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Brooke rescued Bill from the crash site and hid him out at her house for a night. Katie demanded a divorce and said that Brooke could have Bill. Brooke and Bill had sex, and Dr. Meade called Brooke to say that Katie was in the hospital. Caroline paid a porn producer to give Maya a starring role.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 1, 2013 on B&B
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Monday, April 1, 2013

At Katie's house, Katie got a sudden chill, but she brushed it off as nothing. Dani tried to reassure Katie, who began to wonder if she were pushing Bill too hard. Dani reminded Katie that she was a new mother, but Katie felt that she should be handling things better.

Dani reasoned that Bill had to do his part, too, and after getting to know him, Dani couldn't imagine how Katie even lived with him. Katie responded that she couldn't imagine living without him, and she hoped she never had to.

Dani thought Katie was good for Bill, but Katie said he just wanted her off his back. Katie explained that he'd taken a shot each time she'd prohibited him from doing something. "That's mature," Dani quipped. Katie felt that she could have understood about Bill and Brooke if things hadn't persisted; however, Brooke always went too far with men, and it always caused disaster.

Katie checked on the sleeping Will and returned to the living room, where Dani was flipping through Katie and Bill's wedding album. Katie remarked that it hadn't been the grand affair that Bill had probably envisioned. Dani said it looked beautiful anyway.

Katie relayed that Brooke had said Bill had become vulnerable to her because Katie wasn't fulfilling his needs. Dani grumbled that it was a good thing Katie had told Brooke to back off. Katie added that Brooke suspected that Katie was insecure. Dani, however, believed it wasn't insecure to protect the family from history repeating itself.

Katie said she'd once thought the happiness from her wedding day would last forever, but when it hadn't, she'd believed she and Bill would get through things together. Katie was sure they'd do that, and Dani hoped Brooke understood what to do after Katie had talked to her. Dani guessed Brooke had been trying to help, but Katie replied that Brooke couldn't see what Katie saw.

Dani reasoned that Brooke might not be able to see it. Dani wondered if Brooke had developed feelings for Bill and couldn't back off. Katie expressed that Brooke didn't think she was doing anything wrong, and Brooke had suggested that Katie just flirt with her husband and let him drink every once in a while.

Dani shot up from her seat, saying everyone knew where that would lead, and Caroline had already been pushed over a balcony. Dani asserted that Bill was acting spoiled, and Katie and Will had to be first with him. Katie just wished he'd return home from wherever he was.

Katie called Bill but got his voicemail. While leaving a message, she asked him to call a truce and let her know if he needed a ride home. She clicked off the line and flashed back to the moment she'd taken her wedding vows. Back then, she had promised to love him and accept him the way that he was -- flaws and all. Katie shed tears, thinking of that day.

Katie recalled that she'd vowed not to change Bill, but she said he knew his drinking bothered her. Dani replied that he was lucky he hadn't gotten a DUI yet. Dani reasoned that powerful men thought the rules didn't apply to them, and then they started taking risks. Katie wondered if Dani were saying that Bill might knowingly drive drunk.

At the crash site, Brooke groggily awakened with blood in her hairline. She stumbled out of her car and located the car she'd collided with. When she looked into the window of the other car, she gasped and called out Bill's name. Brooke shook Bill and urged him to wake up.

Bill groaned and asked what had happened. Brooke explained that they'd had an accident. Bill strained and grimaced while sitting up, and Brooke decided she had to take him to a doctor. He murmured that he was okay, and he'd probably only pulled a stomach muscle.

Brooke helped Bill remove his seatbelt and realized that he'd been drinking. Bill just looked at her, and she said she had to get him out of there. She instructed him to scoot over, so she could drive.

Brooke drove Bill to her house. As she helped him limp to the door, Bill said he should be helping her. He figured she could have been injured -- or worse. Brooke said they were both lucky.

