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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 23, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, August 23, 2010

At the park, David questioned Angie about her obvious vision problems. Angie denied that anything was wrong, but as Angie turned to leave, she nearly stumbled over a bench. David reached out to steady Angie and then helped her to sit down. David demanded to know what was going on, so Angie admitted that she had contracted a fungal infection that was slowly robbing her of her eyesight. Angie insisted that she was undergoing treatment; however, David pointed out that it didn't seem to be working well.

David tried to offer Angie comfort by gently patting her back, but she flinched when he touched her. Jesse was concerned when he walked up to see that his wife was distraught. Jesse tried to whisk Angie away, but Angie revealed that David knew about the eye infection. Jesse tried to leave with Angie; however, David made it clear that he had more to say about Angie's illness. David felt bad for Angie, so he offered to put her in touch with a specialist at Johns Hopkins University.

Angie thanked David and then assured him that she would call the specialist. Angie's goodwill toward David evaporated in the next instant when David suggested that her vision loss meant the end of her career at the hospital. Angie realized that David wasn't the least bit sorry for what she was going through. Angie and Jesse ripped into David, but David pointed out that Angie had endangered patients by keeping her illness a secret and then continuing to practice medicine despite her failing vision.

Angie made it clear that she had not put any of her patients at risk and that she had always had other doctors on hand to help her. David realized that Jake and Frankie had been in cahoots with Angie. Angie defended Jake and Frankie's actions, while Jesse ordered David to back off. David advised Jesse to take care of Angie, because she would need it, and then left. Afterwards, Jesse and Angie sat down on the bench.

Angie acknowledged that it had been a matter of time before David had learned about her illness. She was worried that David would use her illness to punish Jake and Frankie. Jesse tried to remain positive by insisting that David couldn't take away what was truly important to them. Angie smiled as her vision slowly returned. Angie thanked Jesse for the pep talk.

Jesse reminded Angie that they had endured much worse than David. Angie was grateful for all of the blessings in their lives, including the new baby. She explained that she hadn't told David about the baby because she didn't want him to ruin their joy.

At Krystal's, Madison urged Ryan to rest until he was fully healed. Ryan insisted that he hadn't suffered any dizzy spells or lapses in memory, so he was fine. Madison didn't believe him; he had promised to spend the weekend watching "chick flicks" with her. Ryan looked confused for a moment and then realized that she had been joking. Ryan chuckled, and then assured her that he was recovered. Madison realized that Ryan was determined to help Greenlee, so she hoped that he got everything taken care of quickly, so that he could focus on their relationship.

In Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee flipped through a photo album of her and Ryan during happier times. She was startled when someone knocked at the door. It was Scott. Greenlee decided to answer the door and then explained to Scott that she had used a spare key to drop something off for Emma. Scott wondered where Ryan was just as Ryan walked in.

Ryan wondered what was going on. Greenlee repeated her excuse for being there before Scott added that he had stopped by to ask Ryan to talk to Emma before Scott and Annie got married. Ryan appreciated Scott's heads-up, so he promised to stop by to see Emma before the wedding. After Scott left, Greenlee wondered if Ryan would have enough time to talk to Emma before he met with the mechanic. Ryan assured her that it wouldn't be a problem.

Greenlee wanted Ryan to be careful because she had promised Madison to keep Ryan safe. Ryan was curious what Greenlee had dropped off for Emma, so Greenlee was forced to admit the truth. Greenlee explained that she had been anxious to let Ryan know that she had defended David to Caleb. Greenlee assured Ryan that she had played the loyal and supportive wife to the hilt.

Ryan hoped that his talk with the mechanic would put an end to Greenlee's charade. Greenlee announced that she intended to go with Ryan to help "rope the mark" for him. Ryan loved that she had recalled the grifting term, but he refused to allow Greenlee to accompany him. Ryan reminded her that David was watching her like a hawk and that the mechanic had been willing to sabotage Erica's plane, so the man could easily be a psychopath. Greenlee reluctantly agreed to remain behind. Ryan hoped that when he returned from his meeting with the mechanic that Greenlee would be able to focus on what was important to her: Fusion. Greenlee smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

Greenlee returned to her room at the Yacht Club where David was waiting. David quickly filled Greenlee in on what was going on with Angie. Greenlee felt terrible for Angie, but David was less sympathetic. David feared that they would lose their charter because they had a blind doctor treating patients. Greenlee suggested that David was overreacting; she reminded David that Angie always had another doctor working with her.

David argued that Angie's arrogance and stubborn insistence that she was the only doctor who could make a difference, had put their investment in jeopardy. Greenlee thought that David's description of Angie could have applied to him. She advised David to let the lawyers take care of any possible fallout from Angie's treatment of patients while battling the illness. Meanwhile, Greenlee thought that it would be a good idea to allow Angie to continue working for the hospital as an administrator. David's reluctance to embrace the idea made Greenlee realize that he didn't have any intention of allowing Angie to continue working at the hospital.

Greenlee accused David of wanting his "pound of flesh" from the Hubbards. She was curious how many wars and battles David could fight at one time. David refused to give Angie and Jesse a free pass. Greenlee appreciated that David had good reason to hate the Hubbards, but she insisted that David had won. Jesse had to beg to be reinstated as the police chief, while Angie was battling a career-ending illness. Greenlee urged David to surprise everyone by showing them the side of him that she had gotten to know while she had been recovering from the motorcycle crash.

Greenlee insisted that the man that he had been, during her recovery, was proof that he could be a better man. Greenlee insisted that was the man that she had fallen in love with. David confessed that he didn't trust people, but he desperately wanted to believe that she was telling him the truth. Greenlee thought that she and David just needed some time and a little trust to get back what they had lost. David wondered if she truly believed that.

"Yes, I do," Greenlee answered. Greenlee admitted that she had hated the things that he had done to Angie and to her. She wasn't happy about being blackmailed, so she desperately wanted him to give her hope. David insisted that blackmailing Greenlee, to remain married to him, had been the only way that he knew to show her how great they could be together if she gave him another chance. Greenlee assured David that she had accepted her situation. David wanted more than that; he wanted Greenlee to love him.

