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Donna and Taylor each suspected that Bill and Brooke were behind Katie's heart failure. Maya walked out on the porn deal, and Rick offered her a modeling job. As Steffy and Liam planned their wedding at the Forrester mansion, Taylor urged Hope to move on with her life.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 8, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, April 8, 2013

At Bill's house, Liam and Hope continued to babysit Will, and Hope said it was good that Liam was getting some baby practice. Hope tried to call Katie, to no avail. Liam and Hope found it strange that Katie had been gone from the baby for so long.

Hope and Liam checked on Will, and Liam noted that Hope's motherly instincts had kicked in. Hope exclaimed that she loved how innocent and unspoiled babies were. It melted her heart to see Will laughing and learning. Liam thought she'd make a wonderful mother someday. Hope's face darkened, and Liam tried to change the subject. She asked him not to say anything, and they hugged each other.

As Liam and Hope ate lunch, Hope called Katie again but got no answer. Liam hoped Katie was just taking time to herself. Hope guessed that Katie was on a massage table without a care in the world.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Bill scrambled to get dressed to go to the hospital to see Katie. Brooke wondered if it were her and Bill's fault. "No, no," he murmured as they exited.

Later, Brooke and Bill rushed into the hospital lobby. Dr. Meade told them that Katie had pressed the alert on her medical bracelet, and she'd been unconscious when they'd located her. He explained that Katie was "in heart failure," and her condition hadn't changed.

Dr. Meade stated that Katie was suffering from myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that restricted blood flow to the rest of the body. He was also concerned about the formation of blood clots that could cause a stroke or heart attack. Dr. Meade suspected that Katie had missed some of her antirejection medications and asked if she'd been distracted.

Bill relayed that things had been hectic, and Brooke asked for Katie's prognosis. Dr. Meade didn't think it looked good. Dr. Meade took Bill and Brooke to Katie's room. Brooke tearfully uttered to Katie that Brooke and Bill were there, and Katie needed to open her eyes because Will needed her.

Donna rushed into the room and asked what had happened. Bill replied that it was heart failure, and Donna tearfully asked Katie what had happened to her. Bill and Brooke looked at each other. Donna sobbed and held Katie's left hand. Immediately, Donna noticed that Katie's wedding rings were missing. Donna asked if the hospital had taken off the rings. Brooke just sat there crying, and Donna pointedly asked Brooke what had happened.

In the CEO's office, Caroline warned Rick that "Marcy's" true character would be revealed soon, and "Marcy" would be known for the real "skank" she was. Caroline perched on Rick's desk to flirt with him, and when he wouldn't pay attention, she became infuriated. Rick claimed she had his undivided attention. "It's about time," she said and hopped on his lap to kiss him.

Caroline uttered that she missed being close to Rick. Rick asked her to understand that he'd worked very hard to get his job, and his last quarter hadn't been dazzling. Rick felt that with Thomas and Taylor nipping at his heels, he had to work really hard to keep his position.

Caroline doubted that Rick had to work around the clock, and she admitted that she felt neglected. She thought she could be more understanding if "that girl" wasn't sniffing around. Rick got defensive, and Caroline quipped that he was quick to defend an ex-con. He tried to explain Maya's hard life to Caroline, but Caroline insisted that Maya would embarrass him one day.

At the producer's office, Mark was sure that Maya's angel face would play well on-screen. He said that all she had to do was "have stamina and look interested." Maya asked to know more about her character, and she asked if it were a love story. "If you need it to be," Mark responded.

Maya was shocked when Mark said they could begin right away, and she cited that she hadn't even auditioned. Mark replied that there were five thousand reasons that he wanted her. He showed her around the studio, and she asked if there was a script. He handed her two pieces of paper. Noticing that there wasn't a lot of dialogue, she remarked that she wasn't good at improvisation.