In Brooke's bedroom later, Bill was sitting against Brooke's headboard as Brooke attended to his wounds. He murmured that he shouldn't have been driving, but he'd been at the end of his rope after Katie had been all over him again. Brooke said he'd called her earlier, and Bill remembered that he'd decided that the three of them should hash things out. He wished he'd let Alison drive him.

Bill had realized that he shouldn't have been drinking and driving, and he vowed that he wouldn't do it again. Brooke wanted him to see a doctor and offered to call Bridget. He declined, saying the less people who knew about it, the better. Brooke started to get up to retrieve an ice pack, but he pulled her back. He explained that he knew he'd been reckless, and it had been a wake-up call for him.

Later, Bill set down a coffee cup and heaved against a pain in his chest. Brooke handed him an ice pack, and he said it had happened because Katie had pushed him too far. He figured Brooke would defend her sister, but she replied that she wouldn't always, especially after what Katie had said earlier.

Bill was sick of Katie trying to control his life, and he'd had enough of it. Brooke asked if he'd told Katie that, and he replied that Katie had kept pushing and telling him what to do, where he could go, and who he could see. "I'm a man, Brooke, and I'm not going to put up with it," he asserted.

Bill went on to explain how he'd gotten involved in the drinking game. Brooke grimaced, and he admitted that it had been childish. He felt as if there was nothing he could do to please Katie. He wanted his wife back, but he didn't know if it were the medication or the depression, or if Katie was just done with him. Bill concluded that he'd done something irresponsible and dumb. He'd been driving drunk, and Brooke had saved him. "Thank you," he uttered.

At the accident site, a police officer called Lieutenant Baker because he'd found a car accident in which an airbag had been deployed. The officer relayed that the car belonged to Brooke Forrester. He cited that Brooke wasn't there, but he'd found a second set of tire tracks, possibly indicating that someone might have picked her up. Displeased, Baker noted that he'd dealt with the Forresters extensively in the past, and he'd handle it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

by Pam

At Katie's, Katie admitted to Donna that Katie and Bill had had another argument. Katie shared that she'd tried to get Bill to understand that his drinking was out of control and he had no business spending so much time with Brooke.

Katie confessed that Bill had told her she was overreacting. Katie and Donna discussed that Brooke had a lack of judgment and boundaries where men were concerned. Donna advised that Katie shouldn't push her husband away.

Katie worried that her marriage wasn't supposed to be a constant battle. Katie said she loved being a mom, and Bill was an amazing dad. Katie smiled as she recalled that at home, Bill was the man she loved and the man she'd married. She knew that he fiercely protected his loved ones, but his loyalty had shifted to Brooke. Donna defended Brooke and said that Brooke had learned from past mistakes.

Katie said that she could not get the image of Bill and Brooke rolling around on the bed at Forrester out of her head. Donna agreed that she was also worried about Brooke's judgment.

At Brooke's house, in her bedroom, Brooke took care of a shirtless Bill after the car accident. He had a gash on his forehead and some sore ribs. Brooke delivered a first aid kit and warned that Bill could not tell Katie that he had been drinking and driving.

Bill admitted he'd been stupid. The doorbell rang, and Brooke discovered Lieutenant Baker at the door. Baker wanted to confirm that Brooke was all right. Brooke acted surprised, but Baker pointed out that he had seen her car had crashed and been towed from the scene. The lieutenant asked about the other driver, and Brooke said that she and the other driver had decided to handle the accident privately.

Baker wondered if the other driver had given Brooke a ride home because there were scrape marks in her driveway. Brooke claimed that she had walked home, but Baker wanted to look in her garage. Brooke refused and reminded him that he was on private property. She added that it had been a fender bender and nothing more. Brooke thanked the lieutenant and went inside.

Brooke returned to Bill and explained that Lieutenant Baker had found her car. Brooke reiterated everything she'd told Baker. Bill asked Brooke to take him home, but Brooke warned that the lieutenant would be watching the house, and there was no way that Brooke could drive Bill's car. Bill said that he would call Alison or Katie, but Brooke advised against telling Katie or anyone that he had been driving drunk.

