In the hallway, Dante reminded Olivia of all of the reasons that he loved her. Olivia was thrilled to hear her son's kind words, but she was curious what his point was. Dante insisted that his mother deserved the best. Olivia argued that it wasn't his call to make.

Olivia reminded Dante that he was a grown man with a life of his own. She had a right to choose whom she wanted to be with. Olivia explained that pushing Johnny away had made her miserable because she had loved him. Dante realized that he couldn't argue against love. Olivia finally broached the subject of the shooting; she needed to know if Sonny had truly shot an unarmed man. Dante confessed that he honestly didn't know.

Olivia returned to Johnny's hospital room after Dante left. She recalled the last time that she had sat at his bedside to plead for his life. Olivia realized that she no longer gave a damn what side of the law Johnny was on because she had decided that she wanted to be with him. Olivia begged Johnny to wake up, so that she could tell him.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Diane outlined what Sonny was facing. Diane explained that Johnny remained in critical condition and was unlikely to wake up to verify Sonny's story. She also reminded him that Claire had an incriminating recording of Sonny explaining that he intended to kill Johnny in self-defense. Further complicating matters was the lack of a gun and gunshot residue on Johnny's hands. According to Diane, Sonny was looking at an attempted murder charge with a very "iffy" shot at bail.

Sonny swore that he was innocent, but Diane insisted that the evidence didn't corroborate that. Sonny didn't need a lecture from Diane. She assured him that she had every intention of representing him to the best of her ability, but it didn't look good. Sonny suggested that she get in touch with Jason, so that Spinelli could search for surveillance footage to show that Johnny had aimed a gun at Sonny. Sonny was stunned when Diane revealed that Jason had disappeared.

Diane explained that Sam had apparently gotten into some trouble, so Jason had gone after her. Diane had not been able to reach Jason on his cell phone since. Sonny decided that he wanted to talk to Dante, but Diane advised against it. She pointed out that Dante was a cop who had been in the same situation as Johnny when Sonny had shot Dante in the chest. Diane clarified that it established a pattern that she didn't think would help Sonny's case.

Later, Dante entered the interrogation room to talk to Sonny. Dante admitted that nothing had backed up Sonny's claim of self-defense. Sonny was frustrated. Dante explained that he had gone to question Johnny, but it had been surreal when Olivia had arrived to see Johnny. Dante revealed that Olivia had an air of quiet dignity about her as if she had been through it before. Dante realized that she had been when Sonny had shot him.

Sonny insisted that it had been completely different circumstances. Dante argued, "Only in your mind." Dante confessed that he would never forget the look in Sonny's eyes when Sonny had shot him. Just thinking of that moment made Dante realize that Sonny was perfectly capable of murdering someone in cold blood. Sonny wondered if Dante truly believed that he hadn't learned anything from that tragedy.

According to Sonny, he had learned one of the most important lessons of his life. Sonny explained that he had felt justified to kill Dante that night because Dante was a cop who had infiltrated the organization, knew secrets, and had gotten close to the family. Sonny believed that it had been the right decision to kill Dante until he realized that he had shot his own son. Sonny thanked God every day that Dante had survived, even though Dante hated him.

Sonny learned that it had to be an equal playing field; an unarmed man was not a threat that should be met with lethal force. Sonny had sworn that night that he would never shoot an unarmed man again. Sonny reiterated that Johnny had drawn a weapon, so Sonny had shot Johnny to defend his own life. Sonny asked Dante to believe him not as a cop, but as a son.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas stood in the doorway while Liz quietly spoke to Aiden. Liz explained that being with Nikolas and Spencer was good for all of them, so she was determined to make it work. Liz realized that Aiden's brothers loved Wyndemere, so she believed that she would be the most selfish person in the world if she were to let her own discomfort stand in the way of everyone's happiness. Liz was also reluctant to deprive Aiden of his legacy. Nikolas entered the room as Liz started to put Aiden down for his nap.

Nikolas didn't give any indication that he had overheard her as he told her about the boys' antics while they rode Nipit. Liz smiled as she congratulated Nikolas on finally having a family. Nikolas returned the smile and then quietly asked her how she was holding up. Liz continued to smile as she assured him that everyone was enjoying themselves.

