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Avery accepted Nick's proposal. Avery asked Dylan if he still thought about their baby. Adam and Victor decided to work together. Katherine learned that she had a brain tumor. Tyler kissed Lily. Victor declared revenge on Jack.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 8, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, April 8, 2013

At Nick's empty nightclub, Avery was stunned when Nick presented her with an engagement ring and asked her to marry him. Avery professed her love for Nick, but she cited her failed marriage as a reason not to rush into another. Nick said he believed that his previous marriages had ended because he was meant to be with Avery. Nick told Avery that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Avery replied, "If we hadn't come so close to death the other day, would you really be proposing to me now?"

Nick told Avery he didn't know if he would have proposed marriage otherwise. Nick added that Avery made him happier than he'd ever been and that she, too, was allowed to be happy. Avery began crying and admitted her fear of again hurting the person she loved. Nick promised that he'd never neglect Avery as her ex-husband had. Avery shook her head and noted that people changed. She added, "Isn't that what happened with Sharon and Phyllis?"

Nick told Avery that for the first time, he'd fallen deeply in love with someone who was also his best friend. Avery told Nick that he was her best friend. Avery tenderly professed her love for Nick, but she asked Nick to give her time to sort out her feelings. Nick and Avery danced together, slowly swaying to the music. Avery gazed into Nick's eyes and told him that it was difficult to make a clear-headed decision whenever he smiled and displayed his dimples. Nick said he couldn't help being irresistible. Avery kissed Nick as the couple continued dancing, swaying their bodies in unison.

At Victoria's newly redecorated home, Nikki was in awe when she stopped by and saw the updated furnishings and bold paint colors. Nikki told Victoria that she didn't mind if Johnny celebrated his first birthday with his immediate family. Nikki added that a celebration with the extended family at the ranch later would be chaotic. When Victoria noted that she and Billy expected to become busy, Nikki discerned that Victoria and Billy were planning to have a baby.

Victoria acknowledged that the near-death experience at her parents' wedding reception had had a profound effect. Victoria told her mother that she'd decided to undergo fertilization treatments. Nikki recalled the pain and anguish her daughter had suffered when prior attempts to conceive had failed. Victoria explained that she'd been inspired to try again after witnessing Adam stepping into the path of a bullet. She added that when she'd visited Adam in the hospital, he'd seemed small and frail, as if a gust of wind could blow him away.

Nikki offered praise for Billy's role in saving the lives of everyone at the reception. Victoria said the experience had made her realize just how much she loved Billy. Victoria added that she truly wanted to have a baby with Billy. Nikki gave Victoria her blessing, but Victoria made Nikki promise not to tell Victor. Victoria maintained that her father wouldn't approve of his daughter having Billy Abbott's baby. Victoria added that she didn't need the added stress of worrying about how Victor might react.

In Kyle's bedroom, a nude Summer was waiting in Kyle's bed when he emerged from a shower, wrapped in a towel. A surprised Kyle was taken aback. Summer beckoned to Kyle and said, "Come on in. Your bed is so comfy." Kyle quickly crushed Summer's dream of sharing a sexual encounter. Kyle said, "There is no 'you and I,' Summer, and if there is, it will be strictly professional while fully clothed!" Summer, frustrated, frowned after Kyle retreated to his bathroom to dress.

Later, downstairs, Kyle told Summer that he hadn't meant to hurt her feelings. Kyle acknowledged that he was heeding Phyllis' request not to engage in a relationship with her daughter. Kyle explained that a relationship between him and Summer would be awkward because his dad and her mom were romantically involved. Kyle added, "You don't want to see Marsha and Greg Brady together." Summer replied, "Who?" Kyle shook his head and mumbled in exasperation.

Summer inched closer to Kyle and said, "What do you have to lose? I am eighteen and about to graduate high school." Kyle moved to the other side of the room, but Summer followed him. Kyle said, "This can't happen because I'm into someone else. That's why." Kyle told Summer that she'd find someone her own age that would make her happy. Kyle added, "Just hang in there. This will all work out exactly how it's supposed to." Summer uttered a half-hearted "yeah" as she turned to leave.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea ordered herbal tea at the counter. When she withdrew her wallet, she found the yellow envelope containing a sonogram image of her fetus. She glanced at the image of her unborn child briefly before slipping the photo back inside the envelope. Dylan approached Chelsea from behind, and she quickly tucked the envelope away. Dylan told Chelsea that he'd decided to stay in Genoa City for a while.

Chelsea and Dylan sat at a table together. Both alluding to their recent one-night stand, they agreed that each had been in need of a friend. Dylan asked Chelsea about her relationship with her estranged spouse. Chelsea explained that the situation had become more complicated when she'd considered taking him back during a weak moment. Chelsea added that she'd snapped back to reality after hearing something her ex-partner had uttered.

Dylan told Chelsea that she'd been a comfort to him because he'd learned that his father had passed away just before he'd run into her. Dylan explained that he'd be staying in Genoa City because he'd been involved in a fight at a bar and had to settle the matter. Chelsea seemed somewhat lost in thought and said she hated the idea of having to just settle for anything. Victoria stopped by and approached Chelsea and Dylan. Chelsea introduced Dylan. Victoria noted that Nick had explained why Dylan had initially referred to himself as Mac.

Victoria noted that she'd stopped by to pick up a cake for her son's birthday party. Dylan asked Victoria how old her son was. In unison, Victoria and Chelsea replied, "One." Victoria added that she and her husband were fortunate to have Johnny. Dylan noted that babies were a miracle. Victoria stared into Chelsea's eyes and replied, "They definitely are." After Victoria stepped away, Dylan said, "What was that about?" Chelsea shrugged and said she wished she knew.

In Adam's room at the hospital, Adam clarified that he and Victor had made a mutual decision to nurture a true relationship as father and son. Adam reminded Victor that with him, loyalty only went so far. Adam added, "Can you really look me in the eye and tell me you're not going to push me out of Newman?" Victor mumbled that the company was never far from either of their thoughts, but he avoided directly addressing Adam's question. Adam said, "If you had anything to do with it, I wouldn't be in charge of Newman." Victor told Adam not to second-guess him. Adam insisted that he'd done something that Nick and Victoria had failed to do.

Adam told Victor that they should team up and run Newman Enterprises together. Victor agreed that together they'd be a force to be reckoned with, but Victor refused to share control with anyone. Victor admitted that Adam's capacity to surprise him was taken as a challenge. Adam replied, "I have never known you to back away from a challenge, so are you telling me you're going to start now?" Victor said that Newman Enterprises was always about family, so Adam deserved to be as much a part of the company as were his other children. Victor told Adam that he would consider the idea of working together. Victor laughed when Adam pinched himself to prove that he hadn't been dreaming.