"You can't leave -- stay here tonight," Brooke ordered. Bill looked pensive. Bill lamented that he could not stay out all night, but Brooke advised him to hide the truth from Katie. Brooke called Katie and said that Bill was fine and he was with her. Brooke added that Bill was going to spend the night at her house.

Brooke told Katie, "Trust me." Katie angrily demanded to speak to her husband, and Brooke refused. Katie ordered Brooke to put Bill on the phone. Brooke said that Bill would be home in the morning. Brooke hung up.

Brooke returned to Bill's room later with ibuprofen. Bill wondered when she planned to lecture him, but Brooke said Bill needed to sleep off the scotch because a lecture wouldn't do him any good. Bill lamented that Katie didn't understand him. Bill and Brooke gazed at each other, but Brooke got up and left the room. "Sleep well, stallion," she said. Bill thanked Brooke.

At home, Katie angrily dissed Brooke. Donna told Katie to go over to Brooke's house and confront them, but Katie said she had to trust that Bill would return home to her. Katie refused to chase Bill. Katie said that Bill would return to his senses. In her next breath, Katie added that if Bill spent the night at Brooke's, their marriage was over.

At Forrester, Eric and Rick worked on lingerie fitting with models. Rick was pleased, and Eric said the designs needed tweaks. Rick proudly said the resurrection of Brooke's Bedroom would improve the company's sales.

Thomas and Taylor entered, and they immediately insulted the reintroduction of Brooke's Bedroom, but Eric defended it. Taylor dished that she agreed with Stephanie's description of Brooke Logan as good at two things -- being the center of attention and causing a scandal.

Rick and Eric tried to calm Taylor, but Taylor warned that Brooke was a media darling due to all the shocking things she'd done. Taylor said the press had recently had a field day with Brooke's discussion of overexposure. Taylor held up a particularly suggestive photo of Brooke and reminded Eric that Brooke would be all over tabloids and social media.

Rick interrupted and reminded Taylor that Thomas' presentation had planned to harness social media. Rick added that Brooke's Bedroom would get the word out. Taylor worried that Rick felt there was no such thing as overexposure.

Eric interrupted and said that he had made a decision to resurrect the line, and he had no plans to back down. Eric reminded Taylor that they had discussed the product line at great length at home. Taylor softened and said that she worried the company was headed down a scandalous road again. Taylor urged Eric to look beyond the numbers and remember the impact Brooke's poor judgments had had on the company in the past.

Taylor issued a warning that Bill and Brooke had been working together on the revised line. Taylor threatened that Bill and Brooke's liaison was an Invitation to disaster, and Taylor expected one of Brooke's scandals was waiting in the wings. "Lives will be ruined," Taylor threatened.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

by Pam

At Katie's, Katie gave Donna instructions on how to take care of Will. Katie left to confront Bill and Brooke at Brooke's house.

At Brooke's, Brooke knocked on the door to her bedroom, where Bill had been sleeping. Brooke awakened Bill, who had a hangover and injuries from the car accident. Bill said he felt horrible.

Brooke gave Bill a glass of something green -- a concoction she promised would make him feel better. Brooke sat down on the bed next to him with a cold cloth for his head. Bill admitted that he felt better. Brooke advised that he had to go home to Katie because Lieutenant Baker had finally stopped staking out the house. Brooke heard a door close downstairs, and she wondered if Hope had returned.

Minutes later, Katie walked into the bedroom. "Oh, my God, you make me sick. You both make me sick," Katie cried. Bill jumped out of bed and looked sick. Brooke jumped up and begged to explain. Katie told them to both shut up.

Bill quickly explained that he had been in a car accident. Brooke interrupted that she had tried to take care of him. Katie fumed that Brooke had no right to hide the information from Katie. Brooke said she had tried to protect Katie and Bill.