Mark announced that the job paid five thousand dollars, and he asked if Maya wanted it or not. Maya readily affirmed that she did want it because she could really use the money. "Herc," an actor, entered in a shirtless barbarian custom, and Mark introduced Maya to Herc as his new co-star. "As in 'Hercules?'" Maya asked, and Herc replied, "That's me, baby."

Mark instructed Herc and Maya to kiss each other and go up to the bathhouse to do whatever they'd do for twenty minutes. "And then it's on to the bank!" Mark exclaimed. Maya got suspicious and told Mark that he needed to spell out what kind of movie they were making.

Mark explained that they filmed high-quality adult entertainment, and Maya immediately began to gather her things and apologize for wasting his time. Mark tried to persuade her to stay for the money; however, Maya claimed she was a legitimate actress, and she couldn't do "adult." Flexing, Herc said that women never said "no" to him. "No," Maya responded and walked out.

After Maya left, Caroline called to see if Mark had given Maya the part. Mark relayed that Maya wasn't having it, and Caroline demanded her money back. He said it wasn't a department store, and he didn't give refunds. He clicked off the line, and Caroline said, "No refunds, huh? We'll see about that."

Later, Caroline arrived in Mark's office and promptly whipped out her sanitizer. Mark complained because Caroline's friend hadn't even known what kind of studio it was. "Eh, I really thought she would go for it," Caroline replied. He thought Maya could have classed the place up a bit.

Scoffing, Caroline said she needed to get out of that disgusting place -- but not without her money. Mark refused to return the cash, and Caroline replied, "No results, no money." She threatened to call the police, but then she forgot all about it when Herc entered the room.

Caroline circled Herc as if he was prey as she observed his physique. She said she'd never seen such great musculature. Mark picked up his cell phone and began filming Herc and Caroline.

Back in the CEO's office, Maya let Rick know that things hadn't gone well at the studio, but she'd at least gotten a story out it. She told him about the big, nasty, smarmy Herc and asked what kind of woman would be turned on by that. Rick thought he was more her type, and he said he could be nasty if she wanted him to. "By all means, be nasty," she responded, and Rick kissed her.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

by Pamd

At the hospital, Katie remained unconscious, and Donna demanded to speak to Brooke and Bill alone. Donna accused them of causing Katie's heart failure. Donna was incredulous that Bill had spent the night at Brooke's place.

Donna wanted to know what had happened. Brooke admitted that Katie had been upset when she left Brooke's house. Bill and Brooke finally confessed ... about the car accident. Bill admitted he'd had too much to drink and shouldn't have driven his car.

Bill said that he had arranged for Brooke to meet Katie and Bill at Bill's place -- he had been driving home. Brooke explained that they had collided, and her car had been totaled. Brooke had driven Bill's car to her house and had hidden it in the garage. She had also hidden Bill in her bedroom when suspicious Lieutenant Baker showed up asking questions.

Donna wondered why they hadn't told Katie the truth when she had called the night of the accident. Brooke justified her actions because she had been trying to spare Katie. Donna said it had been poor judgment on Brooke's part. Donna wanted to know if anything had happened between Bill and Brooke that night. Bill and Brooke professed their innocence.

Donna worried that detectives would discover what had happened. Brooke assured Donna that Bill and Brooke were the only witnesses. Donna asked why Brooke had been so quick to protect Bill. Brooke insisted that she had tried to protect everyone from scandal.

Brooke and Bill explained that when Katie showed up in the morning, Katie had seen Bill and Brooke in Brooke's bedroom. Donna was shocked, but Brooke said that Bill had slept in Brooke's bed, and Brooke had slept in another room. Brooke had delivered pain meds to Bill, and Katie had walked in at the same time. Bill said that Katie had ended their marriage on the spot.

Donna doubted that Katie would have ended her marriage without just cause. Brooke and Bill said they had tried to convince Katie that there was nothing going on, but Katie had insisted that Brooke and Bill belonged together.

