The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 11, 2013 on Y&R

A major snowstorm hit Genoa City on Valentine's Day. Nikki confided to Jack that she had multiple sclerosis. Jamie confessed that he'd lied about Fen pushing him. Carmine kissed Lauren. Sharon and Adam shared a kiss. Chelsea was pregnant.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 11, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, February 11, 2013

At the Newmans' penthouse, Nikki received a letter from her doctor informing her that results of recent tests were ready. Congressman Marcus Wheeler stopped by looking for Victor. Nikki invited the man in and told him that Victor wasn't home. Nikki mentioned that she hadn't seen Wheeler's wife or his daughter, Stephanie, for a long time. Wheeler's forced smile changed quickly to a frown when Nikki asked, "How is your daughter these days?"

Wheeler claimed that his wife, Ann, and daughter were vacationing in Europe for a couple of months. Nikki said she was sorry that Ann would miss the gala. Victoria arrived, and Wheeler left. Victoria noted that Wheeler seemed to be doing well given that his daughter had been found dead in an alley on New Year's Day. Nikki was stunned.

Victoria was surprised that Victor hadn't mentioned Stephanie's death because he'd been offering support to Congressman Wheeler. Victoria said that details about the woman's death had somehow been withheld from the media. Nikki noted that Wheeler hadn't said a word about his daughter's death. Nikki rushed toward Victoria and embraced her daughter tightly. Victoria asked if everything was all right. Nikki held on to Victoria and fought back tears.

Nikki and Victoria talked over lunch at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Victoria seemed concerned when Nikki explained that she'd postponed her wedding indefinitely. Nikki claimed that she wanted the new house being built on the ranch property to be perfect before setting a date to wed Victor. Nikki asked about Johnny, and Victoria noted that the tot had recently stood without assistance. Nikki reminded her daughter that family was more important than fighting a battle with Victor against Adam.

Victoria noticed that Nikki's hand trembled when she attempted to lift a glass of water. Nikki released her grip and said, "Goodness! I'm really stressed." Nikki told Victoria that she'd been concerned about Victor's frequent interactions with Congressman Wheeler. Victoria suggested that the bereaved man needed a friend. Nikki replied, "Politicians have allies that help them get where they want to be." Victoria said, "That sounds like Dad."

Tears welled in Victoria's eyes, and she begged her mom to say what was troubling her. Victoria noted that her mother had never before been physically affected by stress. Victoria pleaded with her mom to talk about her problems. Nikki's expression became grim, and she promised to talk to Victoria later at home. Nikki said, "This might be the last bit of normalcy that I have, so I want to savor it."

At Newman Enterprises, Adam panicked when Sharon didn't show up before a scheduled meeting. Adam summoned his assistant, Mason, and asked him to contact Sharon's assistant to help track her down. Sharon suddenly rushed in, claiming that she'd had car trouble. After Adam dismissed Mason, he asked Sharon if the real reason she was late was related to their kiss. Sharon's eyes widened, and she took a deep breath.

Sharon told Adam that the kiss, a distraction, was his way of not dealing with his real feelings. Adam claimed that Sharon was the reason his marriage had failed. Sharon insisted that Victor was to blame because Adam continually sought his dad's approval. Sharon added, "Here you are running Newman Enterprises." Sharon pleaded with Adam to face his problems instead of using others as a distraction, because the person he used always ended up getting hurt.

After Sharon and Adam left the office to attend a meeting, Mason entered the office and placed a file folder on Adam's desk. Mason spied Sharon's purse on a chair. Victor phoned Mason on his personal cell phone and asked if the young assistant had switched Sharon's mood-stabilizing medication with the placebos Victor had given him. Mason explained that he hadn't yet found the right opportunity to do so. Mason seemed desperate to carry out Victor's orders.

Just as Mason reached for Sharon's purse, he heard her and Adam talking as they approached the office. Mason quickly turned away from the chair and began writing a note to Adam. When Sharon and Adam entered the office, Mason showed Adam the file folder and claimed he'd been scribbling a note explaining that the contracts had been approved by the legal department. After Mason left, Adam told Sharon that he needed a friend, and he begged her to stay in his life. Sharon nodded, and the couple left to have lunch together.

When Nikki and Victoria rose to leave after finishing their lunch, Sharon and Adam approached. Victoria sarcastically noted that Adam and Sharon looked quite cozy together. Victoria added, "Wonder if a wedding could be far behind?" Nikki said that she had no desire to spend another minute near the woman who'd set her house on fire. Sharon seemed troubled.

After Victoria and Nikki left, Sharon hinted that Nikki might discover that Adam had been involved. Sharon reminded Adam that Victor had a team of investigators on his payroll. Adam said, "Just don't! It's over and done with. Stop torturing yourself about it." After Sharon and Adam were seated at a table, Sharon said that she didn't trust Victor or Nikki. Adam replied, "Who does? But you don't have to worry about this. I'll make sure, always." Sharon told Adam she was glad to have him in her life.

After Victoria returned with Nikki to the penthouse, Victoria begged her mom to tell her what was wrong. Nikki sighed and walked toward her coffee table. Nikki picked up a book on the table and retrieved a letter hidden underneath it. She gave the letter to Victoria, who noted that it was from Northwestern General Hospital. Victoria scanned the letter and asked what it meant. Nikki began crying softly and replied, "It means I'm sick, and I'm scared."

At Crimson Lights, Abby breezed in and taunted Kevin about losing controlling interest in TagNGrab. Abby ordered a latte and asked Kevin if he regretted not allowing her to invest in his failed project. Kevin, miffed, said he hoped Abby wanted an extra shot of strychnine in her coffee. Abby noted that she'd returned to town to see Kyle. Kevin relented and welcomed Abby back to town. Kevin admitted that he and Chloe had let personal issues cloud sound business decisions. Kevin sought Abby's funding of his and Chloe's newest venture. Abby quickly noted that everyone knew that Kevin was a bad investment.

Out on the patio at the coffeehouse, Summer berated Jamie for pressing charges against Fen, who had ended up spending the night at a juvenile detention facility. Summer demanded that Jamie drop the charges because pressing forward could ruin Fen's life. Jamie replied, "What about my life? Fen made it a living hell for months by sending me all those texts and pushing me around. He's lucky I'm only going after him for assault. He never cut me a break."

Summer admitted that Fen had doggedly bullied him. Jamie reminded Summer, a.k.a. "Brittni," that she'd started the bullying and was as guilty as Fen was. Jamie told Summer that he'd make her pay for what had happened to him. Summer replied, "Fen's right. You are a loser! Just because bad things happened to you, you have to take it out on everyone else." Jamie leaped from his seat and collided with Kyle on his way out. Kyle, concerned that Summer seemed distressed, offered to set Jamie straight. Summer begged him not to and noted that it wouldn't make any difference.

