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Nick forced Cassie's look-alike to tell him about Victor's plan to drive Sharon crazy. Devon arrived at Hilary's door as Hilary and Neil started to make love. Billy impulsively kissed Chelsea, who slapped him. Jack and Kelly kissed. Jill overheard Colin mention that he'd married her for her money.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 21, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, April 21, 2014

At the Newman ranch, Abby's curiosity was roused when Ashley left the engagement party early. In another room, Sharon awkwardly interacted with Victor, who inquired about Nick's whereabouts. Sharon explained that Nick had stepped out to the car to retrieve Abby and Tyler's engagement gift. Sharon cried that she was nervously waiting for the other shoe to drop because Victor had thus far treated her kindly during the party. Victor assured Sharon that she need not wait for the other shoe to drop, but he admitted that he hadn't forgiven her for the emotional turmoil she'd caused him and his family.

Sharon calmly explained to Victor that she had been suffering from the effects of a horrendous bipolar episode, so the awful things she'd done weren't her fault. Sharon noted that even Victor should realize that she hadn't been herself when she'd allowed Victor's family to believe that he had been dead or when she had set the ranch house on fire. Victor replied, "I think it's best if we not bring up all the crimes you committed that went unpunished." Sharon said she hoped to at least ease Victor's mind about her renewed relationship with Nick. Sharon explained that she had undergone intensive therapies to stabilize her condition and noted that she felt much better. Victor defiantly folded his arms across his chest and replied, "Really?"

Noah and Courtney entered the room. Sharon seemed visibly relieved. Noah told Victor that Nikki wanted to include Victor in family photos being taken in another room. Victor asked Noah to stay with his mother, so she wouldn't be left alone. After Victor left, Sharon said she wondered why Nick hadn't returned. Courtney and Noah went outside to search for Nick. Sharon seemed troubled about Nick's extended absence.

Abby later told Victor that she and Tyler had enjoyed their engagement party. Victor asked about Tyler, and Abby explained that he'd left to drive Leslie home. Victor noted that he'd looked into Tyler's work history at Jabot and was considering offering the young man a position at Newman-Chancellor. Abby replied, "No, Tyler's happy where he is." Abby told Victor that he could be loving, caring, and controlling all at the same time. Victor said that he'd decided to let his children make their own decisions. Abby laughed and said she didn't believe Victor would be able to stick with his decision. She lovingly embraced her father.

Outside the ranch house, Nick spotted the Cassie impersonator. The young woman quickly ran away after Nick called out, "Cassie?" The Cassie impersonator returned to her motel room to hastily pack her meager belongings into a duffel bag. When she opened the exit door, Nick was standing before her.

Nick asked, "What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Nick entered the room and demanded to know the young lady's name. She threatened to alert the police because Nick had followed her. Nick told the Cassie impersonator that he could have her arrested for trespassing on his father's property.

The Cassie impersonator told Nick that she'd entered the ranch property by mistake while searching for a friend. When Nick reached for his phone, the young woman panicked and pleaded with Nick not to contact the police. Nick phoned Sharon and explained that something had popped up that was detaining him. Nick told Sharon to have Noah escort her home. Nick assured Sharon that he'd meet up with her soon at her house.

After Nick's call to Sharon ended, he asked the Cassie impersonator if she remembered Sharon. The young woman rushed forward and claimed she had a plane to catch. Nick replied, "You're not going anywhere until you tell me who you are and why you look like Cassie." The Cassie impersonator initially pretended not to know what Nick was talking about, but she later apologized when Nick said that his and Sharon's daughter, Cassie, had been killed in an accident years earlier. Nick began searching through drawers, and the woman again threatened to phone the police. Nick said he wouldn't leave without answers.

After a scuffle ensued when the Cassie impersonator tried to escape, Nick searched through her belongings and discovered photos inside a manila envelope. One of the photos was of Nick, Sharon, and Cassie. Irate, Nick asked, "You still saying this is a coincidence?" Nick told the Cassie impersonator that he knew she'd been the one who'd haunted Sharon. He added, "You weren't a product of Sharon's chemical imbalance. You are an evil person because you were trying to make Sharon think you were Cassie because you look just like her!"

Upset after Nick's barrage of accusations, the Cassie impersonator blurted out, "It wasn't my idea!" The young woman insisted that she would never have dreamed up the idea to trick Sharon. The young woman added that she'd felt horrible when she'd learned that Sharon had become ill as a result. Nick threw the photos on the bed. His faced reddened with fury, Nick looked the young woman directly in the eye and said, "So whose idea was it for you to pretend to be Cassie?"

At Sharon's house, Noah went to make coffee. Courtney browsed through a family photo album and asked about a photo of Cassie. Sharon, smiling, said that her memories of Cassie were very special. Sharon explained that during the height of her mental illness, she'd experienced numerous hallucinations involving Cassie. Sharon added that she hadn't been able to remember the incidences after her recent treatment. Noah returned juggling coffee mugs, so Sharon jumped up to help him.

In a flashback, Sharon suddenly remembered seeing the Cassie impersonator in the living room. Noah realized that his mom appeared troubled and asked if she was all right. Sharon admitted that she'd just experienced a disturbing memory of having seen a grown-up Cassie standing in the room. Sharon explained that her recent treatments had left gaps in her memory, so she wasn't sure if the memory was of something that had really happened or something she'd imagined. Noah replied, "Well, it had to be in your head, Mom, because Cassie never had a chance to grow up." Sharon phoned Nick's assistant at the bar and learned that he hadn't been there all evening. Concerned, Sharon asked Noah and Courtney what might have prompted Nick to leave the ranch so quickly and unexpectedly.

At Chelsea's penthouse, Billy stopped by hoping to spend time with Connor. Chelsea, taken aback by Billy's late visit, explained that Connor was asleep. Billy reminded Chelsea that she'd promised to let him visit Connor any time because, Billy noted, the infant's eyesight had been restored using transplanted corneas from Delia. Chelsea, shaking her head in disgust, replied, "Guilt? Really?" Billy remained outside the door until Chelsea took pity on him after he said that the only good thing that had occurred after Delia's death was the restoration of Connor's eyesight. Billy cried, "Everything that has happened after Delia's death has been crap."

Billy returned from his brief visit upstairs and assured Chelsea that he hadn't awakened Connor. During the course of conversation, Billy twice mentioned that Adam had killed Delia. Chelsea, angry, ordered Billy out of her home. Billy appeared dejected, so Chelsea quickly took pity on him, poured him a drink, and offered to order a pizza. While they awaited the pizza delivery, Billy found Adam's death certificate on a table and said, "So, Victor came to your rescue and found Adam's body. Now you know for sure that your husband's dead." Chelsea changed the subject and asked about Victoria.

Billy told Chelsea that he and Victoria had arrived at the engagement party separately, left together, and even shared a kiss. Billy added that after Victoria had left to meet up with her date, he had realized that his marriage was over. Chelsea cried, "Stop being such an idiot and fight for your marriage." Chelsea told Billy not to turn his back on true love.