Victor ran into Nikki after he left Adam's room. Nikki explained that she'd stopped by to visit Adam after Victoria had mentioned that she'd been by to check on her brother. Victor explained that Adam wanted them to run Newman together. Nikki replied, "Well, I trust you put him in his place." Victor said that he'd accepted Adam's offer because his son deserved another chance. Nikki warned Victor to keep a close watch on Adam.

After Victor left to take a call, Nikki went into Adam's room. She thanked Adam for saving Victor's life. Adam seemed surprised by Nikki's compassion. Nikki cried, "If it weren't for you, I'd have no husband now. I owe you more than I can say." Adam asked Nikki what she thought about him and Victor working together. Nikki said she approved as long as Adam wasn't luring Victor in just to break his heart. Nikki added, "Trust me; I can be as ruthless as my husband if I need to be."

At the Genoa City Police Station, Abby stopped by with a takeout meal and offered to dine with Alex in the employee lounge. Alex sent Abby ahead and told her he'd meet her after he completed some paperwork. After Abby walked away, Congressman Wheeler arrived and approached Alex's desk. Wheeler said, "There's a warrant out for my arrest, so I'm turning myself in. I'm only here because this ridiculous charge will never stick." Alex wasn't given time to reply.

Wheeler quickly added that he hadn't been involved with the shooting at the Newman ranch. Alex noted that he'd never even mentioned the shooting. Alex explained to Wheeler that police had discovered DNA evidence that connected him to the murder of Belinda Rogan. Wheeler, perplexed, noted that he hadn't supplied a DNA sample. Alex explained that police had probable cause to collect the evidence and had been aided by Wheeler's constituents.

Alex recited the Miranda warning as he placed handcuffs on Wheeler's wrists. After Wheeler was escorted to a room to be processed, Alex phoned a detective in Milwaukee and explained that Wheeler would be transferred the next day. Abby emerged from the lounge, and Alex apologized for being delayed. Alex was pleased when Abby referred to herself as his girlfriend, and the couple shared a quick kiss. Abby noted that Alex was busy, so she left.

After Abby left the police station, she stopped by the Abbott mansion. She noticed that Kyle seemed a bit frazzled. Kyle admitted that Summer was still pursuing him even after he'd explained that they were merely friends. Abby replied, "A guy can't be friends with a girl!" Kyle insisted that he'd made it absolutely clear to Summer that nothing would ever happen between them. Abby recalled that Kyle had admitted that he'd be attracted to Summer if she was older. Back home in her bedroom, Summer read an online article that offered advice to a young woman wishing to attract the attention of an older man.

Victor showed up at the police station and approached Congressman Wheeler. An angry Wheeler noted that Victor and Jack had been responsible for collecting the DNA sample. Victor said, "That's right. Hope you enjoyed your cup of coffee. It's the last good one you'll have for years."

Wheeler grew irate when he realized that his DNA had been collected from a coffee cup. Victor said he would prove that Wheeler was responsible for the attempted murder of Victor and his family. Wheeler snapped, "Good luck with that." Victor leaned in close to Wheeler and replied, "Victor Newman makes his own luck." Alex overheard Victor's comment to Wheeler.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

At home, Lily offered Cane some morning coffee, but things were obviously strained between them. He apologized for returning from Katherine's so late the night before, and he explained that Katherine had been experiencing problems with her memory, but he hoped that the doctor would have Katherine's test results that day. Lily asked if he wanted to avoid talking about Tyler, and Cane confessed that he had an issue with Tyler's interest in Lily. Lily said that she and Cane had to straighten some things out.

Lily explained that Tyler had been dealing with some intense family matters and that he had needed someone to talk to. Cane groused that Tyler's hands had been all over her, but she maintained that it had only been a supportive hug. Cane called Lily na´ve, and she became angry. Cane clarified that she was a good person who saw the best in others, but he felt that Tyler had used his family troubles to manipulate her. She demanded to know whether Cane believed in her or not.

Cane swore that he believed in Lily, but she countered that he didn't act like it. She scolded him for attacking Tyler, and Cane admitted that he was jealous. Cane rattled off her many positive attributes, but he said that her good heart was both her strength and her weakness, and he worried that Tyler would work it to his advantage. Cane asked Lily to consider that maybe Tyler was trying to win her over, but she just sighed and asked Cane to trust her. Cane promised that he always would, and they kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Noah looked at apartment ads, and Adriana wondered why he was worried about money, since his family was loaded. Noah mentioned that he couldn't access his trust fund yet, so he had to live on his bartending wages. She suggested that they get a place together, and he replied that she had no more money than he did. She expressed optimism that things would soon change, and he wanted to know what she was hiding.

Adriana declared that her days of making minimum wage were over, because she saw opportunities in her future. She asked if Noah thought it was a bad idea for them to move in together, and he replied that he hadn't thought about it. She seductively reminded him of the fun they'd had in their New York apartment, and she began to leave for work. He grabbed her hand, and he asked if her money-making plan was legitimate. She assured him that it was.

Jill started to call the police to report a robbery, but Katherine stopped her. Katherine reasoned that they didn't know if anything had been stolen, but Jill argued that the box wasn't there. Kevin and Chloe walked in as Jill remarked that the charitable donation was probably in the hands of a fence. Kevin asked what Jill and Katherine knew about the missing items, and Jill accused Adriana of stealing them, but Katherine defended that Jill had no proof. Jill conceded that the evidence was circumstantial, but she pointed out that nothing had gone missing before Adriana had started working for Katherine.

Jill inquired about an heirloom necklace that Katherine had misplaced, and she suspected that Adriana had taken that, too. Jill recalled that Kevin also hadn't trusted Adriana, and Kevin agreed that he'd had a bad feeling about Adriana. Katherine chuckled and remarked that many people had said the same thing about him. Katherine retreated upstairs, and Jill left to get Delia. Chloe felt guilty letting Adriana take the fall, but Kevin reminded her that Adriana had stolen their money. Chloe worried that Adriana could go to prison, but Kevin rationalized that with no evidence, no one would get caught.

Adriana arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and Jill demanded to know where the box of charitable donations was. Adriana incredulously inquired whether Jill and Katherine thought she had stolen it, but Katherine simply asked if Adriana had seen it around the house. Jill ranted that Adriana's presence had caused problems from the day Adriana had walked in. Adriana said that she didn't want to cause trouble, and Jill commanded Adriana to hand over her purse, so Jill could search for the heirloom necklace.

Adriana cited privacy concerns, and Katherine again dissuaded Jill from calling the cops. Adriana said that she was tired of being accused, and she groaned that Jill would never stop. Adriana quit, and Jill snarled that Adriana was getting off easy. Adriana started to leave, but Katherine asked to talk with Adriana privately. Adriana thanked Katherine for giving her a chance, and she left. Katherine barked that Jill had gotten what she had wanted, and Jill asserted that she had only protected Katherine. Katherine angrily told Jill to shut up.