Bill admitted everything that had happened -- he had been drunk and had run into Brooke's car. Bill and Brooke explained that Lieutenant Baker had been suspicious, and Brooke had hidden Bill so that he wouldn't get a citation or go to jail.

Katie made accusations, and Brooke shouted that nothing had happened. Katie shouted that Bill should have returned home to her and should have slept in their bed, not Brooke's bed. Katie accused Bill and Brooke of doing everything but crossing the line. She knew that it was only a matter of time. Katie screamed that Brooke had become Bill's confidante and Brooke had decided that all of Bill's choices were okay -- including the drinking.

Katie and Bill argued. Katie said she had tired of his lying. She said that Bill and Brooke were lying to themselves, as well. They were creeping closer to each other. Brooke maintained that she and Bill were friends, but Katie dissed Brooke's judgment and reputation.

Katie said that Brooke had no friends. Men wanted to sleep with her, and women didn't like her. Bill countered that Katie was trying to blame Brooke for problems that Bill and Katie had in their marriage. Bill justified his drinking and unhappiness as being due to a lack of attention from Katie.

Katie fumed that Bill was so selfish that he wanted to claim he had been misunderstood because it justified his actions. She knew he blamed Katie for not being any fun anymore. Bill begged for some balance in their lives and some attention. Katie admitted that she no longer trusted Bill.

Bill sneered that Katie would walk out or threaten to walk out again. Brooke interrupted, but Katie ignored her. Katie shouted that she always returned -- but "not this time." Katie said that she was done with Bill, his secrecy, and all his deception. Katie told Brooke to take Bill for her own. Katie removed her wedding ring and said she wanted a divorce.

At Katie's, Liam surprised Donna. Liam showed up for a meeting with Bill, but Donna told Liam that Bill was not at home. Donna did not want to elaborate, and she said that Liam might have misunderstood Bill's instructions.

Hope showed up and said it was her morning to watch Will. Donna said that Katie hadn't said anything about it, but Donna relinquished babysitting duties to Hope and Liam. Donna left.

Liam offered to watch Will so that Hope could go to work, but Hope said that she had more experience babysitting than Liam did. Hope teased that Liam would need the experience. She wondered if he had the appropriate diaper-changing training. They laughed about playing house together. Will smiled.

Liam asked why Hope had so much experience with babies, and Hope said that R.J. had always been a baby to her. Hope added that she had watched her mother with babies. Hope advised Liam to be patient with Steffy after the baby was born.

Liam worried that he wasn't cut out to be anybody's father. Hope advised Liam that he would be a dream father, and he had to be himself. His silliness would work well with babies.

After Hope and Liam played with Will, Hope said that she felt that was how their life would have been if they had been together. She thought they would have been really good at life together. Liam looked confused.

Later, Liam called his dad's phone to find out what had happened to their meeting plans, but Bill never answered. Liam joked that Bill was getting old and forgetful, but Hope disagreed and said that Bill was inconsiderate. Liam and Hope discussed that life hadn't worked out the way they had planned.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

At the outdoor café, Caroline and Dayzee had lunch. Caroline informed the waiter that the drink he'd served her wasn't really a skinny latte. He replied that he'd made it himself, but handing it back, she insisted that he remake it because she could taste the whole milk. The server left, and Caroline became preoccupied with posting pictures of herself on the Internet with her phone.

Caroline remarked that Dayzee was aiding and abetting the enemy by helping out Maya. As Caroline scanned the restaurant for their waiter, she spotted Rick across the room. She broke into a smile; however, her face quickly darkened. "Oh, he's with that girl," she bit out.

Scowling as she watched Rick and Maya, Caroline wondered who'd wear what Maya was wearing out to lunch. With a shrug, Dayzee remarked that the struggling actress was doing the best she could. Caroline seethed that Rick was a catch, and she didn't know what he saw in Maya.