Kyle greeted Abby at the coffeehouse with a hug, but when he mentioned Jack, Abby headed toward the exit. Abby said she shouldn't be expected to forgive Jack for taking over Newman Enterprises when her father was unable to fight back. Kyle explained that Jack, a recovering addict, had pushed himself too hard after undergoing surgery and had become dependent on pain medication. Abby said she'd hoped to become more sensitive to others, but she admitted that she was still just as self-centered as she'd always been. Kyle noted that Abby had returned immediately after he summoned her and that Jack would be happy to have her back.

At the Baldwins' penthouse, Michael and Lauren escorted a haggard Fen home after he was arrested and ordered to spend the night in a juvenile detention facility. Fen said nothing when Lauren suggested he shower and lie down to rest. After Fen left the room, Lauren told Michael that their son had needed his father and that Michael had let him down. Michael challenged Lauren to look him in the eye and swear without reservation that she believed Fen was innocent. Lauren cried, "Will you please stop treating our son like he's just another one of your defendants? My God, what's happened to you?"

Michael explained that his aim was to prevent Fen from turning into a person like Michael had been at Fen's age. Lauren was livid. She grabbed her purse and headed toward the front door. Struggling to contain her anger, Lauren said, "I can't listen to this." Lauren left without mentioning where she was headed. Michael sighed.

After Lauren left, Fen emerged from his bedroom and approached his dad. Fen said, "I will never forgive you for what you're doing." Michael replied, "No one's above the law, son." Fen, using his hands to animate his words, cried, "I didn't push Jamie! He's lying to get back at me, but you believe him instead of your own kid." Sobbing, Fen yelled that he'd been scared during his incarceration at the detention center and needed his dad. Fen added, "You were not there for me!"

Michael, showing no change of emotion, urged Fen to plead guilty, so the judge might lessen the punishment and assign community service. Fen cried, "Why would I confess if I'm not guilty? What in the world did I do to make you hate me this much?" Fen, exasperated, turned and left the condo. Michael picked up a candy dish and hurled it against a wall. After Michael swept up and discarded the broken pieces of the dish, he tried to phone Lauren, but she didn't answer.

Fen joined Summer at her table on the coffeehouse's patio. Summer told Fen that she'd tried to convince Jamie to drop the charges. Fen seemed hopeful until Summer noted that Jamie had refused and also planned to punish her. Fen remarked that everything was screwed up. Summer reminded Fen that they were partly to blame. Fen seemed lost in despair.

Fen and Summer approached Kevin. Fen begged Kevin to speak to Michael. Fen cried that his father was intent on "sending him to juvie" for something he hadn't done. Kevin said he was surprised that Michael would let such a thing happen. Fen tearfully noted that his father had summoned a police officer to handcuff his son and drag him away. Summer and Fen both wiped away tears as they pleaded for Kevin's assistance.

After Kevin left to talk with Michael, Fen told Summer that his dad wouldn't change his mind. Fen explained that he'd sent Kevin away, so he'd have time to disappear. Summer seemed taken aback. Fen cried that if he stayed, his father would put him in jail. Summer wiped away the tears that streamed down her cheeks and apologized to Fen before he walked away.

Kyle approached Summer and noted that Fen was the second guy who'd recently made her cry. Summer nodded when Kyle asked if he could take a seat beside her. Kyle joked with Summer and said she looked like she needed a friend. Summer replied, "I don't want you to be my friend because all my friends end up hating me." Kyle seemed concerned about Summer after he failed to lift her spirits.

Kevin entered the Baldwins' condo, ranting at Michael about arresting his own son. Kevin noted that Fen was scared to death. Michael said that he didn't want Fen to get into trouble like Kevin had. Kevin admitted that he'd gotten into trouble when he was younger. Michael reminded Kevin that he'd recently moved a dead body, lied about it, and attempted to launder stolen money. Michael berated himself for bailing Kevin out and being too accepting of his half-truths and schemes. Michael added, "Well, I'm not going to make that mistake with my son!"

Kevin explained that Fen was different because he'd never been abused or abandoned and had never seen his parents drunk. Michael agreed when Kevin said that Fen had been shown nothing but love since the day he was born. Michael noted that Fen had bullied a kid. Kevin replied, "Kids pick on each other all the time. It doesn't mean they belong behind bars." Kevin told Michael that Fen had denied pushing Jamie off the roof, so Michael should believe his son. Michael said he had no other choice but to drive a hard line, so he could save Fen's life.

At On the Boulevard, bartender Carmine greeted Lauren as he poured her a glass of red wine before she ordered it. Carmine asked Lauren why she was upset. Lauren told Carmine that Michael's idea of being a supportive parent was to have his own son arrested. Carmine seemed shocked. Lauren insisted that Michael should stop thinking like a district attorney and start acting like a dad. Lauren's eyes filled with tears.

Carmine said that his uncle had believed that tough-love tactics would set his son straight after the young man stole a car. Carmine explained that his cousin had ended up serving a prison sentence. Carmine noted that his cousin worked at a wrecking yard in Newark. Lauren became tipsy and began laughing and cracking jokes with Carmine. He noted that she was sipping her third glass of wine. Lauren sobered for a second and remembered Fen.

Lauren stumbled off her barstool and said that she'd better summon a cab. Abby walked by just as Carmine headed to the other side of the bar, placed his arm behind Lauren's back, and offered to drive her home. Lauren agreed when she realized she was unsteady. Lauren swung her arm around Carmine's neck and quipped, "Away we go!" Abby emerged from behind a support post and grinned after Carmine and Lauren ambled out the door.

Carmine escorted Lauren from the elevator inside her building to her front door. Lauren thanked Carmine and said that he'd helped her feel better. Kevin left just as Lauren was returning. When Kevin saw Carmine waiting for the elevator, Kevin asked him what he was doing in the building. Michael was relieved to see Lauren when she entered the front door, but she turned and walked into another room without responding to his greeting.

Jamie climbed the stairs to the top of the building he'd fallen from and walked to the edge of the roof. Jamie grasped the handrail of a fire escape and seemed lost in thought as he gazed at the row of buildings across the alley.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

At Jabot, Jack was in his office when he heard a weather report on the radio that a massive winter storm was heading to Genoa City. A moment later, Victor walked in unannounced and told Jack to stay away from Nikki. Victor didn't want to see Jack turn to Nikki if he needed a sponsor to remain clean and sober. Jack assured Victor that he and Nikki were just friends, but Victor didn't believe Jack. Victor warned Jack that there would be consequences if Jack didn't leave Nikki alone.

As Victor marched out of the office, Billy and Phyllis entered. Billy was stunned that his father-in-law had been with Jack. Phyllis asked what Victor had wanted, and Jack said cryptically that Victor had never understood Nikki. Later, Phyllis presented the marketing plan for a new Jabot fragrance. When Phyllis went to Jack's side to show him the results, Billy noticed their closeness.

At the penthouse, Victoria read Nikki's letter from the doctor and asked her mother what it meant. There were too many technical terms in the letter, and Victoria wanted to know what the doctor had said to Nikki about her condition. Nikki explained that there'd been something wrong in her blood work so the doctors had ordered more tests.