Donna reminded Bill how much Katie loved him and Will. Donna couldn't believe what Brooke and Bill had done. Bill and Brooke looked guilty, but maintained their innocence. Later, Brooke admitted she should have told Katie the truth on the phone.

Bill left, and Donna and Brooke continued their discussion. Donna warned that Brooke had started a lot of trouble. Brooke justified her actions to save embarrassment for Forrester, Spencer, and their families. Donna doubted that everything would remain a secret. Brooke claimed that only Bill, Brooke, and Donna knew the truth about the accident. Donna disagreed. Donna claimed that Baker would not give up until he found Bill's car.

At Bill's, Taylor entered and discovered Liam and Hope were babysitting together. Taylor pointedly asked Liam about Steffy. "Why are you here, Taylor? " Hope asked. Taylor said she had a session with Katie, and they all wondered where Bill and Katie had gone. Will's nurse arrived, and they realized that no one had heard from Katie or Bill. Hope called Brooke to find out what had happened. Brooke dished that Katie was in the hospital.

Hope, Taylor, and Liam arrived at the hospital, and Doctor Meade explained that Katie had inflammation of the heart muscle. He asked Taylor if Katie had been stressed. It appeared Katie had missed her antirejection medications and was in heart failure. Taylor said it was possible that Katie had been emotionally distressed.

Everyone entered Katie's room. Taylor pulled Brooke aside, and they talked outside. Taylor mentioned that Brooke's inappropriate relationship with Bill could have triggered Katie's forgetfulness and missed medications. Taylor demanded to know what had happened. Brooke said that Katie had suffered a heart incident when she was driving. Taylor knew there was more to the story.

Bill interrupted, and he said Taylor's accusations were nonsense. He reminded Taylor that he had fired her. A nurse interrupted and offered Bill an ice pack for the wound on his head. Taylor suddenly noticed Bill's head injury and wondered if he had been in an accident. She wondered if it had anything to do with Katie. Bill denied it, but Taylor doubted his sincerity. She vowed to find out the truth.

In Katie's hospital room, Donna, Hope, and Liam urged Katie to recover. Hope cried, and Liam comforted her.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

by Pam

At the hospital, Donna, Hope, and Liam sat with Katie, and Katie showed no signs of awakening. Liam tried to encourage Donna and Hope. They discussed that Katie would awaken, and her first words would be about Will and Bill. Liam said that his dad was a lucky man to have Katie in his life.

Liam and Hope headed for the chapel. Donna wanted to stay behind. Donna peeked out at Bill and Brooke in the hospital hallway. Hope and Liam discussed that Bill appeared to feel guilty about Katie's condition.

In private, Brooke and Bill admitted that Katie was fighting for her life because of them. Brooke and Bill had never imagined that anything would have happened to Katie after she had left Brooke's house. They wondered if it was the lack of antirejection medication or her mistrust of them that had resulted in heart failure.

Taylor interrupted. She wondered what would have made Katie forget to take her antirejection meds. Bill wondered why Taylor was at the hospital. He inquired if she had any other patients. Taylor defended herself as Katie's therapist. Bill suggested that Taylor would be no help because Katie was in heart failure and did not need a therapist. Taylor said that when Katie awakened, she might need a therapist.

Bill accused Taylor of turning Katie into a basket case. Taylor reminded Bill that he had asked Taylor to help Katie with her depression. Brooke interrupted and said that the family had been very grateful for Taylor's help in the beginning when Katie needed help for postpartum depression. Bill told Taylor to leave.

In Katie's hospital room, Donna tearfully promised that Katie would be okay. Donna reminded Katie that Will needed her. Donna cried that Bill had been stupid and reckless. Donna explained that Katie had misunderstood what Katie had seen at Brooke's place. Bill had been injured, and Brooke had helped him after the accident.

Taylor entered and asked Donna if Katie had been so upset that she would have forgotten her medication. Taylor insisted that something had triggered Katie's condition, and Taylor had known that Katie was upset about Bill and Brooke's relationship. Donna said it was a private family matter.