Chelsea invited Billy to stay and watch a movie with her. Billy said, "Well, it's not like anyone else wants my company tonight." Chelsea set out a bowl of popcorn and took a seat beside Billy on the sofa. Billy spoiled the movie by revealing its plot. Chelsea playfully slapped Billy on the shoulder, and the couple shared a laugh. Billy pulled Chelsea close and kissed her on the lips.

At the hospital, Stitch was surprised when Ashley showed up unannounced. He inquired about her ankle injury, and she assured him that she'd healed perfectly thanks to his expert treatment. Ashley asked Stitch about his plans after his shift ended. Stitch explained that he already had a date. Victoria approached, and Ashley immediately realized that her brother's wife was Stitch's date.

Ashley said, "This is kind of awkward, isn't it?" Victoria asked Ashley why she'd stopped by the hospital. Ashley voiced her displeasure about Victoria dating another man just one week after filing separation papers. Victoria condescendingly noted that Ashley had once been her stepmother. Stitch was unpleasantly stuck in the middle.

Ashley told Victoria that she'd just stopped by to visit with a friend who wasn't currently available. Stitch left to change into street clothes. After Stitch left, Ashley explained that she'd forced Billy to show up at the engagement party. Victoria cried that she'd already endured too much pain and disappointment from Billy and couldn't handle it anymore. Ashley insisted that Billy had temporarily lost his mind after Delia had died, and she begged Victoria to give him a pass. Victoria replied, "I can't. I just can't." Ashley said she truly believed that Victoria and Billy could reconcile and be happy.

Stitch returned, dapperly dressed in a dark suit. Ashley said she'd contact Stitch again the next time she was in town for a visit. After Ashley left, Stitch told Victoria that he'd promised a young patient that he'd stick around until the boy's surgery was over. Victoria said, "Well, there's no reason we can't still have our date." Stitch seemed eager to spend time with Victoria.

Later, in an exam room, Victoria served Stitch a meal she'd ordered from a nearby French restaurant. Victoria asked Stitch about his relationship with Ashley. Stitch explained that he'd once treated Ashley's sprained ankle and afterward had bumped into her a couple of times. Stitch asked Victoria if she'd noticed his elated reaction to her arrival. Victoria replied, "No, because I was too busy being jealous."

Stitch smiled and said he liked that Victoria was jealous. After they ate, Stitch apologized and said he realized that it wasn't easy to become involved with a medical resident. Victoria said, "Is that what you think we are? Involved?" Stitch stepped forward and kissed Victoria on the lips.

Ashley returned to the ranch and joined Victor and Abby. Victor asked about Ashley's friend. Ashley simply said that her friend was unavailable. Abby went to get her mother a piece of cake. Ashley took a seat beside Victor and asked how the engagement party had gone. Victor noted that there had been a lot of strife, arguments, and conflicts in his family lately. Victor added, "I think tonight we began to pull it together, so in that sense, the party was a success." Victor said he was glad that Ashley had attended.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Billy playfully bickered over him spoiling the end of the movie for her, and he impulsively kissed her. She immediately pulled away and slapped him. Billy apologetically said that he hadn't meant for it to happen, and he defended that he'd felt like he had no home or family, but he'd felt a connection with her. Chelsea bellowed that her husband had just died, and she ordered Billy to leave, but he begged her not to let the kiss screw things up between them. They heard Connor cry over the baby monitor, and Chelsea told Billy to be gone by the time she got back from tending to her son.

Moments later, Chelsea raced downstairs with Connor in her arms and stopped Billy from leaving. She worried that the tot's cough had gotten worse, and she thought that he wasn't breathing properly. Billy said that it was probably croup, and he suggested that she put on a hot shower to allow the steam to help Connor with his congestion. She noticed that her shirt was missing a button, and she panicked that perhaps Connor had swallowed it. Billy offered to take them to the hospital.

At the hospital, Stitch kissed Victoria, and he inquired whether the gesture answered her question. She stammered that she couldn't remember what she'd asked, and he reminded her that she'd questioned whether they were involved. He wondered if the kiss had helped clear things up, and she replied that it had done a lot of things. She confirmed that some of the things were very good, but it had also made her realize that she wasn't ready to be involved with him, especially since she'd kissed someone else just hours before.

Stitch assumed that Victoria had kissed Billy, and she said that she hadn't planned it and that technically, Billy was still her husband. Stitch wondered what she considered him to be, and she hoped that he was an understanding friend. She explained that she and Billy had been at Abby's engagement party and that they'd gotten caught up in the romance, but it had only been one kiss. Stitch queried where Victoria's head was, and she noted that she'd filed separation papers, but she didn't know what was next. She believed that she couldn't handle a serious relationship until she figured things out.

As Stitch cleaned up the takeout containers, Victoria admired that he wasn't averse to domestic duties. He replied that he'd been a bachelor for a while, and it looked like things would stay that way. He quickly apologized, and she recognized that she couldn't blame him for wanting to continue in the direction they'd been headed, but she needed some time to sort things out. He admitted that he was jealous of her history with Billy, and Victoria commented that they were even, since she'd been jealous of Ashley. Stitch speculated that their mutual jealousy indicated that maybe they were more involved than they'd thought.

Stitch and Victoria suddenly heard Billy yell that he needed a doctor, and they hurried out to the corridor. Chelsea described Connor's condition, and Stitch escorted Chelsea and Connor into an exam room. Victoria assured a shaken Billy that Connor would be okay, and Billy recounted that he'd told Delia the same thing in the ambulance. He said that the hospital had felt a million miles away from Chelsea's place, and Victoria asked what he had been doing there.

Billy slammed Victoria for questioning his actions after the fashion show she'd put on that evening, and he wondered why she was there instead of on the date she'd dressed up for. He instantly withdrew the inquiry, since they had separate lives and could do what they wanted to do. Billy worried about how quickly a child's condition could change, and Victoria told him that Connor was in the best possible hands. Billy testily noted that Connor was with Stitch, and he realized that she hadn't meant anything by the comment, but he lamented that they couldn't seem to stop hurting one another.

Stitch and Chelsea returned with Connor, and Stitch announced that Connor had a bad case of croup. Chelsea thanked Billy for being a sane adult when she hadn't been able to be one, and she said that she didn't know what she and Connor would have done without Billy. Chelsea said that she'd take a cab home, but Billy insisted on giving her a ride, and he pointedly stated that he didn't have anything else to do. Chelsea glanced uncomfortably at Victoria and thanked Stitch, and she and Billy left with Connor. Stitch watched Victoria's displeased reaction.

At the Athletic Club, Neil approached Hilary in the foyer, and she flashed back to their kiss at the fashion show. He said that he needed to clear the air, but she replied that they both knew what the kiss had been about. Leslie walked through the revolving door, and Hilary awkwardly started to head up to her room, but Neil stopped her and asked if she'd congratulated Leslie on her marriage yet. Hilary tried to pull him aside to go over the orders for Chelsea's line, but Neil insisted upon catching up with his ex. Leslie asked if he would be hostile every time they ran into one another, but Neil pointed out that Leslie was the one who had wanted to be friends, and he sarcastically declared that it was a great idea.