Victoria realized that her mother's recent actions, like postponing the wedding and leaving town unexpectedly, had all been because of her possible medical ailment. Victoria was surprised that Nikki had not confided in Victor about the doctor's visit. Nikki asked Victoria to keep it confidential for the moment. Victoria promised and said she'd be there for her mother.

Billy watched Phyllis working closely with Jack and felt like he was a fifth wheel. Billy received a call from Victoria and said that his wife was anxious for him to get home. Phyllis and Jack told Billy they could finish the meeting without him. After Billy left, Jack expressed confidence in the success of the new fragrance. Jack invited Phyllis to join him for dinner at his house.

Later, Nikki was alone in the penthouse. When she tried to play the piano, her fingers cramped up, and she stopped. She tried again. Victor entered the apartment and heard her playing. When Nikki stopped again, Victor urged her to go on. Nikki demurred, but Victor kissed her asked for more. Nikki played, but her hands betrayed her. Victor asked if something was wrong.

Nikki said everything was fine and that she loved their life together. Victor hugged Nikki and declared that were very lucky. Nikki understood Victor's need to get Newman Enterprises back, but she loved having Victor at home. Victor promised that after he regained Newman, he'd cut back on his workload. Victor's phone rang and he chose to ignore it.

Victor recalled that Nikki's doctor had called earlier and he was curious. Nikki said she'd return the doctor's call later. Victor said that he was anxious to marry Nikki again, and he envisioned taking her on a honeymoon tour around the world. Victor talked about taking the private jet to the Mediterranean and then boarding the yacht in Venice.

Victor was shocked when Nikki said that she didn't think the trip would ever happen. Nikki explained that Victor would never want to take that much time away from Newman Enterprises. Victor assured her that Victoria could take over for him so they would be able to take the trip. Nikki believed in her future with Victor, no matter how long or short their honeymoon.

At the On the Boulevard bar, Carmine bumped into Abby. He was surprised to see her, but Abby suggested that they had been meant to run into each other. Abby wanted to reconnect with Carmine. Abby wanted to explain to Carmine why she'd gone to New York and lost touch with him. Carmine said he'd moved on from Abby and was seeing someone else.

Abby wanted to know the name of the woman whom Carmine was dating. When Carmine wouldn't say, Abby believed that Carmine had been trying to make her jealous. Abby again asked Carmine to have one drink with her so she could explain, but he said no. Abby refused to beg and said goodbye to Carmine.

Later, Abby went to Jabot and spoke with Jack. Abby caught up with all that had happened to Jack, including his drug addiction problem. Abby offered Uncle Jack her love and support. Abby also said that she'd be willing to return to Jabot if Jack wanted her. Jack appreciated the offer, but he turned Abby down.

Abby listened as Jack declared that the Naked Heiress image had been inappropriate for Jabot. Her characterized Abby's alter ego as a sophomoric stunt. Abby agreed that she'd made a mistake. Abby said that in her time away from Genoa City, she'd learned lot from Ashley about class and integrity. Abby wanted a chance to restart her career. Jack admired Abby's determination and agreed to give Abby a role at Jabot.

At the Baldwin apartment, Lauren was unhappy with Michael and showed it by giving him the cold shoulder. Michael asked her how long she was going to act that way. Lauren said that she was treating Michael with the same disregard he'd shown to Fen. When Lauren needed aspirin, Michael assumed that she'd gotten drunk the night before.

Lauren said that she'd been so upset with Michael that she hadn't been able to look at him. Lauren admitted that she'd been a bully when she was a teenager, but Lauren didn't believe that Fen was like her. Lauren fumed at Michael because of the damage he'd done to Fen. Lauren said that Michael was trying to ruin Fen's future.

Michael was confident that if Fen confessed to what he'd done to Jamie on the roof, Michael could get Fen a sentence of community service. Lauren insisted that Fen was innocent. Michael contended that Lauren was going on blind faith. Michael said that as an attorney, he couldn't ignore the evidence. Lauren hated that Michael viewed Fen as a criminal instead of his son.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle wondered why Summer felt that her friends didn't care about her anymore. Summer said she'd done some bad things. Kyle assured Summer that everyone screwed up occasionally. Kyle advised Summer that true friends forgave each other. Summer said goodbye to Kyle, claiming that she had something important to do.

Fen was on the road, trying to hitch a ride out of town. Summer stopped her car and went to speak with him. Summer was alarmed that Fen had been risking his life by hitchhiking. Fen explained that his father would find him if Fen tried to leave in his car. Fen felt that he had to get away from his parents.

Summer pleaded with Fen to reconsider leaving Genoa City. Fen lashed out at Summer for the way she'd used him and wondered if she was playing with him again. Summer said she cared about Fen and didn't want him to leave. Fen explained that he couldn't stay because if he did, there could be a trial, and Fen would have to testify about Summer's role in the bullying.

Fen knew how horrible it was for him to be misunderstood, and he suspected that Summer's life would be a living hell if it got out that she'd started the bullying. Summer agreed that she never wanted anyone to know that she'd been responsible for targeting Jamie. Summer said that she'd lied to her parents about her role in Jamie's situation.

On the rooftop, Jamie stood on the ledge and contemplated jumping. Paul appeared and called out to Jamie, telling him to get down from the ledge. Jamie said he didn't want to feel like a loser anymore. Jamie needed to stop feeling like he was worthless. Paul begged Jamie not to jump. Paul added that Fen had been wrong to push Jamie off the roof, and Fen would be punished.

Paul said that he believed Jamie was a good person and had a full life ahead of him. Paul asked Jamie to trust him. Jamie remained on the ledge, unsure what to do. Paul admitted that he'd felt the way Jamie did at one point in his life. Paul told Jamie that he'd learned from that experience that each day, life presented a person with the opportunity to start over.

Paul declared that Jamie deserved to be happy and to have a good life, but Jamie had to make the choice to live. Paul swore to Jamie that things would get better. Jamie fell back into Paul's arms, and Paul hugged him tight. Paul assured Jamie that things would get better. Jamie admitted to Paul that the night on the roof hadn't happened the way he had said it had.

Paul went to see Michael and Lauren to tell them about his encounter with Jamie. Paul said that Jamie had admitted that he'd lied about Fen pushing him from the roof. Lauren was relieved that her son was not guilty, but Paul told Lauren that Fen was still responsible. Michael and Lauren listened as Paul told them that Summer and Fen had bullied Jamie to the point where Jamie wanted to kill himself. Paul said that he had found Jamie on the roof because Jamie had been determined to end up in the morgue this time.

Back out on the road, Fen asked Summer to leave with him, to go on the run. Summer said she wanted to leave with Fen, but she felt that they needed a plan and should leave when there wasn't a major storm about to hit Genoa City. Fen wasn't sure that he could trust Summer, but she assured Fen that she did not want to be around when Jamie told to truth about her part in the bullying.