At the Chandler mansion, in the parlor, JR wondered if Annie truly wanted to marry Scott. "Yes," Annie insisted. Annie believed that it was best for everyone if she married Scott and JR worked things out with Marissa. Annie was adamant that JR belonged with Marissa, so she refused to let him plant doubts about Scott. JR realized that he wouldn't be able to change her mind, but he admitted that he couldn't pretend to be unaffected whenever he saw her with Scott.

JR was determined to focus on his work. He wished her well and then left. Later, Annie went to her bedroom to prepare to get married. Emma sat on the bed with a sad expression. Annie worried that something was bothering her daughter. Emma admitted that she was concerned about Annie.

Annie assured Emma that she was happy. Annie explained that sometimes people needed to go through difficult times, in order to know what was important. Annie promised that Scott made her happy. As if on cue, Scott entered the room. Annie squealed with panic when she realized that he might catch a glimpse of the wedding dress.

Scott assured Annie that he hadn't seen it, but he wanted Emma to know that Ryan would be stopping by. Emma perked up when she realized that her father would be there soon. Annie smiled with gratitude as Emma dashed off to get ready to see her dad.

Later, Ryan sat on the bottom of the staircase with Emma. Emma was dressed in a pretty gown for her mother's impending wedding. Ryan assured Emma that he was happy for Scott and Annie. Emma confessed that she was concerned that Scott would try to be her new daddy. Ryan assured Emma that Scott's marriage to Annie wouldn't affect Emma's relationship with Ryan. Ryan would always be Emma's father.

Emma cheered up when she realized that she wouldn't be losing her dad. Moments later, Annie descended the stairs, wearing a beautiful wedding gown and a glowing smile. As Emma skipped away, Annie asked if everything were okay with their daughter. Ryan insisted that Annie keep smiling, so their daughter wouldn't realize what they were talking about.

Ryan confessed that he had heard everything that Annie had told him about JR while Ryan had been in the hospital. Ryan explained that he had assured Emma that everything would be okay, so he warned Annie not to make a liar out of him. Annie promised Ryan that everything with JR had been in the past. Ryan was pleased. He wished Annie well and then left.

Annie and Emma went into the parlor, where Scott and a justice of the peace were waiting. As the wedding ceremony started, Scott glanced at a picture of JR and Adam. Annie was stunned when Scott suddenly stopped the wedding. Scott explained that the parlor wasn't the right place for him to marry Annie because it was where Annie had married Adam and where Stuart had been murdered. Annie feared that Scott didn't want to go through with the wedding, but Scott assured her that nothing could be further from the truth.

Scott asked the justice of the peace to wait and then left. A short time later, Scott led Annie to a romantic corner of the park with a beautiful flowered archway. Annie was moved to tears as she admitted that it was the perfect place to get married.

Ryan entered a hotel room and then waited for the mechanic to arrive. A few minutes after Ryan arrived, he heard someone at the door. Ryan slipped out of sight just as someone opened the door and then walked into the room. Ryan was surprised to realize that it was Madison.

Marissa was collecting her law books from the parlor when JR walked in. Marissa explained that she wanted to get her things before Scott and Annie's wedding. JR shocked Marissa by suggesting that she accompany him to the beach cottage. He explained that it felt right to him for them to go there because they had intended to meet at the cottage to work on their marriage. Marissa was reluctant to agree, but JR managed to persuade her.

At the beach cottage, Marissa was curious what was really going on with JR. JR confessed that he wanted them to wipe the slate clean, so that they could start over fresh. He desperately wanted to make plans for a future with Marissa. Marissa's eyes filled with tears as JR insisted, "No more apologies." He wanted to move forward without repeating the mistakes that he had made.

JR regretted that he had broken so many promises to Marissa. Marissa became increasingly upset as she stopped JR from continuing his speech. She insisted that it wasn't just him. JR kissed Marissa, but she pulled away after a few moments. Marissa explained that there was something that he needed to know.

JR seemed confused by Marissa's emotional state. He insisted that he knew everything that he needed to. "No, you don't," Marissa argued. JR was shocked when Marissa admitted that she had slept with Scott.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In their Yacht Club room, David and Greenlee shared a tentative kiss. David commented that it had been a long time since they had shown any affection for one another. Greenlee said that she was trying to get back the feelings that she used to have. David promised not to pressure her, and she thanked him. He wanted to be close to her again but knew that would only happen if she felt comfortable. He agreed to wait and vowed that he would do anything for her.

At the beach cottage, JR was stunned when Marissa confessed that she had slept with Scott. She cried that she couldn't keep it a secret anymore. Marissa explained that she had thought that Annie and JR had been about to make love when she had seen them in a close moment at the cottage. Marissa clarified that her tryst with Scott had nothing to do with revenge but that she had turned to Scott in a moment of hurt and confusion. She begged a quiet JR to say something.

Marissa wished that she had handled things differently but understood that she couldn't change her actions. She apologized repeatedly and hated herself for cheating on her husband, especially because AJ would be affected. JR insisted that she wasn't at fault and blamed Scott instead. JR believed that Scott had seduced Marissa out of jealousy because JR had slept with Annie. He swore that Scott wasn't going to get away with using Marissa while she was vulnerable. JR threatened to kill Scott and attempted to leave to find his cousin.

Marissa refused to allow JR to drive while he was so angry. She wanted to continue to talk honestly. She blamed herself for her misjudgment of the situation when she had spotted JR and Annie together. She urged JR to blow up at her, not Scott, but JR couldn't be upset with her, since JR had cheated first. JR thought that if they worked hard, they could repair their marriage, but Marissa was tired of the constant struggle and wanted him to admit that he didn't love her enough. She asserted that their marriage was over the moment he had slept with Annie. JR said he couldn't stay at the cottage with Marissa any longer.

JR offered his wife a ride home. She sadly said that she would find her own way back. JR left, and Marissa broke down in tears. She attempted to call Krystal but accidentally speed-dialed David instead. She rambled that her marriage was over and was surprised to hear David's voice. David asked where she was, and she told him, but she made it clear that she didn't want to see him. David told her to stay put and rushed out as a shocked Greenlee wondered why he exited so abruptly.