Still fiddling with her phone, Caroline said she didn't know why Rick wanted to hang around someone who'd been in jail. Dayzee replied that Maya had been exonerated, but Caroline quipped that an orange jumpsuit just wasn't a great look.

Dayzee stated that she felt bad for Maya and wanted to help Maya out, but Dayzee didn't want Maya infiltrating Dayzee's family. Dayzee admitted that she liked being a Forrester, and she said that Caroline was with Rick. Caroline assumed that made Maya the odd girl out, and there was no room in their lives for Maya. With a determined look, Caroline strode off in the direction of Rick's table.

At Rick's table, Rick and Maya lightheartedly discussed Rick's deception. He jokingly asked what she'd been thinking to let him sleep on her couch because he could have been an axe murderer. Rick asked what would have happened if she'd known his name from the start, and Maya said she would have run the other way. He said he was glad he hadn't told her, and she relayed that she was, too.

Rick told Maya about Amber trying to pass Becky's baby off as his to hold onto the Forrester name. "Rick?" he suddenly heard a voice behind him say. He saw that it was Caroline, who made a show of having him get up to hug her. Rick attempted to introduce Caroline to Maya, but grinning, Caroline said she knew who "Mitzy" was.

Caroline remarked that Maya was showing up everywhere, and Maya relayed that Rick had invited her to lunch. In an ill-polite tone, Caroline explained to Rick that he was way too busy at work to have time for "Monica." Maya corrected her name, and Caroline told Rick to finish up, and she'd see him at the office. Caroline sauntered off, and Rick apologized to Maya. "Is she for real?" Maya asked.

Caroline returned to her table, and Dayzee's eyes glazed over as Caroline continued to rant about Maya. Caroline touted that Rick's mother had handpicked Caroline and "imported" her from New York because "L.A. had too many skanks." She insisted that she was there to design and to be with Rick.

Caroline showed Dayzee that there were 100 "likes" on her photo already. "The one of your salad?" the bored Dayzee asked. Caroline replied that it was Caroline Spencer's salad, and that was why people liked it. Doubting that Maya even knew what social networking was, Caroline asked for Maya's last name to look up Maya's resume. "Avant," Dayzee replied.

Caroline scoffed upon accessing Maya's résumé on the Internet and learning that Maya had only done some theater and two commercials. Dayzee remarked that Maya was starting out and would take anything she could get at that point. With a scheming smile, Caroline said Dayzee was probably right.

Caroline abruptly decided she had to go. "Thank God," Dayzee murmured under her breath after Caroline had gone. Caroline pranced by Rick's table and bade him an obnoxiously cheery goodbye.

Maya and Rick returned to discussing people befriending him for his status. Maya supposed he meant Amber -- and perhaps even Caroline. Rick said Caroline wouldn't have been into Rick the waiter. Maya said she liked Rick the waiter, and Rick Forrester wasn't so bad. Rick asked to be in her entourage once she was a big star, and Maya said it had been a long time since someone had believed in her.

Later, Caroline arrived in a movie producer's office, and Mark, the manager, told her to have a seat. She spread her scarf on a chair before sitting, and she said she was there as an agent for a friend. Mark asked if Caroline was in the right place because he made adult films. Handing him Maya's picture, Caroline assured him that her friend would be just thrilled to have a part.

In the bedroom at Brooke's house, Katie insisted upon getting a divorce. Bill asked if she really wanted to break up their family. Katie asked if he'd thought of Will while driving drunk. She yelled that she didn't know how long she had to live, and he could have left their son without both parents.

Brooke told her sister to put the rings back on and calm down. Katie refused, and Bill wondered how many times he had to say that nothing had happened between him and Brooke. "Never again! Do you hear that? Never again. I'm letting you go," Katie asserted. Bill ordered Katie to put her rings back on; however, she decided that she couldn't wear them anymore, and she was done.