In the hallway, Bill told Brooke that he had set off a chain of events when he started drinking shots of liquor at his office. He said he wasn't an alcoholic, but he had behaved like a frat boy. He regretted everything, but he lamented that he had lost Katie when she went into depression. Brooke tried to console Bill that he and Katie had drifted apart.

Bill said that he had lost all objectivity when it came to Katie and Brooke. He'd had no idea they would end up at the hospital. Doctor Meade and Taylor showed up. Bill told Taylor to leave.

Later in Katie's room, Brooke asked to be alone with Katie. Bill kissed Katie on the forehead and walked out with Taylor and Donna. Brooke cried and stroked Katie's head. "Are you here because of me?" Brooke asked. Brooke begged Katie to recover, and Brooke apologized.

Bill watched from the window. Donna decided to get a cup of coffee, and Taylor and Bill were alone. Taylor tried to sympathize with Bill. She reminded him that they would be grandparents together. She wanted to believe that Bill had nothing to do with Katie's health problems. Taylor insisted that she hadn't accused him and Brooke of anything, but they had acted guilty.

Bill walked away. Taylor walked into the hospital room and interrupted Brooke. Taylor said she knew something had happened. Taylor glared at Brooke. Bill entered, and he told Taylor to exit because Taylor had not helped Katie recently.

Brooke squinted at Taylor, and Taylor said she had a sinking feeling that something more had happened between Brooke and Bill. Bill insisted that Taylor needed to leave. Taylor vowed that she would find out what had put Katie in a hospital bed with a heart condition.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Inside Eric's house, Taylor and Eric hugged and kissed in the living room. Taylor thought of Katie, and Eric asked if Taylor really thought Bill and Brooke had something to do with Katie's condition. Taylor insisted that something had caused the heart failure, and Katie could have forgotten to take her medication because she'd been preoccupied with the situation with Brooke and Bill.

Taylor complained that Brooke and Bill were being vague about where Katie had been headed before her heart failure incident. Eric figured that Brooke and Bill might not have known where Katie had been headed. Taylor, however, was sure that the two knew a lot more than they were letting on.

Taylor felt that she owed it to Katie to find out what was really going on, and she said she'd warned Brooke and Bill that the truth always got out. Eric had seen how over-stressing about other people could consume a person's life, and he cautioned Taylor not to let that happen to her.

Taylor knew she shouldn't let Brooke get under her skin, but Taylor felt that Stephanie had been right. Taylor figured that Stephanie wouldn't have approved of the relaunch, either. Eric said that Taylor was right; however, they were there, and Stephanie wasn't.

Taylor wondered how Eric could calm her down so easily. Pointing to Stephanie's portrait, Eric replied that he'd had a lot of practice. Taylor expressed her happiness to be with Eric in that house, and Eric thanked her for making it a happy home again. The two kissed, and Taylor decided that moving there had been the best decision she'd ever made.

Taylor felt that everything was perfect. She said her daughter was pregnant and at the pool nearby with Liam, the husband-to-be. Taylor had been planning Steffy and Liam's wedding in her mind and said it would mean a lot if the couple got married at the mansion. Eric replied that it was Taylor's house, and nothing would make him happier. Taylor beamed with gratefulness and kissed him.

Liam and Steffy sat out by Eric's pool. Liam kissed Steffy, and she said she was glad he'd been there for Hope earlier because Hope was close to Katie. Liam was glad that Taylor had invited them over to relax, and Steffy said her mother had been worrying about her being alone while pregnant. Liam claimed he hated leaving Steffy alone while he had to go to work. They discussed her cravings, and Steffy thanked Liam for indulging them. She expressed that she and the baby were lucky to have him.

Looking down at her one-piece bathing suit, Steffy became excited that she could see her "baby bump." Liam rubbed it, saying it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. Steffy imagined that she'd soon be a huge cream puff, but Liam assured her that she'd still be sexy. As they touched her stomach, she expressed how ecstatic she was to meet their child, and Liam and Steffy kissed.