Jill said that she didn't take pleasure in seeing Katherine upset, but Katherine didn't believe her. Katherine snapped that Jill had no evidence against Adriana, but Jill retorted that Katherine didn't know that Adriana hadn't stolen the items. Katherine commented that Jill had no idea of everything Adriana had done for Katherine. Cane entered, and he heard Katherine say that it wasn't a far-fetched theory that Katherine had misplaced the box. Jill wondered what Katherine meant, and Cane pressed Katherine to tell Jill the truth.

Katherine called Cane's request nothing, but Jill queried about what they were keeping from her. Katherine claimed that she had killed one of Jill's business deals, and Jill got upset that Katherine had involved Cane but not Jill. Katherine pointedly proclaimed that she trusted Cane, and Jill dejectedly left. Cane wondered why Katherine wouldn't let Jill know, but Katherine wanted to wait for the test results. Cane promised to keep mum, but he urged Katherine to let her family know the truth, so they could support her.

Adriana returned to Crimson Lights and told Noah that her schedule had changed. He announced that he had thought about living together, and he thought that they should do it. She suggested that they move somewhere else for a fresh start, but he reacted lukewarmly to the idea. He went to the counter to get a coffee refill, but when he returned, Adriana was gone.

At Jabot, Leslie told Neil that Gus and Tyler were on their way there, and Neil implored her not to be nervous that Tyler had offered to pick up Gus from the prison. She pondered what she should say when Gus arrived, and Neil assured her that everything would be fine. Gus and Tyler entered, and Leslie hugged her father. Gus said that it was nice to see her outside the visiting room, and Neil and Gus shook hands. She asked about the drive, and Tyler commented that it had been quiet. She reported that Marcus had been arrested, and she added that they all had to do something.

At the police station, Paul escorted Marcus into an interrogation room, and he handcuffed Marcus to a table, forcing him to confront Gus, Leslie, Tyler, and Neil. Gus growled that he had waited a long time to face the man who had sent him to prison and had taken away his wife from him and their children. Marcus threatened to contact the mayor, but Paul huffed that powerful friends were only friendly when someone was useful, and Marcus was of no use to anyone. Leslie thanked Paul for taking a risk for them, and Paul exited. The foursome stared at Marcus.

Leslie recalled that Marcus had cornered her in the name of pursuing justice and had reinforced her misconceptions about her father. Marcus argued that he'd only reminded her of what she'd witnessed, but Leslie retorted that Marcus had known that Gus hadn't killed Belinda. Marcus reiterated that he'd thought that Gus had been guilty. Leslie blasted Marcus for killing Belinda and framing Gus to save his own career. Marcus haughtily stated that his attorney would speak to the judge and that he'd be out in no time.

Tyler demanded answers, but Marcus tersely replied that he'd answered their questions. Tyler wondered if Marcus had ever thought about Belinda after her death, because Tyler couldn't forget her. Marcus coolly offered his condolences, but he reiterated that he hadn't killed Belinda. Leslie asked why Marcus had ended the affair, and Marcus vaguely stated that it had been over. Marcus added that he didn't know who had killed Belinda if Gus hadn't done it, and he questioned who else Belinda had been sleeping with. Tyler violently lunged at Marcus.

Neil and Gus held Tyler back, and Leslie tried to calm her brother down. Neil stated that the right man was going to jail, and he advised Tyler not to do anything to join Marcus. Marcus taunted that his jail stay wouldn't be permanent. Tyler didn't want to hear anything more, because he was convinced that Marcus had killed Belinda and had taken Gus's life away. Tyler stormed out.

An officer led Marcus away, and Neil told Paul that the confrontation hadn't gone as well as he'd hoped, but it had been important for Belinda's family to have the chance to face her killer. Leslie fretted that Marcus would beat the charges, but Gus vowed that Marcus wouldn't get away with it even if Marcus were found not guilty. Leslie worried about Tyler, because she had hoped he'd get closure, but instead, things were even worse. Gus assured her that Tyler was angry at Marcus, not Leslie.

At Jabot, Lily flashed back to Tyler telling her that Cane should trust her and that Tyler didn't understand her need to defend Cane. In the present, Tyler entered and grumbled that he felt like he was losing his mind, but he was glad she was there, because she was the only person he could talk to. He revealed that his dad was free, and he admitted that he had been wrong and that Gus was innocent. Tyler disclosed that he'd just seen the man who'd really murdered his mom, but the culprit had denied it and had trash-talked Belinda.

Tyler reeled from the fact that Gus had been released and that Gus wanted a relationship with his children, but Tyler didn't know if he could forgive Gus for all the other things Gus had done. Lily counseled Tyler not to let Marcus take anything more away from him, and she pointed out that Tyler's family had a chance to build a future, but Tyler wasn't sure that he wanted anything from Gus. Lily empathized about losing a mother, and she encouraged Tyler not to lose another parent. Tyler wondered if Gus had really changed, and Lily urged Tyler to give Gus a chance for Tyler's own sake.

Victoria and Billy set up decorations for Johnny's first birthday, and Billy affectionately stated that he liked when Victoria gave him orders. She couldn't believe that a year had gone by so fast, and she marveled over how much Johnny had grown. Billy was glad to see Victoria as happy preparing for Johnny's birthday as she would have been brokering business deals, and she said that nothing was more important than what they had. Victoria and Billy kissed.

Billy, Victoria, and Johnny concluded a video chat with Mac and Reed. Victoria gushed that Johnny had smiled when the tot had seen his big brother on-camera. Victoria mused that Johnny had a big family who loved him, and Billy added that if they were lucky, Johnny would soon have one more family member. Billy declared that it was time to open presents, but Victoria insisted upon having food first. She noticed that Johnny was already playing with a new toy, and Billy proudly stated that the boy was just like his daddy.

Chloe, Kevin, and Delia arrived at Johnny's birthday party and handed gifts to Victoria. Chloe complimented the renovations, and she took particular interest in a sculpture. Victoria offered to give Chloe the name of the designer, and she invited the Fishers to look around. Kevin and Chloe exchanged a knowing glance.

Delia showed Johnny the card she had made him, and she presented him with a stuffed dinosaur. Chloe and Kevin moved to leave, and Billy expressed his appreciation for the extra time with Delia, because he wanted Johnny to know his siblings and to have a sense of family. Kevin and Chloe departed, and outside the house, they exchanged notes about the expensive trinkets they'd seen inside. They agreed that they were tempted to steal again, but they were reluctant to do so.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin grappled with the idea of stealing again. He indicated that Billy and Victoria's home had reminded him that there were really rich people who had expensive things they didn't need, and he liked the idea of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Kevin amorously added that he wanted more reasons to see Chloe in her catsuit. They kissed and then scampered into the office.