Hilary attempted to pull Neil away, but Neil ranted that there was no reason that he and Leslie couldn't be friends, since there was no longer any danger of crossing the line because she'd gotten married. He offered to throw Leslie and her husband a reception at the club, and Leslie declined. He recalled that Leslie preferred intimate gatherings, but it was hard to keep up with what her stance was on anything related to marriage. Leslie refused to let him push her buttons, and she hoped that he found someone, since all she'd ever wanted was for him to be happy. Leslie walked away, and Hilary asked if Neil was okay. Neil made a quick exit, and Hilary asked to join Leslie at her table.

Leslie thanked Hilary for trying to stop Neil from making a scene, and Hilary barked that Leslie didn't get it. Hilary called Neil a good, decent man who had been crazy in love with Leslie, but Leslie had shattered his heart and then stomped on it. Leslie argued that she'd just been honest, but Hilary retorted that Leslie wasn't being honest with herself. Leslie ordered Hilary to go, and Hilary told Leslie to go "straight to hell," which was where she belonged after hurting Neil. Leslie defended that she hadn't intended to hurt him, but Hilary snapped to cut the bull, since Neil could do better than a lying backstabber. Leslie wondered if Hilary wanted Neil for herself.

Leslie growled that Hilary had a lot of nerve to accuse her of destroying Neil's life when Hilary's sole purpose for being in town had been to destroy Neil's whole family. Hilary hissed for Leslie to stay out of his life, and Leslie commanded that Hilary do the same.

At the Newman ranch, Jack marveled that Nikki had managed to get their families together and that it had still been an exquisite party, and she replied that she'd wanted it to be perfect. She remarked that she'd always thought that their families could be copacetic, but Jack was surprised that there hadn't been any casualties. Victor appeared, and Jack noted that Victor had been gracious, which made him even more suspicious. Jack suspected that one of the guests had had a target on his or her back, but he didn't know which one.

Nikki urged Jack not to ruin a wonderful evening, and Jack agreed that the party had been sublime, even though he didn't believe that Victor was truly trying to mend fences. After Jack left, Victor said that Jack hadn't ever been right about anything, and Nikki inquired whether Victor had really been trying to make things right with the people he was at odds with, including Sharon. Victor mentioned that Nikki had told him to stop trying to control his children and grandchildren, and she asked when he had started taking her advice. He swore that his efforts to make peace had been sincere.

Nikki asked if Victor had reservations about Abby marrying Tyler, and Victor admitted that he did, since he thought that the disparity in the couple's incomes was too great. Nikki said that Tyler had a good job, but Victor countered that Abby was worth a fortune, and he hoped that eventually Abby and Tyler would both work for Newman-Chancellor if that was what they wanted. Nikki recognized that Adam's death had really changed Victor, and Victor acknowledged that both he and Adam had made mistakes, but Victor was the only one who could still rectify his.

Nikki mused that she could get accustomed to a kinder, gentler Victor, and he said that he had always been that way with her. She commended him for going the extra mile with others, and she knew that Nick had appreciated Victor allowing Sharon to attend the party. Nikki said that Nick loved Victor very much, even when Nick was upset with him, and Victor remarked that Nick had her heart. Nikki replied that Nick also had Victor's, since Nick was loyal and brave. Victor thanked Nikki for her support and loyalty, and she said that he didn't have to thank her for living up to their wedding vows. He jokingly contemplated whether he should take back something he'd arranged for her.

Victor showed Nikki photos of a private yacht that he'd chartered to take them all over Europe, and he said that she could just tell the captain where she wanted to go. He added that one of the crewmembers was a doctor who specialized in multiple sclerosis, and she gushed that he'd thought of everything. They kissed, and she said that the timing was perfect, since they'd be sailing out of town right after Ian had sailed in. Victor asked Nikki to wait for him upstairs.

Sharon returned home and worriedly left a message for Nick, asking him to call her as soon as possible. She ran to answer a knock at her door, and she was clearly disappointed when she discovered Jack there. He handed over her phone, which she'd left at the party, and she invited him in. She explained that she was concerned about Nick, who had gone to the car to grab a gift and had never returned, although he'd called to say that he was fine. Jack rattled off some logical excuses for why Nick had disappeared, and he offered to keep her company while she waited.

Jack said that he'd missed having Phyllis by his side that night, especially since he thought she would have had a lot to say about Victor's benevolent act. He noticed that Sharon seemed distracted, and she confided that she'd decided to take a drastic step by undergoing electroconvulsive therapy, but one of the side effects had been memory loss. She told Jack that she didn't remember Phyllis' accident but that her heart went out to both Jack and Phyllis, and Jack guessed that Sharon didn't remember the nature of her relationship with Phyllis. Sharon recalled that they hadn't been the best of friends, but she hoped that Phyllis recovered for Summer and Jack's sakes. Jack stated that he hadn't given up because he'd lost too much already.

Sharon said that she was surprised that no one had planned a memorial for Adam, especially since she thought that Victor would have done something for his son. Jack mentioned that Nikki believed that Adam's death had forced Victor to change, and he said that Victor had put on a good show that night. Sharon revealed that Victor had made it clear that he hadn't forgiven or forgotten what she'd done, but she'd seen a dent in his armor, since Victor had seemed genuinely concerned about Nick. Sharon declared that she didn't want to waste more time hating Victor or anyone else, and Jack hoped that Victor felt the same way. Jack pondered whether it was possible that Adam's death had caused Victor to grow a conscience.

Later, Neil stopped by the Abbott mansion, and Jack informed him that Rick Forrester had called to let him know that orders had been pouring in after the fashion show. Neil prepared to update Jack on the quarterly sales, but Jack suspected that Neil wanted to talk about something other than work. Neil divulged that he and Leslie had run into one another, and he wondered if things would have worked out between them if he hadn't insisted on marriage. Jack opined that if Leslie could move on that easily then Neil and Leslie wouldn't have had much of a future anyway, and he thought that Neil should consider himself lucky that they hadn't gotten married. Neil remarked that Jack sounded like Hilary.

Jack asked when Neil and Hilary had gotten close, and Neil said they hadn't, but they'd gotten to know one another while on their business trip. Jack was glad that she had been there for Neil, and he advised that Neil ought to listen if both Jack and Hilary were telling him the same thing. Jack optimistically stated that Neil was available for the right woman.

In the Cassie look-alike's motel room, Nick asked whose idea it had been for her to pretend to be Cassie. She tried to leave, but Nick blocked the door and refused to let her go anywhere. He was stunned by how much she looked like Cassie, and she argued that if he let her go, he'd never have to see her face again. Nick demanded to know the truth, and "Cassie" swore that stalking Sharon had been her own idea and that she'd only referred to someone else because Nick had scared her. Nick questioned what her motive had been, and "Cassie" contended that it wouldn't make sense to a spoiled rich guy.