While putting suntan lotion on Steffy's back, Liam expressed guilt for being that happy. Steffy advised him to enjoy it before the baby arrived. He expressed that Will had worn him out earlier, and Liam hoped that Katie was okay. As Steffy reassured Liam that Bill would let him know what was happening, Taylor text-messaged Steffy to ask Steffy and Liam to visit the main house for a talk.

When Steffy and Liam arrived inside the house, Taylor giddily announced that she and Eric had an invitation for Steffy and Liam. Steffy guessed that Eric and Taylor were racing Steffy and Liam to the altar, but Eric stated that he and Taylor wanted Liam and Steffy to get married at the mansion.

Steffy was floored, and Eric said it was Steffy's home, too. Liam and Steffy accepted the offer, and Steffy beamed that it would be the best wedding ever. Taylor began showing Steffy a tablet with all of Taylor's wedding ideas saved in it. Liam guessed he wouldn't get a say in the wedding, and Eric advised Liam that he just had to go along with things.

Taylor cooed that she had the perfect wedding planner, and she went on about flowers and deejays. Steffy remarked that her wedding dress, designed by Thomas, was on the backburner due to Thomas trying to save the company. Eric offered to design the dress and suggested something edgy. Taylor hugged and thanked Eric. Turning to hug Liam, Steffy beamed that they were getting married.

Eric and Taylor left the room. Liam said it was sweet of Taylor to help out, and he really wanted Steffy to have the wedding of her dreams. "Even if it's cheesy?" she asked. He declared that they'd get married either way. Reflecting upon the Aspen wedding, Liam said it had been unique, spontaneous, and unforgettable. Steffy believed it would be completely different the next time because they'd be getting married with family and friends in the new family home.

Steffy tearfully said that the day would be epic; it'd be the day that she and Liam joined together as a family. Liam hugged her. She said she was excited to be his wife, and the couple kissed.

In the Forrester guesthouse, Hope informed Rick of what was going on with Katie. Rick grew concerned, but he assured Hope that Brooke and Bill would give Katie all the support she needed.

The topic turned to Maya, and Hope pressed Rick to decide whether or not Caroline was still his girlfriend. Rick asked why Hope was grilling him about his love life, and Hope replied that she didn't have one of her own, so she had to live vicariously through him.

Rick assumed that she'd given up on Liam. Hope asserted that she didn't have a choice because "they" were having a baby together. Rick asked if there were no turning things around, but Hope insisted that Liam had a responsibility to Steffy and their child.

Hope relayed that she and Liam had babysat Will earlier. It had been fun but hard for her because there was something still between her and Liam. Rick said Liam would always love her. Hope didn't want to think about it because Liam was marrying Steffy, as it should be because of the baby.

Rick assumed that Liam was just trying to man-up and do what was expected of him. Though Hope agreed, she insisted that it was more than that. Groaning, Hope said it didn't matter anymore; she was just grateful that Liam was still in her life. She recalled how sensitive Liam had been at the hospital earlier, as if things hadn't changed for them. "I just wish it were true," Hope wistfully added.

In the CEO's office, Caroline and Dayzee fumed about Maya. Dayzee wanted Maya to stay out of her life, but Maya had gotten involved with both of Dayzee's brothers-in-law. Caroline quipped that Maya could have Carter, but Rick was off-limits. Caroline hinted that even "Hercules" hadn't been able to help her get rid of Maya, but Caroline was sure there was a way to show Rick who Maya really was.

Dayzee remarked that Rick wasn't bothered by Maya's past. Caroline, however, imagined how bad it would be if the press found out that Rick was involved with an ex-con. Caroline quipped that Maya should still be in prison for her new crimes against fashion.