After Paul left, Michael told Lauren that he was glad that he'd been wrong about Fen pushing Jamie. However, Michael still could not forgive Fen for hurting Jamie the way he had. Lauren told Michael that she'd never forgive him for having had Fen arrested. Michael offered to make it up to her and Fen, but Lauren said that she didn't think it was possible.

At home, Phyllis was surprised to find Paul at her door. Paul told Phyllis about Jamie's suicide attempt and informed her that Summer and Fen had been bullying Jamie for months. Phyllis defended Summer, saying that she'd asked Summer about Jamie and had been told that her daughter had had nothing to do with the harassment.

Angrily, Paul told Phyllis that Summer was very responsible, and he wanted to know what Phyllis planned to do to hold Summer accountable. Phyllis refused to believe that Summer had lied to her, but Paul knew better. Paul explained how Jamie had been a disadvantaged child who'd been vulnerable, and Summer had chosen to hurt him.

Paul demanded that Phyllis face the truth and stand up to Summer as a parent. Phyllis warned Paul that he didn't want to compare her parenting to his. Paul said that he wished he'd been a better parent to Ricky, and he took responsibility for his failures as a father. Paul warned Phyllis that she had to hold Summer responsible for her actions.

Billy returned home, and Victoria was relieved to see him, even though she couldn't tell him about her meeting with Nikki. Victoria said that she really wanted to spend more family time with Billy and Johnny. When Victoria also mentioned missing Reed, Billy suggested they could do a Skype message with Reed. Victoria was grateful to Billy for his love and support.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

At Jabot, Lily smooched with Cane in hopes that he'd tell her about his big plans for their Valentine's and anniversary date. Cane was tempted by her kisses but wasn't talking. Cane was looking forward to being alone with Lily to celebrate their anniversary and Valentine's Day. After a moment, Cane pulled himself away from Lily, promising to have a special night with her.

Cane walked into Neil's office for a meeting about the Jabot fashion line. Neil asked Cane for his input about hiring an outside designer for the line instead of someone in-house. Cane reiterated his faith in hiring Chelsea and giving her a chance. Neil was set on engaging a fashion designer with experience.

From outside the door, Lily listened as Cane passionately defended Chelsea to Neil. Cane believed that Chelsea had the qualifications and only needed the opportunity to prove herself. Neil reminded Cane that Chelsea had no samples of her work, just sketches. Cane declared that they would regret not hiring Chelsea because she was destined to be a success.

Lily entered Neil's office to join the fashion line meeting. Lily kissed Cane warmly, and she and Cane mentioned to Neil that it was both Valentine's Day and their anniversary. Neil said he had also planned a special Valentine's date with Leslie. Returning to business, Neil asked Lily what she thought of hiring a designer.

Lily apologized to Cane, but she explained that she agreed with Neil about choosing an experienced designer. Cane was upset and continued to advocate forcefully for Chelsea. Neil wondered why Cane was so high on Chelsea. Cane asked Neil to at least take a meeting with Chelsea. Cane added that Neil had hired Tyler despite his limited experience.

Tyler stepped off the elevator and bumped into Leslie in the hallway. Leslie was reading about Avery's Innocence Foundation case on her iPad. Tyler told Leslie to chill out, but Leslie feared that Avery was going to get the conviction overturned. Tyler urged Leslie to keep it together so nobody would know they were connected to the trial.

At the Underground, Nick heard a weather report about the oncoming winter storm. Nick called Avery to tell her about the storm warnings. Avery had been too wrapped up in her case to notice the snow. Nick hoped Avery would get home ahead of the storm. Avery promised to leave soon. When Nick offered to go to Milwaukee and drive her back, she turned him down, saying that she'd be careful and could use the time alone to think.

In his room at the Genoa City Inn, Dylan heard the winter weather report and looked out the window at the snow starting to fall. Dylan called his father to make sure he was prepared for the storm. Dylan said he wouldn't be able to get home to take care of his dad. Dylan explained that he was staying in Genoa City for a while. Dylan urged his father to take good care of himself.

Dylan looked at his favorite photo of Avery and remembered the day he had taken the picture. In his memory, Dylan remembered that Avery had forced him to pose for pictures. Dylan had then grabbed the camera and asked Avery to be his super model. Dylan smiled at the memory as he put the picture of Avery back on the night table.

Later, Dylan finished doing some exercises then opened his journal and wrote about a soldier he'd served with named Sully. Dylan wrote that since arriving in Genoa City, he'd been thinking less and less about Afghanistan. Dylan credited Avery with giving him something new to focus on. Dylan wrote that no matter whom Avery chose to be with, Dylan would remain in town.

Noah went to the Underground and offered to run the place for the night so Nick could spend the holiday with Avery. Nick told Noah that he was concerned about the storm and might close for the night. Noah wondered if Dylan was scheduled to work or if he was going out with his girlfriend. Nick told Noah that Dylan's girl had been Avery.

Nick said that Dylan had been MIA in Afghanistan and presumed dead. Noah was stunned but admitted that he'd noticed the way Avery and Dylan acted together. Nick sensed that Avery was in shock about Dylan, but he also felt Avery might be pulling away from him. Nick believed that he and Avery had something good together, and he wished he could spend Valentine's Day with her.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon and Adam were eating together. Sharon was glowing about the deal they'd successfully closed with Bayler. Adam suggested that they celebrate their success by going out, but Sharon wasn't ready for that. From their table in the dining room, Adam and Sharon saw Chelsea standing in the lobby. Sharon could see the pain in Adam's eyes.

Later, Chelsea was alone at her table, working on her designs, when Adam sat across from her. Chelsea said she had not invited him to join her. Adam asked how the fashion business was going. Adam wanted details about her progress, but Chelsea refused to answer his questions. Chelsea reminded Adam that they were barely married. Adam wanted to remain connected to Chelsea, but she said they weren't friends.

Adam asked Chelsea why things had to be so bitter between them. Adam told Chelsea that he'd always want her in his life. Chelsea didn't care what Adam wanted. Chelsea called Adam a "selfish son of a bitch" who'd destroyed their marriage. Adam knew he'd screwed up. Chelsea declared that Adam should go off and run Newman Enterprises, staying far away from her.

At the penthouse, Victor met with Mason and questioned why Mason had not switched Sharon's medication for placebos. Mason said he'd been unable to do the deed yet. Victor blasted Mason for lying to him and said that he expected more from Mason, considering that Victor had given him a chance. Victor told Mason that nobody had ever helped him when he started Newman Enterprises.

Mason told Victor that he appreciated the opportunities he'd been given, but Mason felt that switching the medication was unfair. Victor described what Adam and Sharon had done to him to steal Newman Enterprises as unfair. Victor bellowed that in business, there were no rules. Victor warned Mason to make the switch and not to dare let him down.

Congressman Wheeler stepped off the elevator at Jabot and saw Leslie, whom he knew as Valerie. Marcus said that he was there to see Jack. Leslie explained that Jack was out of the office. Marcus mentioned to "Valerie" that he'd tried in vain to check up on her and her family after the trial. Leslie assured Marcus that she and her brother were fine.