Later, Nikolas placed a call to Liz's sister, Sarah. Sarah was thrilled to hear that Liz had agreed to move in with Nikolas, but Nikolas suggested that she not get too excited. He explained that Liz wasn't happy at Wyndemere, so he had hoped that Sarah would give Liz a graceful way out by inviting her sister to visit. Sarah was curious if Nikolas wanted Liz to leave. He confessed that he didn't, but he wanted Liz to be happy, which wouldn't happen at Wyndemere.

When Nikolas and the boys returned to Wyndemere for lunch, Cameron asked his mother if he could have a pony. Liz chuckled as she reminded Cam that they didn't have anywhere to keep a pony. Spencer quickly offered to let Cam ride Nipit whenever Cam wanted. Cam smiled brightly as he admitted that he loved living at Wyndemere and never wanted to leave. Moments later, Liz's cell phone rang. She was surprised to see that it was Sarah, so she stepped away to talk to her sister.

Nikolas took the boys swimming. He returned to the castle a short time later with assurances that Norma was watching the boys, along with one of the stable hands, who was a certified lifeguard. Nikolas promised that he had made the boys wait an hour before they were allowed to swim. Liz smiled as she confided that the rule was an old wives' tale. Liz then turned serious as she told Nikolas about Sarah's invitation to visit her in Northern California.

Nikolas encouraged Liz to spend time with Sarah, but Liz reminded him that it would mean that she would be taking Aiden with her on the trip. Nikolas admitted that he would miss his son, but he thought that it was important for Aiden to get to know his aunt. Nikolas promised to make all of the arrangements, so Liz wouldn't have to deal with it. A short time later, Liz and the boys were packed and ready to go. Liz was impressed with how quickly Nikolas had managed to put the trip together.

Cam and Spencer shook hands as they said their goodbyes and then Cam asked Nikolas when they could return to Wyndemere. Nikolas assured Cam that he would always be welcome. Liz promised to send pictures of Aiden every day. After Liz and the boys left, Spencer admitted that he wished that they could have stayed longer. Nikolas agreed, but he explained that one day Spencer would learn to love with an "open hand and hope."

At the hospital, Patrick tried to talk to Robin, but she was livid because she felt betrayed. Patrick attempted to follow Robin as she walked away from the nurses' station, but that only fueled her anger. She accused him of relentlessly pursuing her until he had torn down all of her walls. Patrick had made her believe her heart had found a home, so she had married him and had a baby with him. Patrick swore that he loved Robin, but she didn't believe that Patrick knew what love was.

Robin accused Patrick of being a liar and a cheat; the sight of him made her sick. Steve quickly stepped in before Robin could say anything else. Steve gently suggested that it wasn't the place for the argument. Robin apologized to Steve and then walked away. Patrick called out to her, but she ignored him.

Patrick arrived home to find Robin packing his belongings. She asked him to return in a few hours, so that she could finish up. Patrick reminded Robin that it was their home and that they were married. "Really? That didn't seem to matter to you when you slept with Lisa," Robin snapped at him. Patrick admitted that it had been wrong of him to sleep with Lisa and that he was deeply sorry, but he was certain that he and Robin could work through it.

Robin compared cheating to abuse; a man who hit a woman once would hit her again. Robin refused to be the clueless wife. She resumed packing as she instructed him to return later. Patrick pleaded with Robin not to shut down on him. He realized that he had made a mistake. Robin argued that it had been much worse than a "mistake." Robin hated the way that she had behaved at the hospital because it wasn't who she was; he had driven her to it.

Robin wanted Patrick to give her enough respect and courtesy to finish packing. Patrick admitted that he would do anything for Robin except give up on their marriage. Robin and Emma meant everything to him, so he wanted to do everything possible to save their marriage. Patrick insisted that there was too much at stake because Emma deserved to have both of her parents. Patrick vowed to do anything if Robin gave him another chance.