Johnny's family gathered around to help him make a birthday wish. Victoria wished for many more birthdays and great gifts, and Billy wished for more fun times and success with their "family project." Victoria, Billy, and Delia cheered as they blew out the single candle on Johnny's cake.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Michael and Lauren received a text message from Fen, who intended to sleep at a friend's house that evening. Michael suggested that he and Lauren order in dinner and open a bottle of wine, and Lauren agreed to join him after her Jabot meeting. Michael mentioned that Jack was out of town, but she replied that her meeting wasn't with Jack. Michael groused that she was leaving for work again, and he couldn't help but think that something else was going on.

Lauren assured Michael that her meeting wasn't an excuse to get away, but she had a few things to go over with Kyle while Jack was away. Michael offered to go out to dinner so she wouldn't feel trapped, but she promised that she would return home for an evening with her husband. She suggested that they spend the evening talking about how good things had once been between them and how things would be that good again, and she kissed him goodbye.

Summer and Courtney stopped by Crimson Lights after they'd seen a movie, and Summer thought that the best part had been when the guy had admitted that he liked the girl after she'd gotten a makeover. Summer plotted to look more mature, so Kyle would focus on the fact that she was old enough to vote. A disheveled Kevin and Chloe emerged from the back room after they'd made love. Kevin waited on the teens, while Chelsea walked in and immediately suspected that Chloe had just had sex, because Chloe had put her shirt on backwards.

Chloe adjusted her shirt and pushed for details about Chelsea's anonymous hookup. Chloe tried to guess what kind of guy Chelsea's mystery man was, and she called the man lucky for getting a cheap date with someone who refused to blame him for making a baby. Chloe groaned that it hurt her eyes to see Chelsea acting so pristine, and she hoped that Chelsea would see the man again. Chelsea said that she had seen him, and Chloe urged her to have sex with him again.

Chelsea said that it had been awkward seeing her male friend again, but she thought that he was cute. Chloe thought that Chelsea's attraction made it more believable to name him as the father of the baby, but Chelsea refused. Chloe cautioned that Adam could get custody, and she wondered if the universe was handing Chelsea a relationship with the perfect guy, but Chelsea pointed out that she didn't even know her friend's last name. Chloe countered that perhaps Chelsea was exactly what the man was looking for. Chloe said that Chelsea couldn't hide her pregnancy forever, so it was time Chelsea decided on a plan.

At Jabot, Abby walked in on Kyle closing a deal with an account manager, and she could hardly believe that she and Kyle were so businesslike and grown-up. Kyle jokingly questioned whether he had to give up beer pong, and she warned him against hitting on 18-year-olds. Kyle stated that Summer knew that they were permanently in the friend zone, and he vowed that his interaction with Summer would be fully clothed from that point on. Abby realized that Summer had gotten naked for him.

Abby thought that Kyle was trying to avoid telling her what had happened between him and Summer, and she expressed her need to protect Summer from herself. Abby remarked that Summer shouldn't be dropping her clothes like that, and Kyle teased Abby for being hypocritical, with her history as "the naked heiress." Abby worried about Summer's motives, but Kyle said that he'd made it clear that he wasn't interested in Summer, and Abby hoped that Kyle hadn't broken Summer's heart. Summer entered, clad in a sophisticated outfit.

Abby greeted Summer, who claimed to be there on business, and Summer invited Kyle to join her for coffee. Kyle rushed off to his meeting with Lauren, and Abby offered to have coffee with Summer. Abby noticed Summer's dress and makeup, and she advised Summer to find a college freshman to go after. Abby ordered Summer to leave Kyle alone, and she warned that Summer's pursuit of Kyle had become a topic of conversation around the office. Abby continued that Kyle was into someone else, and Summer tried to get details, but Abby said that it didn't matter.

Summer returned to Crimson Lights and informed Courtney that Abby had interfered with her plan, but Kyle had obviously reacted to Summer's new look. Summer reported that Kyle supposedly liked someone else, but she didn't think that anyone could compete with her. Summer and Courtney brainstormed about who Kyle's love interest could be, and Summer vowed to find out. Courtney realized that Kyle would want to do more than just hold hands with a girl, and she asked if Summer still wanted him to be her first lover. They plotted to blow the competition out of the water.

At On the Boulevard, Carmine greeted Lauren, who was surprised to see him, because it wasn't his shift. He quipped that he was in demand. She hissed that she wouldn't have been there had she known he'd be working, and he surmised that it was too difficult for her to see him. He added that it was hard for him to see her, too.

Lauren sternly reminded Carmine that they'd ended their relationship, and he asked if they could be friends, but she maintained that she was focused on her marriage. He contended that she wouldn't be there if that were true, but she barked that she was there for business, and she told him to forget about her. Kyle arrived, and Carmine pointed him to a table, but he said that Lauren still had to settle up. Lauren warned Carmine to keep his distance, and he smirked.

Kevin was surprised to find Michael alone at home. Michael handed Kevin a check and promised not to give a lecture. Kevin protested that he hadn't asked for money, but Michael explained that it was to get the power restored at Kevin's home, because obviously the outage wasn't still from the storm. Kevin revealed that he had already paid the bill, and Michael seemed skeptical, but Kevin turned the money down. Kevin asked how Michael and Lauren were doing, and Michael half-heartedly said that they were back on track.

Lauren returned home, and Michael was happy that her meeting had been quick. She asked about dinner, and Michael suggested that they order from one of her favorite restaurants. She thanked him, and he poured them some wine. He amorously reminded her to tip the bartender generously, and she choked on her wine.

Michael hoped his lame attempt at flirting hadn't caused an adverse reaction. Lauren encouraged him to continue flirting, and she suggested that they treat the evening like a first date. He acknowledged that it was a new start, and she said that they both knew how lucky they were. She ignored a text message from Carmine. She suggested that they order dinner, and Michael offered to try something different instead, but she pointedly said that she didn't want anything new.

Sharon entered the tack house and called out for Nick, but no one responded. She looked around for Faith's permission slip, and she stumbled upon the engagement ring that Nick had bought for Avery.

At the Underground, Avery did paperwork in her designated booth, and Nick hinted that he wanted her to give him an exclusive contract. She appreciated that he had been considerate about waiting for an answer to his proposal. He remarked that the anticipation kept him on his toes, but he believed that the ring would look fine on her finger. Dylan overheard and quickly ducked out.

Dylan intentionally made noise as he walked back into the club. Nick received a text message from Sharon, and he left. Dylan implied that Avery could use a drink, and he quickly reasoned that Avery was in a club without a drink in hand, but she called him "purposely obtuse." Dylan admitted that he had heard Nick and Avery talking about their engagement. He raised a glass and toasted that Nick was a lucky man and that Avery would be a beautiful bride.