Neil emerged from his office and greeted the congressman. Marcus said he'd been there to speak with Jack. Neil was in a hurry and spoke quickly to Leslie. Neil told Leslie that he had to push back their dinner date. Leslie understood, and Neil promised to see her later. After Neil walked off, Marcus was curious that Valerie had changed her name. Leslie explained that it had not been a secret.

Later, Leslie responded to Neil's request that she see him in his office. Neil asked her to review his memo about licensing and to make sure to copy Jack. Leslie knew the procedure. Neil announced that he was done for the day, and Leslie was envious. Neil promised Leslie that they would have a very exciting Valentine's date that included dinner and dancing.

Before Leslie left the office, Neil wondered why Leslie had been speaking with Marcus Wheeler earlier. Leslie said that she'd once been associated with Marcus, but she wasn't proud of what had happened. Neil wanted details, but Leslie lied and said that Marcus hadn't liked her work on a brief.

Victor was not pleased to find Wheeler at the door to his apartment. Marcus told Victor that he'd been blindsided because Avery was in Milwaukee, working on the Innocence Foundation case, when the congressman had counted on Victor getting her to back off. Victor said that he didn't control Avery Clark. Wheeler announced that he'd decided to take matters into his own hands, and Victor asked what Marcus was going to do.

Wheeler told Victor that he'd reached the realization that Victor had no interest in resolving his problem with Avery. Victor pointed out that the congressman was a public servant, and it would look bad if he tried to pressure Avery. Wheeler didn't care what Victor thought and threatened to expose Victor's role in Stephanie's death. Victor countered that he'd leak all of Wheeler's dirty dealings to the press.

Cane met with Chelsea at the Athletic Club, and she was concerned that he had bad news for her. Cane asked if Chelsea was all right, and she admitted that she had a queasy stomach. Chelsea wanted to hear what Cane had to say about the fashion line. Cane explained that Neil would only consider experienced designers. Cane assured Chelsea that he was not giving up on getting the Jabot gig.

Chelsea was pleased that Cane had so much faith in her, but she urged Cane to stop hitting his head against the wall. Cane was determined to make Neil see Chelsea's work. Cane suggested that if Chelsea pitched her designs directly to Neil, he'd be convinced. At the bar, Tyler overheard Cane convincing Chelsea to rehearse her Jabot sales pitch on him.

Back at Jabot, Lily stopped Tyler in the hallway to discuss business. When Tyler had a question about the fashion line, Lily said she had to go over her notes with Cane before conferring with Tyler. Lily was dumbfounded when Tyler told her that he'd seen Cane with Chelsea at the Athletic Club, and they were already working on the fashion line. Lily was visibly upset.

Tyler apologized if he had said anything he shouldn't have. Lily didn't blame Tyler for what he'd heard. Tyler had assumed that Cane had been doing Jabot business. Lily told Tyler that Cane knew that Neil did not want Cane encouraging Chelsea about working on the fashion line. Tyler apologized again, but Lily wasn't angry with him.

Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Chelsea was very excited about her Jabot pitch. Cane thought she'd done a great job, and he was really glad that Chelsea was feeling more confident. Cane noticed the time and said he had to leave to celebrate Valentine's Day and his anniversary with Lily. Cane told Chelsea he had big plans for his wife.

At Adam's office, Sharon told Adam that she'd overheard his conversation with Chelsea, and she felt bad for him. Adam explained that he'd accepted the fact that his marriage was over, and he didn't need Sharon's sympathy. Later, Sharon and Adam were working on a proposal, and things heated up between them. Sharon jumped up from the couch and left the proposal with Adam to read it on his own.

Adam was alone in the office when he heard the weather report about the oncoming winter storm. The disk jockey advised listeners to stay off the roads and keep warm by cuddling close to a loved one. Adam placed a call to Chelsea to tell her to stay safe in the storm. Adam told her to call him if she needed anything, then he left the office by himself.

At the Genoa City Inn, there was a knock on the door, and Nick appeared, asking to speak with Dylan. Nick handed Dylan his check from his one night of work at the Underground. Dylan apologized to Nick for having deceived him. Nick's phone rang, and he took a call from Avery. She said that she was just leaving Milwaukee to drive home to Genoa City.

Both Nick and Dylan were concerned about Avery driving in the storm. Nick said he'd offered to pick her up, but Avery had said no. Dylan knew how stubborn Avery could be. Nick said that he had no intention of giving up on Avery. Nick planned to tell Avery how he felt about her once she got back. Dylan informed Nick that he still cared about Avery and was also unable to give her up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chelsea answered a knock at her hotel room door, and she briefly became dizzy as she greeted Chloe. Chloe assumed that Chelsea had been drinking to drown her sorrows on Valentine's Day, but Chelsea claimed that she'd forgotten to eat after her confrontation with Adam. Chloe presented Chelsea with Chinese takeout, and she began to pull out Chelsea's favorite dishes, but Chelsea felt nauseous. Chloe asked how long Chelsea had felt sick, and Chelsea jokingly replied that she'd felt ill ever since she'd discovered Sharon in her guesthouse.

Gloria flounced into Chelsea's hotel room, and she revealed that Kevin had told her that Chloe was there. Gloria made recommendations regarding Chelsea's designs, and Chelsea was clearly irritated. Chloe warned Gloria that Chelsea had a stomach bug, and she encouraged Gloria to go home, but Gloria declared that she was devoted to the cause. Chloe wondered if Gloria had plans with Jeffrey, but Gloria grumbled that he was still in the doghouse for blowing the insurance money. Gloria noticed that Chloe was staring oddly at Chelsea.

Chelsea asked for some quiet time to think. Gloria sneezed, and she wondered if she'd already been infected with Chelsea's ailment. Chloe managed to get Gloria to leave, and Chelsea bemoaned that it wasn't fair that both she and Chloe were both related to Gloria. Chelsea remarked that she hoped that Gloria didn't get sick, but Chloe knew that Chelsea wasn't contagious. Chelsea told Chloe to shut up, and she refused to talk about it.

Chloe said that Chelsea couldn't wish her condition away, but Chelsea wanted to focus on her presentation. Chloe sympathized that it wasn't good timing, but she thought Chelsea had to deal with it before Chelsea started showing. Chloe implored Chelsea to take a pregnancy test and then talk to Adam. Chelsea sarcastically thanked Chloe for not listening and for giving her food that had made her sick. Chelsea forced Chloe out of her room.

Snow began to fall in Genoa City. At Jabot, Lily listened to a radio report that warned of an impending blizzard and hazardous road conditions. Cane reported that he had made reservations at the Athletic Club for a table and a suite, and he couldn't think of a better way to stay out of the storm. Lily didn't seem enthusiastic, and she asked if Chelsea would be waiting at their table when they got there.