David arrived at the beach cottage. Marissa said that she hadn't meant to call him and that she didn't want him there. David demanded to know what JR had done to her. Marissa yelled at David to leave, but he continued to press her and refused to depart without her. She agreed to let him stay as long as he didn't talk or ask questions. She started to cry, and he tried to embrace her, but she seethed, "Don't touch me!"

David attempted to console Marissa, but she said that the first terrible choice that she had made was going to him for help. She sighed that she didn't want to fight with him, and he agreed. Marissa half-heartedly thanked him for caring, and wanted to go home. David wanted to offer her much more than a ride, but she refused. He lamented that he had missed out on so much of her life but understood that it was too late for a second chance.

David dropped Marissa off at the Chandler mansion and offered to get her a room at the Yacht Club. Marissa appreciated David's willingness to help but said that she needed to figure things out for herself. She asked him to leave so that she had time to think, and claimed to want everything toxic --- including him -- out of her life.

Marissa explained to AJ that she was moving in with Krystal. Marissa professed her love to the boy and promised to always be there for him, even if they weren't living in the same house together. She asked if he understood, and he nodded. Marissa hugged AJ and said that she'd always be his mom.

Ryan was concerned that Madison had put herself in danger by following him to the motel room. He tried to usher her out the door, but she refused to leave. Ryan apologized for snapping at Madison and claimed that he was under a lot of stress. He explained that he was about to meet the mechanic who had caused Erica's plane crash. He wanted to get the mechanic to admit that David, not Greenlee, was responsible for the crash. Madison worried that the mechanic might be a lunatic and was surprised that Greenlee would allow Ryan to take such as risk. Ryan defended Greenlee and expressed concern about what David would do to Greenlee if David found out about their plan.

Madison warned Ryan that the mechanic wasn't the only threat -- Ryan's health was also at risk. Though Madison empathized with Greenlee's predicament, she was worried that "the Greenlee drama" would interfere with his recovery. Ryan confessed that because he'd grown up with an abusive father, he felt like he had to step in whenever someone needed help. Madison recalled how she'd first met Ryan and realized that she'd still be in an abusive situation herself if Ryan and Erica hadn't saved her. Madison apologized for reprimanding Ryan for his actions, as his heroic deeds were the reason why she loved him.

Madison was embarrassed that she blurted out the "L" word and rambled nervously that while she regretted the timing of her admission, she refused to recant it. She didn't expect him to say that he loved her back, and he appreciated her patience. Ryan admitted that he had put the past behind him and that he wanted Madison to be part of his future. He leaned in to kiss her, but they heard footsteps in the hallway followed by a knock at the door. Madison hid in the bathroom, and Ryan bellowed that the door was open. Greenlee burst in.

Ryan scolded Greenlee for showing up at the motel. She explained that she had been concerned when David rushed out after he had received a cryptic call. Ryan signaled for Madison to return to the room, and Greenlee was shocked to see her there. Madison admitted that she had crashed the meeting as well. Madison stated that she needed to leave, and she and Ryan shared a tender moment as they said goodbye. After Madison left, Greenlee commented that he and Madison seemed to be doing well. Ryan seemed embarrassed, and Greenlee inquired if she was being too nosy. When Ryan assured her she wasn't, Greenlee asked if what he had with Madison was "for real."

Ryan told Greenlee that his relationship with Madison had evolved into something very real. Greenlee thought that he sounded surprised. Ryan said that he hadn't really thought about it, since things had been so hectic, but he felt very lucky to have Madison in his life. Greenlee said that Madison was lucky, too. Ryan and Greenlee agreed that they were glad that they could openly discuss their personal lives with one another. Greenlee admitted that it must have been difficult for Ryan to watch while she made the biggest mistake of her life when she married David. Greenlee wished that Ryan could forget about her problems and move on with his life, but he insisted that he follow through with his plan until Greenlee was out of her marriage. She asked him to be careful and left.

Moments later, Greenlee returned and revealed that she had spotted the mechanic, who ran away when he had seen her emerge from the motel room. Ryan bolted after him. At Ryan's penthouse, Madison picked up a cookbook and prepared to make a meal for Ryan. She joked to herself that she hoped she didn't poison her beau.

Ryan returned to the motel room and wrote down the mechanic's license plate number. Greenlee was upset that she'd ruined the chance to nail David. She worried that the mechanic would tell David that she was at the motel. Ryan urged her not to give up. She assured him that she would continue to pretend to be a loyal wife to David. Ryan said that it was his turn to warn her to be careful. "Always," she promised.

At Ryan's penthouse, a flour-covered Madison greeted Ryan with a big hug. She revealed that she had cooked to keep her mind off her worry over him. He amorously commented that her domestic look was sexy. They kissed.

Greenlee found David in their Yacht Club room. She asked if everything was okay after he had left so suddenly. He told her about Marissa's call and was dismayed that he was of no help to his daughter. He said that sometimes he felt like he had no one. "You have me," she professed. They embraced.

In the park, Annie gazed joyfully at the beautiful gazebo that Scott had decorated for their wedding. Scott said that he couldn't wait to marry her and promised that he would never leave her. They kissed.

An ecstatic Scott and Annie reveled in their happiness. Scott was determined to get his first wedding right. Annie couldn't wait to have a stable, loving family and was looking forward to a happy ending after all of her failed relationships. Scott said that everyone made mistakes, even him, but that they could make all the right decisions going forward. Scott proclaimed that their life together was starting on their wedding day and that Annie and Emma would never be alone again.

Emma ran into Annie's arms and expressed her excitement about the wedding. Annie promised that it was the start of a special family life. She questioned whether Emma was all right with everything. Emma nodded happily and wanted to take some pictures. Emma's nanny snapped pictures of mother and daughter using Scott's cell phone. Emma asked Scott to join them in more photos, and he obliged. The justice of the peace entered, asking if they were ready to begin. "Let's do it!" Annie exclaimed.