Avery told Dylan to put his glass down, but he insisted that he wanted her to be happy. She clarified that she hadn't said yes. Dylan apologized for assuming that Avery wanted a future with Nick, and she tried to end the conversation, but Dylan asked what was holding her back. She said that a marriage could ruin a good relationship, and he pointedly stated that sometimes a good relationship could ruin a marriage.

Avery defended that she'd never cheat on Nick, and she was angry that Dylan had reminded her that she'd broken her vows by having an affair with Dylan. She contended that her marriage had been broken before she and Dylan had gotten involved, but she regretted that they'd caused a lot of pain. Dylan encouraged Avery to marry Nick if that would make her happy, but she knew that the chance of a marriage lasting for the long haul was risky. Avery and Dylan compared their own parents' marriages. Dylan said that his parents had proved that it could work, and he intended to have the same thing.

Dylan thought that his parents had set a great example, and he thought he could pull it off, but it had to be the right time with the right person. Avery agreed, and she admitted that she hadn't accepted Nick's proposal because of her own issues, not because of Nick or Dylan. She realized that a proposal was romantic and thrilling, but a marriage was legal and practical, and she knew that Nick and Phyllis' divorce had been hard on their family.

Dylan questioned the reason for all of Nick's failed marriages, and Avery vaguely stated that she needed to consider all the issues. Dylan opined that there were a million reasons for any two people not to get married, but only one real reason to say yes. Dylan asked if Avery had found someone she loved who made every day better and if she wanted to do the same for that person. Dylan added that Avery was the only person who knew the right answer.

Nick walked in on Sharon holding the ring. Sharon claimed that she had been looking for the permission slip, and Nick asserted that the ring was none of her business. She argued that it would affect Faith if he proposed, and he revealed that he'd already asked. Sharon wondered why the ring was in the box and not on Avery's finger. Nick explained that Avery was taking time to think about it.

Sharon thought that it was smart not to rush in, and she realized that Avery had to consider Nick's history with Phyllis. Nick snapped that he didn't need Sharon's permission, but Sharon pointed out that Avery could potentially become Faith's stepmother. Sharon worried about there being consistency in Faith's life, and she didn't want a disruption if Avery might not stick around. Nick encouraged Sharon not to get ahead of herself, but she referred to Nick's bad track record.

Nick swore that he loved Avery, and Sharon contended that he had once felt the same way about both Sharon and Phyllis. Nick refused to sit on the sidelines just because his past relationships hadn't worked out. Sharon advised him to take some time alone, because he'd always been with someone. He noted that Sharon was in a great place, but he was in a different place where he'd found the right woman, and he didn't want to let Avery go. Sharon hoped that he didn't get hurt.

Later, Abby stopped by the tack house to see Nick about Summer. Abby claimed that she had learned from her own mistakes, and she thought that it wouldn't be a good situation if Summer kept going after Kyle. Nick declared that Phyllis had handled it, but Abby cautioned that an 18-year-old wouldn't take no for an answer. Abby said that Summer had been harassing Kyle, and Kyle had tried to draw a line and not hurt Summer's feelings, but Summer was stubborn. Nick thanked Abby for telling him, and she wished him luck on her way out.

At Jabot, Abby reprimanded Kyle for reacting to Summer's new look. He argued that he'd only looked for a second, but Abby was certain that Summer had seen him. Abby understood that Summer had looked older, but she reiterated that Summer was still only 18. Kyle insisted that he didn't want Summer, and Abby informed him that she'd told Nick about Summer's antics. Kyle complained that he'd have to leave the country, but Abby clarified that she'd left out the naked incident. Abby suggested that Kyle make his fake girlfriend real.

Sharon stopped by the Underground, and Dylan worried that something was wrong with her kitchen. She gently informed him that Nick had proposed to Avery, and she thought that Dylan should know. Dylan wondered why Sharon had told him, and Sharon replied that he'd been clear that he'd stuck around town for a woman. He admitted that he'd thought he'd sweep Avery off her feet, but that hadn't happened, and then he'd incurred other obligations that had kept him from leaving town. Sharon thought that Dylan had suffered enough disappointment, but Dylan replied that Avery hadn't said yes.

Nick left a message for Summer and asked to see her right away. He started to leave to search for his daughter, but Avery appeared at his door and requested a private moment. "Yes!" Avery cried repeatedly. She rushed into Nick's arms and requested that he propose again, but before he could finish the question, she answered affirmatively once more. Nick ran to the door and bellowed to the world that they were getting married, and they kissed.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Michael prepared to go to work, and he remarked that Lauren had been out cold the night before. She apologized for falling asleep early, and he wasn't worried that they hadn't made love, but he was concerned about the distance between them. He said that he had the names of several therapists, but she proposed that they go on a romantic trip instead. Michael pointed out that Lauren could barely stand being in the same bed with him, and he doubted that leaving town would help.

Lauren thought that getting away from Genoa City would help her and Michael to put the bad memories behind them, but he felt that she wouldn't really be with him, no matter where they went. She insisted that she was committed to him and their marriage, and she wanted to go away together to prove it. Michael didn't feel right leaving Fen, and he wanted to rebuild their family in their own home. Michael suggested that they put off a trip until after Fen's graduation. Lauren tentatively placed her hand on his, but they were both clearly unhappy.

At On the Boulevard, Paul and Christine took time off to celebrate their new jobs. Paul toasted to making time to be together, and Carmine eavesdropped as Christine wished that Michael and Lauren could have joined them. Paul commented that the Baldwins needed time alone, and Christine mentioned that Michael had been worried about his marriage. Christine noticed Carmine listening, and Carmine covered by offering to take their breakfast order. Christine received a text message and groaned that she had to go back to work. Christine departed, and Paul eyed Carmine suspiciously.

Lauren charged into On the Boulevard, and she commanded Carmine to stop flirting and to just forget about her. He said that he couldn't get her out of his mind and that he'd never promised that he would keep his distance. She begged him to leave her alone if he had ever cared about her, and she walked off. Paul saw that Lauren was upset, and he asked what was going on.

Lauren claimed that she had been meeting someone, and Paul observed that she'd also spoken to Carmine at the Athletic Club. Paul asked if Carmine had been giving her a hard time, and she revealed that she had opened up to Carmine about her problems when she had been staying at the Athletic Club. She said that she had just stopped by to thank Carmine for being a great friend and to tell him that she was working things out with Michael. Paul started to ask if she was in trouble, but she insisted that there was nothing to worry about.

Michael dropped by to see Christine at work, and she asked why he and Lauren hadn't met Christine and Paul for breakfast. Michael explained that things had been tense at home, and Christine offered to do what she could to help. He asked for her assistance on a professional level, and they discussed a case in which Michael's client had torched her husband's car. Michael assumed that Christine would plead the case down to avoid going to court, but an offended Christine declared that she was the D.A., and she would make the decision.