Cane disclosed that he'd met with Chelsea to talk about her designs, but Lily argued that Neil wasn't interested, and she chided Cane for getting Chelsea's hopes up. Cane pointed out that he'd had no experience when Katherine had given him a chance, and he thought that everyone deserved their first big break. Lily understood that Cane wanted to prove himself to Neil, but she felt that Cane had gone behind Neil's back. Cane clarified that he had run into Chelsea in a public place, and he wondered how Lily had known about their encounter. Cane spotted Tyler and assumed that Tyler had intentionally blabbed to Lily.

Cane believed that Tyler had tried to score points with Lily, and he amorously stated that he wanted to do the same. They kissed, but Tyler apologetically interrupted. Tyler reported that Neil wanted the marketing campaign finalized that day, and Cane snapped that Neil wasn't even there to approve it. Lily intervened and suggested that she get the campaign out of the way so that she could give her full attention to Cane afterward. She proposed that she meet Cane at the Athletic Club, and she told Tyler to make it fast.

Later, Tyler informed Lily that his car battery had died, and he asked if he could catch a ride with her to meet his date at the Athletic Club. Lily didn't want to miss another second of the night, and she allowed him to tag along. Lily and Tyler drove in the snowstorm, and he shook her gift to Cane and tried to guess what it was. She suddenly swerved off the road.

Tyler checked the car and said that there was no damage, but they were stuck, and he had no signal on his phone. He wanted to go get help, but Lily worried that he would freeze to death, and she ordered him to wait. Tyler called her bossy, but she insisted that they would be fine. She turned on the radio, and the announcer urged listeners to cuddle up all night, because the blizzard couldn't stop Cupid. Tyler wished Lily a happy Valentine's Day.

Victor left a message for Nikki to tell her not to drive, and he suggested that they meet at the Athletic Club. He reviewed a file and learned that Marcus had testified against Avery's Innocence Foundation client. Victor told his investigator that Avery believed that her client was innocent, and he realized that Marcus' reputation would be hurt if Marcus had helped to put an innocent man in prison, but Victor suspected that there was more to the story.

At the Athletic Club, Leslie apologized for being late to her romantic dinner with Neil, and he said that he had almost rescheduled, but he was relieved to know that she was safe. She realized that he had been worried, and he confessed that while he had promised that there would be no strings, he was ready for their relationship to become more serious. Leslie remained silent, and Neil asked her what she felt comfortable with.

Neil questioned whether he should have saved his pitch for after dinner, but Leslie claimed that he had just caught her off guard. She wanted to take things slowly, and she asked for time to take down her walls. Neil wondered if he'd been wrong to reserve a room upstairs, but Leslie assured him that she was fine with hotel suites and romantic dinners. He asked about her stance on gifts, and he pulled out a jewelry box. She confirmed that she definitely approved of gifts, and she found a necklace inside. She asked him to help her put it on her, and he obliged.

Neil asked Leslie if they had reached the stage where they could eat from one another's plates, and she conceded that sharing entrees was okay, but she drew the line at desserts. She pondered what to order for dessert, but she looked distant as she touched her necklace. Neil asked if it was "too old school," but she insisted that it was a wonderful gift. She spotted Marcus sitting at the bar.

Neil received a text message from Sofia, and he stepped away from the table to check on Moses. Leslie approached Marcus, and she jokingly commented that it felt like he was following her. Victor watched their exchange. Marcus said that it was nice to see "Valerie," and he offered to buy her a drink, but Leslie said that she was there with someone. He suggested that they catch up sometime, and she asked if he was staying in town long. Marcus remarked that his life seemed to be all about staying in hotels and shaking hands.

Leslie returned to her table, and Victor inquired how she knew Marcus and why Marcus had called her Valerie. Leslie claimed that Marcus had mistaken her for someone else, and she had simply been polite. Victor pointed out that it wouldn't have been impolite to correct Marcus, but Leslie commented that politicians met a lot of people, and she had just been another hand to shake. She wished Victor a lovely evening, and Victor wished "Valerie" the same.

Cane asked Neil if he'd seen Lily, and Neil mentioned that Tyler had to meet a deadline for the marketing campaign that night, but he was certain that Tyler had plans that he didn't want to miss. Cane remained skeptical of Tyler's intentions.

Jack called Phyllis to wish her a happy Valentine's Day, and she gazed at the flowers Jack had sent her. She was glad that they had decided to share a private dinner that evening instead of being around a bunch of sappy couples. Summer arrived at Phyllis' penthouse, and Phyllis informed Jack that she would be a little late. Phyllis told Summer that they needed to talk about Jamie. Summer balked, and Phyllis revealed that Jamie had tried to kill himself. Phyllis calmly inquired whether Summer had bullied Jamie.

A rattled Summer asked if Jamie was okay, and Phyllis assured her that he was alive and that Paul would make sure that Jamie got the proper help. Phyllis explained that Jamie had almost jumped off the ledge of the roof, but Paul had found him in time. Phyllis recalled that Summer had sworn that Summer had had nothing to do with Jamie's problems, but Phyllis understood why Summer might have lied. Phyllis contended that Jamie had almost taken his life. She added that if Summer continued to lie, then it meant Summer didn't care that he'd almost died.

Summer began to sob, and she admitted that she'd sent Jamie messages to find out things that she could use against him. Phyllis looked stricken. Phyllis recognized that Summer had been dealing with a lot at the time, and she questioned whether Summer just hadn't been thinking. Summer confided that she'd thought that she could hurt Ronan through Jamie, and she had done everything on purpose. Phyllis pulled Summer into a hug.

Phyllis implored Summer to tell her everything. Summer regretted that she'd called Jamie a loser just the day before, but she hadn't meant for him to hurt himself. Phyllis asked why Summer had done it, and Summer said that sometimes it felt good to say things that hurt people when she got angry. Summer realized that she'd blown up at Phyllis, Jamie, and Fen, and she wondered if she was a mean person at heart. Phyllis disagreed, and she pointed out that Summer was simply human.

Phyllis advised Summer to take a few seconds to think the next time Summer was about to say something hurtful, and she cautioned Summer not to live life wishing that she could take everything back. Summer divulged that Fen had wanted her to run away with him, and she had agreed to keep him from leaving, but she didn't intend to leave her family. Phyllis tearfully said that she loved Summer and that nothing Summer ever did would ever make Phyllis love her any less. They embraced.

Phyllis told Summer that she had been on the phone with Jack, and Summer surmised that they had Valentine's Day plans. Phyllis claimed that she and Jack were just good friends, but Summer suspected that Jack liked Phyllis and wanted her back. Summer challenged Phyllis to tell the truth, and she asked if Phyllis wanted Jack back, too.

Phyllis didn't think that Summer wanted to hear about her mother's love life, but Summer recalled that she'd walked in on Phyllis in action. Phyllis said that it made her ill to remember that low point in her life. Phyllis recounted how far apart she and Summer had been, and she didn't want to go through that kind of rift again. Phyllis was proud of Summer for being honest, even if it had been difficult for Phyllis to hear. Summer reasoned that since they were in the process of being honest, Phyllis should be able to tell Summer about her date with Jack.