JR arrived at the Chandler mansion, looking for Scott, but AJ told him the wedding had been moved to the park. Meanwhile, the ceremony began. As Scott was about to recite his vows, Annie glanced over at Emma and stopped him. She saw that Emma looked sad and wanted to be sure that her daughter was okay. Emma admitted that she wanted to be a flower girl but didn't have any flowers. Annie laughed in relief and left to pick some flowers for Emma.

Emma told Scott that he made Annie happy, and Scott said that he wanted to make Emma happy, too. Emma whispered to her nanny that she had to use the restroom. The nanny worried that the ceremony was about to start, but Scott said that they had all the time in the world.

Elsewhere in the park, an elated Annie picked flowers as JR found her and called out her name. She was shocked to see him. JR asked if she had married Scott yet. She said she hadn't but blasted JR for showing up in the middle of her wedding. JR implored her to tell him what she was really feeling and pleaded with her not to marry Scott.

Annie wondered if JR was trying to torture her and to make her feel insecure. She recalled their promise to stay away from one another so that they could focus on their relationships with Scott and Marissa. JR stated that he and Marissa were over and that he didn't want to make any more mistakes. Annie cited her affair with JR as a mistake, but JR declared that he was glad it had happened. He proclaimed that they had been with the wrong people and that he no longer wanted to fight the pull between them. JR insisted that Annie belonged with him.

Annie accused JR of being afraid to be alone. She didn't want to walk away from Scott just because things had gone wrong between JR and Marissa. Annie berated JR again for interrupting her wedding. JR claimed that there was something she didn't know but that he didn't want to hurt her. He announced that Scott wasn't the man she thought he was.

Scott stumbled upon them and realized that JR was about to tell Annie the truth. Scott blurted out that he had slept with someone else. "Not just someone," JR sneered. A stunned Annie correctly guessed that Scott's affair was with Marissa. Scott started to explain how it had happened, but an irate Annie lashed out at him. JR stepped in and knocked Scott to the ground with a punch to the jaw.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

At Krystal's restaurant, Krystal hugged Marissa, who said her marriage was over after she'd confessed her indiscretion with Scott. Colby entered in time to hear about the breakup, and she insisted that JR loved Marissa, not Annie. Marissa wanted to believe that, but it was too hard to fix the marriage. Colby wondered what would become of AJ. She asserted that Marissa was the glue that held the whole family together, but Marissa doubted that. When Colby worried that JR would wind up with Annie, Marissa stated that she couldn't do anything about it.

Colby left, and Marissa and Krystal continued to discuss the breakup. Marissa insisted that there was nothing between her and Scott, who really did love Annie. Krystal remarked that "all hell" would break loose if JR took up with Annie.

At the wedding, Annie exclaimed, "Son of a bitch!" JR socked Scott in the face. Scott claimed that sleeping with Marissa had been a big mistake, because he and Marissa had believed that Annie and JR had been having an affair. JR advised Annie that the mistake would be marrying Scott. Scott guessed that JR thought Scott didn't deserve Annie, but JR did. "Yeah--yeah, that's right," JR asserted.

Scott ordered JR to go home to his wife, but JR stated that his marriage was over. Scott said JR might not want his marriage, but Scott wanted to have one with Annie. Annie cried that she'd wanted to be with Scott because he was honest and decent; he'd made her want to be honest and decent. JR accused Scott of stealing from the dead and "doing" JR's wife. Scott asked Annie for another chance to prove that she could trust him.

Annie requested to talk to JR alone, and Scott begrudgingly left. JR said that they were no longer bound to honor their commitments to Marissa and Scott. Annie exclaimed that she was in the middle of getting married. JR told her to walk away, but she noted that JR had wanted to rip Scott's head off for sleeping with Marissa. Claiming that he'd been angry, JR asserted that Scott had slept with Marissa for revenge. Annie cited that Scott was about to pledge his undying love to her, and she demanded to know what JR was willing to pledge.

JR stated that they were finally free to explore their feelings; however, it was complicated, and they needed to take their time. Annie cried that Scott was offering a life to her and her daughter. She asked what JR was offering, and he suggested that they hop in the car. She guessed that they'd go to a hotel to make love. He said they could do whatever they wanted to do, and he offered his hand to her.

Scott, who'd been watching JR and Annie, turned away. He encountered Marissa, who cited that it hadn't taken JR long to find Annie. Marissa asked if Scott had gotten married, but he said it hadn't happened yet. Striding off, the emotional Marissa said she couldn't be there.

Just then, Annie walked up to Scott and announced that she'd chosen him. "It's you, Scott, not JR. I love you," she declared. She asserted that he'd hurt her and made her question what they had; however, she couldn't judge him in light of her own mistakes. Scott said that she was the only woman for him, but none of it mattered unless she only wanted him. Annie led him to the gazebo, where she said that they would get married--after they'd set some ground rules. JR meandered along a pathway and saw the couple holding hands.

Annie believed that Scott and Marissa's encounter had only happened once; however, she wanted him to promise that there wouldn't be any more lies. She needed to know that she could count upon him. He said that he needed her strength and her support in return, because he felt as if he could do anything with her by his side.

Annie promised to be Scott's partner, lover, and best friend. They agreed that from that day forward, they'd do everything as a family. "As long as we both shall live," Annie said. The justice of the peace, Emma, and the nanny arrived. Having listened to the couple, the minister guessed that he should pronounce them man and wife. He did so and instructed Scott to kiss his bride. Scott kissed Annie, and as he spun her around, JR scowled.

At the Martin house, Asher was snooping around a bookshelf when Damon entered, saying that he'd just backed Tad's car into a pole. Damon was sure that Tad would be livid. When Tad entered, Asher introduced himself as the guy who'd just totaled Tad's car. Asher offered to pay for the damages, and Tad wondered how Damon and Asher knew each other. Damon remarked that Asher had "crashed" at the house. Appreciating a stand-up kind of guy, Tad offered to get an estimate for Asher.

As Tad examined his car in the garage, Damon thanked Asher for covering for him. Damon asked why he'd done it, and Asher replied that the new father-son relationship shouldn't suffer over a fender bender. Damon said he'd pay the damages, but he asked how Asher and his father got along. Evading the question, Asher prodded Damon toward the garage.