Nick was skeptical that "Cassie" had tormented Sharon to try to get a few bucks, but "Cassie" argued that it was a known fact that the Newmans were loaded. She said that she'd seen an article about a rich family who had started an anti-drinking campaign, and she had been blown away that Cassie's photo had looked just like her. She added that she'd seen it as her opportunity to get her fair share, since Nick's family had more than they could ever need, but she'd realized that she'd gone too far. She acknowledged that she couldn't take it back, and she sincerely stated that she was sorry. "Cassie" reminded Nick that he'd said she could go if she told him the truth, and he agreed that she could -- as soon as she told the real truth.

"Cassie" maintained that she'd already told the truth, and Nick contemplated how much worse the truth could be than the story she'd made up. He pointed out that she'd never asked for or stolen anything, and "Cassie" claimed that she had been waiting for a bigger payoff. Nick surmised that someone else had paid her, but she countered that he had nothing to back up the theory. Nick sternly stated that Sharon had gone through electroconvulsive therapy after seeing "Cassie," and "Cassie" repeated that she'd known that she'd gone too far. Nick asked why she'd been lingering outside at a family get-together, and he threatened to call the police, but she begged him not to. She blurted out that "he" would kill her, and Nick asked who.

"Cassie" fretted that she'd said too much already, and she huffed that Nick couldn't make her talk. Nick pieced together that the person behind everything was a man who had a grudge against Sharon, had access to family photos, had gotten "Cassie" through the tight security on the ranch, and had the money to pay her off. He concluded that Victor had been behind "Cassie's" antics, but she denied it, saying that it was sad that he thought that his dad could do something like that. Nick said that no one else hated Sharon that much, but "Cassie" reiterated that she'd done everything on her own. Nick understood that she was scared, but he said that she wasn't the first person Victor had intimidated, and he needed to know the truth.

"Cassie" said that there was more to it than Nick knew, but it was complicated. Nick pleaded with "Cassie" to help him understand why Victor would want to torture Sharon, and "Cassie" stammered that she was sorry. "Cassie" cried that it was obvious what losing Cassie had done to Sharon, and she apologized for stirring up the pain again. Nick implored her to tell him the truth if she truly regretted what she'd done, and he asked if Victor had put her up to it. "Cassie" confessed that Victor had.

At the tack house, Nick called Victor and said that they needed to talk right away. Victor griped that it was late, but Nick insisted that it was important, and Victor said that he'd be right there. Someone pounded at the door, and a concerned Sharon rushed in to find out what was going on. Sharon's jaw dropped as she faced Cassie's look-alike.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sharon thought that her hallucinations had begun again when she saw the Cassie look-alike standing in her living room. Nick was by Sharon's side and explained immediately that the woman Sharon saw was real and had been impersonating Sharon's dead daughter, Cassie, as Victor entered the home. Nick accused Victor of deliberately gaslighting Sharon as Adam had done to Ashley. Nick was irate that Victor had been so cruel as to use an imposter to make Sharon think that she was crazy and seek ECT.

Victor defended himself on the basis that he had done it to protect his family because he loved them, but Nick said that Victor had seen how happy Nick had been with Sharon. Nick said that Victor had not acted out of love but out of a desire to control. Victor shot back that Sharon was hiding a secret that would cause Nick to turn his back on Sharon and would prove Victor correct. Sharon, vehemently and convincingly, denied any knowledge of a secret.

Nick was exasperated with Victor and told him that Nick no longer wanted anything to do with Victor. Victor did not accept that but left at Nick's insistence. The Cassie imposter apologized with tears in her eyes and said that she had never meant to hurt Sharon and had tried to stop. Nick wanted to throw her in jail, but Sharon said that she could never do that to a young woman who looked just like her daughter.

After Cassie's look-alike had left, Sharon thanked Nick for understanding why she could not press charges, even though she knew that she should. Nick and Sharon discussed Victor's actions and how they would cause ripples and disapproval among the rest of the family. Nick said that it would be "hell on earth," for Victor.

Victor went home and recalled the time that he and Nick had visited the house that Victor had been having built for Sharon and Nick, just before it had been finished. He recalled how young they had been and how happy Nick had been with Victor and his gift. He recalled how enthusiastic Nick had been and how much Nick had said he loved Victor. Victor recalled his own reply about the importance of family.

The Cassie imposter went back to her room and packed her bag. She gathered her things to leave but changed her mind as she opened the door. Instead of leaving, she decided to stay in town. She sat down on the bed and phoned a friend for help.

Courtney and Noah went to Crimson Lights to discuss the party and have coffee. Courtney was worried that Nikki did not approve of her because Summer had spilled the beans about Courtney's job as a police officer. Noah said it was more likely that Nikki worried about the daily danger that Courtney faced than that Courtney was working class. Noah said that his grandparents were not snobs. He said that they had both been poor as children.

Noah added that he had been glad to see that Victor had not been mean to Sharon. Courtney was ready to go home, but Noah said that their apartment was being painted, so he had booked a suite at the Athletic Club.

At the Athletic Club, Paul, Christine, Lauren, and Michael shared laughs and ordered dinner. Avery interrupted to ask Michael to review a case. Christine asked if Avery was avoiding asking her partner because Leslie had gotten Ian off the hook. Avery did not admit it, but it was apparent that that was the reason. Paul noted that Ian had made powerful enemies, and "nothing good" would be the result.

When Avery said her goodbyes, Paul excused himself and followed her out. Paul said that he was sorry that Ian Ward was back on the street. They talked about Dylan. Paul was concerned because someone had trashed Ian's hotel room, and Ian had filed a complaint. Avery assured Paul that it had not been Dylan. He urged her to watch out for Dylan, and she said that she would.

As Noah and Courtney entered the club, she spotted Paul and hurried upstairs so that she did not have to talk to her boss. Courtney was impressed by the suite, which she said was the nicest one she had ever been in. Noah and Courtney kissed and then made love.

Christine chatted with Lauren and Michael and tried to find out if something was ailing Lauren. Christine finally mentioned that she knew that Lauren was pregnant when Paul returned to the table. He suggested a toast. When Lauren raised a glass of wine, Christine asked if Lauren should be drinking. Michael told her that Lauren was not pregnant. Lauren added that it had been a false pregnancy, and she had never been pregnant at all. The Baldwins explained that they had mixed emotions.

On the one hand, Michael and Lauren had enjoyed the experience of raising a child, and had been looking forward to expanding their family, but on the other, they had just completed the task with Fen and were looking forward to some time alone. Paul admitted that he wished that he had been able to share more of his children's lives and that they lived closer to Genoa City.

After dinner was over and the Baldwins had left, Christine questioned whether or not she had made the correct decision not to have children. Paul assured Christine that her decision did not affect his love for her.