Carter arrived, looking for Rick. With a purposeful grin, Caroline said she'd heard that Carter had developed an interest in Maya. Caroline urged Carter to ask Maya out. Carter asked if anything were happening between Rick and Maya. Scoffing, Caroline insisted that her profile status said "in a relationship with Rick Forrester," who was just being brainwashed by Maya's sob story at the moment.

Carter expressed an interest in asking Maya out again, and Caroline encouraged him to wine and dine the cargo pants right off Maya. "Because Rick is mine, and I'm not about to lose him," she bitterly murmured.

Friday, April 12, 2013

At Eric's house, Taylor and Eric entered and observed Liam and Steffy laughing and waltzing together. Eric invited Taylor to dance, and Liam asked if the two were making fun of him and Steffy. "Absolutely," Eric replied. Spinning Taylor, Eric thanked her for returning laughter to his house.

Steffy tried to ask if Eric were sure about hosting the wedding. Eric stopped her mid-sentence, saying that he wouldn't hear of it. He recalled that it was tradition for the bride's family to host the ceremony, and since Steffy's mother lived there, the wedding would be there.

Taylor and Steffy sat down to work on wedding plans, and Eric took off to do some work. Sensing that Liam needed a planning break, Steffy suggested that he scout the grounds for the perfect wedding spot, or lounge by the pool and dream of their honeymoon. Liam kissed Steffy and bolted out of the house. "Men!" Steffy joked, and she and Taylor hugged.

Taylor got an idea for the wedding entrance and headed outside to check it out. Liam returned, and Steffy and Liam went outside to the front courtyard, where Steffy said that her and Liam's child would play just as she had done while growing up. Liam imagined the kid would do motorcycle wheelies around the water fountain. Liam touched Steffy's stomach, and they kissed.

In the guesthouse, Hope continued to counsel Rick about his love life. She thought that not talking to Caroline about things was making the situation more difficult than it needed to be.

Rick remarked on Hope's strong moral compass and her fan base, but Hope informed him that no one was following her line anymore. Hope was ready to go in a different direction, and Rick stated that he had some ideas for her. He asked her to hang out by the pool while he got them together.

Rick left the guesthouse, and as Hope got ready to go to the pool, Taylor, who'd seen Hope through the window, entered to ask what Hope was doing there. Taken aback, Hope explained that she was visiting her brother, and he'd said she could use the pool while he was at work. "Not today," Taylor asserted. Taylor stated that Liam and Steffy were on the property, planning their wedding.

Hope thought that was good for the couple because the baby would be arriving soon. Taylor replied that Liam and Steffy were getting married because they were in love. "Yeah, and then Liam has a responsibility," Hope added. Taylor insisted that it was more than that, and Hope needed to learn to accept that Liam wanted to make the commitment to Steffy.

Taylor told Hope to leave. Hope said she couldn't always run away in fear of bumping into Steffy and Liam. Taylor agreed but doubted it would be good for anyone if Hope saw Liam and Steffy planning their wedding. Taylor explained that once the wedding happened, Hope could move on with her life.

Hope noted that it was Taylor's specialty to help people move on, much like Taylor had helped Eric move on from Stephanie. Taylor scoffed, claiming that Eric was happy, and Hope could be, too. Hope asserted that she had been happy -- with Liam --- and they had been starting over. Hope figured that if anyone could sympathize with Hope's situation, it would be Taylor.

Hope conveyed that Taylor knew how it felt to lose the person she'd thought she'd spend her life with. Taylor insisted that Steffy hadn't stolen Liam, but Taylor understood Hope's feelings because it was what Brooke had done to Taylor. Hope decided that Taylor was right; it was time for Hope to leave.

Taylor advised Hope to be discrete about leaving, but Hope roared that she hadn't been on the estate to spy on Steffy and Liam. Hope said Steffy would just have to deal with it if she saw Hope. "Just like I have to deal with seeing her. And if I want to talk to Liam," Hope added with a shrug, "I will."