Under the surface, Bill simmered with anger. He asked if Katie wanted him to beg, but then he decided that he'd done enough begging. He said that if she was playing a poker game, he had a full house of rules, regulations, and accusations. He felt he'd never be good enough for her, and he'd never be a good enough husband. "You're right. You won't. He's all yours," the sobbing Katie replied.

Katie put her rings on the dresser and said Brooke could make Bill happier than Katie ever could. After Katie strode out, Bill picked up one of the rings and bitterly tossed it back down. Brooke suggested that he swallow his pride and go after Katie, who probably needed him to fight for her. Bill disagreed and said Katie was actually done with him that time. "You can't give up," Brooke insisted.

The resigned Bill stated that he'd believed he'd found the right woman in Katie, and she'd been up for the task of being his wife. He asked what had happened to the woman who'd embraced who he was. He figured that, deep down, Katie had always believed that she could fix him, but she was finally learning that it was impossible.

Brooke blamed it on the depression. Bill said he'd tried to be understanding of Katie's issues; however, the woman he'd married was gone. He'd once thought he and Katie could get through anything. Brooke believed that was still true, but Bill asserted that he could have killed himself and Brooke the other night.

Brooke said it had been an accident, but Bill insisted that he didn't drink like that unless he was out with the boys and had a ride home. He stated that Katie had been on him incessantly, and the turmoil had been endless. He believed that the consequences could have been devastating. Brooke said all that mattered was that she and Bill were okay.

Picking up Katie's ring, Bill said Katie had given the ring up before, and she'd handed Bill and Brooke to each other in Aspen. "And now she'd done it again. Maybe she's right," he uttered, nearing Brooke. Brooke urged him to give her sister a few days, but he asserted that Katie had already said he'd never be the man she needed him to be. "She's finished with me," he concluded, tossing the ring on the dresser.

Brooke walked away, and Bill recalled Katie saying Brooke could make him happier. Brooke asserted that Katie hadn't meant it. Drawing closer to Brooke, Bill insisted that Brooke felt it; they both felt it. Bill refused to pretend anymore. Katie had told him that it was over, and he believed she'd meant it. "I want you," he said, kissing Brooke.

Brooke backed away, murmuring, "I don't think..." Bill pulled her back to him and told her not to think. The two gave in to the kiss, and Bill pulled back Brooke's robe.

Friday, April 5, 2013

In Brooke's bedroom, the exhausted Bill and Brooke lay in bed together. Brooke called Bill a stallion, and he replied that she was quite a filly. They each said that they were "so happy," and they kissed. He remarked that Aspen had been the first time they'd locked eyes, and he'd known that Brooke understood him without judgment.

As a flashback of their time in Aspen played, Bill talked over it, saying that Brooke had been going through the toughest time in her life, but she hadn't hesitated to be there for him and give him the support he'd needed. Bill wasn't one to ask for help, but he felt that Brooke always gave it freely. He claimed that when Brooke opened her heart, it changed lives, and she'd changed his.

Bill said Brooke didn't just exist through life; she was like him, and she was what a man needed. He expressed that she was what he needed, and it felt good to get support and to not always be told "no." Brooke uttered, "Yes," and Bill kissed her.

Brooke acknowledged that she'd been through a lot after losing Ridge and Stephanie, but she could only remember how good it had felt to get through it with Bill, who'd given her strength and taught her how to fight. Brooke felt safe and supported with Bill, and she hadn't even thought she'd be "loved like this" after Ridge. "It's just the beginning," Bill uttered, and they kissed.

Bill felt that it was surreal. He couldn't believe that Brooke and he had been with Ridge and Katie, who'd given up on them. Bill felt that Brooke's love was unconditional. "Yes," she said, and he asked her to say the word again and again. He kissed her, and a song played as they had sex again.

When Brooke and Bill finished, their phones began to ring. Bill didn't want to answer his and tried to stop Brooke from answering hers. She did it anyway and discovered that it was Dr. Meade calling to say that Brooke needed to get to the hospital right away. Katie wasn't doing well.