Michael ran into Paul and expressed his regrets for missing breakfast, and Paul suggested that they celebrate once things settled down. Paul asked how Michael and Lauren were doing, and Michael revealed that Lauren had fallen asleep at the office on the night she hadn't returned home, but things had been getting better since then. Paul hoped that everything worked out.

Michael rethought his strategy, and he requested that Christine consider a plea bargain. She thought that they could work something out if Michael's client admitted that she had started the fire. Christine added that the woman probably felt justified, since the client's husband had been having an affair with his secretary. Michael defended that his client hadn't known, but Christine contended that anyone could sense on some level if their spouse was cheating.

Lauren returned home, and she was shocked when Carmine arrived at her door. She panicked that Michael could arrive home any minute, but Carmine reasoned that he and Lauren were friends. Carmine handed her a goodbye present, and he remarked that it was always good to have a little magic in her life. He continued that he'd wanted to make sure that she was okay after he'd spotted her conversation with Paul.

Carmine offered to have a glass of champagne waiting for Lauren if things didn't work out with Michael. Lauren's phone rang, and Michael left a message asking her to meet him for lunch. Lauren implored Carmine to leave, but he planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Meanwhile, Paul arrived outside the penthouse door.

Lauren pushed Carmine out the door, but he pressed the gift into her hand and reminded her not to forget the magic. He lingered in the hallway, and he ran into Paul. They recognized one another, and Paul questioned why Carmine was there. Carmine fibbed that Lauren had left her credit card behind, so he'd returned it. Paul called it personal service, and Carmine claimed that Lauren was a nice lady and a big tipper. Carmine rushed off.

At the police station, Noah voiced his suspicions to Alex that Adriana was in trouble and that she needed their help. Noah reported that Adriana had left suddenly and hadn't been in contact. Alex recalled that Adriana had regularly disappeared, but Noah didn't think it made sense. Alex offered to file a missing persons report, but he urged Noah to face the fact that she was gone. Alex referred to Adriana's past lies, and he advised Noah not to trust anything she had said. Noah wondered if Adriana had ever had feelings for him.

Alex called Noah a good guy who had been an easy mark for Adriana. Alex warned that women like Adriana would scam Noah for the rest of his life. Noah protested, but Alex explained that while Adriana had a good heart, she'd always wanted more, and she would use anyone to get what she wanted. Noah believed that Adriana had been turning her life around, but Alex remarked that people never changed.

Gus, Leslie, and Neil finished breakfast together, and Gus proclaimed that it had been the best meal he'd had in twelve years. Leslie suggested that he order a bacon sundae, and Neil mentioned a bacon perfume that had its own FacePlace page. Gus realized that he had a lot to learn, and Leslie assured him that he had time. Gus's primary concern was to catch up with his kids, and Leslie wished that Tyler had accepted her breakfast invitation, but Gus understood that Tyler had a lot to work through.

Gus asked why Leslie had become a lawyer, and she tried to avoid the topic, but Neil pressed her to reveal her motivations. Gus suspected that she didn't want to divulge the reason, and she reluctantly stated that she'd made the decision twelve years before. Gus realized that she'd found her life's calling when he'd been sent to prison, and she said that it made her sick to think about it. Gus was glad that something good had happened as a result of the mess. Tyler arrived and faced Gus.

Tyler said that he didn't want anything to eat, but Gus was just glad that Tyler had made it. Tyler asked about Gus's room at the Athletic Club, and Gus gushed about how much different it was from prison. Gus said that he had to pinch himself to make sure he hadn't died and gone to heaven, and Tyler concurred that the situation was surreal. Gus didn't want his kids to keep paying his way, and he swore that he would find a room to rent. Tyler readily agreed that they shouldn't keep footing Gus's bill, but Leslie offered Gus the extra bedroom at her apartment. Tyler glared disapprovingly at Leslie.

Leslie explained that it would take Gus time to find a job and a place to live, and she didn't want him to stay at a flophouse. Tyler argued that he didn't want to act like a big, happy family, but Leslie contended that she was just trying to make the situation work. Gus said that he didn't want to cause trouble, but Tyler retorted that it was all Gus had ever done. Tyler added that they'd had no happy times to reminisce about, and he refused to rewrite history. Leslie whined that they'd just gotten their family back together, but Tyler couldn't forget that Belinda would never join them.

Gus admitted that he hadn't been a good father or husband and that he should have been, but he'd had twelve years to think about what he had put his family through, and he wished that he could change it all. Neil understood what it was like to have regrets, and he informed Gus that he was an alcoholic. Neil said that he had done a lot of damage to his own family, but eventually they had forgiven him. He added that Lily had almost cut him out of her life, but she had ultimately decided that she hadn't wanted to lose any more time. Tyler surmised that Lily was a better person than he was, but Leslie asserted that it would just take time.

Gus offered to take things slowly, but Tyler barked that he wasn't a little kid who could be bullied anymore. Gus asked what he could do to make it right, but Tyler stalked off. Gus knew that Tyler had a right to be angry, but Neil assured Gus that everyone made mistakes, and they had to move forward. Gus said that he couldn't get back the twelve years he'd lost, but he'd hoped that he could start over with his family. Leslie pledged to stand by Gus. Gus said that she had her mother's heart, but he worried that Tyler was just like Gus.

At the Underground, Tyler sauntered up to the bar and asked Noah if Nick was around to go over marketing ideas. Noah responded testily, and he explained that he'd just been played for a fool. Tyler groused that people didn't change, and Noah declared that he'd gotten the message. Noah poured them both a shot and said to screw people they couldn't trust, and they chugged.

At the hospital, Victoria asked Billy if he was up for their appointment, and he reasoned that she was the one who had to get the shots, but she reminded him that he'd have to administer them. Victoria worried that she'd be a lousy patient once she began to experience mood swings and nausea, and he pointed out that those were also symptoms of pregnancy. She fretted that it could be longer than nine months, and they might still not have a baby.

Billy assured Victoria that they would be fine, and he encouraged her to maintain a sense of humor. She told him to remember those words when she had cravings in the wee hours. She said that she was craving something at that moment, and he offered to get her something from the vending machine. She told him that she knew what she wanted, and she kissed him.

Adam struggled to move around his hospital room, and Victor entered and applauded Adam's efforts. Adam asked why Victor was there, and Victor said that he had gotten word that Adam was being released, because he stayed informed about members of his family. Adam jokingly pondered whether his place was somewhere between Segundo and Jupiter. Victor wondered if Adam intended to return home, and Adam wondered if Victor expected him to move in with Victor and Nikki.