Later, Tad didn't find any significant damage to his car. Tad asked where Asher was from, but Asher claimed there wasn't enough time to tell the long story. Once Asher left, Tad noted that he was a character. Damon remarked that he'd found a friend who had his back, and Tad said he was glad for that.

In the park later, Asher startled Colby, who asked why he seemed to pop up everywhere. She was in a foul mood and said he probably had no idea how screwed up a family could be. Colby ranted about Annie and her weird power over the Chandler men. "In other words, she's hot," Asher figured, and Colby rolled her eyes.

Damon arrived and caught Colby up on the incident with Tad's car. When Asher said he was headed to the Pine Cone Motel, Colby offered him the Chandler suite at the Yacht Club. Asher seemed uncertain, but Damon warned that Colby was persistent. Asher joked that if they needed him, he'd be on his yacht. After walking off, Asher watched Damon and Colby kiss.

Colby and Damon went to the Martin house to find Tad on his way out. Tad wondered if Colby knew Asher. She said she hadn't known him long, but he seemed trustworthy.

At the Yacht Club, Asher settled into the Chandler suite. He read a letter that said, "One day, you'll find yourself reunited with the family you lost."

Downstairs, Kendall met Zach and showed him a photo that she'd taken of their house. Zach remarked that Art Silver had made an offer on the house, and she frowned. Zach said he wouldn't sell it unless she approved. Though she loved the place, she claimed that her home was wherever Zach was. He confirmed that she was okay with it, and she left to meet Opal.

Liza arrived, and upon seeing Zach, she remarked that she couldn't forgive him for not alerting her that he was in town. Zach replied that he hadn't called her for one good reason: his marriage. After joking that Liza was supposed to stay 100 feet from him, he said that his family was wonderful. Liza asked if he'd move back to Pine Valley, and he wondered, "Why mess with perfection?" Zach asked about her relationship with Tad, and she lied that it was really good.

When Liza went to the bathroom, Tad entered the club. Zach and Tad caught up, and Zach asked Tad to join him and Liza. Tad passed, and a confused Zach said he thought Liza and Tad were a couple. Tad replied that Liza had blown it to "hell." After Tad left, Liza returned to the table, and Zach asked why she'd lied to him. "Don't ask," Liza whispered.

At Zach's prodding, Liza only divulged that Colby had disowned her, and Tad wanted nothing to do with her. Zach assumed that she'd done something crazy, and she remarked that saving his marriage on a yacht was crazy. She was sure that on the yacht, it was he and Kendall forever--until they hit the shore. Liza preferred the real world, even though it stunk.

Kendall and Opal met at Krystal's restaurant, and after their ecstatic greetings, Kendall rendered her condolences about Palmer. An emotional Opal steered the conversation to Caleb's party, which she hoped that Kendall could attend. Opal doubted that Erica would make it, since according to her website, she was visiting the needy children she'd worked with the other year.

Opal wished that Kendall would move back to town, but Kendall indicated that Zach had his heart set on Santorini. Opal offered to talk to Zach, but Kendall said that no one could change his mind once he'd set it on something. Opal cited that Kendall always seemed to have the magic touch with him, but Kendall looked unconvinced.

After lunch with Opal, Kendall went to Wildwind to visit Bianca. Bianca mentioned that she was planning Caleb's party, and she wished Erica were there to help. Bianca tried to entice Kendall to stay in town to plan Erica's wedding, and Kendall admitted that she'd give anything to remain at home in Pine Valley, where she belonged.

Kendall loved her family and traveling, but she somehow felt like an outsider in her own life. She said that, while traveling, it was always just the four of them. She missed visiting friends and attending events. She also missed the craziness and drama of Pine Valley.

Unbeknownst to the sisters, Zach listened around the corner. Kendall admitted that she felt as if she were robbing her boys of an experience that they could only get in Pine Valley. She hoped they'd forgive her for dragging them all over the world without a real place to call home. Just then, Zach purposefully rounded the corner and entered the room.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad listened to a message from Liza, who mentioned a problem with Damon's adoption papers and asked Tad to meet her. Krystal approached Tad and requested that he assist Caleb with some private investigation work. Krystal pulled Tad over to talk to Caleb, but the men refused to work together. Krystal explained to Tad that Caleb wanted to help Angie get the hospital back from David.

Tad spewed his hatred for David and doubted that Caleb could do anything to stop David. Krystal tried to calm Tad down, but Caleb wanted to know more. Tad told Caleb how David had tortured Dixie and had kept Kathy from Tad and Dixie until after Dixie's death. Tad warned Caleb that it was a waste of time to go after David, who had always gotten away with his evil deeds. Caleb wanted to rid the hospital of David and agreed to work with Tad. Tad said he'd see what he could do.

David left an angry message for the plane mechanic, who hadn't returned David's calls. David reflected back to when Greenlee had told him that she wanted out of their marriage.

David confronted Liza at the Yacht Club. She said that she was waiting for someone, but he sat down anyway. He informed her that the mechanic had disappeared and wanted to know if the rest of the evidence that David had given Liza was enough to threaten Greenlee even without the mechanic's testimony. Liza stated that it might be. David taunted Liza that her date hadn't shown up and opined that she could do better than Tad.

Liza inquired about how David and Greenlee were doing. David boasted that they were getting closer, but Liza was skeptical. Liza mentioned that Marissa was working for Caleb and complimented Caleb's skill as an attorney. David scowled, and Liza realized that she'd hit a nerve. David explained that Marissa's split from JR had been rough on his daughter. David lamented that he had lost the chance to be a real father to Marissa. Liza became upset and admitted that she missed Colby. David reached for her hand to console her.

David blamed himself for being a bad father and sadly remembered how Leora had died. Liza insisted that his baby's death hadn't been his fault, but he thought that as a world-renowned cardiologist, he should have been able to save her. David wished that he had protected Babe and Marissa from JR. Liza shared her own problems with Colby and wailed that not even all the time in the world could heal their relationship. They both hoped that they could find a way to deal with their children's rejection.