Dylan was slicing lemons at Crimson Lights when Ian Ward strolled in and asked for iced tea. Dylan said he had made it clear the Ian was not welcome. Ian said that Dylan would change his tune when he found out why Ian was there. Dylan said he did not care. Ian said that he had made Dylan his beneficiary. Dylan was incredulous that Ian could think that Dylan would take anything from him.

Ian started his psychobabble about second chances, and he referenced incidents from Dylan's life. Ian said that he had done research on Dylan after learning that Dylan was Ian's son. Ian said that second chances were about forgiveness. Dylan said that Ian was crazy if he thought that Dylan would forgive Ian for what he had done to Summer and Nikki. Ian said that he was not the one who had decked a man in a bar or kidnapped a child. He pointed out that Avery had forgiven Dylan.

Ian said that if anything were to happen to him, Dylan, as Ian's beneficiary, would automatically be at the top of the suspect list. Dylan clutched the knife he had been using and asked if Ian was deliberately trying to tick him off. Avery arrived just in time to see and overhear. She deflected Ian, who complimented Avery on her cooking show and then removed himself to an alcove and made a phone call. Dylan and Avery discussed her first cooking show, which seemed to be very popular on the web.

Avery thought it was a fluke, but Dylan had more faith. They reviewed several emails, but one stood out as unusual, and Avery recognized that she had received another cryptic email from the same user previously. Avery took a call and was ecstatic when she told Dylan that her cooking show had been picked up. They hugged. Ian lurked and watched from the alcove. After Avery rushed out, Ian flashed a smarmy smile at Dylan.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jill and Colin took a walk in the park to avoid being too early for lunch at Cane and Lily's home. Colin gushed that he was excited to see his grandkids and that the children made him feel like he'd left his mark on the planet. Jill teased that Colin's rap sheet would serve the same purpose, and she warned him not to blow it, since it would be the last time he'd see his grandchildren if he screwed up.

Lily slammed a pitcher of lemonade down on the table, and Cane offered to take over. She admitted that she was tense, since she still considered Colin to be dangerous. Cane asked if she wanted to cancel, and she replied that she'd known what they had been getting into, but she worried that the kids had no idea what Colin was capable of. Lily added that she'd be watching Colin like a hawk, and Cane promised to throw Colin out if he crossed a line.

The doorbell rang, and Cane greeted Jill and Colin. Lily mumbled that they were right on time, and Colin thanked Cane and Lily for agreeing to let him stop by for some family time with the twins. Charlie and Matty ran in, yelling boisterously, and Jill asked what had happened to the little kids she'd seen the last time she'd been there, since they'd gotten much bigger. Lily reminded the children that Colin had helped their daddy when Cane had been hurt, and she explained that Colin was their grandfather. Colin proclaimed that he was happy to see them and that he'd waited a long time for that moment.

Colin showed the kids magic tricks, and Matty asked why he'd never been around if he was their daddy's daddy. Colin referred to how he and Cane talked funny, and he explained that he'd been living in Australia, but he'd returned because he wanted to be around the people he cared about the most. Cane told the kids that Colin was married to Jill, who asked if Charlie and Matty were in the mood for presents. Lily balked, but Jill promised that they hadn't gone overboard, and Colin handed the twins stuffed koalas. Cane and Lily took the children to put the toys away before they ate, and Cane looked on as Jill hugged an emotional Colin.

After lunch, Jill asked how the kids were doing in school, and Lily said that the twins fought at home but teamed up at school. Colin playfully asked the twins who would save him from the dingoes in the desert, and they happily chirped that they would. Colin requested permission to take a photo of the kids with their stuffed koalas, and Cane told him to go ahead. Colin tried to figure out how to take a photo on his phone, and Charlie declared that he knew how. Colin snapped the photo and said that he would cherish it always, and he again thanked Cane and Lily.

The twins ran off to play, and Colin praised that Cane and Lily had done a great job raising them. Colin admitted that the Ashbys were better suited to working at the club than he'd imagined, and Lily replied that she loved working there but that Cane missed the corporate world. Colin mentioned Victor's job offer, and Jill was stunned to learn that Victor had asked Cane to become the CEO of the Chancellor division. Cane explained that he hadn't given an answer, since the job had conditions attached, and he was trying to find out who had manipulated him into buying Bonaventure Industries.

Jill crowed that it looked like the Bonaventure acquisition had bitten Victor in the butt, and Cane pointed out that it had implicated him, too. Jill warned that Victor would have Cane under his thumb if Cane accepted the offer, and Cane suspected that Jill wanted the job for herself. Jill cautioned that a powerful man with an agenda would offer the world only to yank it away, and Cane vowed that whoever had set him up would get what they deserved.

Colin asked if Jill had their other bag, and he mentioned that they'd purchased bubbles to blow in the back yard. Colin went to retrieve it from the car, and Jill remarked that she thought the afternoon was going well. Lily conceded that Colin hadn't done anything alarming, and Jill empathized about what it was like to take a giant leap of faith, since she had been positive that Colin had married her for her inheritance. Jill continued that Colin loved both her and her money, and their love and their marriage were real. Meanwhile, Colin called someone and said that they needed to meet right away.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe told Billy that it had been good to visit the cemetery, and he remarked that Delia would have loved the flowers, especially around Easter. Chloe recalled that Delia had loved the holiday, and even though their daughter hadn't had many of them, Chloe and Billy had made sure they had been special. Billy fondly remembered Delia wearing fancy Easter dresses, and he imagined that she'd gotten her fashion sense from Chloe. Chloe thought that nothing seemed like it had been a year before, and Billy agreed.

Billy said that he couldn't think of one thing that was the same as it had been the prior year, and Chloe referred to a time when she hadn't needed a legal guardian to keep her out of a padded cell. Chloe remarked that things needed to get better for all of them, and Billy countered that they couldn't get worse, but he was confident that he and Victoria would reunite, since they'd gotten back together many times before. Chloe said that it was nice to hear that he thought that he could conquer all with his charm, but she definitely wasn't a charmer. Billy mentioned her redesign of Chelsea's dress at the fashion show, and Chloe reported that she and Chelsea had talked things through. Billy inquired whether things were better with Chloe and Kevin, too.

Chloe turned the topic to all the emails she'd received since they'd been at the cemetery, and Billy observed that she seemed like herself. Billy added that Adam hadn't taken everything from them, and Chloe softly stated that Adam had taken the best thing but not everything. Chloe marveled that they were surviving, and Billy responded that they were fighting to be real people again in time for spring. Chloe said that nothing would ever be the same, so maybe they had to look at things a new way through Delia's eyes -- through Connor.

At the penthouse, Chelsea cooed to Connor that the night before hadn't been fun, but he'd been tough and brave, and she was glad that he'd get to spend all day with his mommy. Kevin dropped by unexpectedly, and he said that he was there about Chloe. Chelsea put Connor down for a nap, and Kevin suspected that she could use one, too. Chelsea conceded that it had been a long night, and she asked if Chloe was okay. Kevin revealed that Chloe was better, and he confessed that he'd heard Chloe and Chelsea making up at the fashion show.