Victor thought that Adam would need help, and he noted that Chelsea had watched over Adam while he had been unconscious. Adam said that things hadn't changed between him and Chelsea, and Victor was sorry to hear it. Adam told Victor that he'd have to look elsewhere for another Newman heir. Victor asserted that it would be difficult for Adam to live in the big house all by himself, but Adam replied that he was accustomed to being alone.

Victor suggested that Adam live at the Newman penthouse, and Adam queried whether that was his reward for taking a bullet. Victor clarified that he'd sell it to Adam, but Adam didn't think that they could agree on a reasonable price. Both men took pleasure in negotiating, and they finally agreed upon a $1.5 million purchase price. Victoria entered as the men lightheartedly bantered, and she asked what was going on. Adam told Victoria that Victor was in a generous mood, and Victor announced that Adam would be moving into the penthouse, among other changes. Billy entered.

Victor proclaimed that he and Adam were no longer fighting, because Adam had saved his life and was his son, and he hoped that everyone would express appreciation for Adam's actions. Victoria said that Adam knew how grateful she was, but she didn't think it wiped the slate clean. Victor intended to move forward and heal, and he revealed that he and Adam had reached an understanding. Adam elaborated that Victor would work by his side at Newman Enterprises. Victoria struggled to cover her anger.

Victoria huffed that Victor had founded and built the company, but Victor stated that he had accepted the offer and that Adam had made it possible for a Newman to run Newman Enterprises. Victoria grumbled that Adam had stolen it, but Victor asserted that Adam had gotten it back from Jack and had returned it to the family, so Victor wanted to move forward together. Adam hoped that she'd join the Newman team, but Victoria flatly declined, and Billy explained that he and Victoria were working on a project that would take up all their time and energy.

Billy escorted Victoria out, and she theorized that Victor was pretending to accept Adam's offer to regain control of the company, but Billy thought that Victor had seemed sincere. Billy reminded her that they were in the baby-making business, and she tried to convince herself that she didn't care about Adam and Victor's alliance. Billy declared that they could have a life free of Newman and Abbott complications, and he was proud that they'd broken free of the pressure to be something that they didn't want to be.

Adam noted that Victoria had seemed displeased with the new family hierarchy, but Victor thought she'd change her mind. Adam wondered if she thought that Victor had signed a deal with the devil. "Maybe we both have," Victor replied.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cane amorously attempted to distract Lily at work, and she told him that he was doing a good job, but she still had to finish hers. He contended that he outranked the art department, and he tried to tempt her with dinner before bed, but she had to meet a deadline that night. He realized that it was for Tyler's project, and he wondered where Tyler was. Lily reported that Tyler hadn't been answering his phone.

Tyler tossed back shots at the Underground, and he ordered another, but Dylan served him water. Tyler slurred that bourbon would be better, but Dylan informed him that a cab was waiting to take Tyler home. Tyler asked for Noah, but Dylan replied that Noah was sleeping it off, and he advised that Tyler do the same. A belligerent Tyler babbled about putting the past behind him, and he told Dylan to mind his own business.

Dylan insisted that he just wanted to make sure Tyler got home safely. Tyler said that Dylan had no idea what Tyler was dealing with, but Dylan replied that he knew what it was like to feel like he'd lost everyone and everything. Tyler mentioned that he'd had something hanging over his head for years, and suddenly the problem was back in his life. Dylan empathized, and Tyler asked again for a drink, but Dylan turned him down. Tyler stumbled to the door and bumped into Kyle on his way out.

At the tack house, Nick confronted Summer about throwing herself at Kyle. Summer denied doing so, but she said that Kyle was sweet and smart, and she thought that Nick should be glad that she was spending time with Kyle. Nick warned that he had looked into Kyle's college days, and Kyle had been with one girl after another. Summer insisted that Kyle wouldn't treat her like that, and Nick considered her response to be proof that she was too young to date Kyle.

Summer barked that Nick had no say, but Nick pointed out that Summer was living in his home, and she declared that she planned to move out. Summer ran into Avery as she raced out the door, and Avery told Nick to let Summer go, because legally Summer was an adult. Nick grumbled that Summer rubbed it in his face every chance she got, and Avery suggested that he give Summer space, so he wouldn't say something he'd regret. Nick worried that Summer would do something that they'd all regret.

Avery advised Nick that he had to let Summer make mistakes. Nick asserted that Avery wasn't a parent, so she didn't understand. He explained that he'd always wanted to protect Summer, and the urge just got stronger as his daughter got older. He became choked up at the memory of not being able to protect Cassie from the car accident, and he stated that nothing was worse than watching his child suffer.

Nick told Avery that she was marrying into a ready-made family, and he contemplated how many kids they'd have together. She was surprised that he wanted more children, and he said that he wasn't opposed to it, because they'd have really cute babies. She thought that they should set a wedding date first, and she suggested the fall, but he preferred the following week. Avery wanted to start by telling their families, and Nick hoped that the news would distract Summer. Avery looked distant.

Avery arrived at the Underground, and she asked to speak with Dylan. They retreated to her booth, and he noticed that she was wearing an engagement ring. He stammered that the ring was nice, and Avery said that she loved Nick and that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Dylan congratulated her and hoped that she and Nick were happy, and she wished Dylan the same happiness. A tearful Avery said that Dylan had a beautiful dream, and she didn't want him to give up his chance for an epic love story like the one his parents had shared. Dylan replied that epic love only happened once in a lifetime.

Dylan awkwardly stated that he had to get back to work, but Avery asked him to wait. She knew that they couldn't be friends, but she pointed out that they couldn't avoid one another. He admitted that he was hurting, but he would deal with it, because it wasn't her fault that he had expected to still have a place in her life. She assured him that he would always have a place with her, but he figured that she'd soon be busy with marriage and kids, and he remarked that she'd be a great mom.

Avery contended that Nick's kids already had mothers, and she didn't think that Phyllis or Sharon would be happy if Avery tried to play mom to their children. Avery added that she'd be playacting, because she didn't know what it was like to be a parent. Dylan said that Avery knew how to love and that she understood that kids needed compassion. She asked if he ever thought about their baby, and he responded that he did all the time.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Courtney that Nick was driving her crazy. Summer pointed to an outfit in a magazine, and she asked Courtney what Kyle would think of it. Courtney stated that guys would like it because it was short and tight, but she wondered why Summer was so hung up on Kyle. Summer and Courtney agreed that boys their age were immature, and Summer didn't want to settle for a boy when could have a man.

Summer thought that the promiscuous outfit would convince Kyle that she was old enough to be taken seriously. Courtney warned that older guys wanted girls who were good in bed, but Summer didn't want to sleep around to get experience. Courtney suggested that they do research online, and they found an article about sexual moves to keep a man interested. Summer gasped at the image and said that the position defied gravity, but Courtney suggested that Summer try it with Kyle.