Phyllis said that Jack was very special to her and to Summer, but Summer groaned that she didn't want to hear the "gross" story about her delivery again. Phyllis commented that she and Jack had seen one another through a lot of things, but she didn't know whether to pursue anything more, and she asked what Summer thought. Summer opined that all that mattered was whether Jack made Phyllis happy.

Summer suggested that Phyllis go to Jack's house, but Phyllis didn't want to end her bonding time with Summer. Summer cuddled up next to Phyllis and cautioned that Phyllis should only go on her "friend date" if Phyllis truly liked Jack. Summer recalled that Fen had practically hated Summer because she had pretended to like him more than she really had, and Summer felt that Phyllis had to make a decision to avoid torturing Jack. Summer asked if Phyllis would stay just a little longer, and Phyllis covered Summer in playful kisses.

Jack arranged a candlelit dinner, and he heard someone pounding on his door. A frazzled Nikki explained that her car had skidded on some ice. He worried that she'd been hurt, but she insisted that she was only cold. He offered to call a tow truck and make her some tea. She noticed the elaborately decorated table and realized that she'd interrupted his plans, but he thought that Nikki might be his only guest that evening because of the roads. She surmised that he had expected to spend Valentine's Day with someone special.

Jack informed Nikki that she was on the waiting list for a tow, and she apologized that she'd interfered with his plans with his friend, but he remained tight-lipped about who it was. He turned the topic to the fact that her wedding had originally been scheduled that day, but she said that she and Victor had postponed it for practical reasons. Jack marveled that it was destiny that Nikki and Victor had ended up together after they had beaten one other senseless over the years. Nikki was certain that she and Victor would always have one another's hearts.

Nikki noted that all the parts of Jack's life had fallen into place, and she encouraged him to focus on the things that gave him joy. He asked if she planned to do the same with Victor, and she acknowledged that Victor could be overbearing and infuriating, but he was also generous and loving. She proclaimed that she accepted every side of Victor, and she knew what she had to lose, so she vowed not to lose him. Jack observed that Nikki seemed different, and she claimed that she had just become sentimental after she'd almost crashed her car.

Nikki asked for some tea, and she reached out to take the teacup from Jack, but her hand shook. Jack worried that she could be in shock, and he wanted to call an ambulance. She stated that she knew what was wrong, but the EMTs couldn't fix it. Jack asked whether Nikki was sick, but she paused, and she confided that she hadn't yet said the words out loud.

Jack reminded Nikki that she'd sat by his hospital bed for countless hours, and she remarked that the way doctors announced things could be unnerving. Jack told Nikki that she was strong and that she was tougher than any disease, and he promised to do everything he could to help her. Nikki admitted that she had multiple sclerosis.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A radio report advised of dangerous road conditions and power outages, and the announcer cautioned listeners to stay home. Sharon arrived at Adam's house with documents for him to sign, and he couldn't believe that she had driven over in a blizzard, but she said that the paperwork was urgent. He admired her devotion, but she claimed that the snow didn't scare her, and he wondered if she was trying to prove that she wasn't afraid. Suddenly, the lights went out.

Adam turned on a battery-powered radio, and an announcer told listeners to enjoy Valentine's Day. Adam suggested to Sharon that they tolerate rather than enjoy the holiday. The shutters slammed, and he insisted that she not go back out in the storm. He promised to keep his distance, and she saw no reason why they couldn't spend time together as colleagues and friends.

Adam offered to paint a line down the middle of room, and Sharon noted that she would have to slide his card over to him. He was surprised that she'd gotten him a Valentine's Day card. She reiterated that he would be her friend no matter what happened, and she pointed out that he'd given her the support to get her life back. They wished one another a happy Valentine's Day.

Adam realized that he couldn't cook anything because of the power outage, but he declared himself the master of peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwiches. He offered to make one just the way Sharon liked it, with the jelly in the middle. She prepared to freshen up, and he handed her a flashlight. After she exited, he looked at the card and read the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature."

Adam handed Sharon a heart-shaped sandwich, and he remarked that it had been more difficult than it looked. She was impressed by his efforts. He presented her with a handmade card depicting a magical Valentine's constellation. Adam urged Sharon to make a wish, and he said that he wanted her to have everything she desired. She agreed to give it a shot, and she stared at the drawing and closed her eyes. He asked what she'd wished for, and she questioned whether he really had to ask.

Sharon complimented the sandwich, and he replied that it was no crawfish étouffée. He mused that he would never forget anything about their time in New Orleans. She offered to clean up, and he helped her to wipe some food from the corner of her mouth. They stared at one another for a moment, and then they succumbed to a kiss.

Chelsea returned to her room with a pregnancy test. She couldn't concentrate on her sketches, and she glanced over at the pregnancy test. She grabbed the box and took it into the bathroom. Chelsea was dismayed when the test was positive.

Kevin and Fen stopped by the Baldwins' penthouse, and Fen silently brushed past Michael. Kevin told Michael that he'd offered to let Fen stay with Kevin and Chloe for another night. Michael revealed that Jamie had recanted his story and that the charges against Fen had been dropped. Kevin proclaimed that the news was awesome, but Fen sullenly started to retreat to his room. Michael stopped Fen and asserted that the longer Fen ignored him, the harder it would be.

Fen asked where Lauren was, and Michael indicated that she was on her way home. Kevin suggested that he leave, but Fen remarked that the road conditions had been hazardous. Fen asked Kevin to stay, and Kevin requested a moment alone with Fen. Kevin urged Fen to talk to Michael, because Michael had always looked out for Kevin, and Kevin was sure that Michael would look out for Fen, too. Kevin agreed to stay, as long as Fen heard Michael out.

Michael said that what Fen had done to Jamie still mattered, but he wanted to clear the air about how Michael had let Fen down. Michael knew that Fen was aware of Michael's past, and he explained that he had been terrified that Fen had been headed down the same path. Michael continued that he'd made a mistake to see himself in Fen. Fen couldn't believe that Michael expected him to simply say that all was forgiven, but Michael hoped that they could get to that point. Fen wanted to get some food, and Michael offered to fix a plate of leftovers.

After Michael exited, Fen condemned Michael for expecting everything to be okay, but Kevin argued that Fen was free. Fen contended that he would only be free if he left town, but Kevin countered that Fen would be running away from everyone who cared about him. Kevin pointed out that Fen had a wonderful family and that Michael loved him. Fen snarled that his jail stint hadn't had anything to do with love, and he hated Michael for it. Michael listened, unseen.

The power went out at the penthouse, and Michael sent Fen to get a flashlight. Michael worried whether Kevin was okay, but Kevin assured Michael that it was dark but not cramped, so he was fine.