Kevin divulged that Chloe had seemed better after the women had talked, and he believed that Chelsea giving Chloe a second chance was a light at the end of the tunnel, but he asked if it was really an oncoming train. He wondered if Chelsea had really meant what she'd said or if she'd only wanted to shut Chloe up. Chelsea argued that she'd practically broken down in an effort to convince Chloe to get help, and Kevin explained that he had to look out for Chloe legally, but he was relieved that Chelsea had meant it. Kevin asked if Chelsea intended to allow Chloe to see Connor, and Chelsea adamantly replied, "No way in hell."

Chelsea thought it was great that Chloe had agreed to try to get help, but she refused to drop the restraining order until Chloe knew the difference between Connor and Delia. Kevin asked what Chelsea's overtures of forgiveness had meant, and Chelsea called it a first step, but Chloe had to get help before they could all spend time together. Kevin apologized that it had seemed like he had been judging Chelsea, but he needed to know that Chloe had someone to count on. Chelsea replied that Chloe already had that in him.

Billy stopped by the penthouse and told Kevin that he'd just seen Chloe. Kevin said that he should go check on her, and he thanked Chelsea for hearing him out. After Kevin left, Chelsea informed Billy that Connor was doing better, but if he was there to kiss her again, he needed to get out. Billy promised not to kiss Chelsea again, and he swore that he was only there to check on her and Connor. He asked if she'd gotten any sleep, and she said that Connor had been up most of the night.

Billy suggested that Chelsea let the shower's steam do the work, and he knew that she would do whatever it took when her child needed her. Chelsea was surprised that Billy was being that nice after she'd slapped him the night before, and he suspected that she would never let him live the kiss down. He advised her to get some rest, but she said that she had to listen for Connor's barking cough. Billy said that was what the baby monitor was for, and just then, Connor began to cough. Billy and Chelsea raced upstairs.

Chelsea and Billy sat with Connor in the steamy bathroom, and she pointed out that Billy had spent two nights in a row with them, but he didn't have to stay. He said that it might take a while, and she kissed Connor and assured the tot that he'd be fine. She handed Connor over to Billy while she stripped down to a tank top, and Billy tried not to stare. He told Connor that mommies always made things better and that Chelsea would always take care of Connor.

Kevin found Chloe at the coffeehouse, and she thanked him for letting her go to the cemetery on her own. He recognized that he'd been pushing too much, but he swore not to do it anymore. He revealed that he'd overheard her and Chelsea after the fashion show, and he referred to Chloe's comment that she had nothing without Chelsea and Connor. Chloe defended that it hadn't been what she'd meant, but Kevin realized that Chloe didn't look at him the same way that he looked at her. Chloe said that Kevin meant a lot to her, but she conceded that she didn't consider their relationship romantic.

Chloe pointed out that she couldn't even legally take care of herself, and she didn't know if she would ever be ready for something more. Kevin assured Chloe that she would be but not with him, and he accepted that all their marriage would ever be was an arrangement. He pledged not to back out, since he couldn't let her go to jail, and he agreed to still be responsible for her, but the rest wouldn't be an issue anymore. He walked out.

Victoria and Stitch walked through the park after they hadn't been able to get a table at a restaurant for lunch. Stitch pointed out that it wouldn't have been romantic to watch other people eat while they waited, but he quickly added that that their official first date didn't have to be romantic. Victoria commented that perhaps fate had stepped in to help them take things slowly, and perhaps their first date would never happen. Stitch declared that their first real date was very much on, and they'd have it right there in the park.

Stitch picked a flower out of the ground and shook off the dirt from the roots before he handed it to Victoria. He explained that he'd gotten rid of any bugs, since he hated them in illegally picked flowers, and she joked that he had class. They discussed their takeout dinner the prior night, and she said that she was sorry that they'd run into Billy. Stitch replied that he'd been through worse with less of a payoff, and she apologetically stated that her life was complicated. He reasoned that it was impossible to demand that a person get over someone, and some classical music from a concert in the park began to play. He pointed out that they had music and flowers, and it was turning out to be a first real date.

Victoria conceded that the hot dogs in the park were pretty good, and Stitch pointed out that it wasn't a burger, so it was new and different for him. He said that he was open to new experiences, and as they listened to the orchestra, he asked if she played an instrument. Victoria replied that Nikki played the piano, but her own creative outlet was painting. He asked to take a look at her canvases, and she jokingly asked if he wanted to see her etchings. He reminded her that they were keeping it casual, and she said that their first real date had been going pretty well so far.

Victoria noted that there was an imbalance between her and Stitch, since he knew everything about her, but she knew very little about him. Stitch reminded her that she knew about his magic tricks, but she said that she knew nothing about his personal life or his marriage. He stated that his marriage was over, and she wondered what had gone wrong. Stitch confided that he and Jenna had split abruptly, and Victoria surmised that it was too soon for him to talk about it. She suddenly became nauseous and ran off to throw up in the bushes.

Victoria and Stitch returned to the Athletic Club, and she was embarrassed that she'd gotten sick on their date. Stitch ruled out food poisoning or hysteria, and he noted that she didn't feel feverish. She blamed the hot dog, and she rationalized that he hadn't gotten sick because of an insane tolerance for junk food. He promised that their next date wouldn't involve hot dogs or burgers, and she wondered if he'd be seen with her again. He went to get her some water, and she thanked him for taking care of her.

Jack ran into Kelly at the gym, and she stammered that she'd wanted to call him to apologize for running out on him, but she hadn't known what to say. Jack rescinded his dinner invitation so that she didn't have to worry about turning him down, and Kelly said that she appreciated it, since she knew that Billy still resented her. Jack reiterated that Billy and Victoria's issues were their own, but Kelly maintained that she and Jack couldn't be friends. Jack said that he liked being with Kelly because she was clever, honest, and easy on the eyes, but he understood that he made her uncomfortable, and he didn't want to make her life harder. He added that they'd see one another around, and he took off.

In the dining room, Jack learned that a business associate needed to cancel their lunch plans, and Kelly overheard as she passed by. Jack said that he hadn't expected to see her again that soon, and she asked if he'd been stood up. He clarified that his meeting had been rescheduled, and she suggested that he could take his meal home with him, or he could find a new lunch date. He gestured for her to sit down, and they smiled at one another.

Over lunch, Kelly admitted that sometimes she was afraid to put down the guilt she carried around, and she still felt bad for her part in Billy and Victoria's problems. Jack said that all she could do was get on with her own life and occasionally have a last-minute lunch with a friend, and she mentioned that she didn't have many friends. He asked if she felt like the town pariah, and he pointed out that she'd made many fans at the fashion show. Kelly acknowledged that it had felt good to work toward the same goal with other people, and it had been a wonderful feeling to accomplish something. Jack remarked that she was becoming a regular part of life in Genoa City.