At the police station, Lisa admitted that she was a bit embarrassed that she felt the need to lodge a complaint against Robin. Lucky was curious what made Lisa think that Robin intended to harm her. Lisa confessed that she'd had an affair with Patrick. She quickly explained that she and Patrick had a "serious" relationship in college, so there had been an instant connection between them when she had arrived in Port Charles. According to Lisa, nature had taken its course when Robin had gone to Africa.

Lisa assured Lucky that she wasn't trying to make excuses for what she had done. Lisa acknowledged that Robin had every right to be furious, but Lisa had been unsettled by the way that Robin had threatened her. Lucky confessed that he was biased because he had known Robin for a very long time. Lucky explained that Robin had always shown grace under pressure and he thought that she was an extraordinary person. However, Lucky conceded that people could act differently when they felt betrayed.

Lucky was curious what Lisa wanted him to do. Lisa confessed that she had considered asking for a restraining order, but she had changed her mind after talking to Lucky. Lisa realized that it would be difficult to enforce because she and Robin worked together at the hospital, so she had decided to hold off on it. Lisa was satisfied knowing that Lucky knew what was going on in case anything happened.

In the locker room, Steve suggested that Lisa take some time off, but Lisa refused to go into hiding because Robin had decided to announce to everyone that Lisa was having an affair with Patrick. Lisa opened her locker and then gasped. The inside of her locker had been vandalized and covered in blood.

Friday, August 27, 2010

In the staff locker room at General Hospital, Lisa claimed to Steven that someone had broken into her locker and doused her belongings with blood. She implied that it had been Robin, an act of revenge against Lisa for having slept with Patrick.

Despite Jason's warning, Sam attempted to walk on her injured ankle, but was unable to walk much. They made plans to deal with Santos' men, should they attack the couple in the cabin they'd taken refuge in. Sam reminisced about the last time she and Jason had been trapped somewhere with someone pursuing them: when Jerry Jacks wanted to kill Jason, as they'd sought Michael and Kristina in Mexico, the year before.

Sam said that the experience had probably been good for them because, aside from the fact that they'd survived, they'd also grown closer and had been able to put all of the mistakes in their past behind them. Jason agreed, and they began to kiss, when they heard a noise outside.

Jason identified that Santos' men were getting into position. Before Jason left to get a jump on them, Sam kissed him and told him to be careful. Jason sneaked outside, while Sam sat behind an overturned table, a rifle in her hands. Outside, Jason trained his sights on the men as they approached the door to the cabin. The men burst through the door, and gunfire ensued.

In the PCPD's interrogation room, Sonny and Dante discussed Johnny's shooting. Sonny admitted that, when he'd shot Dante, it had been wrong, because Dante was unarmed. Sonny insisted, however, that Johnny had been armed and would have killed Sonny. The shooting was self-defense, Sonny claimed. He swore that he was telling the truth, and Dante said he believed him.

That declaration meant a lot to Sonny, but Dante gave him fair warning: that Dante believed Sonny this time, it wouldn't stop him from pursuing his father for all of the other crimes he'd committed. Dante explained that the only reason he believed Sonny's story was because he knew that Sonny was too smart and too methodical to have failed at a hit on one of his enemies. Sonny replied that he'd prefer that Dante believed him because he was his father.

Dante said that the tape Claire had of Sonny admitting to having wanted to set Johnny up for exactly what ended up happening was Sonny's biggest hurdle. Dante asked Sonny if anyone had seen Johnny holding a gun prior to the incident. Only a credible witness, Dante explained, could support Sonny's self-defense claim .

Dante asked Sonny to go over every detail he could remember from the incident. As the two discussed the matter, Diane walked in and berated Dante for questioning Sonny without counsel. Sonny defended Dante, but Diane wouldn't have it. Dante left as Diane laid into Sonny. She reminded him that, though Dante was Sonny's son, he was also a cop who Sonny had shot in the chest, point-blank. She was so angry, she nearly spit her words.

Diane left to go to a hearing and advised Sonny not to speak with anyone else. After she departed, Sonny recalled a time when he and Brenda had argued over his failure to tell her the truth. Diane later returned and explained that her motion to suppress Claire's recording had been denied and that bail was unlikely.