Kyle hit on a young woman at the Underground, but he received an incoming call from Summer's phone. He answered, but he was surprised to hear from Nick, who said that they needed to talk. Kyle went to the tack house, where Nick demanded that Kyle shut down Summer's crush. Kyle reported that he'd already told her that she was too young and that he was into someone else.

Kyle complained that he'd be taking home an older brunette at that moment if Nick hadn't interrupted, but Nick didn't care, as long as Kyle stayed away from Summer. Kyle understood that Summer was off-limits, and he agreed to keep his distance. Kyle added that he couldn't guarantee that other guys would do the same, especially with Summer's new look.

At On the Boulevard, Katherine joined Victor for dinner, and she apologized for missing the wedding. She asked why Adam had shown up at the reception, but Victor stated that he was glad Adam had been there, or Victor wouldn't be alive. Victor revealed that Marcus had been behind the attempt on his family's lives. Victor swore that Marcus would go down.

Katherine had heard about Marcus' murder arrest, but she hadn't been aware that he had been responsible for the events at the ranch. Katherine commented that it didn't matter which crime put Marcus away, because the end result was the most important. She answered a call and looked worried. She informed Victor that she had something important to tend to, but she was glad they'd talked.

On her way out, Katherine ran into Cane and Lily, and she told them to enjoy their dinner. Lily went to get a table, and Cane observed that Katherine looked upset. Katherine told him that she was on her way to get her test results, and he wanted to go with her, but she refused to ruin his evening. Katherine rushed off, and Lily agreed to postpone dinner so Cane could be there to support Katherine.

Cane joined Katherine at the hospital, and she said that she had a lot to process. She recalled that at first she had just thought that her memory lapses had just been part of getting older, and eventually she'd had to face that something was seriously wrong, but she'd never fathomed that she'd ever receive the diagnosis she'd just gotten. Cane said that at least they knew what they were dealing with, but she questioned whether she would have been better off not knowing.

Cane said that he had once kept the truth from Lily because he'd thought it had been for her own good, but it had made things worse. Katherine remarked that she'd never been one to turn around and run, and he implored her not to start. Katherine forced herself to admit aloud that she had a tumor pressing on a nerve in her brain. Cane looked at her proudly and took her hand.

Tyler went to Jabot with a bottle of liquor, and he despondently pulled out a photo of himself and Leslie as kids. Lily entered and sat next to him. He turned away in tears, and she placed a hand on his shoulder. He began to sob, and she held him. Tyler pulled away, and Lily facetiously asked if her work had been so bad that it had driven him to tears. He admitted that he had forgotten about the deadline, and she advised him to wait until he was sober to make any changes.

Tyler claimed that he wasn't drunk, and she asked what had happened. He told her that he'd found Leslie, Neil, and Gus bonding over breakfast as if the last twelve years hadn't happened. He showed her the photo and recalled that it was supposed to have been a family portrait, but Gus hadn't shown up, so Belinda had decided not to be in it, either. Tyler questioned why would he want someone like that in his life, and Lily argued that Gus was his dad and that Gus loved Tyler. Tyler declared that he didn't need a father and that Gus had to accept it.

Lily said that drinking wouldn't do Tyler any good, but he asserted that it would help him to forget. She lectured that he'd pay for it the next day, but he countered that Gus had never paid for treating his family badly. She recounted that she'd hated Neil for choosing booze over their family, and she had been angry for a long time, but her anger had only hurt herself. Lily told Tyler that he didn't need to hurt anymore and that his mom wouldn't want him to. She proclaimed that Tyler was a good person who deserved good things. Suddenly, Tyler pulled Lily into a passionate kiss.

In Istanbul, Jack and Phyllis returned to their hotel suite with armloads of shopping bags. She apologized that he'd been stuck watching her shop, but he proclaimed that he would miss sightseeing every day to watch her go bargain-hunting. She called herself a good haggler, and they good-naturedly bantered over her need to always have the last word. They agreed that they had both needed the trip, and they kissed.

Phyllis savored the smell of cardamom, and Jack wondered why she'd bought it, since she didn't cook. She protested, but he recalled that she'd almost burned his house down. Jack joked that Phyllis could burn water, and he remembered a night when the dog had howled along with the smoke alarm. They chucked, and Phyllis said that it was good to see Jack laugh. He conceded that he hadn't had much to laugh about after Stephanie's death, but he was glad that the truth was out, so he could get on with his life.

Jack thought his back would love the spa in their suite. Phyllis offered to give him a massage, and he couldn't believe that she'd stuck with him through his addiction. Phyllis was grateful that Jack accepted her for who she was, and he hoped that they were both finished looking for ways to self-destruct. She referred to his comment about the truth being out, and he revealed that he'd confessed to his role in Stephanie's death. Phyllis blasted him for risking going to jail, but he argued that it had been the only way to stop Marcus.

Jack explained his collaboration with Victor. Phyllis argued that Marcus never would have gone to the police, but Jack contended that Marcus had almost taken Billy and Abby's lives. Jack divulged that he'd gotten immunity from the authorities, but Phyllis worried that Marcus would find a way out of the charges, and she pressed Jack to ask for protection. She threatened that she would leave and would have nothing to do with him if he didn't make the call. She handed him the phone and left to get the spa ready.

At On the Boulevard, Victor approached Marcus at the bar and asked what he was doing there. Marcus raised his glass to the justice system, and he invited Victor to join him. Victor replied that he would only join Marcus in the courtroom to see Marcus convicted of murder, but Marcus bragged that he was a powerful man with powerful friends, and he wouldn't go to prison. Victor barked that Marcus might have made bail, but he would take Marcus down.

Marcus crowed that Victor had no idea how far Marcus' reach was, but Victor called Marcus pompous for thinking that he was above the law. Marcus trusted his attorney, but Victor warned him not to underestimate the disgust of a judge and jury. Victor swore that the man who shot his son would face many years in jail, but Marcus retorted that the man who hired the shooter would sit in a nice cocktail lounge, so all of Jack and Victor's hard work had been for nothing. Marcus spat that Victor had failed his family and that there was nothing Victor could do about it. Victor proclaimed that he would never fail his family.

Marcus called Jack, and he asked how Jack was enjoying his vacation. Jack wondered if Marcus was using his one phone call, but Marcus declared that he was a free man. A police officer arrived and arrested Marcus, and Victor taunted that Marcus might be set free for Belinda's murder, but Marcus' hired thug had rolled over, so Victor would see justice for his family, after all.

The officer read Marcus his rights, and Victor picked up the phone. Jack said that he had overheard, and he asked if his and Victor's partnership was over. Victor sarcastically stated that it broke his heart, but he hadn't forgotten that Jack had stolen his company. "If you think Marcus is going to have it rough, fasten your seatbelt, old boy," Victor cautioned.

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