Jack said that something seemed off, since he hadn't offended Kelly during their meal, and there had been no interruptions or misinterpretations. He theorized that maybe their friendship wasn't cursed, and she said that he'd just jinxed them. Her phone rang, and she ignored a call from a telemarketer, but Jack recognized her ringtone as a Vivaldi composition. He mentioned that an orchestra was playing a Vivaldi concert in the park, and Jabot had the best piece of lawn in the place. He invited her to go with him, and she accepted.

After the concert, Kelly gushed that she had loved watching the musicians feel the music, and she asked Jack what his favorite concerto had been. He started to hum it, but she thought that it sounded more like a Joni Mitchell song, and she asked if he was tone-deaf. Jack replied that he was "tone-dumb," since he could never seem to get a tune right. Kelly noted that although he couldn't play the music, he had felt it, and he murmured that he had felt it during the whole concert. He leaned in and kissed her.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lily warned Jill to keep her eyes open where Colin was concerned, and Jill promised that she always would because she knew he was a scamp. Cane said that the lunch had gone better than he'd expected, and he admitted that Colin had impressed him with his genuine affection for the kids. Jill noted that the twins had seemed to like Colin, too, but Lily grumbled that Colin had shown up with bribes. Cane noticed that Jill seemed distracted, and Jill wondered what was keeping Colin.

Colin told someone over the phone that his plans had changed, and he suggested that they meet in their usual place. He was startled when Jill appeared behind him and questioned who he had arranged to meet. Colin tried to change the subject to the bubbles he'd retrieved from the car, but Jill reminded him of their no-secrets policy, and he claimed that he'd called his banker to set up a trust fund for the kids. Jill thought that the gesture was sweet, but she made him promise not to "go all grandpa" on her, and he pulled her into a kiss.

Lily inspected the twins' stuffed koalas, and Cane assured her that there wasn't a time bomb hidden inside them, but Lily was skeptical because Colin had been almost too good. Colin and Jill returned, and Colin said that it had meant a lot to him that the Ashbys had told the twins that Colin was part of the family. Colin acknowledged that he'd made a lot of mistakes, and Lily suggested that they follow Jill's advice to take things one day at a time. Jill wanted to check out Lauren's boutique at the Athletic Club, and Colin and Jill left. Lily asked if Cane's opinion of his father had changed.

Lily worried that Jill would be brokenhearted if Colin was running a scam, but Cane was sure that Colin wouldn't be able to blindside Jill again. Lily cooed that she knew how irresistible Colin's DNA could be, since she'd fallen hard for his son. Cane hoped that Colin didn't hurt Jill, and Lily noted that Jill appeared to be very much in love.

At the Athletic Club, Devon contemplated whether to answer a call from Esmerelda, but he ignored it when Hilary approached. Devon commented that the fashion show had been an unforgettable day, especially because of how Hilary had looked in her dress. Hilary mentioned that he'd also seen her out of it, and he hoped that she wasn't embarrassed. She surmised that he was accustomed to seeing half-dressed women, since he was dating a model.

Devon asked how Neil was doing with getting over Leslie, and Hilary defensively questioned why Devon would ask her. Devon noted that Hilary and Neil had seemed inseparable at the fashion show, and he assumed that they talked all the time. Hilary inquired whether "Miss Lamborghini" had been upset to share the spotlight with others at the show, but Devon divulged that everyone had wanted to book Esmerelda afterward. Hilary imagined that Devon was proud, and she left to go to the gym.

Neil worked out at the gym, but he couldn't stop thinking about kissing Hilary. Hilary literally bumped into Neil, and she abruptly said that she'd return later. Neil told her to stop trying to run away from him, and he asked why she was pretending that the kiss had never happened. He suggested that they discuss it like mature adults, and she reasoned that they'd just been caught up in the excitement of the fashion show and that he had been reeling from his breakup with Leslie. Neil thought that it had been a lot more, and Hilary lectured that he was confusing proximity with intimacy, since it had only been a few laughs over nachos and a basketball game when they'd been stuck at the motel together.

Later, Devon and Cane worked out together, and Cane inquired whether Devon was there to keep up with his model girlfriend. Devon griped that the problem was that Esmerelda was just a model, and she had no sense of humor and only read picture books. Cane inquired what Devon was looking for, and Devon said that he wanted an independent woman of substance with a career who wasn't out for his money. Devon added that she had to be beautiful, which "she was." Cane guessed that Devon was talking about Hilary.

Devon thought that Cane would object to him having a relationship with Hilary after what she'd done to their family, and Cane conceded that Lily would say that Devon was out of his mind, but Cane thought that Hilary was doing her best to redeem herself. Devon lamented that it was too late, since she had already blown him off by telling him that she wasn't interested in seeing anyone. Cane thought that was what women said when they were really interested, and he asserted that women liked being courted and pursued. Cane suggested that Devon take advice from a happily married man.

Devon confessed that he had felt something for Hilary, but she had discovered him with Esmerelda, and he had thought that Hilary had been interested in Jack. Cane said that love made people think crazy things, but Devon didn't know how to define his feelings for Hilary. Cane urged Devon to find out by going for it.

Neil followed Hilary to her room, and he refused to leave until they got something straight. He said that a lot more had happened between them than just being stuck on a trip, since he'd felt a connection, and he believed that she had, too. She argued that he'd been kidding himself that Leslie would return to him, and Hilary had only been trying to convince him that he was better off without Leslie. Neil said that Hilary had been right, and she said that she was glad that Leslie had set him free to find someone who really deserved him.

Neil swore that he knew when something felt real, and he wasn't the type to kiss random women. Hilary surmised that Neil had reached out because he'd been hurting, but he asserted that he'd reached out specifically to Hilary. He suddenly planted another kiss on her, and she gave in. Hilary eventually pulled away and called Neil's actions classic rebound behavior, and she wouldn't ruin a great working relationship by breaking the rule against getting involved with her boss.

Hilary became flustered as Neil slowly moved closer to her, and she declared that it was time to take a step back. She crossed over to the door and opened it for him to leave, but she wordlessly closed it and ran into Neil's arms, and they embraced passionately. Devon prepared to knock on Hilary's door as Neil and Hilary started to tear off one another's clothes.

At Crimson Lights, Summer stumbled into Noah while she texted on her phone, and she reported that she'd been dealing with a ton of orders after the fashion show. Noah inquired whether she'd decided to take Jack's job offer, but she explained that she was just helping out for a few days. Noah asked if she enjoyed working behind the scenes, and Summer wished that her mom were there, but she glumly stated that she was stuck with Kelly, who was always there to lend a hand to Jack. Summer added that she was probably just imagining things between Kelly and Jack, and she rushed off.

Kelly and Jack shared a lingering kiss, and he struggled for words afterward, but he thought that maybe he owed her an apology. Jack blamed his forward gesture on the concert, since it was a known fact that Italian baroque was a turn-on, but she acknowledged that the kiss had been very nice. Jack replied that he'd use a different adjective, and Kelly suggested something in Italian. Jack asked if it translated into seeing fireworks, and Summer spied them together. Jack stated that he had a habit of overanalyzing, and he was working on being more spontaneous. Kelly advised that the secret was that he just had to let things happen, and Summer quietly ducked away, unseen.