Taylor asked why Hope would do that -- other than to make Steffy feel insecure. Hope reasoned that if Steffy felt insecure, it wouldn't be due to Hope's actions; it would be because Steffy felt guilty for what she'd done to Hope. Taylor insisted that there were boundaries, and Hope needed to respect the baby and the impending marriage. "We both know it should have been me," Hope responded.

Taylor said Hope's feelings were the story of Taylor's life because Brooke couldn't have cared less about Ridge and Taylor's family. Looking at Liam and Steffy through the window, Taylor expressed that the couple was happy, but if Hope couldn't be happy for them, she could at least try to move on.

Hope peeped out the window and saw Steffy showcasing to Liam what a ceremony would be like in the courtyard. Steffy claimed she'd be a rebellious, biker-mama bride, and Liam would wonder about marrying a crazy woman. "When you put it that way..." Liam said and took off running. Hope watched them chase each other around the courtyard, and she shed tears as they caught each other and kissed.

At Maya's place, Carter arrived for a surprise visit. He said he hadn't been able to get Maya out of his mind. Maya told him that it was okay that he'd dropped in, but he wondered what would have happened if Rick had been there. She admitted that it could have been awkward.

Carter revealed that he'd arrived there to ask Maya out. Maya recalled that her last date with him hadn't gone well. He asked for another chance, but she blamed herself for it. He decided that dinner at the Forresters' hadn't been a good idea, but he said that the next time, it would be just the two of them. He believed that he had things to offer Maya, too, but he knew she wasn't impressed with riches.

Maya explained that she didn't begrudge anyone success, but she'd had a problem with Rick being dishonest with her. She needed honest people around her. "Like me," Carter replied. Maya decided that she'd give it to him for being persistent, but Carter replied that he'd rather she give him a second date.

Maya hesitantly said she was sure that she and Carter would have fun. Sensing that Maya was still hung up on Rick, Carter reminded her that Rick was with Caroline. Maya started to talk about Rick, but Carter asserted that he was interested in Maya, not Rick.

Just then, Rick called Maya. Carter instructed her to answer it because he wasn't afraid of a little competition. Maya answered the call, and Rick asked her to meet him at Forrester.

After the call, Carter offered to give Maya a ride to Forrester to meet Rick. Carter claimed it would give him and Maya a chance to get to know each other. She replied that it wasn't that far away. "I'll take the long way," Carter replied and swooped in to kiss her. Maya turned her face, and Carter's kiss landed on her cheek. "There's nothing wrong with taking our time," he uttered, and Maya smiled.

Later, Maya arrived at Forrester and asked Rick if he knew who she'd just seen in the elevator. Rick assumed that it was a singing star who was getting a fitting for an awards show, and Maya guessed it happened all the time there. Rick believed that people would react to Maya the same way someday.

Maya thought it was nuts that the singer hadn't impressed Rick, but Maya singing in a coffee shop had. Rick replied that the singer wasn't as good as Maya. Maya quipped that her singing didn't buy her Forrester gowns. He replied that Forrester was giving the singer the dress because they wanted beautiful, talented women to be seen in their work and prompt other talented women to buy.

Maya asked if Forrester did that for all their lines, and Rick explained that they didn't; however, that was about to change. Talking about that reminded Rick that he had something to ask her. He explained that his sister's line had hit some rough patches, but he wasn't ready to give up on it. The line had been focused on Hope, but he wanted to broaden the appeal and update the look.

Maya guessed that he needed a new spokesperson. "Or spokespersons," Rick added. He said that the line was supposed to be about real women with inspiring stories. Maya thought it sounded great, but she didn't know why he wanted her opinion. Rick asserted that he wanted not just her opinion; he wanted all of her as a part of the campaign.

Maya was shocked that Rick was asking her to model. Rick explained that it was more than that. He wanted people to see in her what he saw. He felt that her ability to rise above problems was what the campaign was all about. He said it wasn't acting, but she'd get great exposure. Maya found the offer to be incredible. "You are incredible," she added and kissed him.

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