At the hospital, doctors hooked up machines and a respirator to the unconscious Katie.

At the porn producer's office, Caroline slathered hand sanitizer on herself. She told Mark that her client was ready and willing to film, and Mark said the client was hot. Scoffing, Caroline quipped that the client was "good enough for this," and she demanded to know if he'd hire the client or not.

Mark seemed uncertain and offered to give Caroline's client three hundred dollars for background work. Caroline asserted that her client was starring in his next movie, and he'd pay five thousand dollars. He called Caroline crazy but then asked what the client was willing to do. "Anything you tell her to do. She's an actress," Caroline quipped.

Mark insisted that three hundred was his going rate; however, Caroline insisted that he'd pay five thousand, and he would get an extra five thousand to make sure her client got the job. The amazed Mark couldn't believe she was serious. Caroline shelled out stacks of money, and he asked what agency she was from. "Doesn't matter. Just hire her," Caroline replied.

Mark asked if the client could act, and Caroline mimicked some lines she thought a porn star might say. She assured him that Maya could do that. The extra money, she said, was to make sure he got the job done and kept quiet about why he was hiring the client. Caroline claimed the client wanted to feel like she'd gotten the job on her own. Mark tried to shake Caroline's hand, but pulling her hand back, she ordered him to make sure he got the job done.

At the outdoor café, Maya was sure that Caroline would make Rick pay for taking Maya to lunch. Rick replied that he could handle it. Maya thanked him for opening up about his past with Amber, and Rick said the least he could do was to show Maya the real him -- including the sordid details.

Rick tried to apologize again for his deception, but Maya claimed to understand his motives. She said that losing her daughter had taught her to live in the moment and not dwell on things. Rick felt that Maya would have been a great mother.

The pair shared dessert, and Maya chuckled upon remembering that she'd thought he'd been homeless. Rick decided he'd just stick with fashion. Maya remarked that doing so gave him time to spend with his girlfriend. He tried to explain Caroline's character, saying that being a New Yorker meant having a little attitude. Maya started to say something but decided not speak badly about Caroline.

As Rick paid the bill, Maya attempted to pay the tip. He wouldn't let her, and she promised to take him out after she got her first break. He suspected that it was right around the corner.

Rick thought it was nice of Dayzee to let Maya work at the coffeehouse. Maya had an unenthusiastic response, and Rick asked what was wrong. Maya said that she was grateful for Dayzee's help, but Dayzee seemed protective of the Forrester family. Maya claimed that she wasn't insulted by it, and she understood because Dayzee hadn't had a family before and didn't want it messed up.

Maya's phone rang, and Rick excitedly said it could be her big break. It was Mark, the movie producer on the line, and he said he'd been impressed upon seeing her headshot. Maya's eye lit up, and she tugged Rick's arm. Mark conveyed that she'd be perfect for the film he was shooting. He asked her to meet him immediately, so he could see if the camera liked her.

Back at Mark's office, Mark put down his phone, and Caroline quipped that she didn't care if the camera liked Maya. Caroline reiterated that she was paying him to give Maya a job doing whatever it was he had in mind. "And get me the tape pronto," Caroline added.

Later, in the CEO's office, Rick was trying to work, and Caroline was giving him a neck massage. She claimed that she didn't mind him having lunch with "Marlene," because he just felt sorry for her. Caroline thought that it was good because the more time he spent with Maya, the sooner he'd realize that she was just snowing him.

Back at the production studio, Maya arrived, and Mark expressed that she was just beautiful. He wanted to pair her with a photographer to have her headshots redone. She tried to show him new pictures, but he seemed uninterested.

Maya asked if she could read anything for Mark, but he said, "I've been listening to you. You sound great." Mark explained that there wasn't much dialogue, and Maya asked how he'd heard of her. Mark didn't think that mattered, and he switched the topic to her picking a name. Maya asserted that she was sticking with her own name because she wanted everyone to see it in lights.

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