Jack referenced an old movie quote, and Kelly recognized it from a Hitchcock film. Jack was impressed when she recited the next line, and she revealed that Vertigo was her favorite movie. They agreed that the story had been romantic and tragic, and Jack added that it was something he'd gotten used to in his own life. Kelly thanked him for a fun afternoon, but she needed to get back to work. Jack called after her and tried to sound like Jimmy Stewart as he said that he hoped that they would meet again sometime. She sternly told him that it was the worst impression she'd ever heard, but she was clearly amused.

Noah called Courtney and suggested that he have the painters take care of the rest of the apartment, and they could spend another night at the club. Summer rushed in and quickly apologized for interrupting his call, but he finished up and asked what was wrong. Summer insisted that she hadn't been imagining things, since she'd seen Kelly and Jack talking and smiling in the park together, and they had been acting like more than friends. Noah cautioned that Summer was jumping to a huge conclusion based on witnessing a conversation, and he was sure that a good guy like Jack wasn't going to give up on Phyllis.

Summer wondered if she was asking the impossible by expecting Jack to continue waiting, and she speculated that maybe Jack had stopped believing that Phyllis would get better. Summer asked if Noah thought that she needed to grow up and realize that people moved on, but Noah said that it wasn't unrealistic to think that Jack would love Phyllis forever, since real love didn't happen every day. Noah believed that people couldn't give up on it once they'd found it, and he knew that Jack loved Phyllis in a forever kind of way.

Over the phone, Summer asked a nurse to hold the phone up to Phyllis' ear. Summer said that she missed her mom, and she wanted to let Phyllis know that Summer and Jack couldn't wait for Phyllis to get better and return home.

Kelly returned to work, and Lily observed that Kelly seemed to be in a good mood. Kelly confessed that she'd played hooky to go to the Vivaldi concert, and Lily noticed that Kelly had retained two ticket stubs. Lily asked who Kelly had attended the concert with, and Kelly reluctantly admitted that her companion had been a man. Lily marveled that after all of her matchmaking efforts, Kelly had scored on her own, but Kelly defined it as "nothing going nowhere." Lily suspected that Kelly wanted it to be something.

Kelly said that she'd wanted to swear off men after the mess with Billy, but Lily surmised that "Mr. Vivaldi" had convinced her otherwise. Kelly said that it had felt good to have no drama and to just enjoy someone's company, and Lily encouraged Kelly to give herself a chance to find happiness. Kelly conceded that for the first time in a long time, she felt that she could be happy, even if it wasn't with that particular guy. Lily asked why not, and Kelly revealed that the man had emotional baggage, so the situation was complicated. Lily opined that there was always baggage, but it was no reason to give up, and Kelly mused that the guy was pretty special.

Later, at home, Lily rubbed Cane's shoulders, and he revealed that he'd persuaded Devon to find the courage to ask a girl out. Lily divulged that she had also played Cupid by giving Kelly a push to spend time with a certain guy. Cane hoped that the man wasn't married, and Lily said that supposedly the man just had baggage. Cane commented that everyone did, and Lily playfully asked if he was hiding anything, but he confirmed that he had been referring to Jill and Colin. Cane added that they could fight about it if she wanted to, and they collapsed on the couch, kissing.

Jill and Colin arrived at the Athletic Club, and Jill asked if Colin was meeting his banker there, but Colin amorously suggested that they rent a room by the hour. She replied that she loved how hungry he was, but she wanted to check out Lauren's boutique first. She started to take off, but she turned back and kissed Colin passionately. She told him to rent the room and that she'd meet him there, and he said that he'd see her upstairs.

Jack sipped coffee at the Athletic Club bar, and Jill approached. Jack explained that he was waiting for a colleague, and Jill revealed that she'd visited the new boutique. Jill commended Jack for getting Billy to work at Jabot, and Jack said that it had been Billy's idea, but he thought that there was reason to hope, since Billy and Victoria had left Abby and Tyler's engagement party together. Jack said that the only strange thing at the party had been that Victor had been uncharacteristically tame, and Jill remarked that she'd been inclined to give anyone the benefit of the doubt lately. She asked how Jack was doing, and he replied that he was "pretty damn good."

Jill asked if Jack was ready to forgive himself for being alive, and she remarked that she'd thought that she could live without love and passion, but she had been wrong. Jack realized that her relationship with Colin was more than just a fling, and she professed that she loved Colin and that he made her feel alive. Jill chided Jack for just existing, and she warned that he wouldn't know what he'd been missing until love hit him again. She asked how Phyllis was doing, and Jack divulged that it had been a long time since Phyllis had shown any sign of improvement. Jill sympathized that it was a difficult situation, but she suggested that it was time to entertain the possibility that Phyllis might not get any better.

Colin sat down on a park bench with another man within earshot. While facing away from the man, Colin said that he'd hit a snag with getting the money that he owed. The man complained that Colin had said that the last time, and Colin blamed Womack for screwing up the diamond heist. Colin mentioned that the deal he'd been pursuing had ended, and the man referred to milking the chick who Colin had married. Colin scolded that the man was talking about his wife, and he commanded that the man show some respect. The man accused Colin of falling for her.

Colin said that his marriage was none of the man's business and that all the man needed to know was that Colin's business model had changed. Colin swore that he had more profitable plans, but the man said that Colin was out of time. Colin accidentally dialed Jill on his phone, and Jill overheard Colin promise the man that he'd get his money, but he needed a little patience. Jill listened as the man admonished Colin for getting married to access a fortune that didn't exist, and Colin told him to leave his marriage out of it. Colin instructed the man to tell his people that they'd more than recoup their investment, and the man warned that Colin knew what would happen if Colin didn't follow through.

Jill muttered to herself that things would be very painful -- for Colin. Colin returned to the club, and she asked about his meeting with the banker. He crowed that the grandkids were set for life, and she gushed that it was thanks to him. He suggested that they forget about dinner and the room and that they go home for a romantic evening. She promised to make it a night he'd never forget.

Jack concluded his meeting with an attractive woman, and after she departed, Kelly pointedly cleared her throat behind him. He disclosed that the woman had been a buyer from Chicago who had placed a huge order, and Kelly questioned whether the woman had been the guy he had been waiting for earlier. Jack pointed out that he'd never said that his meeting had been with a man, and Kelly said that she didn't mind, since she was the one who'd gotten to share a delicious chocolate dessert with him. She started to leave to get back to work, but Jack caught her arm.

Jack said that he'd been thinking about what had happened earlier, and Kelly reminded him of his resolution not to overanalyze things. He asked her to go out on a date with him sometime, and she noted that they'd just been at the concert. He said that they'd just bumped into one another, and he clarified that he meant a real date. She responded yes in Italian, and he looked elated.

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