She asked why Sonny had been so chummy with Claire, why he'd fed her damning evidence, why he'd left Johnny to bleed to death in the middle of a public street--why he'd become so sloppy. She theorized that Sonny really yearned to be caught to punish himself for what had happened to Michael.

At that moment, Bernie arrived. Sonny wondered why, as Diane tacitly explained to Bernie that she could not advise her client to jump bail. She left the room and Bernie asked Sonny when he wanted to leave the country. He explained that he hadn't been able reach Jason and hadn't seen Max or Milo. Sonny instructed Bernie to prepare for his departure. Sonny explained that he'd need a plane and money--he was going to Rome.

Murphy was thankful that the tank in London that he was supposed to "drown" in for a movie was broken. It allowed him to spend more time with Brenda. He told Brenda that he might not take on the international man of mystery movie role because he feared that another man might take her away from him while he was shooting on location. Brenda looked at Sonny's contact information as Murphy spoke. However, she promised Murphy that no one could steal her heart from him. She still wasn't going to marry him, she said as she laughed .

Later, Brenda stood on the balcony and reminisced about her romance with Sonny. Murphy startled her when he walked onto the terrace with bottles of beer and suggested a boat ride under the stars. She declined, and they joked about how super spies drank martinis or champagne, not beer. He declared that he would not give up beer, no matter how much they paid him.

Brenda said that she'd prefer to spend time with the real Murphy Sinclair, the little boy who preferred to fish rather than have his photo taken, not the actor. He replied that he needed a stable woman in his life to help maintain that balance. As they joked with each other, Brenda mentioned her husband, which caught Murphy unaware.

She explained that she was referring to an ex-husband and that it had been a marriage of convenience. He recapped what he knew about her: Brenda had been left at the altar three times, but the one time she made it through the ceremony was when she married a killer whom she didn't love and never slept with.

Murphy let Brenda know that she was the only one he could be himself around. He told her he'd beg her to marry him, if that was what she wanted. Brenda said yes, and Murphy prepared to grovel, but she clarified that she was responding affirmatively to his marriage proposal.

At their house, Robin angrily told Patrick that he'd thrown away their family because he'd never changed from the man she'd met years before: an arrogant, self-centered surgeon, always on the make. She said that she had been stupid to have thought that he would ever settle down and be happy with just her.

Patrick took full responsibility for having slept with Lisa but promised that the vows he made at his and Robin's wedding meant everything to him. Robin lashed out at Lisa, calling attention to the fact that she had been throwing herself at Patrick since she'd arrived in Port Charles. Robin explained that she'd always felt stupid for feeling insecure about his friendship with Lisa but that it turned out her fears were justified.

Patrick described how it felt for him to have always been in the shadow of Stone, Robin's first love who had died of AIDS. Robin said that was ridiculous, but she also told Patrick that part of her wanted to forgive him. However, the thought that Lisa could have harmed Emma made his lies about sleeping with Lisa worse, and Robin added that Lisa had increasingly become instable .

Robin asked Patrick to leave. He complied but not before tearfully promising that he would not stop loving her and that he wouldn't give up on their marriage.

Lisa ran into Patrick across town and tried to make nice. She feigned empathy for the trouble he and Robin were going through. Patrick countered that Lisa should be happy because she was getting what she wanted. She replied that all she wanted was for him to be happy.

Lisa had ruined, not only his and Robin's lives, he stated, but Emma's too. Lisa maintained her stance that he'd been looking for a way out of his humdrum life. Patrick called Lisa delusional and told her that, even if he and Robin were to split up, he'd never end up in Lisa's bed again. Having slept with Lisa was the stupidest mistake he'd ever made, he railed.

Lisa told Patrick that she didn't regret what they'd done and, with time, neither would he. She walked away as Patrick took a phone call from Robin. While Lisa watched Patrick from a distance, Robin told Patrick that their family just wouldn't work without him in it. He replied that he'd do anything to get them back on-track. Robin said she'd meet him where he was, on the street several blocks from home.

As Robin pulled up to the curb, Lisa saw her chance. She darted out and hurled herself onto the hood of Robin's moving car. The vehicle struck Lisa, and she landed on the ground with a brutal thud.

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