Tad arrived, and David left to get a drink from the bar. Tad asked about the adoption papers, but Liza skirted the topic and inquired about Damon. Tad didn't want to make small talk and clarified that he only wanted to discuss the papers. He realized that she had lied about the paperwork problem. She apologized for everything she had done, but he accused her of continuing to manipulate him. "She loves you, you idiot," David snapped as he returned to the table.

Tad ordered Liza not to call him ever again and condemned her for her association with David. After Tad left, David apologized for intervening, but Liza thanked David for sticking up for her. They commiserated over not having any friends but were grateful that at least they had each other. Liza commented on their situation as "depressing," but David said "depressing" would be if he lost her, too.

Liza offered to talk to Marissa on David's behalf. She said it was pathetic for a "bad guy" to feel sorry for himself, and he found it humorous that she thought of him that way. "Well, you're not a good guy," Liza pointed out. He smiled in agreement and apologized for giving her a hard time about Tad, but she appreciated his honesty.

At Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee asked Ryan if he had been able to find the mechanic. Greenlee fretted that she would be sent to jail if the mechanic implicated her in Erica's plane crash and that the only alternative was to stay trapped in her marriage to David. She confessed that she wished she could kill her husband. She turned around to find that a stunned Madison had overheard her threat.

Madison apologized for interrupting. Greenlee started to explain what she meant, but Madison reassured her that she understood what it was like to be in a terrible marriage. Ryan left to take a phone call from Emma. Greenlee asked why Madison was so kind to her. Madison admitted that while she wanted Greenlee away from Ryan, she still liked Greenlee.

Greenlee was impressed that Madison was so brutally honest. Madison divulged that she had been jealous of Greenlee but wanted to help her. Madison recalled how Henry had made Madison feel bad about herself and that she had escaped his emotional abuse only because he had died. Greenlee asked how his death had made her feel, but Madison remained silent. "You felt relief," Greenlee knowingly guessed.

Madison conceded that she was glad when her husband died, as she had felt that she had no life while she had been married to him. Madison was determined to build a better life for herself. She admired Greenlee's accomplishments but hated that David was trying to take them away from her. Madison said that she understood why Greenlee had reached out to Ryan. Ryan entered and wondered what they were talking about. Madison insisted it was just girl talk. Greenlee wanted to leave before David discovered where she was, but Madison implored her not to go back to her husband.

Madison insisted that Greenlee had options. Ryan assured them both that the situation would work out. Madison recalled how she had pretended to be happy for years because she had been alone and powerless, but she pointed out that Greenlee wasn't. Greenlee was surprised that Madison would want to help Ryan's ex.

Madison invited Greenlee to stay for dinner and excused herself to check on the meal. An incredulous Greenlee told Ryan that she found it weird that the three of them were about to have dinner in the place where Ryan and Greenlee had lived as a couple. Ryan told her that it was okay to hate that he had moved on with Madison, as he hated the fact that Greenlee was with David.

Ryan concurred that their situation was a bit strange, but he reminded her that they had agreed to put the past behind them. He labeled them "FTFs" -- fiancés turned friends. She reached for their old photo album, and they playfully bantered. She pulled out a bad picture of him and joked that she was going to post it online. He tried to grab the photo but stumbled and a concerned Greenlee caught him. She helped him stand and they shared an awkward moment of closeness before Madison called for Ryan's help in the kitchen.

Krystal refused to take Caleb's order at her restaurant and instead invited him to her house for a home-cooked meal. He caved in but insisted on nothing fancy. She promised that she would offer only meat, potatoes, and beer.

Caleb and Krystal arrived at her home. He inquired whether her children were around, but she informed him that they were at a sleepover and that she and Caleb were alone. He spotted a picture of Tad and wondered why she was still living with her ex-husband. She admired his forthrightness and apologized for the mess of toys in her living room. Caleb marveled at how she handled having so many people around. Krystal thought Caleb wasn't the loner he pretended to be.

Krystal fired up the grill and handed Caleb a beer. Caleb commented that she was easy to be with and imagined that she wouldn't freak out if she broke a nail. Krystal realized that he was comparing her to Erica. Krystal explained how Erica had worked her way up from nothing, but Caleb showed no regard for Erica's ascent to fame. Instead, he expressed his admiration for honest, hard work, like running a restaurant.

Krystal admitted that she herself hadn't always done things the honest way. Caleb noted that she seemed to be doing well for herself. Krystal was grateful for the good things in her life, but she expressed that he was lucky that he never had to suffer the loss of a child. He looked uncomfortable and left abruptly to check on the grill.

Caleb announced that the grill was ready, and Krystal asked if he was all right. He acted like his sudden departure wasn't a big deal. Tad entered, and Krystal was surprised to see him. Caleb excused himself again to check on the food. Tad inquired whether her dinner with Caleb was a date. She asserted that she simply hadn't wanted to eat alone, but Tad was concerned. He warned Krystal not to get hurt, but Krystal insisted that she and Caleb were just friends.

At Wildwind, Zach revealed that he had overheard Kendall and Bianca's conversation about how Kendall missed Pine Valley and how she wanted to provide a real home for their sons. He asked if Kendall thought that they had been depriving their boys. Kendall assured Zach that there were advantages to traveling around the world and that they would find a new home somewhere. She was willing to leave town to keep their marriage intact.

Bianca left the room to check on the kids. Kendall told Zach that she understood that he just wanted to take care of his family. He realized that he had taken her away from her home, but she insisted that her home was wherever Zach and the boys were. Bianca returned, and Kendall left to pack. Bianca explained to Zach that Pine Valley was a part of who the Kane sisters were.

Bianca, Kendall, and Zach arrived at Fusion. Zach excused himself to go to the lounge as the women discussed a new Fusion product. Bianca was impressed when Kendall thought of a catchy marketing slogan right away. Zach watched unseen as the women excitedly tossed around ideas. As Kendall signed some papers, Bianca noticed Zach watching them.

Kendall asked if she could be of any additional help to Bianca. Bianca said no, but Kendall offered to assist whenever Bianca needed her. Kendall started to leave, but Bianca wanted to have a toast. Some Fusion employees entered with glasses of champagne, and Bianca declared that Kendall would always be part of Fusion. Kendall thanked Bianca for taking over the business while Kendall had been away. Kendall became emotional and ran out as tears welled in her eyes. Zach followed his wife.