Lauren arrived at the Athletic Club bar, and Carmine wondered if she'd driven in a storm just for some wine. She said that she had been on her way home from work, and she wanted to wait until the weather lightened up. She thanked him for the ride home the previous evening, and she agreed that she shouldn't have driven. Lauren reported that the charges against Fen had been dropped, but she didn't want to think about the rest of her life. Carmine recommended the chef's pasta, and he invited her to join him for dinner.

Carmine poured Lauren more wine, but she said that she'd had enough. He offered to drive her home again, because he wasn't ready to say goodbye. She became uncomfortable and stood up to leave, and he helped her with her coat. Carmine suggested that Lauren wait for the roads to be plowed, which might not be until the next day. She said that he was trouble, and he replied that she was, too. She headed for the door, but he followed her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

Nikki chided Jack for looking at her with pity, but he insisted that he only felt reasonable concern. He proposed that they find out as much as they could about research and specialists, and he was sure that Victor was already doing everything possible, but he wanted to be involved, too. Nikki revealed that Victor hadn't taken any action, and Jack angrily concluded that Victor's ego had gotten in the way. Nikki blurted that Victor didn't know about her illness, and she confided that Jack had been the only person she had told.

Nikki explained that she could barely say the words without crying. Jack asked how Victor could not have noticed her symptoms, but she said that it had just started as a tremor in her hand and some muscle aches, and she hadn't seen reason to panic. Jack guessed that the pain had gotten worse, and he vowed that they would fix it. She stated that there was no cure, and she would tell Victor when she was ready. Jack recalled all the times Nikki had nursed Victor back to health, and he thought that it was time for Victor to help her.

Nikki anticipated that Victor would demand to talk to the doctors and would want to throw money at the problem, but she wanted to get more information first. Jack pointed out that she wouldn't be dumping on the man she had chosen to spend her life with just by sharing her health concerns. Jack declared that she was tougher than MS and that she could and would control it. She thanked him for his optimism, but she wasn't ready to hear it yet. He asked her what he could do, and she said he'd already done it by providing her with shelter from the storm.

Nikki revealed that she had learned a lot of new medical terms, like relapsing-remitting and chronic progressive, the two forms of MS. She was relieved that the doctors didn't believe that her case was chronic, and she prayed that her disease would go into remission, but in the meantime, she had to figure out how to proceed with treatment. Nikki marveled that Victor still thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she didn't want to be treated like a disease rather than a person. She began to cry, and Jack took her into his arms. Phyllis walked in.

Phyllis apologized and asked if everything was okay, and Jack explained about Nikki's car accident. Phyllis commented that she'd seen a bunch of cars stalled on her way over, and Nikki expressed surprise that Phyllis had ventured out at all. Nikki suddenly realized that Phyllis was Jack's date, but Phyllis clarified that she and Jack were only dinner companions. Nikki called Jack a wonderful friend, and he walked her out. Nikki told Jack that she hoped that he got what he wanted, and she left.

Phyllis warned Jack that Nikki kept him in reserve, but Nikki always chose Victor. Jack noted that Phyllis' claws were out, but Phyllis declared that she didn't want anything more than friendship from Jack. Jack claimed that he wasn't looking for more, but she observed the romantic setting, and she questioned whether he would give his friend Sarge the same treatment. Jack joked that Sarge liked tulips rather than roses. The power went out, and Jack assured Phyllis that she had nothing to worry about.

Phyllis scoffed at the idea that Jack would put together a similar meal for Sarge, and Jack quipped that Sarge loved candlelight. Jack asked for one dance with Phyllis, and she said that she didn't dance. He dared her to keep telling herself that she could resist him. She took his hand, and he pulled her close to dance.

Nikki returned home and called for Victor. She found an envelope with a red bow, and she discovered sheet music inside. She played the tune on the piano, but she made a mistake, and she willed herself to complete the song. After a moment, she fumbled again, and she clenched her hands. She threw the sheet music on the ground in frustration.

Avery called Nick and reported that she was safe at home after a slow but steady drive from Milwaukee. He said that he would be right over, but she remarked that the weather was awful. Nick asserted that Noah could handle the few customers at the Underground, but she asked if it was okay if she took some more time alone. He told her to get some rest, and he promised that he would wait until she was ready.

Nick tended to the handful of customers at the Underground. Nick approached an inebriated patron who was sitting in Avery's booth, and he stated that the booth was reserved. The man noticed the plaque on the wall and said that he knew the type of woman who had a designated booth just for her. The man assumed that Avery was "one hell of a gal."

The drunken customer bet that Avery had a killer smile, and Nick mused that it was soft but sometimes giddy, and he mentioned that Avery liked cupcakes and legal precedents. The patron recalled that he'd once had a multifaceted lady like that, and Nick asked what had happened. The man lamented that he'd never taken his shot with the woman, and she'd found someone else, so all he had that night was a glass of booze and a booth. The man added that Nick was lucky to have Avery.

Nick questioned whether the patron had felt love for his female friend, since the man hadn't ever told her how he'd felt. The customer said that love didn't wait for courage, but rather, it demanded bravery and boldness, or otherwise there was a risk of ending up alone on Valentine's Day. Nick offered the customer a cot in the back to sleep on, and he urged the man to stay off the roads. The man drunkenly stated that Avery was a pretty name, and Nick agreed.

Dylan arrived at Avery's door, and he admitted that he'd overheard Avery's conversation with Nick about her return to town. She said that Dylan shouldn't have been on the road, but he asserted that he'd had to know whether they still had a chance. Avery wished that she'd been able to do more thinking while she had been away. Dylan swore that he wouldn't push, though he acknowledged that showing up uninvited during a blizzard indicated otherwise. He realized that she needed more time, and he offered to go. The lights went out.

Dylan retrieved a radio, candles, and a flashlight from his truck. Avery teased him for being fully stocked with emergency gear at all times, but he defended that he didn't cart around a tent with him. He prepared to leave, but the radio announcer reported that the highway patrol was shutting down roads. Avery told Dylan that he wasn't going anywhere.

Dylan smelled Avery's cooking, and Avery called it a disgusting soup. He recalled when she'd once tried to make roasted pumpkin soup, and she reminded him that it was a sore subject. He tried the soup and declared that it tasted great, and they playfully bickered over whether or not Avery was contrary. She said that she hadn't thought about the pumpkin soup in a long time, and they recounted that an egret had pecked away at the pumpkin she had prepared. Dylan said that he still had a photo of the bird, but it was at his dad's place. She called it a beautiful bird, and he remarked that it had been a beautiful day and that it was a beautiful night.

Dylan offered to send Avery the photo, and she wondered what had happened to the egret. He murmured that they'd shared some good weekends. She said that their time together had been pure freedom, and it had been an indulgence not to worry about anything or anyone else. He remembered the lake and lots of laughter, and she had fond memories of talking at length, sometimes about nothing. He joked that he had the "nothing talk" down.

Avery commented that she and Dylan had lived in a world where egrets entered the kitchen and where they had talked until the sun had risen over the lake. He remembered that it had felt like they had been the only two people in the world, just like at that very moment. He stroked her hair, and they gazed into one another's eyes.

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