Kendall and Zach returned to Wildwind, where he asked if she was all right. Kendall insisted that she would be fine and half-heartedly assured herself that Bianca and Greenlee would take good care of Fusion in her absence. There was a knock at the door, and Zach answered it to the prospective buyer for the Slaters' home. The buyer bragged about the gaudy changes he planned to make once he moved in. An appalled Kendall refused to sell her home to him.

Kendall and the prospective buyer argued, and Zach smirked as he showed the buyer to the door. When alone, the couple laughed, and Kendall asked if Zach was angry that she had ruined the chance to sell the house. Zach announced that he had already found another buyer -- a nice family guy who wanted to keep the house just the way it was. Zach explained that he knew the buyer and claimed to have a picture of the man on his cell phone. She glanced at it with disinterest at first but was shocked to see that the photo was of Zach, Kendall, and their sons.

Kendall thanked Zach for holding onto their home. She wanted to get their furniture out of storage for the next time they visited Pine Valley. Zach declared that they weren't going to visit anymore. Kendall was quizzical since he didn't want to sell the house yet didn't want to visit, either. Zach admitted that Pine Valley was home for Kendall and their boys and that his home was where his family was.

She asked if he was willing to move back. He had one condition: after his trip to Europe, he wanted to spend three weeks on their boat with their kids before they moved back permanently to Pine Valley. An excited Kendall agreed and professed her love. "Welcome home," he mused as they embraced.

Friday, August 27, 2010

David was pleased when Greenlee finally returned to their room. David told Greenlee that he wanted to attend a party, and showed her the tickets. Greenlee realized that the party was a fundraiser for the Miranda Center and was hosted by Caleb. Greenlee didn't think their attendance was the best move, given everyone's suspicion about their involvement in the scandal surrounding the center.

David thought Greenlee's lack of motivation stemmed from not wanting to be seen with David in public. Greenlee said that she'd grown weary of having to defend David against character attacks at every turn. Greenlee insisted that she only wanted to spend a quiet night at home with her husband.

David started to believe her, but was a little upset that he wouldn't be able to show Greenlee off. Despite that, David admitted that he did enjoy time alone with Greenlee. He said it made him feel like they might actually find their way back to being a couple.

Kendall and Spike stopped by Ryan's place for a visit. Kendall and Ryan had a chance to talk while Madison distracted Spike with building blocks. Kendall asked if Ryan's relationship with Madison was getting serious. Ryan said that he hoped Madison would continue to be a part of his life. Ryan said that he was anxious for Spike and Madison to get to know each other.

Ryan admitted that he would miss Spike when Kendall left town again. Kendall surprised Ryan when she said that she and Zach had decided to move back to Pine Valley. Kendall told him that she and Zach wanted to surround the boys with family and friends. Overjoyed at the news, Ryan swept his son into his arms. Kendall interrupted the celebration and said they had to leave, as Spike had a play date at the Martin house.

As he and Madison cleaned up at the penthouse, Ryan let on how excited he was that Spike would be living in Pine Valley again. Madison was equally excited, and expounded on all of the wonderful qualities Spike possessed. Ryan stood up too quickly and got lightheaded. He tried to steady himself but Madison ordered Ryan to lie down.

Madison soon realized Ryan was faking. Madison said that she wouldn't be able to concentrate at work if she was worried about Ryan getting hurt. Ryan promised he wouldn't fall or hit his head anymore. Madison asked she could do anything to help Ryan. As an answer, Ryan pulled Madison into his arms, and into a kiss.

After a few minutes of face time, Madison told Ryan that she felt safe with him. Passion darkened Ryan's gaze and their kisses became more intense. Madison allowed Ryan to unfasten her blouse. Ryan practically ripped his shirt off and then pulled Madison back into his embrace. Slowly, sweetly, they made love.

After Kendall dropped Spike off, she went to the Yacht Club. She spotted Greenlee as Greenlee walked on to the deck. Kendall asked if Greenlee had a few moments to talk. Although Greenlee wanted to get to Fusion, she agreed to stay and talk to Kendall. Kendall broke the news that she and her family were moving back to Pine Valley. Kendall wanted to know if Greenlee would be okay with that.

Greenlee said that she was genuinely glad that Kendall would be back in town. Greenlee asked how long Kendall wanted to wait before starting to work at Fusion again. Kendall pushed that topic to the backburner and said she wanted to discuss David. Greenlee thanked Kendall for helping assuage David's recent neurotic behavior. Kendall then asked about Ryan.

Kendall asked Greenlee how she felt about Ryan's growing relationship with Madison. Greenlee tried to avoid answering Kendall's questions, but Kendall wouldn't give up. Greenlee said that the only thing she could focus on was getting through her marriage to David without letting on that she was being disingenuous.

Determined, Kendall asked what Greenlee would do with her feelings for Ryan once things were over with David. Greenlee said that Ryan had moved on and insisted that she had as well. Kendall glared at her best friend and confidently said that Greenlee was lying. Greenlee flinched at the moniker and then talked briefly about her actions when she'd returned to Pine Valley.

Greenlee said that she'd gutted Ryan when she let him think she was dead for a year, and then married David upon her return. Greenlee confessed that she still felt awful about what she'd done. Kendall wanted to know if Greenlee planned on letting Ryan go easily. Greenlee felt that things happened for a reason. Kendall suspected that Greenlee would make peace with Ryan's relationship for the moment, but would eventually go after him again.

Liza found the mayor at the Yacht Club. Liza mentioned that she'd heard of the current District Attorney's impending retirement. Liza asked to be considered for the position of interim DA. The mayor wasn't sure that Liza was qualified. Liza said that although she hadn't logged as many hours as some other contenders, she'd achieved some impressive wins. Liza also claimed to be completely dedicated to the law. The mayor said she'd heard otherwise and urged Liza to keep her current job.

While Damon played video games, Asher questioned Damon about Colby's family. Damon was fairly open with his answers, but wanted to know why Asher was so curious. Asher explained by saying that the Chandler family and their stories were practically legendary. Damon called Colby's family crazy, but that Colby was nothing like them.

As if beckoned, Colby walked through the door of the Martin house. After an affectionate greeting, Colby gifted Damon with a new cell phone. Colby said that she wanted to make sure Damon didn't have any additional problems receiving her text messages. As Asher looked on, Damon thanked Colby profusely for her thoughtfulness.

Damon tested his new phone by texting some sweet words to Colby. She loved the message and thanked Damon appropriately. Colby then offered to pick up something to eat from Krystal's. Damon took Colby up on the offer, but Asher tried to decline. Colby insisted and started to leave. Damon offered to give Colby money but belatedly realized he hadn't gone to the ATM. Colby dismissed the oversight and left the house. Damon shared his disappointment over not being able to afford to buy breakfast.

Asher told Damon about the fundraiser at the Yacht Club, and said they were hiring servers. Damon had heard about it because Tad had procured an invite. Asher said he'd tried to get hired but didn't have any local references. Damon said that he wanted to work the party so he could have some cash to spend on Colby.

The doorbell rang while Damon was on the phone with he manager at the Yacht Club. Asher answered the door and quickly returned to the living room. When Damon ended the call, he told Asher that he had to wait for the Yacht Club to call his references. Asher handed over a bag with Damon's pills. Damon dumped them in the trash and said he didn't take them anymore.

Damon said that he resented having to take a pill, as if he wasn't a good enough person on his own. Asher pointed out that taking the pills had helped Damon get to where he was. Asher said he didn't understand how that was a bad thing. Damon hadn't thought about it in that way. Damon pulled the medication out of the trash, took the prescribed dosage, and then joined Asher in playing a video game.

David went to Krystal's restaurant and placed a call to Marissa. Liza walked in as David was leaving another voice mail. When David ended the call, Liza commiserated with David over how hard it was to be a parent. Liza again suggested that she call Marissa while David called Colby. David invited Liza to sit down. Liza spotted the tickets to Caleb's party. Liza offered that Marissa might call in time to use them. David wondered aloud how someone he'd met only last year could hurt him so badly.

As Liza and David continued to talk, Colby walked in. Liza called out to Colby, but Colby walked past her mother without a word. Colby picked up her order and started to walk out. David stopped Colby by holding up the tickets to the fundraiser. David told Colby that she should give Liza another chance because everyone makes mistakes. He also told her that Liza wanted Colby and Damon to have a fun night out on the town. Colby finally turned to face Liza and said that her gesture wouldn't fix everything.

Liza claimed that she learned her lesson, and just wanted to be a part of Colby's life. Colby questioned why Liza would do something nice for Damon. Liza said that her love for Colby made her willing to accept anyone that made Colby happy. Both mother and daughter acknowledged that they had a long way to go before they mended their relationship. Colby thanked her mother and left.

Colby went back to the Martin house and told Damon and Asher what happened. Colby asked Damon if he would be her date to the fundraiser. Damon told her that he'd gotten a job working the event. Colby was disappointed, but Damon suggested that Colby take Asher. Asher said that he would go if Colby agreed. Colby reluctantly said yes, and then hastily excused herself. Asher revealed his hesitance to go to the fundraiser. Damon convinced Asher that he would have a good time, so Asher agreed.

After Asher left, Damon apologized again for not being able to escort Colby to the party. Colby reminded Damon that she didn't care about money – she just wanted to be with him. Damon told her that it was important that he be able to fund something nice for them to do every once in a while. Across town, Asher pulled a tuxedo out of his closet.

Liza effusively thanked David for helping her with Colby. She offered to try to convince Marissa to give David another chance. David said he would like nothing more, but pointed out that Marissa viewed him as a monster. Liza knew that David could be a good person. David told her to keep that and everything else they'd shared confidential.

Kendall approached Krystal's restaurant and spotted Liza and David through the window. Unaware that they were being watched, David gave Liza some more information to lock away. In turn, Liza gave David a key to where his documents were stored. Outside, Kendall surreptitiously snapped a picture of Liza and David's meeting with her phone.

Kendall tried to talk herself out of getting involved in Greenlee's affairs. Just as she started to walk away, Liza exited the restaurant. Liza called out to Kendall and they shared some awkward small talk. They began to part ways when Kendall fell back on her old habits. Kendall asked if she could buy Liza a drink so they could talk.

At the Yacht Club, Kendall told Liza about her family's impending move back to Pine Valley. Kendall thought that she and Liza could work through their issues and be cordial. Liza saw through Kendall's ruse. Liza asked directly what Kendall wanted.

Ryan and Madison clung to each other after they finished making love. A knock at the door prevented them from starting down that path again. Ryan dressed quickly, but promised they would pick up where they left off as soon as he got rid of their visitor. Ryan flung the door open and was surprised to see Greenlee. Greenlee was surprised at what she had interrupted.

Ryan tried to get Greenlee to leave, but his plans to take Madison to bed again continued to fall apart. Randi called Madison to tell her that her afternoon appointment had been moved up. Ryan was dismayed that Madison had to leave. Madison assured Ryan that they could reconnect later. Once Madison left, Ryan asked for an update on David. When Greenlee finished, Ryan pointed out that Greenlee could have delivered the news via phone. Ryan asked why Greenlee had decided to stop by.

Greenlee told Ryan that she'd tried to call, but only got voice mail. Greenlee said she was concerned about Ryan and decided to stop by. Greenlee spotted Ryan's phone, and then pointed out that his phone had been turned off. Ryan realized that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion and apologized. Greenlee revealed that Kendall had questioned Greenlee's motives as well. Greenlee wondered aloud what she needed to do to convince everyone that she had gotten over Ryan.

Ryan apologized for his assumptions and said that he was clear on where he and Greenlee stood with each other. Greenlee wondered if Ryan was going to apologize. When she was done with her rant, Ryan agreed with every word. Greenlee added that if she still had romantic feelings, she would be direct and either tell Ryan – or show him.

David spotted Madison as she walked into Krystal's restaurant to pick up an order. He approached her at the counter and grilled her about how things were going for her. Madison answered every question nonchalantly until David asked about Ryan.



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